1. Matt J. Britton Art Director
  2. Nick Laviers Audio Director
  3. Richard Winn Taylor II Cinematics Director
  4. Nina Dobner Cinematics Producer
  5. Chris Corry Executive Producer
  6. Samuel Bass Game Designer
  7. Adam Davis Game Designer
  8. Amir Rao Game Designer
  9. Scott Smith Game Designer
  10. Jeff Stewart Game Designer
  11. Adam McCarthy Lead Animator
  12. Jasen Torres Lead Designer
  13. Greg Black Lead Unit & Balance Designer
  14. Michael Jones Lead Visual Effects Artist
  15. Greg Kasavin Producer
  16. Amer Ajami Senior Producer
  17. Mical Pedriana Story & Cinematics Producer
  18. Grant Albrecht Voice Actor
  19. Eric Bauza Voice Actor
  20. John Bentley Voice Actor
  21. Noah Blake Voice Actor
  22. Stephan Cox Voice Actor
  23. Tim Curry Voice Actor
  24. Dimitriy Dyachenko Voice Actor
  25. Crispin Freeman Voice Actor
  26. Ian Gregory Voice Actor
  27. Kyle Hebert Voice Actor
  28. David K. Hill Voice Actor
  29. Rene Mujica Voice Actor
  30. Colleen O'Shaughnessy Voice Actor
  31. J.K. Simmons Voice Actor


Data and credits for this game contributed by _Genesis, Alec86, Blk_Mage_Ctype, Hardkoroff, nsplayer, odino, and oliist.

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