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    Insanity Mode Guide by infernalshadow5

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    	              written by Jay Cotton © 2013
    29-3-2013 ~ Started writing up my notes into another handy comphrehensive 
    13-4-2013 ~ Guide was finished
    4-8-2013  ~ Guide checked for typing errors and such
    (For fast navigation; Ctrl & F then enter the search code)
    	 * Introduction	-------------------------- 1INT
    	 * Preparations -------------------------- 2PRP
    		~ Class Set-Up ------------------- 2CLS
    		~ Skill Set-Up ------------------- 2SKL
    	 * Squad Members ------------------------- 3SQD
    	 * Walkthrough --------------------------- 4WLK
    		~ Normandy ----------------------- 5NRM
    		~ Cerberus Base ------------------ 6CER
    		~ Freedom's Progress ------------- 7FRD
    		~ Normandy ----------------------- 8NRM
    		~ Citadel     Recruit Thief ------ 9THF
    		~ Bekenstein  Kasumi Loyalty ----- 10KAS
    		~ Omega       Recruit Veteran ---- 11VET
    			      Recruit Professor -- 11PRF
    		~ Zorya       Zaeed Loyalty ------ 12ZAE
    		~ Korlus      Recruit Warlord ---- 13WAR
    		~ Purgatory   Recruit Convict ---- 14CON
    		~ Omega       Recruit Archangel -- 15ARC
    		~ Horizon ------------------------ 16HRZ
    		~ Illium      Miranda Loyalty ---- 17MIR
    			      Recruit Assassin --- 17ASN
    			      Recruit Justicar --- 17JUS
    		~ Aeia        Jacob Loyalty ------ 18JCB
    		~ Tuchanka    Mordin Loyalty ----- 19MOR
    		~ Collector Vessel --------------- 20COL
    		~ Haestrom    Recruit Tali ------- 21TAL
    		~ Tuchanka    Grunt Loyalty ------ 22GRU
    		~ Citadel     Garrus Loyalty ----- 23GAR
    			      Thane Loyalty ------ 24THN
    		~ Omega       Samara Loyalty ----- 25SAM
    		~ Migrant Ft. Tali Loyalty ------- 26TLI
    		~ Pragia      Jack Loyalty ------- 27JAC
    		~ Derelict Reaper ---------------- 28REA
    		~ Heretic St. Legion Loyalty ----- 29LGN
    		~ Normandy ----------------------- 30NRM
    	* The Suicide Mission
    		~ Oculus ------------------------- 31OCU
    		~ Infiltration ------------------- 31INF
    		~ Seeker Tunnel ------------------ 31SKR
    		~ Platform ----------------------- 31PLT
    		~ Reaper-Human Larva ------------- 31LAR
    	* Achievement/Trophy List ---------------- 32BNS
    	* Credits -------------------------------- 33CRD
    ***/ INTRODUCTION /*** 			| Search Code: 1INT |
    	Welcome to my second guide ...
    The second game in the Mass Effect series is without doubt my favourite of
    the trilogy (not to mention difficult to fight Insanity on). From the
    dramatically destructive opening to the incredibly tense finalé, the game
    still lingers in my memory as one of my most memorable experiences - and
    playing the aptly named Suicide Mission on Insanity is an incredible, very
    painful yet strangely satisfying achievement.
    The second game also introduces some of the best characters of the Mass
    Effect universe (Jack, Mordin and Kasumi to name a few) and even better is
    that I don't have to suffer Kaiden's irritating derpyness (because in my
    story, he went boom on Virmire). The game even treats obsessive people such
    as myself with returning characters from the game; Wrex, Garrus, Tali and
    Liara (because games are ten times better with blue women involved)
    Being the extremely obsessive asari loving fan I am, I decided two things;
    I'd try and build a real-life Afterlife and also get every single trophy
    achievement for this game. Stuggling with convincing Carrie-Anne Moss to
    "act" as Aria for me, the latter idea seemed easier. The problem was trying
    to get the Insanity achievement. Just like with the first game, everywhere
    I looked for advice it was basically "Insanity is hard. Use cover and
    shoot" .... wonderful.
    I realised that this game would require a lot more tactical thinking than
    just "Cover and shoot", so like my first Mass Effect guide I've set this
    up to also serve as a fully detailed walkthrough explaining all the best
    methods of problem solving and Reaper butt-kicking. I also realised my
    comment on Swindon from my first guide could be seen as offensive or even
    (perhaps slightly) insulting. Rest assured there shall be no jokes based on
    Swindon's stupidly high pregnancy rate, or the fact that the word
    "contraception" doesn't exist in Swindonese (I think it's actually seen as
    a swear-word there. I'm unfortunate enough to know a Swindonite, so maybe
    I'll ask? Better wear protection if I do ...)
    So anyway I set out alone, creating my own stategies and techniques to
    overcome the odds - and it was surprisingly ........ hard. I can't lie,
    Mass Effect 2 Insanity is just ... well, insane. The first Mass Effect on
    Insanity was like walking through a sunny field. The second rips the field
    in half, rains fire everywhere and then questions you if you want to start
    writing your will in advance. I died once in the original Mass Effect
    Insanity. Once. In Mass Effect 2? I lost count. My PlayStation3 controller
    is scarred by many deep bite marks (and would've been smashed if it weren't
    for my sub-conscious reminding me how absurdly expensive controllers are)
    So if like me your looking for a fully detailed survival walkthrough of
    the main storyline on the hardest difficulty (and want to try to preserve
    your console controllers), you have just discovered the holy grail my
    friend (... again)
    ***/ PREPARATIONS /***			| Search Code: 2PRP  |
    	Setting up the ideal Shepard and game save (again) ...
    Basically here's a quick run-down of how best to prepare 
    (this is the exact method I used):
    (NOTE: Unlike the original Mass Effect, Insanity is available from the
           beginning and doesn't require a Hardcore difficulty completion)
    **** FIRST PLAYTHROUGH (Casual/Normal difficulty)    ****
    * Start a new game on a casual difficulty with a Soldier Shepard 
      ~ Aim to set-up Shepard's skills as explained below (as this becomes 
        permanent even after importing - squad skills reset every time however)
        Although it is possible to "retrain" Shepard's skills on the Normandy
        if you really need to, but it will waste resources that could be better
        used for other research projects (such as the required research needed
        to survive the Suicide Mission)
      ~ Optionally unlock character based achievements, these grant bonuses 
        such as added abilities Shepard can use. The abilities become
        available to use in every new game after unlocking, even if the game
        is an imported save. To unlock specific abilities, you must complete
        each character's "loyalty" mission.
        (each achievement is explained; search code 2BNS)  
      ~ During a playthrough, aim to reach the highest level possible. On the
        PlayStation3 the highest level is 30, but I've read the PC version can
        go even higher (hacks maybe?). Complete as many missions possible to
        quickly gather experience to level up.
      ~ Try to collect as many of the weapons found in the game, as these will
        carry over if the game is imported. It's a lot more useful to take on
        a particulary hard mission when you have a powerful weapon readily
        available from the start. Researched Heavy Weapons will be kept
        permanently if imported and will not require researching again.
        (each weapon location will be explained in the walkthrough)
    **** OPTIONAL PLAYTHROUGH (Casual/Normal difficulty)   ****
    * After completing the first playthrough, import the save to another game:
      ~ Completing the game and starting any new game (even imported) will
        grant you an extra boost in experience, making levelling up faster if
        you haven't quite reached the maximum yet. You'll also receive 50,000
        of each resource (helpful for research upgrades) and 200,000 to spend
        (preferably on useful upgrades found in shops)
    **** INSANITY PLAYTHROUGH (Insanity difficulty)      ****
    * Import your save and begin an Insanity playthrough ...
    |	SHEPARD CLASS SET-UP		| Search Code: 2CLS  |
    As with the original Mass Effect, I strongly recommended creating a Soldier
    class Shepard. Only the Soldier class can use every single weapon
    effectively and thus open up a better range of combat options instead of
    being restricted to two weapon types (a good example being a class that
    can only use handguns and sniper rifles).Unlike the first game, you now
    have actual ammunition for your guns. Which is bad as it makes Insanity a
    lot harder, having a wide selection of weapons will prevent you from
    running out of ammunition as quickly. The ammunition is universal, meaning
    the handgun can fire the same rounds as the sniper rifle, this is actually
    a hinderance than a help. Use up all the ammunition in your assault rifle
    for example, you'll only have a few shots for the handgun. Whereas if you
    use the handgun, you potentially have more ammunition to play with. Every
    shot in Insanity counts, if you miss a shot it could cause a lot of
    problems as ammunition isn't as abundant as it is on other difficulties.
    Try to use accurate fire weapons like the sniper rifle or handguns. The
    assault rifle will usually eat through your ammunition, it's good on large
    bosses - but otherwise the ammunition is wasted on smaller minions. However
    the Mattock Rifle is a good assault rifle choice as it has a controlled
    "one shot" trigger mechanism wich can be switched to rapid fire when
    needed. As for your squad, they actually have infinite ammunition so don't
    worry too much about them. In most cases you'll likely be relying on them
    to kill most things as your ammo depletes.
    In terms of health and shields, the Soldier stands stronger than most 
    biotic classes. On Insanity, Biotic class Shepards will struggle due to 
    lower health and defences - however, biotic abilites are a lot more useful
    in this game. Mainly because you will face a lot of melee type enemies, a
    basic Pull or Slam biotic can clear the swarm and potentially save you. On
    that note, a Vanguard class is also a good choice as it combines Soldier
    abilities with biotics. The only drawback is the weapon restrictions and
    the slightly lower health values. Engineer classes are capable of having a
    good shield defence, but once the shield is gone (which happens
    surprisingly quickly on Insanity) the low health of the Engineer is fatal.
    Plus the Engineer abilities are rendered virtually useless on this game,
    the easy AI Hacking Geth fight tactic from the original game will not work
    here except on a select few missions.
    Compared to the original game, the abilities of all the classes seem to be
    cut-back. There is no Shield Boost or Immunity abilities this time (which
    kinda destroys my old life-saving move) and the Adrenaline Burst, now
    called Adrenaline Rush, doesn't restore all of the ability charging but
    instead slows time and temporarily increases your weapon damage. It's
    vaguely useful in certain fights, but your better to conserve your ability
    use for defensive purposes (such as restoring your shields and preventing
    death). The best defensive abilities include Barrier, Geth Shielding and
    Fortification, use these when your nearly defeated to allow a better chance
    of survival. Fortification is the best choice as it has increased duration
    and damage protection compared to the others, it saved my life many times
    during my Insanity play. To improve your chances even more, set the ability
    to a "hot-key" which will enable you to instantly use the ability. If you
    prefer more offence over defence, then Dominate is a great ability choice.
    It works like a human version of AI Hacking, forcing your enemies to fight
    each other. To get the ability however, you'll need high paragon or
    renegade skills in order to convince Morinth to replace Samara on your team
    (also note that Dominate will not work on the tougher or shielded enemies)
    Before starting your insane adventure, it's recommended that you take 
    various preparations beforehand. Or you know, you could just dive straight
    in and ignore this guide - your funeral. It should take about 2 plays on
    a casual difficulty using the same Shepard to get the best preparation, 
    remember it's still basically an RPG game so time and patience is required
    to get the best results. Although it isn't nearly as deeply complex as the
    first game was; there are no longer armour types for your team (essentially
    weakening a lot of characters including Shepard) and you can't modify your
    weapons to kill everything in one shot.
    Importing a saved game will give you a lot of resources to use for research
    upgrades (50,000 for each). These are best spent on upgrading the Normandy
    to survive the Suicide Mission, then upgrading Shepard's health, shields
    and weapon damage. Finally upgrade the squad biotics (tech is not necessary)
    and squad weapon damage (mainly assault rifles and SMG as the majority of
    the squad use these weapons). Research upgrades will NOT transfer over to
    new games even if you import a previous save. Every game will force you to
    research everything (except Heavy Weapons) from the beginning, so avoid
    wasting valuable resources on pointless upgrades such as Legion's sniper
    rifle or Shepard's melee power (you'll die before you even get a chance to
    melee on Insanity). The only research that does stay permanent if you import
    a save are the Heavy Weapons, so try to unlock those during a preparation
    playthrough so that you have easy access to them during your Insanity
    playthrough (and save some resources in the process)
    Research upgrades can be found during missions or bought from shops, I'll
    point out the important and most useful upgrades and where to find them
    in the walkthrough.
    Also note that Medi-gel and Unity have changed since the original game.
    The two are now combined, which actually makes the game more difficult as
    you will be unable to simply heal yourself during combat and Unity will use
    a Medi-gel on each use. The use is limited too, it can only be performed
    if one or both of your squad members have "died" and you'll only have a set
    amount of uses (depending on the difficulty). Research upgrades can
    increase the maximum amount of Medi-Gel however.
    |	SHEPARD SKILL SET-UP		| Search Code: 2SKL  |
    (This is the set-up for a Soldier Class Shepard):
    * Maximise the Combat Mastery skill to improve Shepard's health, weapon
      damage, running speed and Paragon/Renegade bonuses. Evolve the skill
      to Commando for better improved health.
    * Unlock all the Ammo upgrades; Disrupter (which breaks shields),
      Incendiary (which breaks armour and burns the target) and Cryo (which
      has a chance of freezing the target, especially useful on Husks).
      Try to fully upgrade the Cryo Ammo and evolve it to Squad Cryo Ammo.
      This will allow the entire squad to equip the ability; Cryo is the
      most useful ammo type on Insanity. Anything frozen will die instantly
      if struck by a melee attack and it works really well on melee enemies.
      (Also note that Ammo abilities remain active throughout the entire
      duration of the mission, switch them accordingly when necessary)
    * Maximise the additional bonus ability. Preferably Fortification or
      Dominate are the best choices for an Insanity playthrough. Evolve them;
      for Fortification, make it Improved Fortification to increase the time
      duration. For Dominate, avoid the Multiple Domination. It'll backfire
      as the enemies will still occassionally attack you.
    * Use remaining skill points on Adrenaline Rush, this skill will only be
      useful in certain moments though (If you chose a Vanguard Class,
      maximise the biotic skill and evolve it)
    (Here is a list of the recommended weapons to use in Insanity):
      Either equip the Mattock Heavy Rifle (which I think is
      a downloadable item) as it can fire without using up all your ammo in
      one go. Otherwise the Collector Rifle (another downloadable) or Geth
      Rifle are decent choices.
    * SHOTGUN:
      Either the Eviscerator (a downloadable weapon) or the Scimitar
      are the best choices. The Geth Plasma Shotgun is alright, but I found it
      very awkward and slow to use.
      The Viper is the best sniper rifle for Insanity. The Widow
      is powerful but too slow and awkward, the Mantis can only fire a single
      shot before it needs reloading and the Incisor (download) acts like an
      assault rifle - effectively wasting ammo.
    * HANDGUN:
      The Phalanx (a downloadable) has good power and even comes with
      a laser aiming sight for accurate shots. Otherwise the Carnifex is a good
      choice. (NOTE: the handguns have significantly improved since the first
      game and with the right upgrades they can cause a lot of damage)
      The best heavy weapon in my opinion is the Cain. It fires
      a nuclear explosion that virtually destroys everything within radius,
      extremely useful on the harder parts of the game. I notice a lot of
      people like to use the Collector Particle Beam, but it doesn't do enough
      damage for my liking and just seems like a glorified assault rifle.
    Here is a list of the recommended armour to use in Insanity, note that
    unlike the original game the armour is extremely basic, you can't modify
    the armour to have an extra 200+ shields here unfortunately. To be honest,
    the armour in Mass Effect 2 barely seems to make any noticeable difference,
    but it's at least worth wearing anyway right?:
    * HELMET:
      I never used a helmet during my game (stupid as it may sound,
      I just never liked the look of it) but any helmet seems useful.
    * CHEST:
      I chose the Capacitor Chestplate as it gives a 10% on the shield
      regeneration. The Aegis Vest is a good choice for a 5% health boost.
      (Both I think are downloads) Otherwise I guess the N7 Chest will have to
      suffice for now.
      I used the Kestrel Shoulders to increase my shields by 8%
      (however this armour is downloadable only) otherwise the N7 Shoulders
      are a good choice, they increase weapon damage by 3%
    * ARMS: 
      The Off-Hand Ammo Pack increases spare ammo capacity by 10%, which
      is very useful for a game difficulty that has limited ammo. Otherwise
      the N7 or Stabilization Gauntlets are good choices.
    * LEGS:
      The Kestrel Power Pack (downloaded) increases shields by 8% and
      spare heavy weapon ammo by 5%. Otherwise the Ordnance Packs works well,
      increasing heavy weapon ammo by 10%.
    (NOTE: Dispite setting your N7 Armour to bright pink, it has no effect on
    how good the armour is sadly enough)
    ***/ THE SQUAD MEMBERS /***		| Search Code: 3SQD  |
    	Selecting the good from the bad and the downright ugly ...
    The selected misfits from the crew will greatly alter your chances for a 
    successful Insanity run. Naturally it all depends on the current mission
    your about to undertake and who will provide the best performance for
    support during that particular mission. Sadly you can only take two members
    at one time. Below, the possible team recruits are listed in order of their
    appearance (listed alphabetically if there multiple appearances) with
    unbiased descriptions of their usefulness or lack of:
    (NOTE: Team combinations and the recommended teams for each mission will be
    explained during the walkthrough, as will better detailed explainations of
    the recommended equipment and weapons for each)
      The Cerberus operative
      * Available:		Cerberus Base
      * Weapon Training: 	Handguns and Shotguns
      * Biotics: 		Pull
      * Technical:		Incendiary Ammo
      * Loyalty Ability:	Barrier
    Jacob is essentially Kaiden for Mass Effect 2. Same biotic set-up, same
    annoying and slightly devoid personality (although Jacob seems slightly
    creepier in my opinion)
    Jacob's usefulness for Insanity is barely minimal. I never selected him
    purely because there are better biotics to choose from (such as Jack or
    Miranda). His Pull biotic will only work if the enemy has no shields and
    the Barrier ability (which has to be unlocked through his loyalty mission)
    isn't nearly as effective during Insanity. Essentially, once you've
    recruited Grunt or Jack - Jacob can be easily replaced and left to guard
    the Normandy.
    Asking Jacob for Normandy upgrades will unlock an Armour Upgrade which will
    cost 15,000 in Palladium. This is necessary if you want everyone to survive
    the Suicide Mission.
      The Cerberus cheerleader
      * Available:		Freedom's Progress
      * Weapon Training: 	Handguns and SMGs
      * Biotics: 		Warp
      * Technical:		Overload
      * Loyalty Ability:	Slam
    Surprisingly, Miranda is one of the best squad members for Insanity runs.
    Her combination of Warp and Overload is extremely useful as every enemy in
    the game has a shield which requires either ability to destroy. Miranda is
    unique in that she has both abilities, and one of the only squad members
    to have Warp. The other being Thane, who you won't actually recruit until
    near the end of the game. Miranda's Slam ability is good on standard
    difficulties but almost pointless on Insanity.
    Her downfall is low health and her strange obsession for charging into the
    enemy and getting gunned down as a result. When in your squad, keep Miranda
    in good cover out of the enemy range of fire. Keep checking on her and
    ensure she remains in cover to prevent her dying too much.
    Miranda remained useful for my entire Insanity game and was even part of my
    final team during the Suicide Mission.
      The vigilante Archangel
      * Available:		Omega (after Freedom's Progress)
      * Weapon Training: 	Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles
      * Biotics: 		None
      * Technical:		Overload, Concussive Shot
      * Unlocked Abilities: Armour-Piercing Ammo
    Garrus can be found in Omega after you've completed Freedom's Progress.
    During the original game on Insanity, Garrus was virtually useless. The
    same can be said for this game too (which makes his recruitment mission
    seem even more painfully unrewarding on Insanity). Like before, Garrus has
    a weakness to being swarmed by melee creatures - unfortunately in this game
    there are lot more melee creatures.
    While his Overload is good for disabling enemy shields, it isn't very
    useful otherwise. It's better to use Miranda instead who not only has the
    Overload ability, but can use Warp to severely damage the enemy health too.
    Concussive Shot is a skill that was rendered almost pointless during
    Insanity, regardless of which character uses it.
    And although the Armour-Piercing Ammo seems a tempting offer, Garrus's
    loyalty mission on Insanity is actually surprisingly hard. Personally it
    didn't seem worth the effort.
    That said, Garrus still has an awesome voice.
    Asking Garrus for Normandy upgrades will unlock a Thanix Cannon which will
    cost 15,000 in Platinum. This is necessary if you want everyone to survive
    the Suicide Mission.
    * GRUNT
      The Krogan super-soldier
      * Available:		Korlus (after Freedom's Progress)
      * Weapon Training: 	Shotguns and Assault Rifles
      * Biotics: 		None
      * Technical:		Incendiary Ammo, Concussive Shot
      * Loyalty Ability:	Fortification
    Grunt can be found in Korlus after you've completed Freedom's Progress.
    Out of all the team members, Grunt has the best health and shields of the
    squad. This works well for using him as a tank character, especially when
    against melee creatures. He also has health regeneration which can be
    greatly improved by evolving his Krogan Berserker to Krogan Pureblood
    (however it is sometimes barely noticeable on Insanity).
    Essentially he is the equivalent of Wrex from the original game, except
    unlike Wrex - Grunt doesn't have any biotics, making him slightly less
    useful for a support role. His Concussive Shot is barely useful and only
    works on unprotected enemies.
    Grunt's unlockable ability Fortification is one of the best abilities to
    give Shepard for an Insanity play and is unlocked by completing Grunt's
    loyalty mission. However I would advise ignoring the loyalty mission
    during an Insanity playthrough unless you like fighting a super-powered
    Thresher Maw ... (Regardless, I've included it in the guide for those of
    you who are seeking the ultimate Insanity mode challenge)
    * JACK
      The biotic psychotic
      * Available:		Purgatory (after Freedom's Progress)
      * Weapon Training: 	Shotguns and Handguns
      * Biotics: 		Shockwave, Pull
      * Technical:		None
      * Loyalty Ability: 	Warp Ammo
    Jack can be found in Purgatory after you've completed Freedom's Progress.
    One of my favourite squad members of this game (and unlike Kasumi, Jack is
    very useful on Insanity). Shockwave is a devastating biotic attack that
    hits multiple targets and sends them flying (useful for knocking enemies
    off ledges for instant kills) plus it ignores obstacles such as walls,
    meaning it will hit regardless. With Jack's Subject Zero skill evolved to
    Primal Adept - her recharge time decreases a lot, making her the fastest
    biotic in the west. This naturally makes her very useful. Shockwave doesn't
    work on protected enemies, but it will momentarily stun them, useful for
    when your surrounded by a swarm of Husks for example.
    However like most biotics in the Mass Effect series, Jack has low health
    and must be managed accordingly, she's best keep behind Shepard to fully
    exploit her Shockwave ability. Her Warp Ammo is good if unlocked, but not
    exactly necessary.
    NOTE: Shockwave deals more damage at closer range, it weakens as it
    travels. Plus enemies that are sent flying by Shockwave will receive more
    damage if shot by a very well timed and accurate bullet.
      The singing scientist
      * Available:		Omega (after Freedom's Progress)
      * Weapon Training: 	Handguns and SMGs
      * Biotics: 		None
      * Technical:		Incinerate, Cryo Blast
      * Loyalty Ability:	Neural Shock
    Mordin is unique because he is the only one on the team who has the
    Incinerate, Cryo Blast and Neural Shock abilities (Neural Shock is unlocked
    after completing his loyalty mission). Incinerate is really useful when
    used on Krogan and Vorcha as it completely stops their health regeneration.
    Cryo Blast is good against melee enemies such as Husks. Neural Shock is
    only good at certain moments and isn't quite as useful when compared to the
    other abilities (in fact, I never used it).
    Unfortunately (and expectedly) Mordin has low health, meaning he should be
    kept safely in cover away from the enemy.
    During the Suicide Mission, always send Mordin as the escort for the
    Normandy crew. Otherwise he always seems to die - even if he's loyal. 
    * SAMARA
      The Asari justicar
      * Available:		Illium (after Horizon)
      * Weapon Training: 	Assault Rifles and SMGs
      * Biotics: 		Throw, Pull
      * Technical:		None
      * Loyalty Ability:	Reave
    Samara is able to use both Throw and Pull biotics, which is good but on
    Insanity it doesn't become useful unless another team member (such as Thane
    or Miranda) is able to disable the enemy shields to allow Samara to attack.
    Reave is an interesting ability because it prevents the enemy from healing
    (such as Krogan and Vorcha) and heals Samara slightly. It would be more
    useful during the Warlord recruitment and Mordin's loyalty mission, but
    unfortunately Samara only becomes available until later in the game.
    Essentially, she just isn't Liara ...
      The Quarian engineer
      * Available:		Haestrom (after Horizon)
      * Weapon Training: 	Shotguns and Handguns
      * Biotics: 		None
      * Technical:		AI Hacking, Combat Drone
      * Loyalty Ability:	Energy Drain
    Tali makes a welcome return from the original game (being one of the main
    characters who helped a lot in the original Insanity), sadly however Tali
    isn't as useful during this game. Her AI Hacking is only good for a couple
    of missions (and those are optional on Insanity), not only that but the
    AI Hacking works differently in this game. It now gives the hacked Mech a
    shield (to make it survive longer while it fights for you) which is fine,
    but it prevents easy kills that were possible during the first game. Also
    note that setting the hacking to wide-range is a risky choice as the Mechs
    will still attack you if there are only two to begin with.
    The Combat Drone is good for setting up a distraction and luring enemies
    out of cover. Energy Drain works in similar way to Samara's Reave. It drops
    the shields of enemies and restores the shields of Tali, but by the time
    you unlock this ability it hardly seems useful.
    Unfortunately this time, Insanity sees Tali set as a non-essential member.
    (Note her name has changed since the original. In the first game, Tali was
    still on her pilgrimage and had her child name of Nar Rayya. Now after
    completing her pilgrimage she has earned her adult name of Vas Neema)
      The Drell assassin
      * Available:		Illium (after Horizon)
      * Weapon Training: 	Sniper Rifles and SMGs
      * Biotics: 		Throw, Warp
      * Technical:		None
      * Loyalty Ability:	Shredder Ammo
    Thane is one of two team members able to use Warp (the other being Miranda)
    in Insanity, Warp is an incredibly useful ability. A team of Miranda and
    Thane create a very good combination, but unfortunately it takes a while
    until Thane is available to recruit. Also note that Thane is one of two
    people capable of Throw in this game (the other being Samara)
    In comparison to Miranda (his main rival equivalent) Thane has better
    health but lacks the Overload ability (making him less effective against
    robotic enemies). His Shredder Ammo (unlocked by his loyalty mission) isn't
    useful for Insanity runs.
    If Thane had shown up a lot earlier in the game, I would've likely used
    him more often. His abilities would've been useful for Horizon and the
    Archangel mission. Instead, he's easily replaced by Miranda.
    * LEGION (optional)
      The Geth infiltrator
      * Available:		After the Derelict Reaper
      * Weapon Training: 	Sniper Rifles and Handguns
      * Biotics: 		None
      * Technical:		AI Hacking, Combat Drone
      * Loyalty Ability:	Geth Shield Boost
    Legion is basically an evil version of Tali, same skills and basic set-up.
