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Mitsuhide Akechi by Axel7174

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/26/2008

Warriors Orochi - Mitsuhide Akechi

| Warriors Orochi Guide         |
| Created by: Axel7174          |
| Mitsuhide Akechi Character FAQ|
| Copyright 2008 Ryne Gardner   |

Version History
Version 1.00 - 11/15/08 - 11/21/08
--Guide started. 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction........................... [itro]
 * About This Guide
 * Using This Guide
2. Mitsuhide Akechi....................... [ma00]
 * Who Is Mitsuhide?...................... [ma01]
 * Mitsuhide's Moveset.................... [ma02]
 * General Tips........................... [ma03]
 * My Take on Mitsuhide................... [ma04]
 * Abilities.............................. [ma05]
 * Weapons................................ [ma06]
3. Getting To Collecting.................. [ma07]
 * Recommended Weapon Augments............ [ma08]
 * General Tips for 4th Weapon............ [ma09]
 * Unique Item............................ [ma10]
4. Miscellaneous.......................... [misl]
 * Frequently Asked Questions
 * Contact Info
 * Credits
 * Legal Chatter

______/ Introduction  [itro] \_________________________________________________

About This Guide
This is a pretty simple guide. It doesn't have any walkthrough info for the
game, and instead is aimed more at providing comprehensive information on a
specific character, that being Mitsuhide Akechi. The purpose of this guide is
to outline Mitsuhide's use, his strengths and weaknesses, and provide a few
tips on making the most out of him. 

Using This Guide
If you want to jump around quickly, use the quickjump codes in the Table of
Contents, combined with the Ctrl+F function of your web browser to find some
sections quickly. If by some chance you have any questions, refer to the FAQ
section first before e-mailing me. 

______/ Mitsuhide Akechi  [ma00] \_____________________________________________

Who Is Mitsuhide?     [ma01]
Perhaps one of the most glaring questions. Just who exactly is Mitsuhide
Akechi? First off, it's worth noting that his name is actually supposed to be
backwards as Akechi Mitsuhide, as Japanese surnames are usually first.
Historically however, just who is this guy? Wikipedia has a little info worth

First off, the Sengoku team is made up of Nobunaga, Mitsuhide, and Hideyoshi.
If you know anything about these three characters in the Feudal Era of Japan,
you'll know that this team is packed full of irony. Read on:

"Akechi Mitsuhide was a samurai who lived during the Sengoku period of Feudal 
Japan. Mitsuhide was a samurai and a general under daimyo Oda Nobunaga, 
although he later betrayed Nobunaga and caused him to commit seppuku.

In 1579 he captured Yakami Castle from Hatano Hideharu by promising Hideharu 
peace terms. This accomplished Mitsuhide's goal, although Nobunaga betrayed the
peace agreement and had Hideharu executed. This displeased the Hatano family,
and a short while later several of Hideharu's retainers murdered Akechi 
Mitsuhide's mother {or aunt}. The situation was fueled through several public
insults Nobunaga had directed at Mitsuhide that even drew the attention of 
some Western observers. Mitsuhide blamed Nobunaga for his mother's death and at
the Incident at Honnoji on June 21, 1582 (Japanese: 6th month 2nd day) exacted
his revenge.

He has been credited with killing Oda Nobunaga; while Mitsuhide did not 
execute Nobunaga personally, he did force him to commit seppuku for his 
betrayal and subsequent murder of Mitsuhide's mother. When they found out about
the assassination, both Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu rushed to be the first 
to avenge Nobunaga and take his place. Hideyoshi got to Mitsuhide first, and 
Mitsuhide's allies such as Hosokawa Fujitaka, who was related to Mitsuhide 
through a marriage, betrayed him. Mitsuhide survived for 14 days until he was 
defeated by Hideyoshi at the Battle of Yamazaki. Mitsuhide is rumored to have 
been killed by a peasant warrior with a bamboo spear by the name of Nakamura; 
however, there were also rumors that he was not killed, but rather started a 
new life as a priest called Tenkai."

See? Mitsuhide betrayed Nobunaga, and was then tracked down by Hideyoshi, and
yet, here they all are together as one happy family. Ironic, yes. 

Mitsuhide's Moveset     [ma02]
Mitsuhide possesses a very good repertoire of balanced attacks. Like some of the
Sengoku (Samurai Warriors) characters, he can learn a lot of charge attacks,
while all DW characters can only learn 6.

