How do you beat any of the advanced levels?

  1. They just send wave after wave of enemies at you and you don't have the money to resurect your heros, and then when you do, they go kill rats instead of minatours! I have tried to get past the rat king one and the dragon one at least 10 times each. I am about to give up on this game. Was fun in the beginning, but went from fun to insanely hard waaay to quick!

    User Info: khragwookiee

    khragwookiee - 9 years ago
  2. Yes that worked a ton thanks!

    User Info: khragwookiee

    khragwookiee - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I've found clerics to be invaluable. My starting builds now are marketplace, cleric's guild, warrior's guild, then recruit max heroes from both and research healing potions. Then I set up a rouge's guild and recruit and a ranger's guild and recruit. After that I build up as I see fit. I haven't had any problems winning missions this way; I've gotten through Life and Death (build one of the temples) so far (I play a couple of missions, then don't play for a while, then come back, etc).

    The idea is to secure your base and clear out the map bit by bit. Offer small rewards on any lairs that are too close, then offer rewards on farther lairs one at a time. Build guardhouses near sewer entrances to engage the rats when they spawn. If you can secure a trading spot, trading posts are very good money makers. Just make certain you pay attention that wandering monsters don't destroy it.

    Is any of this helpful? If you need more, what kinds of things are you trying to do in order to win the missions?

    User Info: GASherbert

    GASherbert - 9 years ago 0   0

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