    It's really a matter of who you like more that decides who you should
    Legion's unlockable ability, Geth Shields, work in similar way to
    Jacob's Barrier and Grunt's Fortification. Otherwise it has no other
    outstanding differences.
    For Insanity, Legion was never used - purely because he was literally
    moments away from the game's ending (and to be honest I prefer Tali)
    Funnily enough, walking around the Citadel with him attracts no attention.
    He even argues with C-Sec claiming Geth do not infiltrate (regardless of
    his skills naming him as a Geth Infiltrator)
    * MORINTH (optional)
      The Asari ardat-yakshi
      * Available:		Omega (Samara's loyalty mission)
      * Weapon Training: 	Assault Rifles and SMGs
      * Biotics: 		Throw, Pull
      * Technical:		None
      * Loyalty Ability:	Dominate
    During Samara's loyalty mission, if you have high enough Paragon or
    Renegade you can side with the deadly serial killer who replaces Samara on
    your team. Morinth fights exactly the same and even has both Throw and Pull
    biotics, which is good but on Insanity it doesn't become useful unless
    another team member (such as Thane or Miranda) is able to disable the enemy
    shields to allow Morinth to attack.
    Dominate is an interesting ability because it acts like AI Hacking does on
    Mechs. Using Dominate, you can set the Collectors to fight each other. If
    Morinth was readily available from the start of the game, she would've been
    incredibly useful. As it stands, she only appears near the end and has
    limited use. Choosing her over Samara is essentially a case of personal
    Essentially, she isn't Liara either ...
      The japanese kleptomaniac
      * Available:		Citadel (after Freedom's Progress)
      * Weapon Training: 	Handguns and SMGs
      * Biotics: 		None
      * Technical:		Shadow Strike, Overload
      * Unlocked Abilities: Flashbang Grenade
    Kasumi is only available if you have the Kasumi: Stolen Memories downloaded
    (although most copies of Mass Effect 2 include this), she can be recruited
    after Freedom's Progress by reading the letter on Shepard's private
    terminal and talking to her in the Citadel.
    On basic game difficulties, Kasumi is a good squad member. However on
    Insanity she struggles a lot. Her low health means she will die very often,
    and her Shadow Strike move will allow the enemy to swarm and kill her very
    quickly. Plus the Flashbang works just like Concussive Blast with a fancier
    name, but equally as pointless on unprotected enemies. So sadly she
    isn't a useful choice.
    Beware if you decide to take her loyalty mission on Insanity, you will be
    fighting on your own and swearing at her for the majority.
      The mercenary veteran
      * Available:		Omega (after Freedom's Progress)
      * Weapon Training: 	Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles
      * Biotics: 		None
      * Technical:		Concussive Blast, Disruptor Ammo
      * Unlocked Abilities: Inferno Grenade
    Zaeed is recruitable if you have the Cerberus Pack downloaded, he can be
    found in Omega after Freedom's Progress after reading the letter on
    Shepard's private terminal.
    Zaeed essentially acts like a human version of Garrus, able to use both
    types of rifle. For Insanity Zaeed is not useful as he has no helpful
    support abilities, has average health and his Inferno Grenade can be easily
    replaced by Shepard's Incendiary Ammo.
    But he does sound slightly like Jason Statham, so it's funny having him
    about sometimes.
    ***/ THE WALKTHROUGH /***		| Search Code: 4WLK  |
    	Are you prepared for your second battle against Insanity ...?
    Okay, here we go again - this is where all the time and effort spent
    playing a previous playthrough to attain lv30 and collect weapons and
    abilities will make sense.
    Unlike the original Mass Effect, Insanity can be selected from the start.
    The differences between Normal and Insanity are drastic, however the
    guide will be able to compensate for both. Differences include increased
    shielding for all the enemies, a lower damage threshold for Shepard, more
    aggressive enemies and limited ammunition. Thats basically it.
    The tactics and techniques used will work for any difficulties
    (considering I created, tested and used those tactics during my Insanity
    To begin with, start a new career and import your lv30 Shepard. Ideally
    you should be a Soldier class (however Vanguards are acceptable too),
    when choosing your additional ability (unlocked by completing loyalty
    missions on the previous playthroughs) choose either Fortification or
    Dominate as these are the most useful abilities for Insanity.
    Fortification (Grunt's loyalty unlockable) allows Shepard to fully
    restore shields, take greater damage and lasts for a long time - which
    is incredibly useful for life saving moments on particulary hard missions
    (which there are a lot of in this game). Dominate (Morinth's loyalty
    unlockable; you'll need high Paragon or Renegade during Samara's loyalty
    mission to gain access to this) allows you to brainwash an enemy to fight
    as your ally for a short duration. This is very useful for creating a
    distraction, plus the new allies tend to be a lot tougher on Insanity;
    likely they will end up killing most of the other enemies. It will not
    work on robotic enemies (such as Geth, Loki Mechs etc) or powerful
    enemies (Harbinger etc) so keep this in mind if you choose this ability.
    The handgun is actually a lot better on this game than it was for the
    original. A strong handgun can cause a great deal of damage if properly
    upgraded through research projects. Shotguns are only useful for melee
    enemies such as Husks and tend to have very limited ammo. The assault
    rifle is a slight risk taker in Insanity as the ammunition disappears
    very quickly, leaving you at a disadvantage. It's good for focusing on
    a strong enemy, but not very practical on crowd control. Try equipping
    something like the Mattock Rifle as it has a controlled firing rate
    that won't eat up all of your ammo in one go. For the majority of the
    game, the sniper rifle will become your best friend. It can be used
    safely out of range from the enemy and inflict a good amount of damage.
    Avoid using the Incisor Sniper Rifle however, you'll want accurate
    shots for Insanity as every bullet counts here. The Viper is the best
    recommended choice. For heavy weapons, the Cain Nuke Launcher is by
    far the best option - it's capable of killing everything within a
    wide radius, especially useful on the deadly Scions and powerful
    bosses. Just remember to use it sparingly, ammo for heavy weapons can be
    extremely rare to find on Insanity and doesn't "reload" for every
    new mission you start.
    As for gameplay settings, naturally you'll want set the difficulty to
    Insanity. Turn auto level-up off. Set Squad power usage off, it will
    allow better tactical options during fights and prevent your squad
    using abilities at the worst moments. Turn auto-save on, the game is
    incredibly cruel on Insanity - you will die a lot, auto-save prevents
    a lot of frustration. Do not be afraid to save regulary between each
    fight or before a hard battle. During my Insanity play, I reached a
    total of 139 saves (I was exceptionally cautious). I'll be perfectly
    honest, I died a lot during my Insanity play, so for most of
    you - Insanity will be torture. For those like me, it will test your
    strategic thinking to the limits.
    NOTE: Do not alter the difficulty setting of Insanity once you begin
    the game. Doing so voids the Insanity achievement even if you set the
    game back to the difficulty, therefore you will not get the
    achievement. This also applies if you start a new game or load a previous
    game save, it must remain on Insanity.
    The version of the game I used for this guide is for the PlayStation3,
    although I've tried my best to make the guide "universal".
    ***/ THE NORMANDY /***			| Search Code: 5NRM  |
    	"Welcome to Normandy Airlines, we personally
             guarantee your trip will be worth dying for!"
    The game begins with the familiar introduction explaining current events
    before your reunited with the beloved Normandy as it gracefully glides
    through space and is ... suddenly torn apart from an as-of-yet unknown
    assailant. The bloody vandals.
    Depending if you had a romantic relationship with in the original
    Mass Effect will alter who comes running to Shepard for advice. Otherwise
    Liara will approach the Commander if there was no relationship. Be as
    nice or understandably annoyed over the destruction of your prized vessel,
    your objective here is to reach Joker and try to evacuate. Fairly easy
    start to an Insanity run right? Enjoy it while it lasts ...
    ***/ CERBERUS BASE /***			| Search Code: 6CER  |
    	"The virus we stole from Umbrella really does
                         resurrect people ..."
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Jacob and Wilson "aka Jenkins"
    This mission is set-up as a basic tutorial for the game, explaining the
    main mechanics and such. If you fail here then frankly there isn't much
    hope of you completing the entire game on Insanity.
    Remember Cerberus from the first game? Those terrorist types who liked to
    clone dangerous creatures and set Reapers on innocent colonies? Yeah them.
    Well they just went and resurrected you, go figure. Currently there isn't
    time for questioning why heaven looks oddly like a Cerberus Base (more
    likely hell right?) as God/Satan (aka Miranda) kindly informs Shepard that
    the base is currently having a few technical problems. That being the
    robots meant to protect the base going on a mindless bloody rampage.
    Do as the voice commands (not that you have much choice) and collect your
    armour and weapons before taking cover. You'll find some ammo for your
    weapons behind the door. Moving along, Shepard will encounter the first
    enemy of this game - a Hacked Mech (also known as Loki Mechs). In Normal
    difficulties, these are very easy to destroy and take a lot of damage
    through headshots. In Insanity they become very dangerous though as they
    have added shields and will constantly walk towards you rather than hide.
    Plus they have a tendency to blow up once defeated. Equip Disruptor Ammo
    for this mission to improve your damage on the Mechs' armour.
    When you enter the next room, take cover where the giant floaty arrow of
    God indicates and wait for another Mech to enter through the door ahead.
    Remain in cover as four more Mechs will emerge from the left. Try getting
    accurate and strong shots on the Mech's heads, this should cause it to
    explode and damage the other nearby Mechs in the process.
    Watch as a Ymir Mech casually shoots down some nameless Cerberus workers
    and enter the next room where God bestows a Grenade Launcher into your
    possession. This is your first Heavy Weapon, the ammo for these is
    different to your standard weapons and can be very hard to find. Usually
    its best to conserve the heavy ammo for the larger, more powerful enemies.
    God will command you to blow up all the Mechs with a single Grenade shot,
    but it is possible to just shoot them down with normal weapons to save
    heavy ammunition. It's your choice.
    Take the elevator down and run past the fire (preferably on the far right
    of the walkway to avoid damage). God seems to be losing his touch as he
    falls out of contact with you and your left to proceed without his divine
    intervention. The next area has a small room where two Loki Mechs are
    crawling on the ground, if you look through the window of this room you can
    watch them crawl about before exploding, it saves your ammo. The room
    contains some data recorded by Miranda and Wilson, and a wall safe with
    some credits (although you get 200,000 credits on imported saves. You will
    need a LOT of money for research projects, so collect as much money as you
    Moving on, you'll see the Ymir killing another expendable minion of
    Cerberus. You can watch, listen to the nearby data log or just continue
    through the next door where you will meet the first member of your new
    and improved squad for Mass Effect 2; Jacob Taylor. Jacob is basically the
    "Kaiden" for this game - he uses biotics and has a similar slightly bland
    personality (though thankfully better voice acting). Assist him by shooting
    the three Mechs that he is clearly unable to shoot and he will start
    talking to you, explaining the situation and his biotic abilities. For this
    moment only, Jacob has no recharge time on his Pull biotic - so spam it on
    the Mechs, dragging them over the pit of oblivion for instant kills
    (NOTE: Pull only works on enemies that aren't protected by shields or
    armour, the ability selection menu will highlight which skills are useful.
    Abilities in red will have minimal or no effect) Also note that any enemy
    who is currently being Lifted, Thrown or Pulled will receive double the
    normal damage if shot at. Timed correctly, an enemy hit by a biotic will
    die in a single headshot with a well-aimed sniper rifle (use the ability or
    weapon menu to freeze time and line up a perfect shot)
    Once the Mechs are cleared and, Jacob vaguely gives information for
    Shepard. Your next objective is to rescue the creepy guy you saw before
    you woke up; Wilson. Take the moment to upgrade Jacob's skills, maximise
    his Cerberus Operative skill and evolve it to Cerberus Veteran for better
    health. Maximise his Pull and evolve it to Pull Field so it it strikes
    multiple targets. You can either conserve the remaining points for his
    Barrier skill (which is unlocked after completing his loyalty mission) or
    put them on Incendiary Ammo (evolving to Squad Incendiary Ammo)
    Follow the linear route to Wilson, taking adequate cover to tackle some
    more Mechs who stand in the way. when you reach Wilson, the game will
    explain how to use Medi-Gel (I miss the original version, it was more
    flexible) and then instruct you to use Unity on Wilson (which thankfully
    isn't as weirdly perverse as it sounds). Like Heavy Ammo, Medi-Gel can be
    hard to find and doesn't restock for every mission you begin. It can only
    be used as Unity (when a squad member "dies") meaning that unlike the
    original, you can't heal yourself and the squad during combat. Note that if
    your Medi-Gel capacity is full, any other Medi-Gel you pick up will be
    converted to credits. Avoid picking them up to conserve Medi-Gel when you
    need it, in the later parts of the game Medi-Gel becomes increasingly rare.
    Wilson joins your squad and explains using Overload on the nearby explosive
    crates, doing so will destroy most of the Mechs entering this room. Jacob
    will then point out the very obvious fact that this is indeed a Cerberus
    base. It doesn't matter how you reply to this, your main objective now is
    to reach the escape shuttle and leave the base. While Wilson is in your
    team you will be unable to access the Squad Menu (he's evil like that)
    Pass the door the Mechs previously came through, then take cover next to
    the door leading to a large storage area. From your cover you can easily
    remove the three Loki Mechs that wait, using Jacob's Pull to draw them out
    and Wilson's Overload to damage shields. Make your way right and to the top
    floor of this area. Some Mechs will activate on your left, but are easily
    disposed of. More Mechs will appear by the doorway at the far end, but they
    will never leave their room - enabling easy targets. The Mechs guard a
    datapad with some credits and a wall safe (to unlock, simply match up the
    pairs of symbols. The faster you complete it, the more money you earn). 
    NOTE: If you instead approached by the left of the area, more Mechs will
    appear from the area's exit. By going right, the Mechs never seem to appear
    (making this a better option to navigate)
    Backtrack to the door opposite you to finally leave the base and meet
    Miranda, who clears Wilson of his sins. You'll then enter the shuttle to
    escape the base, during the journey Miranda will question your personal
    history, your actions in Virmire and so forth. Eventually you'll meet with
    the head of Cerberus, the Illusive Man - who explains the situation to
    Shepard. Regardless of your responses, Shepard will begin an investigation
    on Freedom's Progress.
    Before leaving, take the chance to modify your armour if haven't already
    done so. The preparations section of this guide explains some of the
    decent armour choices (although it doesn't make as much of an impact like
    it did in the original game)
    ***/ FREEDOM'S PROGRESS /***		| Search Code: 7FRD  |
    	"Loki, Fenris and Ymirs - oh my!"
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Jacob
    Freedom's Progress is derelict after a recent invasion. Miranda joins you
    on this mission, becoming your second permanent squad member. Upgrade and
    evolve her Cerberus Officer skill to Cerberus Tactician (which will
    increase the health of the entire squad while she is in your team) Evolve
    Warp to Heavy Warp and Overload to Heavy Overload. These two abilities are
    the most useful skills for the entire game, Warp destroys armour and a
    single Heavy Warp from Miranda has the potential to kill an unarmoured
    enemy in one hit. Overload will destroy shields, useful for this particular
    mission. Because Miranda is the only squad member who has both of these
    abilities, she actually becomes incredibly valuable for an Insanity
    playthrough (just keep her in good cover and out of enemy range, she has a
    drawback of low health)
    Equip your gun with Disrupter Ammo and begin exploring the empty colony.
    You will eventually reach a very large industrial door (there is some
    salvage on the left which will reward you with credits) Be careful on
    opening the door, a lot of Loki Mechs are waiting - assisted by Fenris
    (which are basically robot dogs). Before opening the door, position Jacob
    and Miranda on either side of the door (using the directional inputs) to
    set a counter-ambush. Open the door to find three Loki, once they are
    destroyed - the door located on the upper left will open, revealing more
    Loki and the Fenris. The Fenris are the real threat here as they will
    constantly run towards you to attack. To keep a relatively safe distance,
    backtrack the way you came - shotguns work well with Disrupter Ammo on the
    Fenris. Then clear out the remaining Loki who are slowly advancing towards
    you. Use Miranda's Warp to remove any armour (the yellow health bars) or
    Overload to remove shields (the blue health bar) and then strike with
    Jacob's Pull or Miranda's Warp when the health is red.
    Once cleared, enter the room the Loki emerged from to find some Medi-Gel
    and a wall safe for some credits. Be careful as you leave as another
    Loki with a Fenris waits by the next building. Collect the salvage for
    more credits and then enter the building to reunite with an old friend
    from the original Mass Effect.
    The Quarians are unsurprisingly dubious of Cerberus and zombie Shepard,
    but Tali recognises the Commander as a friend (dispite working with known
    terrorists). If you helped Tali with her pilgrimage in the original game,
    there will be extra dialogue options to confirm to her that you are in
    fact the real Shepard. Ignoring Prazza's itchy trigger finger, Tali
    explains her reasons for randomly appearing here and Shepard agrees to
    help (regardless of your attitude or responses)
    NOTE: Although it would definitely be better to have Tali's AI Hacking
    skills to assist the mission (just like old times), your unfortunately
    stuck with the poster children of Cerberus.
    Proceed on to find another building with a wall safe (closely guarded by a
    Loki Mech) the Mech won't activate if you don't approach the wall safe, so
    its up to you. The safe contains a few credits for your troubles. The next
    area is full of Combat Drones (the ones which Tali likely warned about),
    you can use the balcony for cover but the safest area is the doorway from
    where you entered. Miranda's Overload will disrupt the shields. Remember to
    ensure your squad is in good cover by directly commanding them, otherwise
    they tend to blindly run into the open and get gunned down like idiots.
    This is a common occurance for the majority of the game, so get used to
    team management during missions. Playing Insanity really makes the team
    commanding and tactical thinking important.
    While Tali whines on the radio, search the building on the left for some
    Medi-Gel before making your way through the building on the right. Go down
    the rampways and prepare for an ambush from more Combat Drones. If needed,
    backtrack to the top of the ramps and use the sniper rifle for relatively
    safe shots, equipping Disrupter Ammo and using Miranda's Overload will make
    the fight easy.
    Tali warns you about more robots, then Miranda bosses you about tactics
    (basically explaining the squad position commands) and suggests doing the
    same method that you did on the previous large door. Before you do, make
    sure you collect the salvage and Medi-Gel scattered around the area.
    See that big Ymir Mech that brutally killed six Quarians? Yeah, now
    it's your turn. Miranda will explain how Overload can disrupt the shields
    (but you should already be way ahead of her) assisting with shooting the
    Mech with a Disrupter Ammo armed assault rifle. When the shields are gone,
    the Mech will be protected by armour which can be sabotaged by Miranda's
    Warp and your Incendiary Ammo. Lastly, the red health of Ymir is hurt by
    most conventional attacks - Jacob's Pull even works here. If the Ymir gets
    too close, use the boxes your taking cover on to keep the Ymir at bay by
    circling around them (Just like old times with the Armature during the
    Therum mission in the first game). The rocket launcher on Insanity is very
    dangerous, capable of killing within 2-3 shots depending on your class.
    After the fairly easy battle, examine a damaged Ymir Mech for a Heavy
    Weapon Upgrade and the nearby container for some research resources. The
    building on the left has a wall safe containing credits and some more
    Heavy Weapon Ammo. Tali can be found in the building opposite along with
    some Medi-Gel. The only thing left to do now is to find Veetor in the last
    remaining building.
    Veeter is, as aptly described by Miranda, a babbling idiot. You'll need to
    use the game's new dialogue function to gain his attention. In the corner
    of your screen you will see either a blue icon (for a nice Paragon option
    where Shepard shuts down the tv monitors) or a red icon (where Shepard uses
    a Renegade action to shoot the tv monitors) - the choices will keep
    switching until you choose one (by pressing the indicated button), but this
    is the only part of the game where the options will wait for you. Otherwise
    you have to press the action as soon as you see them, take too long and you
    will miss your chance.
    Veetor explains the events that happened on Freedom's Progress and shows
    you video footage of the cretins responsible; a new enemy called
    Collectors. After some investigation, the mission is concluded. Here you
    have the choice to allow Veetor to return with Tali or hand him over to
    Cerberus, (note that Veetor will help with a later mission if allowed to
    go with Tali, so personally I'd recommend you allow him to join Tali)
    Sadly Tali is unable to join your squad - even if asked.
    Nothing else to do here except have a another chat with Mr Illusive and
    reunite with another member of the old crew. And discover that Cerberus has
    revived more than just Shepard ...
    ***/ THE NORMANDY /***			| Search Code: 8NRM  |
    	"The Normandy doesn't seem the same without an
             annoying crew member like Kaid- oh... hi Jacob"
    Welcome to the Normandy, its actually slightly bigger than the original.
    The main control sector is notably larger than the first Normandy, not to
    mention other Cerberus additions including EDI the ships new illegal AI and
    a customisable Captain's Cabin which will fill with various trophies of
    your exploits. There's even a sound system which plays the music from the
    original Mass Effect (including Ilos, Virmire and the Chora's Den theme
    amongst others)
    Take the time to explore the ship if you want. The laboratory is locked
    until you recruit the professor, meaning you will be unable to research
    projects and upgrade your weapons. The armory on the opposite side is
    where Jacob likes to hang about. There is also a Weapons Locker, use this
    to equip the best weapons for Shepard (which you should've unlocked during
    a previous playthrough), my recommendations are listed in the preparations
    section of this guide (search code: 2SKL)
    Once the weapons are set, take the time to read all the messages on the
    private terminal (this will open up the Kasumi and Zaeed recruitment
    missions if they have been both downloaded - most copies of Mass Effect 2
    include Kasumi at the least)
    From here, the game becomes a lot more free-roaming as you can explore
    the various galaxies and recruit your team members in any order you like.
    For Insanity I'd recommend recruiting the members in a certain order
    (because certain missions are easier with certain squad members) The order
    explained through this walkthrough is the exact order I used.
    ***/ THE CITADEL /***
    	"I'm Commander Shepard and this is my favourite
                  walkthrough guide in the Citadel"
    This is classed as optional if you haven't got the Kasumi: Stolen Memories
    downloadable content (although most copies of Mass Effect 2 come complete
    with this), otherwise you can always have a chat with the Citadel Council.
    Depending on your actions from the previous game will depend on how they
    react to you and whether you retain your Spectre status. Take Miranda or
    Jacob with you for some controversial "who's side are you on?" soap drama.
    Take the time to visit the Citadel shops as they sell various weapon
    upgrades and useful research projects to strengthen your team:
    The Zakera Café will sell some high-grade provisions (which makes the food
    better for your Normandy crew, you have to speak to Gardner on the Crew
    Quarters to have this become available) and the Revelations and Ascension
    books by Drew Karpyshyn - which are available to buy in real-life too, they
    are actually quite good in my opinion. Revelations explains Anderson and
    Saren's connections before the original Mass Effect (explaining how
    Anderson lost the chance to become a Spectre, alluded to Shepard by Harkin
    in the original) Ascension is set after the events of the first game and
    explains why Tali and the rest of the Quarians have a certain dislike for
    Cerberus (briefly mentioned by Prazza during the Freedom's Progress
    Citadel Souvenirs sell a variety of trinkets, mostly for decorating the
    Captain's Cabin on the Normandy. Okay, so yeah - it won't help your
    Insanity playthrough or strengthen your squad, but c'mon - its a space
    hamster! By talking to the Asari, you can get a store discount if your
    Charm or Intimidate is high enough (Intimidating this shop is the only
    store intimidation that seems harsh, I actually feel sorry for the poor
    Asari ... but perhaps I'm being too bias due to personal obsession?)
    The Sirta Foundation is also susceptible to Shepard's Charm and Intimidate.
    A Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade can be bought here, very useful for Insanity.
    Saronis Applications is a fan of Shepard, willing to give a discount by
    either Charm or Intimidate. They sell a Tech Damage Upgrade and a Damage
    Protection Upgrade. Ideally damage protection is the better choice, tech
    powers weren't used much during my Insanity playthrough (but it could just
    be how I tend to play)
    Rodam Expeditions sells the most useful upgrades in my opinion. There is
    a Sniper Rifle, Handgun and SMG Upgrade to buy here - take the Charm or
    Intimidate option for some discount (a Geth-lamp sounds like a cool idea,
    I wonder if something like that exists in real-life? Note to self, search
    Amazon later)
    Serrice Ice Brandy can be found in the Dark Star bar, available if you
    have spoken to Dr Chakwas while on the Normandy.
    ***/ RECRUIT: THE MASTER THIEF		| Search Code: 9THF  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Doesn't Matter
    Recruiting Kasumi is really easy. As soon as you arrive at the Citadel,
    talk to the advertisement that keeps calling Shepard over. The conversation
    reveals Kasumi controlling the advert as a cover for identity. Speak to
    Kasumi however you like, either way she will end up joining your squad.
    You can then find her in the Crew's Quarters of the Normandy by the Port
    Observation Deck. She's a great squad member, but unfortunately completely
    useless on Insanity as she has low health and her Shadow Strike move will
    see her being swarmed and killed very often. She is however useful for the
    Suicide Mission at the end of the game.
    Kasumi's loyalty mission is available to start immediatedly. Completing
    this will ensure she survives the Suicide Mission and unlocks the
    Flashbang Grenade ability, however it's predictably difficult on Insanity
    because its just you and her (she dies a lot), the ammo can be limited
    (and you can't really rely on Kasumi to kill everything) and the final
    fight tries to re-act the Hind D battle from Metal Gear Solid. Without a
    Stinger Missile (although in all honesty I've actually beaten the Hind D
    with just a Socom pistol before - but that's irrelevant right now)
    That said, Kasumi's loyalty mission is purely optional on Insanity.
    ***/ BEKENSTEIN (optional) /***	
    	"What we really need is a cardboard box ..."
    ***/ LOYALTY: KASUMI			| Search Code: 10KAS  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Recommended Team: 	Kasumi only (no option)
    Go to the Serpent Nebula (where the Citadel is located) and enter the
    Boltzmann system to find Bekenstein where this optional mission begins. On
    Insanity, this mission will be difficult - so only do it if you think your
    capable. Create a separate save of the game before landing, that way if it
    proves too much hassle - you can simply load the save and continue with the
    rest of the game.
    What makes this mission hard is the fact that (on Insanity) its basically
    you versus an army of Eclipse mercenaries, Ymir Mechs and a gunship. Kasumi
    tends to die frequently and her Shadow Strike sends out her out for a
    suicide run, it's only useful if the enemy is very low on health and alone.
    For now, set Kasumi's skills. Evolve Master Thief to Master Saboteur (to
    increase weapon damage), evolve Overload to Area Overload and then spend
    the remaining points on Shadow Strike.
    Kasumi explains the plan to Shepard (under the cover of "Gunn") and makes
    a comment on the formal wear of the Commander. On landing, you'll
    immediately meet Mr Hock (who has a weird accent for somebody living so
    far away in space). He will turn Kasumi away at the door, asking her to
    wait outside (why Kasumi didn't use a disguise I'll never know, so much for
    "Master Thief"). The problem isn't a concern however as Kasumi has a nice
    stealth camouflage addition to her armour (presumably stolen from Otacon)
    The party inflitration is the easiest part of the mission. Locate Hock's
    vault by using either of the stairs that go down to have Kasumi assess the
    situation while Shepard has a staring contest with a statue of Saren. Leave
    once Kasumi has finished, on your right examine the kinetic barrier power
    cable on the floor, Kasumi will enable you to see the cable through the
    walls and floor. Follow the cable until you reach the small library area.
