Can someone please tell how to defeat the rat king and the flying dragon?

  1. just cant get past the rat king, i get overrun with rats and they tear down everything also the flying dargon same thing cant get anything to stay up long enough to do anything Im about ready to stop playing it.does anyone have any help?

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    sassycappie - 10 years ago


  1. They arn't that tough, in fact the Rat king is a lot easier then the dragon once you know what you are doing.

    The secret? Towers!

    For the Dragon Level you want to place Towers (Two at least, fully upgraded. Spaces sufficiantly appart) North so to distract the dragon. You want to make sure that you end up building all your other buildings South.

    If the dragon destroys a tower, rebuild it. Your going to be doing it a lot. Eventually your heros will cope.

    As for the Rat King Level. This one is even easier, Make sure you build upgraded towers intelligently as to strike the rats where you predict they will attack buildings in your kingdom. Along with this a focus of Rangers who do excellent damage to them will do.

    As well Fighters with their first level skill can kill multiple rats in a single strike.

    Once you got sufficiant towers protecting your kingdom from Sewers as well as heros to defend them this mission becomes a cake walk. The Rat king doesn't do enough damage to destroy buildings before he leaves like the Dragon does.

    Tip: Place Wizard towers near sewers not away from them (The ones that produce Rats and Dire Rats), this helps them safely gain levels so that they can survive.

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  2. I used to have the same problem, luckily I went to the boards and got some good tips.

    First off the dragon

    Makes sure you build all your important stuff to the south of the castle, as the dragon likes to come in from the north. The only thing you want in the north are guard towers. They make a good distraction for the big dragon and for the little wandering beasts that like to swarm about.

    Some of the first thigns you should get are a marketplace and make it sell healing potions, a tower or two around it to protect it, a rouges guild (preferably 2) Why?
    -marketplace brings in revenue plus with healing potions you will be less likely to have to heal or get new heroes
    -towers are always good distractions
    -rouges are cheap, have nice special abilities (stunning and poisoning) respond to flags quicker, and die less often because they'll run away
    I also usually put a cleric guild in as well, simply because they last in battles and make good support and defense (also that bonus heal)
    after that just make sure your heroes are alive, destroy any monster lairs you can, and the usual builbd and upgrade and research. The dragon himself is no big deal till the end except for the punishing of wandering heroes in the beginnign cause they try to fight him (they usually survive as the level goes though)

    As for the rat king, roughly the same strategy. market, towers, rouges, and possibly clerics in the beginning. IT will seem overwhelmign at first but if you can survive the first few onslaughts it gets really easy from there. Your main target after buffing up your heroes is to get that caravan with the cheese and GAURD it! Once it has been taken to the palace the ratking will be isolated with it and the swarms of rats will be less dense. Focus then on buffing up your kingdom and killing lairs till your heroes are really strong and sharge that rat down!

    Worked for me

    User Info: IndigoDeviant

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  3. Also don't rush for the Inn at the top your really in no rush. You can beat the level without ever using it.

    User Info: Neonivek

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  4. For the rat king the trick is to build towers at the start. Start with 3 towers around your castle and each close to a different sewer. That will change a lot your game in this map. Then follow with the market place and a guild and upgrade the towers. With towers well placed this map is much more easy.

    For Rafnir he doesn't like flags and towers. He retaliate when he quotes you use some flags and tend to destroy your towers. During the first part of this map it's better to take care of this to avoid some bad luck.

    Some advices to manage this:
    * A good trick is to build east to your castle one guild you upgrade quickly. A good choice is the Warrior guild. Don't use flags until you upgrade it level 2, eventually level 3. Then each time Rafnir comes be sure to have a defense flag on this guild and cancel all other flags. Most often he will assault it but not destroy it if you upgrade it.
    * Don't use attack flags north/north east/north west until your heroes level up enough to support a Rafnir Retaliation. To make your heroes achieve first levels use small value defense flags on important building or on a building at frontier of your town. And when Rafnir comes, cancel those flags and let only the defense flag on the warrior guild you had upgrade.
    + A good choice is start with Clerics and Warriors. For later other heroes you have freedom. It's also a good idea to build your market place right south to the warrior guild as this building will often attract some heroes due to a defense flag. Don't wait too much to upgrade you market place to level 2. At level 2 Rafnir will hardly destroy it but at level 1 it can happen.
    * Once you heroes had level up more, you can start use flags more intensively. Build your town south and a bit to east. Even later if you plan use a defense flag on a building be sure it is strong enough to support a possible Rafnir Retaliation.
    * Explore, south, east, west, north in all direction and destroy dens only when your town and heroes are ready for a Rafnir Retaliation.
    * To conclude the map destroy Rafnir Den and be ready to attack him right after..

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  5. Well, look, you can play a level any way you like,

    despite what ihuop says, towers play a great role against Rafnir.

    A level 1 cleric costs you 350 to hire/res, L2 costs 525 to ressurrect, and +175 per level thereafter

    and Rafnir can easily kill a level 10 cleric with 1 breath attack & 1 claw, which is going to happen fast, boom you just lost 2100 gold to ressurrect her (or you get a subpar L1 replacement)

    whereas with 3 tower the cost of replacing said tower is only 340 (IIRC) or 510, i think they are 150, 230, 340, 510, but i'm not positive ATM (i'm at "work" :P), either way it's less than a L2 cleric

    in any case towers are cheap & will draw Rafnir's attention away from your heroes, which are not cheap.

    Rafnir's level is simple, though it may seem tough at first,

    build south of your castle, put a few towers close to your castle on the north side

    and then mass up heroes in the south, expand out and build tradehouses, take down the snake spawners & minotuars, then complete the quests & take down Rafnir, after a few attempts it should be easy as pie.

    oh, and don't kill rafnir's lair until you've finished the quest stuff, with the exception of training temple grade lords from maps further on (dwarves cannot take down Rafnir even around level 20 while his protection remains).

    Rafnir makes a create punching bag for paladin's to train on.

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  6. Finally beat this scenario after many attempts. Not a very well designed scenario, getting started was extremely difficult, once you got established it was so easy it was boring.
    I built a couple of ranger guilds right away, they work extremely well against the small vermin. Then I built a tower near the two guilds and upgraded it. Next was a market and another tower.

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  7. Best retaliation to rats swarming you is to swarm rats.
    With the starting money of rat king quest, you can build 3 rogues guilds, 9 rogues and 2 or 3 tower.
    It should match their number.
    Rogue are cheap to resurrect.
    Upgrade tower when you can. Build a market and sell healing potion. build blacksmith and rogue equipment.
    Things should be no problem now. Add a tower.
    Wait for money to hire your lvl18 elf lord :-) Elves are so cool in majesty 2, not the majesty 1 crap.

    For dragon, only build south of your castle. He will at start only breath one time on your castle and go back.
    Major problem is to take care of small drake/serpents.
    I found very useful to hire a ranger lord which can one shot them.
    Cleric are always good for healing. Ranger guild is also good for flying beasts.
    Hire other lords if you can.
    If you can level up some wizards balance will change in your favor.
    I only build towers at mid-game, so their not so essential. it is a first target for the dragon and it is destroyed before thinking your money where well spent.

    User Info: ihuop

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