The moves are traditionally broken down in S and T. S signifies a Square or
basic attack, and Triangle is the charge attack button. The letters are easy
though because it is a bit easier to correspond them to the control schemes
of the different versions, instead of saying Square and Triangle over and over
again. So if you see SST, that means hit, Square, Square, Triangle in 
succession, or X, X, Y, or what have you. 

x-Normal Attacks and Charge Attacks-x

T - Default attack, level up more to charge it further
SSSSSSSSSSSS - Default attack, level up to extend the number of attacks
ST - Default attack
SST - Default attack
SSST - Default attack
SSSST - Learned at Level 7
SSSSST - Learned at Level 10
SSSSSST - Learned at Level 16
SSSSSSST - Learned at Level 20

T - Mitsuhide prepares himself then lunges forward, swiping all enemies in his
path numerous times. 

Notes: This move is a running attack. Hit Triangle repeatedly once you're at
a high enough level to charge it even further for a longer attack. It's not
very powerful but it's good if there are a lot of enemies around.

SSSSSSSSSSSS - The full normal attack combo for Mitsuhide, involving a lot of
slashes and ending with a flurry of back and forth slashes. 

ST - Mitsuhide slashes once then makes an uppercutting slash that sends his
opponent into the air

SST - Mitsuhide makes two slashes and then propels his enemy upward with an
uppercutting slash.

SSST - After three slashes, Mitsuhide quickly sheathes his katana and then
makes a forward lunge with a wide, horizontal slash, similar to Battojutsu.

SSSST - Mitsuhide attacks four times then unleashes a rising wave of energy
that propels him and any surrounding enemies up into the air. 

Notes: This move has a surprisingly decent radius. If you're surrounded, it can
grab a good amount of enemies and throw them into the air. This can also help
you juggle enemies for a while if you're skilled enough. 

SSSSST - Mitsuhide slashes five times and begins a series of consecutive, fast
thrusts, ending with a downward thrust into the ground that unleashes a strong,
short range shockwave. 

Notes: This is one of the moves that goes great with the Flash weapon ability. 
The consecutive stabs will break through an enemy's guard and do really good

SSSSSST - After making six slashes, Mitsuhide's body flashes red and he lunges
forward to grab his enemy and then, when in his reach, he lunges forward with
a slash that knocks them back.

Notes: This is a grab move, signified by the red glow. The attack itself isn't
very strong and after you have grabbed the enemy, you need to keep Mitsuhide's
forward motion in the same direction as your opponent, or else the slash will

SSSSSSST - Mitsuhide slashes seven times and then rears back and lunges with
a quick, wide slash.

Notes: This attack has better range than his his SSST, as it can encompass more
enemies surrounding Mitsuhide. If you add the Range ability to your weapon and
max it out, this attack becomes Mitsuhide's best crowd control move by far. 

Forward (Left Analog Stick) + S - Mitsuhide, after building up enough momentum
through running, slows down slightly and makes a wide right to left slash. 

Musou Attack - Mitsuhide lunges repeatedly at his enemy, slashing his sword in
a zigzag like pattern. He ends the attack by sending out a small shockwave.

True Musou - Similar to his regular musou, but at the end of his last lunge,
and before the shockwave, Mitsuhide makes a quick flurry of slashes. 

x-Aerial Moves-x

X + S - Mitsuhide jumps into the air and then turns his body clockwise as he
makes a back slash. 

X + T - Mitsuhide leaps up and then quickly crashes back down, plunging his
katana into the ground and sending out a small shockwave. 


SSSSSSSS - Mitsuhide makes three wide slashes, all on the right side, and then
makes five repeated stabs. 

Notes: It's worth noting Mitsuhide has some mounted skills and he attacks only
on one side, as opposed to other characters that may alternate between left
and right. One sided attackers like Mitsuhide enable you to take enemies out
a bit more swiftly. 

ST, SST, SSST - Mitsuhide slashes up to three times and then makes a much
wider, charged slash. This can be done at any time during the regular mounted
combo, before the fourth S attack. 

Mounted Musou - Mitsuhide's horse is charged with a yellow burst of energy and
charges forward. This has the potential to bowl over all enemies in your path
and do small amounts of damage. 

x-Special Attacks-x

R1 - Mitsuhide lunges forward, spinning his body very quickly while swinging
his sword, making a "windmill" like attack. As he attacks, he exclaims, "Know
your place!"

