How effective are these tricks for Cyclone Traps?

  1. What plasmids can be combined with Cyclone Trap 2+3, and what are effects?

    Does using a higher version of a plasmid on a trap increase damage, like does Incinerate 3 do more damage when combined on a trap than Incinerate 1 or 2? Does hitting a trap with a charged up plasmid increase the effect when compared to walking up to the trap and charging it when prompted?

    Can stacking multiple traps combined with plasmids stack or apply multiple conditions?
    +Like stacking three traps combined with Incinerate. Or a trap combined with cyclone with another trap put on same spot combined with Winter blast so more chance of frozen splicer shattering upon landing. Or can stacking traps combined with Insect Swarm, Incinerate, Security Command and Electric Bolt simultaneously burn, shock stun, swarmed by insects and be targeted by all security at same time?

    Can Alphas and Big Daddy's be lifted by stacked traps, traps combined with Cyclone, or Cyclone Trap level 3? Or can only the plasmid combined on the trap affect them like Electric bolt stuns them and Incinerate ignites them but the trap doesn't lift them up whatsoever?

    If a trap is put on the wall with Electric bolt so splicer gets hurled into a pool of water, will it electrify the water?

    User Info: Silveron714

    Silveron714 - 8 years ago

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