    Examine the statue and Kasumi will disable the cable. From here, walk down
    to the lower balcony and examine a datapad then walk back past the library
    area and have Kasumi bypass a security room door.
    Enter the corridor and Kasumi will join you to combat the two guards found
    inside the security room. Take cover beside the doorway and try to get
    Kasumi to take cover by the other side, your armed with only a handgun and
    Kasumi will predictably die quickly (ignore wasting any Medi-Gel). The
    Adrenaline Rush skill helped me here. The room contains some Medi-Gel and
    money, examine the datapad for the vault's password while Kasumi hacks into
    the communications system.
    Now go to the opposite side of the main area to find an Eclipse security
    guard watching over the door to Hock's quarters. Tell him your allowed in
    under Roe's authority, when the guard tries to confirm this Kasumi will
    use the communications system pretending to be Roe, leaving you free to
    enter. The other method of breaking into Hock's quarters is harder and
    involves fighting more guards in an awkward area, so this is your best
    option. (You can see the guards you would've had to to fight through the
    windows along the way to Hock's room)
    Now you will need to find a DNA sample of Hock in his quarters. Searching
    the sofa will award you with a single credit, the wine glass nearby on the
    fancy glowing coffee table has a small saliva sample. The antique swords
    on the wall display will give a small skin sample while the datapad will
    finish off the DNA search.
    Finally, go talk to Hock himself. Use a Charm or Intimidation choice to
    make him start talking - allowing Kasumi enough time to get a voice
    recording from him. (The dialogue choice doesn't seem to need a high level
    of Paragon or Renegade, I'm unsure how you would get a voice sample
    otherwise besides simply starting a normal conversation with Hock)
    Return to the vault where Saren is waiting and use the DNA scanner and
    microphone to open the vault door. While Kasumi sabotages the security
    cameras, Shepard will equip the weapons and armour from Saren's statue.
    Now you need to find Kasumi's graybox within the vault which contains
    the Statue of Liberty's head, Michelangelo's David, a Prothean statue from
    Ilos and a statue of the Rachni Queen amongst other things. Before picking
    up the graybox, be sure to examine the rare Kassa Locust SMG (which becomes
    the best SMG for the game, and the only other SMG option available)
    After retrieving the graybox, Hock makes himself known. Use a Renegade
    prompt to smash one of his priceless artifacts for entertainment and to
    shut him up. Hock will send in an army of Eclipse mercs to fight you.
    Command Kasumi to take cover by the back of the room, if possible do the
    same. Equip Incendiary Ammo and hit the mercs with sniper rounds, use
    Kasumi's Overload or Disrupter Ammo to disrupt their shields. This fight
    will be stupidly hard to complete because Kasumi is useless on Insanity,
    she will die regardless of being in cover. Roe's combat drones are more
    of a nuisance if anything, they will eventually disappear after a set time.
    If possible, try to remove Roe first to prevent the drones appearing.
    Pick up the Medi-Gel before leaving. On the next room, take cover by the
    doorway (tell Kasumi to take cover on the other side) and combat the mercs
    and Ymir Mech. Once the Mech is down, enter the room and take the central
    wall as cover. Use the sniper rifle armed with Incendiary Ammo on the mercs
    found ahead. (Leave Kasumi where she is)
    Hock seals the vault, forcing you to take a door nearby. Take cover by the
    large doorframe ahead (command Kasumi to wait in the corridor away from the
    mercs inside the room) and fight back using the sniper rifle. You may need
    to enter the room and retreat for the mercs to appear. The rest of the
    mercs will hide in the back of the room, sending Loki Mechs after you. Use
    Kasumi's Overload on the Mechs before taking on the mercs.
    Use the tank's cannon to blast your way through the vault. Collect all the
    resources, credits and Medi-Gel. In the newly opened corridor, take cover
    by the far back and prepare for more mercs and another Ymir Mech (order
    Kasumi into safe cover) More mercs will wait ahead of you, backtrack to
    safety if needed. When everyone has gone, collect the Medi-Gel and examine
    a dead Eclipse merc for a Tech Upgrade. Take cover by the small crates in
    the next area and tackle more mercs and their vanguard. Be wary of the last
    merc who hides at the far back of the room, use sniper fire to avoid being
    hit by missiles. Check the area for money and resources before leaving.
    The next area is just torture (especially on Insanity). Hock has a gunship
    that is well protected. Focus on the Loki Mechs first as they actually
    prove to be the biggest threat oddly enough. The Eclipse mercs will just
    keep appearing. Your current aim is to lower the gunships shields with
    Disrupter Ammo or Kasumi's Overload (if she can manage to last more than
    five seconds that is) - once you dropped the shields the first time it
    will quickly regenerate. Kasumi will inform you (you may need to to
    revive her first) of an incredibly mad plan. Get her close to the gunship.
    The gunship should disappear momentarily, allowing you to combat the mercs
    and try to move to the upper left area. When the gunship reappears, Kasumi
    will hopefully proceed to disrupt the shields permanently.
    The gunship now weakened, aim the Cain at it and blast it to hell. Then
    round up the last of the mercs and Loki to complete this mission. A shuttle
    will appear to return you to the Normandy. Kasumi will examine the graybox
    during the journey, it is up to you whether you convince her to keep or to
    destroy it (personally after all the hassle I went through to get the
    stupid thing, I told her to keep it)
    Completing the mission makes Kasumi loyal (ensuring she survives the
    Suicide Mission) unlocks her Flashbang Grenades (basically a wide area
    Concussive Shot, equally as useless on Insanity) and unlocks a new outfit
    for Kasumi in the original N7 colours (it actually looks fairly good)
    ***/ OMEGA /***	
    	"Don't F*** with Carrie-Anne Moss!"
    Omega is the home to the galaxies' criminals, murderers and Han Solo types.
    On arrival your greeted by a shifty looking Salarian called Fargut who is
    immediately chased off by a Batarian called Moklan - who promptly orders
    Shepard to meet Aria T'Loak in the Afterlife bar.
    Before you do however, this is the best moment to recruit Zaeed to your
    team (if you've got the Cerberus Pack downloaded)
    After Zaeed has left for the Normandy, follow Moklan's order and find
    Aria T'Loak in the Afterlife of Omega. This place makes the original game's
    Chora's Den look like a playschool. Resist the urge to watch dancing blue
    women (at least for a while) and speak to Aria who will inform you about
    the Professor and Archangel locations. Our current goal is searching for
    the Professor. (Note that the music in Afterlife is a slightly remixed
    version of Chora's Den and the Flux from the original game)
    As like in the Citadel, Omega offers a few shops to buy upgrades and such
    to strengthen your team. It's worth having a look:
    Kenn's Salavage is run by a Quarian stuck on Omega by an Elcor called
    Harrot. You can strike a deal for some discount, then offer to talk with
    the Elcor (to get discount at his store too). The shop offers a Heavy
    Weapon Ammo Upgrade (very useful), a Health Upgrade for Shepard (also very
    useful) and a Shotgun Upgrade (not so useful). You can also buy the FBA
    couplings here if you have spoken to Ken and Gabby in the Normandy's
    Engineering Deck.
    Find Harrot at his emporium and convince him to let the Quarian leave, he
    will let Shepard have a store discount regardless of Charm or Intimidate
    options used. The Emporium sells some decorations for the Normandy's
    Captain's Cabin and a Hack Module, reducing the time to bypass doors and
    such. It isn't overly necessary and the money could be spent on better
    Omega Market is run by a Batarian (who gives the "uppity human discount" if
    you have enough Charm or Intimidate). The Market sells some decorations for
    your Captain's Cabin (including a strange alien pornography book called
    Fornax). The most useful item on offer is a Sniper Rifle Upgrade.
    The upper level bar of Afterlife has some Serrice Ice Brandy, available if
    you have spoken to Dr Chakwas while on the Normandy.
    ***/ RECRUIT: THE VETERAN		| Search Code: 11VET  | 
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Doesn't Matter
    Zaeed is standing directly in front of you as you enter Omega. Currently
    beating the crap out of a Batarian he was hired to capture. Simply talk
    to him (his voice reminds me of Jason Statham, which is usually the only
    reason I select him for missions, it's just funny) and he will join your
    squad, it's that easy.
    The mercenary will be on the Engineering Deck of the Normandy by the
    garbage chute in the Cargo Hold (maybe he was too used to Omega?). On
    standard playthroughs Zaeed is a fairly good character, equal to Garrus.
    But on Insanity he falls like all Soldier-based squad members and has no
    helpful use. Still, another member for the Suicide Mission will slightly
    increase your odds of survival when the team makes a final stand.
    Zaeed's loyalty mission is immediately available and I was able to finish
    it on Insanity. If your interested in playing his loyalty mission on
    Insanity, it will be found in the walkthrough guide after the Professor
    recruitment mission (search code: 12ZAE)
    ***/ RECRUIT: THE PROFESSOR		| Search Code: 11PRF  | 
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Jacob
    After chatting with Aria-Anne Moss, Shepard will find out the Professor -
    a Salarian named Mordin, has a clinic in the slums of Omega. But frankly
    the entire city of Omega is a slum. Start by leaving Afterlife from the
    same way you first entered and head left and go through the door found
    on the right (to enter the market district). Turn the corner where the Mad
    Batarian Prophet preaches (or listen to him, he says a few funny things)
    and talk to the District Guard.
    (NOTE: There also shops in this area that sell useful upgrades and research
    projects for strengthening your team if you haven't already looked)
    Sweet talk or intimidate the guard who allows you to pass, considering you
    have a Grenade Launcher (even if you've not equipped one oddly). Your squad
    which is likely Miranda and Jacob, will mention that the plague in the
    slums won't affect you or them because they are human (If your team has
    non-human members, they will usually give Shepard some concerned looks)
    Locate some resources by a dead Turian then turn through the corner. Some
    District Guards will appear, but will hold fire if you entered the slums
    peacefully. Move around the barricade to continue, there's a Medi-Gel here
    too and then enter the door to the Gozu District.
    Descend the stairs carefully and take cover by the leftside wall. The Blue
    Suns mercenaries are hostile, but shouldn't have noticed you yet. Hit them
    with Miranda and Jacob's biotics (Warp and Pull) and use sniper rifle fire
    to subdue them. The fight shouldn't take very long and is one of the few
    moments of the game where Adrenaline Rush comes in useful and creates a
    powerful ambush strike.
    There is a bank terminal to hack here (basically match the code segment
    displayed) for some credits, the nearby door has some Heavy Weapon Ammo
    and another room which can be unlocked but holds nothing useful (unless
    you think dead Turians are useful). Return to where you were and optionally
    speak with the Batarian victim (who you can help or leave, if helped he
    will provide some interesting information on Mordin)
    Go through the corridor past the dying Batarian, the unlockable door leads
    to another dead Batarian and a wall safe with some money. There will be a
    big fight coming up, the best way to survive is by heading up the staircase
    found on the left. This allows a better tactical vantage ideal for sniper
    rifles and safe cover. A Medi-Gel is also found up here, save it for if you
    need it (otherwise it just converts to 100 credits if your Medi-Gel
    capacity is full) plus there is a terminal which gives more credits. Equip
    the sniper, load it with Incendiary Ammo and fire on the unsuspecting Blue
    Suns mercenaries - ideally aim for the explosive canister found behind the
    left barricade before you begin combat, Miranda's Overload will make it
    explode with far greater intensity, especially if combined with Adrenaline
    Rush. As long as you stay up on this balcony, you should easily defeat the
    mercenaries. When the fighting is over, head down (some ammo can be found
    on the tables) and pass the fire to another unlockable door which leads to
    a small apartment. Besides some refugees you can either help or ignore. The
    apartment also has a wall safe with some money and a Medi-Gel (the refugees
    don't seem to care that your openly robbing them)
    Head back and go towards the barricade in front of you for more ammo, there
    is a dead Turian around the corner who has an Assault Rifle Upgrade. The
    next area introduces a new enemy, the Vorcha. These creatures can
    regenerate health (on Insanity it regenerates very quickly), Incendiary
    rounds and Miranda's Warp can prevent their health regeneration. Use the
    cover by the entrance wall for safety, lining shots with the sniper rifle.
    The varren are a nuisance, but easily defeated. Be careful if a Krogan
    approaches. Their charging melee attack can deal a lot of damage and like
    the Vorcha, they can regenerate health. If neccessary, backtrack through
    the corridors to where you fought the Blue Suns. The Krogan will not
    follow you all the way - creating an easier target.
    After everything has stopped shooting, search the room on the left for
    resources and to find a person looting an apartment (who you can ignore
    or intimidate). Past the area that the Vorcha were guarding is Mordin's
    clinic. The reception area has a Medi-Gel, the room opposite Mordin's
    has some resources, a Medi-Gel and an Upgrade for the Medi-Gel capacity.
    Whereas Mordin's room has some more resources, another Medi-Gel and some
    Heavy Weapon Ammo.
    Speak to Mordin, who is like a hamster on coffee and reacts if he notices
    the two Cerberus squad members of your team (amusingly by hiding behind
    the operating table). Currently he's too busy to help you until he cures
    the plague that is spreading through the slums, regardless of your
    response - you have to help him. Mordin will give you a new handgun, the
    Carnifex and then ask if you can also find his missing assistant. At this
    point you can also mention the Batarian you spoke to earlier (if you were
    nice enough to stop him dying that is)
    Exit the clinic through the door that was previously locked. Use the left
    wall for cover, more Vorcha and Krogan will be seen around the next corner.
    You should be able to get a clear shot before they even realise you are
    there. Try to focus more on the Krogan when they appear as they tend to be
    the greater threat, use Miranda's Warp to break through their armour. The
    sniper rifle equipped with Incendiary Ammo becomes useful very often during
    this mission. When all visible threats have burnt, carefully enter the
    area - a single Krogan and Vorcha tend to hide toward the back and require
    a "bait and retreat" tactic to lure them out. You'll know everything is
    dead because the slightly dramatic battle music will stop playing and your
    squad will leave cover without you telling them to. A Medi-Gel can be found
    just before you head up the stairs and a bank terminal can be hacked at the
    top of the stairs.
    The corridor has two doors. The door on the left is where Mordin's missing
    assistant can be found, along with some Batarians. Depending on your
    attitude, the assistant will either go back to Mordin, or everyone will die
    or the Batarians will die. Regardless, don't forget to pick up the Medi-Gel.
    The door on the right leads to more Vorcha, use the balcony for the best
    cover or take cover by the nearby doorway if the Vorcha hide out of view
    from the balcony. Move down the stairs and take cover by the left of the
    entrance here, aim the sniper rifle just a little right from the spotlight
    in this room to find a Vorcha armed with a grenade launcher (which can
    potentially kill you in Insanity), stay on the top right walkway of this
    area and set your priority on the remaining grenade launcher armed Vorcha
    along the walkway opposite you. Then remove all the Vorcha trying to shoot
    you from below. If a Vorcha goes near an explosive barrel, make Miranda use
    Overload on the barrel for easier kills and to avoid wasting ammo.
    When the Vorcha have been permanently removed, search the lower floor for
    some scattered ammo and then enter the door that was previously guarded.
    Immediatedly take cover by either of the crates placed in this corridor
    as a Krogan and a Vorcha will attempt an ambush. Focus everything on the
    Krogan first and then deal with the Vorcha.
    The room on the right has a Medi-Gel and some salvage for credits, follow
    the corridor on the left to enter the last part of this mission and find
    out the Vorcha are actually capable of speech, to an extent anyway. Which
    ever dialogue choice you make, the result is always the same and the Vorcha
    have to be fried before you can proceed.
    The next part is the only part of the mission that becomes challenging in
    my opinion.
    Save the game before activating the console's plague cure. As soon as the
    cure is activated, a group of Vorcha will attack you from behind. Use the
    pillars for cover and aim the sniper rifle at the balcony above the
    entrance of this area to find and remove two Vorcha with grenade launchers.
    Your objective is to activate the two fans located on both sides of this
    room, it doesn't matter which order you do them. I started by going to the
    left fan, take cover by the pillars surrounding the walkway and steadily
    move upwards when the Vorcha are shot down. A lot of people seem to think
    the Vorcha will just keep appearing, but this isn't true as far as I saw.
    The room at the end has some Medi-Gel, ammo and the Fan Array switch. More
    Vorcha will appear in the corridor as you leave the room, so use similar
    methods to before.
    Be careful as you go back up the stairs, a Krogan and a lot of grenade
    launcher Vorcha have set up positions around the second corridor. Backstep
    down the stairs to combat the Krogan and avoid the Vorcha rockets, the
    assault rifle or shotgun armed with Incendiary Ammo will work well on the
    Krogan. Then use the sniper rifle to remove the Vorcha above the other
    corridor, use the area's central cover for better visiblity.
    Another Krogan and more Vorcha will attack from the corridor, remove the
    Krogan first and then proceed through the corridor in the same way as you
    did previously. Enter the room to find another Medi-Gel and activate the
    second Fan Array to complete the mission.
    The game will instantly take you back to Mordin (saving some tedious
    backtracking) where he and his assistant Daniel (if he wasn't shot by
    Batarians) will cheerfully report that the plague has been lifted, making
    Omega about 5% safer. Mordin will then join your team out of pure interest
    to study the Collectors. From here, return to the Normandy where Mordin
    will set up a laboratory and allow you to complete research projects that
    can improve your weapons and health. Asking the team members for Normandy
    upgrades will add essential research projects needed to survive the
    Suicide Mission.
    The first vital Normandy upgrade (required for surviving the Suicide
    Mission) can be obtained by asking Jacob. The others only offer basic
    upgrades that won't really affect the mission, these include; Mordin's
    upgraded Omni-Tool (which increases his ability damage by 10%) and Miranda
    allows access to an upgraded mineral scanner used for collecting resources
    from scanning planets (which to be honest didn't seem useful, but I got it
    purely because I was being cautious). If Zaeed and Kasumi are part of your
    team, they will not offer upgrades of any kind but instead offer idle chat.
    With Mordin on the roster, recruiting the Warlord will become a lot easier
    - plus the Warlord will become one of the best Insanity playthrough squad
    members, helping out a lot during the tougher missions. Start the mission
    by travelling to Korlus, found the Imir system of the Eagle Nebula.
    (NOTE: Ignore the Archangel mission for now, it's just plain annoying on
    Insanity and will be made easier when the Warlord is recruited)
    ***/ ZORYA (optional) /***	
    	"I don't want to set the world on fire,
             I just want to set a flame in your heart"
    ***/ LOYALTY: ZAEED			| Search Code: 12ZAE  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Zaeed and Miranda
    (NOTE: Recommended trying this mission when you have high Paragon)
    Travel to the Ismar Frontier and enter the Faia system to find Zorya where
    Zaeed's optional loyalty mission can begin. On Insanity, this mission isn't
    very difficult providing you think about what your doing. The mission is
    purely optional however and isn't overly needed, if your uncertain - create
    a separate save file before you land on Zorya. This way you can load the
    save if you find your struggling too much and just continue with the rest
    of the game.
    Bring Miranda along, her Overload and Warp will be useful throughout the
    mission. Upgrade Zaeed's skills; evolve Mercenary Veteran to Warlord to
    increase his weapon damage (the only thing he's useful for in Insanity) and
    evolve Concussive Shot to Concussive Blast (making it basically the same as
    Kasumi's Flashbang Grenades), spend remaining points on Disrupter Ammo.
    Your objective is to reach the refinery shown during your landing, equip
    Incendiary Ammo for this mission. Use Disrupter Ammo if the enemy has
    shields. Proceed down the linear path to find some corpses, Zaeed comments
    on it being Vido's style.
    If you've played the original Mass Effect, you might recognise the odd
    monkey creatures from a side-mission in that game. They can be shot and
    pose no threat, but it wastes ammo and has no benefit.
    Eventually you'll reach a small refinery outlet. The mercenaries here are
    easily dealt with and shouldn't pose much of a problem. Use the cover
    provided and ensure your team doesn't blindly run out into the open. The
    mercenaries will send reinforcements, a fairly intimidating team of a
    Fenris Mech, and two mercs - one with a grenade launcher, the other with
    a flamethrower. Focus on the Mech (as it will keep charging at you) and
    then the pyromaniac (the flamethrower can seriously hurt on Insanity)
    before removing the grenadier who will hide in cover. If needed, backtrack
    through the jungle. But provided you use cover and keep a good distance
    from the Pyro, you should be fine. Afterwards, check this area for a PDA
    which awards money and a Medi-Gel which is under the balcony.
    Activate the bridge controls and Zaeed will explain his past with the
    Blue Suns mercenaries and the reasons for his facial scars. Move across
    the bridge and follow the path, picking up resources along the way. The
    large door is the main entrance to the refinery.
    Zaeed and Vido will reminisce about old times before Zaeed decides to
    suddenly go gung-ho and shoot his gun everywhere, causing the very
    explosive gases of the refinery to ignite. Vido doesn't like fire much
    so he runs off, leaving Shepard to question Zaeed's sanity.
    As the refinery begins exploding and falling apart, casually make your way
    past some mercs to the next door (save before opening) (picking up some 
    resources nearby). At the door your given a choice of how to continue the
    mission, be nice and save the innocent refinery workers? (and greatly
    irritate Zaeed) or ignore them and their burning pleas for help (which
    Zaeed devilishly approves)
    (NOTE: Saving the workers will require high Paragon to convince Zaeed
    at the end of the mission. Otherwise, he will not be loyal to you and
    the entire time spent here will be wasted)
    The choice depends on your personal opinion, but for an Insanity
    playthrough saving the workers is the easiest way to proceed. Simply
    activate the switches in the area (there's no time limit), you will also
    receive some credits, resources and a Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade. Ignoring
    the workers will result in having to fight a small army of mercenaries and
    collecting an Assault Rifle Upgrade instead (but is recommended if your
    Paragon skill is low). Ignoring the workers however guarantees Zaeed's
    loyalty to Shepard, regardless of your Paragon.
    Either way, you will eventually reach a room where a new (and frankly
    useless) Heavy Weapon lies on the floor; the Firestorm. Two mercs will
    appear in the connecting room, but they won't actually leave this section,
    allowing you to use the doorway as cover. Their part of the room contains
    some money, resources and a Weapons Locker (so you can switch the useless
    Firestorm for a better Heavy Weapon such as the Cain). Save the game.
    For the next area (the only real difficult part of this mission), do not
    go through the door. Instead, use the sniper rifle and team abilities to
    strike the enemies from a distance (it makes combat easier and you don't
    have to worry about the room hazards; the fire beams of doom, on Insanity
    the hazards can kill you) if your taking too much damage, simply backstep
    to recover and then continue. Make sure you command the team to stay beside
    you, otherwise they will run into the area and presumably die fairly
    quickly. If you walk through the door, you'll be locked in - making
    avoiding the Pyros and the room hazards slightly challenging. The hazards
    will hurt the enemy too however (shooting them drops the entire fuel
    crate on the enemy, try to reserve the left fuel tank though).
    When you think the area is fairly safe enter, do so to find a Ymir and a
    grenadier at the back of the area. They should be easily taken down
    without the army supporting them, plus the Ymir has a tendency to simply
    walk into the room's hazards, shoot down the fuel tank as it does for an
    easier kill. Once clear, check the side rooms for salvage money and then
    exit via the large back door.
    The result of the mission depends on your previous choice of rescuing or
    ignoring the workers. If you rescued them, Vido escapes and Zaeed is
    unsurprisingly angry. You'll need very high Charm to convince him,
    otherwise he will not be loyal to Shepard. Alternatively, if you've already
    completed the Suicide Mission, Zaeed can actually die here. Or you can
    simply leave him behind (but thats one less member for the Suicide Mission)
    Ignoring the workers results in a happy Zaeed who cheerfully executes Vido 
    with dramatic finesse and pledges loyalty towards Shepard (and doesn't
    require Charm options)
    Completing the mission (with a happy Zaeed) unlocks not only his loyalty,
    but his Inferno Grenade skill (which is basically a wide area Incinerate,
    it seems almost pointless if you have Incendiary Ammo or Mordin with you)
    Zaeed also gets an outfit, recolouring his merc armour in N7 colours to
    honour the Commander (it looks better than his default in my opinion)
    ***/ KORLUS /***
    	"... Try not to mention Virmire"
    ***/ RECRUIT: THE WARLORD		| Search Code: 13WAR  |  
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Mordin
    Korlus is home to the galaxy's largest recycling centre, so basically it
    looks like a giant scrap yard (apparently the tourism has suffered as a
    result). Bring Miranda and Mordin with you as they are the most useful team
    members for this mission, as you would expect while trying to recruit a
    Krogan to the team - there will be a lot of Krogan to fight through. Mordin
    can use Incinerate to stop them from healing themselves while Miranda's
    Warp will cause some good damage overall. Both abilities will destroy the
    armour that the Krogan wear.
    Firstly, upgrade Mordin's skills. Evolve his Incinerate to the Heavy
    version for greater damage. Upgrade the Salarian Scientist skill to
    Salarian Genius for improved shields, then add any remaining points to his
    Cryo Blast technique. Don't worry about Neural Shock, it isn't overly
    useful in Insanity and requires unlocking through Mordin's loyalty mission.
    Once you've set-up, equip Incendiary Ammo and follow the path until you
    reach some Blue Sun mercenaries. Use the cover provived and make sure your
    squad remains in cover (as opposed to running at the mercenaries head-on
    like idiots) - This fight shouldn't be hard at all.
    Move on to find a wounded mercenary who you can have a friendly chat with.
    You can either convince the guy to radio his team that everything is fine
    or to tell them to go elsewhere, the result is never different. The merc
    will tell you the Krogan your looking for, Dr Okeer, is in a laboratory
    further ahead. Satisfied with the information, Shepard will allow the merc
    to bleed out somewhere else.
    More mercenaries wait around the corner, but again are easily disposed of
    provided you take cover and fight. As you proceed around the debris, more
    will appear on the bridge above you. Just past the bridge is a Medi-Gel
    and a couple more mercenaries waiting on a balcony ahead of you. From the
    balcony, take cover by a large pillar and use the sniper rifle to combat
    more mercenaries in the distance. Make sure you command your squad to
    stay where they are otherwise they will just run into gunfire. Move forward
    when you've killed the visible threats, there should be three more mercs
    hiding around the corner. Remember that no matter how far away your squad
    is, their biotics and abilities will still hit a target if the aiming
    cursor is lit bright red.
    Past this area, a Krogan is battling more mercenaries. The Krogan isn't
    hostile towards you and will actually help you fight. If left alone, he
    will actually kill all of the mercenaries himself (although it takes a
    long time to wait) - don't worry too much about the Krogan's health, he's
    invincible. When the fight is over you can question him, finding out that
    oddly he is only a week old and discovering Okeer is trying something
    similar to what Saren did during Virmire on the original game. The Krogan
    will clear the way for you and then walk off into the sunset. From here
    the mission starts to get a little harder.
    Enter the new pathway, a dead merc has generously left some money for you.