R1 + Forward - Mitsuhide makes a very quick swipe of his sword that sends a
small vector of energy forward that devastates all enemies in front of him.

Notes: This move has small range but is wide enough to usually hit all enemies
in a small unit. Just about all of the lowest rank peons will be wiped out in
one blow, but it won't take much more to kill others. You can spam this attack
and the regular R1 constantly by continuing to hold Forward and hitting R1. 

General Tips     [ma03]
A few tips to help you make the most out of your use of Mitsuhide. 

1. One of your best tools against enemy officers is Mitsuhide's SSSSST with
Flash on your weapon. The repeated thrusts will break through the officer's
guard and you'll do a good amount of damage. The shockwave caused by Mitsuhide
planting his sword into the ground at the end will also provide you some quick
breathing room from any possible sneak attacks. 

2. When surrounded by a very large crowd, the SSSSSSST works wonders, but it
can be hard to pull it off because it requires a lot of attacks and then a 
brief pause to deliver the charge. Agility helps here, but even more than that
and especially when the crowd includes one or more enemy officers, try doing
the SSSSSSS *away* from the crowd. So if your enemies are in front of you,
start the combo going away from them so they won't hit you and interrupt you.
Then, when you get to the charge attack (T), turn back around and let them
have it!

3. When you really need to get to point A to point B faster, trust in the
speed jump ability that Mitsuhide has, like any other Speed type character.
Hit X twice in succession and you'll make a very fast burst through the air in
a forward direction. This is known to be faster than just running so just keep
repeating this to move faster. If you get a Speed x2 pick-up however, I would
just use that until it runs out. 

4. A Team tip. Mitsuhide is a Speed type character with limited range. If you
are playing through the Sengoku Musou mode, a good team to try is Nobunaga,
Mitsuhide, and Guan Ping. You fill all three types in this team (Technique,
Power, and Speed), and you've got a fairly well balanced team. While nobody in
this team has great range, both Nobunaga and Mitsuhide, with work, become
great crowd guys. Guan Ping provides you the extra endurance and power and his
SSST is devastating. Mitsuhide also fits well with spear users like Zhao Yun
and Yukimura. I prefer to surround Mitsuhide with at least one Power character
at all times and at least someone with decent range. 

5. Make good use of Mitsuhide's special attacks as they are quite handy. You
can pretty much spam his R1 + Forward attack to quickly wipe out small units
of soldiers with little effort. 

My Take On Mitsuhide     [ma04]
Mitsuhide is without a doubt, one of my favorite characters in the game, and
perhaps my favorite Samurai Warriors character. He's a good, gritty fighter
and he wields a katana, which is a major plus for me. He has an awesome moveset
and with only a little work, he becomes a decent crowd clearer. 


-Mitsuhide has a very lengthy, well balanced moveset that includes powerful
short range attacks, and even some good crowd control moves. 

-He has a one-sided attack style on horseback, meaning he only attacks on one
side, instead of going back and forth, which is useful for taking out enemies

-As a Speed type character, Mitsuhide is a bit faster than most characters, and
it also means he can do a speed double jump, as well as possessing two unique
special attacks.

-Mitsuhide fits well in a variety of teams. He is successful in a group with
a spear user, but if his range is high enough, this is not necessary. At least
one Power Type is recommended. 


-Mitsuhide's Musou attack leaves something to be desired as it is a somewhat
awkward motion and it is difficult to juggle at times with it. 

-Without any weapon abilities, Mitsuhide's base attack is somewhat low so he
won't be doing a lot of damage at the get go. 


These are just my personal ratings of the different attributes for Mitsuhide
and they do not take into account things like weapon abilities and so forth.

Moveset: 5/5
Speed: 4/5
Range: 3/5
Musou Attack: 3/5
Special Attacks: 4/5
Horseback: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Abilities     [ma05]
These are the abilities you can get by continued use of Mitsuhide. The abilities
enhance your attributes in battle for all characters. Each character has a few,
and they can level up to as much as 10 or 20. Acquiring them means meeting 
certain requirements in a stage. You can only earn one per stage and sometimes
they have special conditions that can cause you to fail as well so be careful. 

Ability 1 - Cavalier: Increases your power on a horse and starts you on a horse
at the beginning of the level. The higher the Cavalier rank (max 10), the
better the horse you'll start with. 

