How can I make my team survive?

  1. I know taht at the end of the game your people just start dying like crazy. But then my uncle laughed and said you had all those people die? I only had Jack die.
    Me? Well I lost Thane, Tali, Jack and maybe three or four others. It sucked. I would like to know if there is sometihng you do in the game that affects who dies and who doesn't.

    User Info: Samusishot101

    Samusishot101 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes, there's several things and evidently you completely skipped doing them. Shame on you. Here's how to keep everyone alive:


    1. Buy the ship upgrades using planet resources. You need to speak to your party members and ask about "UPGRADES" to get all the extra ones. The specific ones you're looking for are Heavy Ship Armor (talk to Jacob), Multicore Shielding (talk to Tali), and Thanix Cannon (talk to Garrus). You'll lose 1 party member for every one of those upgrades that you didn't get, so make sure you get them.

    2. Do the Loyalty missions. If your party members are not loyal, then they have a better chance of getting killed during the Suicide Mission, or getting other members killed, even if you do everything right. Note that Tali/Legion and Jack/Miranda will get into fights after you finish their loyalty missions. Make sure you pick the Blue or Red option when solving their arguments to preserve their loyalties (obviously your Paragon or Renegade score will need to be fairly high to get the Blue/Red options).

    3. Make sure you finish all the side missions and Loyalty missions before you do the Reaper IFF mission. Once you do the Reaper IFF and get Legion, you'll be very close to the end game. You'll have enough time to do his Loyalty mission before the Normandy crew gets kidnapped and it's time to go to the Suicide Mission. If you want to save all of those guys too, you need to proceed straight to the endgame (see below).

    4. If you want to save the Normandy crew, then you need to do this: After they get kidnapped and you have control of Shepard again, there's TWO seperate dialogue prompts that basically boil down to "Let's save them now" or "We need to prepare." If you select the latter option in either of these dialogue prompts, you will lose half the Normandy crew. If you do it both times, then only Chakwas will survive. Make sure you answer correctly on both of those prompts, then go straight to the Omega Relay and play the Suicide Mission. This will keep the Normandy crew alive. If you witness Kelly Chambers die, then you did something wrong.

    5. For the first stage of the Suicide Mission, you need to choose a Tech Expert and a Fire Team Leader. The correct experts are Tali, Legion, or Kasumi. The correct leaders are Miranda, Jacob, or Garrus. Pick any of those characters correctly, and if they're loyal, no one will die.

    6. For the second stage of the Suicide Mission, you need to choose a Biotic Expert, a Fire Team Leader, and an Escort for the Normandy crew. The correct experts are Samara/Morinth or Jack. The correct leaders again are Miranda, Jacob, or Garrus. For the escort, make sure you pick Mordin, because he has a chance at dying later due to a bug in the game. Pick any of those characters correctly, and if they're loyal, no one will die.

    7. For the third and final stage of the Suicide Mission, you're just picking the two characters that go with Shepard. If you haven't lost any characters up to this point, then you should be just fine for the endgame. The two characters you bring with you should be loyal or they won't survive. Your backup team, if stacked with loyal characters, should have more than enough defensive rating to survive with no casualties. Go beat the final boss and everyone will survive.

    And that's how you do it. You can't just tear through this game ignoring as much stuff as you did, as you can see. Follow these steps and you'll save everyone in the Suicide Mission. Good luck, soldier!

    User Info: SmokeRulz

    SmokeRulz - 9 years ago 22   11

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