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    FAQ by hylozoist

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    Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough/Guide
    Version: 1.1
    Last Updated: 2/9/2010
    Author: hylozoist aka Kenneth Chiu
    *Note that this guide contains spoilers, even the Table of Contents. I did my 
     best to avoid them, but it was necessary for understanding. Spoilers in the
     leveling section are marked, so watch for the markers and don't scroll too far
     ahead. Also be aware you may run into spoilers for the first Mass Effect.
                                ** TABLE OF CONTENTS **
    Ctrl+F and jump to navigate to the section quickly. After you jump to the main
    section, you can skip through subsections by searching for just the number and
    letter. If you make fake mass effect engine noises, it feels like it searches
    faster. Whoooosh!
    Section .01. : Basics  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.01.JUMP]
       .1A. Starting a New Game  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.1A.JUMP]
       .1B. Tips . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.1B.JUMP]
    Section .02. : Leveling Up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.02.JUMP]
       .2A. Shepard  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.2A.JUMP]
       .2B. Squad  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.2B.JUMP]
    Section .03. : Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.03.JUMP]
       .3A. Prologue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3A.JUMP]
       .3B. Freedom's Progress . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3B.JUMP]
       .3C. Stop the Collectors Part 1: Assemble a Team  . . . . . . . . [.3C.JUMP]
       .3D. Omega  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3D.JUMP]
       .3E. Recruit Archangel  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3E.JUMP]
       .3F. Recruit the Professor. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3F.JUMP]
       .3G. The Citadel  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3G.JUMP]
       .3H. Recruit the Warlord  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3H.JUMP]
       .3I. Recruit the Convict  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3I.JUMP]
       .3J. Horizon  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3J.JUMP]
       .3K. Recruit Tali . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3K.JUMP]
       .3L. Illium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3L.JUMP]
       .3M. Recruit the Justicar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3M.JUMP]
       .3N. Recruit the Assassin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3N.JUMP]
       .3O. Jack: Subject Zero . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3O.JUMP]
       .3P. Jacob: The Gift of Greatness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3P.JUMP]
       .3Q. Collector Ship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3Q.JUMP]
       .3R. Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3R.JUMP]
       .3S. Zaeed: The Price of Revenge  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3S.JUMP]
       .3T. Tali: Treason  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3T.JUMP]
       .3U. Thane: Sins of the Father  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3U.JUMP]
       .3V. Garrus: Eye for an Eye . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3V.JUMP]
       .3W. Tuchanka . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3W.JUMP]
       .3X. Mordin: Old Blood  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3X.JUMP]
       .3Y. Grunt: Rite of Passage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3Y.JUMP]
       .3Z. Miranda: The Prodigal  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.3Z.JUMP]
       .30. DLC Missions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.30.JUMP]
            .30.A0. Project Firewalker
       .31. N7 Assignments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.31.JUMP]
       .32. Reaper IFF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.32.JUMP]
            *Warning: Reaper IFF mission sets the rest of the plot in motion.
       .33. A House Divided  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.33.JUMP]
       .34. Omega 4 Relay  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.34.JUMP]
       .35. Post Game Wrap Up  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.35.JUMP]
    Section .04. : Appendix
       .4A. Assignment List  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4A.JUMP]
       .4B. Weapon Locations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4B.JUMP]
       .4C. Upgrade Locations  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4C.JUMP]
       .4D. Planets with EEZO  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4D.JUMP]
       .4E. Shops  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4E.JUMP]
       .4F. Armor List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4F.JUMP]
       .4G. Interrupt List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4G.JUMP]
       .4H. ME1 Character Cameos . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.4H.JUMP]
    Section .05. : About the Guide
       .5A. Version History  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.5A.JUMP]
       .5B. Legal Notice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.5B.JUMP]
       .5C. Contact Me . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [.5C.JUMP]
    >>>>>>>>>>>                                                          >>>>>>>>>>
    .01. BASICS                                                          [.01.JUMP]
    >>>>>>>>>>>                                                          >>>>>>>>>>
    ========================                                             ==========
    .1A. Starting a New Game                                             [.1A.JUMP]
    ========================                                             ==========
    "I'm pleased that the imminent destruction of all organic life has improved
     your career opportunities." -Tali
    If you're starting a new character, choose your gender, then your name after
    the prologue. You can then choose to customize your character, or simply run
    with the Quick-Start Shepard. If you customize, you can pick your appearance,
    class, background, and extra power if you have any loyalty achievements.
    If you have difficulty designing faces, you may find this website useful:
    If you have completed game saves from ME1, you may import them into ME2. Simply
    choose the Configuration option on the main menu, choose "Save Games" on the
    upper left tab, choose "Copy Mass Effect 1 Save Games" and locate the folder
    where your completed game saves from ME1 are located. Once in the game, choose
    Import ME1 Character. You can choose to change your appearance, class, and also
    an extra power if you have any loyalty achievements. 
    If you have lost your saves, or never played Mass Effect 1 on the PC, you may 
    find this website of collected ME1 saves useful:
    The ME1 import bonuses are as follows:
    Import Bonus for 50-59:
    +2000 xp
    +5000 of each mineral
    +25000 Credits
    Import Bonus for 60:
    +4000 xp
    +10000 of each mineral
    +50000 Credits
    In addition, regardless of level, you obtain these bonuses:
    +100000 Credits for having over 1 million credits in ME1
    Approximately 20% of your previous paragon and renegade meter
    If you have the Mission Accomplished ME2 achievement (from beating ME2 once
    on any character), you also get this bonus to all created characters:
    Long Service Bonus
    +200000 Credits
    +50000 of each mineral
    If you decide not to import a ME1 character, then your Shepard was a full
    "Renegade" in ME1. Although you begin with no Morality, in ME1, all of your
    choices were based on a human-centric view of the universe. When there was a 
    choice to let someone die or to kill someone, Shepard took the life. If you 
    feel that this isn't in line with your alignment, than you should definitely
    import a ME1 save, if at least for the right decisions.
    >>>>>>>>>                                                            >>>>>>>>>>
    .1B. Tips                                                            [.1B.JUMP]
    >>>>>>>>>                                                            >>>>>>>>>>
    "It's never simple, is it?" -Shepard
    This section serves as a quick-start guide for new players. I won't go into
    great detail about the game controls or mechanics as the in-game tutorials
    are fairly good. Instead, this is meant to supplement and help understand
    .1B.01. Ability Strength Basics
    "Flammable, or inflammable. Can't remember. Doesn't matter." -Mordin
    One major game mechanic that the game does not stress enough is the strengths
    and weaknesses of certain types of weapons and armor. Here is a quick look at
    the enemy defensive strategies:
    Biotic-based shield. Weak against Warp, Reave, and Warp Ammo.
    Cannot use most biotic-based abilities that have a duration against Barriers.
    Kinetic-based shield usually used by synthetics. Weak against Overload, 
    Disruptor Ammo.  Cannot use biotic-based abilities against Shields.
    Armor primarily used by mercenaries and mechs. Weak against Incinerate, 
    Incendiary Ammo, etc. Cannot use most biotic-based abilities against Armors.
    Enemies can have up to two defensive types stacked upon each other. Most
    enemies then have health, which is weak against any attack, although some 
    enemies explode after their armor is pierced.
    Your allies also use varied defensive strategies, but I have not seen any major
    difference as to how well they defend against enemies.
    So once again, just to be redundant, commit it to memory as you play:
    Warp -> Barrier 
    Overload -> Shield 
    Incinerate -> Armor 
    A more in-depth list appears after the squad guide, covering more abilities
    and their equivalent strong points. For now, this is good enough.
    .1B.02. Weapon Strength Basics
    "This one has forgotten whether its heatsink is over capacity. It wonders
    whether the criminal scum considers itself fortunate." - Blasto
    Another mechanic that the game does not stress is the strength of certain
    weapon types against enemy defenses. Each weapon does describe its strengths
    and weaknesses, and later weapons have fewer or reduced weaknesses. 
    Strong Against Armor, but Weak against Shield & Barrier
    Heavy Pistol (M-3, M-6)
    Sniper Rifle (M-92, M-97)
    Geth Pulse Rifle
    Strong Against Shield and Barrier, but Weak against Armor
    Shotgun (M-23. M-27)
    Submachine Gun (M-4, M-9)
    Assault Rifles (M-8, M-15, M-79)
    Heavy Weapons (all)
    Krogan Shotgun (M-300)
    M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle
    Note that the naming conventions change as you research improvments for your
    weapons, but the number will always stay the same.
    Assault Rifles: Well-rounded against Barrier, Shield, Armor
    Heavy Pistol: Strong against Armor. Weak against Shield, Barrier
    Shotguns: Strong against Shield, Barrier.  Weak against Armor
    Sniper Rifle: Strong against Armor.  Weak against Shield, Barrier
    Submachine Guns: Strong against Shield, Barrier.  Weak against Armor
    There's much more information about guns, but this is enough to start you off.
    For example, there are upgrades to increase the damage of weapons against
    specific types. For now, the basic rule is to rapidly chip away at shield and
    barrier, while well-placed single shot weapons are better to pierce armor. 
    Don't dwell on gun effectiveness as much as ability effectiveness, though.
    .1B.03. Fighting and Cover
    "When you're young, you go looking for every fight you can. You get older, you
     realize the best fights will find you." -Wrex
    The game gives a good explanation of cover. To reinforce, for most situations,
    you want to fight while in cover, with your back to the enemy. Using cover is
    the central key to all the firefights. If you see cover, there's likely going
    to be enemies nearby.
    Certain enemies advance slowly and consistently, some enemies will charge
    straight out, but most will stick to a strategy of firing from long range while
    behind cover. The more "mindless" enemies that charge end up being the most
    dangerous, so focus on them first in every case.
    For the enemies that fight at long range, you'll want to learn enemy firing 
    patterns (for almost all enemies, 5 second bursts, or a bit longer for heavy
    weapons due to the projectile delay, followed by them going into cover). 
    When you've got the timing down, you can exit your cover by using the right 
    mouse button to aim as their stream ends, rather than when they have gone
    completely back into cover, so you can do more damage to them.
    On easier difficulties, there's less need to be in cover if the enemy cannot 
    hit you due to firing angles. But, staying in cover helps you recover health
    more quickly.
    Your squad's AI will differ greatly depending upon what weapon they equip. 
    With a Sniper, the squad member will generally fall back, taking shots when
    possible. With a shotgun, the AI will often get up very close, usually without
    regard to the dangers involved. With other weapons, your squad will adopt a
    middle approach, using cover very often, and not moving unless necessary to hit
    a target. Of course, you can always override your squad actions to some extent,
    but there sometimes is a delay before they carry out your order.
    Your distance will also affect your damage. For all weapons other than sniper 
    rifles, weapons double their damage at short range. Short range is about five
    paces away from you. Enemies also benefit from the increase damage. 
    The location of your shots in this game also matter, being able to hit legs,
    arms, heavy weapon packs, and increase damage via headshots.
    You can combine melee attacks and weapons at very short range, as enemies 
    without defenses get knocked back by fists. This isn't a wise strategy for most
    classes, though, because other enemies can still fire at you.
    If red veins pop up on the screen, it means you're dangerously low on health.
    Immediately find safe cover and rest for 5 seconds, and your armor and health 
    will regenerate back to safe levels. If you can't get cover immediately, sprint
    away. You've got about 12 seconds of sprint in you, with an 8 second cooldown
    until the next sprint. There's no other healing in this game other than simply
    waiting for your health and armor to regenerate.
    It's also wise to reload while in cover, instead of out in the open. It takes
    1.5 seconds to reload a weapon. A related tip with reloading, abilities and 
    cover: if you time it correctly, if you are currently ducking out of a cover
    position to attack, you can reload, use an ability, and go back into cover 
    nearly all at the same time. Or, you can just reload and use abilities at the
    same time at any time.
    .1B.04. Scanning Planets
    "Really, Commander?" -EDI
    Before you do any real scanning, I advise obtaining Miranda's ship upgrade,
    Advanced Mineral Scanner. You can obtain this upgrade after you recruit the
    Professor, and then simply speak with Miranda about upgrades. You'll have to
    scan a little bit to afford it, but it's a huge time saver.
    To scan planets for resources, first, you need to have probes, purchased from
    the Fuel Depots located in most nebulas. Locate a planet and choose to scan it,
    then hold the right mouse button and "scrub" the planet as you watch the meter.
    When the scanner spikes up, move your mouse back around more slowly to try to 
    find the highest spike, then hit the left mouse button the launch the probe and
    gather the resources. Note that the scanner results only tell you the relative 
    wealth of the planet, but even when a planet is poor or depleted, you can find
    resources. Still, it's not worth trying to strip mine every planet, because
    planets are so abundant. Many N7 planets also are Rich in resources, saving
    time hunting for planets.
    Scanning planets is necessary to discover N7 missions. When you explore the
    planet, EDI will immediately tell you if she has detected an anomaly. To find
    the anomaly, begin scanning the planet, using the reticule. You can also listen
    to the beacon recording: the signal transmits more clearly the closer you are
    to the anomaly.
    A list of N7 Missions is located later in this guide. You do not need to probe 
    very many planets for minerals. There's no reason to stock up, as there are
    numerous Rich planets. Many players have trouble stocking enough Element Zero
    (EEZO). A list of planets with significant EEZO appears in the appendix.
    .1B.05. Upgrades
    "Some Krogan believe that testicle transplants can increase their virility. 
     Counteract the effects of the Genophage. It doesn't work, but that doesn't
     stop them from buying. They'll pay up to 10,000 credits each. That's 40,000
     for a full set. Somebody's making a killing out there." - Garrus
    Upgrades can either by found by scanning them during missions, and then paying
    minerals to apply them at the Research Terminal in the Tech Lab, or by paying
    credits to a merchant and immediately recieving them. You don't need to buy
    every single upgrade if this is your first game, particularly weapon upgrades.
    Instead, I recommend to focus on the ones you are or will be using first.
    However, if you find one during a mission, make sure to remember to check the
    Research Lab and pay for it to obtain the actual benefit. Purchased upgrades
    automatically apply, but Credits run out more quickly than minerals.
    A list of where upgrades can be found appears in the appendix, sorted by
    upgrade type.
    To obtain all the upgrades as a non-engineer (Engineer passive ability lowers
    required research material amounts), you will require:
    EEZO: 42,500
    Iridium: 215,000
    Platinum: 275,000 (Includes 50,000 for Med Bay upgrade.)
    Palladium: 195,000
    These amounts are repeated below in the appendix immediately following the list
    of upgrade locations.
    .1B.06. Gaining Morality
    "Have you ever read Machiavelli? He believed it's better to be feared than
     loved." -Shepard
    You gain Morality through the decisions you make in the game. Generally,
    choosing the top-right options on the wheel continue dialogue through Paragon
    conversation lines, resulting in Paragon points. Conversely, the bottom-right
    options are Renegade conversation lines. Sometimes options on the left side
    also continue conversations, and are similarly situated to top for Paragon, and
    bottom for Renegade. Most of the time, left-hand options are questions which
    you can use to investigate a situation for more information.
    In most cases, a single normal choice will give you +2 points. A single choice
    involving Persuasion, or a "Morality Interrupt" will give you +5 points. Major
    decisions will often give +10 to +20 morality points. A conversation may
    involve several choices, allowing you to rack up many points. A bar will take
    1,000 points to max normally, but only 600 to maximize with a 70% bonus, such
    as the one present from the passive class power. Note that the bar in your
    squad/level up screen represents the adjusted values, so the shown percentage
    is your actual persuasion level. To reach the maximum Morality score, you must
    be consistent with your choices during the game. 
    Your morality directly affects your Negotiation/Persuasion skill. (I refer to
    it as Persuasion throughout the guide, but items like the Death Mask and the
    DLC Armor call it Negotiation in-game). With higher morality points, you can
    use persasion to avoid additional fighting, obtain discounts at shops, or 
    convince NPCs and your squad to accept your decisions. If your Persasion is not
    high enough, you will see the option, but be unable to use it as it will be 
    greyed out. If you can choose the option, then you are always successful in
    furthering your goals. 
    .1B.07. Morality Interrupts
    "Bah, we're wasting time, we could have beaten him into cooperation." -Wrex
    Morality Interrupts have several applications: some make fights easier, some
    act as to persuade others of your position, some are required to direct the
    towards your desired Paragon or Renegade path, while others simply speed up 
    conversation options, using an action instead of words. If you wish to use
    them, you must choose them quickly, usually within 5 seconds. Otherwise, they
    will expire, although often you are presented with dialogue options to make the
    same point. To use a Paragon interrupt, right click is used. For a Renegade
    interrupt, left click is used. Interrupts generally give +5 morality. 
    .1B.08. Romances
    "If you want me to put on a tin skirt and dance in front of a crowd of men, I
     want dinner first. Sir." -Ashley Williams
    I won't go into too much detail here, as it's well document and fairly self-
    explanatory. Simply show interest in your desired romantic interest. Apparently
    Shepard is make of pure pheromones because only one person in the entire game
    will turn you down, and when that happens, you can tell there was deep thought
    and a good reason behind it. After completing your target's loyalty mission,
    speak to them further inbetween missions. You'll get one dialogue where you'll
    flirt and clearly state your intentions, and the other party will ask to think
    about it. Then, you'll get another dialogue confirming whether you want to go
    through with it. You will consumate the romance during the trip through the
    Omega 4 Relay, the last mission of the game. If you had a ME1 love interest,
    you'll have a small picture frame in your cabin, and if you don't commit 
    yourself to any ME2 romance, you'll get a scene of you looking longingly at the
    .1B.09. Armor
    "I don't get how a clothed female can be more attractive than a naked one."
    Your Armor can be changed at your cabin (or early in the game at the Cerberus
    base). When you buy pieces, you have to go back to equip them, as they don't
    automatically equip themselves. Most DLC armor are full sets, while the basic
    set of armor you can obtain is mix-and-match, and is fairly inexpensive to
    purchase. Except for the Blood Dragon Armor for Tech and Bio Power damage
    classes, you can mix and match in-game armor to suit you to be close or better
    than the other options once you can start flying around the galaxy to buy it. 
    Note that when you wear a helmet or full suit, it will always show, even during
    cutscenes. The the Visor-type helmets are inobtrusive, though. Check the 
    appendix Armor List for stats and locations.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     >>>>>>>>>>
    .02. Leveling Up                                                     [.02.JUMP]
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                     >>>>>>>>>>
    "I'm pissed off, and when I'm pissed off I shoot things!" -Shepard
    Unlike the first Mass Effect, you don't gain experience for every enemy that
    you kill. Instead, you only gain experience by completing missions and 
    assignments. Each level requires 1,000 experience to reach the next one. Most
    major missions give 1,000, loyalty missions give 750, N7 missions give 125, and
    other assignments give 40. Like in the original, your party shares your level.
    As you level up, you gain skill points. Shepard gains 2 squad points each level
    until level 20, with 1 squad point each level after that. Your squad gains only
    1 skill point per level no matter what their current level. The first level of
    a skill costs 1 point, then 2 points for the second level, 3 for the third, and
    4 for the fourth, resulting in 10 points required to evolve a skill. Thus, to 
    obtain the third or fourth level of a skill, you must save points as you level
    up. It's better to focus on certain, more valuable skills as you level. I
    recommend leaving Squad Auto Level "off." I also recommend not touching "Auto 
    Level Up," as the computer usually picks poorly, plus when it evolves a skill,
    you cannot Undo the choice without resorting to an earlier save.
    Once you obtain a character's Loyalty achievement, you may pay for Advanced 
    Training to learn that character's special skill for yourself at the cost of 
    5000 EEZO. Also, any character that you create can start with this skill
    at no cost, and may change to any character's Advanced Training skill even if
    the character is not yet loyal on that particular playthrough. If you change,
    the points in that skill automatically reset to 1 point with the remainder as
    unspent points, so make sure to use the squad menu to re-level your skills.
    Also, midway into the game, you can obtain specialized weapon training in any
    weapon class, OR you can obtain a special weapon upgrade for a weapon that you
    are already specialized in. If you're trained in Sniper Rifle, you obtain the
    M-98 Widow, if Assault Rifle, the M-76 Revenant, and if in Shotgun, the M-300 
    Claymore. If you're not trained, then you get access to the any models of the
    guns which you already own. The Widow is an extremely useful upgrade, but the
    Assault Rifle and the Shotgun choices aren't any more effective than the other
    choices you have available at the time.
    With numerous customization options, there are more combinations than I can
    recommend that can work. Still, I have played through a significant portion of
    the game using each of these recommendations, and you may choose to use them as
    a basic framework to think about your choices and leveling plan.
    ============                                                         ==========
    .2A. Shepard                                                         [.2A.JUMP]
    ============                                                         ==========
    "So tell me, who'd win in a fight between you and Shepard?" -Wrex
    "What class should I play first?" is a common question. On lower difficulty
    levels, really any class is quite fun. I recommend trying out a Soldier or an
    Adept if this is your first time playing, depending on whether you enjoy 
    shooting things (Soldier) or using abilities (Adept). The manual and in-game
    descriptions can basically guide you the rest of the way.
    At level 30, Shepard gets 51 points to spend to level skills. Although on your
    first playthrough, you're unable to hit level 30 before you complete the main
    storyline, if you complete most of the optional content, you will reach level
    24, which still allows you to evolve 4 different skills if you plan carefully.
    I advise focusing on evolving skills rather than trying to spend points to feel
    well-rounded, as some skills are redundant or pointless. However, don't feel
    restrained or restart if you think you spent a point in the wrong skill if this
    is your first playthrough. Midway through the game, you can research the 
    ability to Retrain Shepard at the cost of 2500 Element Zero (EEZO) per Retrain,
    which is handy to test out which skills suit you.
    .2A.01. Soldier
    Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Heavy Pistol
    Strengths: Huge amounts of health and survivability.  Versatile with weapons
    and ammo, adrenaline rush gives you room to breath. Strong against Synthetics
    with Disruptor Ammo, and Armor with Incendiary Ammo.
    Weaknesses: Must rely on teammates for special skills and crowd control.
    Level 30 Recommended Build:
    Hardened Adrenaline Rush (4)
    Concussive Blast (4)
    Squad Disruptor Ammo (4)
    Incendiary Ammo (1)
    Cryo Ammo (0)
    Shock Trooper (4)
    Advanced Training Recommendation:
    Squad Warp Ammo (4)
    You'll end up seeing many of the advanced training recommendations again on
    different classes, simply because certain skills are better than others. In
    this case, Warp Ammo allow the soldier a strong attack against enemies with
    Barrier. It also is effective against Shields, so you'll only have to switch
    between it and Disruptor Ammo once you get it, instead of juggling three Ammo
    abilities. Disruptor Ammo takes care of the Shield/Synthetic enemies, while
    Incendiary Ammo is for the Armored enemies early on, letting the soldier spam 
    Adrenaline Rush as the active skill while shooting everything up.
    If you like active abilities instead of firing your gun all the time, you can
    take Reave as your advanced training. Reave will damage everything but shields,
    but it shares the same cooldown as Adrenaline Rush. 
    While leveling, focus on evolving Adrenaline Rush and the passive class 
    ability. You can spread out the Ammo skills however you like afterwards. 
    Spending points elsewhere is really up to you, as all you need are the two
    class skills and the two ammo skills in the end. Until you get your Advanced
    Training, you can get some mileage out of a point in Concussive Shot and 
    Incendiary Ammo, however.
    .2A.02. Infilitrator
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun
    Strengths: Cloak causes enemies to be totally blind to you, plus increases
    damage. Sniper Rifle is a very strong weapon against single foes, able to
    destroy enemies with single shots. Good options against Synthetics and Armor.
    Weaknesses: No Barrier/Biotic attacks without Advanced Training. Outside of
    cloak, no other control for rushing groups of enemies. Lower heat sink capacity
    of Snipers can be troublesome early on unless you're naturally a good shot.
    Level 30 Recommended Build:
    Squad Disruptor Ammo (4)
    Cryo Ammo (0)
    Assassination Cloak (4)
    Incineration Blast (4)
    AI Hacking (1)
    Assassin (4)
    Advanced Training Recommendations: 
    Squad Warp Ammo (4)
    Warp Ammo fills the void of biotic/barrier damage. Armor Piercing Ammo is
    another option, but Incinerate and Warp Ammo are already strong against Armor.
    Still, if you're playing on an easier difficulty, AP Ammo does have a better
    damage increase as long as enemies only have Armor and Health, and Armor is
    the most common defense in the game, while Barrier is the least common.
    Primarily, your playstyle will focus on cloaking as often as possible to avoid
    fire (and increase damage), while also working to get into good cover 
    positions. On harder difficulties, with larger groups of enemies that rush, you
    must rely on your squad, have a good aim, and/or fall back often until you get
    enough skill and upgrades to kill enemies in a single shot.
    While leveling, focus on Cloak and the passive class ability, then evolve your 
    Ammo abilities after your core abilities. An early point in Incinerate can be
    useful until your weapon damage catches up.
    .2A.03. Vanguard
    Weapons: Shotgun, Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun
    Strengths: Really easy to get Brawler Achievement. Decent against Armor
    defense and non-defensive foes.
    Weaknesses: No effective powers against shields and low effective attacks
    against barrier. Have to hold back against multiple enemies, can get in trouble
    quickly if not patient.
    Level 30 Recommended Build:
    Squad Incendiary Ammo (4)
    Cryo Ammo (1)
    Area Charge (4)
    Improved Shockwave (4)
    Pull (0)
    Destroyer (4)
    Advanced Training Recommendations: 
    Heavy Reave (4) or Squad Warp Ammo (4)
    Reave is an improved Warp, strong against Barriers and Armor, plus it makes
    many enemies double over in pain while granting you addtional HP. Warp Ammo is
    a good choice to replace Incendiary Ammo, at which point you can evolve Pull
    Field instead with the extra point in Incendiary. Warp Ammo is versatile 
    because it is useful against Armor and Barrier, plus has synergy with Pull, 
    causing extra damage on biotic-affected enemies. 
    Vanguard is also a class that might consider energy drain, although it's not
    as useful in as many situations as Reave or Warp Ammo. Energy Drain is 
    effective against Shields and Synthetics, and also boosts/replenishes Shields
    by the amount that it drains. The downside is that it only affects Shields and
    Barrier/Fortification/Shield Boost are options that allow you a bit more leeway
    to charge, but on harder difficulties, you'll want those extra offensive
    options because more enemies will have defense, and vanguards have no abilities
    that are effective against enemies with defenses without Advanced Training.
    While leveling, focus on Charge, your passive ability, and Shockwave. If you
    can get your Advanced Training early, it's usually the best ability to evolve. 
    The default Vanguard skills are not that useful, as Charge can get you into
    trouble until it's evolved and you get practice with it, there are better Ammo 
    options than Incendiary, and while Shockwave can knock enemies out of cover and
    do damage, it doesn't affect enemies with defense.
    .2A.04. Sentinel
    Weapons: Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun
    Strengths: Tough personal defense, eventual access to Warp. Well-rounded, can
    damage Barrier, Shield, and Armor without Advanced Training.
    Weaknesses: Lousy starting weapon options, no natural Ammo abilities. Have to
    spend points to get to Warp.
    Level 30 Recommended Build:Throw (2)
    Heavy Warp (4)
    Power Armor (4)
    Overload (3)
    Cryo Blast (0)
    Raider (4)
    Advanced Training Recommendations: 
    Squad Armor Piercing Ammo (4) or Squad Warp Ammo (4)
    Since a sentinel has no Ammo abilities, but generally relies on their weapons
    more than an adept or engineer, an Ammo ability is preferable to other options.
    Warp Ammo is a better extra choice on harder difficulties due to the amount of
    defense on enemies, and if chosen, you might choose a different setup with your
    other skill points. Armor Piercing Ammo has a higher damage increase, but
    you'll have to whittle down shields with Warp before you get any bonus damage
    from AP ammo, compared to just firing away with Warp Ammo.
    While leveling, focus on evolving Warp, your passive class ability, and Tech
    Armor. You can survive with minimal points in you Advanced Training and 
    Overload early on, although having some points in the abilities early helps
    you be versatile.
    .2A.05. Adept
    Weapons: Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun
    Strengths: Tons of crowd control. Warp is primary offense with high damage,
    and quick cooldown. Great for lower difficulties where enemies lack defenses.
    Weaknesses: Lousy starting weapons, no effective attacks versus Shields, all
    basic biotic abilities are blocked against defenses except for Warp.
    Level 30 Recommended Build:
    Heavy Warp (4)
    Throw Field (4)
    Singularity (4)
    Pull (1)
    Shockwave (0)
    Nemesis (4)
    Advanced Training Recommendations:
    Heavy/Area Energy Drain (4) or Squad Warp Ammo (4)
    The only advanced training that directly deals with the adept's lack of Shield
    attack is Energy Drain, which only affects shields and synthetic enemies. 
    Energy Drain does the same damage amount and type as Overload, except that it 
    improves your shields instead of stunning enemies. Another viable route is Warp
    Ammo, which works with all of the biotic abilities to increase weapon damage,
    just like Warp. 
    I considered recommending Reave, but Reave and Warp are very similar. I prefer
    to add some versatility. Warp Ammo is a passive ability, even though it covers
    the same basic damage types, while Energy Drain makes you well-rounded. Still, 
    Reave is an improvment over Warp if you want to choose that route.
    While leveling, evolve Heavy Warp first, then supplement it with the passive
    class ability.  Focus on Advanced Training if available, otherwise level
    whichever control aspects suit you, as they are similar.
    .2A.06. Engineer
    Weapons: Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun
    Strengths: Heavy damage against Armor, Shield, and Synthetic enemies. Drone is
    a great decoy.
    Weaknesses: Lousy starting weapons, no effective power against barriers. 
    Level 30 Recommended Build:
    Area Overload (4)
    Incineration Blast (4)
    Attack Drone (4)
    Cryo Blast (0)
    AI Hacking (0)
    Demolisher (4)
    Advanced Training Recommendations: 
    Heavy Reave (4)
    Again, Reave provides the engineer with an effective attack against Barrier and
    can be considered an improvement over Incinerate, making it redundant once you
    can get Reave. Against organic enemies, unless you get Reave early on, an 
    engineer's most effective strategy is to dispatch the drone to distract
    enemies. With Reave, you turn into an offensive powerhouse. 