-Acquired: Defeat 50 enemies

Ability 2 - Impulse: Increases the speed of your characters. 

-Acquired: Defeat 3 officers within 12 minutes of the start of battle. 

Ability 3 - Fortitude: Increases the defense of your characters.

-Acquired: Defeat 100 enemies, including 4 officers.

Ability 4 - Technique: Increases the ability of Technique type characters.

-Acquired: Defeat 180 enemies within 8 minutes of the start of the battle, 
without performing any attack using the Musou Gauge. 

The only two you can actually fail here are Impulse and Technique, the latter
more so. Getting 3 officers within 12 minutes is not hard on any stage. 180
enemies within 8 minutes can be trickier. Just focus on Mitsuhide only for a
while, if you're trying also to get abilities for your other characters. Just
stick with him and make use of pick-ups like Attack x2 and Speed x2. Remember
that enemies pour out of gates more if you avoid killing the officers near
those gates. If you kill the officers, the gates will slow down in enemy
production to some degree. Also, some stages will provide a better chance at
this than others, but overall, if you focus on it, it shouldn't be too hard. 

Weapons     [ma06]
Mitsuhide, like all other characters has four possible variations of his weapon
to collect. Each weapon is a different level with a stronger base attack. The
key to making the most of your weapons is managing them properly and upgrading
to the strongest available, and fusing the weaker ones into them to compound
weapon abilities, but you can learn more about that by playing or consulting
other guides. 

-Base Attack: +9

-Base Attack: +19

Hallowed Edge
-Base Attack: +39

Gilded Talon
-Base Attack: +78

As you can see, there is a huge jump in power between Mitsuhide's 3rd and 4th
weapons. Just how do you get it though? It's easy actually. Keep reading. 

______/ Getting To Collecting  [ma07] \________________________________________

Recommended Weapon Augments     [ma08]
As mentioned before, your weapons are practically nothing without the right
abilities set in. You only have 8 max slots so ultimately, the choice is yours
on what to set in. This is my recommended set up for Mitsuhide and I'll
elaborate on a few as to why I chose them. Again, this is not concrete and you
are free to choose differently. 


For most of my characters, Slay, Brave, and Might are staples. I was at one
point attached to Agility too, but I've decided to remove it for some
characters, just based on my own preference as I didn't like the sped up moves
on some guys. Flash is a must as it makes Mitsuhide's moves, especially his
SSSSST more effective by breaking through enemy officer's blocks. Range is also
a big recommended one, as it will make Mitsuhide into a crowd clearing champ.
It will greatly benefit his SSST, SSSST, and SSSSSSST. If you want to swap one,
I'd go with Rage and replace it with Absorb or Drain. Finally, I chose Ice for
Mitsuhide just based on my own preference. You can pick anything but I feel
Ice works well for him. Bolt is just as good and Flame isn't much worse. 

General Tips for 4th Weapon     [ma09]
Unlike most of the other Warriors games, you do not need to do specific things
in specific levels to earn the best weapons for your characters. Being that you
have teams of three and that there are so many characters, they decided to make
it a little simpler. Instead, you can earn best weapons by finding weapon
pick-ups on stages with 3 Stars or more on the Hard difficulty setting, or any
stage on Chaos difficulty. There are a lot of stages to choose from on Hard and
any are good. Wan Castle of the Wu Musou Mode is a good choice for a 3 Star
level on Hard. Credit for this idea goes to Aeris0wnzYou from his Weapon guide.
Wan Castle is a good, very small level with a few weapon pick-ups in boxes and
one from Pang De. The fact that you can get through this stage pretty fast
makes it a good choice.

However, my problem with Wan Castle (and perhaps this is just my own damn luck)
is that I had problems consistently getting 4th Weapons. It's very random what
weapons you get since you bring three characters, you may not always get the
4th Weapon for a specific character. This was basically my luck with Wan Castle
in my experience. I could get some weapons for some characters, but not for
others after many tries. I've even played through the level 3-4 times in a row
without getting any 4th Weapons at all. 

For this reason, I recommend jumping up the difficulty. You can do this in one
of two ways. Play a level with more stars or play on Chaos. It's ultimately up
to you, but I've had a very good amount of success on Chaos. You don't have to
do a very hard level. I'd recommend going with the first levels of any Musou
mode, but Wei's Battle of Kuzegawa has a good amount of weapon drops. Your
chances of getting a few 4th Weapons on this stage on Chaos is very good. 