    Move slowly down the slope, two mercenaries will run out and attack - your
    best option here is to run back up the slope to avoid too much gunfire and
    attack from relative safety. Command your team to wait on the slope and
    then take cover by the corner. Use combinations of Warp and Incinerate on
    the advancing Krogans, remain in cover for safety. The Krogan do not
    usually wander further than this area, so the slope is a good retreat spot
    if your starting to feel too pressured. If no more Krogan appear, leave
    your team waiting at the slope - move slightly forwards into the area
    and retreat back to the cover you were taking on the corner and repeat the
    process. Many people seem to think the Krogan will constantly appear until
    you reach the other side of this area, I know this isn't true however.
    There just happens to be a lot of Krogan to kill thats all. Like all the
    fights in the game, when the slightly dramatic music stops playing - then
    all the enemies should be gone. If you prefer, you can set your team to
    take positions in the area (avoid making them cover behind fragile crates
    however) so that you can surround the enemy and slowy proceed forward.
    Use the rightside paths for better cover as they tend to be raised higher
    up (there is also a Medi-Gel on the right) Shooting a Krogan in the legs
    will make him fall over, alternatively you can freeze with Mordin's Cryo
    Collect the resources by the area's exit. You've pretty much beaten the
    hardest part of the mission, the rest is relatively easy. Bypass the door
    and head up the stairs to find more Medi-Gel, some Heavy Weapon Ammo and
    a Sniper Rifle Upgrade. Before opening the door, set your team to stand on
    the right hand side, then open and take cover on the left to avoid taking
    damage by a group of mercenaries. Use the sniper rifle for the far away
    targets, Miranda's Warp and Mordin's Incinerate should be useful (provided
    they haven't ran outside and got shot down)
    More mercenaries will appear around the next corner, but you will be safe
    if you use the nearby cover. As you eliminate the mercenaries, more will
    emerge from the door ahead of you. Just concentrate on sniper fire and
    squad abilities, the mercs with shields are weakened by Miranda's Overload.
    When it is safe to move on, ammo can be found at the back of the area along
    with a PDA to hack for some money.
    Enter the door, head up the stairs and take cover by the small ledge on the
    right. This will allow good visibility of your enemies and safe cover for
    you. Make sure your squad is safely positioned and repeat the similar
    process of ability based combat. A Medi-Gel in the room to your left awaits
    Set your team in positions to cover the next corner in a pre-emptive strike
    against more mercenaries who will jump out as soon as you approach. The
    mercenaries are fairly stupid and don't seem to take cover, making Warp and
    Incinerate more useful as it can hit multiple targets. Inspect the nearby
    corpse afterwards for another generous donation of money.
    The corridor has a lot of mercenaries, but fortunately plenty of cover too.
    Watch out for the missiles as they actually home in on you (making it
    nearly impossible to dodge if you aren't in cover). Ensure your team is
    safely covered, then retaliate with either sniper or assault rifle fire
    (equip the Incendiary Ammo for better results) and use Miranda's Overload
    to drop the mercenaries shields, allowing Mordin to strike with Incinerate
    or (if the enemy is grouped together) Cryo Blast, if your lucky enough the
    blast will freeze them all (creating easily destroyed targets)
    The area previously guarded with reward you with some Heavy Weapon Ammo and
    a wall safe containing a small fortune, futher along you will find another
    dead mercenary with a hackable PDA for even more money.
    Enter the door here and ascend another stairway (makes a change from the
    constant elevators in the original I guess). More mercenaries are lined
    in a large area. Squad position commanding is very important here, first
    set them either close to you or behind nearby cover and strike the
    mercenaries stood at the top of the slope. Once clear, turn the corner -
    position your team either side of the corridor around this corner and
    tackle the mercenaries approaching from the left. Focus first on the mercs
    armed with missiles, sabotage any shields with Miranda's Overload and then
    burn everyone else to a cinder with Mordin's Incinerate. When clear, move
    ahead until the path branches left. Use the nearby L-shaped cover and
    combat the mercenaries hiding above your position (keep the squad in their
    positions). You should be able to spot a shielded mercenary through the
    gaps of the stairs, Miranda's Overload will be unable to accurately pass
    the stairs - so equip Disrupter Ammo, shot down the shield and then equip
    Incendiary Ammo to finish him off.
    When your able, move up the stairway and take cover by the balcony on your
    right. Command your squad to join you on either side of your cover and
    shoot the mercenaries below you (you can also spot some along the far right
    side of this area, easily targeted by your squad's abilities). After you've
    cleared the area, simply head down the slope by your right, take cover and
    finish off the last two mercenaries in this place. The room exiting the
    area has a hackable terminal rewarding you with money and some Medi-Gel.
    (If Rana Thanopolis survived your assault on Virmire in the original game,
    she will also appear here)
    You will now arrive in Okeer's laboratory and meet the Warlord himself.
    Okeer will recognise Shepard due to the events on Virmire, then explains
    his creation of the "perfect Krogan soldier" who silently stands in a
    giant pickle jar. You have the option to ask a few questions, eventually
    your interrupted by the person leading the mercenaries; Jedore.
    The lab will start to fill with poison and Okeers asks you fight off the
    leader while he protects his specimen. As you leave the lab, bypass the
    terminal for a Krogan Health Upgrade, then descend the stairs to confront
    the Blue Suns leader. There is a useful tactic you can exploit at this
    part, making this fight extremely easy. Position your squad by the door,
    open it but do not go through it. From here you can shoot all the
    enemies in the area without too much worry of taking damage (Plus get a few
    easy ambush shots on Jedore who stands as an easy target). As a general
    rule, all the enemies will stay inside the area and won't actually swarm
    you this makes it even better considering that there is a Ymir Mech
    patrolling the area. The Krogan will approach you one by one, remember to
    retreat if needed. The upper stairway you came from has a good cover
    retreat point.
    Once the Krogan have been removed one by one, and the Ymir safely destroyed
    via Disrupter Ammo sniper fire - enter the room to combat Jedore (who
    will always remain at the far right area) use Miranda's Overload to remove
    the shields, then hit with Incendiary Ammo, Mordin's Incinerate and
    Miranda's Warp. Jedore is very easy to defeat when all alone.
    EDI will cheerfully report Okeer rapidly dying from the poison, but
    regardless of how fast or slow you are getting back the lab - the result
    is always the same. Since it will be difficult to recruit a dead Krogan
    to fight the Collectors, Shepard decides to take the super soldier Krogan
    instead and the mission is complete ...
    Aboard the Normandy, Miranda and Jacob argue over the safety of opening
    the Krogan pickle jar. Head down to the Engineering Deck and open it
    anyway. The Krogan, known as Grunt, is actually a reasonably valuable
    recruit due to having the highest health and shields of any team member
    you find (enhance this with the Krogan Vitality Upgrades)
    When asked for Normandy upgrades, Grunt offers a unique Claymore Shotgun
    (for use by only him considering the recoil would break the arm of any
    other species ... apparently). It's good, but not really useful for
    Insanity unless you have resources to spare.
    Your next recruit should ideally be the Convict, found by travelling to
    the Osun system in the Hourglass Nebula and boarding the Prison Ship
    ***/ PURGATORY /***
    	"There was a hole here ... It's gone now"
    ***/ RECRUIT: THE CONVICT		| Search Code: 14CON  |  
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Mordin
    The Prison Ship Purgatory is run by the Blue Suns, yeah those mercenaries
    you've been killing off throughout your adventures in Omega and Korlus.
    Anyway, bring Miranda and Mordin with you again. As tempting as it is bring
    Grunt, he just isn't as useful on this mission as you'll be up against a
    few Mechs and shielded enemies (which Miranda and Mordin destroy easier)
    Talk to the Prison Guard to start a similar exchange to one in Noveria from
    the first game. Follow the Warden Kuril into the facility to pick up
    Jack. He'll explain the set-up of the prison before sending you off to
    collect your new powerful (and crazy according to Kuril) criminal recruit.
    Optionally talk to the prison guard and nameless prisoner 780 if you want.
    The main objective is to enter the Outprocessing Room located directly
    ahead of you. Apparently Kuril has other motives (likely not impressed by
    your earlier attacks on the Blue Suns) sending in a wave of mercenaries to
    ambush you. Take cover by the desks and use the same basic methods used
    during Korlus. Some Fenris Mechs will also show up, these should become
    your first priority as they will cause a lot of trouble if they get too
    Proceed round the left corridor and watch out for the Fenris that try to
    ambush you (backtrack if needed). Along the corridor more mercenaries will
    appear, the cover in this area tends to be slightly awkward but is possible
    on the sides of the corridor walls.
    Reach the end of the corridor to find a door, behind this is a technician
    waiting to kill you (but if armoured waves of mercenaries couldn't, then
    this guy seriously has no hope right?)
    Pick up the Medi-Gel and resources in this room before finally activating
    the security controls and releasing my favourite psychopath of the game
    (who performs shoryukens on the Ymir guards)
    Follow the destruction (examine one of the Ymir Mechs for a Damage Upgrade)
    and enter the small corridor where some Heavy Weapon Ammo and a dead guard
    is located. You should reach a large area which is literally falling apart
    due to Jack's violent rampage, take cover by the bridge section - ignore
    the mercenaries and focus on the Ymir (the mercenaries are shooting at the
    Ymir too, use the up directional input to command your team to also focus
    on the Ymir) and then try to finish off any survivors. Search the area for
    a Shotgun Upgrade and a hackable PDA before leaving.
    The next corridor has more Heavy Weapon Ammo and another dead body to loot.
    Take cover by the nearby crates in the next room and prepare to fight off
    more mercenaries (note the mercenaries hiding on the upper balcony). More
    mercs will appear as you enter the main area.
    Once clear, command your squad to take cover by the balcony on the stairs.
    Move forward to make more mercenaries emerge from the area's exit, along
    with a Ymir Mech. Allow the Ymir to slowly approach the slope and then
    retreat to join your squad on the bridge. You should now have a better
    advantage over the Ymir (which will probably try to go back and circle you,
    but by this time you will have done a fair amount of damage to it). When
    the Ymir is gone, the rest of the mercenaries are fairly easy to deal with.
    Search the dead guard for spare change before leaving. The corridor will
    continue tradition with more Heavy Weapon Ammo, Medi-Gel and money.
    You have to finally face Kuril. Attacking him directly is pointless while
    the shield generators are active. Instead, move to the low cover on your
    left and remove the mercenaries in front. Miranda's Overload should easily
    destroy the first generator seen in front of you.
    Move to the upper left (command your squad to follow), the floor should
    have "automatic" cover which lifts up at your approach. Use these to fend
    off the mercenaries appearing in front of you and to destroy the second
    generator. Move up the walkway until your fairly close to Kuril himself.
    Equip the sniper and destroy the last generator and allow you to kill
    Kuril. Regardless if there are mercenaries about, if Kuril dies the fight
    After shoryukening the guards, Jack is obviously angry that there isn't a
    wonderful scenic view from the window. Talk to her to negiotiate a deal
    (it doesn't matter what you say) and she'll end up joining your team.
    Jack will set her home in the Engineering Deck of the Normandy, away from
    the Cerberus cheerleader. Asking her for Normandy Upgrades will allow an
    L5 biotic implant which increases Jack's biotics by 20%. It's a useful
    addition worth investing in.
    Time to finally recruit Archangel ... This mission wasn't difficult as such
    just incredibly annoying. But you'll see what I mean ...
    ***/ OMEGA /***
    	"By day a simple C-Sec Officer. By night
                 he is the Amazing Archangel!"
    ***/ RECRUIT: ARCHANGEL			| Search Code: 15ARC  |  
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Grunt and Miranda
    For this mission bring Grunt (for basic tank needs) and Miranda (for decent
    biotic support; although Jack is a good choice if you prefer). Set-up
    Grunt by evolving his Krogan Berserker to Krogan Pureblood (which increases
    his health regeneration slightly) The rest of Grunt's skills are optional
    to upgrade, you will not be able to easily unlock his Fortification skill
    during an Insanity run (it involves going toe to giant acid-spitting mouth
    with a Thresher Maw). Miranda will be here for her usual Overload and Warp
    Return to Omega and talk to our old friend Aria to begin the Archangel
    mission, she will point to the merc recruiters that are literally a few
    steps away from Aria herself. Speaking to the recruiter allows Shepard to
    gain information on Archangel and the plan of attack from the mercenaries.
    Depending on your gender, the recruiter will try to turn you away as
    another one of Aria's strippers. As you leave, a kid will also try to join
    the assault, you can either let him join and die or intervene and
    potentially save his life (but it doesn't really change anything except
    maybe your own guilty conscience)
    Leave Afterlife through the main entrance and head right to find a Blue
    Suns merc in front of a transit vehicle which will take you to
    Archangel's base. There is no turning back once you leave, so make a
    save beforehand.
    On the arrival, the Batarian is impressed that the recruiter found some
    freelancers who actually look tough for once (or scrutinises the kid if
    you allowed him to join the mercenaries) and points out finding a person
    called Cathka. Take EDI's advice and do everything you can to
    sabotage the mercenaries assault plans, this will make the mission a lot
    easier for you to complete. Both sabotage attempts are listed.
    After passing Jaroth, the Eclipse mercs leader, enter a room found on
    the left in the connecting corridor. There will be some dormant Loki Mechs
    and a single Ymir in here. Bypass the Ymir's "friend or foe" systems and it
    will fight for you during the mission (NOTE: you only get one attempt to
    bypass otherwise you will locked out of the system. Save before Bypassing)
    Leaving the Mechs, the next barricaded area past Garm and the Blood Pack
    has a PDA for credit hacking. A nearby door can be bypassed to find a
    Medi-Gel, some Heavy Weapon Ammo, another PDA for credits and a
    SMG Upgrade. Another Medi-Gel can be found outside Tarak's and the Blue
    Suns' room.
    When talking to Cathka, take the Renegade prompt that appears to shock him
    out of comission. This will delay the repairs to the gunship, essentially
    weakening it.
    After speaking to (and electrocuting) Cathka, the mercenaries assault on
    Archangel's base begins. Remember the kid you allowed to join the assault?
    Oh well. Anyway, strike the mercenaries ahead of you with assault rifle
    fire equipped with Incendiary Ammo, utilise Miranda's biotics at every
    moment and hit any unprotected merc with Grunt's Concussive Shots. The
    mercs are shooting at Archangel (his health is displayed) so you have to
    reach him fairly quickly.
    Archangel is revealed as an old friend from Shepard's original team, our
    favourite Turian sniper Garrus. When he hands you his sniper rifle, take
    the Renegade prompt to get an easy early kill. A group of Loki Mechs will
    attack, but are easily taken care of from your vantage point. Jack's
    Shockwave will still hit from here too (if she is with you that is, the
    Shockwave has potential to send enemies off the bridge edges and instantly
    killing them. This is however the only part Jack becomes useful on the
    mission) The Mechs are shortly followed by Eclipse mercenaries - who are
    dealt in a similar fashion. They will then send out snipers, again -
    easily destroyed by your own sniper rifle shots. Duck in cover to avoid
    the missiles aimed at you. This wave is generally quite easy to survive.
    Naturally, Jaroth is slightly upset at how his Eclipse minions are failing
    so he sends in the Ymir. If you've sabotage it earlier, the Mech will turn
    to attack it's fellow Eclipse comrades. Allow the Ymir to do most of the
    hard work here, occasionally sprinkle with Miranda's biotics and serve the
    finishing touches on the Ymir once the mercenaries have been defeated.
    Finally Jaroth will try to deal with the situation himself, use Disrupter
    Ammo or Miranda's Overload to break his shields then switch to Incendiary
    Ammo and Warp to destroy his armour and health. Continue to pelt him with
    this and he should fall easily.
    Take the opportunity to go over to the bridge and collect all the dropped
    ammunition from the mercs you've just killed, search the area for any
    Medi-Gels and resources you may require and then regroup with Garrus
    to begin the next wave of assault (Note that there is a Vindicator Rifle
    placed on the sofa near Garrus and an Omni-Tool Power Upgrade downstairs)
    The mercs will try an ambush in the basement of the base, forcing Shepard
    to go and tackle them. Leave Grunt with Garrus (to ensure he survives
    better) as Miranda's biotics will be far more useful for you.
    On reaching the basement, you need to seal the shutters to prevent the
    mercs from entering the base. The first is directly in front of you, on
    activating the switch - take cover on the switch wall. Use biotics to
    stall the approaching mercs as the timer counts down and the shutter slams
    shut (Incendiary Ammo and Warp is recommended here as you'll be fighting
    Blood Pack mercs; all of which are Krogan and Vorcha)
    You have two options here, a shutter on the right and on the left. I
    started by taking the left shutter. Equip the shotgun with Incendiary Ammo
    (there will be a lot of close combat here). Beware of the Vorcha armed
    with flamethrowers, they cause a lot of damage on Insanity. Try to get to
    the shutter control quickly to prevent more oncoming enemies. Using
    Miranda's Warp will prevent the Vorcha from healing themselves.
    The right side shutter is actually harder to seal. The area you enter has
    a lot of Vorcha, some Krogan and Varren. Take cover and use Warp to clear
    away some of the enemies along with Incendiary fire. Try to proceed
    forwards to reach the shutter, activate the control and then retreat back.
    As soon as it closes, you will continue on to the next part of the mission.
    Garm, the Blood Pack leader, will directly attack Garrus. So try to tackle
    the Vorcha quickly with Incendiary fire and focus on the Krogan who is
    walking up the stairs, when his shields have completely dropped - hit him
    with Grunt's Concussive Shot and he should go flying off the balcony edge
    (if your lucky) leaving you to go and rescue Garrus. Once you enter the
    room, Garm will usually change his focus to you. Repeat similar procedures
    as with the previous Krogan. Lowering shields and Warping his armour create
    an easier fight. During my Insanity play, Garrus had half of his health
    intact at this point.
    This next part was the most insanely annoying part of the mission, and the
    first time I actually failed during my Insanity playthrough of this game.
    Not because I died, but because Garrus acts like a complete retard at this
    point. He never takes proper cover and just stands idly soaking up damage.
    It took several attempts to work out a solution, but I figured out that
    once the mercs begin to rappel down the building (Garrus will state when)
    you have to sprint to the room on the opposite side and shoot down the
    sniper which is constantly shooting at our brain-dead Turian friend. From
    here, tackle the rest of the mercs trying to breach Garrus's room. Biotics
    will come in useful to disperse the mercs, while leaving Grunt with Garrus
    will help to slightly improve his odds a little.
    Thankfully the next part becomes slightly easier as Garrus is removed from
    the fight. Now you have to focus on the gunship, you could try using the
    Cain here to finish the fight in one single explosion (if you can survive
    the gunship fire), but it is possible to take down the gunship without
    using Heavy Weapons (and you might want to save the ammo for the next
    mission). The gunship will move from window to window, use the two sofas
    for adequate cover positions, shifting over as the gunship moves. At the
    far side window - the gunship will usually drop a few mercs to make your
    life harder. Allow the squad to hit the mercs while you concentrate on the
    gunship. Once the gunship is destroyed, you will finally complete this
    mission (and have new-found contempt against Garrus presumably)
    Talk with Garrus on the Normandy (find him in the Crew's Quarters by the
    the main batteries) to ask for the Thanix Cannon upgrade (which is required
    to safely survive the Suicide Mission). After this, the Illusive Man will
    request a chat - and the game (on Insanity) starts to get harder.
    ***/ HORIZON /***			| Search Code: 16HRZ  |
    	"Assuming direct control of this guide"
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Recommended Team: 	Grunt and Miranda
    You will be forced to start this mission once all the available recruits
    have been completed. Bring Grunt for tank needs again (there are a few
    melee creatures on this mission) and Miranda (her Warp and Overload will
    again be useful here)
    The mission begins with either Ashley or Kaiden (depending who survived
    Virmire in the original) doing what they do best. Being completely and
    absolutely useless as they struggle to defend Horizon from the Collectors.
    Nothing new then.
    Dispite Mordin's ominous (and pretty hilarious) explaination of Seeker
    Swarm protection, you will be safe from them for this particular mission.
    Your first battle against the Collectors are fairly straight forward, on
    Insanity these are the toughest enemies you'll encounter in the game. Use
    the scattered crates for protection, break any Barriers with Miranda's Warp
    and strike any unprotected Collector with Grunt's Concussive Shot. With
    Heavy Warp, Miranda can potentially kill an unprotected Collector Drone in
    a single hit. Equip Incendiary Ammo for your gun of choice, this fight is
    just an easy taster of what's to come. The area contains some Heavy Weapon
    Ammo and a datapad which can be hacked for credits.
    Follow the set path and jump down to an area full of homes the colonists
    previously inhabited. More Collectors will rain from the skies so use the
    giant plant pots as cover and repeat the same methods as before. There will
    also be Husks joining the fray, but it shouldn't cause much problem
    here. Unlike the original game, the Husks do not have an electrical attack
    (which makes things slightly easier) - a single Heavy Warp from Miranda
    will remove the Husk's armour while Grunt's Concussive Shot will force it
    to fall over, from this point it's easily beaten allowing you to continue
    concentrating on the Collectors.
    Afterwards, scan the area for a datapad giving you some more credits and
    a dead Collector which will unlock a Damage Protection Upgrade for Shepard.
    Inspecting the Husk will give Shepard nostalgic memories of Eden Prime.
    I used the corner directly next to the Husk for safe cover on the next
    part. The Collectors will not leave the area they are in, allowing some
    easy sniper shots. Make sure your squad stays with you behind the corner
    to avoid them being completely shot down. The last remaining Collector will
    be stood in an area with explosive canisters, using Overload on these will
    increase the explosion and damage. There is a wall safe and a Medi-Gel to
    salvage before proceeding through the area where the Collector blew up.
    You will now discover the colonists of Horizon do very good mime acts. The
    upstairs building has a hackable terminal for money. Below is a new Heavy
    Weapon; the Collector Particle Beam. It seems popular with a lot of people,
    but personally it doesn't do enough damage and feels like a glorified
    assault rifle - I prefer using the Cain which can kill everything in a wide
    area with a single nuclear fallout.
    Moving on, you'll meet another new enemy type; the Harbinger. On Insanity
    you will learn to hate this guy, not because he's powerful - but because
    he's just plain annoying. He tends to spam Hadoukens like a French Street
    Fighter player, and these must be avoided at all costs to prevent a quick
    death. The best way to deal with demon Ken is to eliminate all the minions
    surrounding him and then destroy Ken, otherwise he will just assume direct
    control of a nearby minion (giving it the exact same health and barriers as
    before, effectively wasting your time and ammo) - of course this is easier
    said than done (as I quickly discovered), Harbie will constantly walk
    towards you and will not even bother using cover. The easiest way I found
    to tackle this situation was to run up the stairway found on your right
    and shoot the Collectors from a vantage point, allowing reasonable cover
    to avoid the Hadoukens (Note that the slower moving Hadouken will explode,
    making Shepard flinch and irritatingly jump out of cover - opening yourself
    for a barrage of attacks. To avoid this, move along the cover in an attempt
    to escape the blast radius) The only problem I had at this part was running
    out of ammo for my weapons, you can try relying on your team (make sure
    they follow you to the same cover spot) or attempt a quick suicide run to
    collect the ammo the Collectors drop.
    Once Harbie and the gang have buggered off, search the small building they
    surrounded for some Heavy Weapon Ammo and then bypass the large door that
    exits the area. You'll meet a Mechanic who is basically a total idiot
    (there seriously needs to be a Renegade option to shoot him or something,
    honestly here you are shooting the crap out of glowing hadouken throwing
    insects and this guy is more concerned about the Alliance being to blame)
    Collect the supplies and leave the coward to rot, annoyingly he will lock
    the door as you leave - cutting off any safe retreat for the next area.
    Honestly in all truth, there was no easy solution to this next part. The
    Husks and Harbie will follow you everywhere you go, but most importantly
    the Scions became my most hated enemy of the series - purely because they
    were seemingly the only thing that could just easily kill me on Insanity.
    Two hits from their Shockwaves and I was guaranteed a trip to heaven. More
    aggravating is the fact the Shockwaves will ignore certain cover, meaning
    you cannot hide perfectly. The only way I somehow managed to survive
    this part was by running into the building on the upper left, using the
    windows as a cover and shoot spot - occasionally jumping through the window
    when the Husks and Harbie reached me, circling around the building whilst
    shooting and then reclaiming my window cover before repeating the cycle.
    Your squad will likely die often here (especially Miranda with her low
    health) but unfortunately there isn't much you can do to prevent this.
    I understand this tactic doesn't seem overly useful, but it was the best I
    could do (and the only thing that seemed to work) - honestly, this entire
    mission was a nightmare on Insanity (which you likely would agree by now)
    If you manage to survive the madness (it only gets worse) scout the area
    for Heavy Weapon Ammo, credits and a dead Collector which has a Biotic
    Upgrade. If like me, you will likely be dangerously low on ammo too - so
    it's worth searching for the scattered ammo in this area. Save the game.
    Bypass the door leading out, but DO NOT enter the area. There is a very
    useful trick you can take advantage of here. Stand by the left of the
    doorframe, equip the sniper rifle. Aim the scope at the tall central pillar
    and search the left, you should see the arm of a waiting Scion. Whilst in
    scope aiming, Miranda and Grunt's abilities should hit the Scion (saving
    you wasting ammo). It may not seem like you doing any damage, but persevere
    and eventually the Scion will die, saving you from having to worry about it
    when you enter the area (it will cause a lot of problems otherwise). Now
    stand directly on the right side of the doorway, aim again at the central
    tower and search the right to find another Scion and repeat the process.
    Now you can enter the area. Usually, if you hadn't killed the Scions - an
    army of Husks will attack, but with the Scions gone the Husks won't appear
    (saving a lot of frustration). Search the area for Medi-Gel and Heavy
    Weapon Ammo before hacking the computer on the central tower.
    The first wave of Collectors will appear on the top right of the area. Use
    the cover on the lower right to combat them, using previous methods as
    before. The second will consist of Husks appearing on the left balcony and
    Collectors attacking from the bottom left of the area, use the cover on
    the upper left as the Collecters will remain here and won't approach you
    (including old Harbie himself) Make sure your squad is in safe cover nearby
    you (as they seem to be stupid and stand in the open a lot here)
    After defeating the second wave, the Collectors send out a new beast known
    as the Praetorian. This creature will focus it's attention exclusively on
    Shepard and the laser it shoots is incredibly lethal. Use cover and circle
    around the thing, allowing your squad to unload their guns on it (as they
    have infinite ammo unlike you). The Praetorian will fall on the ground once
    it's Barrier has dropped, but it will quickly recharge. It's possible to
    beat this thing with usual weapons and your squad (although it will take a
    long time), alternatively - try hitting it with the Cain once it falls
    over for an instant kill.
    The stupid mechanic will suddenly appear accusing you of letting the
    Collectors escape (seriously Bioware... renegade prompt please?) and then
    to make matters worse Ashley or Kaiden will show up (how did they escape
    the swarms anyway ...?) seemingly upset that you hadn't contacted them
    during your two year coma. Ashley/Kaiden will not join you out of mistrust
    for Cerberus (frankly your better without them, they'd be useless for
    Shepard will have another "tea and biscuits" meeting with Mr Illusive
    (who remembers Armistan Banes from the first game? *hint*) who will explain
    the events from Horizon and will forward three new possible recruits to
    track down for your team.