    You could also try Dominate and AI Hacking as a combination build, controlling 
    your enemies, but I have not personally done a playthrough with this setup. It
    would be very difficult on any higher difficulties due to the increased enemy
    defenses, but it would certainly be fun on lower ones.
    Overload takes care of Shields and Synthetics, while Incinerate or Reave takes
    out Armor and health. While leveling, evolve your Drone first, and then focus
    on Overload, your passive ability, and Reave. This build noticeably lacks an
    Ammo ability, but hopefully your squad will help in that area.
    ==========                                                           ==========
    .2B. Squad                                                           [.2B.JUMP]
    ==========                                                           ==========
    "Hm, nobody died." -Ashley Williams
    "I could shoot someone if it'd make you feel better." -Kaiden Alenko
    "Nah, I'm good." -Ashley Williams
    *Note that this section has marked spoilers, skip past the marked section if
    you want to avoid them. 
    Your squadmates get 30 points to spend on abilities, including one point that 
    is automatically put into their loyalty skill when you achieve their loyalty. 
    Miranda and Jacob have 31 points and also don't have to spend any points to 
    unlock their third skill, while all other characters start with their second
    listed skill locked, requiring at least 2 points in the first skill to unlock.
    As noted above with the Shepard builds, it's best to specialize and evolve 
    skills rather than spend a few points in all the skills. As powers share one 
    cool-down time, it's better to spam 1 or 2 great skills, using your squadmates
    to cover weaknesses. Thus, spend and save points towards evolving skills along
    your set plan.
    You must be more careful while spending squad points as your squad cannot pay
    to Retrain and reallocate points. Also be aware that if the computer chooses an
    evolved power using "Auto Level Up" you CANNOT "Undo Talent Points" to change
    it and must reload to an earlier save if you wish to undo the choice.
    At level 30, you can max three of the four skills unlocked to your squadmates.
    If you wish to maximize their unlocked second-listed skill, then you can only
    evolve 2 skills, with a third skill at 3 points, and a final skill at 2 points.
    In these recommendations, at the fourth evolution rank, I generally pick the 
    area effect version, and for passive skills, the damage increase over health 
    increase.  Additionally, for Ammo choices, I list the squad version. However,
    the single-target choices are effective, especially with Incinerate and Warp.
    HP, Shield, and Weapon/Power bonus stats are listed at level 30 (with max
    research upgrades) for comparison.
    .2B.01. Miranda
    HP: 240
    Shield: 250
    Weapon Damage: +25%
    Squad Weapon Damage: +15%
    Weapons: Submachine Gun, Hand Cannon
    Area Overload (4)
    Heavy Warp (4)
    Cerberus Leader (4)
    Slam (1)
    Slam is not very useful, but Miranda's other skills are excellent and makes her
    a good offensive squadmate to carry around. Warp affects Barrier and Armor
    defenses, while Overload takes care of Shields and synthetics, giving her an
    effective attack against every defensive type. Unfortunately, she isn't given
    additional Power bonuses, making her ability attacks weaker than most of your
    other squad, and definitely the weakest among ability-focused members. Still,
    for the first half of the game, she is a great option when you don't have 
    other specialists.
    .2B.02. Jacob
    HP: 260
    Barrier: 250
    Weapon Damage: +25%
    Potential Ammo Damage: +40 armor/health over time
    Weapons: Shotgun, Hand Cannon
    Pull Field (4)
    Squad Incendiary Ammo (4)
    Cerberus Specialist (4)
    Barrier (1)
    The computer doesn't use Barrier very well, and it's a poor skill anyway. It
    only replenishes Jacob's Barrier when it's taken damage, and does not seem to
    increase the total Barrier, unlike its description. Incendiary Ammo is also
    limited, as it only affects Armored enemies and organics. In addition, his
    weapons are also the worst choices possible. Thus, Jacob is only useful as a
    default starting character, but in the end, because he lacks any specific 
    strengths, he is the weakest squad mate to bring into a mission. At least he
    is a good leader.
    .2B.03. Garrus
    HP: 245
    Shield: 250
    Weapon Damage: +25%
    Power Damage: +25%
    Ammo Damage: +50% armor/health
    Weapons: Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle
    Concussive Shot (2)
    Area Overload (4)
    Turian Renegade (4)
    Armor Piercing Ammo (3)
    Overload is devastating to Shields, Synthetics, and most Heavy-weapon carrying
    enemies, plus Garrus has a nice damage bonus attached to his passive ability. 
    Armor Piercing Ammo has a high damage increase. Concussive shot acts as hit
    anti-Barrier attack, but it does average damage and adds a knockdown if the
    enemy has no defense. For Shepards where Ammo abilities aren't available or 
    the best option, consider instead Squad AP Ammo and a lower Overload level.
    This makes the most sense for Engineers, as Engineers are the most likely not
    to have a squad ammo option on their squad, and you'll already have enough
    anti-synthetic attacks already. While Garrus is powerful against synthetic
    enemies, he's well-rounded enough for any team from beginning to end.
    .2B.04. Mordin
    HP: 250
    Shield: 420
    Weapon Damage: +25%
    Weapons: Submachine Gun, Hand Cannon
    Power Damage: +20% (when Researched)
    Incineration Blast (4)
    Cryo Blast (0)
    Salarian Savant (4)
    Neural Shockwave (4)
    Incinerate is amazing against armored foes. You may choose to go with Heavy
    Incinerate as it is extremely effective against tough armored foes like bosses,
    but since I rarely use Mordin, I focus him for the specific missions where you
    need to decimate large numbers of enemies. Unfortunately, his other skills are
    not valuable, but I suppose that makes his skills easy to focus on and level.
    Neural Shockwave and Cryo Blast have similar effects, but since Neural
    Shockwave has better duration and comes with one point when unlocked, it's the
    recommended power to evolve.  You'll end up primarily using Incinerate, anyway.
    Mordin also has more shields than other squadmates due to Salarian Scientist,
    but tends to sit on the Normandy later in the game, as he unfortunately has low
    offensive power due to his weapon options. Mordin can be useful for early 
    missions against single organic enemies with armor, like mercenaries.
    2B.05. Jack
    HP: 230
    Barrier: 250
    Weapon Damage: +18%
    Power Recharge: -25%
    Power Damage: +20% (when Researched)
    Potential Ammo Damage: +35% Barrier/Armor/health
    Weapons: Shotgun, Hand Cannon
    Improved Shockwave (4)
    Pull (0)
    Subject Zero (4)
    Squad Warp Ammo (4)
    Warp Ammo is a great ability. On easier levels, Pull is a great crowd control
    device; however, it's not quite as useful on higher difficulties, plus as a
    locked skill, Jack would have to sacrifice evolving some skill to get Pull
    Field. Shockwave has limited effectiveness, but can help in more situations
    than pull, as it adds damage and still knocks enemies out of cover. 
    If you picked Warp Ammo as your personal ability, you should move points for
    Jack elsewhere or evolve it as a personal ability instead. Personally, 
    especially when I already had Warp Ammo on my Shepard, I found little use
    for Jack and instead used Samara, Miranda, or even Thane, who were better
    when I wanted biotic options. You can still use Jack to specialize in
    handling large crowds of enemies, as Samara and Thane might be better suited
    towards a single-target focus. Shockwave is a natural crowd clear ability
    even before it's evolved.
    .2B.06. Grunt
    HP: 600
    Armor: 300
    Weapon Damage: +25%
    Health Regeneration: 40 points per second
    Potential Weapon Damage: +40% squad or +60% personal Armor/organic
    Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun
    Concussive Shot (3)
    Incendiary Ammo (4)
    Krogan Warlord (4)
    Fortification (2)
    You can evolve Incendiary Ammo either way if you don't have a Squad ability.
    Incendiary Ammo is probably the least useful Ammo ability, but isn't bad for
    just Grunt alone if he's got the self-powered version, so it's your call. Grunt
    has huge amounts of health due to Krogan Vitality research upgrades, plus a 
    substantial health regeneration on top of that, so Fortification isn't a 
    priority, plus it doesn't work as the description states, instead only
    replenishing armor, not actually improving the total amount.
    Concussive Shot is quick damage against enemies with barriers or no defenses,
    and since Grunt is not wasting cooldown time on other active abilities, it's 
    better than nothing.
    If you leave Grunt equipped with a shotgun, he's useful for drawing fire, but
    can get himself into trouble. Change him to an assault rifle, and he'll back
    off. Since you can change on the fly, he's useful both ways. Grunt is best
    suited for missions against armored enemies, although he manages against
    .2B.07. Thane
    HP: 230
    Shield: 250
    Weapon Damage: +50%
    Potential Ammo Damage: +60% Organic
    Weapon: Sniper Rifle, Submachine Gun
    Throw (2)
    Heavy Warp (4)
    Drell Marksman (4)
    Shredder Ammo (3)
    Thane focuses on doing damage to single enemies, thus the evolution of Warp
    into Heavy Warp. Shredder Ammo isn't bad, but as it's limited to organics, you
    may end up relying a more versatile Squad Ammo instead of micro-managing his.
    Thane is useful to take for missions with Barriers, but can be helpful against
    Armored enemies as well.
    .2B.08. Tali
    HP: 240
    Shield: 250
    Weapon Damage: +18%
    Power Duration: +25%
    Weapons: Shotgun, Hand Cannon
    Attack Drone (4)
    AI Hacking (0)
    Quarian Engineer (4)
    Energy Drain (4)
    Drones are great, and you will find yourself using them every time the power 
    recharges. Explosive drones are better at higher difficulties where enemies 
    tend to destroy them faster, but with her duration bonus, attack drones make
    the better option otherwise. 
    Energy Drain is exactly like Overload, except it does not stun the enemies.  
    Instead, it gives the user a Shield increase for the amount that was drained.
    Keep in mind it only works on Synthetic enemies and Shield.
    Depending on your playstyle, you can try a build with AI Hacking, leaving the
    Drone, Quarian Engineer, or Energy Drain unevolved. As a reminder, you can
    only hack enemies with no defenses, but even on the hardest difficulties,
    Hacking can give you valuable time to regroup. Either way, Tali shines on
    against synthetics due to her engineering prowess.
    .2B.09. Samara
    HP: 240
    Barrier: 250
    Weapon Damage: +18%
    Power Recharge Time: -25%
    Weapons: Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun
    Throw Field (4)
    Pull (0)
    Sapiens Justicar (4)
    Heavy Reave (4)
    Throw is excellent against weak organic enemies that swarm such as husks, and
    it's not that useful to level Pull. Reave is an improved Warp. Despite doing
    damage over time, it does more total damage with bonuses, additionally stuns an
    enemy, and provides the user with nearly double health plus regeneration. 
    Against non-health defenses, the damage actually occurs very quickly/instantly.
    Since opponents with Armor and Barrier are usually boss-type enemies, it's
    better to choose Heavy Reave to quickly take down these strong, single enemies.
    As a bonus, her access to assault rifles gives her better personal weapon damage
    than other biotics, although her loyalty ability is what makes her unique.
    So, once loyal, Samara is the optimum choice for Barrier and Armored bosses,
    or for missions against Collectors, since she can both control crowds with
    throw and bosses with Reave.
    .2B.10. Zaeed
    HP: 230
    Shield: 250
    Weapon Damage: +50%
    Potential Weapon Ammo Bonus: 40% Shield/Synthetic
    Weapons: Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle
    Concussive Shot (2)
    Disruptor Ammo (3)
    Mercenary Warlord (4)
    Inferno Blast Grenade (4)
    Inferno Blast Grenade is a super large area Incinerate, but unfortunately, 
    because the damage is lower, and the explosion area is actually hard to aim
    precisely, it's less useful. Like Thane, Zaeed has a big weapon damage bonus
    (and great weapon choices) with the downsides of having no defense or control
    skills. Still, Zaeed is like Garrus in that he is versatile enough to handle
    shields with Disrupter Ammo, Barrier with Concussive, and Armor with Inferno
    Blast, although his worth is higher early on, as later, you should have
    better, specialized options.
    Spoiler Warning
    .2B.11. Morinth
    HP: 240
    Barrier: 250
    Weapon Damage: +18%
    Power Recharge Time: -25%
    Weapons: Assault Rifle, Submachine Gun
    Throw Field (4)
    Pull (0)
    Erdua Yakshi (4)
    Group Dominate (4)
    Morinth's stats are the same as Samara's. Be advised that she is a pseudo-
    romance option, but if you choose this path, you will want to have saved first.
    Dominate is excellent against Collectors as it acts as an annoyance to
    Harbinger, although it's limited as it cannot affect enemies with defenses,
    like AI hacking, it's more limited on harder difficulties. Otherwise, Morinth
    can act quite similarly to Samara, no pun intended.
    *Still Spoilers*
    .2B.12. Legion
    HP: 230
    Geth Shield: 350
    Weapon Damage: +25%
    Power Recharge Time: -25%
    Weapons: Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle
    AI Hacking (3)
    Attack Drone (4)
    Geth Assassin (4)
    Geth Shield Boost (2)
    As noted with Tali, the drone type's usefulness may depend on your difficulty 
    level. While Legion has stronger weapon choices than Tali, his extra power is 
    a a little less useful. Although Geth Shield Boost can improve his damage, I
    find myself using his drone, or and AI Hacking in emergencies, with no time to
    use the shield boost effectively.
    To get Legion, you must not turn him over to Cerberus, and like Grunt, you must
    activate him. Also note that if you wish to have No One Left Behind, you only 
    have one or two missions (generally Legion's loyalty mission) before you must 
    go through the Omega 4 Relay to save everyone. Unlike most teammates which
    require a few dialogue sequences and sometimes taking them on assignments or
    missions beforehand, Legion will immediately open up his loyalty mission if 
    you are at this point in the game. Logically, Legion is powerful against other
    synthetics, although he can function more than adequately against any type of
    enemy with his solid combination of guns n' drones.
    End Spoiler Notes
    .2B.13. Summary of Ability Strengths
    Sorted by Damage strength, or when not applicable, subjective usefulness. Armor
    is the most common defense and Barrier is the least common, but all ability 
    attacks effective against Barrier also are effective against Shields.
    (Note: For weapons, shield-barrier share a common weakness instead of the
    armor-barrier ability weakness).
    Can Be Used At Any Time: 
    Combat Drone, Barrier, Fortification, Shield Boost
    Do Not Penetrate Defenses: 
    Throw, Dominate, AI Hacking, Pull, Neural Shock, Cryo Blast, Slam, Shockwave,
    Shredder Ammo, Cryo Ammo
    Strong versus Armor: 
    Reave, Incinerate, Warp, Armor Piercing Ammo, Incendinary Ammo, Warp Ammo,
    Inferno Blast Grenade
    Strong versus Barrier: 
    Reave, Warp, Warp Ammo, Concussive Shot
    Strong versus Shield: 
    Energy Drain, Overload, Combat Drone, Disruptor Ammo
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                             >>>>>>>>>>
    .03. Mission Walkthrough                                             [.03.JUMP]
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                             >>>>>>>>>>
    "If mom could see me now, we'd have zombies on top of everything else." -Joker
    Author's Note:
    There won't be any more spoiler markings, but just don't scroll too far ahead
    and there's little risk of running into anything plot-revealing.
    I intended to do this walkthrough while playing on Insanity, but realized the
    target audience would likely be playing on an easier mode, so I compromised by
    writing this while playing on Hardcore difficulty. If your enemies lack 
    defenses, or have stronger defenses than I mention in the guide, that is the
    reason. Generally, Normal difficulty has very few enemy defenses other than on
    the Boss-type enemies, while anything higher than Veteran simply increases the
    number of enemies with defenses. On insanity, all enemies have defenses and
    some have multiple defenses.
    The point of this guide is to complete every mission and assignment possible
    and recieve the No One Left Behind achievement. There are many places where you
    have several routes to take, such the order of recruitment, or of completing
    loyalty quests. You can complete the game with a "bad ending" or choose to take
    any different path that you desire, but the guide was written assuming you
    would follow the order suggested. I also don't constantly remind you to save, 
    feed your fish, talk to your crew after every mission to advance loyalty or
    romance, or buy upgrades when you can afford them from the various shops or 
    from the Tech Lab. I trust you guys to remember!
    =============                                                        ==========
    .3A. Prologue                                                        [.3A.JUMP]
    =============                                                        ==========
    .3A.01. Save Joker
    Enemies: No enemies
    Run and moonwalk to the cockpit and save Joker.
    Completion Rewards: You get blasted out into space.
    .3A.02. Awakening
    Enemy Defenses: 100% Synthetic (no special defenses)
    Enemy Types: Hacked Mechs
    Listen to the instructions and take out the Hacked Mechs. They are pretty easy,
    and you should use them as target practice for your skills and weapons. They do
    appear in groups of three or so, but they are very slow. 
    There are numerous logs that will explain the purpose of the facility. None of
    the items are difficult to find, so take your time and grab everything. 
    There are no surprises as you move along, as the mechs are often in a suspended
    state when you encounter them, allowing you to get in a few shots and skills 
    before they attack. The most challenging part is the final area near the 
    evacuation point, where after taking out two mechs on the lower floor, you'll
    find two more mechs that activate as you reach the top of the stairs, while a 
    door containing four mechs will also open. Note that you can also take a route
    closer to the door, but the mechs will gang up on you, so keep your distance
    by going to the right. Use the box as cover, and you'll have plenty of time to
    let them come into range to use Overload, Pull, and whatever class skills you 
    have to dispatch them. The room containing the mechs also has two hackable
    items containing extra credits.
    Eventually, you'll make it to the evacuation shuttle and learn more about your
    Wall Safe (975)
    Med Kit (3)
    Data Pad (900)
    Data Pad (975)
    Wall Safe (900)
    Completion Rewards: 1,000 exp, 3,750 Credits.
    =======================                                              ==========
    .3B. Freedom's Progress                                              [.3B.JUMP]
    =======================                                              ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shields, Armor. All synthetic enemies
    Enemy Types: LOKI Mech (Armor), FENRIS Mech (Armor), Assault Drone (Shield),
    Rocket Drone (Shield), YMIR Mech (Shield, Armor)
    Salvage Parts (1000)
    Med Kit 
    Wall Safe (2000)
    Wall Safe (2000)
    Med Kit
    Salvage Parts (1000)
    Power Cells
    Wall Safe (3000)
    Med Kit
    Damaged YMIR Mech (Heavy Weapon Ammo)
    Iridium (2000)
    You now have all the basic types of weapons of your chosen class available for 
    you to select. Take the time to level Jacob and Miranda's powers. I recommend
    pumping points into Miranda's Overload and Jacob's passive abilities. Use the 
    Tactical HUD to hotkey Miranda's skills and select the weapon you prefer.
    The LOKI Mechs are similar to what you already encountered. After you take
    down the first two mechs across the way, another LOKI Mech and some FENRIS
    Mechs will flank you. Move to better cover, and stay aware of the FENRIS Mechs
    who try to melee you, doing significant damage. On easier difficulties, you can
    try using your fist to hit them back, but otherwise, they'll have a few too
    many hitpoints to be reckless. Focus fire on them first, as the other Mechs
    will advance slowly (or not at all on easier difficulties).
    Be aware than when approaching the second Wall Safe, a LOKI Mech in front of 
    it will activate. You should be able to take it out with Overload and a few 
    rapid fire gun shots.
    In the next area immediately following, you will encounter Drones. Both types
    of Drones are tough on harder levels, as they are shielded, come in pairs, and
    move around after they take some damage. After the first pair of drones, more 
    will appear to your south, usually able to hit you from your cover position. 
    Again, quick Overload should take care of them.
    In the area before the loading docks, a few more pairs of Drones will again try
    to flank you. After taking them out and following the instructions to move your
    squadmates to the arrows, and taking cover behind the center, you'll face the
    "Boss," a YMIR Mech with Shields, Armor, and Health.
    Against the YMIR Mech, you should direct your squad to move away, as he will
    generally go straight for Miranda as enemies will generally head for the
    nearest target. There are several strategies to fighting the mech, but the 
    basic idea is to hit and run - run away as you chip away against the defenses. 
    If you can distract it by getting close to it, try leading it near the stack of
    boxes where you start at. It will chase you around in a circle, and since it's
    so wide, you can hit it while it has difficulty hitting you. This way, you have
    to move constantly, however. An alternative is to let your squad act as the
    distraction while you take cover in the Southwest unit, where you can find 
    Heavy Weapon ammo. Fire away safely and keep using Unity if they fall in
    battle. Remember that multiple round weapons like SMG's and Shotguns are better
    against shields, while slow-firing weapons like Pistols and Snipers are better
    against armor. If you're confused, just stick with an Assault Rifle. Otherwise,
    switch out accordingly to get his defenses down faster and use less heatsinks.
    After you destroy it and pick everything up in the final area, talk to Veetor.
    If you choose the first paragon option, you'll get the option to use a Paragon
    interrupt. If you choose the middle one, you'll get the option to use a 
    Renegade interrupt. These interrupts are meant to introduce you to the
    interrupt system.
    Paragon: If you send Veetor with Tali, he'll show up later with the Migrant 
    Fleet, still shaken, but having tried to help Tali.
    Renegade: If you take Veetor to Cerberus, he'll still show up later, but he's
    really messed up.
    Completion Rewards: 1,000 exp, 9,000 Credits
    ================================================                     ==========
    .3C. Stop the Collectors Part 1: Assemble a Team                     [.3C.JUMP]
    ================================================                     ==========
    Take your time to tour the Normandy if it's your first time playing. There's 
    several codex entries around the ship. You can get an achievement by watching 
    the 3 "Advanced Combat Training" videos at your Private Terminal, plus they are
    informative. You'll also get Messages from Anderson and about any DLC you have
    correctly installed. Joker has something new to say after a major mission, and
    if you linger near him a little bit, he has 4 or 5 sets of very random musings.
    Plus, the ambient conversation of your crew will update nearly every mission.
    When you get him, Zaeed does the same thing as well, having a comment about the
    mission you most recently completed.
    Talking to your squadmates between missions gives you more information about
    their characters, as well as obtain any loyalty quests once you've spoken to
    them enough and taken them on missions/assignments at the right time.
    Doctor Chakwas, Mess Sergeant Gardner, and the Engineers have assignments for 
    you. Choosing to get more familiar with Yeoman Chambers also opens up a 
    potential "Romance" option for both Male and Female Shepards.
    When you're ready to set out, head to the galaxy map.  The game recommends
    you to recruit the Professor, which is a good idea since you cannot research
    upgrades from the Tech Lab without him. Plus, you start out in the Omega
    Nebula, so head to Omega to recruit The Professor, Archangel, and The Veteran
    if you have the Zaeed DLC installed.
    Assignments available for pickup:
    Normandy: Serrice Ice Brandy
    Normandy: Special Ingredients
    Normandy: FBA Couplings
    Any completed "normal" assignment is worth 40 experience points, while any N7
    mission (which generally requires you to travel to an unexplored planet) is
    worth 125 experience points. If there are additional rewards, I have listed
    them. Details on how the complete the assignments are spread randomly through
    the mission walkthrough, or you may choose to use a shorter list version that 
    appears in the appendix want to focus on the main missions.
    ==========                                                           ==========
    .3D. Omega                                                           [.3D.JUMP]
    ==========                                                           ==========
    On the Galaxy Map, fill up on fuel and probes from the Fuel Depot.  Although 
    you're not necessarily going exploring instantly, you do start at basically 
    empty. If you go outside the system without fuel, you'll eat up your minerals.
    On landing on Omega, Aria's thug Moklan comes to welcome you. You must
    eventually speak with her to continue the recruitment of Archangel and Mordin.
    You can complete the Serrice Ice Brandy and the FBA Coupling assignments. The
    Brandy is at the Bar, and costs no Credits, and the FBA Couplings cost 500
    Credits from Kenn's. When you're done shopping, head to Afterlife. You can get
    a few extra Morality points by speaking with the Batarian.
    .3D.01. Shopping in Omega
    If you didn't import, then you only have about 40,000 Credits to spend. Make
    sure to get every discount before deciding on what to purchase. There are three
    shops on Omega. I recommend buying the Hack Bonus from Harrot's if you have his
    discount, as well as the Visor. Pick up the T6 Couplings from Kenn's to return
    to the engineers on the Normandy.
    Discounts lower the price to 83% of the listed price. I don't have the exact
    Morality values needed to persuade the shops for their discount, but I gave
    an approximate amount so you determine if you're close.
    Kenn's Salvage
    Discount: Talk to Kenn. You can get a discount from him directly, or through 
    Harrot. In either case, ask Kenn why he's here, and get him to talk about 
    Harrot. Tell Kenn that you'll have a talk with Harrot to get the Struggling 
    Quarian assignment, which rewards a discount for both Kenn's and Harrot's. 
    If you pay for Kenn to leave, you will miss out on Harrot's discount. 
    Heavy Weapon Ammo. 30,000
    Nashan Stellar Dynamics T6-FBA Couplings (Normandy Engineering quest). 500
    Heavy Skin Weave. 90,000
    Shotgun Damage. 60,000
    Harrot's Emporium
    Discount: Only available by talking to Kenn first.  Ask Kenn about Harrot and 
    then tell him you'll talk to Harrot.  You can persuade Harrot either way with 
    approximately 50 negotiation, giving a discount at Kenn's as well as he buys
    Kenn's store. 
    Visor (headpiece, 10% headshot dmg). 2,000
    Model Ship 13 - Geth Ship. 2,000
    Capicitor Chestplate (chest, 10% less shield recharge time), 4,000
    Hack Bonus. 30,000
    Omega Markets
    Discount: Talk to Marsh with a Negotiation skill of approximately 50.
    Stimulator Conduits (legs, 10% storm speed). 4,000
    Model - Turian Cruiser. 500
    Sniper Rifle Damage. 60,000
    Fornax. 5
    .3D.02. Recruit the Veteran
    You'll see Zaeed immediately at the end of the docking area. Just talk to him.
    His loyalty mission unlocks immediately, unlike other squad mates. He has
    excellent weapon choices and weapon-based bonuses, but not no crowd control or
    defensive abilities. If you wish, you can request to use him immediately in
    place of Miranda or Jacob by going back to the Docking Area. Remember to spend
    his points, I recommend raising his passive ability for his weapon damage.
    ======================                                               ==========
    .3E. Recruit Archangel                                               [.3E.JUMP]
    ======================                                               ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Barrier, Shield, Armor, regenerating enemies, Heavy weapons 
    Yes, you get to see everything basically, but it's not very difficult, but 
    it does give you a chance to kind of learn (unless you shoot everything up).
    Squad Recommendations: Miranda, Zaeed
    Miranda's strength is her versatility, which you'll want to combat defences.
    Not to pretend there's a ton of choices at this point in the game, but Zaeed
    is more deadily than Jacob purely by his weapon choices.
    .3E.01. Afterlife
    After talking to Aria and asking about Archangel, you can talk to the Merc 
    Recruiter in the west. If you have at least 100 Renegade points, you can get
    the Blue Suns Trooper to respect you more quickly with a Renegade Interrupt.
    Apply for a freelance spot to attack Archangel. When you exit, you'll see a 
    young guy going in to apply for a spot. ME veterans may recognize that he
    sounds like a certain Richard L. Jenkins. If you have some Paragon points, you
    can stop him with a Paragon Interrupt, jamming his pistol. If you save him, he
    sends a thank you message to the Normandy. If you don't save him, he is the 
    first to die in the freelance attack. If you bring Zaeed for this mission, the
    Blue Suns react to his presence. Many other small scenes in the game will also
    change depending on who you bring.
    .3E.02. Merc Base & Archangel's Base
    Head out of the club and to the southwest until you see the Blue Suns Driver
    when you have bought everything you need. Once in the base, you can speak to
    Jaroth, leader of Eclipse, for codex information about their merc band. Nab the
    datapad for an assignment you can turn in to Aria. 
    Hack the Friend of Foe ID of the Heavy Mech to make your life easier. There are
    some items you can obtain in this room as well. You can talk to Garm, the Blood
    Pack leader, for more codex info if you wish. There is a datapad you can hack
    with a good chunk of protection money in it. There are also several good items
    behind a door you must bypass - don't miss the Submachine Gun upgrade.
    Special Scene: If you speak to Tarak with Zaeed on the team, you get a quick 
    extra scene and can speak to Jentha for a Blue Suns codex update.
    Element Zero (500)
    Eezo Smuggling Accounts (4,000)
    'Protection' Money Accounts (6,000)
    Medical Station
    Power Cells
    Blue Suns Weapon Shipment (Submachine Gun upgrade unlock)
    Blue Suns Gunrunning Accounts (4,000)
    Medical Station
    When you've got all the items, talk to Cathka's Assistant to proceed with the
    mission. At the end of the conversation with Cathka, if you have at least 100
    Renegade points, you can kill him with a Renegade Interupt and stop the gunship
    from being completely repaired. Once you do that, you're immediately thrown
    into battle. The mercs think you're on their side until you start shooting at
    Med Kits
    Omni-tool Power Boost X-Mods (Tech Damage upgrade unlock)
    At the end of Archangel's conversation, you may get a Renegade interrupt while
    holding the sniper. This kills one of the mechs you'll be facing.
    Objective: Keep Garrus alive
    LOKI Mech (Armor), Eclipse Troopers (Barrier), YMIR Mech (Shield, Armor), 
    Jaroth (Shield, Armor)
    M-15 Vindicator Battle Rifle
    Med Kits
    Wall Safe (4000)
    You can obtain the items during the battle or afterwards. If you have a good 
    team, you can keep any enemies from entering the base. Just keep using powers
    and shooting from your perch. If you hacked the mech, focus entirely on the
    troopers, as they will focus on the mech. If you don't manage to keep everyone
    outside, then don't worry. Just make sure to counter them on the ground floor.
    Don't forget to grab the Vindicator, which is an assault rifle that you can
    use until the end of the game. It's not the most accurate weapon at this point
    in the game, and its heatsink capacity will always be fairly small, but your
    squad doesn't care about the heatsink amount, anyway.