As you've probably no doubt witnessed, the difficulty on Warriors Orochi is
painfully high. Even the peons can waste you in little time if you let them and
enemy officers, especially guys like Keiji, Lu Bu, and Orochi can potentially
decimate you. Leveling up helps but advancing your character abilities and
having strong weapons helps a lot more. Still, when you jump it up to Hard and
especially Chaos, your survival and success brew down to two simple things:
Skill and a lot of saving and resetting. On Chaos, enemy officers will slay you
in just a few hits. The key is picking a good well rounded team with strong
weapons that can level enemies fast. Even then, you've got to use the Interim
Save feature as much as possible to save your progress, because if you get
surprise attacked at a sudden moment, it could be over. 

So this definitely is frustrating. The choice is yours though, between Hard
with more stars, or Chaos with less (or more if you really want to make sure
you get the weapons). I choose Chaos and just keep saving, despite how annoying
it can get. I liked that I was consistently getting the weapons so I stuck with

Unique Item     [ma10]
No, the 4th Weapons aren't collected under special conditions. Instead that
criteria falls upon the Unique Items. Each character has one and they are
littered across the various stages. The Unique Items basically increase your
proficiency even further, making your special attacks stronger and the special
abilities of your character type enhanced. 

One important thing to note about the Unique Items is that all their criteria
must be completed by the character you're getting them for. A lot of them
have some small requirements like getting a certain number of kills. You cannot
split this up between your other characters. The KO count will not always tell
the story, and you have to keep track of your specific kills with that
character to fulfill the requirement. 

That being said, let's take a look at Mitsuhide's Unique Item, Poetry of Atago 

x-Poetry of Atago Hyakuin-x

Requirements: Escort Sakon Shima to the escape point with 100% of his life
remaining and kill 300 enemies within 12 minutes. 

First off. This has been observed by a few people, including myself but it
appears that this Unique Item can only be obtained on Easy. Either that, or it
is just very difficult on Normal. I've tried Normal a few times and have had
no luck so go with Easy.

12 minutes seems like a lot of time and it should be. Stick with Mitsuhide the
whole way and you'll be fine. Again, go with Easy since that's the only way it
seems to work. Sakon is positioned in Tong Gate which is in the bottom left.
His route takes him south, then north to the escape point. The path is littered
with several enemy officers and soldiers. He won't start moving until you slay
Zhang Fei and Murashige Araki, who will be descending on Tong Gate from the
north about two minutes after the stage begins. 

Start by heading east and wiping out both Tomomichi Iwanari and Guan Yu. Since
you're on Easy (presumably) and most likely have Mitsuhide leveled up a decent
amount, you can go this whole level just spamming his Forward + R1 special
attack. It will make quick work of everybody you face. Defeat those two and
steal Red Hare from Guan Yu if you can, as it will help. 

Now here's where things can get tricky. By now, Zhang Fei's group will probably
be headed for Tong Gate. The requirements include salvaging all of Sakon's life
so he can't take a scratch or you'll fail. Depending on your luck, Zhang Fei's
unit will probably be blockaded at Tong Gate for a while. Other times however,
he and Iwanari may slip through and get dangerously close to Sakon. This is why
you should keep a few Interim saves going every few minutes. Assuming they are
held off, you can proceed on your way. 

Continue east and take out Li Jue and most of his soldiers. Head for the base
nearby and capture it. Save time by only going after Majors and other obvious
leaders of peon units, so that the rest will run away. When they're all dead,
continue north now. You'll run into Niu Fu and shortly after, Xu Rong. Again,
slaughter them both and most of their soldiers fast. Seal the base and continue
north. Capture the northern gate and try to avoid drawing Zhang Liao's
attention from the west.