    At this point, Jacob will mention the team members trying to find closure
    before the Suicide Mission (basically referring to the loyalty missions)
    which will be available to take (all possible missions to complete during
    Insanity are listed in this guide in the order I did them, but can be
    completed whenever they are available). If you have the Arrival extra
    content you'll also receive a call from General Hackett about it (but on
    Insanity it's fairly difficult, besides its not even necessary for this
    playthrough). The same applies with the Shadow Broker extras (as much as I
    love Liara, this is also not necessary for an Insanity playthrough)
    Jacob and Miranda's loyalty missions will now be available, both are
    possible to complete on Insanity if you wish.
    ***/ ILLIUM /***
    	"Famous for the Blue Man Group"
    A planet that has a population majority of Asari, what's not to love? On
    landing Shepard is greeted by a Concierge sent by former team member 
    Liara, who insists Shepard reunites with her old friend. Liara is the point
    of information for tracking down two new recruitment candidates on Illium,
    but before that - take some time to browse the selection of shops for new
    Serrice Technology sells a Biotic Damage Upgrade, a Medi-Gel Capacity
    Upgrade and a Bypass Module for hacking. The Bypass isn't really needed,
    save your money for the more important Medi-Gel and Biotic Upgrades. Like
    the Citadel and Omega shops, talking to the merchant can gain discounts.
    Baria Frontiers sells Star Charts, unlocking new galaxies to explore on
    the world map. On Insanity, these aren't needed.
    Gateway Personal Defense sells a Health Upgrade for Shepard, and two
    weapon upgrades; one for the SMG and one for the Assault Rifle. All are
    useful. Unfortunately, you can't barter for a discount here.
    Memories of Illium basically sells decorations for your Cabin in the
    Normandy. If you really want, resolve the situation with the Krogan
    reciting (very bad) poetry to the nearby Asari to earn a store discount.
    Once you've finishing shopping and looking at all the pretty blue ladies,
    you can either go recruit a new team member or begin Miranda's loyalty
    mission (which is easy even on Insanity)
    ***/ LOYALTY: MIRANDA			| Search Code: 17MIR  |  
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Jack
    (NOTE: Recommend caution if you have already completed Jack's loyalty
    mission. After finishing Miranda's mission, the two will end up arguing
    and force Shepard to take sides. With high Charm or Intimidate, you can
    stop the fight and keep both loyal. Otherwise you risk losing the loyalty
    of the one you didn't side with)
    Loyalty missions are purely optional on Insanity (but do help later in the
    Suicide Mission and new upgrades can be found during the missions) So
    it's up to you if you do this. Miranda's mission is very easy though, even
    on Insanity (I had to check my settings a few times just to be certain I
    was still playing the game on Insanity - it was really that easy)
    Even though Miranda and Jack clearly hate each other, they make a great
    team combination. Miranda removes shields and armour while Jack sends
    everyone flying everywhere with Shockwaves. With her Subject Zero evolved
    to Primal Adept, Jack will recharge her biotics quicker than anyone else
    on your team - making her Shockwaves more potent (especially if evolved
    to Improved Shockwave)
    Start the mission by talking to Miranda's contact in Illium, an Asari
    called Lanteia (found near the Eternity bar) who with the magic of loading
    screens, will take you to the cargo area. Here your welcomed by the gunfire
    of Eclipse mercs and have a friendly chat with their leader, take the
    Renegade prompt to kill the leader and half of his derpy team. Then clear
    the rest out with combined biotics from your squad. They shouldn't be hard.
    Along the next corner are more mercs waiting to be torn apart by biotics
    and gunfire. Enter the elevator to proceed and Miranda will explain things
    if your interested (making your elevator ride really long or short
    The next area is fairly straight forward. The mercs will be on a side with
    lots of explosive crates for Miranda to Overload, Jack's Shockwave will
    generally scatter the mercs everywhere (if your lucky, even launch them
    into the abyss of Illium). Another easy fight.
    Make your way through the storage crates to find a Medi-Gel and an upgrade
    for the SMG. Past the cargo are some Loki Mechs, easily swept aside by
    Warp and Shockwaves. More mercenaries will appear on the right and are
    fought in the same way as the previous mercs. When they have all been
    thrown aside, check the area for a dead Eclipse merc for Medi-Gel Capacity
    Upgrade and hack the terminal inside the storage crate for some money.
    Two more mercs will try to ambush you as you move on, Shockwave usually
    spoils their plan. Then around the corner, more mercs with some Loki will
    try a similar ambush only to be foiled by Shockwaves again. There will be
    yet another balcony side filled with mercs and explosive crates, repeat
    tactics (basically spam Shockwave) and the mission remains very easy.
    Check the storage crates for another dead merc who lends you money if you
    hack his PDA. The other storage crate holds some resources. Check the wall
    terminal for credits before leaving. Take cover by the crates in front of
    you (make sure your team finds good cover) and prepare for some mercs to
    barge out of the door ahead of you. Disable shields with Overload and hit
    the mercs with gunfire, Warp and Shockwaves for another easy victory.
    While Miranda is confused over the intercom chatter, check the area for
    some Heavy Weapon Ammo and a Medi-Gel before using the door the mercs
    appeared from for another chat with our favourite Cerberus cheerleader.
    Miranda confronts the Eclipse leader Enalya who is being aided by former
    friend called Niket (oh and an Asari gets flying lessons from Enalya). At
    this point you can make Miranda kill Niket or let Enalya teach him how to
    fly (either way, future prospects for Niket are bleak). Use the crates for
    cover, place your squad at positions on either side to allow better
    crossfire. Provided you pay attention and don't get flanked by the mercs
    approaching on the right, this fight will end as easily as the rest.
    Scavenge the area for a Medi-Gel before entering the elevator and finishing
    the mission. Allow Miranda to actually speak with her sister or not, your
    choice. Regardless, Miranda's loyalty is now ensured and her Slam ability
    is unlocked (useless on Insanity however). Plus Miranda gets a nice new
    outfit to mimic Catwoman (always a good thing)
    ***/ RECRUIT: ASSASSIN			| Search Code: 17ASN  |  
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Jack
    Of the three possible recruits to find, this is the easier of the three
    (during Insanity). Bring Miranda for her usual shield breaking abilities
    and Jack for violence-induced Shockwaves. There are a lot of ledges and
    balconies for the enemy to fall in during this mission, Jack's Pull and
    Shockwave will become very useful (if you haven't already, upgrade Jack.
    the recommendation is detailed in the previous loyalty mission for
    Miranda; search code 17MIR)
    Locate and speak with my favourite Asari, Liara T'Soni in Illium who will
    give Shepard information for the assassin's location. (Note Liara's
    commando threat - its a reference to the same line used by her mother
    Benezia during the original game)
    Liara will point you towards Seryna who knows about the person your looking
    for. Seryna will explain the assassin known as Thane Krios is currently
    after her former employer Nassana Dantius (who if you may remember, was the
    Asari that asked Shepard to "rescue" her sister in the original game)
    Arriving at Dantius Towers, tonight's entertainment is in the form of
    underpaid Salarian employees being gunned down by Loki Mechs and their
    Fenris dogs. Remove the entertainers and proceed through the tower. The
    room on the left has a Medi-Gel and some money to hack through.
    Speak to one of the employees who somehow survived the attack. If you feel
    nice, use the Paragon prompt to heal him. Otherwise let him bleed. Doesn't
    matter (as long you don't get blood on your shiny N7 armour). Enter the
    corridor (the glass is fun to shoot, but wastes ammo ...) Fenris, Loki and
    Eclipse mercs will appear in the next room. Remain safely in the corridor,
    tackle the Fenris first, then the Loki and then snipe the mercs. More will
    appear as you enter the room, it's easier to backtrack to safe cover (make
    sure you team follows to prevent them dying needlessly) and another wave
    will appear when you near the exit (again, backtrack and keep your team
    out of harm). Shockwave can travel through walls, so exploit this ability
    by aiming roughly where the enemy is and striking. This will generally
    force them out of cover and create easier targets to shoot down.
    A metal walkway leads to the next room, which can get fairly difficult.
    Here is how I fought through. Command your team to wait on the walkway.
    Edge a little into the room for the Loki to appear and then back away to
    the walkway. The door will shut if you move back far enough. Use this to
    create "cover" between you and the Loki (two Medi-Gels are found behind
    the door)
    Enter the room once the Loki are gone, take cover by the connecting wall
    and hit the mercs with bullets and biotics (return to the walkway if more
    Loki get too close). Once clear, command your team to regroup. Take cover
    by the balcony the mercs were hiding behind to get a better vantage of the
    enemies in the next room. There will be a lot of enemies in this part and
    Shockwave will cause a lot of needed destruction. Ensure the team and
    yourself remain in good cover, the sniper rifle with Incendiary Ammo is
    particulary useful here. If needed, backtrack to the previous room.
    If you survive, check the area for a new Viper Sniper Rifle, some Heavy
    Weapon Ammo and a terminal for credits. A nearby door can be bypassed to
    reveal more Salarian employees, a Medi-Gel and some money.
    Now you have to enter the elevator to leave - but be careful, a Krogan
    bounty hunter and some minions will appear. Normally I'd set the team to
    take positions on either side of the cover found in the room and then
    I'd take cover by the central part in front of the elevator. However in
    Insanity, you will struggle if you do this. Instead, while Miranda and
    Jack complain about waiting for the elevator to arrive, backtrack until
    your in the previous room. The Krogan will not follow you, allowing easier
    sniper rifle shots and less frustration of being flanked by his minions.
    Make sure the team stays with you, use Miranda's abilities to drop the
    Krogan's shields and then use Jack's Pull to make him harmlessly float
    and soak up all of your ammo. This fight is the only hard part of the
    mission in my opinion.
    The elevator ride leads to a small interrogation with an Eclipse merc. Use
    the Renegade prompt and he will end up taking the express elevator down
    the tower. I don't know if you can let him live on account that I always
    use the Renegade prompt - it's just funny. Even Jack comments on Shepard's
    Back toward the elevator is a datapad (which you can deliver to a Salarian
    in Illium if you want). More mercs, Fenris and Loki wait in the next room.
    The doorway can be used as a safe retreat spot. Once the Loki and Fenris
    are gone, it's easy to combat the mercs by using the room cover.
    Bypassing another door will introduce Shepard to a slightly paranoid
    Salarian. The Renegade prompt will see Shepard casually slapping him aside.
    The room contains a Medi-Gel and a PDA for money.
    Some Heavy Weapon Ammo can be found by the radio terminal where Nassana is
    yelling out polite orders to her minions. You can respond or ignore the
    terminal, it doesn't make any real difference. The upper area has some more
    Loki Mechs and some strong Asari vanguards (disabling their shields, you
    can use Jack's Pull to make them fall off the ledge). Collect the Medi-Gel
    and resources provided and turn the corner to find mercs and Loki. Using
    Pull here will cause the enemies to go flying off the roof. Use the small
    barricades for cover.
    Find the dead merc ahead for lots of money (if you hack fast enough) some
    Medi-Gel and a SMG Upgrade. The next area can become difficult and will
    require good team management. Set the team to cover, strike the the Loki
    which Miranda's Warp and launch them off the bridge with Jack's Shockwave.
    From here, snipe the mercs and use biotics necessary (Shockwave and Pull
    make great over-the-ledge instant kills). Move forward when clear, take
    cover as soon as more mercs show up and repeat the tactic (leave the squad
    in their positions for now). Then move forward, take the central cover
    which is climbable (for the best vantage position) and command the team to
    take positions on either side of the lower part of this cover. Ignore the
    missiles for now and focus on the mercs.
    When the missiles are the only remaining threat, leave cover and make your
    way up the bridge, running from cover to cover (time it between the
    missile shots to avoid being hit, leave the team where they are). More
    mercs will appear on the balcony ahead, run so that your directly beneath
    them. From here it's possible to aim a sniper rifle at the missile turrets,
    use Disrupter Ammo and Overload. With the turrets gone, command your team
    to join you and stay beneath the balcony. Use the stairs, walking up them
    backwards, and hit the mercs with your weapon and biotics before retreating
    back down the stairs. Repeat this to remove them, now you have better cover
    to take out the remaining mercs and a tough vanguard. The vanguard will
    always stand by the door, so focus on the mercs. Once the vanguard is alone
    use the corner to strafe, hitting with Miranda's shield disabling biotics,
    before returning to the corner to avoid damage. Finally enter the door once
    the merc is down to reach the conclusion of this mission.
    During you chat with Nassana (there's extra dialogue if you've met her in
    the original) Thane performs the Mass Effect equivalent of Metal Gear Solid
    CQC. Considering he's an assassin, I wonder if Thane is actually strapped
    to an Animus somewhere?
    Thane, a Drell (a new species introduced to the series) joins Shepard's
    Suicide Mission purely because he's dying anyway. He will set up his
    temporary home in the Life Support Room of the Crew's Quarters. Asking for
    upgrades for the Normandy will allow a Probe Booster to be researched (it
    isn't quite as shady as it sounds) which allows more planet resource
    mining. Like Miranda's upgrade, it doesn't seem necessary (but I researched
    it regardless)
    ***/ RECRUIT: JUSTICAR			| Search Code: 17JUS  |  
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Thane
    Thane and Miranda create a very devastating team with both their Warp
    biotics combined. Evolve Thane's Warp to Heavy Warp to maximise this effect
    and then evolve his Drell Assassin to Drell Marksman (increasing his weapon
    power by 50%) finally add remaining skill points to the Throw biotic.
    Speak once again to the lovely Ms T'Soni to learn about the Asari Justicar
    Samara. She was being tracked by an officer called Dara who you will find
    in the transport hub of Illium.
    Dara will point you to the Asari police station. Talk to to locals if you
    want, but it makes more sense to enter the station and speak directly to
    Detective Anaya. Pick up the Medi-Gel and engage Anaya in conversation.
    She will tell you Samara is dangerous (aren't all the people we're
    recruiting? Be a little pointless to hire pacifists for a Suicide Mission)
    and then she will direct to the crime scene where Samara can be found.
    Enter the crime scene, optionally picking up the credits in the dead-end
    alleyway. The fight against the Eclipse mercenaries in the small alley
    can be awkward due to the space restrictions. Focus first on the Loki and
    then fight off the mercs. Combined Warp from Thane and Miranda will
    completely remove armour or kill an unprotected enemy.
    Enter the door to see Samara dealing justice to the criminal gang. After
    the short kill spree, Shepard will casually ask Samara to join the team
    (as you do) just as Anaya arrives to arrest the Justicar for some retarded
    Asari political reason. Leaving Shepard to complete Samara's mission in
    her place and release her from custody.
    Begin your investigation by interrogating the volus Pitne For, either
    civilised and polite or via gunpoint. After further intimidation, Pitne
    hands over a card that will allow you through the door on your right. He
    also warns of the Eclipse Sisters and mentions he "accidentally" sold
    poisonous merchandise to the mercs.
    As soon as you arrive a Loki Mech will ambush (though Thane and Miranda
    never gave it a chance). Open the nearby door to find Eclipse mercs and
    discover Pitne wasn't lying about the poison. Stand near the poison clouds
    for too long and you'll eventually die, it creates a new challenge of
    trying to find safe cover but can also work in your favour as it poisons
    the mercs (The toxidity level is represented). Stay in the area where the
    Loki was for safety and snipe at the mercs. Use bait tactics to lure them
    out and then retreat back to where you were to continue shooting.
    When clear, wade through the toxic poisons and make your way to the next
    room. There is a Scimitar Assault Shotgun to pick up here. Open the room
    on the right to meet Elnora (who claims she's innocent), take no chances
    and kill her. It may seem harsh, but you'll thank me later. A terminal in
    this room has a Biotic Upgrade and some Heavy Weapon Ammo can be found
    under the desk.
    Make your way up the stairs to combat more mercs. The layout is fairly
    basic here, provided you use cover and avoid staying around the poison you
    should be fine. More mercs will appear as you near the far room, but should
    not pose too much of a threat if you bombard them with biotics and gunfire.
    The room has a Medi-Gel and some credits as your reward.
    Move up the next flight of stairs to find yet another room full of mercs
    (never realised how many mercs you have to fight in this game until I
    started writing this guide). The stairs provide a safe retreat point as the
    mercs will not leave this room. Basic tactics apply still, use biotics and
    cover effectively. Try to remove the Loki before going after the mercs.
    Search the Eclipse terminal at the exit of the room for credits, a nearby
    Medi-Gel can also be collected. Follow some more stairs and fight more
    mercs in a tight corridor, the corridor leads to an open area. Stay on the
    left (collecting the resources) and take down the Loki and merc on the
    upper walkway ahead of you. Use Thane's Throw to send them off the edge for
    a nice easy kill (just like in the original game). Use the balcony cover
    here and equip the sniper rifle, aim for the door seen in the distance and
    use this vantage point to shoot the mercs that appear (send a squad member
    over to bait them out if nothing is there)
    Claim the Heavy Weapon Ammo and Medi-Gel in the room the mercs emerged
    from. A terminal reveals that Elnora was actually the crime scene murderer
    all along (see? deserved to die) and your team points out that the
    Detective might be interested in hearing this.
    Continue your investigation and shoot down more Loki Mechs. This next area
    will see you having to fight a gunship in order to continue. This wasn't
    nearly as hard as I thought it would be on Insanity. Command your team to
    wait by the door you came through and use the cover near here. Warp will
    damage the armour of the ship as will Incendiary Ammo. When the ship flies
    towards you, return to the entrance where your team waits and fight off the
    Fenris Mechs that the gunship deploys. The ship will then fly off back to
    the other side and repeat this pattern until it is destroyed. Alternatively
    you can always shoot it with the Cain for a quick, very easy kill. Pick up
    the Medi-Gel as you leave, inside the next room is evidence incriminating
    Pitne For and another Medi-Gel.
    Meet Niftu Cal and fear his godly biotic powers like the lesser mortal
    you are! Send this great biotic wind to fight off the mercs for you (purely
    because it's just so funny) pick up the Medi-Gel along the way and witness
    the volus striking a dramatic and powerful biotic onslaught against the
    Eclipse leader Wasea.
    The god decides to take a rest and let you handle the mission, you are his
    minion afterall. Wasea will throw poison canisters at you, but this fight
    was fairly easy. Stay in cover by the back of the room, command your team
    to remain in safe cover on either side and hit Wasea and her mercs with
    biotics, Incendiary Ammo and sheer cunning. Wasea will try to escape to the
    upper level of this room, when she does - move forward and remain at the
    bottom of the stairs. You can easily snipe her from here without taking
    any damage. Once Wasea falls, the mercs stop constantly appearing.
    Scan the area for credits and then examine Wasea's datapad to conclude
    your investigation.
    Shepard will return to the police station (here you can sell Pitne his
    evidence for some credits, or hand it over to Anaya). Enter the station and
    inform Samara of your investigation. The Justicar is suitably impressed (as
    is Anaya who doesn't have to die now) and offers to join Shepard in terms
    of noblity and such (Samara is alright but she just isn't Liara ...)
    Samara can be found meditating in the Normandy's Starboard Observation in
    the Crew's Quarters. Asking her for Normandy upgrades allows you to
    increase the amount of fuel that can be held (it doesn't seem important for
    surviving the Suicide Mission, but as always I researched anyway)
    Before you run off to recruit more team members, it might be a good idea
    to try completing a few loyalty missions. At this point, Jack and Mordin
    were asking for Shepard and I still had Jacob's loyalty mission to complete
    (besides, recruiting Tali is a fairly hard mission)
    ***/ AEIA (optional) /***	
    ***/ LOYALTY: JACOB			| Search Code: 18JCB  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Jacob and Miranda
    Travel to the Rosetta Nebula and enter the Alpha Draconis system to find
    Aeia where Jacob's loyalty mission begins. This is purely optional for
    Insanity playthroughs, save the game before landing if you decide you are
    unable to complete the mission. Jacob's loyalty mission is reasonably
    easy. Bring Miranda along for her usual set-ups.
    The Gernsback is easily spotted. Explore the wreckage for a few recorded
    messages giving slight background information on what happened to the
    crew and a datapad for hacked credits. Some salvage can be found at the
    wreckage entrance, giving Shepard even more money.
    The creepy radioactive man will inform Jacob of the situation. Move on to
    meet a survivor, who you can save from being killed if your feeling very
    generous. The hunters are basically like fighting mercs. Make sure your
    team is set in good cover, otherwise they tend to run around in blind
    panic and die often. Salvage some more spare parts here for credits.
    The path ahead has a destroyed Loki to examine.
    Shepard and the team will reach a settlement where they are seemingly
    hostile towards Jacob (but I don't blame them really. Jacob is a fairly
    boring character) and a few Loki Mech try to reason. With bullets.
    Search the settlement for Medi-Gels and credits and then talk to the doctor
    if you want. Jacob will learn some darker intentions about dear old dad
    and then your free to blow up a Loki Mech to clear the path ahead (just
    be away from the blast radius, explosions tend to hurt)
    The path has a dead body to examine, you'll be attacked by a large group of
    Loki at the top of the pathway. Use Miranda's Warp and Jacob's Pull
    effectively, back down the pathway if things get too much. This will force
    the Mechs to come to you one by one. Make sure the squad remains either in
    good cover or at the bottom of the pathway. A lot of Loki will appear from
    the area's exit, but they aren't infinite. Search the area for a Handgun
    Upgrade and salvage for credits.
    Continue following the path to reach a fortified area with more Loki. Some
    nearby crates will also decent cover here. The final part now involves
    fighting off some brainwashed guards and a Ymir Mech. Use the large central
    wall directly by the entrance for better cover, try to concentrate on the
    Ymir. The Mech won't actually leave this area, so you can also backtrack to
    the original pathway and snipe it if you need to.
    Collect some resources and examine the PDA for money. It's time to confront
    Jacob's dad and end the mission, either by sending him to an Alliance
    prison or by leaving him to die. No matter what your choice, Jacob doesn't
    care and ends up loyal to Shepard. His Barrier ability now unlocks, along
    with a better looking uniform. And they lived happily ever after.
    ***/ TUCHANKA /***	
    	"Land of fearsome Krogan, terrifying Thresher Maws
                     ... and weird monkey things"
    Welcome to the Krogan homeworld of Tuchanka, found in the Krogan DMZ of the
    Aralakh system. At this point of the game, Mordin and Grunt were both
    pleading for Shepard's help. Both missions take place in Tuchanka, so it
    seems reasonable to do both at the same time. Be warned however, Grunt's
    loyalty mission on Insanity is just that; insane. If your willing to take
    the challenge, I strongly suggest creating a saved game before you start
    so you can reload if the challenge exceeds your mortal capabilities.
    (for a guide to playing Grunt's loyalty mission on Insanity, search 22GRU)
    For time being, there are a few shops in Tuchanka where you can buy various
    Ratch's Wares sells a Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade amongst other things. You
    can get a discount if you help out with his pyjak problems.
    Fortack's Database has an Assault Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun and Biotic
    Upgrades on offer. You can't get a discount from the surly Krogan.
    ***/ LOYALTY: MORDIN			| Search Code: 19MOR |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Mordin and Miranda
    Loyalty missions are as always optional. Mordin's mission is fairly easy
    (especially in comparison with Grunt's) Bring Miranda along for this one,
    the mission will play out in a similar way to the Warlord recruitment.
    Begin by talking to the Chief Scout on Tuchanka. He will inform Shepard
    that Mordin's friend was taken by Blood Pack mercs and suggests you take
    the truck. Doing so will lead you to a Krogan hospital of sorts, on arrival
    you will encounter a new enemy called Klixon (basically creepy explosive
    crabs) These things will constantly run at you like a Varren would, so
    just move and unload your assault rifle on them. Cryo Ammo and Mordin's
    Cryo Blast work fairly well on them. These things explode on death, but
    freezing them before killing them prevents the explosion. Fortunately,
    these are the only Klixon you'll see for this mission.
    As you move on, Varren will join the fight along with some grenade launcher
    armed Vorcha. The walls and nearby crates provide good cover for tackling
    the Vorcha. The broken bridge ahead is slightly harder, but using the cover
    provided helps with the Vorcha here. If the Krogan gets too close, you can
    always backtrack to get out of harm's way. Remember that Warp and
    Incinerate prevent Vorcha and Krogan regenerating health. The reward for
    reaching the end of the bridge is a Medi-Gel and some resources.
    Aim your sniper rifle left to take out some dangerous flamethrower Vorcha.
    Now follow the linear path to find more Vorcha guarding a door. There is
    an item here you can deliver to a Krogan in Tuchanka (the combustion
    manifold) but for now enter the hospital facility.
    Inside is a dead person who Mordin examines and questions the scientific
    morals of the experiments conducted here. Some resources can be found to
    the right at the bottom of the stairs.
    Eventually you'll meet the very outspoken Clanspeaker (guess that's why he
    is the Clanspeaker), using a Renegade prompt you can make him more of
    Clanscreamer. Now all the Krogan and Vorcha in the room attack. It is
    actually possible to go back through the door you came from, this makes
    the mission easier on Insanity as the enemies will not leave the room.
    Allowing you to snipe the Vorcha. When the Krogan reach the door, they will
    just stand there waiting for you to return - essentially allowing you to
    shoot them. (Just make sure you team follows to avoid having them die)
    Check the room for resources and Medi-Gel afterwards.
    Entering the experiment area, you can find resources and credits as well
    as examine a terminal and a dead Krogan with Mordin. A nearby terminal
    will award a Krogan Health Upgrade. Further along Shepard will meet a
    Krogan who has been experimented on, clearly brainwashed. Beside him is a
    PDA for money.
    As you open the door to the next area, do not go through but instead use
    the doorway as cover. Like before the enemies will not leave this room,
    allowing you better vantage shots. Enter the room and the door will lock
    however. Once all visible threats are gone, you will be forced to enter the
    room in order to fight off the rest. Collect the resources on the far right
    and then cross over the bridge to find a Medi-Gel on the wall. There are
    large explosive crates here (as pre-warned by EDI), but get the timing
    right and you can use them to blow up the Krogan and severely damage them.
    Use Miranda's Overload when a Krogan is near one, don't waste them on the
    Varren. More Krogan wait for you on the lower level, if needed you can
    bracktrack and then snipe them at distance (Krogan generally walk slower
    until they get close) the leader Weyrloc is also down here. His barrier
    is destroyed by Warp, the armour destroyed by Incinerate. Then use Cyro
    Blast and Miranda's biotics to defeat him, again backtrack if needed and
    use the explosives to your advantage. Collect the credits and resources
    scattered about and then finish off the mission by leaving the area.
    A terminal unlocks a Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade. Inside the next room is
    Maelon, Mordin's former assistant. His fate rests upon your Paragon prompt.
    Regardless, Mordin becomes loyal and his Neural Shock ability is unlocked
    (although it's of little use personally) along with a new outfit for Mordin
    (which looks almost the same as his original)
    ***/ COLLECTOR VESSEL /***		| Search Code: 20COL  |
    	"It's a Trap!"
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Jack
    After completing a set amount of missions, your forced into doing this
    mission. Personally I found this to be the hardest mission to complete on
    Insanity (the exception being Grunt's loyalty mission), until this point of
    the game I had only died a few times in Horizon. On this mission I died a
    lot (and my PlayStation3 controller has the scars to prove it)
    There is no way to choose when you do this, your practically thrown into it
    by the Illusive Man. Take Miranda and Jack, the Collectors have strong
    defences which biotics can break through. Jack will work as a biotic tidal
    wave, sending enemies of ledges and making life slightly easier. Make sure
    you bring the Cain with you.