    .3E.03. The Basement
    Objective: Close the Shutters
    Enemies: Varren (Armor), Blood Pack Troopers (Armor, Heavy Weapons), 
    Garm (Barrier, Armor)
    If you leave someone with Garrus, his health will remain relatively stable as
    you try to close the shutters. Since the area is somewhat crowded, I find that
    I'm fine leaving someone with him. Enemies from the shutters come every twenty
    seconds, and do not stop until you close the shutters. Make sure you don't move
    past the shutters as they close, and don't let enemies obstruct it. If you stay
    in cover while the shutters are closing, enemies will shoot blindly at you as
    the shutter closes. Close the shutter to the south first, then head west to the
    garage to close that shutter, and finally to the east utility to close that
    shutter. Once you close the shutters, you pop back up in Archangel's base and
    your squadmate will return if you left them. You immediately face a more Blood
    Pack and Garm, their leader.
    .3E.04. Back at the Base
    Objective: Take out Jentha and Tarak's Gunship
    Enemies: Blue Suns Troopers (Shield, Heavy Weapons), Jentha (Shield)
    Jentha comes in with a number of Blue Suns troopers on the upper levels, then
    storms the lower levels. After you take them out, Tarak comes in his gunship
    and starts bombarding the upper level. If you killed Cathka, the Gunship's
    defenses are 25% lower. Once you damage the gunship a fair amount, more Blue
    Suns troopers come by. Dispatch them, then finish off the gunship, and you're
    Completion Reward: 1,000 exp, 17,500 Credits
    .3E.05. Back on the Normandy
    Assignment N7: Lost Operative should open up for you through your
    messages, but you can put that off until later.
    If you bought the couplings, talk to the engineers and play some Skyllian-Five
    poker. You'll instantly win 500 Credits and finish the assignment, setting you
    back to even for the cost of the Couplings in the first place. You can also
    talk with Dr. Chakwas and get a Medi-Gel upgrade and learn more about her
    .3E.06. More Omega Assignments
    Finish these assignments in quick succession:
    Omega: Deliver Datapad
    Omega: The Patriarch
    Omega: Batarian Bartender
    You can now complete several assignments on Omega at once. First, talk to
    Aria's Turian guard, Grizz, who tells you to see Patriarch to help Aria. Head
    down to lower Afterlife, visiting Forvan the bartender for a drink. When you 
    get back up, return to Forvan. Afterwards, head to the small room to the east
    in lower Afterlife and talk to Patriarch. Resolve his issue in any manner you
    see fit, and return to Aria when you are done, turning in the datapad you found
    during Archangel's mission at the same time.
    Now, head to the next mission.
    ==========================                                           ==========
    .3F. Recruit The Professor                                           [.3F.JUMP]
    ==========================                                           ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor, regeneration, Heavy weapons
    Squad Recommndations: Miranda, Garrus/Zaeed
    Miranda is the best choice again early in the game, as abilities are stronger
    than guns at this stage in the game. You have an option between Garrus or
    Zaeed, depending on who you prefer.
    After having asked Aria about Mordin, head to the southeast section of Omega.
    Talk to the District Guard to get into the slums. You can select your squad
    after talking to the guard. If you choose to bring Garrus from Omega and into
    the mission, he makes a few sarcastic remarks about the plague.
    .3F.01. Slums
    Enemies: Blue Suns Trooper (Shield), Blue Suns Legionnaire (Shield), 
    Blood Pack Trooper (Armor), Blood Pack Pyro (Armor)
    Element Zero (250)
    Bank Terminal (5,000)
    Power Cells
    PDA (2,000) if you let the Batarian Victim die
    Wall Safe (4,000)
    Circuit Boards (1,000)
    Wall Safe (4,000)
    Modified Assault Rifle (Assault Rifle upgrade unlock)
    If you talk to the Batarian Victim, you'll get a Paragon interrupt to help him.
    You can also offer to send help back later. If you help him, he'll give you
    information and send a thank you message after the mission. If you let him die,
    you can get 2000 Credits from a PDA that he drops.
    If you bypass the door in the western room, you can learn more about the 
    plague, but there's no extra items for doing so. Head north past the Batarian
    Victim and you can loot a Batarian's Wall Safe if you bypass his door. After
    fighting a group of three Blue Suns in Kokomo Plaza, you can nab 1000 Credits
    upstairs, then head east to enter a human refugee apartment with a Wall Safe.
    You can choose to persuade them to save themselves or move on.
    In the next area, some Blue Suns are fighting a large number of Blood Pack.
    Head upstairs and snipe as many Blood Pack as you can while the Blue Suns
    distract them. The Vorcha and Krogan of the Blood Pack have incredible
    regeneration, so you really need to focus on them to bring them down.
    Note that Overloading a Pyro makes them explode rather violently.
    In the western apartment, you meet some Human Looters. You can tell them to
    stop looting for some Morality points, otherwise all they offer is information.
    The next door leads to the clinic.
    .3F.02. Clinic
    Med Kits
    Platinum (2000)
    Palladium (2000)
    Research Station (Medi-Gel Upgrade unlock)
    Element Zero (500)
    Iridium (2000)
    When you speak with Mordin, you can use a Renegade Interrupt to stop his stream
    of consciousness and get to the point. If you skip that interruption, it is
    followed by an option to use a Paragon Interrupt which does the same thing.
    You also obtain the M-6 Carnifax Hand Cannon. This weapon does more than twice
    the damage of the default pistol per shot, but fires at just about half the
    speed. If you're bad at aiming, you might want to downgrade back to the other
    pistol so you have a bigger clip, but otherwise the M-6 is definitely a better
    weapon. You also receive the assignment to find Mordin's assistant.
    .3F.03. Environmental Control Center
    Enemies: Blood Pack Trooper (Armor, Regen), Warrior (Armor), Pyro (Armor),
    Boom-Squad (Armor), Vorcha Heavy (Armor)
    Gambling Terminal (3,000)
    Bank Terminal (5,000)
    Spare Parts (1,000)
    More Blood Pack, luckily with numerous places for cover allowing you to kill
    them up close. In the hallway, opening the door to the south reveals Mordin's
    assistant, Daniel. You can save him with about 100 points in Persuasion. If
    you don't have enough points, the Batarians shoot him.
    Head into the control center, and take out the Blood Pack in there. Head 
    straight to inject the cure, then follow the instructions to go to the side
    rooms to turn on the fans. After you inject the cure, watch out for the missile
    launching Boom-Squad on the upper level as well as the Troopers that come from 
    the sides.
    When you initialize the West Fan Array, more Blood Pack will come to intercept
    you. Several Vorcha Heavy will fire missiles at you from the upper level, with
    Pyros and Krogan on the lower levels. Overload is as powerful against Vorcha
    Heavy as Pyros, causing them to explode. After you initialize the East Fan
    Array, you automatically return to Mordin. If you've already taken all the
    items from the clinic, feel free to leave. Once back on the Normandy, you can
    now ask any of your squadmates if they can think of any upgrades. Some will
    offer personal upgrades, while others will offer upgrades for the Normandy.
    Since minerals are easy to find, I would suggest upgrading them, with Miranda's
    Normandy upgrade first to make future scanning faster.
    Completion Reward: 1,000 exp, 18,500 Credits
    Upgrade List at this point:
    Mordin recommends Mordin Omni-tool
    Doctor Chakwas suggests a Med-bay upgrade, a purely cosmetic feature
    Jacob recommends Heavy Ship Armor
    Miranda recommends Advanced Mineral Scanning
    Garrus recommends Thanix Cannon
    ================                                                     ==========
    .3G. The Citadel                                                     [.3G.JUMP]
    ================                                                     ==========
    Before you head to the Citadel, you should be able to obtain an assignment from
    Ish, a Salarian on Omega. (If you're one of the few people who played Mass
    Effect: Galaxy, you might recognize Ish as the Salarian who was Miranda's
    contact. Miranda and Jacob will recognize him). You get 1,125 Credits per
    package you pick up, and one's in the Citadel near a shop. Also, if you have 
    the Normandy Crash DLC, you can travel to the Amada system and explore the 
    crash site. It's a solo assignment with no enemies. As you run around, you'll
    trigger memories that show up as you get close to the major areas of the old 
    Normandy. You'll be asked to pick up 20 dog tags and place a memorial. The dog
    tags are scattered all over the site. Be aware that there are dog tags are in
    fragile crates as well, so shoot the crates and pick up the tags. There is also
    an old N7 helmet you can pick up, and sits in your cabin. The final step is to
    place the monument, so place it wherever you feel is most appropriate.
    Now that you've exhausted Omega, head for the Citadel for a quick update of
    some of your assignments and missions. Note that there's no fighting, so pick
    whoever is your favorite to go shopping.
    Upon returning to the Citadel, you'll have to go through C-Sec customs
    scanning. This results in finding out your status as deceased, although its
    taken care of surprisingly quickly by Captain Bailey. You can choose to stay
    under the radar or set your status back to alive.
    .3G.01. Shopping in the Citadel
    There's some nice shopping to be done on the Citadel, although you probably
    can't afford very much if you're starting a new game from scratch. Just keep in
    mind that you can come by at any time and pick up the ones you want. Again,
    you don't need to buy every upgrade, focus on ones that will help you out
    The souvenirs are fluff pieces which appear in the Captain's Cabin. You've
    already encountered the Ship Models on Omega. However, be aware that if you buy
    fish, you'll need to feed them every mission or assignment, even when the
    default option is not to return to the Normandy, otherwise they will die. They
    do become available for purchase again from the vendor you originally found
    them, but if this is your first playthrough, your credits are fairly limited.
    If you get familiar with Kelly, as long as she is on the Normandy she will 
    automatically feed your fish. I just spent way too long talking about fish.
    For upgrades, I recommend buying the Off-Hand Ammo Pack, unless you prefer
    wearing a DLC armor suit. The Life Support Webbing is also a cheap, effective
    upgrade from the N7 armor. Other upgrades are much more expensive, and probably
    beyond your means at this point. You can decide priority of other upgrades
    depending on your class, preferred weapon, and squad. 
    Zakera Cafe
    Location: Lv. 27
    Discount: Not available, but everything is 500 Credits and less
    High-Grade Provisions, 500
    Purchasing this item and delivering it will complete the Mess Sergeant's
    assignment at the Zakera Cafe.
    Revelations, 5
    Ascentions, 5
    Citadel Souvenirs
    Location: Lv. 27
    Discount: Talk to Deleia Sanassi and give her an endorsement or accuse her of
    Space Hamster, 9,200
    Illium Skald Fish, 500
    Model - Normandy SR1, 500
    Model - Destiny Ascension, 500
    Saronis Applications
    Location: Lv. 26
    Discount: Talk to Mareb and persuade him. You can obtain the discount at a
    fairly low Persuasion.
    Tech Damage, 90,000
    Damage Protection, 90,000
    Sirta Foundation
    Location: Lv. 26
    Discount: Talk to Kian Louros and persuade her
    Medi-Gel Capacity, 30,000
    Life Support Webbing (Legs, 10% Health), 8,000
    Rodam Expeditions
    Location: Lv. 28
    Discount: Talk to Etarn Tiron and persuade him
    Sniper Rifle Damage, 60,000
    Heavy Pistol Damage, 60,000
    Submachine Gun Damage, 60,000
    Off-Hand Ammo Pack (Arms, 10% more ammo), 2,000
    Aegis Vest (Chest, 5% health), 2,000
    .3G.02. Citadel Assignments
    Citadel: Crime in Progress
    On level 26, you'll run into a Volus who believes a Quarian has stolen his
    credit chit. Inform the group that you'll look into the situation. This 
    confusion is solved by heading to Saronis Applications, talking to Marab, and
    asking about Kor Tun's credit chit. Upon returning to the group, you can defend
    the Quarian against the Volus and C-Sec with a Paragon Interrupt. Doing so 
    gives you 5 extra Paragon points on top of the 5 you get for completing the 
    assignment, plus it's fun to watch Shepard shout. You earn 1,000 Credits for
    Citadel: Krogan Sushi
    You obtain this assignment by listening in on a Krogan conversation on level
    27. You can update the assignment by talking to the Presidum Groundskeeper in
    the Dark Star Lounge on level 28. If you want to trick Kargesh, you'll have to
    purchase fish from the nearby Citadel Souvenir shop first. Kargesh is happier
    if you buy the fish and lie to him (you still also have the fish appear in your
    fish tank), but the rewards are the same either way: 1,000 Credits.
    If you grabbed the Omega: Packages for Ish assignment on Omega, a datapad will
    be available for pickup outside of Saronis Applications. Just pick it up and
    return to Ish whenever you like, although to save a trip, you can wait until
    after you picked up the package on Illium. The assignment never appears as
    completed no matter path you choose, but each package will reward you Credits
    instantly, so there's not much lost.
    Although it's not an assignment, if you run into the reporter Al-Jilani near
    the Dark Star lounge, you can get some Paragon or Renegade points from her,
    plus, depending on your actions, a great deal of personal satisfaction. You can
    get a Renegade interrupt fairly early in the conversation depending on your
    decision regarding the Council, but the persuasions aren't bad either.
    After you're done shopping and finishing the assignments, head up to the 
    Presidium via Rapid Transit and speak with the Councilor. The meeting will go
    differently depending on whether you imported the game and what choices you
    made, but all choices share one common ending: you're not getting any help
    from the Council. You may choose to take back your Spectre status or to reject
    it, but it has no real bearing to the story in this game. Time to move on.
    =======================                                              ==========
    .3H. Recruit The Krogan                                              [.3H.JUMP]
    =======================                                              ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Squad Recommendation: Miranda, Mordin
    This mission has plenty of options open, and at this point none of your squad
    really stands out, so take this time to try out squad members you haven't given
    attention, if you like. My recommendation, though, is Miranda and Mordin, for
    their abilities. If you haven't yet spent Mordin's points, it's as good a time
    as any to do so. I recommend leveling Mordin's incinerate, which is strong
    against armor and health. 
    Enemies: Blue Suns Trooper (Shield), Heavy (Shield), Centurian (Shield)
    Krogan Berserker (Armor), YMIR Mech (Shield, Armor), Jedore (Shield, Armor)
    Blue Suns Corpse (2000)
    Sniper Rifle (Sniper Rifle upgrade unlock)
    Power Cells
    PDA (4000)
    Blue Suns Corpse (2000)
    Power Cells
    Wall Safe (4000)
    PDA (4000)
    Secure Terminal (4000)
    Lab Terminal (Krogan Vitality unlock)
    Head to Eagle Nebula and land on Korlus. You'll face a few Blue Suns troops
    early on, but they're fairly weak. You can get more information on the
    situation from the wounded merc. When the radio comes on, you can choose to
    persuade him to get him to cooperate. If you choose to tell him to be quiet,
    you get a Renegade Interrupt to shoot him as he tries to signal for help.
    You get Paragon points along with the normal 5 Renegade points for using
    Persuasion, presumably because if you choose that option it results in letting
    him go, even if you choose the Renegade option.
    There's pairs of Blue Suns to fight as you go along, but no items. Eventually,
    you run into a Tank-Grown Krogan who gives you access to the lab. Inside, 
    you'll start to find some items. Your first task is to face several Krogan
    Berserkers who have high Armor and Health. Luckily, they are fairly spread out,
    so take your time against them.
    After the wave of Krogans, you'll face groups of Blue Suns. This leads to going
    up, down, and through the Blue Suns base, encountering small waves of Blue Suns
    as you go along. Luckily, there is tons of good cover, and despite the Shielded
    enemies and Heavy soldiers, getting through this part of the missions should be
    fairly simple. 
    Eventually, you reach Warlord Okeer. You'll learn more about the situation, but
    eventually Jedore will interrupt you and you'll have to take care of her. As
    you fight her, she releases Krogan Berserkers from the tanks. She also has a
    heavy YMIR Mech on her side. Take out the first few Krogan Berserkers, but move
    to a more fortified position to the east to avoid the Mech, which moves slowly.
    Focus on the Krogan and keep them from charging in melee range as best you can.
    Once they are down, you can easily dispatch the mech as Jedore rarely moves
    from her position. When Jedore is alone, she is easy to deal with. Return to
    Okeer, and use the console to get back to the Normandy.
    Once on the Normandy, make sure to visit the Port Cargo hold on the Engineering
    Deck. Check the pod and select whichever options you desire; if you have enough
    persuasion, you can gain a few extra Morality points.
    Completion Reward: 1,000 xp, 20,000 Credits
    ========================                                             ==========
    .3I. Recruit The Convict                                             [.3I.JUMP]
    ========================                                             ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Squad Recommendation: Miranda, anyone
    Again with Miranda, because there are simply so many mixes of shield and armor,
    and you don't have enough skill points for other characters to have particular
    strenghts against both of these. You've got plenty of options for your third
    member. Grunt has a few brief comments about Jack when you see her, if that is
    enough to make you want to bring him along. If you do bring Grunt, I recommend
    swapping him to the Assault Rifle. Spend your points however you like with him.
    Enemies: Blue Suns Trooper (Shield), Legionnaire (Shield), FENRIS Mech (Armor),
    YMIR Mech (Shield, Armor), Warden Kuril (Shield, Armor)
    Head to Hourglass Nebula and dock on Prison Ship Purgatory. After a friendly
    introduction, you're led deep into the facility. You can speak with the Prison
    Guard for a few Morality points, but it takes the first Paragon option to open
    persuasion choices. You can have a friendly chat with the other prisoners.
    Head east to the Outprocessing station and get ready to clear your way to Cryo.
    Once you finish clearing out the Blue Suns and their FENRIS Mechs, take a look
    at the security controls.
    Element Zero (500)
    YMIR Mech Corpse (Damage Protection unlock)
    Power Cells
    Dead Prison Guard (1500)
    Shotgun (Shotgun Damage unlock)
    Dead Prison Guard PDA (4500)
    Dead Prison Guard (4500)
    Dead Prison Guard (1500)
    Wall Safe (3000)
    Head down and pick up the items lying around. After killing a few Blue Suns,
    a YMIR Mech will come after you. You've got a good position against it, so just
    keep your distance and take it out. Don't miss the shotgun and the hackable
    PDA off the dead guard.
    In the next area, there are many more Blue Suns. If you shoot the YMIR Mech at
    the back bridge, it will come after you. This isn't a bad idea if you've
    cleared the front portion, as the other Blue Suns come very slowly at you and
    are easier to dispatch. There's only one guard here with anything to pick off
    his dead corpse. I guess they don't get much in terms of pay.
    Head through the next hall and the next door and meet Warden Kuril again. Your
    objective here is to take out the Shield Generators. Aim at the outlined orange
    area to take them down. Kill the Blue Suns and the generator in the middle
    first, then head south, where some small cover areas will conveniently flip
    up for you. If you don't move your squad, they'll distract your enemies for you
    as you take them out. Take out the closeby Shield Generator and circle back
    west for the final Shield Generator. Take out the Blue Suns first, who should
    again be distracted mostly by your squad. Once you finish the last generator,
    the shield will open and reveal Warden Kuril. Gang up on him and you'll head
    back to the Normandy.
    It doesn't matter whether you give Jack the files or not as she apparently is
    pretty resourceful, and finds them anyway. 
    You get to speak to the Illusive Man and get more dossiers.
    Completion Reward: 1,000 xp, 15,000 Credits
    ============                                                         ==========
    .3J. Horizon                                                         [.3J.JUMP]
    ============                                                         ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Barrier, Armor
    Squad Recommendation: Miranda, Mordin/Grunt
    Your first mission entirely without any shielded enemies. On higher difficulty,
    all of the Collectors have barriers, and the rest of the enemies have Armor.
    Due to the amount of defenses, I wouldn't recommend characters whose only
    attacks are biotic, if you are playing on a higher difficulty. On the other
    hand, if you are not playing on a higher difficulty, biotics are amazing to
    use against Husks.
    Enemies: Collector Drone (Barrier), Guardian (Barrier), Assasin (Barrier),
    Harbinger (Barrier, Armor), Husks (Armor), Scion (Armor), Praetorian (Armor)
    .3J.01. Horizon: Investigate
    Power Cells
    Med kit
    Datapad (6000)
    Datapad (4200)
    Dead Collector (Heavy Skin Weave unlock)
    Safe (4800)
    Computer (3000)
    Particle Beam (Collector Particle Beam)
    Computer (3000)
    Med kit
    Power Cells
    Once you have completed all of the given Recruit missions and speak with the
    Illusive Man, you are sent to Horizon to investigate. You'll encounter your
    first Collectors here. They are organic, at any given time, one of the Drones
    will be possessed by the Harbinger, granting the drone Shield and Armor,
    although it has no health. If you kill the Harbinger, it simply possesses
    another Drone nearby in a few seconds. Thus, one strategy is to take out as
    many Drones as possible before dealing with the Harbinger. You can also focus
    on the Harbinger, as his "possession" animation of a Drone lasts several
    seconds. In this time, you can blast him full-on with any abilities and guns
    that you have, although usually this is only enough to get his barrier down.
    You won't face the Harbinger until you get a little ways in, luckily. But, you
    do face several Collectors. The assassins will use a particle beam that's
    pretty harmful to you. The colony offers tons of cover though, so use that to
    your advantage as you take on the groups of 4-5 Collectors in each area.
    As with most maps, this one is fairly linear, although items are usually hidden
    inside the residence units. Horizon is a large colony, so you'll do alot of
    walking. Keep clearing the areas of the Collectors and keep moving on each
    time. The Collectors never really surprise you, flying in from above.
    You'll encounter some frozen colonists and more items before the next fight.
    Make sure to pick up the Collector Particle Beam, which is a decent laser
    weapon with much more ammo. I recommend keeping it equipped for a while, until
    you get many Heavy Weapon upgrades. It has great accuracy, no recoil, and it
    never needs to be reloaded.
    Going a bit further past this area will introduce you to the Collector
    General, Harbinger. The collector pods can be used for cover if you need,
    as Harbinger's missle-seeking weapon will knock you out of cover if it hits
    close to you. When you clear the area, check the residences for items, then
    bypass the door to continue.
    You'll discover an unfrozen human survivor after the door. Talking to him won't
    enlighten very much, but you do get a new objective: fix the defense tower
    targeting systems. 
    .3J.02. Horizon: Repair Defense Tower
    Platinum (2000)
    Wall Safe (6000)
    Power Cells
    Dead Collector (Biotic Damage unlock)
    Computer (3000)
    Head through another area, but don't rush too far in, as the area is filled 
    with enemies immediately to the southeast. Watch the Husks as they charge, 
    and the Collectors can also be trouble since you don't have much room. You'll
    also meet your first Scion, a slow, lumbering enemy with a lot of armor (but no
    health bar) that fires shockwaves at you every few seconds. Focus on the Husks
    first as their melee attacks can cause significant damage. On harder levels, 
    the Husks have Armor, but not very much. If you need more room, the unit to the
    north is safe. There's no additional enemies after the first wave, so grab the
    items, especially the upgrade, and bypass the door to reach the final area.
    Upon entering, you'll face a swarm of Husks from the north and the east, plus
    some Scions from the east. Take out the Husks as best as you can; retreat to the
    south and otherwise away from the Husks if you need to. If they overwhelm your
    squad, sprint around while trying to hit them, preferably with abilities or
    with a slowdown effect, as the Scions' shockwave can hit you while you're
    moving if you're too close to them. When you've got the Husks down, continue 
    the hit and run and whittle down the scions; hopefully you've got some 
    effective anti-Armor offense. Although there is a power cell on the south side,
    you don't want to waste too much ammo as having extra firepower for the
    Praetorian really helps. On other hand, though, don't be so cautious if you
    keep dying. Hacking the computer starts the next step.
    Collectors fly in from the southeast, comprised of a squad of Drones, 
    Guardians, and an Assassin, plus some Husks. Drones continually fly in as you
    take them out, turning into Harbingers. You get a little break in the action
    after killing six or seven Collectors, where you should pick up ammo. 
    Thirty seconds later, the action resumes with Husks once again from the
    northern units, and Collectors from the northwest. Use the transmitter as cover
    and be cautious; the Collectors rarely approach you so you can recover health
    in cover whenever you need.
    Your position shifts automatically to the west. You'll face the Praetorian,
    which flies and has a dangerous laser-eye-beam-of-death attack, and a very
    large amount of Armor. Its laser beams do fire from its middle, so you can
    carefully shoot around the boxes without staying in cover from certain
    closes. Unlike most enemies, it focuses on you. It also closes in on you 
    quickly: stay away as it has a melee attack that does heavy damage and stuns 
    as it stomps the ground. Use all your Heavy weapons against it, and if you run
    out of ammo, resorting to the strategy of hit-and-run in a circle. It will 
    pause for a few seconds between laser beams; you'll want to shoot it, then
    sprint to the next cover during this time. On harder difficulties, it will put
    a barrier every 25% of its health.
    Back on the Normandy, you'll get updated by the Illusive Man and get three more
    dossiers. You can also start to obtain loyalty missions for your current squad.
    You should be able to obtain both Miranda and Jacob's loyalty missions. Also, 
    you can now pay to Retrain Powers at the research terminal for 2,500 eezo. 
    Since both Miranda's and Jacob's loyalty skills aren't really worth it for them
    or even for you as Advanced Training, you might as well continue recruiting for
    now. Every future mission you complete should open up one more loyalty mission.
    Completion Reward: 1000 xp, 30,000 Credits
    =================                                                    ==========
    .3K. Recruit Tali                                                    [.3K.JUMP]
    =================                                                    ==========
    Special: If you wish to obtain the Geth Pulse Rifle, an assault rifle, set your
    game difficulty to Hardcore or Insanity prior to landing. 
    In the last room with Tali, there will be an intact Geth Pulse Rifle that you
    can pick up. You can choose to set your difficulty back to your original
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Squad Recommendations: Miranda, Garrus, Zaeed
    Depending on how you raised your squad, Garrus and Zaeed may be able to open 
    their second abilities, or have opened them, making them both effective against
    shields. Thank goodness, because otherwise Miranda might never retire from the
    landing party. Unlike the synthetics you've encountered previously, Geth use
    Shield much more commonly than Armor as a defense type.
    Enemies: Geth Trooper (Shield), Destroyer (Shield), Hunter (Shield),
    Rocket Trooper (Shield), Prime (Shield, Armor), Recon Drone (Shield only)
    .3K.01. Haestrom Landing
    Damaged Mech (3000)
    Med Kit
    Customized Heavy Pistol (Heavy Pistol Damage unlock)
    Medical Station
    Iridium (400)
    Damaged Geth Hunter (6000)
    Tempest SMG
    Head to the Far Rim Nebula and land on Haestrom to recruit Tali. As EDI and
    your teammates remind you, the sunlight is deadly to you, but sprinting through
    it and going slowly to regenerate your shields is all you need to avoid it. 
    Later, when you go into combat, just make sure not take cover in a place where
    the sun shines. Then you can hit the enemy where the sun don't shine. Har har.
    There will be plenty of cover options among the rubble.
    Hit the gate controls to continue, and take out the geth. Stay on the lower
    level at first. Midway through on the east side, there's a pistol damage
    upgrade to scan, as well as a ramp upwards. A geth will usually be on the ramp
    nearby and attack you, so take it out. The geth will gather up on the top level
    and can be easily dispatched with Overloads. When you travel back down, there's
    nothing to grab except some Iridium. Head through the hall, and nab the items.
    The SMG fires a five-burst shot and has a more rapid rate of fire, but has 
    slightly higher recoil and is less accurate. The M-4 wasn't all that accurate
    anyway,and the M-9 is a clear upgrade.
    .3K.02. Demolition Charges
    Iridium (400)
    Iridium (400)
    Medical Station
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Medical Station
    After speaker to Kal, you'll have to get the demolition devices to continue.
    The Geth Hunters are cloaked, but what makes them dangerous is their attack
    pattern of coming right for you. The troopers generally stay back, so take
    out the Hunter first. 
    The Geth that appear from the garage never stop coming. You'll have to just
    sprint past them after taking out the ones in the way. The Geth Destroyer will
    hit you with a flamethrower attack from up close, so keep your distance. If you
    stay under cover on the southeast side, the Geth should huddle up and you can
    hopefully get them close enough to Overload a few at a time.
    Pick up the Demolition Charge in the north cubby, then head east. Geth will
    ambush you on the way out, so move quickly into cover to avoid getting overrun
    while leaving. You can't pick up the Demolition Charges if you're in combat 
    with any Geth. Sometimes a stray one from the garage will follow you, so just
    be sure to clear the area.
    Move on east and upwards quickly after the first demo charge. There will be
    Geth Rocket Troopers on the bridge, and Geth Troopers and Destroyers streaming
    from down below. Destroy the first Destroyers and Troopers you see then head
    into the building. You can try to kill the Geth as they funnel into the room,
    or go and up the ramp and destroy the Rocket Troopers. Open the shutters,
    giving you a much better position against the Geth. Watch your back as some 
    Troopers may sneak in, but most of the Geth should be on the bridge and much
    easier to handle lined up like a shooting gallery. Either way, go back towards
    the garage and handle the streams of Geth that come through. Most are troopers
    and will go down easily.
    After taking the second demo charge, a Geth Prime will appear with two 
    troopers. You have good cover in the garage, so just use it and get its
    defenses down. After you plant the demo charges, make sure you're not in the
    impact area.
    .3K.03. Base Camp
    Disassembled Geth Rifle (Assault Rifle Damage unlock)
    Damaged Geth (3000)
    Damaged Geth (6000)
    Ancient Wall Safe (6000)
    Medical Station
    Iridium (200)
    Iridium (200)
    Iridium (1)
    Iridium (1) 
    *the 1 iridiums are probably a bug
    Damaged Geth (9000)
    Intact Pulse Rifle, Hardcore or Insanity only (Geth Pulse Rifle)
    Talk to Tali on the Communications Control. After getting the door open, you'll
    face a large contingent of Geth Recon Drones, along with a Geth Prime.