When the path is more or less clear, head all the way back to Tong Gate with
Red Hare and then go slay Zhang Fei and Iwanari. Hopefully after all this time,
no enemies have gotten into the gate and started fighting Sakon. If they have,
quit and reload your Interim Save. When Sakon starts moving, lead him along
the way and dust off any leftover soldiers. 

x-Getting Zhang Fei and Iwanari first-x

The alternate method branches off from the beginning as well. If Zhang Fei and
Iwanari breach Tong Gate, go back to save Sakon and prevent him from taking
any damage. Kill the two and then Sakon will begin moving. This means you'll
have to wipe out Li Jue, Niu Fu, and Xu Rong, all while escorting Sakon. This
sounds annoying and difficult, but it actually isn't. This is the way I did it
and it only requires some good reflexes and a bit of Interim saving. When Sakon
begins moving, head east immediately and get to Li Jue before him and wipe his
crew out. Get the base too if you can. As Sakon begins to catch up, turn north
and just continue to clean up. The key is that if Sakon never falls off his
horse, he won't be getting hurt. Since you can wipe out whole units of enemies
very quickly with Mitsuhide's Forward + R1 special, you can make sure Sakon
doesn't have much to worry about, even when he catches up to you. If Sakon
ever falls off, reload an Interim and try again. Keep saving to help you along
and you'll get to the northeast part eventually.

Whether you escorted Sakon here or not, when he is finally on the move and you
reach the northeast part of the map. Hua Xiong and Kotaro Fuma will be waiting.
They are easy to dispatch so just make sure Sakon is never knocked down. The
two of them will probably come at you from inside the small base there. Stand
at the entrance and wait, then just spam the Forward + R1 special a few times
and they'll both be dead, along with most of the soldiers. Now get on your
horse again quickly and follow Sakon as he goes around the base. Take out any
nearby soldiers including a group of riflemen nearby. Hopefully Sakon will
ignore the north base if you didn't claim it. If he's got nobody to attack, he
will proceed through the east gate. You should have accumulated 300 KOs by now
too so as soon as Sakon passes through, the Unique Item message should spring
up. If it doesn't, Sakon must have taken some damage somewhere. Try reloading
an Interim and if that doesn't help, start over. 

Either method will work fine, but I've had success twice by escorting Sakon
personally and just making sure he never falls off his horse. Again, you should
get around and probably more than 300 KOs doing this, and you should finish
with more than enough time remaining. The report will show the Unique Item in
the northwest corner. Fly through the sea of red and ignore Dong Zhuo and head
to the northwest base. The blue box outside is the one containing the Unique
Item. Grab it with anyone and you'll have Mitsuhide's Unique Item. Congrats!

______/ Miscellaneous  [misl] \________________________________________________

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why Mitsuhide? Why should I use him?
A) Ah, yes, the key question isn't it? Well, for me, Mitsuhide was quickly one
of my favorites, dating back to Samurai Warriors 1. I was also a fan of his
alternate costume which sadly never saw the light of day beyond SW1. For you,
the players, Mitsuhide is a fairly well balanced warrior with good attributes
and is a good fit for any team. Read the Pros and Cons for more information.

2) How do I get his best weapon, Gilded Talon?
A) See the section I have dedicated for this. I have my own personal strategy
and you can also refer to the Weapon guide by  * Credits for help. In the
end, it will come down to leveling up your abilities, having good weapon
augments, and a lot of interim saving. 

3) I escorted Sakon successfully and without a scratch but no Unique Item? Come
on, man!
A) I recommend you make sure you're undertaking this task on Easy. I've tried
on Normal several times with no success. Either it's dumb luck or just the way
that it was programmed. Try it on Easy. Not only will you be able to get it
(hopefully), the whole process will be a bit quicker. 

Contact Info
If you have questions or would like to e-mail me about hosting this guide, you
can reach me at my primary e-mail. I have a few other guides up and I do still
get some frequent e-mails and I also have a busy schedule with college and work
and all that, so I'd appreciate prospective writers to respect my time. It 
might take up to a day or two for me to reply. I generally don't take very long
to get back to people but sometimes it happens.

E-Mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com

If you'd like to host this guide, please contact me to ask for permission first
unless you have already been approved by me to host without asking. 

Not much to say here. 

GameFAQS of course for the opportunity and much more. 

Koei for the Warriors series. I know it gets a bad rap for its repetitive 
nature, but if you're a fan, you still love the core franchise. Warriors Orochi
was just a great idea and it was better than I imagined.

AerisOwnzYou for his strategy on getting 4th Weapons which helped me out a few

Wikipedia for the information on Mitsuhide. 

Legal Chatter
This guide is solely my creation and it is not to be claimed as someone else's
work. Do not steal my guide and post it on your site without permission. Thank
you. I strongly ask that all information including this section be maintained 
in its entirety. I do not take well to unwelcome changes and may ask for my 
guide to be removed otherwise. As of now, the following sites have permission 
to host this guide:


And that's all you'll hear from me. Good night!

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