    The first half of the mission is nice and peaceful (at least for a creepy
    alien vessel anyway) collect some Medi-Gel (yeah Collectors use Medi-Gel,
    who knew?) and examine a terminal for a rather startling revelation of the
    Collectors' origins. After being suitably startled, check the nearby ground
    to find a new weapon selection (only for new games however, not on import)
    The choice ranges from a Widow Sniper Rifle, the Revenant Assault Rifle
    and a Claymore Shotgun (all are supposedly too strong for a normal person)
    You only get one choice. Depending on your class would depend on how I'd
    recommend this, classes unable to use sniper rifles should take the Widow
    which will allow sniper rifle use. My personal choice was the Revenant
    Rifle was has since become a favourite mainstay throughout the series.
    Further along are some Heavy Weapon Ammo and some resources.
    Before heading straight towards the control terminal, take the corner that
    branches off nearby to find a lot of credits. Then examine the terminal for
    a Shield Upgrade.
    Activate the command console to unleash hell. This part was a complete
    nightmare on Insanity. As soon as you can, equip the Cain. allow the
    platforms to land and wait for the platform with the Scion to allign with
    the one in front of you, then fire to kill all the Collectors and leave
    the Scion with barely any life left. Immediately move forward from the
    cover spot and take cover by the platform ledge. This is the only safe spot
    here (and it isn't perfect), now combat the remaining Collectors and
    Harbinger (don't bother with team management here, they die regardless).
    The only problem now is that you no longer have a working Heavy Weapon,
    however you have just gotten past a bit that repeatedly killed me during
    my playthrough (I really hate Scions). Get the timing right when shooting
    the Cain to succeed (took me a few attempts). It may be possible to get
    past without resorting to the Cain, although my controller was taking too
    much of a beating to begin with - let alone trying to figure out how to
    survive without a Heavy Weapon (my controller remains almost like a war
    trophy oddly enough, reminding me how much I struggled here)
    Once you've finally got past, check the platforms for dropped ammo and
    some Heavy Weapon Ammo before activating the command console again. And
    realising that this was a blatant trap set up by the Collectors and
    possibly the Illusive Man (even though Miranda will deny this)
    Follow the corridor-path-alien-thing and retrieve a Medi-Gel. The rest of
    the mission is slightly easier than platform hell. Use the large doorway
    for cover against a group of Collectors (they won't approach you) focus
    on the minions and then kill Harbie (preventing him from controlling
    another and wasting your likely depleted ammo reserves)
    Further along, command your team to wait on the slope. Proceed forward to
    draw the Collectors out and then hide by the left corner directly opposite
    the slope. Use sniper fire (the small wall provides some cover) and
    biotics. From here, the Collectors will not approach you. Occasionally you
    will need to bait them out to appear and retreat to safe cover. Bear in
    mind the Collector Assassin who is perched on a high vantage point at the
    back right of this area, he will cause a lot of damage if ignored. Scan
    the area for resouces, Medi-Gel and Heavy Weapon Ammo (not that I complain,
    but why are these things on a Collector Ship?) Save before moving on.
    This is the second hardest part of the mission. Like Horizon, you have to
    fight off a Praetorian. use the upper balcony ledge for cover. First focus
    on the Husks emerging from the door, then try to hit the Collectors that
    move in (all the while avoiding the Praetorian). If you have enough Heavy
    Weapon Ammo, use it to kill the Praetorian (there is Heavy Weapon Ammo
    below the raised area) otherwise you'll have to play a deadly game of
    tag with the Praetorian. As with Horizon the Praetorian will focus
    exclusively on Shepard, move around the raised ledge to avoid it and shoot
    it from cover. Moving in a circle around here provides the best cover from
    it, eventually it will die (I used up my Heavy Weapon Ammo on the platforms
    so unfortunately for me, I fought this thing off with low ammo assault
    rifles and handguns). The door leaving the area will only open once the
    Praetorian is defeated conviently (I tried running to the door before, it
    didn't end well)
    Go through the door EDI eventually unlocks and pick up the Tech Damage
    Upgrade and some credits. The next part is another "stay back as far as
    you can to avoid the enemy and snipe" set-ups. This time however, ensure
    the team is safely in cover (near the door on the left corner) otherwise
    Harbie will hadouken them to oblivion. More Collectors will appear on the
    upper level, simply retreat and tackle like before. Then return and take
    cover by the left wall to stay safely away from the Scion's stupidly
    annoying Shockwave attacks. The Scion won't move, making this slightly
    less stressful. Ultilise squad biotics and shoot the crap out of the thing.
    The next part is very simple. Run through all the Husks, completely ignore
    them (they will constantly appear and swarm you otherwise) to reach the
    shuttle and finally escape this torture.
    Naturally Shepard isn't too happy with Mr Illusive as he explains the
    reasons behind his logic. He then explains that the Normandy needs an IFF
    from a Reaper ship in order to pass through the Omega 4 Relay. After some
    discussion with your team, your given a choice to either continue finding
    new recruits or to go straight to the derelict Reaper. Personally I used
    the opportunity to finish the recruitments and remaining loyalty missions
    before I started the IFF mission.
    ***/ HAESTROM /***	
    	"Find Tali ... Your getting warmer ..."
    ***/ RECRUIT: TALI			| Search Code: 21TAL |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Thane (or Legion)
    (NOTE: This mission may be easier if you bring Legion with his AI Hacking
    skills. However, you may have to forfeit Legion or Tali's loyalty missions
    or be willing to sacrifice the Normandy crew. Either way, you may not get
    that elusive "Nobody Left Behind" achievement. If you find yourself
    struggling and don't really care about the achievement, then I would
    recommend doing this mission when Legion is available, replace Thane with
    Haestrom can be found in the Far Rim of the Dholen system. As demonstrated
    by Mr Bug, the sun on the planet is very hot and likely to give bad sun
    burn. Unfortunately Shepard doesn't have sun lotion, so try to stay out of
    the sun and keep to the shaded areas. I like to call this the Vampire
    Planet as a result.
    Run through the first patch of sunlight to experience the effects, your
    shields will drop quickly. Stay for too long and Shepard will be cremated.
    Your team seem reasonably smart enough to stay out of the sun for this
    mission, so you shouldn't worry too much about them (unless for some reason
    you command them to a cover spot that happens to be in the sunlight)
    The large locked gateway can be opened by the console in the nearby room.
    There is also a Medi-Gel and a Geth who allows you to borrow his money.
    Enter the new area to reunite with Shepard's old adversaries from the
    original game (ironically I wished I had Tali with me, her AI Hacking was
    my edge for the original Insanity game. Otherwise there is always Legion)
    Geth generally have strong shields but low health, use Miranda's Overload
    to remove the shielding and then they will fall easily to gunfire and
    biotics. Clearing the first wave, keep left and use the balcony for cover
    and to combat the Geth arriving from the door directly ahead. Use Disrupter
    Ammo on your weapons.
    Move to the right of the area where more Geth are hiding (and to find a
    Handgun Upgrade), follow the ramp where a Medi-Gel awaits. Two more Geth
    will be on the right, guarding the route you should ideally follow. Use
    the shadows to move towards the large door where you annihilated an army
    of Geth previously (there are resources to collect around the sunlight)
    Proceed around the corner dispatching the three Geth as you do. Examine the
    damaged Geth Hunter for some money. The Quarian here is holding a Tempest
    SMG for you. Answer the Quarian radio to talk to Reegar who explains how
    you should get to Tali.
    This is where the mission starts to get hard. The Geth here will constantly
    keep appearing until you manage to move forward. Beware of the Hunters and
    their invisibility, dropping their shields will also disable this. Manage
    your team well by placing them at cover positions to avoid be overwelmed,
    move forwards when your able and take cover by the debris commanding your
    team to follow. Your first target is a large warehouse found on the left of
    this area. Place your team on either side of the doorway (either by the
    doorframe itself or by cover in front) and prepare to take down a large
    group of Geth until your safely able to enter.
    The lower floor contains some Medi-Gel and one of Tali's journals (where
    she references the Therum mission from the original game). Pick up the
    first Demolition Charge and immediately head upstairs. Command your team
    to take cover the door by using the nearby crates, then move forward to
    have more Geth appear from the heavens. The back stairway can provide good
    cover and a decent vantage point (it also has a Medi-Gel). The Geth Prime
    is the biggest threat here, so try to focus on him before you disable his
    One demolition charge isn't enough to clear the way, so you'll need to head
    left from the warehouse and engage more Geth. The Destroyers are just as
    dangerous as they were in original, except this time they are equipped with
    flamethrowers. Remove them as piority before fighting the lesser minions.
    Enter the room ahead to collect resources, Heavy Weapon Ammo and the second
    demolition charge. As you as you pick it up, head out and take the ramps
    to the second floor (make sure your team follows) from here you will have a
    better vantage point for taking out the Geth which appear. Besides the two
    Geth on the walkway outside, the rest of the Geth will not follow you up
    here (so much for advanced intelligence). Use the window shutters to open
    up cover and shoot positions for you and your team.
    Once clear, place the demolition charges on the collapsed pillar and get
    clear of the blast radius. This opens a new area with a crawling Geth
    (melee it to save ammo) and a lot of items to collect including; credits,
    an Assault Rifle Upgrade and another of Tali's journals to listen to.
    Use the communications console to speak with Tali and update each other on
    the situation. Tali will helpfully unlock the floor for you to continue on.
    The next part can become fairly hard to pass. The easiest soloution I found
    was to leave the team in the corridor by the stairs and then move into the
    room, taking cover on the small crates ahead. Use Disrupter Ammo and
    Overload on the Prime. Ignore the Drones, while the Prime is active, the
    Drones will constantly appear. If you have Legion with you, you can use his
    AI Hacking to hack the Drones and cause confusion. Hacking the Prime seems
    pointless as the AI Hacking in this game gives the hacked enemy a shield,
    so he will not take any extra damage - therefore wasting your skill use.
    The Prime will move from one side the other, try to follow and keep up the
    Overloads, Warps and gunfire on him. Once it falls, keep to the right of
    the area to find a second Prime (who is dealt in the same way). Provided
    you stay in safe cover, the Primes won't move towards you.
    Use the shadows to reach the exit and the hardest (and final) part of this
    mission. Activate the security console to unlock the door, and be welcomed
    by the Geth Colossus. Remember fighting the Armatures on Therum in the
    original game? Well this is just as hard, if not worse due to the Colossus
    constantly recharging it's shields. Don't bother fighting it from here as
    it's pointless. Enter the unlocked door and meet Reegar who informs
    Shepard that the Colossus is basically stood in front of Tali's room. He
    offers to cover you with his missile launcher, if you let him there is a
    chance he will die. It's recommended that you force him to stay in cover
    by using a Paragon prompt (he will become useful in a later mission if he
    survives) The conversation is also quite funny if Legion is with you.
    The best way to complete this part (I found anyway) was to stay in cover
    near Reegar (command your team to take cover beside you) and shoot the
    Geth descending from ahead of you (ignore the Colossus for now, but keep
    on eye on it's attacks. The electrical cannon is capable of killing on
    Insanity). When clear move forward and some more Geth and a Destroyer will
    appear in front, retreat back to your original cover position and tackle
    the Geth in the same way (the Destroyer will walk until it's directly in
    front of you, but behind the cover it cannot hurt you). Now move along the
    left side of the area once the threats are gone (avoiding the Colossus
    attacks). On this side area, another Destroyer will appear. You can either
    repeat the old tactic or command your team to join you and focus everything
    on the Destroyer (both work well)
    Make your way over the bridge (run because it's in the sunlight) and take
    cover by the crates on the left (command your team to take cover by the
    crates just behind you to cover the right side of the area) the Geth here
    will constantly keep appearing, so try to push forward. Use the corner of
    the large wall and you be directly in front of the Colossus. If Legion is
    with you, use his AI Hacking on the minions to distract the Colossus while
    you unload Disrupter Ammo on it's shields and Incendiary Ammo on it's
    Armour. Otherwise, use Miranda's Overload on the shields and then combine
    her Warp with Thane's to deal decent damage on the armour. When your this
    close, the Colossus will not recharge it's shields. It may take a while,
    but it is possible to destroy with normal weapons. Alternatively a shot
    from the Cain would also work (but it seems more satisfying to destroy it
    without Heavy Weapons, almost like a reminder to the Geth that I destroyed
    them just as easily during Insanity in the first game)
    With the Colossus gone, simply clear away the remaining Geth and scan the
    area for Heavy Weapon Ammo, Medi-Gel and resources. You can even gloat at
    Reegar if you want. Tali will unlock her door and agree to join the team
    (and likely become even more dubious of Shepard if Legion is present)
    Tali will tolerate Cerberus only because of Shepard. She can be found in
    the Engineering Deck near Ken and Gabby. Asking Tali for Normandy upgrades
    will allow a Multicore Shielding (vital for surviving the Suicide Mission)
    Before I set out to the IFF Mission, I decided I'd use the time available
    to complete everyone's loyalty missions and upgrade the Normandy. It's
    purely optional of course, but it greatly increases your chances of success
    ***/ TUCHANKA (optional) /***	
    	"I've beat Threshers before easily!
             ... What do you mean 'no Mako'?!"
    ***/ LOYALTY: GRUNT			| Search Code: 22GRU  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Recommended Team: 	Grunt and Jack
    (NOTE: This is the hardest loyalty mission to complete on Insanity. I'd
    strongly suggest saving a separate game file before you begin so you have
    the option of loading it if the missions proves too difficult. I would even
    go as far as recommending avoiding this mission for Insanity playthroughs)
    Bring Jack along as her Shockwaves are fairly useful for this mission (not
    only that but her biotics recharge faster, making her a better choice)
    Begin by talking to the clan chief. Depending on events from the original
    game will depend who the chief is; either Wrex (your original Insanity
    war veteran) or Wreav (Wrex's more aggresive but stupid brother)
    Ask the chief about Grunt's condition and he'll clarify that it's basically
    a Krogan form of teenage puberty. In order to become classed as an adult
    (and join the ranks of Clan Urdnot) Grunt must undertake the Rite of
    Passage (which in my opinion sounds too fancy for Krogan. "The Fight of
    Pointlessly Random Violence" or something would sound better. Rite of
    Passage sounds like something from a Bruce Lee movie)
    Anyway, talk to the Shaman (... again Shaman? Krogan?) who is arguing with
    Uvenk over Grunt's permission to start the Rite. With a Renegade prompt,
    you can actually headbutt the Krogan (which is just funny in itself)
    The Shaman will lead you the fighting arena. To begin, activate the
    keystone - but before you do, take the moment to collect the scattered
    credits from Krogan corpses. If your Heavy Weapon Ammo and your Medi-Gels
    are full, leave the ones scattered about for when you need them later (and
    you WILL need them later. Especially on Insanity)
    The first wave of enemies are Varren. They appear from behind you (if your
    facing the keystone) and aren't really difficult to fend off, especially
    with Jack's Shockwaves. Once the beasts understand Grunt is worthy,
    activate the keystone to begin the next wave.
    The Rite throws Klixen at you, those strange exploding crab things. Ignore
    the giant flying thing (it's just there to look atmospheric). The trick
    here is to constantly keep moving. The Klixen are very dangerous up close
    and can set you on fire, rapidly draining your shields. Even worse is that
    their explosive death can cause a lot of damage to you, however if timed
    well - it can seriously hurt any nearby Klixen too. Don't worry about ammo
    either, it will keep appearing by the Krogan corpses. By using Cryo Ammo,
    you might freeze the Klixon - if it dies when frozen, it won't explode.
    Save the game before continuing. Activate the keystone again ... notice the
    strange blue things in the ground? Remember the Thresher Maws in the
    original game? Did you ever wonder what would happen if you stepped out of
    the armoured Mako to fight it on foot? Well thats pretty much how it is
    here. On Insanity, this thing will kill in seconds. Even worse, it can
    destroy the cover your taking. Thankfully you don't have to kill it
    (although it is possible) as you just set to survive it's attack for a
    certain time limit (which may vary on certain difficulties) usually it is
    about five minutes.
    My best strategy? Run, hide, pray. The Thresher will pop up to say hello
    on the left on right of the arena. Using the column for cover is pointless
    as it will destroy it and leave you open to attack. Instead, use the stairs
    opposite the Thresher. For example, if it rears it's ugly head on your left
    then take the stairs down by the right. Take cover by the low wall and it's
    attacks won't hit you. As soon as it disappears back in the ground, move
    to the central area (by the keystone) then repeat the process until the
    time runs out. Another alternative is to use the Cain and shoot the
    Thresher, the problem here is that you need to survive long enough to shoot
    it properly.
    If you do manage to set the brute in radioactive nuclear fire or survive
    long enough, Uvenk will show up to discuss Grunt's amazing feat (even
    though you did all the hard work and shot a nuclear weapon at a giant death
    monster). Fighting Uvenk and his hench-Krogan is a lot easier than fighting
    the Thresher, use Shockwaves and hit them with Incendiary Ammo. If you have
    managed to survive or kill the Thresher on Insanity, then a measly bunch of
    Krogan have no chance.
    With everything defeated, Grunt officially joins Clan Urdnot and becomes
    loyal to Shepard. The Shaman gives you a Shotgun Upgrade too (not sure if
    it depends on whether you killed the Thresher or not). Grunt's
    Fortification ability also unlocks (an excellent choice for Shepard on
    Insanity) and he receives a new outfit which looks a lot better than his
    original version.
    ***/ CITADEL (optional) /***	
    ***/ LOYALTY: GARRUS			| Search Code: 23GAR  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Garrus and Tali (or Legion)
    This mission is really easy to begin with, but the final part is difficult
    as your forced to fight two Ymir Mechs at the same time. Save the game
    before beginning the mission if it proves too difficult on Insanity. Bring
    Tali or Legion along for their AI Hacking skills.
    For Tali's skills, evolve her Quarian Machinist (I chose Quarian Mechanic,
    but both seemed fine) and then evolve her AI Hacking to Improved Hacking.
    Although a wide-ranged AI Hacking seems a good idea, it actually backfires.
    For example, there are two Mechs - hack both and they just continue to 
    attack you. Hack one and they will attack each other. Spend remaining
    points on Tali's Combat Drone.
    Upgrade Garrus's skills by evolving his Turian Rebel to Turian Survivor.
    Upgrade Overload to Heavy Overload and spend the remaining skill on the
    Concussive Shot.
    Garrus's contact Fade can be found in the warehouses of the Citadel (on the
    lower floors), Fade turns out to be an unlikely person. Use a Renegade
    prompt to clear away Fade's lumbering mountains and find out that this
    person isn't actually Fade (unsurprisingly). "Fade" will tell Garrus that
    the Blue suns and Harkin (someone you may remember from the original game)
    are involved. Take the Rapid Transit to the factories where you can
    confront Garrus's problems.
    Harkin will run off because he's a coward. The mercs are easily beaten.
    Tali's Combat Drone can cause distractions, Garrus's Overload will remove
    shields and his Concussive Shot will hit unprotected enemies.
    Move on and collect the credits and Medi-Gel. Use Tali's AI Hacking on
    the Loki (like old times). AI Hacking doesn't seem as good on this game
    however as it gives the hacked enemy a shield, it seems to ruin a lot of
    potential that the original game offered. Regardless, hack the Loki to
    spread confusion and hit the enemies with gunfire. The crates will provide
    some basic cover, use Garrus's Overload on the explosive containers to
    clear away groups of Loki. The Loki will appear from the storage crates
    on three sides of the area, so be careful. Collect the credits and
    Medi-Gel and then continue.
    On the next area, take the cover on the left. A cargo crate will descend on
    the right and release some Loki Mechs. Use AI Hacking to confuse them and
    hit the distant mercs with your sniper rifle. As you push forward, Loki
    Mechs might drop down from the cranes. Once the mercs are defeated, the
    Mechs will stop appearing. Collect the Medi-Gel, credits, Heavy Weapon Ammo
    and resources before operating the bridge controls.
    The next part becomes less easy due to the Ymir. Use the cover near the
    opened bridge and fire at the mercs (make sure the team is in safe cover)
    and use Tali's Combat Drone to distract them. Once the leader falls, the
    mercs send in the Ymir. Due to shielding, the Ymir can not be hacked by
    Tali, instead use the Combat Drone as a temporary distraction and hit the
    Ymir with Disrupter Ammo and Garrus's Overload. Once the shields are gone,
    you either hack it to attack the nearby mercs or fire Incendiary Ammo on
    it. Make sure the Ymir is your primary target, it can easily kill you on
    Insanity and will eventually walk directly in front of you (limiting your
    options for cover). If you manage to survive, move on and collect the
    Medi-Gel and credits before leaving through the nearby door. Here you can
    find Heavy Weapon Ammo and more credits and Medi-Gel as well as some forged
    IDs which become useful for a side-mission in the Citadel. Open the window
    shutter to start a short conversation with Garrus if you like, then
    continue through the next door.
    Hack the terminal for a Sniper Rifle Upgrade. Use the ledges and cargo for
    cover, hack one of the Loki to distact everyone and aim for the mercs
    hidden behind the cargo boxes above you as they cause the most damage if
    left alone. The Loki will keep appearing until they die too. Check the
    right side for a datapad granting you money once the area is cleared.
    Save before moving on. You now have to face two Ymir at the same time, so
    in advance set your team to cover some distance away (try to set them up on
    the upper platforms that you had to climb over) and then move ahead to make
    the Mechs appear. Retreat back to your team once Garrus warns you about the
    Ymir. Use Disrupter Ammo and Overload on one (the furthest to the back
    preferably) until the shields disappear, then hack it to cause them to
    fight each other. Disable the shields on the other Ymir while they fight.
    When the Ymir reverts to normal, re-hack it to continue making them fight
    each other. Eventually one of the Ymir will be destroyed. Use Combat Drones
    to distract the final Ymir and strike with Incendiary Ammo. Provided you
    were set far enough in cover, the Ymir shouldn't have reached you (due to
    distractions of fighting each other). Be wary that Ymir can climb the
    platforms to reach you (as I found out during my intial attempt). There is
    also the option of blowing up both with the Cain, but personally it felt
    like wasted Heavy Ammo.
    Harkin will attempt a last minute attempt to stop you with two easily
    destroyed Loki Mechs. Climb up the platforms on the left and reach the
    conclusion of this mission. Garrus politely encourages Harkin to set-up a
    meeting with Sidonis, the Turian who betrayed him in Omega. At this point
    Garrus will leave Harkin a parting gift (unless you interrupt with a
    Paragon prompt)
    The meeting with Sidonis will result with the Turian gaining a third eye
    or leaving unharmed (depending on your actions and use of Paragon prompts).
    Allowing Garrus to act revenge on Sidonis or letting him walk alway will
    guarantee his loyalty to Shepard (its basically a matter of your
    preference) and unlock his Armour-Piercing Ammo, along with a new outfit
    which looks slightly similar to the original.
    ***/ LOYALTY: THANE			| Search Code: 24THN  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Thane and anyone
    Seeing we're in the Citadel, it makes sense to complete Thane's loyalty
    mission too. Thane's mission is extremely easy, even on Insanity, because
    it basically consists of talking and no combat. As such, it doesn't matter
    who you bring with you as long as Thane is in your team.
    Begin by talking to Captain Bailey at the C-Sec office. Bailey will point
    out somebody called Mouse who you can find on the upper level outside the
    Dark Star bar. After subtle interrogation or friendly persuasion, Mouse
    will name Elias Kelham. Return and inform Bailey, who will set up a meeting
    for Shepard and Kelham.
    Thane will suggest plans for Kelham's interrogation, but if you have high
    enough Charm or Intimidate - you can't really fail. If Shepard managed to
    keep the Spectre status granted by the Citadel Council, you get a unique
    dialogue choice which ends the interrogation within seconds. Regardless
    I'm not even sure if it is possible to fail this, I've always had high
    enough skill to Charm or Intimidate at this point (and on most playthroughs
    I always remain a Spectre). Otherwise simply interrogating by normal means
    seems to get results anyway (try using the Renegade prompts for easy
    Next you have to follow the contact who Kelham kindly told you. This is
    the only part of the mission where you can fail (and lose Thane's loyalty
    as a result). But I've detailed the route you need to take, so it shouldn't
    be a problem. From the maintainance catwalks you should be able to see the
    Turian; Talid, your set to follow (he's easily spotted by his Krogan
    bodyguard). Update Thane and he'll begin to move. Follow and head through
    the doors in front you. Talid will walk in a straight line and begin
    talking to more voters, Thane will ask for an update and you'll have a set
    time limit to locate Talid and inform Thane.
    Move around the corner of the catwalks and follow as your target enters the
    next room. Go through the left doors and update Thane again as the two stop
    to talk with each other. The Krogan bodyguard will enter a shop while Talid
    waits outside (this usually seems to catch a few people out who didn't
    notice Talid leaning on the wall) Update Thane again.
    The two will run off after leaving the shop, follow the catwalks on the
    left and enter the left doors. Turn left again to keep them in view. They
    stop as the Krogan talks to a bartender as Thane asks for another update.
    Enter the next set of doors and walk onto the central catwalk of this area.
    Talid will meet up with more of the Krogan bodyguards and Thane will
    require an update of this. Now enter the left door and you'll be stopped
    by a maintainance worker, use the Renegade prompt to avoid being delayed
    and exit through the next set of doors to continue the mission.
    Now you get to confront Kolyat, use the Paragon prompt to disarm Koylat and
    prevent him from executing Talid (Koylat's voice reminds me of Raiden from
    the fourth Metal Gear game, but I don't think it's the same voice actor?)
    Anyway, the two Drell will reconcile, Thane will become loyal and his new
    (useless) Shredder Ammo ability will unlock. Along with a new outfit which
    doesn't look any different to his original version in my opinion.
    ***/ OMEGA (optional) /***	
    	"Afterlife has a VIP section?! and an
           Asari that kills by sex? How is that bad?"
    ***/ LOYALTY: SAMARA			| Search Code: 25SAM  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Samara and anyone
    Like Thane's loyalty mission, Samara's is also incredibly easy even on
    Insanity as it doesn't involve fighting, just talking. So it doesn't matter
    who you have on your team as long you bring Samara along.
    Omega's best source of information is Aria (and good reason to visit the
    Afterlife bar). Aria will direct you to the apartment of the latest victim
    from Samara's demon sprog (Its the door next to one where you started
    the recruitment for Mordin). Here you can talk to Diana and examine her
    daughter's room for clues (Nef's journal, her sculpture and the note under
    the bed)
    Find your way to the VIP area of Afterlife by going directly right of the
    Omega Market and up the stairs. Tell the bouncer that Jaruut sent you and
    he will let you inside. Now you'll be on your own. In order to grab the
    attention of Morinth, you need to act like a complete jerk to everybody
    you talk to (basically choose Renegade dialogue and prompts). If you fail
    to draw Morinth's interest, the mission will fail and you will not gain
    Samara's loyalty.
    Speak to Vij (the first person you'll see on the left as you enter) to
    learn about a particular band that Morinth likes.
    Find a Turian called Meln who is harassing one of Afterlife's Asari. Tell
    him to leave the Asari alone to end up beating him up.
    Next find two Turians, Vertin and Huck who are sitting in a corner of the
    area. With high enough Intimidate you can beat both up, or use Renegade
    dialogue to incite them.