    Luckily, the drones have little defense, and explode after an Overload or few
    shots. The Prime is tough, but you've got plenty of space to lure it around if
    need be. This is followed by another barrage of drones. As you move up, you'll
    face another combination of drones and Geth Prime. Stay in cover, and slowly
    work on Overloading the Drones, then focus on the Prime, just as last time.
    Even more drones appear after you take down this Prime. There aren't any items
    in this area to worry about, so just keep moving north along the east side.
    Unlocking the security will bring you to the final area with a Geth Colossus.
    Move down to Kal. You can't take out the Colossus from range, as it ducks down
    and repairs itself after a certain amount of damage. Kal lays out the possible
    paths of attack. You can also choose to stop him from helping with a Paragon
    interrupt. He still should survive even if he's helping you out. On harder 
    difficulties, the Colossus has so much health that it doesn't matter whether
    Kal is pelting it or not, and it will complete its repair protocols quickly, 
    giving it another shield when it takes 50% damage. 
    I recommend the left or right route, as even though the Colossus fires only one
    shot every few seconds, it can take up to half your health or shields. Either 
    path is fairly safe; after clearing the Geth Troopers in the central area, head
    up to your chosen path. Take cover and clear the bridge, then move up again
    when it's clear. Loads of Geth will come pouring from the building behind
    the Colossus. When you've killed it and any leftover Geth, the door will open.
    Completion Reward: 1000 xp, 30,000 Credits
    ===========                                                          ==========
    .3L. Illium                                                          [.3L.JUMP]
    ===========                                                          ==========
    Head to Illium. There are many quick assignments you can complete before you
    head to the recruitment missions. If you want to skip through, just speak to
    Liara and then head to Seryna or Officer Dara.
    .3L.01. Illium Assignments
    Illium: Gianna Parasini
    If Gianna wasn't killed due to double-crossing her in ME1, she'll have an easy
    assignment for you. Just talk to the Merchant by the Serrice Technology kiosk.
    If you choose to help her, make sure you obtain the Merchant's discount first,
    otherwise you'll be unable to speak to her. If you choose to help the Merchant,
    she gives you a discount before she runs away, but you get no completion
    experience for the assignment.
    Reward: Hermia's discount for Serrice, or some time to chat with Gianna
    Illium: System Hacking
    Speak with Liara upstairs. Head to the south Transportation area, and hack the
    three terminals, one at a time. After each hack, you have approximately one 
    minute to find the correct server to upload the data. There are three upload
    sites, one near Baria Frontiers, the second near Memories of Illium, and finally
    near Officer Dara. Use the distance meter and the targeting system to find the
    servers if you're having any trouble. Completing the assignment opens up 
    The Observer assignment. Talking to Liara also allows you to continue the two
    recruitment missions on Illium.
    Reward: 2000 Credits
    Illium: A Troublemaker
    Head to the Eternity bar, where there is a troublemaker inside. You'll see him
    at the bar. Talk to Conrad, get him to shut up, and then tell the bartender
    that you'll look into the issue. Head to the southeastern section of Illium and
    Gateway Personal Defense and speak to the Weapons Merchant. Persuade her and
    head back to Eternity. Note that by persuading her, you'll obtain a discount
    for Gateway Personal Defense. If you chose the paragon option, you get another
    persuasion option at the bar, but both ways, he opens up a charity in your
    name, so the difference is mainly Morality points.
    Reward: Gateway Personal Defense discount, getting to shoot Conrad in the foot
    Illium: Persuade the Asari
    A very simple, although strange, quest. Head to the Asari near Memories of
    Illium being serenaded by Charr the Krogan. Persuade her to make a decision.
    Either way, you'll get a discount at the nearby kiosk.
    Reward: Memories of Illium discount
    Illium: The Observer
    To complete this quest, hack the Datapoints located in the northern part of
    Illium. When you hack all five terminals, call Liara. Tell her that no one fits
    the profile. She'll realize who the Observer is and handle it herself. When you
    return to her, you'll be able to uncover Liara's real story behind her current
    situation as an information broker if you ask her about her "Anger at the
    Shadow Broker."
    Reward: 5000 Credits
    Illium: Medical Scans
    Talk to the Zhu's Hope representative near Officer Dara. Then, talk to Erinya, 
    the Baria Frontiers Representative nearby. As you investigate, you'll be given
    the option to question her past further, and persuade her. Inform the Zhu's
    Hope representative of the result to complete the assignment.
    Reward: Happy, less-operated on colonists
    Illium: Indentured Service
    Talk to the Slave Broker after you've completed the Troublemaker mission. To
    resolve the situation, either talk to the Synthetic Insights Representative and
    persuade her to hire the Quarian, or alternatively, convince the Asari to let
    the Quarian out of her indentured servitude contract. Note that the persuasion
    requirements for the S.I. Rep are a bit higher than other previous quests, but
    talking to the Slave Broker is a bit lower. It's also slightly buggy in that
    if you don't persuade the S.I. Rep the first time, you can complete the quest,
    then persuade the S.I. Rep to hire the Quarian after the assignment is
    technically completed, adding a few free Morality points.
    Reward: 2000 Credits
    .3L.02. Shopping on Illium
    Make sure to buy the star charts from Baria Frontiers. They're pretty cheap,
    and allow you access to a few more N7 missions. Again, your other upgrades will
    depend on what class you're playing, but the Bypass Module isn't bad (though I
    always had more trouble with Hack than Bypass), and Heavy Skin Weave is a good
    choice for personal survivability.
    Serrice Technology
    Discount: Talk to the Merchant and persuade her, or if you have Gianna's
    assignment, you can tell the Merchant that she's being watched, however you
    get no experience points this way. If you do help Gianna, make sure to persuade
    her before asking about the special items.
    Biotic Damage, 90000
    Bypass Module, 30000
    Medi-Gel Capacity, 30000
    Gateway Personal Defense
    Discount: Ask Conrad Verner, located in Eternity, "What were you doing here." 
    Then, speak to the Weapons Merchant in front of Gateway Personal Defense and
    persuade her; either way she sets you up with a discount. Note that you don't 
    get an option to do so if tell Conrad to get lost.
    Heavy Skin Weave, 90000
    Submachine Gun Damage, 60000
    Assault Rifle Damage, 60000
    Amplifier Plates (Shoulder, 5% power damage), 2000 
    Baria Frontiers
    Discount: None
    Star Chart - Hades Nexus, 500
    Star Chart - Minos Wasteland, 500
    Star Chart - Shrike Abyssal, 500
    Star Chart - Pylos Nebula, 500
    Memories of Illium
    Discount: Talk to the Asari near the Kiosk, and persuade her to make a decision
    regarding Charr.
    Prejek Paddle Fish, 8000
    Model - Alliance Cruiser, 500
    Model - Athabasca Class Freighter, 500
    =========================                                            ==========
    .3M. Recruit The Assassin                                            [.3M.JUMP]
    =========================                                            ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Barrier, Armor
    Squad Recommendation: Miranda, Garrus/Zaeed/Grunt
    In this mission, you'll get all sorts of enemies thrown at you. I guess Nassana
    is really quite paranoid. At your level, Grunt, Garrus, and Zaeed have similar
    abilities against the enemies you'll face, being able to Concussive Shot the
    Barriers and non-defenses. Note that you also get a new Sniper Rifle on this
    level, although you'll probably still stick with Assault Rifles for your squad.
    Enemies: LOKI Mech (Armor), FENRIS Mech (Armor), Eclipse Trooper (Shield), 
    Vanguard (Barrier), Engineer (Shield), Bounty Hunter (Shield, Armor), 
    Eclipse Commando (Barrier, Armor), Rocket Drone (Shield only)
    .3M.01. Dantius Towers Entrance
    Medical Station
    Secure Terminal (4800)
    Med Kit
    Med Kit
    Med Kit
    Viper Sniper Rifle
    Power Cells
    Secure Terminal (4200)
    Med Kit
    Secure Locker (3000)
    Speak to Seryna and tell her you're ready. She'll transport you to the Dantius
    Towers. Shoot the glass and the mechs and continue through, nab the items in
    the west, then head east to the Salarian Worker objective. You can choose to 
    help the worker with a Paragon interrupt or Paragon response, or leave him to
    You'll face groups of Mechs mixed with Eclipse mercenaries. On harder 
    difficulties, the Troopers will have Shield and the Vanguards will have 
    Barrier (and throw biotics at you), plus the mechs will have armor. There
    aren't any items until you pass the door into the next area.
    The next level is fairly narrow, with the enemy funneling towards you. Try not
    to let your teammates get too far or they'll get swamped by the Mercs and 
    Mechs. After you defeat the enemies, on the west side of the map are items,
    including the Viper Sniper Rifle. The Viper is a strange weapon - something
    like a zoomable pistol more than a traditional Sniper. There's also a few more
    Salarians hiding with some items behind the bypassable door.
    When you open the elevator, enemies come will right for you. Take your squad's
    advice and get behind...stuff. More specifically, head back to the cover areas
    on the eastern part of the level and move your squad away a bit as well. 
    On harder difficulties, the engineers use Incinerate and Drones quite often 
    while the Bounty Hunter comes up close quickly, which is dangerous between his
    melee and his shotgun. 
    .3M.02. Dantius Towers Bridge
    Datapad (Assignment Illium: The Assassin: Salarian Family Data)
    Med Kit
    Eclipse Merc Corpse (6000)
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Element Zero (500)
    Submachine Gun (Submachine Gun Damage unlock)
    Eclipse Merc Corpse (12000)
    Med Kit
    Once you speak with the Eclipse Trooper and deal with him, head through the
    doors near the elevator. You'll see a few inactive FENRIS Mechs. Attacking them
    brings out the rest of the crowd, including a small group of Eclipse mercs.
    There's more Salarians behind the locked door, and they're a little high
    strung. You can use a Renegade interrupt to control the situation, but the
    end result is the same either way. Their room has a few items. You can then 
    tease Nassana on the Comm if you like before heading up to the next area.
    Two LOKI mech and a few Vanguards await you up top. Take Mechs out fast as 
    they'll flank your cover position.  You can work down the Vanguards more slowly
    as they will mostly stay in cover.
    In the next area, you'll again face a combination of LOKI Mechs, Troopers, and
    Vanguards. The troopers will try to take you out with their assault rifles, 
    while the others will advance on your position. Try to hold your ground, and
    when you kill them, proceed towards the bridge. Right before it, there's a few
    items, including a good upgrade and some cash. You'll also notice how windy the
    bridge is, as your screen will shake like you're on an old rollercoaster.
    Once you reach the bridge, a few LOKI Mech will activate, while some Eclipse
    mercs also go after you. Nothing new here, keep disposing of them before you
    move along. After you get halfway through the bridge, you'll notice Rocket
    Drones firing at your position, along with a half dozen Eclipse mercs on higher
    ground. Just be patient, timing the rockets, and attack the drones in the
    downtimes. When you clear them out, there will be one final Eclipse Commando at
    a strange angle. You can't really use cover, but you can strafe in and out and
    use abilities, or use your team as a distraction, and blow out her defenses.
    Completion Reward: 1,000 xp, 30,000 Credits
    =========================                                            ==========
    .3N. Recruit The Justicar                                            [.3N.JUMP]
    =========================                                            ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Barrier, Armor
    Squad Recommendations: Miranda, Thane
    Take your time to level Thane's abilities to get warp. By now we're so familiar
    with Miranda we should be calling her Miri. 
    Enemies: LOKI Mech (Armor), Sisterhood Initiate (Barrier), 
    Eclipse Vanguard (Barrier), Eclipse Heavy (Shield), Gunship (Armor), 
    Wasea (Barrier, Armor)
    Head back to Illium. You can turn in the Salarian Family Data to the worried
    Salarian. For how grateful he sounds on the phone later, too bad you couldn't
    have extorted him for some more credits. Also, Seryna leaves a message for you
    with Tana if you care. To start Samara's mission, speak with Officer Dara to 
    travel to the spaceport. In the spaceport, speak to Pitne For, then Detective
    Anaya. This opens up the back alley for investigation.
    .3N.01. Back Alley
    Shipping Details (Assignment: Stolen Goods Found)
    Circuit Boards (3000)
    Upload the data if you want to complete the assignment Stolen Goods. You'll 
    fight Eclipse in the back alley. It's a very short alley and the next area
    progresses the mission to the next area. After the conversation, talk to Pitne
    For. There's a Renegade interrupt if you want to speed things up a bit. Get the
    pass card and go through the Elevator.
    .3N.02. Eclipse Base
    Scimitar Assault Shotgun
    Power Cells
    Sample 634 Analysis (Biotic Damage upgrade unlock)
    Medical Station
    Eclipse Terminal (3000)
    Eclipse Terminal (6000)
    Medical Station
    Platinum (2000)
    Power Cells
    Medical Station
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Eclipse Terminal (6000)
    Medical Station
    Eclipse Terminal (3000)
    There's a inactive LOKI mech when you reach your destination. You'll be thrown
    into a fight again when you open the door. For the rest of this mission, there
    will be a toxicity meter that tells you when you've been exposed for too long.
    These clouds mostly come out of destroyed fragile crates or toxic crates. You 
    can handle about 10 seconds worth of toxin, and it boosts your biotic powers, 
    but it's best to just avoid it.
    Anyway, take out the sisterhood and the mechs while avoiding the clouds. Make
    sure not to overlook the mechs to the west as you're fighting the Eclipse to
    the south. In the next area, there's a new Shotgun available for pickup. It has
    a better rate of fire, but a much smaller heatsink capacity. Shotguns are a bit
    underpowered; Grunt's Claymore is the only solid one, and he should have his
    from the ship upgrades. (Make sure to re-equip it in the Weapons Loadout if 
    you brought him with you, as it will auto-equip the Scimitar).
    You'll hear an Eclipse member whispering inside the closed room. You can show
    her mercy, but like Pitne For said, to earn the uniform, each member must
    commit murder. If you don't take the Renegade interrupt, the only option is
    Paragon to let her go. Make sure to nab the Biotic Damage upgrade.
    The next area has a mech and a few more sisters. There are a lot of toxic
    canisters, but you can use the railing in the center to shoot over instead of
    being stuck near the toxins. Luckily, the sisters and vanguards don't come in
    very large groups and are spread out. No defense sounds good to me.
    Head up the stairs for another round of LOKI Mechs, sisters, and an Eclipse 
    Heavy who fires a few poorly aimed missiles.  Overload them and wipe out the
    other enemies, then head up the next set of stairs.
    In the next area, you'll see a Gunship in the distance, but it flies away. 
    Kill off the immediate foes, which only come in pairs or trios, and are easy
    to handle. Pick up the items in the room, listen to the log, and head through
    the doors.
    A few LOKI mechs will activate when you exit the hallway. Kill them, and then
    get ready to face the Gunship. Time to get out the Heavy weapons. Conveniently,
    there's a Power Cell in the area, make sure to wait to grab it until you need
    it. Make sure to have your team use weapons effective against Armor to make
    the fight go more smoothly.
    The Gunship attacks first from the far side, to the west, then retreats further
    west. At this point, you'll want to get cover on that side as it will return in
    about 15 seconds and resume its attack from the east/center area. If you're
    still on the east side, it's very hard to dodge its turret and missiles, and
    on harder difficulties you won't be able to get it down before it destroys you.
    On the west side, you can just use the portion of the stairs that are sticking
    out as cover. The gunship will then just hover around the center area, so you
    can take your time.
    Pick up Shipping Manifest to gain another assignment. You can choose to return
    it to either Detective Anaya or Pitne For. Talk to Niftu Cal. You can smell his
    greatness! The next room is the final area of the base.
    Captain Wasea is one of the few encounters where the enemy actually runs away.
    She tosses things about the room, but generally doesn't aim at any squad
    member. Sisters and an Eclipse Heavy will back her up, but don't offer much of
    an obstacle. Nab Wasea's datapad, and if you stay there's a hackable terminal.
    Don't forget to chat with the Detective about the log and also resolve the
    situation with the manifest.
    Recruiting Samara gives you a Biotic Damage upgrade, and also gives you the
    option to have dinner with Kelly if you choose to be friendly with her. If
    you speak to her after dinner, she will offer to feed your fish for you.
    Completion Reward: 1000 xp, 30,000 credits, Biotic Damage upgrade unlock
    =======================                                              ==========
    .3O. Jack: Subject Zero                                              [.3O.JUMP]
    =======================                                              ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Armor, Barrier
    Squad Recommendation: Thane/Grunt
    Thane's a little stronger offensively, or Grunt should be able handle the few
    times that you have to fight enemies in close quarters. The mission is pretty
    short, though, so don't sweat the decision too much.
    Enemies: Varren (Armor), Blood Pack Trooper (Armor), Warrior (Armor), 
    Pyro (Armor), Kureck (Barrier, Armor)
    Why Jack's loyalty first? First, it's a short mission. Another reason is that
    gaining her loyalty grants the best Advanced Training skill out of the first 
    bunch of available loyalty quests. (If you recall, in my Shepard leveling 
    recommendations, I recommend Advanced Training skills from Jack's, Tali's,
    Garrus', or Samara's missions.) You can choose a different path of course, as
    your class may not benefit much from Jack's power. Also, hopefully you've
    upgraded the Heavy Weave to withstand melee attacks, because there's a few
    varren encounters that can crowd you if you don't take them out quickly.
    Locked Terminal (3000)
    Locked Storage Crate (3000)
    Med Kit
    Element Zero (500)
    PDA (3000)
    Circuit board (3000)
    Med Kit
    Research Terminal (Biotic Damage upgrade unlock)
    Power Cells
    Secure Container (3000)
    Head down to the facility. The first room doesn't contain any enemies, but
    there is a terminal to hack, and Jack will recount her memories of the place.
    Continue on and nab the crate as well. When you pass the bridge, some varren
    will attack you. They don't have much health and there's no cover, so just
    kill them as quickly. On harder levels, they have armor. As you go continue
    through the facility, you'll hear more about the facility and Jack's past.
    After the hallway and enter the next large room, you'll be ambushed by Blood 
    Pack. There are several vorcha and a Krogan to the north, both on the ground
    and up above. There will also be some Blood Pack that shoot at you through the
    west windows, so take cover appropriately. There's a PDA in the east part of
    the room that you can get.
    About halfway down the long flight of stairs, two Blood Pack will ambush you.
    Handily, there's two crates sitting right on the stairs. When you get to the
    cells, there will be another pack of Varren. There's not much in the cells;
    the only item is in the fourth cell to the right: a Circuit Board.
    Heading through the rooms and playing the logs reveal more memories. When you
    step through the door after the logs, you'll find out why there's Blood Pack
    here at all. They don't salvage very well, considering the stuff you picked up,
    apparently. You'll face a small group of Blood Pack Pyro, Warriors, and Kuresh.
    Kuresh doesn't do anything special - mostly he hangs back and just strafes back
    and forth like one of those moving targets in a shooting gallery. Give him as
    much respect as one of those targets and mow him down along with his Blood Pack
    There's no way that I know of the fail at gaining her loyalty at the end of
    this mission, but persuading her outright offers a much larger Morality bonus.
    You'll need about 50% Morality to persuade Jack with how to deal with her past.
    If you can't persuade her outright, you are given the option to reach the same
    outcome, with a Paragon interrupt for leaving, or a Renegade interrupt for
    killing. She'll do the opposite action that you choose if you ignore the 
    When you get back on the Normandy, can pick her Advanced Training up if you
    like. Note that if you complete Jack's loyalty first, you should wait to 
    complete Miranda's (or vice versa) as a fight between them starts that requires
    a 100% Morality score to resolve without losing loyalty. More about this will
    appear at the end of section for Miranda's quest.
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15,000 Credits
    =================================                                    ==========
    .3P. Jacob: The Gift of Greatness                                    [.3P.JUMP]
    =================================                                    ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Squad Recommendation: Garrus/Zaeed
    You have to bring Jacob, obviously. If you haven't used him for a while, make
    sure to spend your squad points as you like. Weak hunters and mechs make up
    your enemies, so Garrus or Zaeed fit your needs.
    Enemies: Feral Hunter (Shield), LOKI Mech (Armor), Brainwashed Guard (Shield),
    YMIR Mech (Shield, Armor)
    Head to the Rosetta Nebula, Alpha Draconis system, and scan planet 2175 Aiea. 
    Follow the white arrow on the radar until you see the white dot, then choose to
    land. Note that if you've been following this guide as far as mission order, 
    completing this mission will automatically progress you to the next one. After
    that mission though, you can go back to wandering the galaxy, so there's
    nothing that you absolutely have to do to prepare. It is a good idea to 
    maximize your upgrades that you can obtain with your resources, though.
    Spare Parts (1500)
    PDA (3000)
    Spare Parts (1500)
    Med Kit
    Spare Parts (1500)
    PDA (2100)
    Spare Parts (1500)
    Heavy Pistol (Heavy Pistol Damage upgrade unlock)
    Medical Station
    Spare Parts (1500)
    Power Cells
    Element Zero (500)
    PDA (2400)
    From just the partial log, you can tell something disturbing is going on here.
    There's more logs on the ship, and a hackable PDA as well. Speak to the VI to
    update your mission log, then head down the path to find a Survivor. You can
    take a Paragon option to save the woman.
    A group of five Feral Hunters will advance, and are aggressive, sometimes
    moving towards your position. One starts fairly close to you towards the 
    northwest. On higher difficulties, the hunters have shields. Continue onwards.
    In the camp, there's a few items to grab. At the other side of the camp, three
    LOKI Mechs will attack, but they're easy to handle. Talking to the doctor will
    shed even more light on the situation. Rig the mech to explode, and move way
    after you're done to avoid getting blown up.
    More LOKI Mechs in the next area to the north: first a group of two, then three
    more to the north and two to the east as you move further in. The northern path
    contains a group of eight mechs streaming in, but they as they aren't very
    smart, they come at you one at a time in a line. You should be able to take
    them down quickly if you brought a team capable of handling synthetics. Grab
    the items, then run down the path.
    By the time you reach the cover spot, you'll see another small group of mechs
    slowly heading your way. After the area where they were guarding, some
    Brainwashed Guards will ambush you with assault rifles. There are at least five
    of them, plus two mechs, and finally a YMIR Mech towards the southwest area. 
    Some of the guards are engineers, and their drones can be annoying. Even more
    annoying though is the YMIR Mech that activates when you get too close, or 
    usually when you've killed four of the guards and LOKI mechs. If you're having
    trouble getting the guards down before the YMIR Mech, fall back a little to a
    wall with a slot from which you can fire at the YMIR Mech; it won't go around
    the wall, and the guards don't move either so you don't have to deal with them.
    Head through and speak to Ronald Taylor to finish the mission. Apparently while
    the random neural decayed surivors can recognize Jacob on sight, his father
    doesn't. Either way you choose, he gets justice.
    After you've complete two missions since the second round of recruits, the 
    Illusive Man will have a mission for you. After your normal round of crew
    updates and tech upgrades, head to the Briefing/Comm room to speak with him,
    and you'll be taken straight there.
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15,000 Credits
    ===================                                                  ==========
    .3Q. Collector Ship                                                  [.3Q.JUMP]
    ===================                                                  ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Barrier, Armor
    Squad Recommendations: Miranda, Thane
    Tons of Collectors, means tons of Barriers. Get out your warp.
    Enemies: Collector Drone (Barrier), Guardian (Barrier), Assasin (Barrier),
    Harbinger (Barrier, Armor), Scion (Armor), Abomination, (Armor), Husk (Armor),
    Praetorian (Armor)
    .3Q.01. Investigate
    Collector Technology (7500)
    Med Kit
    Control Terminal (Weapons Training)
    Power Cells
    Element Zero (250)
    Collector Technology (15000)
    Control Terminal (Damage Protection unlock)
    Power Cells
    Run through the ship. You won't encounter any enemies until much further in.
    After you examine the Control Terminal, you'll be able to select a 
    specialization: training in Assault Rifle, Shotgun, or Sniper Rifle (or, an
    advanced version of one of these options if you're already trained in them.)
    I don't recommend the Shotgun or the Shotgun upgrade. If you're choosing
    between upgrades, I recommend the Sniper which grants you the Widow.
    As for the choice between the Assault Rifle and the Sniper Rifle
    specializations, it depends on your playstyle. If you like to run and gun, go
    with the Assault Rifle. If you like headshots, go with the Sniper. 
    Keep running through the ship, picking up the items and going up the ramp.
    Try to contact the Normandy with the Command Console. As everyone's figured
    out, it's a trap! Disabled Collector ships are not safe, fun vacation spots.
    Platforms will arrive with groups of three Collectors or a Scion on them. The
    first platforms fly in ahead of you and to the right (south and west) while the
    next two flies in from the left (south and east). Watch your cover position.
    The Scions usually stay on their platforms, so don't get close and eat their
    Shockwaves. The Collectors are a little more aggressive, but not very much.
    If you find yourself running short on ammo for any reason, the first platform 
    with Collectors has heatsinks. Contact the Normandy for the next step.
    .3Q.02. Escape
    Collector Technology (7500)
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Element Zero (250)
    Collector Technology (7500)
    Control Terminal (Tech Damage upgrade unlock)
    Follow the path. When you get to a room with cover positions, three Collectors
    will attack. After taking them out, there will be another attack with several
    Collectors to the east as well as some to the north. After taking out a few
    Collectors and advancing slightly, more enemies from the east will approach: 
    Abominations and another wave of Collectors.
    Drop down when you're ready. EDI will open a door, but a Praetorian will
    attack, along with a pair of Husks folllowed by two Collector Drones and a
    third Husk. Handle the Husks and Collector First, because you're going to want
    some room to run around to avoid the Praetorian, which slowly hovers towards
    you. As with the one on Horizon, the Praetorian will fire at you from long
    distance, and stomp the ground which will knock you back. Also, at every 25%
    of damage, it will emit a deadly area effect pulse wave around it and erect a
    barrier.  Just make sure that it doesn't get close, sprinting around the room
    to new cover when necessary.
    After exiting the next hallway, more Collectors will fly in from the west. Some
    Abominations will also come for you, one down the ramp from the north, and the
    second and third from the east. It's safer to hang back and use the far pods as
    cover until these are dead.
    As you advance forward slightly, more Collectors will fly in the room. A Scion
    also lumbers towards you from the south, but it won't reach you for a while.
    Take out the Collectors up top then peek around the wall to take out the 
    enemies from the south.
    Get ready to sprint after you reach the point where Joker contacts you. Dodge
    the enemies and ignore them as best you can, running for the shuttle down the 
    ramp. When you get close, you'll make your narrow escape.
    Note that at this point in the game, you only have two required missions left,
    the Reaper IFF mission, and the final mission. However, once you obtain the
    Reaper IFF, the story will begin to reach its conclusion. If you want to have
    everyone survive, you'll want to complete all your current squad's loyalty 
    missions first. If you want a "Completionist" type game, you might consider 
    completing all the sidequests and maxmize your upgrades before completing the
    Reaper IFF as well, although this is optional. Completing the Reaper IFF early
    does give you access to certain interesting scenes: a small one if you complete
    it before seeing the Councilor on the Citadel, and a fairly large one if you
    complete it before Tali's mission.
    Regarding sidequests: I haven't gone through any of the N7 missions so far in
    this guide. However, now that you have your weapon upgrade, Advanced Training
    options, and most of your team, you might consider jumping down and completing
    some of the quests if you haven't already. I have individual guides for them in
    section .30. whenever you want to jump down to them, or an abbreviated version
    is located in the appendix.
    Various new items will also appear in the shops all around the galaxy. I may
    be off on the timing as they might appear slightly earlier, since I didn't
    check as well as I should have, but they will definitely be available by this
    point. Nothing too spectacular, and you'll need more money, anyway, so lets
    rack it up with missions.
    Completion Rewards: 1000 xp, 37,500 Credits
    =============================                                        ==========
    .3R. Samara: The Ardat-Yakshi                                        [.3R.JUMP]
    =============================                                        ==========
    Enemies: No fighting
    Assault Rifle (Assault Rifle Damage upgrade unlock)
    This is a very simple mission, but you may want to make sure you have at least
    50% Morality points and any Negotiation gear or passive class ability bonuses.
    Since there's no fighting, there's nothing to worry about with losing the stat
    bonus of other equipment. Having a high Morality will allow you to make an 
    interesting choice at the end of the mission.
    Travel to Omega. As a side note, if you haven't turned in the assignments
    Packages for Ish, you can do so now. Make sure to bring along Samara. The third
    squad member has no active role in this mission. 
    Speak to Aria. Aria gives you a lead to the Residential apartments. A 
    previously locked door opens up near the entrance to the slums where you can
    speak to Diana. Comfort her and investigate her daughter. Then, read the diary.
    Each entry contains hints about how to trap Morinth, so make sure you read all
    entries and the note, opening up all the best dialogue with Morinth.
    Enter the VIP section as located in the northeast section of the map. After you
    enter, Samara will sneak in and offer some hints and reminders as to the plan. 
    Talk to Vij at the entrance about the band Expel 10.
    If you want a more Paragon path, dance with Waera with persuasion, and also 
    persuade Edwin the bartender to give everyone a round of drinks.
    If you want more Renegade points, you can insult the aliens Vertin and Verf.
    After doing any combination of two things to attract her, Morinth finds you.
    With Morinth, the quickest way to get her to her apartment is to choose the 
    left side subjects to talk about, and bottom-left side options to answer her,
    as the hints in the diary told you. After you discuss music, art, and travel,
    she invites you back to her apartment. In her apartment, make sure to Scan the
    Assault Rifle for an upgrade.
    If you can distract Morinth long enough by having high enough Morality and
    resisting her Ardat-Yakshi powers, you choose to save either Samara or
    Morinth. If you don't have enough Morality, Samara automatically comes in to
    save you from Morinth before you get killed.
    Major Decision: 
    If you choose Morinth, you get both Samara's and Morinth's Advanced Training 
    skills available. If you reload a save prior to this choice, you still can 
    choose both skills in Advanced Training as long as you have your profile file.
    Either character will be loyal at the end of this mission. 
    Reave is an amazing skill, and hopefully you've saved some skill points to
    level it up as an Advanced Training if your setup works with it, and to level
    Samara's if you have her with you.
    Infinite Morality Glitch:
    If Morinth is dead, asking Samara if she is okay, and then telling her you're 
    not ready to leave, will give you 2 Paragon points. You can repeat those two
    choices and get another 2 points an infinite number of times. This is a very
    poor way to gain Paragon points, because Samara must complete her dialogue
    before you can talk to her again, making it very tedious. It's only mentioned
    as an interesting sidenote. If you really want to boost your morality, you
    should look into other ways, but I never bothered with it so I can't really
    advise you other than to look around at forums.
    Completion Bonus: 750 exp, 30,000 Credits
    ================================                                     ==========
    .3S. Zaeed: The Price of Loyalty                                     [.3S.JUMP]
    ================================                                     ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Squad Recommendation: Garrus
    Enemies: FENRIS Mechs (Armor), Blue Suns Troopers (Shield), Pyro (Shield), 
    Heavy (Shield), YMIR Mech (Shield, Armor)
    Players have reported different sorts of morality requirements, particularly
    for the Paragon route. Some players have had no problem with 25% Paragon while
    early in the game, while others who installed the DLC later couldn't obtain his
    loyalty with 60% Paragon. You might want to save before the point where I note
    that you can take different paths, so that you don't permanently lose the
    loyalty, as I cannot guarantee a successful Paragon path. I suspect that your
    character must have higher Paragon then Renegade points to take the Paragon
    path successfully, as my Renegade characters did have problems (despite having
    a relatively high Paragon rating). Anyway, let's get on with it.
    Med Kit
    PDA (6000)
    Palladium (400)
    Palladium (400)
    Palladium (400)
    Paragon only path:
    Generator Pipe (6000)
    Palladium (400)
    Research Terminal (Heavy Weapon Ammo upgrade unlock)
    Renegade only path:
    Servos (6000)
    Research Terminal (Assault Rifle upgrade unlock)
    Shared Path:
    Palladium (400)
    M-451 Firestorm Heavy Weapon
    Servos (6000)
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Various Industrial Bits (6000)
    Various Industrial Bits (6000)
    Head to Zorya in the Ismar Frontier, only accessible with the DLC. You'll have
    to run down the path quite a bit before encounter a group Blue Suns. When you
    reach cover, a group of five enemies will attack. Watch for enemies on the top
    level as well as a trooper firing seeking missiles from the far west. Due to 
    the high number of enemies, it's not advised to move far in, or you might get
    flanked. As a reminder, Overload is effective against Heavy Weapon wielding
    foes like the Pyro. 
    After taking out Blue Suns, hit the Bridge Control to talk with Zaeed, who
    explains his motives. At the Gatehouse, you meet Zaeed's objective, but Zaeed
    complicates matters while trying to get revenge. I recommend saving after this
    scene, as suggested at the top of this section.
    Head to the next door. A refinery worker will yell for help. You're presented
    with a choice to rescue the refinery or to go straight for the objective. 
    Other than the obvious being-a-good-guy or being-a-renegade choice and the
    Morality points to go along with it, you'll also notice that the Paragon path
    provides Heavy Weapon Ammo unlock, while the Renegade provides Assault Rifle
    damage unlock. You have to pick one, you can't pick both.
    Paragon Path:
    If you go through the refinery, first you have to bypass the door. After that,
    it's just a matter of redirecting the fuel to pass through the fire. Don't 
    forget to pick up the items. Eventually, you'll reach the room where you can 
    turn on the fire extinguisher system, saving the workers. Continue onto the
    shared path.
    Renegade Path:
    You'll enter room filled with Blue Suns. Two of them appear immediately upon 
    entering, with several more to the east side. After the small room with the
    servos and research terminal, you'll enter another area with seven Blue Sun
    mercs. After crossing a bridge, you'll enter the shared path. Honestly, of the
    two routes, the Paragon route is quicker to play through. I guess Vido just
    runs slower this way?
    Shared Path:
    There's a M-451 Firestorm lying on the floor, plus some other items. Two Blue
    Suns are in this area, but are easy to take out. In the next room, though,
    there will be about twelve Blue Suns that head out of right and left rooms, six
    from each room. There will also be fuel tanks that scorch the ground. You can
    shoot them to bring them on top of enemies, but I never found them useful. 
    Finally, in the back of the room, there is a YMIR Mech which will activate if 
    you shoot it, get close to it, or if you clear the other Blue Suns. There are
    a good number of credits to be found in the rooms where the Blue Sun mercs 
    spawned, and you can get them after you clear the enemies. Exit to finish the 
    mission. Your scene will and reward will also depend on the path you took.
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15/30,000 Credits (depending on path)
    ==================                                                   ==========
    .3T. Tali: Treason                                                   [.3T.JUMP]
    ==================                                                   ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Squad Recommendation: Garrus, Zaeed, or Miranda
    Tons of Geth, so you'll want lots of Overload with you.
    Enemies: Geth Trooper (Shield), Hunter (Shield), Prime (Shield, Armor)
    Head to the Migrant Fleet, located on the map with the Valhallan Threshhold.
    Be advised that you'll need about 50% Morality to plead your case successfully
    without resorting to using the data you acquire from Tali's father. If you're
    close, or not sure if you have enough, you can always Retrain for the morality
    bonus on your passive ability, and/or wear Negotiation gear, although
    personally I found this mission to be the hardest loyalty mission of all your
    squad's. (Maybe it's because I never bring the right heavy weapons along). By
    now though, you shouldn't have too much trouble with your Morality score.
    Anyway, the squad you take onto the fleet ship will be the one you take into 
    the Alarei, there's no squad selection screen right before unlike most other 
    missions. Talk with Shala'Raan and start the trial. Use persuasion options for
    the trial for a good outcome. Any path you take, you'll head to the Alarei. 
    You might recognize the voices of the three judges of the Admiralty Board...
    did the Archdemon take over, then evolve into Quarians? Probably not, but it
    sure sounds like it. On a different note, I think I rather be Vas Qwib-qwib
    than Vas Defrahnz or Vas Iktomi. Talk to the Shuttle Guard to board the Alarei.
    Med Kit
    Laptop (1500)
    Laptop (1800)
    Power Cells
    Terminal (4200)
    Medical Station
    Monitor (Geth Shield Strength unlock)
    Laptop (1800)
    Laptop (2100)
    Wall Safe (4200)
    Palladium (2000)
    Med Kit
    Wall Safe (3000)
    Laptop (2400)
    Med Kit
    Laptop (1800)
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Wall Safe (1500)
    Wall Safe (2700)
    Model Floatilla Ship
    Laptop (3000)
    Two Geth Troopers start out in the first room, and are followed soon by another
    four Geth, including one Hunter, and when a few more Geth are down, another
    Hunter and two troopers will come in. Focus on the Hunters, since they'll
    advance on your position and cause a little more trouble than the troopers. 
    There will be logs all over the ship that shed light on what happened.
    Exit north and enter the northern room, examining the drone. In the east room,
    there's a Geth Shield Strength upgrade unlock. In the room down the hall, only 
    a single Geth Hunter will attack. Up the stairs, though, will be a heavy
    Three Geth, with one Hunter, will come out of the northwest, and one trooper
    will come out of the northeast. As with before, take out the Hunter. After
    taking a few out, some more troopers come northwest, with a Hunter from the
    northeast. After, more troops stream in, with another Hunter. The final wave
    is just a few troopers. Basically, try to hang back and secure your position.
    When it's clear, nab the items, head northwest and check out the Wall Console.
    Enter the next room. There will be three Geth, with one Hunter, from the door
    below, as well as one Trooper to the west. Watch the Hunter, then take out the
    Geth on the ledge to stop getting pincer'ed from both sides. AI Hacking is
    helpful to slow down the attack, as the waves are fairly quick. After killing
    a few, three more Geth come from the door, and another will come from the
    west ledge. Another Hunter comes through the door later and comes straight for
    you, so be ready with drones and abilities to take it out. One more wave will
    come, and then you can pick up ammo and items from the room.
    Head north for another scene with Tali. If you use the Paragon interrupt, you
    can comfort her. Note that there's a door immediately to your left when you
    finish the scene with some items inside. Open last room for a fight with a
    Hunter, Trooper, and a Geth Prime. This room is kind of a letdown in difficulty
    when compared to the massive waves of shielded enemies in the last room. Drones
    distract the Prime pretty well. Get the evidence, and return to the floatilla.
    You can successfully complete this mission by either using the data, or having
    high enough Morality scores to persuade the board and the crowd. Note that you
    can make a decision to push for war with the Geth or push for peace, a decision
    that will likely shape events in the next installment. War seems like it would
    be the default option if you weren't controlling Shepard, but the choice is up
    to you.
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15,000 credits, Tech Damage upgrade unlock
    ==============================                                       ==========
    .3U. Thane: Sins of the Father                                       [.3U.JUMP]
    ==============================                                       ==========
    Enemies: No fighting
    Datapad (Heavy Pistol upgrade)
    Return to the Citadel and talk to Captain Bailey. Ask him about Thane's son,
    and Bailey will give him a lead to Mouse. Mouse can be found hanging on level
    28, near Rodam Expeditions. There's a Renegade Interrupt if you want to pursue
    a quick renegade path with him, but either way, he'll give up the information.
    Note that if you don't first investigate about the Shepard VI and instead ask
    about Kelham, the VI option disappears. Also, even when you ask for the VI, you
    never actually get to use it. Asking for a cut doesn't give you any credits
    that I noticed.
    Return to Bailey and ask him for his help. Bailey will set up an interrogation
    for you. Note that you cannot fail in this interrogation, as you will pull the
    "Spectre" card, but certain combinations will speed the interrogation process
    and result in more entertaining dialogue. You don't get Renegade points for
    the Renegade interrupts, though.
    You'll immediately be set up to follow the target. Make sure to obtain the
    upgrade, the only item during this mission. Update Thane when you're ready to
    start following the target. All you need to do is follow him and periodically 
    update Thane by targeting him and examining him. It's pretty difficult to fail
    at updating Thane, except near the very end, in the bar after he speaks with
    the Krogan. If you do happen to fail, you'll see a cutscene where the target 
    dies. You can use numerous options to get past the stock boy. Open the door,
    and you'll interrupt Kolyat. At the final scene with Kolyat, you can avoid 
    hurting Kolyat with a Paragon interrupt, but hurting him slightly doesn't cause
    any harm to Thane's loyalty. Bailey sure does a lot of favors for you.
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 30,000 Credits
    ============================                                         ==========
    .3V. Garrus: Eye for and Eye                                         [.3V.JUMP]
    ============================                                         ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Squad Recommendations: Miranda, Zaeed, Tali
    Another mission with a mix of shield and armor, so someone that can help you
    with that. Tali can help alot with a difficult part near the end with her
    Combat Drones.
    Enemies: Blue Suns Troopers (Shield), LOKI Mech (Armor), Blue Suns Commander 
    (Shield, Armor), YMIR Mech (Shield, Armor)
    Ask Bailey about Fade, and he'll direct you to the Warehouse on level 26. Open
    the door, and you'll enter a cutscene. Any way you reply, you'll find the
    information that you need. Take the shuttle to the Factory District.
    Med Kit
    Trash (600)
    Wall Safe (1500)
    Med Kit
    Circuit Boards (900)
    Circuit Boards (900)
    Circuit Boards (900)
    Laptop (4500)
    Med Kit
    Power Cells
    Iridium (2000)
    Med Kit
    Circuit Boards (1200)
    Medical Station
    Forged ID's
    Power Cells
    Wall Safe (2100) 
    Terminal (Sniper Rifle Damage unlock)
    Datapad (1200)
    When you get off the shuttle, two Blue Suns will attack you. Take them out and
    move into the factory. A large container to the west will open, revealing two
    LOKI Mechs. Head along the path, and there will also be two LOKI Mechs north.
    Slightly further down the path, there will be two Blue Suns Troopers, and
    another storage container will open with another two LOKI Mechs. An additional
    four LOKI Mechs will slowly approach from the north.
    After heading northeast, you'll encounter another set of Blue Suns with 2 LOKI
    Mechs that activate. Another two will appear from the cargo container to the
    east. Two LOKI mechs will be dropped off from above. After killing all of them,
    head north. 
    Pass by the two Circuit Boards, as you may get interrupted and lose the ability
    to bypass them when more Blue Suns arrive from the north. You'll face at least
    four Blue Suns and a LOKI Mech. Go ahead and grab the items after they're dead.
    Lower the bridge when you're ready.
    Four Blue Suns will attack you after you cross the bridge. Immediately after
    you finish them, another wave of two should appear. Moving forward, Garrus will
    warn about a heavy mech above. A trooper will also support it. When you're
    ready to continue, open the Window Console and talk to Garrus. Make sure to
    hack the Terminal on your way out for a Sniper Rifle damage upgrade.
    Three Blue Suns, including a Commander, along with three mechs will be in your
    way. Another three mechs will drop when you cleared the first wave. There's a
    datapad to hack to the east. Move north, climbing up the platforms, and Garrus 
    will warn you about two heavy mechs incoming after hitting the edge of the
    third platform. Get into cover quickly, and I recommend falling back as two
    LOKI Mechs will also come at you. (One of the platforms rises too high, but
    there's good cover position behind boxes on the southern platform). If you have
    AI Hacking, you can focus on one and then use it as a decoy, or constant drones
    will also serve as a distraction, although they'll still advance pretty far
    unless you've got high damage. Heavy weapons aren't a bad idea either.
    When you defeat them, climb the western platforms and crates, and you'll have
    cutscenes until the end, making choices to influence choices towards Paragon or
    Renegade. Fade wll set up a meeting with Sidonis. You can use a Paragon 
    interrupt to stop Garrus from shooting Fade's leg. As a total aside, C-Sec
    really dropped the ball on that no-gun policy, with both the enemy and you.
    Somoene fire that C-Sec Customs agent!
    Sidonis is next. Again, you can try to prevent Garrus from shooting with 
    Paragon options and a Paragon interrupt, or you can let Garrus have his 
    revenge. Either way, you'll gain his loyalty.
    Citadel Assignment: Found Forged ID/False Positives
    On the way at the stairway to level 26, you'll find two Asari talking if you
    completed Thane's mission (or, after you complete Garrus' mission). You can 
    complete the assignment either by speaking on Kalara Tomi's behalf with the 
    C-Sec Customs Agent, or by giving her Forged ID's that you found during Garrus'
    mission. Her mood is greatly affected by whether the Council was saved or not,
    as she is downright hostile if the original Council died. You get 1000 credits
    for your trouble.
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15,000 Credits
    =============                                                        ==========
    .3W. Tuchanka                                                        [.3W.JUMP]
    =============                                                        ==========
    Tuchanka will vary greatly depending on what happened to Wrex in the first
    game. If he's alive, it's much easier to get around to what you need, even
    though everyone else is pretty distrustful of you. If Wrex didn't make it,
    you'll meet his brother, Urdnot Wreev, who will help you in his stead.
    Ratch's Wares
    Discount: Use the guns to kill the Pyjak waves.
    Heavy Weapon Ammo, 30000
    Stabilization Gauntlets, 4000
    Death Mask (heat, 10% negotiation), 8000
    Asymmetic Defense Layer (shoulder, 5% health), 8000
    Shield Harness (legs, 5% shield), 8000
    Pyjak Meat, 0 (if discount assignment completed)
    Fortack's Database
    Discount: Finish Grunt's loyalty quest, and the discount automatically applies.
    Assault Rifle Damage, 60000
    Biotic Damage, 90000
    Heavy Pistol Damage, 60000
    Shotgun Damage, 60000
    There's only three assignments on Tuchanka, and only one you can complete now,
    which is Killing Pyjaks to get Ratch's discount. Use the WASD keys to move the
    target, and use spacebar to fire. The missiles take about 1 second or more to
    reach their target, the further up the screen, the longer it takes to travel.
    They have an impact radius of about twice the target circle, though. You have
    to kill 12, 15, then 18 of them.
    By getting Ratch's discount, you can buy some Pyjak meat. If you talk to Urz
    and feed him, he'll follow you around. You can use him to fight other varren at
    the Pit Fight Gambling Station. He'll win about 4 times when you bet for him,
    but when he loses, you can't use him anymore. (If you try to bet against him,
    though, he'll win. But lose and die when you bet for him). Betting at the pits 
    without Urz is not guaranteed, plus has a slower payout rate if you do win.
    Personally, I lose every time without Urz, so I think my game is rigged, but
    you may have better luck.
    ======================                                               ==========
    .3X. Mordin: Old Blood                                               [.3X.JUMP]
    ======================                                               ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Armor, Barrier
    Squad Recommendations: Samara, Thane, Grunt, Garrus
    Loyal Samara or Thane are the best choices against organics. But both Grunt and
    Garrus have effective anti-armor ammo skills. Only the final enemy has a
    barrier, while the rest is armor.
    Enemies: Klixen (Armor), Varren (Armor), Blood Pack Trooper (Armor), 
    Warrior (Armor), Pyro (Armor), Chief Weyrloc Guld (Barrier, Armor)
    After talking to the Clan Leader, he'll direct you to the Chief Scout. You can
    also talk to the mechanic and ask about the Combustion Manifold, which you'll
    find during this mission. When you're ready and Mordin's with you, talk to the
    Chief Scout and take a truck out.
    .3X.01. A Trip to the Hospital
    Med Kit
    Iridum (600)
    Combustion Manifold
    Head towards the objective. Take out the two Klixen in your path. In the next
    area, there will be another Klixen followed by three Varren. As you move around
    the junk, you'll see two Vorcha Blood Pack behind a barrier. Continue up the
    ramp behind them.
    At the top of the ramp, you'll face a group of four Blood Pack. Moving further
    along will be a Warrior with two Varren. You should be able to take them out
    easily as you have tons of time to stop them before they get close to you.
    Two Blood Pack Pyro will come below you far from the west. Again, you can just
    shoot them before they get close. Around the corner, there will be two more
    Pyro, plus three Blood Pack further back. When you've killed them, nab the
    Combustion Manifold and bypass the door to enter the hospital.
    .3X.02. Inside the Hospital
    Iridium (600)
    Iridium (300)
    Medical Station
    Circuit Boards (3000)
    Iridium (500)
    Research Terminal (Krogan Vitality upgrade unlock)
    DataPad (1500)
    Circuit Boards (4500)
    Medical Station
    Power Cells
    Locked Crate (3000)
    Research Terminal (Heavy Weapon Ammo)
    Wall Computer (3000)
    Examine the body, and continue forward until you reach the door. You'll get a
    cutscene afterwards, meeting the Weyrloc Clanspeaker. Partway into the
    conversation, there's a Renegade interrupt you can use to shut the Krogan up.
    Either way, a fight will start immediately afterward. There are five Blood Pack
    troopers and warriors, and they will go around and down the ramp, so try to get
    a few of them along the ledge, as you don't have much good cover if they come
    down to you.
    After you take them out, there's not any enemies for a while. Investigate the
    Computer Terminal and the Krogan Body, and Mordin will explain more about
    himself and what's going on. Make sure to hack the terminal for the Krogan
    Vitality upgrade.
    After the next hall, in the east room, there's a Sick Krogan that you should
    speak with for an assignment update. Persuade him to get him back out faster.
    The Paragon choice's teasing is funnier with Tali in the squad.
    The next room is large. Two Vorcha are standing across the way, with three
    Krogan that come from further down. When you reach the south side and pass
    halfway through, a Krogan and three Varren will charge from the southwest door.
    Head down the ramp, and two more Krogan will come in through the southeast
    door. Guld and two Krogan will also come from the northeast door. Do your best
    to stall their charge and take them out. There's no more enemies left, so nab
    the items and continue to the door.
    At the end, you'll be faced with several decisions. You can use a Paragon
    interrupt to stop Mordin from shooting. You'll also have a major choice with
    what to do with Maelon's research, and to suggest to Mordin your view of how to
    handle the genophage. Also note that there's one final hack for some credits if
    you don't leave immediately. Don't forget to turn in the assignments you just
    completed, either.
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15,000 Credits
    ===========================                                          ==========
    .3Y. Grunt: Rite of Passage                                          [.3Y.JUMP]
    ===========================                                          ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Armor, Barrier
    Squad Recommendation: Samara, Thane
    All the enemies have armor, except for Uvenk, so focus on skills that will
    combat that. Again, loyal Samara or Thane are the best options for this.
    Enemies: Varren (Armor), Klixen (Armor), Thesher Maw (Armor), Gatagog Warrior
    (Armor), Uvenk (Barrier, Armor)
    After talking to the Clan Leader about Grunt, talk to the shaman. When you
    reach the shaman Uvenk objects to Grunt taking the Rite of Passage, but you can
    use your head to get him out of the way with a Renegade interrupt, or impress
    the shaman by insulting his use of words. The Rite is a series of challenges in
    a ring-type area. 
    Before you begin, take the time to grab all the items (save the Power Cells
    and Med Kits if you're full). You'll also have some time inbetween rounds of 
    fights - that'll be time to refill ammo if needed, although ammo is pretty much
    everywhere. When you've got all the credits, hit the keystone and get ready for
    Varren that will charge from the both stairs.
    Urdnot Corpse (1200)
    Turbine Parts (3600)
    Turbine Parts (3300)
    Urdnot Corpse (1500)
    Urdnot Corpse (1500)
    Urdnot Corpse (1800)
    Platinum (2000)
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Med Kit
    The first event will be three waves of six Varren. On higher difficulties, 
    they've got Armor, but even if you don't have an Ammo ability, Wrex should have
    enough points for Squad Incendiary by now. The Varren charge pretty quickly, so
    unless you're a good shot, it's best to stick with a rapid fire weapon here.
    The second event will be Klixen, which are bugs that explode in fiery flame
    when you kill them. There are about seven waves of pairs of them. Like the
    Varren, on higher difficulties, they've got Armor. They don't use any
    projectile attacks, so just keep running around if you get backed up on them.
    They're easier than the varren in my opinion though, because they are a bit
    slower and larger, making them easier to hit.
    The final event is the Thresher Maw. Shoot the tentacles that show up, and it
    will pop up at the tentacle you shoot first. It only spits venom at you, but
    that venom will destroy some of the metal pillars in the area. The stone parts
    of the structure will hold, though. Just use its large size to your advantage
    and find good angles to shoot it. You should be able to kill it easily as long
    as you stay alive, as your teammates can almost take it down themselves, but
    technically you just need to survive. The M-920 Cain will destroy it too if
    you have it and equipped it.
    Urdnot Corpse (1200)
    Urdnot Corpse (900)
    You'll automatically enter the area after a cutscene. If you don't grab the
    items during the fight, you'll miss the chance, although there's not a lot
    lying around. Get ready to face some Krogan, about four warriors and Uvenk.
    Uvenk's kind of a wuss, though - he seems not to charge like other Krogan,
    instead laying back. Use this to your advantage and take out the warriors
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15,000 Credits, Shotgun Upgrade unlock. Plus, 
    breeding requests.
    Note that some people have reported bugs with this quest and not being able to
    access Grunt's Fortification skill even when they have successfully completed 
    it. Nobody currently knows the cause, however, as it is quite random.
    ==========================                                           ==========
    .3Z. Miranda: The Prodigal                                           [.3Z.JUMP]
    ==========================                                           ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor, Barrier
    Squad Recommendation: Garrus
    Garrus is probably the best overall choice on harder difficulties.
    Enemies: Eclipse Engineer (Shield), Trooper (Shield), Heavy (Shield), LOKI Mech
    (Armor), Eclipse Vanguard (Barrier), Eclipse Operative (Shield, Armor), Enyala
    (Barrier, Armor)
    A final stop at Illium to pick up expensive upgrades you passed up earlier,
    plus to complete Miranda's loyalty mission. As noted in Jack's mission, make
    sure you have high Morality for this mission. If you've been following this
    guide and being relatively consistent with your choices, you should be at 80%
    in your preferred Morality type, which is enough to handle your upcoming crisis
    of loyalties.
    PDA (1500)
    Med Kit
    Submachine Gun (Submachine Gun damage unlock)
    Locker (1500)
    Eclipse Merc (Medi-gel Capacity unlock)
    Secure Terminal (3000)
    Dead Merc (3000)
    Element Zero (500)
    Secure Terminal (3000)
    Medical Station
    Power Cells
    Secure Terminal (3000)
    Trinket (assignment: Lost Locket Found)
    Speak to Lanteia in Eternity and tell her you're ready. You'll enter a
    cutscene. If you choose the Renegade option, you'll get a Renegade interrupt
    to deal with some of the mercenaries your way. I don't know why, but I love
    that Salarian.
    The fight will start with Eclipse Engineers and Troopers attacking you. There's
    also an Eclipse Heavy that usually hides far in the back (too far to attack,
    sometimes). Two Troopers guard the path to the east. There's no items in this
    first area, so take the elevator up.
    The next area will have five Eclipse mercs on the far side, across the conveyor
    belt. There's a PDA near where you start, but nothing else significant near the
    elevator. After you pick up the Submachine Gun upgrade and round the corner,
    four LOKI Mechs will attack. Then, across the conveyor belt, four Eclipse mercs
    will fight you, followed by a four more Eclipse reinforcements, and a few more
    to the south. Don't forget to go back and check the dead Eclipse Merc with the
    Medi-gel upgrade near the first set of mercs.
    Head south and east down an alley to the objective. When you exit the alley,
    a few Eclipse mercs will be waiting for you in the passage to the south.
    Again, when you get near the conveyer belt, Eclipse will come across from the
    other side. I guess Eclipse mercs really like hiding behind conveyor belts?
    Most of them are engineers, plus a few heavies. There's a PDA to hack in the
    room behind the mercs. After EDI informs you about the elevators, five Eclipse
    mercs will appear from the northeast. Take the elevator up. You'll have a
    decision to make in regards to how Niket is treated.
    You will face five Eclipse along with an Operative and Enyala at the start of
    the battle. A few more will reinforce them as they fight, but they're not as
    strong as the first unit. You can stay in the same position the entire fight,
    as the enemies will primarily stay ranged, but just watch Enyala on the west
    side. All of the other enemies should pour towards you down the east path.
    Pick up trinket as you exit. You can return the item to the Asari near the 
    entrance for 500 Credits. 
    If you've been following this guide, then you'll return to a scene on the
    Normandy between Miranda and Jack. Reports on exact morality requirements to
    use persuasion options are conflicting; I've heard that even near max Morality
    has had problems, but personally have never had a problem with at least 80%.
    I've done this quest both early and late, at low levels and at level 30, as
    Paragon, and as Renegade, and that amount of Morality has always worked for me.
    But, as much as I play, there's always a variable I could easily overlook.
    If you do have to choose, and you're Male, you'll lose the option to romance
    the woman you angered. You can still go back to them and try to resolve the
    situation on the Normandy later, but you'll need max persuasion to get them
    to see it your way, and there's not many more places to gain enough persuasion
    other than Retraining Powers to the 100% Paragon/Renegade bonus. 
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15,000 Credits 
    =================                                                    ==========
    .30. DLC Missions                                                    [.30.JUMP]
    =================                                                    ==========
    This section will contain all future DLC missions. The numbering system for
    these missions is slightly different than others - each pack of missions will
    be designated alphabetically. Thus, the Project Firewalker missions will be
    listed under .30.A-. instead of listed only numerically. The Kasumi missions
    will be designated with .30.B-.
    .30.A0. Project Firewalker
    These missions involve the Hammerhead DLC, released on March 23, 2004.
    .30.A1. Project Firewalker: Rosalie Lost
    Enemies: None
    Squad Recommendations: N/A
    Head for Zeona, in the Ismar Frontier, Elysta system. There are no enemies and
    thus your choice of squad mates doesn't matter for this mission. You pilot the
    Hammerhead to complete the mission.
    Research 1: 900 Credits
    Research 2: 1200 Credits
    Research 3: 1650 Credits
    Research 4: 750 Credits
    Research 5: 1050 Credits
    Research 6: 750 Credits
    Research 7: 1200 Credits
    ASCII Map (Overhead View - no Z Axis. Not to scale):
                     ----------  -------\
                     | L     J|  L    7 |
                     \------  ----|--4|/
                     / -----J L---|--\ \
                    / /J \           |J||\
                   /  |   \     ---5-|LJ| |
    START---J-2-J--| 3|    |   |    LJ-L| |
         -1-|------|  |   L|   \-J--/  /  |
                   |   \--- J---L----    /
                   \        |   6   |   /
                    \       \-------/  /
    # = Research Data
    J = Jump
    L = Landing Spot
    Head east to bypass the Cargo Computer Control. You automatically board the
    Hammerhead, which you'll use to gather research. The Hammerhead can use its
    thrusters to jump several times (Left Shift on the PC), boost (Space) and has
    unlimited firepower. Note that holding the Jump button creates a stronger jump,
    while pressing it quickly several times leads to a kind of hover.
    There is no map while in the vehicle, unfortunately. The best I can do without
    cardinal directions it to draw a (very) rough map to help. You may simply want
    to explore the area on your own as there are several paths to reach the pieces
    of data, as this first mission is primarily to familiarize yourself with the
    Hammerhead's controls. 
    Since the game does not number or identify the pieces of data to research,
    to avoid confusion I have labeled them for this guide, according to how many 
    credits you recieve. These numbers correlate to the map I have drawn above.
    None of the jumps requires more than one strong jump - the trickiest one is
    perhaps the jump straight upwards to reach the platform with data #5.
    The first two pieces of research are easily visible. To gather the data, move
    your ship directly over the data and hold onto the Mine key. You have to jump
    multiple times to reach the second piece of data, and again to the next area.
    After firing through the obstruction, fall down and head left for the third
    piece of research. This piece is the only piece on the ground level - all the
    rest of the pieces are on the cliffs above. You will basically follow a Spiral
    pattern, going around in a circle while jumping when appropriate to reach the
    next platforms.
    From the third piece, keep following the left edge of the cliff until you reach
    a very small ramp overlooking some lava and a cliff across the way. Jump across
    to reach the fourth piece of data. After gathering it, head for the small rock
    jutting out of the ground, and jump again to the larger rock platform, aiming
    for the small ramp/road.
    From this lower ramp, you can jump nearly straight up to reach the upper level
    where the fifth piece of data is located, covered by a vehicle's wreckage. Turn
    around and travel to the other end to jump to the next raised rock platform.