    After this display of rebellious tendancies, Morinth will approach you and
    ask for some time to talk in private, in the booth conviently hidden in the
    shadows. During the conversation, choose the Renegade dialogue (the lower
    options) to keep Morinth's interest. On the topics, select music and
    mention Expel 10 (the band that Vij mentioned). Morinth will admit her
    preferance for drugs, respond with Hallex. Next choose Art as a topic and
    mention the Elcor artist Forta. As Morinth talks about vids, mention her
    favourite show Vaenia. Lastly choose travel as a topic and claim you like
    the danger, then choose either "power is strength" or "power is its own
    reward" (both have the same result). Morinth is so impressed that she
    invites Shepard to her apartment. (Note that if you talk about Justicars
    or family, Morinth will get suspicious and you may end up failing the
    When in Morinth's apartment, examine the Revenant Rifle on her wall for an
    Assault Rifle Upgrade. Optionally examine the other items of interest in
    the room to get comments about them from Morinth. Speak to Morinth when
    ready. If you have high enough Paragon or Renegade, you can break through
    Morinth's trickery and then have the opportunity to side with either her
    or Samara. Otherwise, Samara will just kill Morinth. If you side with
    Morinth, she will replace Samara and be loyal from the start. You can even
    flirt with her and die a gruesome death if it really appeals to you.
    Morinth gets the Dominate ability if you side with her and an outfit that
    makes her look like Samara.
    If Samara survives the outcome instead, she becomes loyal to Shepard and
    her Reave ability unlocks along with a new outfit that makes her look like
    (Note: For Insanity, it doesn't matter who you side with. It's basically
    down to personal preference. Ability wise, Morinth's Dominate can be
    more useful)
    ***/ MIGRANT FLEET (optional) /***	
    	"Pretty sure I saw the USS Enterprise in there"
    ***/ LOYALTY: TALI			| Search Code: 26TLI  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Recommended Team: 	Tali and Miranda
    (NOTE: Recommend caution if you have already completed Legion's loyalty
    mission. After finishing Tali's mission, the two will end up arguing
    and force Shepard to take sides. With high Charm or Intimidate, you can
    stop the fight and keep both loyal. Otherwise you risk losing the loyalty
    of the one you didn't side with)
    (Note: bringing Legion on this mission will completely change how the story
    unfolds. Its worth trying just to see)
    This mission can be hard due to the restricted space and cramped conditions
    which cause the enemy to occasionally swarm your team. Bring Miranda for
    her faithful Overload and Warp combination.
    Travel to the Vallhallan Threshold and enter the Raheel-Leyya system to
    find the Migrant Fleet, for the first time the series shows what life is
    like in the Quarian flotilla. Tali will perform the basic security
    protocols of the Fleet (explained the Ascension novel by Drew Karpyshyn)
    Shepard and Tali will be greeted by Captain Kar'Danna who explains the
    reasons for Tali's trial. Further along you will meet Shala'Raan, Tali's
    aunt who tells Tali that her ship name of "Vas Neema" has been changed to
    "Vas Normandy" by the Board conducting the trial.
    The trial will begin, it's likely better to use the Charm and Intimidate
    options to help Tali. After the revelations have been said, your tasked to
    retake the Alarei from the Geth. From here you can talk to the Quarians if
    you want (if you helped Veetor during Freedom's Progress and Reegar
    survived Haestrom, they will both contribute towards Tali's innocence of
    the trial) otherwise work your way through the twisting corridors from the
    upper right of the area to find the shuttle and the Quarian guarding it.
    Enter the Alarei and the team will be immediately attacked by Geth. Take
    cover by the central crates and make sure your squad takes positions on
    either side of Shepard. Use Tali's AI Hacking to cause some chaos between
    the Geth and Miranda's Overload and Warp to disable shields and armour.
    Equip Disrupter Ammo on your weapons for effective shield disabling. If a
    Geth Hunter arrives, focus on taking them out. There will be two Hunters in
    total. Search the room for a Medi-Gel, some credits and Heavy Weapon Ammo.
    Enter a nearby room to find another Medi-Gel and some credits, plus a
    Reaper Drone for Tali to examine. The monitor in the room opposite will
    reward a Geth Shield Boost Upgrade if hacked.
    In the next room, a Geth Hunter will appear alone. Use the cover on the
    right or backtrack into the corridor. Use Miranda's overload and Tali's
    Combat Drone while unleashing gunfire. The room has a lot of credits to
    acquire. The upper level will throw more Geth at you (which emerge from
    both of the doors), try to lower the shields of a Hunter and then use
    Tali's AI Hacking on it to create a powerful ally to fight for you. Use
    Miranda's biotics to aid combat and re-hack the Hunter when it reverts
    to normal. Evenetually the Hunter will remain alone and should be easily
    removed. If necessary, backtrack to the lower floor to force the Geth to
    attack one by one. Collect the resources and Medi-Gel once your finished
    and enter the door that remains open.
    Examine the wall monitor to have Tali find out about the experiments on the
    Alarei. The next area provides a nice balcony vantage cover where you can
    re-use the friendly Hunter tactic on the Geth that emerge from the lower
    door. Search the area for more credits and Medi-Gel afterwards.
    Tali will recognise the Quarian that lies on the floor sleeping. The next
    part is the really hard part. Do not go through the door as it will lock
    you inside (basically trapping you in a confined space with a Geth Prime)
    Instead, send out one of the squad to alert the Geth (or if your able to,
    set a Combat Drone out) This will make them move toward the door and become
    better target practice. Backtrack if needed, The Geth will not follow you
    too far - making the fight somewhat easier. Pick up the evidence and the
    team will automatically leave the Alarei to return to Tali's trial.
    If you want Tali to be loyal to Shepard, do not present the evidence. The
    Charm and Intimidate options allow Tali to remain as part of the fleet,
    whereas not showing the evidence gets Tali exiled. Either way, Tali will
    be grateful that her father wasn't incriminated and her loyalty is assured.
    Her Energy Drain abilty is unlocked along with a new outfit.
    (Note: presenting the evidence and proving her father was the culprit will
    essentially fail the mission and lose Tali's loyalty)
    ***/ PRAGIA (optional) /***	
    	"Break back into a prison and repeat Virmire?
                      Makes sense. Let's do it"
    ***/ LOYALTY: JACK			| Search Code: 27JAC  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Jack and Miranda
    (NOTE: Recommend caution if you have already completed Miranda's loyalty
    mission. After finishing Jack's mission, the two will end up arguing
    and force Shepard to take sides. With high Charm or Intimidate, you can
    stop the fight and keep both loyal. Otherwise you risk losing the loyalty
    of the one you didn't side with - hence why I delayed this mission until
    the last moment)
    Ironically as with Miranda's loyalty mission, Jack and Miranda create a
    good team combination. There are also a few Vorcha and Krogan on this
    mission which Warp will become useful (alternatively you could use Thane)
    Travel to the Nubian Expanse and find Pragia in the Dakka system. Make your
    way through the rain and enter the abandoned facility. There will be a
    terminal for you to hack before leaving to the next room. Shepard will
    eventually reach a large area that is falling apart, thanks to Jack
    according to her. There is a locked crate in the bottom right of the area
    which if prized open will award some money. Continue through the area to
    combat a few Varren, easily fought off. Use Shockwave to scatter them.
    This mission will be easier with Incendiary Ammo equipped.
    Find a Medi-Gel in the next corridor and optionally examine the security
    console to see Jack's opinion. While Jack worries over a dead Varren,
    bypass the nearby door for some resources. The debris strown area to enter
    next will be filled with Vorcha, use the corner directly from the door you
    enter for good cover. Warp will stop the Vorcha healing, try to focus on
    the flamethrower armed cretins first and hit everything constantly with
    Jack's Shockwaves. More Vorcha will appear from the windows on the left, so
    use the small crates in the centre of the room for better cover and tackle
    accordingly. Optionally hack the PDA for credits and leave.
    Some Vorcha will attempt an ambush on a balcony ahead, use the cover on the
    left or right of the corridor and hit with Incendiary Ammo and Warp. Use
    biotics and weaponry to easily finish them off. As you approach the lower
    level, more Varren will attack. Disperse with Shockwaves and remove like
    you did previously. Some credits can be found in one of the rooms of the
    The area with the two-way mirror holds a Medi-Gel for you. Enter the "bad
    place" to find two more security consoles and a Biotic Upgrade by hacking
    the Animus chair. Some Heavy Weapon Ammo can be found by one of the
    security consoles.
    The next part is the only real challenge of this mission. Ignore Kureck and
    his Krogan for now, concentrate on the Vorcha. Once the Vorcha are cleared,
    focus on Kureck - using Warp to break his barrier and armour. If you kill
    Kureck before killing the other Krogan, it will make the fight easier. With
    Kureck active, he will order his Krogan to try and flank you if one dies.
    With him dead, there is no sense of leadership and the Krogan stupidly hide
    where they were originally. The last one might move to intercept you, but
    by this time it's too late. Using Jack's Pull on Kureck and the Krogan will
    create a very easily killed floating target.
    Jack will meet the new owner of the facility. What happens next depends on
    your choice of dialogue. Jack will always do the opposite of what you
    suggest (being the rebellious anti-authority person she is) but regardless
    of moral choice, the facility will do an impression of Virmire and Jack
    will be loyal to Shepard, unlocking her Warp Ammo and a new outfit which
    leaves her slightly less naked than before (unsure if that's a good or bad
    thing really)
    ***/ DERELICT REAPER /***		| Search Code: 28REA  |
    	"We nearly died on the last ship we went on,
     and now we're going straight to another? Yeah that makes sense"
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Recommended Team: 	Grunt and Jack
    With all the recruitments and loyalty missions out of the way, there's not
    much else to do except complete this mission. On Insanity, it wasn't nearly
    as hard as I expected (not compared to the Collector Vessel anyway). That
    doesn't mean it should be taken lightly however. Bring Grunt and Jack as
    there will be a lot of melee enemies (in fact the majority will just be
    melee enemies) and remember to bring the Cain to make the final part
    incredibly easy.
    To begin, travel to the Hawking Eta and find the Derelict Reaper floating
    in the Thorne system. Enter to ship, the first half reminds me of the
    generic setting of the original game (Garrus will even mention this if he
    is part of the team). Search the area for money, Medi-Gels and recorded
    logs for some background information before exploring further.
    The mission becomes complicated, but nothing new there. Another log record
    explains the insidous Katy. Husks will magically sprout from the ground
    ahead, use the explosive crates to your advantage (until I played Insanity
    I never even noticed there was a type of Husk called Abomination, these
    things look like Johnny Storm on a bad day and will explode when killed)
    Backtrack to avoid being swarmed, Jack's Shockwave will be useful as will
    Pull which can force enemies over the ledge for easier kills. Very rarely
    in Mass Effect does melee come into play, especially on Insanity, but on
    this mission it becomes slightly more relevant. If a Husk gets close (very
    likely) hit it with melee to either stun (so you can retreat and shoot) or
    just pelt it until it falls. A lot more Husks and a few Abominations will
    appear a little further ahead. Again, use explosives provided and similar
    tactics to before. Another log will explain a scene from Silent Hill.
    Moving on you will see two Husks shot by an unknown sniper (pretty sure I
    left Garrus on the Normandy). Before your curiosity compels you to find
    our mysterious friend, collect the resources, money, Heavy Weapon Ammo and
    the Sniper Rifle Upgrade located on the right.
    Be careful as you move to the next part as more Husks will appear. Note that
    the Abominations explosions will damage any nearby enemies. Simply running
    for the exit isn't really an option on Insanity (I tried) as the Husks will
    attack while your trying to bypass the door. Going to the far end of the
    area will unleash more Husks and one of those annoyling deadly Scions.
    Resist the urge to use the Cain (save it for the final part), the safest
    option I found here was to simply backtrack through the walkway, shooting
    down the Husks as you go (the team will die at this point) the Scion will
    eventually follow you to the walkway, but from a safe distance you can
    destroy it with the sniper rifle and any remaining explosives. Your reward
    if you manage to survive is a Medi-Gel, some credits and a Health Upgrade
    for Shepard (If Tali is part of the team, you will get an extra cutscene
    Enter the room without risk of interruption. The computer will state how
    many days since a workplace death and Shepard will meet the unexpected ally
    who help them before. This area is where the mission becomes very choatic
    (Insanity is even more), to begin with - clear the first lot of Husks that
    appear as you move forward. Stay within this area (to avoid the Husks
    gaining more recruits), the shotgun with Incendiary Ammo will work fine but
    I prefered to use the Assault Rifle (switching to sniper for long range
    enemies). Jack's Shockwaves will help if you find yourself being swarmed,
    try to run circles around the Husks while shooting (essentially keep moving
    to survive) remember that melee, although not brilliant, is a good way to
    break away from the Husks.
    Proceed down the slope where more Husks will emerge, take down a couple and
    retreat back to the main door (there will be a Scion making it's way to
    you) try to clear away all the Husks before the Scion reaches you. Use the
    cover on the left and right to combat the Scion and avoid it's annoying
    Shockwaves, retaliate with Jack's Shockwaves and Grunt's Concussive Shots.
    Provided your team remains alive, the Scion should attack whoever is nearby
    (don't bother with team management on this mission, the Husks will end up
    swarming them)
    The basic tactic applies for the rest of this mission. Retreat, attack the
    Husks and then focus on the Scions. A terminal with credits and some
    Medi-Gel can be found at the top of the slope where the Scion came from.
    Move further to engage another swarm of Husks, the reward here will be
    another terminal for credits and some more Medi-Gel. At the bottom of the
    slope, more Husks will attack followed by another Scion. Use the upper
    area for a better vantage on the Scion, retreat and backtrack will killing
    Husks and then finish off the Scion. Collect the Heavy Weapon Ammo and the
    Shotgun Upgrade and push on through the area (not far now).
    The next part has more credits and Medi-Gel waiting along with some needed
    ammunition. Approach the split path carefully, two Scions will appear on
    either side. Use the area where you previously collected supplies to snipe
    the Scions, then repeat the same strategy of backtracking and shooting.
    (The music on this mission seems so memorable after surviving Insanity)
    More Husks will appear once the Scions are removed, but they aren't
    infinite - so hold your ground until they stop appearing.
    The final area has two more Scions and more Husks, making you rely on the
    same methods as before. Using the sniper rifle, you can get a few early
    shots on the Scions if your able. The team will comment on destroying the
    Mass Effect Core (a signal to say "there aren't anymore enemies"). Collect
    the Heavy Weapon Ammo and the Medi-Gel and then finally leave this area.
    And you thought things couldn't get worse? After your new friend decides
    to take a break, you will be swarmed by Husks and Abominations in a very
    small area. Run laps around the area and constantly shoot and spam Jack's
    Shockwaves, as long as you keep moving and avoid the main entrance (the
    Husks seem to like it here) you should be able to survive the first wave.
    Once the Core opens up, aim the Cain and blast it for a one hit kill which
    will save you from having to fight more endless waves of Husks.
    You now have the option to resurrect and recruit a new unexpected member
    for your team, the Geth known as Legion (frankly the first time I played
    this, I was half-expecting, half-hoping Liara or Wrex to fill the
    suspicious blank spot of the squad roster. Instead we get the enemy we all
    fought against in the original. I was as mildly surprised as I was
    disappointed) But what seems really retarded is that Legion is kept in the
    AI core of the Normandy (because that's not looking for trouble)
    Asking Legion (and giving him permission) for Normandy upgrades will allow
    a new Widow Sniper Rifle for Legion. If all previous loyalty missions have
    been completed, then Legion will immediatedly inform Shepard of his own.
    Considering you have to wait for EDI to install the IFF, it seems
    reasonable to finish off the last loyalty mission.
    ***/ HERETIC STATION (optional) /***	
    ***/ LOYALTY: LEGION			| Search Code: 29LGN  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Recommended Team: 	Legion and Miranda
    (NOTE: Recommend caution if you have already completed Tali's loyalty
    mission. After finishing Legion's mission, the two will end up arguing
    and force Shepard to take sides. With high Charm or Intimidate, you can
    stop the fight and keep both loyal. Otherwise you risk losing the loyalty
    of the one you didn't side with)
    (NOTE: As with Tali's loyalty mission, the story is slighty different here
    if you bring Tali along with you)
    Upgrade Legion's skills in a similar way to Tali's, focusing and evolving
    his AI Hacking into an Improved Hacking. Make the Geth Inflitrator to
    Geth Assassin to increase weapon damage and use any remaining points on
    the Combat Drone.
    Travel to the Phoenix Massing cluster and find the Heretic Station in the
    Sea of Storms. Bring Miranda along for usual biotic support. After Joker's
    pretty funny performance, Legion and Shepard will discuss the mission
    objectives. On arrival, the heretics have generously left a Medi-Gel as a
    welcoming gift.
    The first room you enter will have lots of Matrix-styled green strips along
    the floors, walk into these and you will set off an alert - causing all the
    Geth to "wake up" and attack. The problem here however is that the Geth Hub
    has to be destroyed to open the door, which in turn will likely wake up the
    Geth. The best solution is to find a good cover position and then either
    deliberately set the alarm and fight from safety or destroy the Hub  (the
    explosion can cause some damage to the nearby Geth, use Miranda's Overload)
    if your within range that is. The first room has a Geth Hunter and two
    minions. Destroying the Hub will send them floating (as if Liara was here
    using her Lift biotics) creating some easy kills. Salvage the hub for money
    (Don't worry about the team setting off the alarms, they will never step on
    them and will follow your path)
    In the following corridor, Legion will point out the turrets that can be
    hacked to fight for the team. At this point a Hunter and two minions will
    demonstrate how this process works. Hack a minion for further distractions
    and focus on removing the Hunter. The final minion shouldn't pose a problem
    Another room with Matrix traps will appear, this time with two Hubs and
    a Geth Hunter on each. Shoot the Hub directly in front (and take down the
    attached Geth, note that these ones will not float when the hub is
    destroyed) and take cover by the entrance of this room, when the other
    Geth arrive - hack the minion and focus on the Hunter like previous.
    After destroying everything, collect the salvaged Hub credits and continue
    A couple of Geth will attack from the corridor, use the cover found on the
    archways and hit them with AI Hacking and biotics. A Medi-Gel can be
    retrieved from the room behind them. Proceed by making your way up the
    sloped ramp where more Geth wait for you in another corridor.
    Enter a large area and overide the turret seen in front of you to help
    blow up a few Geth. Use the left-side cover and be careful of Geth that
    will try to flank you by going left (move along the cover for the best
    advantage) use Legion's hacking to create confusion amongst the Geth.
    Follow the curve to a corridor to find Medi-Gel and Heavy Weapon Ammo.
    Move down the slope, on the right are some resources. The left has the
    door needed to progress further. Use the turret on the right in this room
    to combat the Geth, use similar tactics to before (hack a minion and focus
    on the Hunter). Hack the terminal on the left for a Geth Shield Upgrade.
    Continue through the Station to reach another Matrix room. This one has
    two hubs and three Hunters. From the slope, it is easier to set off the
    alarm on purpose and force all the Geth to climb up to greet you. This will
    avoid them surrounding you. Try to disable a Hunter's shields and then hack
    it to cause some decent damage against the other Geth. Collect more salvage
    and enter the unlocked door.
    In the next large area refrain from hacking the turrets (they will explode
    after a set time even if no enemies are nearby, basically wasting them) and
    examine the main terminal. When the terminal begins the download, actvate
    the turrets on the lower floor (you can only activate two at one time) and
    assist through sniper fire and AI Hacking. Preferably try to prevent the
    Geth breaching past the turrets and going up the ramps, otherwise you will
    soon be outnumbered. Try to reserve the upper floor turrets for when the
    Hunters begin to appear, activate them with they reach the ramps to provide
    better support fire. The cover situated by each corner of the upper level
    is the only relatively safe areas. If possible, hack a Hunter that has lost
    it's shields to make things slightly easier. If needed, there is a Medi-Gel
    by the terminal you activated. (Naturally this part is harder on Insanity)
    If you manage to survive Shepard gets to choose if the heretics are
    re-written or destroyed (either choice is good to be fair) and then Legion
    will suddenly remember that the Station will set off electromagnetic
    charges that will destroy all unshielded organics. Also adding that the
    base is unshielded. So essentially you have to run to the Normandy and
    dodge Geth within a time limit (which varies on the game difficulty) on
    average this is three minutes.
    Run through the door that unlocks on your right. Here was how I beat the
    timer on Insanity, disrupt the shields of the first Geth you see and hack
    it to attack the others. Shoot the others down and strike with biotics as
    per usual (using various cover strown through the corridor as needed) and
    finally remove your former Geth ally (preferably the one not called Legion)
    Equip the Cain and aim at the wall just around the corner, it should kill
    if not seriously damage the Geth Prime lurking around the corner - allowing
    you freedom to run for the exit (I had just under a minute left doing it
    this way, if your unsure the Cain killed the Prime, send out a Combat
    Drone to distract it)
    Regardless of how you chose to deal with the heretics, Legion will become
    loyal towards Shepard (does anyone else find that extremely weird? A Geth
    loyal to Shepard ...? Saren would be rolling in irony right about now).
    Legion also unlocks his Geth Shield ability (works basically like Barrier
    or Fortification) and a new outfit which makes Legion look more like a
    heretic Geth.
    During Tali and Legion's argument that inevitably happened after this
    mission, I didn't have enough Charm or Intimidate to convince them to
    to stop arguing (although my Renegade was practically full, Shepard even
    had glowing devil eyes). I was forced to choose a person and I choose Tali.
    However, speaking with Legion afterwards I was able to convince him I lied
    to Tali - ensuring both of their loyalties.
    All that was left now was the upcoming Suicide Mission ...
    ***/ NORMANDY /***			| Search Code: 30NRM  |
    	"Good Luck! Break a Leg!"
    After the IFF is completely installed, EDI will inform Shepard when near
    the Galaxy Map in the Normandy CIC. For some strange reason, Shepard takes
    the entire team off in a shuttle to a random unexplained mission somewhere
    (I would like to find out what they were actually doing? Maybe having a
    party at Afterlife before they start the Suicide Mission?)
    For the first time in the Mass Effect series you now have control of
    someone who isn't Shepard (the second time will be during the Arrival
    downloadable). Follow the floor markers highlighted by EDI, due to a risk
    of Vrolic Syndrome breaking the bones of Joker's legs - he can't run as
    fast as Shepard would. There is no combat here however (Joker would likely
    break something if he did), the aim is to get to safety before the
    Collectors reach you.
    Start by following the markers from the pilot seat to Mordin's laboratory.
    Ignore the Collectors arriving in the elevator (the rest of the crew seem
    capable of dealing with it). Use the crawlspace indicated in the lab to
    reach the Crew's Quarters, take too long and the Praetorian staring at you
    will kill Joker.
    Make your way through the Quarters past the Scion dragging crew members
    into the elevator and into the Medical Bay. From here, enter the AI Core
    where Legion would usually be found. Keep moving to avoid the Scion
    patrolling the Quarters. Activate the console controls to allow EDI to help
    further in removing the Collectors.
    Now you have to activate another console in the Engineering Deck. Leave the
    AI Core via the crawlspace provided to reach the lower floor. You will end
    up in the area that Jack usually hangs around, move towards the left stairs
    and wait at the bottom - you will see the shadow of a Scion pass by. If you
    move ahead now, it will end up killing Joker.
    EDI will inform Joker when it is safe to move, when she does - move up the
    stairs. The console your looking for is the same one the Tali would usually
    be operating.
    Conviently Shepard and the team will return to find Joker is the only
    person left on board after the Collector assault. At this point, you are
    given the option to go straight to the Omega 4 Relay to save your kidnapped
    crew or complete any recruitments or loyalty missions you haven't done yet.
    If you want the "Nobody Left Behind" achievement, I'd recommend you go
    straight after the crew and enter the Relay. This way, everyone of the crew
    will survive. If you complete a few missions before entering the Relay, the
    crew will die (depending on how many missions you do, only Dr Chakwas will
    survive or the entire crew will die)
    Here you have the chance to talk to everyone about the Suicide Mission and
    finish off any research you haven't already completed (there is no penalty
    for resource mining and researching). Once your ready, it's time to finally
    end the war against the Collectors ...
    ***/ SUICIDE MISSION /***
    	"We nearly died on the last ship we went on,
     and now we're going straight to another? Yeah that makes sense"
    Hopefully by now Shepard should have earned everyone's loyalty (although on
    Insanity that can often be difficult, especially for Grunt) and you have
    fully upgrade the Normandy's shields, armour and weapons (If any of these
    aren't upgraded, a member of the team will die)
    Shepard will discuss the plans of the mission with the Squad on board the
    Normandy. The decisions you make here are crucial to the survival of the
    team, select the wrong person for the task and they or someone else may
    lose their life as a result. Fortunately you, I've outlined all the correct
    choices and who will be suitable for each part.
    ***/ OCULUS				| Search Code: 31OCU  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Grunt and Miranda
    The Oculus fights in the same way as a Praetorian, except its easier to
    avoid and doesn't always exclusively attack Shepard. For Insanity, I used
    Grunt (for defensive strength) and Miranda (to disable any shields and
    This fight is set in two parts, in the first half - using the cover
    directly in front of you will keep you save for duration. Use Miranda's
    biotics to break down the Oculus's protection and hit it with assault rifle
    fire with the right Ammo equipped (Incendiary for armour etc). Hold your
    ground and make sure the team stays in safe cover by commanding them and
    the first half of this fight will be easy. The Oculus will frequently leave
    the cargo hold through the sides of the ship and reappear on the other side
    (but for now, your cover is the safest position)
    Once Joker announces he needs to clear a debris field, the second half of
    the fight begins. Listen to the team's advice and unleash the Cain on the
    Oculus for a quick and easy kill (make sure your not too close to the
    blast to avoid being killed yourself), do not worry about Heavy Weapon Ammo
    as it will be fully replenished later, even on Insanity. It is actually
    possible to destroy the thing using normal weapons (I managed to, only
    because I didn't realise my Heavy Weapon Ammo would replenish straight
    after). If you want to fight without risk of blowing yourself up, use the
    cover on the left and right sides of the room, adjusting cover depending on
    the side that that Oculus appears from. Your previous cover will be unsafe
    now as the Oculus will circle around to you. Use cover to keep a distance
    between you and it and concentrate using Miranda's biotics and Incendiary
    gunfire. Allow the team to find their own cover, commanding them to stay in
    one position will result in them becoming a sitting target for the Oculus.
    On Insanity this fight is easier than you might expect.
    (NOTE: If using the Cain, try to aim the shot to hit the wall behind the
    Oculus. The blast radius will still kill and it usually avoids having 
    Shepard dying in the process)
    Once the Oculus is destroyed, Shepard will arrange another staff meeting
    and discuss the plan of attack. This is where the crucial choices start.
    The first choice is the to select a tech expert to infiltrate the
    ventilation shafts. Choosing either Tali, Legion or Kasumi will see the
    task performed correctly.
    Next you have to select a person to lead the secondary assault team. Choose
    either Miranda, Jacob or Garrus for this.
    ***/ INFILTRATION			| Search Code: 31INF  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Infiltrators:		Tali, Legion or Kasumi
    * 2nd Team Leader:	Miranda, Jacob or Garrus
    * Recommended Team: 	Grunt and Thane
    (For this part I used Legion as my inflitrator and Miranda as leader)
    With the teams set-up, Shepard enters the base to begin the final assault.