    Located on this platform is the sixth piece of data. You'll have to once again
    jump onto another large raised platform. Then, cross the platform and jump to
    the upper ramp across the cliff, above the ramp you used to get from point 3
    to 4. There is a similar jump to get to the last area for the seventh piece.
    This finishes the assignment, opening up three new ones, which you can take in
    any order. 
    Completion Rewards: 125 xp, 7500 Credits
    .30.A2. Project Firewalker: Survey Sites Located
    Appears on map as: Firewalker: Artifact Collection
    Enemies: Geth Troopers, Destroyers, Prime, Colossus
    Enemy Defenses, Squad Recommendations: N/A, start in the Hammerhead
    Head to Hawking ETA, Verr system. Upon landing, you'll have to fight some Geth.
    Note that the Hammerhead's missiles home in on the enemy, so they'll curve if
    you don't shoot them into the ground or some other obstacle. Basically, aim so
    that there's a curved path to a target, not directly at it.
    This level is much more linear, so you shouldn't need a map. Just fly ahead and
    mow down the Geth. Make sure not to land or head into the water, as the
    Hammerhead won't hover above it, and explodes if you go to deep.
    The first artifact is guarded by a Geth Colossus. You can easily dispatch it by
    hiding on the lower level and firing missiles slightly upwards. A few more Geth
    will be on the path. Head down along the ground towards the second artifact.
    When you get near, another Collosus will be waiting along with some Destroyers,
    which you can take out at far range again by just shooting and taking a few
    Jump-Shots to help with the angles.
    After examining the second artifact, head left and up the ramp, then into the
    structure. Once again, another Colossus with some Geth will appear. You can
    easily take out the Collosus from range, but you probably need to manuever a
    bit to get a clear shot at the smaller Geth. Examine the third artifact.
    The fourth artifact is up above, so jump up on the left side. To hit the Geth
    that appear near this artifact, you'll have to get a bit closer than where
    they originall appear, but they still won't give you any trouble.
    There is a platinum storage that you can mine up the ramp near the fourth
    artifact. There will be three rocket drones that attack you on the way. 
    You then have to jump a few times to the final artifact. This artifact has two
    Colossus, a Prime and a Destroyer, so you'll have to do some manuevering as you
    fire to avoid some of the shots. A simple left-right strafe should be enough.
    You can take about two shots from a Colossus before you explode.
    There's one platinum storage that you can get to the right of the final
    artifact, if you wish. 
    Completion Reward: 125 xp, 1250 Credits
    .30.A3. Project Firewalker: Volcano Station
    Appears on map as: Firewalker: Recover Research Data
    Enemies, Enemy Defenses, Squad Recommendations: N/A, non-fighting mission
    Wall Safe (250)
    Locker (125)
    Refined Iridium (1500)
    Head to Caleston Rift, Yakawa system. 
    Your first goal is to head to the Research station. The path is quite linear,
    except for a small detour if you wish to mine the two bottom iridium deposits,
    but each deposit only has 250 iridium. There are 8 iridium deposits on the way.
    If you follow them, you should find the Research Base entrance, where you will
    exit and actually do a bit of investigation on foot.
    In the base, there's a wall safe in the northwest, a locker in the room with
    the sensor, and some iridium behind the bypass door. The scientists weren't
    paid very well considering what they left behind. Activating the Sensor will
    trigger an event, and you must escape from the base. There's no time limit,
    though. After escaping, you have to take the Hammerhead and go through a few
    tunnels. Again, it's still not timed, and aside from the shaking screen, there
    are no surprises, so just jump your way to safety. There's an iridium deposit
    on the way out as well.
    Finishing this quest should open up Firewalker: Prothean Ruin.
    Completion Reward: 125 xp, 1250 Credits
    .30.A4. Project Firewalker: Geth Incursion
    Enemies, Enemy Defenses, Squad Recommendations: N/A, non-fighting mission
    Head to The Phoenix Massing, Chomos system.
    During this mission, the cold will slowly cause engine degredation, but simply
    mining the nodes will refill the meter. All you need to do is keep boosting
    to the next node and gather it. The path is fairly straightforward, so this
    mission is pretty simple. Examining the nodes will get you a total of 5000
    palladium as a bonus.
    Completion Reward: 125 xp, 1250 Credits
    .30.A5. Project Firewalker: Prothean Site
    Appears on map as: Firewalker: Prothean Ruin
    Enemies, Enemy Defenses, Squad Recommendations: N/A, non-fighting mission
    Element Zero depositsx3 (905)
    Refined Element Zero (225)
    Refined Element Zero (255)
    Dead Body (3750)
    Research Terminal (Biotic Damage unlock)
    Head to Hades Nexus, Hoplos system.
    As you land, there will be a Rocket Drone nearby, so take it out. Your first
    task is to disable the shield's four power sources. Rocket Drones will pop out
    as you are traveling between the sources, sometimes very close to you. There
    are also several Element Zero deposits if you want to mine them.
    The first source is just to the right. There is one drone on the way. Get 
    close to the power source so you can target it and fire at it. Double back
    to the left (killing the Rocket Drones on the way) so you can go upwards to
    the next power sources. Simply follow the path and jump up to this second
    power source.
    Continue forward and jump to land on the next cliff. Follow the edge and keep
    killing the drones until you reach the third power source. Destroy it, and then
    fall back to the ground level. Cross the area and jump up near the cord to
    the final power source. Go to the center and exit the Hammerhead.
    Travel through the final area and listen to the journal entries. Make sure to
    grab the Biotic Damage upgrade. Hack the Computer Console to gain access to
    the Relic, then approach it to finish the mission. That's it for this DLC
    package and the Hammerhead.
    Completion Reward: 125 xp, 3750 Credits
    ===================                                                  ==========
    .31. N7 Assignments                                                  [.31.JUMP]
    ===================                                                  ==========
    Each of these missions reward 125 xp and 3750 credits on top of whatever you
    find during the mission. Except for two or three of the missions, each only 
    takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.
    There are three N7 missions that provide valuable upgrades:
    The Anomalous Weather Detected mission rewards a valuable Damage Protection;
    The MSV Strontium Mule mission has a Heavy Skin Weave upgrade in an item on the
    ship, but requires that Archaeological Dig Site be completed first;
    The Blood Pack Base mission has a Heavy Weapon upgrade for completing it.
    .31.01. Lost Operative
    Appears on Galaxy Map as: Recover Cerberus Operative
    Location: Omega Nebula, Fathar system, Lorek (1st planet)
    Enemy Defenses: Barrier, Shield, Armor
    Enemies: Eclipse Trooper (Shield), Vanguard (Barrier), Morl (Shield, Armor)
    N7: Lost Operative is a good place to start if you haven't already done it. You
    would have got a message about it way back when you first visited Omega, and if
    you're following this guide, you're already in the Omega Nebula. Head to the
    Fathar system, Lorek, the first planet.
    Platinum (1200)
    Wall Safe (3750)
    Platinum (800)
    Enter the building. On harder difficulties, the Troopers will have Shields. 
    Five or so Eclipse will attack you from the north. There's a wall safe in the
    room where they came from. When you bypass the Holding Cell, three enemies will
    instantly appear from the west, including Morl, a well-shielded Salarian. 
    Once you take them down, you just need to bypass the door and access the
    computer. You get 400 credits for uploading to Cerberus, or a thank you message
    from Admiral Hackett if you upload it to the Alliance.
    .31.02. Eclipse Smuggling Depot
    Appears on Galaxy Map as: Secure Smuggled Cargo
    Location: Hourglass Nebula, Faryar system, Daratar (3rd planet)
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Enemies: 3 YMIR Mechs
    Med Kit
    Element Zero (500)
    Power Cells
    This one can be tough to save a ton of crates, unless you already have the Cain
    heavy weapon and/or three Drones to fling around to distract one mech each. The
    mechs start to hit the crates when you get in range of the first one. It's not
    worth going out of your way to kill yourself over saving them, though, unless
    you want to boast about how good you are or something. To save as many as you
    can, just sprint down after you've set your HUD and weapons, and try to get off
    a drone (or more if you have them). Keep your drones up, and shoot down the 
    mechs as they're distracted. You get about 180 Credits per crate you save. 
    .31.03. MSV Estevanico
    Appears on Galaxy Map as: Explore Crashed Ship
    Location: Hourglass Nebula, Ploitari system, Zanethu (2nd planet)
    Enemies: None
    Iridium (500)
    Iridium (500)
    Iridium (500)
    Although EDI warns you about disturbing the wreck, the first thing you need to
    do is shoot the loose tile to create a bridge to walk across. Some additional
    metal falls as you walk by it, but don't worry. Walk east, then south down the
    narrow metal plank. Continue walking around the west side, then back south. If
    you're getting the iridiums, you're on the right track.
    Vault up the plank in the middle of the ship and head west. Then travel east.
    More metal will fall, but keep going. You should see the path pretty clearly
    now, if you keep getting stunned by falling metal, that's the right way.
    Going across the dangling grate will cause it to fall. Double back across it,
    then make your way to the mainframe. Hit it, and you're done. 
    .31.04. Captured Mining Facility
    Appears on Galaxy Map as: Investigate Eclipse Presence
    Location: Cresent Nebula, Zelene system, Helyme (2nd planet)
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Barrier, Armor
    Enemies: Eclipse Trooper (Shield), Vanguard (Barrier), Heavy (Shield),
    Captain Vorleon (Shield, Armor)
    Palladium (2000)
    Power Cells
    Med Kit
    Head into the mine. When you head through the east doorway, a trio of Eclipse
    will attack. Bypass the door to continue. The hall will open into a large area,
    with two Eclipse mercs heading toward you as you enter. Going further in will
    add another few mercs, including a Heavy firing missiles at you from above. 
    When you reach their position, another group of three will attack from the
    Hack the mainframe, then defend your position from five enemies that come from
    the hallway to the west, then the next group of five enemies that includes the
    boss, Captain Vorleon. Luckily, they don't charge you, but they do wander
    pretty close, but because be careful because of their large numbers. When you
    kill them, you can pick up the decrypted data and complete the mission. 
    .31.05. Blood Pack Communications Relay
    Appears on Galaxy Map as: Disable Blood Pack Relay
    Location: Cresent Nebula, Lusarn system, Tarith (4th planet)
    Enemy Defenses: Armor, Barrier
    Enemies: Klixen, Blood Pack Troopers, Boom-Squad, Salamul (Barrier, Armor)
    Raw Material (400 Platinum)
    Raw Material (400 Platinum)
    Platinum (400)
    Activate the beacons as you go through. Don't worry about the alternate paths,
    there's not any significant items to miss on this level, just a few minerals.
    There's just way too much walking on this level, plus the fog is bothersome.
    At the third relay, a Klixen. They kind of resemble Rachni, but they explode
    into goop when they die. Anyway, on harder difficulties, they have armor, but
    not very much of it.
    You'll face a group of two Klixen a few beacons down, then three Klixen about
    two beacons after that, then a few beacons later, another two Klixen. When you
    get to a beacon next to a hill, there's a few lost Blood Pack up top with some
    platinum, but nothing else interesting.
    Going the other way leads you to the end, where find a group of Blood Pack, and
    Salamul, the Krogan boss. He starts off very close to you and will charge, so
    it's best to focus on him first. There's also a Boom-Squad that fires heavy
    weapons at you, and two troopers with assault rifles. When you take them out,
    bypass the Commincations Terminal and you'll obtain a new mission: Destroy
    Blood Pack Base.
    .31.06. Blood Pack Base
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Destroy Blood Pack Base
    Location: Shrike Abyssal, Xe Cha system, planet Zada Ban (1st planet)
    Note completing Blood Pack Relay will automatically locate the base for you
    Enemy Defenses: Armor, Shield
    Enemies: Blood Pack Troopers, Boom-Squad, Pyro, Kalusk (Shield, Armor)
    Palladium (600)
    Palladium (600)
    Palladium (800)
    Head down and around the ramp. When you reach the crates, a Vorcha will begin
    firing at you from above, while four Vorcha will join in from below. You can
    take out the ones above then head below for a closer shot, or just snipe/power
    them from behind the first crate you find. 
    After they're dead, go along the narrow ledge west toward the objective. Two
    Vorcha will appear directly in front of you, with one Vorcha to the south and
    two above from the north. The ones above and to the north include Boom-squad,
    so watch out for their missiles. Again, you're safe from your first position,
    so take them out and head for the door.
    In this next area, you'll face three Blood Pack, plus the boss, Kalusk. There's
    another Boom-Squad, but unless you can take out the Blood Pack fast, hang back
    near the door and focus on Kalusk and the other Blood Pack won't be able to 
    attack you very efficiently. After taking out the enemies, blow up all four
    Containment Cells surrounding the energy source. You just need to get to the 
    door to end this mission.
    You get a Heavy Weapons Ammo upgrade unlock for this short mission.
    .31.07. Archaelogical Dig Site
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Investigate Dig Site
    Location: Rosetta Nebula, Enoch system, planet Joab (3rd planet)
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Enemies: Blue Suns Legionnaire, Trooper, Commander (Shield, Armor), Lieutenant
    Element Zero (175)
    Element Zero (125)
    Personal Locker (750)
    Personal Locker (750)
    Med Kit
    Personal Locker (2250)
    Element Zero (200)
    Five Blue Suns mercs will come out of the door when you go down the ramp. When
    go through the door, four Blue Suns will be inside the room, with a few more
    coming from both the east door and north ramp as you kill them. Grab the items,
    then go north to continue. 
    In the next room there will be give Blue Suns Troopers plus a Commander, and in
    the back, the boss Liutenant Locke. (Oddly, Locke has less defenses than the
    Commander at higher difficulties). Three of troopers and Locke are in the back
    area, so take out the enemies near you and proceed cautiously. Reading the PDA
    will give you the lead to the MSV Strontium Mule. Scan the video log to see a
    familiar vision and end the mission. 
    .31.08. MSV Strontium Mule
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Recapture Freighter
    Location: Omega Nebula, Arinlarkan system
    Note that MSV Strontium Mule only appears after you complete Archaelogical Dig
    Enemy Defenses: Shield
    Enemies: Blue Suns Trooper, Legionnaire, Heavy, FENRIS Mechs, Command 
    Bodyguard (Shield, Armor), Captain Vorhees (Shield), Sgt Boortis (Shield, 
    Medical Station
    Power Cells
    Iridum (2000)
    Research Docket (Heavy Skin Weave unlock)
    As you enter, a group of Blue Suns will attack you from the door. Take them out
    and then proceed up the ramps. As you enter the middle level of the ramp, three
    Blue Suns will attack from above you. There's no cover, but you can use the
    angles to your advantage. Bypass the Hub Security Console to enter the doors.
    The first objective is upstairs, but you can go multiple paths to reach the
    location. When you're upstairs, take out the two Blue Suns then head south, 
    then west to the Bridge Security Console and bypass it. 
    There will be several Blue Suns in the bridge, plus four FENRIS Mechs will
    approach from behind you when you enter. The Blue Suns sometimes bug out if
    you don't enter the room, and just try to aim at your allies behind the walls,
    letting you take them out easily before you trigger the mechs. Read the Ship's
    Main Log to update your objective.
    Blue Suns will also appear from north from where you entered originally,
    including Sergeant Boortis. Note that I believe you can take out the enemies
    in a diffent order, but I find this the easiest. Head to the north end of the
    ship. In the east room, there may be some Blue Suns and their victims; watch
    out while taking them out as there's no cover. In the west room, there's a
    Heavy Skin Weave upgrade to hack from the Research Docket, as well as the
    payload, which ends the mission. You will get a message about the Blue Suns
    base and open the Sigurd's Cradle system for exploration.
    .31.09. Blue Suns Base
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Disable False Signal
    Location: Sigurd's Cradle, Decoris System, planet Sanctum (2nd planet)
    Note that Sigurd's Cradle only appears on Galaxy map when you complete MSV
    Strontium Mule.
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Enemies: Blue Suns Troopers, Heavy, Commander (Shield, Armor), YMIR Mech 
    (Shield, Armor), Captain Naron (Shield, Armor)
    Iridium (400)
    Wall Safe (1875)
    Iridium (400)
    Power Cells
    Iridium (400)
    Iridium (400)
    Med Kit
    Wall Safe (1875)
    Upon landing, four Blue Suns mercs will rush out of the door, followed by two
    waves of reinfocements containing three mercs each. Inside, a welcoming squad
    of five Blue Suns, including a Commander, come after you, with four
    reinforcement troopers from the north side.
    You can grab the wall safe in the south Living Quarters, then head north and
    knock out the three troopers. When you're ready, open the doors. Enter the room
    a cutscene that shows what you'll be up against: two YMIR Mechs. Not much
    different than when you handled them on Garrus' mission, use heavy weapons,
    drones, AI Hacking, or whatever strategy that works for you. Note that the 
    crate you start near can be exploded pretty quickly, so find better cover.
    Immediately after you disable both mechs, Blue Suns come in from the far rooms
    on both sides, including Captain Naron. They approach quickly, so make sure
    your team is relatively recovered before you finish off the second mech. Two
    mercs should come from the north, and three from the south, so you're better
    off with having cover in the northeast portion of the room. Bypass the door
    and overload the distress beacon, and you're done.
    .31.10. Imminent Ship Crash
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Save Crashing Ship
    Location: Pylos Nebula, Nariph system, MSV Broken Arrow
    Note that Pylos Nebula only appears after you purchase the map from Baria
    Frontiers on Illium. The ship will later appear marked on your map.
    Enemy Defenses: Shield
    Enemies: Geth Trooper, Geth Rocket Trooper
    Medical Station
    Iridium (1200)
    Iridium (500)
    This mission has a 6 minute time limit. Bypass the first door, then override
    the engine room emergency seal. There's two troopers to take out, then continue
    on. Travel through the hall, then head south down the ramp to Power Coupling 1. 
    Activate the Power Coupling, but be aware that it takes about 6 seconds to do 
    so, and getting hit will interrupt you. The geth will appear from the ramps 
    above, and if you kill them they will reappear in about 20 seconds, so don't
    focus on killing them unless they keep interrupting you. There's a wedge that
    partially obstructs enemy targets while you stay in range to activate the
    coupling, although it is not 100 percent effective.
    After activating the first Coupling, sprint towards the Iridium and recover 
    your shields at the bottom, out of sight of the ramps. Then sprint across the 
    way and recover shields again. Activate Power Coupling 2, then sprint up back
    to the beginning of the room. Bypass the engine to restart it and complete the
    mission. You'll get a thank you from the Fargone Colony.
    .31.11. Anamolous Weather Detected
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Disable Geth Device
    Location: Pylos Nebula, Dirada system, planet Canalus (3rd planet)
    Note that Pylos Nebula only appears after you purchase the map from Baria
    Frontiers on Illium.
    Enemy Defenses: Shield
    Enemies: Geth Trooper, Hunter, Destroyer
    Palladium (100)
    Palladium (100)
    Palladium (200)
    Palladium (200)
    Palladium (100)
    Palladium (200)
    Palladium (200)
    Palladium (200)
    Palladium (200)
    Palladium (200)
    Fight through the fog to the objective point to the north. Watch out as in the
    fog, sometimes a Geth Trooper will flank you. There's at least ten troopers,
    plus two hunters, as you travel up the hill. After the initial group, continue
    up, nabbing the Palladium if you like. When you get close to the device, 
    you'll face another unit of Geth, numbering about seven, including a Destroyer
    and a Hunter. Just stay back and stay safe, and eventually they'll go down.
    You get a Damage Protection upgrade as an additional reward for this mission.
    .31.12. Wrecked Merchant Freighter
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Investigate Shipwreck
    Location: Eagle Nebula, Amun System, Neith (4th planet)
    Enemy Defenses: Armor, Shield
    Enemies: LOKI Mech, YMIR Mech (Shield, Armor)
    Platinum (560)
    Damaged nech parts (1500)
    Platinum (580)
    Platinum (440)
    Med Kit
    Damaged mech parts (750)
    Platinum (420)
    Power Cells
    Grab the items and investigate the situation if you wish. When you deactivate
    the Signal Transmitter, a sandstorm will start, partially blocking your vision.
    Perhaps more important are the mechs that will try to kill you. When you get
    near the first split in the path, five LOKI Mechs will advance. After killing
    them and proceeding further, at the end of the split, a YMIR Mech will be 
    waiting along with two LOKI Mechs. After killing them, four more mechs will
    show up, but you can simply sprint to the shuttle to escape.
    .31.13. Abandoned Research Station
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Investigate Abandoned Station
    Location: Eagle Nebula, Strabo System, Jarrahe Station
    Note that Wrecked Merchant Freighter must be completed.
    Enemies: None
    Iridium (600)
    Iridium (400)
    Med Kit
    Personal Locker (525)
    Personal Locker (750)
    Personal Locker (375)
    Personal Locker (1350)
    Personal Locker (750)
    Iridium (400)
    Iridium (600)
    Welcome to the station. A non-fighting mission, your task is to shut down the 
    VI on the station. First, restore the Docking Area Power. Continue on, and you
    can choose whichever door you want first. I'll cover the right/west door first.
    First, restore the power to Living Quarters Controls. Then, hit the 1st and 3rd
    switches, ignoring the middle switch. (If you do turn it on, you can just turn
    it off by hitting it again). This re-enables all of the doors, plus a new one. 
    The opened southern door has some credits in it; I don't think the former
    owners will need them anymore.
    Next up is the southern door. Sprint pass the plasma venting when the vents
    pause momentarily. Restore the Engineering Power at the end, and then head to
    the central area's east door. Restore the power in the research area, which
    starts a laser. Hit Computer 1, then Computer 2 twice, then Computer 3, then
    Computer 4 three times to unlock the center area. Restore the Hub Area power, 
    then shut down the VI Mainframe to end the mission. 
    .31.14. Hahne-Kedar Facility
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Disable Infected Production Line
    Location: Titan Nebula, Haskins System, planet Capek
    Note that Abandoned Research Facility must be completed.
    Enemy Defenses: Armor
    Enemies: FENRIS Mechs, LOKI Mechs
    Element Zero (150)
    Power Cells
    Element Zero (175)
    Element Zero (175)
    As you approach the facility, the door opens, revealing two FENRIS Mechs and
    three LOKI Mechs. Take them out, then head for the door. When you're inside,
    go into the next door to reveal the main facility room.
    When you get to the second barrier, two FENRIS Mechs will charge. Vaulting
    over it to the next one will cause some LOKI Mechs to activate from below. 
    The mechs will activate in groups of three, and there are two groups that are
    close enough to be in range. They'll endlessly appear in front of you, so you
    must advance to get them to start spawning further back. Your goal is the door
    in the northwest. Once you're inside, you just need to hack the Production
    Line to shut it down.
    .31.15. Quarian Crash Site
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Investigate Quarian Crash Site
    Location: Hades Nexus, Sheol system, planet Gei Hinnom (1st planet)
    Note that Hades Nexus only appears after you purchase the map from Baria
    Frontiers on Illium.
    Enemies: Varren
    Item: Med Kit
    Stabilize Lt. Forzan vas Idenna, then get ready for swarms of Varren that will
    pour from the caves randomly. Protect the Quarian, as the Varren will almost
    all gang up on her. After a minute of fighting, the Kodiak shuttle will drop
    down. Board it as soon as you can, as the Varren keep attacking. You get a 
    thank you message for your efforts.
    .31.16. Abandoned Mine
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Investigate Abandoned Mine
    Location: Minos Wasteland, Fortis, Aequitas (3rd planet)
    Note that Minos Wasteland only appears after you purchase the map from Baria
    Frontiers on Illium.
    Enemy Defenses: Armor (on harder modes)
    Enemies: Husks, Abomination
    Iridium (440)
    Iridium (600)
    Iridium (560)
    Locker (1050)
    Iridium (400)
    Medical Station
    Power Cells
    Power Cells
    Locker (450)
    Four Husks will greet you upon the entrance to the mine. The datapad also
    leaves such a heartwarming note. What a lovely place.
    Around the corner are another set of Husks with an Abomination. The next area
    has another four Husks with one Abomination ambush you, and another two that
    come from up above.
    Go up the ramp and down the hall for another party with four Husks and an 
    Abomination. Both the paths lead to the same place: an endless stream of Husks
    that want to eat your brains, and an explosive placed next to the device that
    turned them all. When EDI informs you about the situation, and Husks spawn, 
    unless you're playing on normal or easier, sprint straight for the objective
    and shoot the explosives. Don't wait around for the Husks to stop coming, 
    because even if you can kill them, more will just come after a few seconds. 
    Or, worse, you can't kill them and more will still come, and there's just not
    enough bullets to make everyone happy. If you were curious, the locker near the
    bomb contains 450 credits, but you have to have a lot of combat drones, or kill
    really fast for a long time, to get it.
    Once you destroy the bomb, you'll automatically make it out.
    .31.17. Javelin Missiles Launched
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Stop Missile Attack
    Location: Sigurd's Cradle, Skepsis, moon Franklin (orbiting 3rd planet)
    Note that you must have completed MSV Strontium Mule to open Sigurd's Cradle.
    Enemy Defenses: Shield
    Enemies: Batarian , Batarian Commander
    Power Cells
    Palladium (2000)
    Wall Safe (3750)
    You have five minutes to complete this mission once the timer starts a few
    seconds after you enter the ship. You can nab any items you miss after the
    mission is complete, so go for the objective. Batarians are all over the ship.
    You'll face three in the hallway to the south. Head north and bypass the door.
    When you bypass the door, you're immediately ambushed, so sprint to cover when
    you regain control. At least six Batarians attack in the main room, including
    a commander. You want to continue downwards and bypass the door below you.
    In the room, there's only one Batarian Commander, so gang up on him. Nab the
    Wall Safe, then hack the Kill Switch Console. You'll be given a choice, but 
    the eventual outcome is unknown and does not affect anything within this game,
    but perhaps the next installment - so choose whichever suits your character.
    .31.18. Mining the Canyon
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Excavate Resources
    Location: Caleston Rift, Talava System, planet Taitus (3rd planet)
    Note that Caleston Rift only opens after Disabled Collector Ship is completed.
    Enemies: Varren
    Items: None
    There's only 2 enemies on this mission: two Varren. You have a chance to ambush
    them, and the rest of this mission is even more relaxed. The first step is to
    bypass the mech to activate it. It will slowly travel through the canyon,
    clearing obstacles, but run out of power at certain points. Each time it stops,
    you can locate a nearby power cell to insert into it to get it walking again.
    You don't need to accompany it, so run ahead and pick up the cells. Eventually,
    it'll explode while clearing the path. Pick up the platinum to end the mission.
    .31.19.Endangered Research Station
    Appears on Galaxy map as: Reactivate Magnetic Shield
    Location: Caleston Rift, Solveig System, moon Sinmara (orbiting 1st planet)
    Note that Caleston Rift only opens after Disabled Collector Ship is completed.
    Enemies: No enemies
    Item: Broken Generator (2000 Palladium)
    Another easy mission, and very quick as well. Scan Sinmara and land on the moon
    alone. Bypass the Station Central Control Terminal, then use the Control Switch
    to switch the line to access the lighted system. Hit the Control Switch twice to
    Activate the Cooler, then hit the Switch twice again and activate the Generator,
    then back to the Switch for two more and bypass the Generator.
    That's all the N7 missions! If you've skipped down to this section, you can use
    the table of contents to jump back to where you left off. 
    ===============                                                      ==========
    .32. Reaper IFF                                                      [.32.JUMP]
    ===============                                                      ==========
    **WARNING: Do not undertake this mission until you are satisfied with having
    done all the assignments and missions in this game up to this point. You will
    have a maximum of two missions before ending-altering events take place. A
    second warning is located at the end of this section, but by that time it will
    be too late to go back and do anything else than buy upgrades. It can be
    confusing because the map continues to stay open, but you definitely want to
    continue on with the main plot only once you begin this mission. END WARNING**
    Enemy Defenses: Armor
    Squad Recommendations: Samara, Thane, Mordin, Garrus, Grunt, Miranda, Tali
    Lots of options. If you're on an easier mode, get characters who have a focus
    towards area clearing, whover you haven't been building up much may have enough
    points to evolve an area effect skill, like Mordin perhaps. Drones can
    distract the Scions and Husks if you're lacking for other options or on harder
    Enemies: Husks, Abominations, Scions
    .32.01. Entrance Area
    Wall Safe (2000)
    Terminal (2000)
    Wall Safe (4000)
    Medical Station x2
    Power Cells
    Platinum (2000)
    Terminal (3500)
    Cerberus Rifle (Sniper Rifle Damage unlock)
    Med Kit
    Research Terminal (Heavy Skin Weave unlock)
    After landing in the facility, you'll find several logs and videos that will
    explain what happened to the Cerberus science team. Pick up the items, and then
    open the door. You'll be given a new objective.
    When you pass the first explosive crates, Husks, and an Abomination, will pop
    up. There are three spawn points of two each, and the first point respawns the
    Husks. Quarters are tight, so mow them down quickly.
    Keep progressing, and near the work log, another series of Husks will spawn,
    with three sets of two on the far side of the fuel tank. Move up, and you'll
    see someone headshot some Husks. Take the items, then keep moving.
    When you get down the stairs, five Husks will spawn around you in solo spawn
    points. Moving slightly further forward will spawn an entire army of Husks plus
    reveal a Scion. Make sure not to get caught in the shockwaves, or have too
    many Husks constantly interrupt you with their attacks. If you're on easier
    difficulties, you can just decimate them with Throw Field or other quick area
    type attacks. You'll probably be wondering what all the fuss I'm making is
    about because of Husks with no health that die when you tap them.
    But, if you're facing them with armor, try falling back; there's a lot
    of room the way you came, and you can use it to funnel your enemies into your 
    line of fire. There should also be plenty of explosives behind you to help
    clear out bunches a bit more quickly. Your reward for destroying that swarm is
    a Heavy Skin Wave upgrade from the terminal. Now, take a step back from those
    weird alien impaling devices and bypass the south door to continue.
    .32.02 Toward the Mass Effect Core
    Med Kit
    Terminal (3000)
    Terminal (3500)
    Med Kit
    Cerberus Shotgun (Shotgun Damage unlock)
    Power Cells
    Terminal (3500)
    Wall Safe (2500)
    Laptop (1000)
    More awesome sniper rifle action, then more Husks, as about eight of them gang
    up around you. Good thing they leave enough ammo around the station to take
    down a clan of Krogan. Kill the Husks, then be prepared for another wave when
    you reach the bottom of the ramp, that again includes an Abomination as well
    as a Scion in the rear. Remember, you can always fall back and shoot while 
    backpedaling, as the Husks are pretty slow. Make sure to sprint off or distract
    the Scion until the Husks are down and you can concentrate fire.
    Go up the ramp, and grab the items. When you near the second terminal, guess
    what? More Husks. Just what you always wanted. While there's quite a few, no
    scion this time, and they spawn a bit slower than your previous few waves.
    The next wave is back to a Scion along with the Abomination and loads of Husks.
    It starts when you reach the bottom of the ramp past the Med Kit.
    As you near the Reaper's mass effect core, waves with two Scions will appear. 
    As with before, the best strategy is to try to handle the Husks first, and if 
    necessary, fall back against the scions. When you clear this round, don't miss
    the Shotgun upgrade down below.
    Grab the items, then get ready for two Scions and some Husks when you get close
    to the explosive crate. There's a lot less Husks this time, so you can clear a
    few of them and have plenty of time before the next ones come to kill one 
    Scion. The other one will likely be alone by the time you deal with the rest of
    the Husks, and be easy to take down by avoiding it's slowmo attack. It's not
    over yet, though.
    When you get near the Power Cells, two more Scions, with about four more Husks
    spawn points are left to deal with in this room. The Husks seem to spawn more
    slowly here, or are triggered only when you're much closer to them, so you can
    probably take out the Scions before Husks start to spawn. Bypass the door.
    I like to store my valuables near Reaper IFFs, just like whoever left their
    Wall Safe here. 
    Inside the core, you'll be swamped with Husks on both sides of the room. 
    The Husks will respawn in large waves, with about 18 of them per wave, before
    the Reaper's Core opens up its shield. You can take as long as you need to
    recuperate while it's open, nabbing ammo or items, as it only closes after
    you've done about 33% of its health. After you destroy the core, you're free to
    escape. Thank goodness for low gravity hops. When you're back at the Normandy,
    you get a choice with the technology you found. If you give it to Cerberus, you
    get 50,000, but never see it again. If you talk with it, then you can activate
    it down in the AI Core, located past the Medical Bay.
    **WARNING PART 2: If you want all your crew to survive, when EDI finishes
    installing the IFF, you'll want to go through the Omega 4 Relay immediately. 
    Don't do anymore assignments, as the timer for everyone to survive has already
    started to countdown by finishing this mission. You won't officially see the
    difference until one or two missions away, and if you've been following this
    guide, at the end of this next mission. In any event, you'll want to follow
    this guide's timeline from now on if you want everyone to survive.
    You can still head to any shops right now to buy missed upgrades to unless you
    don't have enough credits still. Also, at this point, you are very close to
    consumating any potential romance. You should be able to advance any romance 
    conversations if you had been unable to previously. Mordin will also humorously
    comment on either your potential partner, or about himself. Then get ready
    for the final missions.
    ====================                                                 ==========
    .33. A House Divided                                                 [.33.JUMP]
    ====================                                                 ==========
    Enemy Defenses: Shield, Armor
    Squad Recommendations: Garrus, Tali
    Another full Geth mission. Most Geth use shields, with only the Prime having
    more to worry about. Again, drones and hacking are useful here, but this
    mission is easier than other synthetic missions by this point in the game.
    Enemies: Geth Trooper (Shield), Hunter (Shield), Rocket Trooper (Shield), 
    Prime (Shield, Armor)
    Med Kit
    Geth Hub (3000)
    Geth Hub (3000)
    Geth Hub (3000)
    Med Kit
    Med Kit
    Power Cells
    Palladium (2000)
    Geth Terminal (Geth Shield unlock)
    Geth Hub (3000)
    Geth Hub (3000)
    Head into the station. If you walk on the lighted green circuits on the floor,
    you'll trigger alarms. Instead, walk around them and you can ambush the Geth at
    their hubs. Every hub has at three Geth attached to it. All the upcoming areas
    will only have one or two hubs. Hunters will run straight for you, as you've
    learned from previous encounters, so always deal with them first. They still
    can do stupid things, like sit and try to shoot at you through boxes, but it's
    better to be safe.
    In the first Hub room, walk carefully, and aim at the Geth or the hub to take
    the first strike. Note that destroying a hub creates an explosion, which is 
    even more powerful in this station due to the lack of gravity.
    In the next room with the explanation about the turrets, three Geth will appear
    from the doorway. You can use the turrets by targeting them and examining them
    at any distance. Not only do they do damage with projectiles similar to the
    ML-77, but they also distract the enemies like your combat drones.
    The next room has two hubs. It's safest to strike and destroy the far hub, then
    the time it takes for the other hub to react to either get in cover, or line up
    your shots. Clear out the room, then head down the path. There will be two
    Troopers down a long hallway that should be easy to clear. Head up the ramp,
    and another two Troopers will be guarding this hall. Again, easy targets.
    There are two hunters and a trooper in the next large room, plus some turrets
    to aid you if you want. You should have plenty of time to kill them before they
    reach you. Then, another set of long ramps and hallways. Eventually, you'll
    reach a room where you can see a Geth Terminal off to the side. Three Geth
    will be waiting to the east, so take them out, then examine the Terminal for
    a Geth Shield upgrade. Head down another long ramp. You'll end up in a dual-hub
    In this room, the east hub has two hunters attached to it. It's a bit easier to
    destroy the west hub first, then have a semi-secure spot to guard against the
    east, but it's doable both ways if you've got a strong anti-Shield/Synthetic
    squad. For a networked race, they sure have poor overall communication when it
    comes to station defense.
    This next room is the final room, where waves of Geth will attack. There are
    many turrets to aid you, but you can only hack two at a time. Open the terminal
    and get ready to take out the Geth as they try to come up the ramps. Each wave
    will have about six Geth, and the second and third waves include Rocket
    Troopers and Hunters. If you use the turrets, and focus on defending one side
    at a time, you shouldn't have any trouble with these Geth. There's one final
    major decision that will likely have a large impact on the next installment
    for you to make. It might make sense, if you previously pushed for war in
    regards to the Quarians, to destroy everything, but there's always unforeseen
    consequences. We'll just have to wait and see.
    You've got three minutes to make it to the ship. Even if you take your time,
    it shouldn't take much more than two minutes, so be patient as you work your
    way through the remaining Geth. Six troopers, mainly from the east around the
    corner, will attack when you reach the second set of crates. Then around the
    next bend, two troopers and a Prime will block your path. You don't need to
    kill them, so you can distract them with drones and run for the door.
    Back on the ship, you'll have another loyalty issue to deal with. The Morality
    requirements are much higher for this one (in my experience it requires 100%).
    If you lack the Morality to solve the situation with persuasion, it's wiser to
    side with Tali, then speak to him privately and persuade him again, which 
    you can succeed at a persuasion level of around 80%.
    Don't forget to apply any found upgrades before you check the galaxy map again,
    including the personal rifle upgrade from your squad mate. If you've been
    following this guide, once you check the galaxy map, you'll automatically see 
    a cutscene that begins to the next mission. If you haven't been, and don't see
    the cutscene, you will see it while landing on the mission after this one.
    Completion Reward: 750 xp, 15,000 Credits
    ==================                                                   ==========
    .34. Omega 4 Relay                                                   [.34.JUMP]
    ==================                                                   ==========
    While testing the IFF, the Normandy will be attacked while your squad is away
    in a shuttle (which your team is required to take, there's no way around it).
    It's strange, but you automatically take the shuttle if there's no more story
    related missions left, with no explanation as to why you're going. Anyway, 
    immediately after you get back to the ship with your squad, you'll want to 
    head for the Omega 4 Relay, because it's the only way to save the entire
    crew. If you've done all the main missions (everything but the N7 missions
    in this guide), you are ready to finish the game with everyone surviving. 
    .34.01. Joker
    Take command of Joker and follow the lighted path that EDI points out, as Joker
    swears up a storm. You'll succeed in this mission as long as you don't sit
    around to be kidnapped, and when you reach engineering, you'll want to wait and
    not say hello to the Collectors until they've walked to the door.
    Note that there are several "bad end" sequences for Joker here, such waiting
    too long by the ship's elevator, or going up the stairs to engineering too
    quickly. If I wanted to die though, I'd rather have gone out making out with
    Morinth...anyway, when you succeed, Shepard will come back to the ship, and to
    save your crew, you'll want to enter the Omega 4 Relay. If you like, you can
    finally get answers from EDI and learn more about Cerberus.
    .34.02. Normandy Engineering
    Enemy Defense: Armor
    Enemy: Oculus (Armor)
    The Oculus is exactly what it sounds like, a big eyeball with eyeball lasers.
    It's somewhat similar to the Praetorians you've previously fought. The best 
    strategy is to try to distract it, and make sure you have a squad with attacks
    that are effective against Armor. You can use the geography easily to make sure
    it doesn't have a clean shot. It's not fast enough to handle your sprint,
    but you can really stay quite close to it and keep circling around it, while
    hitting its edges and chipping it down. So, unlike what your squad says, you 
    really don't need heavy weapons to kill it, even though there Power Cells are
    available inside.
    34.03. Collector Station: Valves
    Enemy Defenses: Barrier, Armor
    Enemies: Husks, Abominations, Drones, Harbinger (Shield, Armor)
    When you enter, you'll be asked to select a tech specialist to go through the
    vents to allow you access to the main base. Since there are no synthetic
    enemies in the base, sending your best engineers won't impact your team. Make
    sure to pick a decent Fire Team Leader, as that will also ensure the safety of
    you and your Vent specialist.
    Vent specialist: Legion, Tali
    Fire Team Leader: Jacob, Miranda, Garrus
    Fight through the enemies, killing them as quickly to activate the valves. 
    In the first area, there will be about six drones along the northeast side, 
    which you can destroy quickly as you proceed. Release the valve and move on. 
    Note that you don't have to kill all the enemies before releasing the valves.
    As you head down the path, groups of three drones (with one morphing into
    Harbinger) will block your way. Release the second and third valves, using
    cover when necessary. There's no enemies on the way to the fourth valve, and
    you can sprint often to try to keep your specialist's health high.
    For the fifth valve, there will be a large number of drones blocking your path.
    If your specialist reaches half health, I recommend going for the valve and
    taking care of the remaining Collectors afterwards. There are no enemies on
    the way to the sixth valve. However, as you turn the corner, you'll face three
    drones, so be patient and don't rush ahead here. After the three drones, there
    will be an Assassin to the east, and the seventh valve to the north. Kill the
    Assassin, then get into cover and regenerate some health. You don't have to
    kill the remaining enemies, and can instead go straight for the final valve.
    If you've done everything right, everyone will be alright.
    .34.04. Collector Station: Bubble
    For the next area, you'll be fighting within a biotic bubble. Unlike Miranda's
    advice, not any biotic can handle the stress of the bubble, and you should rely
    on Jack or Samara/Morinth only. The second team leader position options are the
    same as the first. Make sure to send an escort, unless you prefer your crew
    dead. Almost anyone works as an escort, at least as far as I've tested. Whoever
    you select, though, cannot be used for the final battle. 
    Barrier specialist: Jack, Samara/Morinth
    Fire Team Leader 2: Jacob, Miranda, Garrus
    Escort: Loyal Teammate
    After selecting everyone, in the next area, tell the Barrier specialist that
    you are ready. The specialist will stop and stay in cover when enemies are 
    incoming, and won't move until you notify them that you're ready after each
    The specialist will stop when four Drones/Harbinger attack. These should be
    simple enough to defeat, just stay in the bubble and fight them at range. 
    Inform the specialist when you are ready to proceed. 
    During the walk, four Husks and Abominations try to attack from the north ledge
    directly ahead of you. Shortly after, the specialist will stop and you will 
    encounter three more Drones/Harbinger from the northeast. Again, notify the
    specialist when you're ready. Don't forget to pick up the heatsinks from the
    previous drones during this leg. You'll move a short amount further, until
    Husks/Abominations and a Scion attack. It's best to stay mobile and do your
    best to clear the Husks before the Scion gets into melee range. Use heavy
    weapons if necessary, as there's not much room to move, and the Scion's melee
    attack is pretty deadly. After you've dispatched them, before moving out, if
    you wish to save, this is the final manual save point.
    After this stops, the specialist will admit that they are tiring, but luckily
    you're near the end. Two Husks will climb the ledge to the northwest. After the
    specialist starts running towards the final destination, one Abomination and
    one Husk will climb from the east/northeast into the bubble. At this point you
    can even melee them. Make sure to stay in the bubble as the pace increases.
    After you pass this area, you'll be asked to select a final team.
    .34.05. Collector Station: Final Battle
    If you have M-920 Cain heavy weapon, it does a number on the final boss. You
    shouldn't have trouble, though. It can be a long fight, but not a hard one.
    You'll get extra heavy weapon ammo automatically at the start.
    During the first stage of the final battle, you'll be facing two Drones and a
    Guardian on the first two platforms. The third and fourth plaforms are also
    Collectors, but Harbinger will arrive starting with the third platform. You'll
    also face Assassins and increased numbers. The fifth and final platform will
    contain two Abominations and two Scions, so keep mobile for that one to avoid
    shockwaves. Note that all the platforms arrive from the north. After defeating
    them, activate the platform, and you'll discover why the Collectors have been
    collecting humans.
    In this next phase, destroy the weak points inbetween waves of Collectors. The
    shields get removed after you totally defeat a platform. If you shoot quickly,
    you can destroy multiple weak points while the shields are down, and can 
    complete this stage in as fast as two waves. (You should probably waste the
    heatsinks of a weaker weapon you're carrying). Once you succeed, you'll be 
    given a major decision to make. It's up to you what you think is best, but
    after the game, your entire crew basically will disagree if you side with
    Cerberus' opinion.
    When you've made your choice, you will face the humongous final boss. It has
    several weak points in its eyes, and one in its chest that appears as it climbs
    up and around the platform. Its only defense is Armor, so make sure to use 
    powers and weapons that are effective against it. The right eye has a slightly 
    larger hitbox than the left. A single drone may fly in and turn into Harbinger
    as the boss dives away from the platform, but it's not consistent, so just
    focus on the boss until you have to.
    ======================                                               ==========
    .35. Post Game Wrap Up                                               [.35.JUMP]
    ======================                                               ==========
    Make sure to give your game one last save when you've finished all the 
    cutscenes. I recommend also backing up your save files and profile files - you
    can just make a zip of your entire Mass Effect 2 file in your Documents folder
    if you're lazy.
    If you followed this guide, there won't be much left for you to do other than
    future DLC's. You can invite your romance interest to your cabin for a little
    R&R. Or, as a final little easter egg, not purusing a ME2 romance and saving
    Kelly will result in her sending you a thank you message. You can read it
    and follow the instructions if you choose. Your crew will also have opinions
    relating to what choice you made in the final mission, but the rest of the 
    galaxy is ignorant of your accomplishments. So the moral of the story is that
    saving the galaxy never gets you any gratitude, but it can get you the girl.
    New Game+
    You now have the option to start a New Game+ by choosing Import ME2 Character.
    You'll retain your level and be able to access all your items after the
    prologue, but your Morality score, upgrades, and all ME2 story and squad
    decisions are wiped clean. You won't get the Import Bonus acquired for 
    importing high level ME1 character either.
    You can also change your appearance, and be able to change your Advanced 
    Training skill at no cost, but you are not able to change your class and will
    not be able to change your Advanced Weapons training choice. Thus, re-importing
    or importing a different ME1 character has more advantages than Importing your
    completed ME2 Character. The 25% increased experience bonus makes leveling very
    quick, anyway, plus more resources saves time in the long run. In addition to
    any class or morality routes you might take, I recommend  trying a higher 
    difficulty level, as enemies gain more health, defenses, speed, and deployment
    strategies. Hacks and bypasses change slightly too, but eventually you'll
    recognize patterns again and they won't be any trouble.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                        >>>>>>>>>>
    .04. APPENDIX                                                        [.04.JUMP]
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                        >>>>>>>>>>
    "Trying to determine how scale-itch got onto Normandy. Sexually transmitted
     disease. Only carried by varren. Implications unpleasant." -Mordin
    ====================                                                 ==========
    .4A. Assignment List                                                 [.4A.JUMP]
    ====================                                                 ==========
    "Sometimes I poke through crates, too. You know, for extra credits."
    -Conrad Verner
    All normal assignments provide 40 experience, while N7 missions provide 125
    .4A.01. Normal Assignments
    Normandy: Serrice Ice Brandy
       Obtain: Speak to Doctor Chakwas
       Complete: Pick up Brandy at Afterlife on Omega and see Doctor Chakwas.
       Reward: Medi-gel capacity upgrade, happily drunk Doctor Chakwas.
    Normandy: Special Ingredients
       Obtain: Speak to Mess Sergeant Gardner
       Complete: Purchase Provisions at Zakera's on Citadel and see Gardner.
       Reward: Happier crew members, less food that tastes like ass.
    Normandy: FBA Couplings
       Obtain: Speak to Engineer Donnelly
       Complete: Purchase Couplings at Kenn's on Omega and see the Engineers.
       Reward: 500 Credits if you play poker with persuasion, +84 Credits total.
    Normandy Crash Site
       Obtain: Install DLC, land at marked location
       Complete: Pick up 20 dog tags, old N7 helmet, and place the monument. Dog
                 tags are scattered around the entire site and in the crates
       Reward: 200 xp total, 3750 credits. Plus, memories.
    Omega: Struggling Quarian
       Obtain: Speak to Kenn, ask about Harrot
       Complete: Persuade Harrot.
       Reward: Discount at Harrot and Kenn's
    Omega: Batarian Bartender
       Obtain: Order a drink from Forvan
       Complete: Return to Forvan
       Reward: A nicer bartender
    Omega: Deliver Datapad
       Obtain: Pick up Datapad near Jaroth during Recruit Archangel
       Complete: Return to Aria
       Reward: Don't F. with Aria
    Omega: The Patriarch
       Obtain: Talk to Grizz after either Recruit mission on Omega
       Complete: Talk to Patriarch to resolve the situation as you see fit
       Reward: 3000 Credits, Opens N7: Eclipse Smuggling Depot assignment
    Omega: Packages for Ish
       Obtain: Talk to Ish after Omega missions completed
       Complete: Pick up datapads from Illium and Citadel
       Reward: 2500 Credits, currently bugged for xp
    Citadel: Crime in Progress
       Obtain: Talk to the Quarian being harassed and choose to look into it.
       Complete: Talk to Marab about Kor Tun's credit chit.
       Reward: 1000 Credits
    Citadel: Krogan Sushi
       Obtain: Pass by Kargesh the Krogan.
       Complete: Talk to the Presidium Groundskeeper in Dark Star.
       Reward: 1000 Credits
    Illium: Gianna Parasini
       Obtain: *ME1 Requirement* Let Gianna live on Noveria. Talk to Gianna.
       Complete: Talk to the Serrice Technology attendant, make sure to get the
                 discount first.
       Reward: Beer
    Illium: A Troublemaker/Conrad Verner
       Obtain: *ME1 Requirement* Currently bugged, so all characters receive this
               quest as if Conrad was treated with Renegade Intimidation.
       Complete: Persuade the Weapons Merchant at Gateway Personal Defense
    Illium: Persuade the Asari
       Obtain: Talk to the Asari near the poetry-spouting Krogan
       Complete: Persuade the Asari either way
       Reward: Discount at Memories of Illium. Also, if they stay together, you 
               meet them on Tuchanka.
    Illium: System Hacking
       Obtain: Speak with Liara
       Complete: Hack the three terminals in the Transportation area, uploading
                 data to terminals as signaled by the distance meter. 
       Reward: 2000 Credits, opens up The Observer
    Illium: The Observer
       Obtain: Finish System Hacking assignment
       Complete: Hack the 5 terminals, telling her that no one fits
       Reward: 5000 Credits, uncover Liara's reason for her current situation
    Illium: Medical Scans
       Obtain: Talk to Shiala, or the colonist, near Officer Dara.
       Complete: Talk to the Erinya, the Baria Frontiers Rep.
       Reward: Grateful colonist/green Asari, sad grumpy blue Asari
    Illium: Indentured Service
       Obtain: Talk to the Synthetic Insights Representative in the Eternity bar
               after completing other assignments relating to Eternity on Illium.
       Complete: Persuade the S.I. Rep. to hire, or the Asari to let the Quarian go
       Reward: 2000 Credits
    Illium: The Assassin: Salarian Family Data
       Obtain: Pick up datapad while recruiting the Assassin. 
       Complete: Return the data to the Salarian on Illium.
       Reward: 1500 Credits
    Illium: Smuggling Evidence
       Obtain: Pick up Shipping Manifest while recruiting the Justicar
       Complete: Return to Detective Anaya or Pitne For
       Reward: 4200 Credits
    Illium: Stolen Good Found
       Obtain: Pick up Data Pad while recruiting the Justicar
       Complete: Return to Illium
       Reward: 2000 Credits
    Illium: The Prodigal: Lost Locket Found
       Obtain: Pick up Locket while finishing Miranda's loyalty mission. 
       Complete: Return the locket to the Asari on Illium near the entrance.
       Reward: 500 Credits
    Tuchanka: Killing Pyjaks
       Obtain: Talk to Ratch and ask him about pyjaks
       Complete: Kill the three waves of pyjaks with the mouse controls, note the
                 missile delays and missile impact radius
       Reward: Discount at Ratch's shop, plus Pyjak meat, which gives you access to
               Urz in the varren pits if you feed him. Urz can rack up a random 
               number of wins, usually 4, although sometimes completing another 
               mission will reset his win count.
    Tuchanka: Combustion Manifold
       Obtain: Speak with the Krogan Mechanic or just pick up the Manifold during
               Mordin's loyalty mission
       Complete: Pick up the manifold and return to the Mechanic
       Reward: Mechanics' reasons for why Mechanics are badasses
    Tuchanka: Old Blood: Missing Scout
       Obtain: Speak with the Scout Leader and talk to the Missing Scout during
               Mordin's loyalty mission
       Complete: Persuade the Scout. You get a tiny bit of extra dialogue with Tali
                 along. Return to the Scout Leader.
       Reward: 1000 Credits, Non-vorcha Krogan with no tummy-aches
    .4A.02. N7 Mission Assignments
    N7 Missions require travel to a planet's surface and usually involve fighting.
    Sorted somewhat haphazardly - I tried to set planets which you could access
    first, because the alphabetical version was somewhat troublesome to follow when
    starting a new game.
    1. Lost Operative
      AKA: Recover Cerberus Operative
      Obtain: Message after visiting Omega
      Location: Omega Nebula, Fathar system, planet Lorek
      Enemies: 100% organic; Blue Suns, Mori (Barrier, Armor)
      Reward: Message from Cerberus if you return the data to Cerberus, message
              from Admiral Hacket if you upload the data to the Alliance
    2. Eclipse Smuggling Depot
      AKA: Secure Smuggled Cargo
      Obtain: Complete The Patriarch assignment
      Location: Hourglass Nebula, Faryar system, Darathar
      Enemies: 3 YMIR Mech
      Reward: 180 Credits per saved crate
    3. MSV Estevanico
      AKA: Explore Crashed Ship
      Obtain: Scan location
      Location: Hourglass Nebula, Ploitari system, planet Zanethu
      Enemies: No Enemies
      Reward: Thank you message
    4. Captured Mining Facility
      AKA: Investigate Eclipse Presence
      Obtain: Scan Location
      Location: Cresent Nebula, Zelene system, planet Helyme
      Enemies: 100% organic (Eclipse mercenaries)
    5. Blood Pack Communications Relay
      AKA: Disable Blood Pack Relay
      Obtain: Scan Tarith
      Location: Crescent Nebula, Lucarn system, planet Tarith
      Enemies: 100% organic (insects, mercenaries, boss)
      Rewards: leads to Destroy Blood Pack Base
    6. Destroy Blood Pack Base
      Obtain: Complete Blood Pack Communications Relay
      Location: Shrike Abyssal, Xe Cha system, planet Zada Ban
      Enemies: 100% organic (vorcha, boss)
      Reward: Heavy Weapon Ammo unlock
    7. Archaeological Dig Site
      AKA: Investigate Dig Site
      Obtain: Scan Location
      Location: Rosetta Nebula, Enoch system, planet Joab
      Enemies: 100% organic (mercs)
      Reward: Opens Strontium Mule
    8. MSV Strontium Mule
      AKA: Recapture Freighter
      Obtain: Complete N7: Archaelogical Dig Site, receive message
      Location: Omega Nebula, Arinlarkan system
      Enemies: 100% organic (mercs)
      Reward: Heavy Skin Weave, opens up Sigurd's Cradle System/Blue Suns Base
    9. Blue Suns Base
      AKA: Disable False Signal
      Obtain: Complete MSV Strontium Mule
      Location: Sigurd's Cradle, Decoris System, planet Sanctum
    10. Imminent Ship Crash
      AKA: Save Crashing Ship
      Obtain: Enter system after purchasing map from Baria Frontiers
      Location: Pylos Nebula, Nariph system, MSV Broken Arrow
      Note: 6 minute time limit mission
      Enemies: 100% synthetic (geth)
    11. Anomalous Weather Detected
      AKA: Disable Geth Device
      Obtain: Scan Canalus
      Location: Pylos Nebula, Dirada system, planet Canalus
      Enemies: 100% synthetic (geth)
      Reward: Damage Protection upgrade unlock
    12. Wrecked Merchant Freighter
      AKA: Investigate Shipwreck
      Obtain: Scan Neith
      Location: Eagle Nebula, Amun System, Neith
      Enemies: 100% synthetic (LOKI mechs)
      Rewards: leads to Abandoned Research Station
    13. Abandoned Research Station
      AKA: Investigate Abandoned Station
      Obtain: Complete Wrecked Merchant Freighter
      Location: Eagle Nebula, Strabo System, Jarrahe Station
      Enemies: no fighting
      Rewards: leads to Hahn-Kedar Facility
    14. Hahne-Kedar Facility
      AKA: Disable Infected Production Line
      Obtain: Complete Abandoned Research Station
      Location: Titan Nebula, Haskins System, planet Capek
      Enemies: 100% synthetic (mechs)
    15. Quarian Crash Site
      AKA: Investigate Quarian Crash Site
      Obtain: Scan Gei Hinnom
      Location: Hades Nexus, Sheol system, planet Gei Hinnom
      Enemies: 100% organic (varren)
      Reward: Thank you message from Quarians
    16. Abandoned Mine
      AKA: Investigate Abandoned Mine
      Obtain: Scan Aequitas
      Location: Minos Wasteland, Fortis, Aequitas
      Enemies: 100% organic (husks)
      Complete: Blow up the bombs near the artifact, ignore husks
    17. Javelin Missiles Launched
      AKA: Stop Missile Attack
      Obtain: Scan Franklin or finish Blue Suns Base
      Location: Sigurd's Cradle, Skepsis, Franklin
      Enemies: 100% organic; Mercenaries
      Note: 5 limit time limit mission
    18. Mining the Canyon
      AKA: Excavate Resources
      Obtain: Scan Location
      Location: Caleston Rift, Talava System, planet Taitus
      Enemies: 100% organic (2 varren)
    19. Endangered Research Station
      AKA: Reactivate Magnetic Shield
      Obtain: Scan Sinmara
      Location: Caleston Rift, Solveig System, moon Sinmara
      Enemies: no fighting
    =====================                                                ==========
    .4B. Weapon Locations                                                [.4B.JUMP]
    =====================                                                ==========
    "I'll relinquish one bullet. Where do you want it?" -Shepard
    Not that the alphabetical designations change as you level up your weapons.
    I.e., the M-98 Widow becomes the X-98d Widow, etc.
    For specific weapon stats, check out Arthinellus' Weapon Data Chart on GameFAQs
    as his chart is infinitely more attractive than anything I could fit here.
    .4B.01. Assault Rifle
    M-8 Avenger
    Description: Fully automatic, effective against shields, armor, and biotic
    Obtain: Default, Freedom's Progress
    M-15 Vindicator Battle Rifle
    Description: 5 round burst, effective against shields, armor, and biotic
    Obtain: During Archangel recruitment mission in Archangel's base
    M-76 Revenant LMG
    Description: Less accurate than an assault rifle, but has larger heatsink
    Obtain: Available only to Soldiers when choosing Assault Rifle as Advanced
            Weapons Training 
    Geth Pulse Rifle
    Description: Very effective against shields and biotic barriers, but not as
                 effective against armor and health. Very rapid rate of fire
    Obtain: End of Tali's recruitment mission if on Hardcore or Insanity difficulty
            for the entire mission
    Collector Assault Rifle
    Description: Accurate, but relatively weak, Collector rapid fire weapon
    Obtain: Collector's Edition DLC
    .4B.02. Heavy Pistol
    M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol
    Description: Effective against armor, weak against shields and biotic barriers
    Obtain: Prologue
    M-6 Carnifex Hand Cannon
    Description: Effective against armor, weak against shields and biotic barriers
    Obtain: Omega, Recruit the Professor
    .4B.03. Shotgun
    M-23 Katana Shotgun
    Description: Very effective against shields and biotic barriers, but weak
                 against armor
    Obtain: Default, Freedom's Progress
    M-27 Scimitar Assault Heavy Shotgun
    Description: Very effective against shields and biotic barriers, but weak
                 against armor
    Obtain: Illium, Recruit the Justicar
    M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun
    Description: Rare Krogan shotgun. Effective against shields, armor, and biotic
    Obtain: Researchable prototype upgrade usable by Grunt, and/or usable by
            Soldier or Vanguard if chosen as Advanced Weapons Training.