    On Insanity I used Grunt and Thane on this part (although Miranda can be
    used instead of Thane if you prefer), Grunt was the muscle and defensive
    strength here as there will be a lot of Collectors to contend with. Thane
    was used to break down protection using his Warp ability.
    This area can be hard on Insanity if the Collectors are fought without
    thinking. Your objective is to reach the eight ventilation valves, to make
    your progress easier - shoot down the minions and try to leave Harbinger
    and his hadoukens for last (it will prevent him from constantly
    controlling everything, effectively wasting your time and ammo). Note that
    activating a vent valve will auto-save the game, so if you die (likely on
    Insanity) you will restart from the last switch you activated (which makes
    this part slightly more bearable)
    To start with, make your down the corridor, keep to the left passage for
    safer and easy navigation. Note that you don't have to kill every enemy,
    your target here is to reach each checkpoint before your infiltration
    specialist suffocates in the ventilation shafts. Activate the first valve
    that the left pathway directs you to.
    The second valve will be protected by Harbinger and his mates. Try to
    remove the minions and then hit Harbinger with Warps and Incendiary Ammo
    to stop his hadouken spamming, hit the second valve and push forward.
    The next valve is literally a few steps away, again more Collectors will
    appear with Harbie at the lead. The easiest way I did this on Insanity was
    to shoot the minions and pretty much run past Harbs, activating the valve
    and running ahead to to next one. The fight can be tackled like before, but
    it was just an easier method and prevented the inflitrator from suffering
    too much.
    The fourth valve will be around the corner. Take cover by the next corner
    and open fire on the Collectors here. Once the minions were gone, I ran
    past Harbinger again and moved directly toward the fifth valve. Using the
    cover nearby to quickly remove the Collectors and contining my marathon
    up to the next corner to activate the sixth valve.
    More Collectors will ambush you around the corner and then try to regroup
    with the others guarding the seventh valve, giving some time to shoot them
    in the back as they do (all is fair in love and war right?). Use the floor
    edge for cover, from here you should easily see the seventh valve. Fight
    off the Collector Assassin with your Drell Assassin and activate the
    seventh valve.
    As for the final valve, I simply ran at it and activated it. As soon as
    you do, the next part of the mission plays out. Provided you chose the
    right specialists (and they were both loyal) they should survive the ordeal
    The team will discover the colonists of Horizon, along with the crew of the
    Normandy. If you went straight through the Omega 4 Relay after the Normandy
    attack, the crew should all survive.
    Shepard is now tasked with more decision making. A biotic is needed to pass
    the Seeker Swarms, selecting Samara (or Morinth), Miranda or Jack will work.
    Then select another leader for the diversion team; either Miranda, Jacob
    or Garrus.
    Next, in order for the Normandy crew to safely escape they will need an
    escort. The escort will be permanently removed from your team for the
    duration of this mission. Send Mordin, he's the only who seems capable and
    for some reason always dies if he is kept on the team (regardless of
    ***/ SEEKER TUNNEL			| Search Code: 31SKR  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Hard
    * Biotics:		Miranda, Samara/Morinth or Jack
    * 2nd Team Leader:	Miranda, Jacob or Garrus
    * Escort:		Mordin
    * Recommended Team: 	Grunt and Jack
    (For this part I used Samara/Morinth as biotic and Garrus as leader)
    Follow your selected biotic specialist and stay within the protective field
    to avoid a fairly fast and painful death (the team seems smart enough to
    stay within this protective barrier, so don't worry about them too much)
    There will be a lot of melee enemies here (just like the IFF Mission), so
    I used the same team as I did for that mission (considering they proved to
    be good against these things). The biotic will ask if your ready to move on
    The first fight will take place and your biotic will take cover by a small
    balcony edge, take cover beside them and shoot the Collector minions. Try
    focusing exclusively on the minions before killing old Harbie for the
    thousandth time (he never learns). Harbs will likely try to flank you by
    moving up the walkway, but he will stop near the corner allowing you free
    space to strafe, shoot, cover and repeat. Once clear, inform your biotic
    that your ready to move on.
    Some Husks and Abominations will appear ahead, use Jack's Shockwaves to
    clear them (hopefully enough will send them flying over the edge). Use the
    Abominations explosive deaths to kill nearby Husks, if they get close hit
    them either with melee, Grunt's Concussive Shot or Jack's Shockwave. They
    shouldn't really pose too much of a problem.
    The next part was the hard bit. The cover here is not perfect and the
    Collectors will hit from most sides, not to mention Harbinger returning
    with his cheap hadouken spam. Try to clear out the minions first (to avoid
    Harbs continually respawning) and then fight Harbs. You may need to circle
    around the main cover area to keep a distance between him and you. Refrain
    from resorting to Heavy Weapons, save it for the next part (it's likely on
    Insanity that you will have to fight Harbinger twice here to safely survive
    and proceed. Tell your biotic your ready to go once everything has gone and
    equip the Cain (Heavy Weapon Ammo will replenish at the start of the next
    section, so don't worry about wasting the ammo)
    On the next corner, a group of Husks, Abominations and Scions wait for you.
    Carefully aim the Cain at a Scion to hit the entire lot and save loads of
    stressful hassle (especially on the Insanity difficulty) otherwise the
    Husks will tend to swarm your position very quickly, along with the Scion's
    irritating Shockwaves - you'll die relatively quickly.
    Again, tell your biotic your done. The next part is easy, just follow the
    biotic and shoot down the Husks that appear. Your biotic will eventually
    break into a run for the exit - and it's probably wise to keep up.
    If your biotic happens to be loyal (and you selected the right one) they
    will blast the entire corridor and destroy all the Collectors pursuing you
    (otherwise one of your team might go on a journey with the Seekers)
    If the leader you selected was loyal, they will also survive the ordeal
    (they may show sign of injury, but they will not die)
    Now you have to take the final part of the mission, carefully selecting a
    team. To ensure the team survives, take the weaker squad members with you
    (such as Tali, Thane, Miranda or Kasumi)
    ***/ PLATFORMS				| Search Code: 31PLT  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Easy
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Thane
    (NOTE: Heavy Weapon Ammo will not replenish after this point, so try to
    conserve it for the next and final part of the mission)
    This part is set-up just like the platforms from the Collector Vessel,
    however it is a lot easier this time round. This is actually the easiest
    part of the Suicide Mission during the Insanity playthrough, and here's
    how to make it incredibly easy to survive:
    Stay on the platform you start on. The enemies will never approach you,
    even our old nemesis Harbinger. The sniper rifle will be excellent for this
    part, equip with Incendiary Ammo and use the combined might of Miranda and
    Thane's Warp to crush everything.
    The first group of enemies will appear on the right of your position. Stay
    in cover and you shouldn't have many problems. The next will appear in
    front of you (Harbinger may appear at this point), focus on the minions
    before taking down Harbs once again. Note that Thane's Throw can instantly
    kill unprotected enemies by sending them off the platform edges.
    The third group will side up on the left of the platform that just arrived.
    Keep up the same tactics. Another platform will connect in front with more
    Collectors to easily kill like before.
    The final platform will have Abominations and two Scions. Staying on your
    original platform, they won't even move to intercept you. Use Adrenaline
    Rush and line up sniper headshots on the Abominations, hopefully their
    deaths will cause moderate damage to the Scions. Then snipe at the Scions,
    re-use Adrenaline Rush once it has recharged to easily kill them without
    even having to put up with their cheap attacks (It's easier to aim by
    simply standing out of cover) - you'll know the enemies are defeated once
    the dramatic (and in one of my favourite) battle music ends.
    Now simply use the control console to reach the game's finalé.
    ***/ REAPER-HUMAN LARVA			| Search Code: 31LAR  |
    * Difficulty Rating:	Medium
    * Recommended Team: 	Miranda and Thane
    As the fight starts, immediatedly take cover on the far left platform. From
    here you should have a good vantage point over the entire area and be safe
    from the majority of attacks. The enemy will attack in a set pattern of
    waves. The first will be directly in front of the platform I used for cover.
    (Make sure you order your team to follow, on this part they tend to act
    really stupid and seem to always charge right into the enemies)
    Use Miranda's Warp to destroy armour and then make Thane Throw any
    unprotected minion off the ledges for easy kills. Combine Warps on the
    Harbinger and remain in cover to avoid his hadouken spam attacks.
    Once the wave is gone, the giant tubes on the Reaper will temporarily lose
    their defences. Use the handgun and Adrenaline Rush, you should easily be
    able to destroy at least two of the tubes with good aiming (even on
    Insanity) if your lucky you may even hit the third (Avoid wasting the
    Heavy Weapon Ammo at this point)
    Another platform will arrive on the right, clear the Collectors once more
    and then repeat the Adrenaline Rush attack on the last Reaper tubes.
    The Reaper will seemingly "die" and Shepard will begin setting up the
    detonation of the base (although the Illusive Man may try to persuade you
    otherwise - the choice doesn't really matter right now)
    The Reaper isn't quite dead yet. Return back to the platform you were
    originally using for cover (and ensure the team also take cover). The
    Reaper will shoot a red beam that disables shields and stops them from
    regenerating temporarily, another couple of hits and your dead. So try to
    stay in cover before it shoots (you can time this by listening to the
    humming charge noise it makes). Equip the Cain and wait for the Reaper to
    re-emerge from another part of the area, aim roughly at it's body to hit
    it (it's head can be too jerky someones, I once missed a shot purely
    because it twitched slightly over. Aiming at the body guarantees a hit).
    This should cause a lot of damage to it. Now aim at the obvious glowing
    weakpoints; the eyes and the stomach. The handgun does surprisingly good
    damage here (especially if upgraded through research), otherwise the
    assault rifle is good (but inaccurate and wastes ammo).
    The Collectors will also return to aid their metallic friend. Killing
    Harbringer will make him drop some ammo - Heavy Weapon Ammo included. So
    you can either try honouring Kirahhe by "holding the line" at your cover
    and focusing on the Reaper (the squad can deal with the Collectors) or you
    can combine your might against Harbinger (who is actually quite annoying
    in this part) and collect enough Heavy Weapon Ammo to pull off another
    Cain explosion to finish off the Reaper. Personally I found it easier to
    hold the line on Insanity, but it's really up to you.
    If the Reaper happens to smash the platform your on (for some reason I
    didn't die. Maybe a game glitch?) find nearby cover and continue (just try
    to keep an eye on Harbs who will try to flank you)
    Eventually the Reaper should fall after some patience, allowing you to
    watch the base go boom while Harbinger laments on your victory. If your
    team members (the one who helped fight the Reaper) are loyal, they should
    survive. If somehow you only had two team members left by the end of the
    game, then Shepard will actually die trying to jump to the Normandy. This
    isn't actually a fail, it's just an alternate ending and you'll still get
    the Insanity achievement if you beat the game throughout on that setting.
    If you trying for the "Nobody Gets Left Behind" achievement, it should
    unlock after the conversation with the Illusive Man (it's Bioware's attempt
    to create tension over your team's survival). If there are no coffins, then
    the achievement will unlock. If there are coffins however, then it could
    be that you selected the wrong specialist for a certain task (against all
    my wonderful advice too) or they weren't loyal (however I've had unloyal
    members survive before - Garrus aways pulls through it seems)
    Anyway. Hopefully this guide saved a few more console controllers from
    being destroyed, if you just beat the game on Insanity then great. If
    everyone didn't survive, then try again (you can always play an easier
    In case you were wondering, my entire team plus the whole Normandy crew
    survived the Suicide Mission. And yes, it was on Insanity too.
    Thanks for reading!
    During your exploration of the galaxy, your likely to be rewarded with 
    achievements (or trophies if your a PlayStation3 user). Some of these 
    awards will grant extra bonus additions to your game (although sadly they
    do not all give added bonuses like they did in the first game)
    All of them are listed below along with relevant usefulness for playing
    through the game's Insanity difficulty:
    * N7 ELITE
      Requires: 	Collect all other achievements
      Bonus:	Personal self-satisfaction
    This particular achievement is the Platinum trophy for the PlayStaion3
      Requires:	View Combat Training
      Bonus:	None
    Simply watch the advanced combat training on Shepard's private terminal
      Requires:	Save your crew
      Bonus:	None
    This rewarded after the opening sequence of the game
      Requires:	Return to active duty
      Bonus:	None
    Another story based reward that you can't really miss, it's shortly after
    the Missing In Action achievement
      Requires:	Recruit the relevant character
      Bonus:	None
    Part of the main story of Mass Effect 2 involves recruiting your team.
    You will receive each achievement after successfully completing the
    recruitment mission for each character involved
      Requires:	Defend a human colony
      Bonus:	None
    After completing the Horizon mission, you will get this achievement
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Miranda
      Bonus:	Unlocks Slam
    Completing Miranda's side-mission successfully will unlock the biotic Slam
    attack for her and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    Slam is a fairly decent attack that hits the health of the target and also
    damages anyone below the target. It will not work if the target has shields
    or barriers though. On Insanity, Slam is only good for Miranda's use.
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Jacob
      Bonus:	Unlocks Barrier
    Completing Jacob's side-mission successfully will unlock the biotic Barrier
    ability for him and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    Barrier acts just like it did in the original game, and just like the
    original it's almost pointless for Insanity as Barrier becomes fairly weak.
    Fortification is a better choice for Shepard.
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Jack
      Bonus:	Unlocks Warp Ammo
    Completing Jack's side-mission successfully will unlock the biotic Warp
    Ammo for her and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    Warp Ammo is useful because it is effective for damaging the health and
    shielding of enemies. However with the options of Incendiary, Cryo and
    Disrupter Ammo openly available for a Soldier class Shepard; Warp Ammo
    seems like a wasted ability choice
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Grunt
      Bonus:	Unlocks Fortification
    Completing Grunt's side-mission successfully will unlock the Fortification
    skill for him and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    Fortification is the best defensive ability to use for Insanity, it fully
    restores Shepard's shields and can take damage for a longer duration than
    Barrier or Geth Shielding. Useful for the harder missions
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Garrus
      Bonus:	Unlocks Armour Piercing Ammo
    Completing Garrus's side-mission successfully will unlock the Armour
    Piercing Ammo for him and Shepard. The ability can be selected when
    starting a new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes
    resources). Just like Jack's Warp Ammo ability, this almost seems wasted
    for a choice. Armour Piercing for Insanity may sound tempting, but it isn't
    quite as powerful as you may assume.
    * THE CURE
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Mordin
      Bonus:	Unlocks Neural Shock
    Completing Mordin's side-mission successfully will unlock the Neural Shock
    ability for him and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    Effective against enemies such as Husks, otherwise not so much on
    everything else (at least in Insanity anyway) and it only works on enemies
    who aren't shielded, which is basically nothing on Insanity.
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Tali
      Bonus:	Unlocks Energy Drain
    Completing Tali's side-mission successfully will unlock the Energy Drain
    skill for her and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    Energy Drain is basically an upgraded Overload skill. It removes enemy
    shields and increases your own, for Insanity it seems useful - but
    abilities such as Fortification are far more reliable.
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Samara OR Morinth
      Bonus:	Unlocks Reave OR Dominate
    Completing Samara's side-mission successfully will unlock either Reave for 
    her and Shepard OR Dominate for Morinth and Shepard. The ability can be
    selected when starting a new game (even on import) or by research (but it
    wastes resources). Siding with either Samara or Morinth will unlock the
    associated ability (you may have to play two games to get both unlocked).
    Reave acts in a similar way to Tali's Energy Drain by draining the enemy's
    health and restoring the user. Like Energy Drain, Fortification is more
    reliable and Reave only works on enemies without shields. Dominate is a far
    more interesting ability, it essentially acts like AI Hacking does and
    affects human enemies - making it very useful. It won't work on certain
    enemies such as Harbringer and Praetorians however, but it's a good
    choice if your looking for offence over defensive abilities
    (NOTE: To convince Morinth to replace Samara, you will need high paragon or
    renegade skills)
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Thane
      Bonus:	Unlocks Shredder Ammo
    Completing Thane's side-mission successfully will unlock the Shredder Ammo
    for him and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a new game
    (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources). Shredder Ammo
    only works on enemies without shields, in Insanity virtually everything has
    a shield - rendering this ability useless.
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Legion
      Bonus:	Unlocks Geth Shields
    Completing Legion's side-mission successfully will unlock the Geth Shield
    ability for him and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    Geth Shields are better than the Barrier ability, but slightly worse than
    Fortification. Otherwise it's a reasonably good choice for Insanity if you
    want a quick shield restoration.
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Kasumi
      Bonus:	Unlocks Flashbang Grenade
    Completing Kasumi's side-mission successfully will unlock the Flashbang
    Grenade for her and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    The Flashbang basically stuns all surrounding enemies, allowing you to
    remove each one while they are dazed. On Insanity it has minimal use,
    especially considering certain enemies such as Harbringer are unfazed by
    the grenades
    * REVENGE!
      Requires:	Gain the loyalty of Zaeed
      Bonus:	Unlocks Inferno Grenade
    Completing Zaeed's side-mission successfully will unlock the Inferno
    Grenade for him and Shepard. The ability can be selected when starting a
    new game (even on import) or by research (but it wastes resources).
    The Inferno Grenade is basically a wide range version of Incinerate. It's
    not particulary useful to have as an added ability because Incendary Ammo
    works just as well. Bear in mind that if you decide to help the workers
    during Zaeed's mission, you will need high Charm or Renegade points to
    convince Zaeed you did the right thing - otherwise Zaeed will not be loyal
    to you and you will not unlock the achievement. In the worst case scenario
    Zaeed can actually die.
      Requires:	Confront the Shadow Broker
      Bonus:	Unlocks Stasis
    Complete the Lair of the Shadow Broker downloadable content to achieve
    this. As a result, your short-lived mission with the lovely Liara also acts
    as a loyalty mission as such - unlocking a new ability for Shepard; Stasis.
    This ability freezes the target preventing them from taking damage or
    receiving damage. It's useful on a few bosses, freezing them to remove the
    minions. But otherwise on Insanity it has little use.
      Requires:	Obtain Geth technology
      Bonus:	None
    Complete the IFF Mission to get this achievement
      Requires:	Investigate the derelict vessel
      Bonus:	None
    Complete the Derelict Reaper Mission to recieve this acievement
      Requires:	Use the Omega 4 Relay
      Bonus:	None
    The achievement will unlock when you enter the Omega 4 Relay
      Requires:	Save the galaxy
      Bonus:	None
    Complete the game to recieve this achievement. Even if Shepard dies in the
    ending, you will still recieve the achievement
      Requires:	Survive Suicide Mission
      Bonus:	None
    If you complete the game and Shepard is still alive, you will receive this
    achievement. At least two of your team must survive for Shepard to live
      Requires:	Complete the game on Insanity
      Bonus:	None
    Complete the entire game on Insanity to receive this achievement. Changing
    the difficulty setting will prevent you from getting the achievement, even
    if you change the setting back. This also applies if you start a new game
    on a different difficulty, complete the Insanity game before you start a
    new game. The walkthrough is designed to help you win this achievement.
      Requires:	Everyone survives Suicide Mission
      Bonus:	None
    This includes the Normandy crew who are abducted by the Collectors, as soon
    as the crew are missing - enter the Omega 4 Relay and start the Suicide
    Mission. Ignoring the crew and doing other missions before entering the
    Relay will result in the crew dying and the loss of the achievement. Also
    note that the entire squad must survive the Suicide Mission, for more
    detailed explanations on how to keep everyone alive - refer to the
      Requires: 	Complete the game twice or Import from Mass Effect
      Bonus:	None
    Fairly self-explainitary. Completing the game twice or importing a save
    from the original Mass Effect will unlock the achievement
      Requires: 	Have a romantic relationship
      Bonus:	None
    This game offers more candiates to flirt with compared to the original
    (which only had three). Choices include Jacob, Thane and Garrus for a
    female Shepard. Or Miranda, Tali and Jack for a male Shepard. Samara can be
    tempted, but she always declines. Alternatively, having fun time with
    Morinth causes an unsurprising death for Shepard. Neither of which count
    toward the achievement. Kelly Chambers can be flirted by either of the
    Shepard genders, but she doesn't actually count as a relationship in this
    game. Be careful with Jack, sleeping with her too early causes her to hate
    you and ruins any attempt at a relationship. It is also possible to
    continue a romance with Liara if you already had done in the first Mass
    Effect, this will require the Shadow Broker Mission however.
      Requires: 	Perform 30 headshots
      Bonus:	None
    This is easy to achieve, especially when using the sniper rifle. I actually
    got this achievement during my first play without even realising it was
      Requires: 	Kill 20 Enemies knocked back by melee
      Bonus:	None
    This is easiest to achieve on the Casual difficulty. Approach an enemy
    who isn't protected by a shield, hit with a melee and then shoot to kill
    as they are stunned. Use the shotgun for effective results. The Loki Mechs
    are the easiest targets for this, but it is possible with Geth too.
      Requires: 	Defeat the Thresher Maw
      Bonus:	None
    Remember the Thresher Maws in Mass Effect? Ever wondered what it would be
    like to fight one without the Mako? No? Tough. As part of Grunt's loyalty
    mission, you have to fight a Thresher Maw. The fight is timed (you just
    need to survive until the time runs out) but if you want the achievement,
    you have to physically kill the beast. This is especially easy on Casual
    difficulty with heavy weapons such as the Cain Nuke Launcher. Use the
    central pillars as cover, moving from the side opposite to the side the
    Thresher moves to. With the help of your squad, you should win.
      Requires: 	Hit 20 targets with multiple biotics
      Bonus:	None
    Actually easier than it seems. Take Jack and Thane with you to a random
    mission and command them to wait somewhere out of the enemy's range (this
    prevents them from killing each other and interrupting your achievement)
    Hit an unprotected enemy with Jack's Pull, as the enemy floats immediatedly
    hit it with Thane's Throw. Complete on 20 enemies to gain the achievement,
    if necessary restart the mission you were on by slecting "Load" from the
    main menu. The count does not reset and you can repeat the process until
    you have the achievement. This also works for other characters such as
    Miranda or Jacob who have similar biotic skills.
      Requires:	Use 5 different heavy weapons
      Bonus:	None
    Fairly simple achievement, everytime you get a new heavy weapon - test it
    on an unwilling enemy. The Grenade Launcher received at the start of the
    game counts as your first heavy weapon, the rest usually require research
    to unlock or are obtained during certain missions
      Requires:	Make 20 enemies scream
      Bonus:	None
    Use Incendiary rounds or Mordin's Incinerate to burn enemies to cause them
    to scream. Using Jack's Shockwave will also cause screaming. I got this
    achievement very early on without even deliberately trying ... maybe I'm
    just mean?
      Requires:	Disrupt 25 shields
      Bonus:	None
    Overload is best used on the light blue shields seen on enemy health bars.
    Miranda, Garrus and Kasumi are the only squad members with this ability.
    The easiest way to actually get this is by playing through Insanity as
    all the enemies are protected by shields
      Requires:	Warp 25 barriers
      Bonus:	None
    Warp is best used on the purple barriers seen on enemy health bars. Miranda
    and Thane have the Warp ability. Again, it's easier to achieve by playing
    through Insanity as a lot of the enemies have shields and barriers
      Requires:	Incinerate 25 enemy armours
      Bonus:	None
    Incineration is best used on the yellow armour seen on enemy health bars.
    Mordin has the Incinerate ability. The most common armoured enemies are
    robotic types such as Loki Mechs or the Krogan. I'm unsure if Incendiary
    Ammo contributes to this achievement, I just burnt everything with Mordin
      Requires:	Complete an unexplored world mission
      Bonus:	None
    This is a simple case of going to any galaxy, examining the planets in a
    cluster and opening the scan settings. If EDI informs you of an anomaly, it
    means there is a mission on the planet. Use the scanner and follow where
    the white arrow points to find the mission. The missions are usually very
    easy to complete.
    * AGENT
      Requires:	Complete 5 unexplored world missions
      Bonus:	None
    Same procedure as the Operative achievement, except repeated five times
      Requires:	Retrive mineral resources
      Bonus:	None
    Examine and scan any random non-mission based planet and then launch a
    probe at (probe Uranus if you want, EDI even gives sarcasm) and you'll
    recieve the achievement
      Requires:	Visit 100% of the cluster
      Bonus:	None
    In any random galaxy where you can examine the planets, locate every single
    planet in orbit and examine them (use the blue orbit ring guides to find
    them all) and the achievement will unlock. You don't need to discover every
    single planet in the entire game, just the cluster your choose to visit
      Requires:	Reach Level 30
      Bonus:	None
    Achieved simply by playing through the game. Import a save game to get an
    experience boost to level up quicker
      Requires:	Find 15 new Codex entries
      Bonus:	None
    By examining everything you come across, you add Codex entries. I had this
    achievement before I even met Jacob, it's not exactly difficult
      Requires:	Obtain 10 technology upgrades
      Bonus:	None
    Technology upgrades can be found during missions and in shops or researched
    in the Normandy. There are more than 10 in the game, so it's easy enough
    to have this achievement early on
      Requires:	Fully upgrade a weapon
      Bonus:	None
    Weapon upgrades can be found during missions and in shops or researched in
    the Normandy. To make the achievement appear sooner, try focusing on a
    specific weapon to upgrade
      Requires:	Complete any research project
      Bonus:	None
    On the Normandy, sucessfully research any project. Fairly simple
      Requires:	Personalise your armour
      Bonus:	None
    You can personalise your armour before you meet the Illusive Man or in
    the Captain's Cabin on the Normandy
      Requires:	Evolve any power
      Bonus:	None
    When you level up, you get points to allocate to various character skills.
    Fully maximise a skill to evolve it, focus on just one skill to speed up
    the process. This works on either Shepard or any of your squad members
      Requires:	Shut Down the Rogue VI
      Bonus:	None
    Complete the Overlord Mission for this achievement
      Requires:	Collect 6 Cerberus data packets
      Bonus:	None
    During the Overlord Mission on Aite, you will eventually be allowed to
    free-roam the planet using the Hammerhead. Scattered around this area are
    six data packets (indicated by the large bright yellow rings) which can
    be found usually guarded by turrets at areas with buildings. The packets
    are relatively easy to find, just remember that one is hidden away
    underneath the pathway to Vulcan Station - closely guarded by two YMIR
      Requires:	Complete The Arrival
      Bonus:	None
    Complete the Arrival downloadable mission to earn this achievement and
    discover the events that will lead to the beginning of Mass Effect 3
      Requires:	Survive all 5 Waves
      Bonus:	None
    During the Arrival Mission, you will be forced to fight five waves of
    enemies after discovering Object Rho. The fight is actually easy providing
    you take cover and use your abilities effectively. On Casual difficulty its
    even easier
      Requires:	Rescue Dr Kenson without being seen
      Bonus:	None
    This achievement can be very fussy to unlock. Start from the beginning of
    the Arrival mission and enter the building, use melee on the varren and
    avoid walking into the laser security. Do not approach any of the guards
    or shoot your weapons (as it alerts security). Use cover to sneak past the
    guards further inside the building and activate the vehicle lift to proceed
    to the next floor. Sneak past the guards talking about Dr Kenson, ignore
    the door you see on the left and turn the corner. Open the next door to
    find Dr Kenson, you should get the achievement after the cutscene if you
    were successful. Otherwise you will need to restart the entire mission.
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    Insanity mode.
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    Credit for the Mass Effect game, characters and series goes to Bioware.
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    I hope this guide was useful and helped a little.
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