    .4B.04. Sniper Rifle
    M-92 Mantis Sniper Rifle
    Description: Very effective against armor, but weaker against shields and
                 biotic barriers
    Obtain: Default, Freedom's Progress
    M-97 Viper Sniper Rifle
    Description: Semi-automatic with higher ammo capacity. Highly effective against
                 armor, somewhat effective against shields and biotic barriers
    Obtain: Illium, Recruit the Assassin
    M-98 Widow Anti-Material Rifle
    Description: Especially effective against armor, but also against shields and
                 biotic barriers
    Obtain: Researchable upgrade only useable by the team member who suggested it,
    and/or usable by Soldier or Infiltrator if chosen as Advanced Weapon Training.
    M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle
    Description: Fires 3-shot burst, designed to overload active defenses.
                 Not particularly accurate, like a zoomable M-4 Submachine Gun
    Obtain: Digital Deluxe DLC only
    .4B.05. Submachine Gun
    M-4 Shuriken Machine Pistol
    Description: 3 round burst, Effective against shields and biotic barriers, 
                 weak against armor
    Obtain: Default, Freedom's Progress
    M-9 Tempest SMG
    Description: Fully automatic, Effective against shields and biotic barriers,
                 weak against armor
    Obtain: Tali's recruitment mission
    .4B.06. Heavy Weapon
    M-100 Grenade Launcher
    Description: Rapid fire grenade launcher
    Obtain: Prologue
    ML-77 Missile Launcher
    Description: Rapid fire homing missile launcher
    Obtain: Research after one Heavy Ammo upgrade
    M-622 Avalanche
    Description: Fires a Cryo blast.
    Obtain: Research after two Heavy Ammo upgrade
    M-920 Cain
    Details: "Nuke Launcher"
    Obtain: Reserach after three Heavy Ammo upgrade
    Collector Particle Beam
    Desription: Laser Beam
    Obtain: Horizon
    M-490 Blackstorm Singularity Projector
    Details: Black Hole Gun
    Obtain: Gamestop Pre-Order DLC
    Details: Flamethrower
    Obtain: Zaeed's Loyalty mission
    Arc Projector
    Details: Arc/Chain Lightning Gun
    Obtain: Cerberus Network Activation
    ======================                                               ==========
    .4C. Upgrade Locations                                               [.4C.JUMP]
    ======================                                               ==========
    "Sir Isaac Newton is the deadliest son-of-a-b**** in space!" -Gunnery Chief
    Note that prices are for which upgrade it counts for, not where you find it.
    I.e., the second unlocked upgrade always costs the same mineral resources no
    matter where you find it. Store-purchased upgrades don't rise in price, and
    the mineral cost is independent of them. I suppose I could have sorted it
    differently, but this way is in the order you would usually find them
    in my guide.
    Assault Rifle                                                             cost:
    -------------                                                             -----
    1. Omega, Recruit Professor, Slums . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,500 irid
    2. Illium, Gateway Personal Defense  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90,000 Cred
    Unlocks Assault Rifle Penetration  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15,000 irid
    3. Haestrom, Recruit Tali  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,000 irid
    Unlocks Assault Rifle Accuracy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25,000 irid
    4. Omega, Samara: Loyalty, Morinth's Apartment . . . . . . . . . . . 7,500 irid
    5. Tuchanka, Fortack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .90,000 Cred
    6. Zorya, Zaeed: Loyalty*  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10,000 irid
    *On Renegade-only route. Your damage will increase to 60% with all upgrades.
    Biotic Upgrades                                                           cost:
    ---------------                                                           -----
    1. Horizon  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    500 eezo
    2. Illium, Recruit the Justicar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1,000 eezo
    Unlocks Biotic Duration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  3,000 eezo
    3. Illium, Serrice Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,000 Cred
    Unlocks Biotic Cooldown . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 eezo
    4. Pragia, Jack: Loyalty  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1,500 eezo
    5. Tuchanka, Fortack  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,000 Cred
    6. Project Firewalker: Prothean Site DLC  . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,000 eezo
    Bypass Module                                                             cost:
    -------------                                                             -----
    1. Illium, Serrice Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30,000 Cred
    Damage Protection                                                         cost:
    -----------------                                                         -----
    1. Citadel, Saronis Applications  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,000 Cred
    2. Prison Ship Purgatory, Recruit Convict . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,500 pall
    Unlocks Redundant Field Generator . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 pall
    3. Illium, Gateway Personal Defense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,000 Cred
    Unlocks Hard Shields  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000 pall
    4. Collector Ship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 pall
    5. N7: Anamlous Weather Detected  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7,500 pall
    Geth Shield Strength                                                      cost:
    --------------------                                                      -----
    1. Alarai/Tali: Loyalty  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,500 plat
    2. Legion: Loyalty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5,000 plat
    Hack Module                                                               cost:
    -----------                                                               -----
    1. Omega, Harrot's Emporium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30,000 Cred
    Heavy Skin Weave                                                          cost:
    ----------------                                                          -----
    1. Omega, Kenn's Salvage  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,000 Cred
    2. Horizon  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,500 pall
    Unlocks Heavy Bone Weave  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 pall
    3. Illium, Gateway Personal Defense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,000 Cred
    Unlocks Heavy Muscle Weave  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000 pall
    4. N7: MSV Strontium Mule . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 pall
    5. Reaper IFF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7,500 pall
    Heavy Pistol                                                              cost:
    ------------                                                              -----
    1. Citadel, Rodam Expeditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60,000 Cred
    2. Haestrom, Recruit Tali . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,500 pall
    Unlocks AP Heavy Pistol . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 Cred
    3. Aeia 2175, Jacob: Loyalty  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 pall
    Unlocks Heavy Pistol Critical . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000 pall
    4. Tuchanka, Fortack  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60,000 Cred
    5. Citadel, Thane: Loyalty  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7,500 pall
    Heavy Weapon Ammo                                                         cost:
    -----------------                                                         -----
    1. Freedom's Progress, YMIR Mech  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,500 irid
    Unlocks ML-77 Missile Launcher  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 irid
    2. Omega, Kenn's Salvage  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30,000 Cred
    Unlocks M-622 Avalanche . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 irid
    3. Tuchanka, Ratch's Wares  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30,000 Cred
    Unlocks M-920 Cain  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000 irid
    4. Tuchanka, Mordin: Loyalty  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 irid
    5. N7: Blood Pack Base  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7,500 irid
    6. Zorya, Zaeed: Loyalty**. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10,000 irid
    **Paragon-only route
    Krogan Vitality                                                           cost:
    ---------------                                                           -----
    1. Korlus, Recruit Krogan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,500 plat
    2. Tuchanka, Mordin: Loyalty  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 plat
    Medi-Gel Capacity                                                         cost:
    -----------------                                                         -----
    1. Normandy, Serrice Ice Brandy Assignment  . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,500 plat
    2. Omega, Recruit Professor, Clinic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 plat
    Unlocks Trauma Module . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 plat
    3. Citadel, Sirta Foundation  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30,000 Cred
    Unlocks Emergency Shielding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000 plat
    4. Illium, Serrice Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30,000 Cred
    5. Illium, Miranda: Loyalty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7,500 plat
    Shotgun                                                                   cost:
    -------                                                                   -----
    1. Omega, Kenn's Salvage . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  60,000 Cred
    2. Prison Ship Purgatory, Recruit Convict  . . . . . . . . . . . .   2,500 plat
    Unlocks Shotgun Shield Piercing  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  15,000 plat
    3. Tuchanka, Fortack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  60,000 Cred
    Unlocks Shotgun Extra Rounds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  25,000 plat
    4. Tuchanka, Grunt: Loyalty if successful  . . . . . . . . . . . .   5,000 plat
    5. Reaper IFF  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   7,500 plat
    Sniper Rifle                                                              cost:
    ------------                                                              -----
    1. Omega, Omega Market  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60,000 Cred
    2. Korlus, Recruit the Krogan, Sniper Rifle . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,500 plat
    Unlocks AP Sniper Rifle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 plat
    3. Citadel, Rodam Expeditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60,000 Cred
    Unlocks Sniper Headshot Damage  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000 plat
    4. Citadel, Garrus: Loyalty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 plat
    5. Reaper IFF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7,500 plat
    Submachine Gun                                                            cost:
    --------------                                                            -----
    1. Omega, Recruit Archangel, Blue Suns Weapon Shipment  . . . . . .  2,500 Irid
    2. Citadel, Rodam Expeditions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60,000 Cred
    Unlocks SMG Shield Piercing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 Irid
    3. Illium, Gateway Personal Defense . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 60,000 Cred
    Unlocks SMG Extra Rounds  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25,000 Irid
    4. Illium, Recruit Assassin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 Irid
    5. Illium, Miranda: Loyalty . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  7,500 Irid
    Tech Damage                                                               cost:
    -----------                                                               -----
    1. Omega, Recruit Archangel, Omni-tool Power X Mods . . . . . . . .    500 eezo
    2. Citadel, Saronis . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,000 Cred
    Unlocks Tech Duration . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  3,000 eezo
    3. Collector Ship, Control Terminal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  1,000 eezo
    Unlocks Tech Cooldowns  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 eezo
    4. Illium, Serrice Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 90,000 Cred
    5. Migrant Fleet, Tali: Loyalty if Tali loyalty gained  . . . . . .  1,500 eezo
    Squad                                                                     cost:
    -----                                                                     -----
    Krogan Shotgun, Grunt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 plat
    Geth Sniper, Legion . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 plat
    Mordin Omni-Tool, Mordin  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  3,000 eezo
    Subject Zero Biotic Boost, Jack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  3,000 eezo
    Retrain Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  2,500 eezo
    Advanced Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  5,000 eezo
    Normandy                                                                  cost:
    --------                                                                  -----
    Advanced Mineral Scanner  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 irid
    Heavy Ship Armor, Jacob . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 pall
    Thanix Cannon, Garrus . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 plat
    Multicore Shielding, Tali . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 pall
    Extended Fuel Cells, Samara . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  3,000 eezo
    Modular Probe Bay, Thane  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15,000 irid
    Med-Bay Upgrade, Doctor Chakwas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50,000 plat
    Total Upgrade Requirements
    Requirements are base, and do not include Engineer Research bonuses.
    EEZO: 42,500 (one 5,000 for one Advanced Training)
    Iridium: 215,000
    Platinum: 275,000 (Includes 50,000 for Med Bay upgrade.)
    Palladium: 195,000
    Credits: 1,560,000
    Credits w/all discounts: 1,300,000
    100% Earned Credits through all missions: between 950,000 and 1,000,000
    ======================                                               ==========
    .4D. Planets with EEZO                                               [.4D.JUMP]
    ======================                                               ==========
    "Why's it always claws and guns? Can't we piss off a fuzzy planet? Still
     dangerous, but hey, bunnies." - Joker
    Approximate amounts are in parenthesis. (Your amounts may vary)
    Almost all of these planets are Good or better. Most of them are Rich.
    Sorted by which Nebulas are open to you first.
    Omega Nebula, Batalla system, planet Nearog (3rd planet - 2600)
    Omega Nebula, Batalla system, planet Thunawanuro (2nd planet - 7500)
    Eagle Nebula, Relic system, planet Preying Mouth (6th planet - 6300)
    Eagle Nebula, Amun system, planet Anhur (3rd planet - 7000)
    Eagle Nebula, Amun system, planet Sekhmet (1st planet - 4600)
    Hourglass Nebula, Faryar system, planet Daratar (1st planet - 7700)
    Hourglass Nebula, Osun system, planet Erinle (2nd planet - 8000)
    Hourglass Nebula, Ploitari system, planet Thegan (4th planet - 4500)
    Normandy Crash DLC Req
    Omega Nebula, Amada system, planet Eingana (3rd planet - 4600)
    Opens after completing Horizon
    Crescent Nebula, Lusarn system, planet Tarith (4th planet - 6000)
    Crescent Nebula, Zelene system, planet Helyme (2nd planet - 4500)
    Far Rim, Dholen system, planet Gotha (1st planet - 4000)
    Rosetta Nebula, Alpha Draconis system, planet 2175 Aeia (1st planet - 5200)
    Rosetta Nebula, Enoch system, planet Joab (3rd planet - 3200)
    Rosetta Nebula, Enoch system, planet Laban (1st planet - 5300)
    Rosetta Nebula, Enoch system, planet Mizraim (2nd planet - 2500)
    Purchase from Baria Frontiers
    Hades Nexus, Sheol system, planet Gei Hinnom (1st planet - 7600)
    Hades Nexus, Hekate system, planet Bothros (3rd planet - 1800)
    Hades Nexus, Pamyat system, planet Dobrovolski (2nd planet - 4000)
    Minos Wasteland, Caestus system, Planet Invictus (1st planet 5000)
    Pylos Nebula, Dirada system, planet Siano (1st planet - 5000)
    Pylos Nebula, Satent system, planet Raisaris (1st planet - 7000)
    Pylos Nebula, Satent system, planet Boro (3rd planet 6500)
    The Shrike Abyssal, Urla Rast system, planet Talis Fia (2nd planet - 4400)
    The Shrike Abyssal, Xe Cha system, planet Tosal Nym (3rd planet - 5800)
    The Shrike Abyssal, Xe Cha system, planet Zada Ban (1st planet - 6200)
    Opens with Jack loyalty mission
    Nubian Expanse, Kalabsha system, planet Yamm (1st planet - 3000)
    Opens with Mordin or Grunt loyalty missions
    Krogan DMZ, Nith system, planet Mantun (1st planet - 4800)
    Opens with Tali loyalty mission
    Valhallan Threshhold, Micah system, asteroid Farlas (1st belt, right - 5200)
    Valhallan Threshhold, Micah system, asteroid Israfil (2nd belt - 3600)
    Valhallan Threshhold, Micah system, asteroid Kakabel (1st belt, bottom - 2500)
    Opens with Collector Ship
    Caleston Rift, Balor system, moon Caleston (circling 1st planet - 4700)
    Hawking Eta, Schwarzschild system, Planet Etamis (2nd planet - 5800)
    Opens after N7: MSV Strontium
    Sigurd's Cradle, Decoris system, planet Sanctum (2nd planet - 4600)
    Sigurd's Cradle, Skepsis system, planet Watson (3rd planet - 9000)
    Opens after N7: Abandoned Research Station
    Titan Nebula, Haskins system, planet Capek (only planet - 5000)
    Opens with A House Divided mission
    The Phoenix Massing, Salahiel system, planet Ekuna (only planet - 3000)
    ==============                                                       ==========
    .4E. Shop List                                                       [.4E.JUMP]
    ==============                                                       ==========
    "Insincere endorsement: you have not experienced Shakespeare until you have
     heard it in the voice of Elcor." -Advertisement
    .4E.01. Omega
    "Where did you get that fantastic new visor?" -Girl 1
    "You'll never believe me if I told you - Harrot's!" -Girl 2
    "I love that place! But I thought Harrot's sold stuff just for men!" -Girl 1
    "Oh no, Harrot has something for everyone. He even sold me this spice rack
     shaped like a mining scanner." -Girl 2
    "Restrained exasperation: come to my store. It's just not boring junk anymore."
    Kenn's Salvage
    Discount: Talk to Kenn or Harrot
    Heavy Weapon Ammo, 30000
    Nashan Stellar Dynamics T6-FBA Couplings, 500
    Heavy Skin Weave, 90000
    Shotgun Damage, 60000
    Harrot's Emporium
    Discount: Only available by talking to Kenn first. Persuade Harrot.
    Visor (headpiece, 10% headshot dmg), 2000
    Model Ship 13 - Geth Ship, 2000
    Capicitor Chestplate (chest, 10% less shield recharge time), 4000
    Hack Bonus, 30000
    *Ordnance Packs (legs, 10% spare heavy weapon ammo), 2000
    Omega Markets
    Discount: Talk to Marsh with a Negotiation skill of approximately 50.
    Strength Boost Pads (shoulder, 25% melee damage), 4000*
    Stabilization Gauntlets (arms, 5% weapon damage), 8000*
    Stimulator Conduits (legs, 10% storm speed), 4000
    Model - Turian Cruiser, 500
    Sniper Rifle Damage, 60000
    Fornax, 5
    *Available after Collector Ship
    .4E.02. Citadel
    "I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite store on the Citadel." -Shepard
    Zakera Cafe
    Location: Lv. 27
    Discount: Not available, but everything is 500 Credits and less
    High-Grade Provisions, 500
    Revelations, 5
    Ascentions, 5
    Citadel Souvenirs
    Location: Lv. 27
    Discount: Talk to Deleia Sanassi and give her an endorsement or accuse her of
    Space Hamster, 9200
    Illium Skald Fish, 500
    Model - Normandy SR1, 500
    Model - Destiny Ascension, 500
    *Model - Sovereign, 500
    *Thessian Sunfish, 500
    Saronis Applications
    Location: Lv. 26
    Discount: Talk to Mareb and persuade him. You can obtain the discount at a
    fairly low Persuasion.
    Tech Damage, 90000
    Damage Protection, 90000
    Sirta Foundation
    Location: Lv. 26
    Discount: Talk to Kian Louros and persuade her
    Medi-Gel Capacity, 30000
    Life Support Webbing (Legs, 10% Health), 8000
    Rodam Expeditions
    Location: Lv. 28
    Discount: Talk to Etarn Tiron and persuade him
    Sniper Rifle Damage, 60000
    Heavy Pistol Damage, 60000
    Submachine Gun Damage, 60000
    Off-Hand Ammo Pack (Arms, 10% more ammo), 2000
    Aegis Vest (Chest, 5% health), 2000
    *Available after Collector Ship
    .4E.03. Illium
    "Lots of money here. Soft people who'd make good victims." -Jack 
    "Jack. No." -Jacob
    "What, I'm just thinking aloud." -Jack
    Serrice Technology
    Discount: Talk to the Merchant and persuade her, or if you have Gianna's
    assignment, you can tell the Merchant that she's being watched, however you
    get no experience points this way. If you do help Gianna, make sure to persuade
    her before asking about the special items.
    Biotic Damage, 90000
    Bypass Module, 30000
    Medi-Gel Capacity, 30000
    Gateway Personal Defense
    Discount: Ask Conrad Verner, located in Eternity, "What were you doing here."
    Then, speak to the Weapons Merchant in front of Gateway Personal Defense and
    persuade her; either way she sets you up with a discount.
    Heavy Skin Weave, 90000
    Submachine Gun Damage, 60000
    Assault Rifle Damage, 60000
    Amplifier Plates (Shoulder, 5% power damage), 2000 
    *Damage Reduction, 90000
    Baria Frontiers
    Discount: None
    Items:Star Chart - Hades Nexus, 500
    Star Chart - Minos Wasteland, 500
    Star Chart - Shrike Abyssal, 500
    Star Chart - Pylos Nebula, 500
    Memories of Illium
    Discount: Complete the Persuade the Asari assignment
    Prejek Paddle Fish, 8000
    Model - Alliance Cruiser, 500
    Model - Athabasca Class Freighter, 500
    *Model - UT-47 Kodiak Shuttle, 500
    *Available after Collector Ship
    4E.04. Tuchanka
    "What, you think we kidnap quarians and make them do the 'hard work?' Not
    anymore, we don't." -Krogan Mechanic
    Ratch's Wares
    Discount: Use the guns to kill the Pyjak waves.
    Heavy Weapon Ammo, 30000
    Stabilization Gauntlets (arms, 5% weapon damage), 4000
    Death Mask (heat, 10% negotiation), 8000
    Shield Harness (legs, 5% shield), 8000
    Pyjak Meat, 0 (if discount assignment completed)
    *Asymmetic Defense Layer (shoulder, 5% health), 8000
    *Heavy Damping Gauntlet (arms, 5% shield), 
    Fortak's Database
    Discount: Finish Grunt's loyalty quest, and the discount automatically applies.
    Assault Rifle Damage, 60000
    Biotic Damage, 90000
    Heavy Pistol Damage, 60000
    Shotgun Damage, 60000
    *Available after Collector Ship
    ===============                                                      ==========
    .4F. Armor List                                                      [.4F.JUMP]
    ===============                                                      ==========
    "I was just letting you finish getting dressed..or does Cerberus really let you
     whore around in that outfit." -Enyala, to Miranda
    .4F.01. Full Armor Sets
    Cannot mix and match, must be worn in full to obtain bonus stats
    Terminus Assault Armor
    Bonus: +10% Storm Speed, +10% Ammo, +15% Shield
    Obtain: Gamestop Preorder-code
    Inferno Armor
    Bonus: +10% Storm Speed, +10% Negotiation, +10% Power Damage
    Obtain: Preorder code
    Collector's Armor
    Bonus: +10% Storm Speed, +20% Health, +10% Regeneration Speed
    Obtain: Collector's Edition / Digital Deluxe
    Blood Dragon Armor
    Bonus: +15% Power Damage, +10% Shield Strength
    Obtain: Linked Dragon Age Origins on EA Account
    Cerberus Assault Armor
    Bonus: +10% Heavy Weapon Ammo, +10% Shield Strength, +10% Health
    Obtain: Cerberus Network Activation
    .4F.02. N7 Armor Options
    Helmet                               Bonus:                             Obtain:
    ------                               ------                             -------
    N7 Helmet . . . . . . . . . . . . . +5% Health  . . . . . . . . . . . . . Start
    N7 Breather Helmet  . . . . . . . . +5% Health  . . . . . . . . . . . . . Start
    Visor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .+10% Headshot Damage . . . Harrot's Emporium
    Death Mask  . . . . . . . . . . . .+10% Negotiation . . . . . . . Ratch's Wares
    Sentry Interface  . . . . . . . . . +5% Shield Strength . . .  Dr. Pepper Promo
    Umbra Visor . . . . . . . . . . . . +5% Power Damage  . . . .  Dr. Pepper Promo
    Recon Hood  . . . . . . . . . . . . +5% Weapon Damage . . . .  Dr. Pepper Promo
    Chest                                Bonus:                             Obtain:
    -----                                ------                             -------
    N7 Chestplate . . . . . . . . . . . +3% Power Damage  . . . . . . . . . . Start
    Capacitor Chestplate  . . . . . . .-10% Shield Regen Delay  . Harrot's Emporium
    Aegis Vest  . . . . . . . . . . . . +5% Health . . . . . . . Rodham Expeditions
    Shield Harness  . . . . . . . . . . +5% Shield . . . . Gateway Personal Defense
    Shoulders                            Bonus:                             Obtain:
    ---------                            ------                             -------
    N7 Shoulder Guards. . . . . . . . . +3% Weapon Damage . . . . . . . . . . Start
    Strength Boost Pads . . . . . . . .+25% Melee Damage . . . . . . . Omega Market
    Amplifier Plates  . . . . . . . . . +5% Power Damage . Gateway Personal Defense
    Asymmetic Defense Layer . . . . . . +5% Health . . . . . . . . .  Ratch's Wares
    Arms                                 Bonus:                             Obtain:
    ----                                 ------                             -------
    N7 Gauntlets  . . . . . . . . . . . +3% Health . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Start
    Off-Hand Ammo Pack  . . . . . . . .+10% Ammo . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Start
    Stabilization Gauntlets . . . . . . +5% Weapon Damage  . . . . . . Omega Market
    Heavy Damping Gauntlet  . . . . . . +5% Shield . . . . . . . . .  Ratch's Wares
    Legs                                 Bonus:                             Obtain:
    ----                                 ------                             -------
    N7 Greaves  . . . . . . . . . . . . +3% Shield . . . . . . . . . . . . .  Start
    Stimulator Conduits . . . . . . . .+10% Storm Speed  . . . . . . . Omega Market
    Ordnance Packs  . . . . . . . . . .+10% Heavy Weapon Ammo . . Harrot's Emporium
    Life Support Webbing  . . . . . . .+10% Health . . . . . . . . Sirta Foundation
    Note that some armor will not be available when you first can access the
    merchant. All of it should appear by the time you reach the Collector Ship.
    ===================                                                  ==========
    .4G. Interrupt List                                                  [.4G.JUMP]
    ===================                                                  ==========
    "I am a biotic god! I think things - and they happen! Fear me, lesser
    creatures, for I am biotics made flesh!
    ... I'll nap. Destroy the universe later."  -Niftu Cal
    If you want to try to catch all the possible interrupts, and see which
    ones you want to catch on other playthroughs.
    .4G.01. Renegade
    Freedom's Progress/Veetor, shoot screen
    Omega/recruit Archangel, stop Cathka
    Omega/recruit Archangel, snipe mech
    Omega/recruit Professor, interrupt Mordin
    Citadel/Al-Jilani, punch reporter
    Illium/recruit Assassin, throw Eclipse Trooper
    Illium/recruit Assassin, punch Telon
    Illium/recruit Justicar, pull gun on Pitne For
    Illium/recruit Justicar, shoot Elcora
    Pragia/Jack's mission, pull gun on Aresh
    Citadel/Thane's mission, rough up Mouse
    Citadel/Thane's mission, interrogate Kelham
    Citadel/Thane's mission, knock out Stock Boy
    Citadel/Garrus' mission, Shoot Krogan
    Tuchanka/Grunt's mission, headbutt Uvenk
    Tuchanka/Mordin's mission, blow up fuel tank
    Illium/Miranda's mission, surprise the mercenaries
    .4G.02. Paragon
    Freedom's Progress/Veetor, interrupt computer
    Omega/recruit Professor, interrupt Mordin
    Normandy/recruit Professor, interrupt Mordin
    Citadel/Crime in Progress, yell at C-Sec & Kor Tun
    Haestrom/recruit Tali, interrupt Kal'Reegar
    Illium/recruit Assasin, help Salarian Worker
    Illium/recruit Justicar, knock over Niftu Cal
    2175 Aeia/Jacob's mission, save Survivor
    Pragia/Jack's mission, save Aresh
    Alarai/Tali's mission, hug Tali
    Omega/Samara's mission, comfort Diana
    Zorya/Zaeed's mission, smack Zaeed
    Tuchanka/Mordin's mission, interrupt Mordin
    Citadel/Thane's mission, distract Kolyat
    Citadel/Garrus' mission, Harkin, interrupt Garrus
    Citadel/Garrus' mission, Sidonis, stop Sidonis
    Illium/Miranda's mission, Niket, interrupt Miranda
    ==============================                                       ==========
    .4H. ME1 Side Character Cameos                                       [.4H.JUMP]
    ==============================                                       ==========
    "Do you ever miss those long conversations we used to have in the elevator?"
    "No." -Tali
    "Come on, remember we'd all ask you about life on the Floatilla. It was an
    opportunity to share!" -Garrus
    "This conversation is over." -Tali
    "Tell me again about your immune system." -Garrus
    "I have a shotgun." -Tali
    "Maybe we'll talk later." -Garrus
    Curious what happened due to your decisions in ME1? Or maybe playing through
    ME1 again and wanting to make sure your choices matter? To see most of these
    characters again, you simply have to spare their lives in the first game.
    There's some obvious, more important characters that I haven't included.
    Sorted by Planet Appearance:
    Helena Blake
    -If you told her to quit, she becomes a social worker on Omega.
    -If you helped her criminal operation, she works for Aria.
    Rana Thanoptis
    Conrad Verner
    -Currently bugged by not correctly representing ME1 choice
    Gianna Parasini
    Refund guy
    News Stories
    Admiral Hackett
    -If Ruthless, the Shepard Memorial Flame on Torfan is attacked by protestors
    -If Sole Survivor, he plans a monument on Akuze for you
    -If War Hero, he obtains money from couples married at Elysium memorial plaza
     for war veteransEmily Wong
    Hannah Shepard, Shepard's mom, if spacer
    Kate Bowman
    Corporal Toombs
    E-mail Messages
    Samesh Bhatia
    Dr. Chloe Michel
    Consort Sha'ira
    Han Olar
    Talitha, if colonist
    Lizbeth Baynham
    Lorik Qui'in
    Chairman Martin Burns
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 >>>>>>>>>>
    .05. About the Guide                                                 [.05.JUMP]
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>                                                 >>>>>>>>>>
    "I'd never stab you in the back, Shepard. Warriors like you and me. 
     Straight to the face." -Grunt
    ====================                                                 ==========
    .5A. Version History                                                 [.5A.JUMP]
    ====================                                                 ==========
    "I delete data like you on the way to the real errors." -Shepard VI
    Version 1.3, 3/24/2010: Added the recent Cerberus DLC: Firewalker/Hammerhead
    missions, the Cerberus Assault Armor info, and the Arc Projector Info.
    Version 1.2, 3/5/2010: Many more fixes (thanks to more e-mails). Added a clear
    warning before moving off towards the end of the game. Sorry for the slow
    update, as I was initially waiting for Hammerhead before I updated the FAQ, but
    there were enough fixes that I decided to update now to clear confusion. Next
    update thus will include Hammerhead missions, and one final sweep of the main
    text for clarity and correctness, so I can only focus on the future DLC.
    Version 1.1, 2/6/2010: Added Squad Recommendations. Fixed some errors and added
    to clarifications (thanks to e-mails).
    Version 1.0, 2/5/2010: First submitted to GameFAQs.
    =======================                                              ==========
    .5B. Legal Notification                                              [.5B.JUMP]
    =======================                                              ==========
    (C) Copyright 2010 Kenneth Chiu
    This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It cannot be used in any form of printed or electronic media
    involved in a commercial business. This guide may not be placed on any website
    or otherwise distributed publicly without my express written permission.
    These websites and its associates are authorized to host this guide:
    Use of this guide on any other website or as part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright.
    ========================                                             ==========
    .5C. Contact Information                                             [.5C.JUMP]
    ========================                                             ==========
    "I'm offering to be your friend. You don't want to be my enemy." -Shepard
    "They have a way of dying." -Garrus
    You can e-mail me at [ tonhylozoist @ yahoo.com ] about questions, comments, or
    concerns with my guide. Please include "ME2 Guide" in the title followed by the
    subject. I am horrible at replying to e-mails, and only understand English, so
    please be patient if you decide to contact me. I don't use instant messangers,
    so it's probably not useful to try to friend me.
    If you require technical assistance, I apologize but I will probably not have a
    reply for you. Instead, you should try finding an answer at the GameFAQ boards,
    or the official Bioware technial support self-help forum, located at:
    Thanks for reading.

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