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    Der Riese Guide by CassyChan

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    Zombies is srs bsns. Welcome to...
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    title in the contents below (ie '[PKP]' for 'The Pack-A-Punch Machine &
    Teleporters' section), press ctrl+F (or cmd+F for Mac) and paste it.
     Intro [INT]
     Weapons [WPN]
      -Tier List
      -Pack-a-Punch Effects
      -Things Worth Noting
      -The 3-Gun Glitch (allows you to hold 3 weapons)
     Perks [PRK]
     Drops [DRP]
     The Pack-A-Punch Machine & Teleporters [PKP]
     General Tips [TPS]
     Strategy [SGY]
      -Rounds 1-4 (getting points efficiently)
      -Rounds 5-11 (getting points efficiently and activating teleporters)
      -Rounds 12+ (surviving as long as possible, the catwalk strategy)
      -The Last Rounds (spamming teleporters and electric barriers)
     Solo Strategy [SOS]
      -Rounds 1-4 (getting points efficiently)
      -Rounds 5-8 (dogs etc)
      -Rounds 9-? (camp, run, walk, kill, walk, kill...)
      -Rounds ?-? (barriers, camping, running, abusing teleporters)
     Keeping Your Ammo Levels High [AMO]
     Story (in-depth explanation of the story and characters) [STR]
     Story Quick Overview (quick explanation of key points of the story) [SQO]
     Easter Eggs [ERE]
      -Theme Song
      -Hidden Recordings (radio locations)
      -Hidden Illuminati Messages
      -The Fly Trap (control panel and Samantha's toys locations)
      -A Few Interesting Things
      -Want To See Where 115 Comes From (in Shi No Numa)?
      -The Red Liquid
      -Other Stuff You Can Interact With
      -Character Models
      -Mystery Box Skin And Lighting Glitch
     Trophies/Achievements Guide [TAG]
     Everything Else (contact me, legal, updates etc) [EVE]
                                     Intro [INT]
    Yo, I'm gonna assume you've had a look around Der Riese already and basically 
    know the layout, I'm also going to assume you've played Nazi Zombies before
    and get the general idea of it seeing as this is the third DLC map. Der Riese
    has some new innovations on the Zombies gameplay, it's got fully functioning
    teleporters, weapons are now upgradeable, it fleshes out the Zombies story and
    more. This guide contains some general tips to make it easier and explain some
    stuff that players new to the map may not know. Previously I stated I'd never
    list glitches or how to do them, well I'm still against people wasting hours
    in stupid barrier glitches pretending they're good to their friends but I (and
    from what I've seen most of the community) don't mind the 3-gun glitch, it
    extends the game without ruining the fun, so seeing that it's still in the
    Black Ops version I've listed it at the end of the weapon section because I
    don't see them ever patching it.
    If you're playing the Black Ops version of Der Riese as opposed to the World
    at War version then please go to the GameFAQs page for Black Ops and view the
    Black Ops version of the guide there.
                                    Weapons [WPN]
     * Tier List (all just my opinion)
    This takes into account how useful the gun is throughout Der Riese and its 
    Pack-a-Punched counterpart - I'd say it's not worth Pack-a-Punching anything
    below high tier usually. Anything Captain Price's Moustache tier you should
    pick up straight away, if anyone else on the team already has the Wunderwaffe
    then the best combo you can get imo is a Ray Gun with either the MG42 or PPSh.
    Also Monkeys are awesome and incredibly useful, even if you have the two best
    weapons you can get you should keep spinning between rounds to try to get
    Monkeys. Seriously Meh tier are fine for the first several rounds, after that
    I'd say anything low tier is great from the beginning through to the mid-teen
    rounds and further if PaP'd.
    This is very rough and just to give a basic idea of what weapon you should 
    grab out the box based on what you already have, you'll have your own 
    preference for weapons and really that's what's important, you may be better
    with some weapons than I am and find them more useful, a good example of this
    is the Flamethrower, I hate it, it obscures your view and the view of others
    and earlier on I prefer other weapons to rack up points with a few shots + 
    knife combo or headshots, others however find good use for it in solo and 
    co-op play, so like I say this is just my preference:
     Captain Price's Moustache Tier:
      Wunderwaffe DG-2
      Ray Gun
     High Tier:
      Browning M1919
     Mid Tier:
      Type 100
      M1897 Trench Gun
     Low Tier:
      Double-Barreled Shotgun
      Double-Barreled Shotgun w/ Sawed-Grip
      Gewher 43
      M1A1 Carbine
      M1 Garand (with M7 Grenade Launcher)
      .357 Magnum
     Seriously Meh Tier:
      M2 Flamethrower
     * Pack-a-Punch Effects
    As a future reference many players abbreviate Pack-a-Punch to 'PaP' and I 
    will do this at some points throughout this guide.
    Generally most PaP'd guns feature larger magazines, higher ammo capacity and 
    deal more damage, that and they shoot prettier colours and have a cool new
    look. Here I will list the effects of PaP'ing each gun without going into 
    much detail (people have listed stats on sites online, if you're interested
    try Googling to find them, DenKirson is good for weapon stats). List will be
    in alphabetical order.
     .357 Magnum => .357 Plus 1 K1L-u
      - Increased damage.
     BAR => The Widow Maker
      - Increased damage, magazine holds 1.5x more ammo, holds a little extra 
     spare ammo, increased rate of fire.
     Browning M1919 => B115 Accelerator
      - Increased damage, holds 1.5x more spare ammo, increased rate of fire.
     Colt M1911 => C-3000 b1at-ch35
      - Now shoots Grenades, holds double spare ammo.
     Double-Barreled Shotgun => 24 Bore Long Range
      - Increased damage.
     Double-Barreled Shotgun w/ Sawed-Grip => The Snuff Box
      - Increased damage.
     FG42 => 420 Impeller
      - Increased damage, double magazine size, holds a little over double spare
     ammo, slightly increased rate of fire.
     Gewehr 43 => G115 Compressor
      - Increased damage, magazine holds 2 more rounds, holds an extra 50 spare
     Kar98k => Armageddon
      - Increased damage, increased magazine size, holds a little more spare
     M1 Garand (M7 Grenade Launcher) => M1000 (The Imploder)
      - increased damage, magazine holds a little more ammo and now loads 3 
     grenades at a time, holds a bit more spare grenade ammo.
     M1897 Trench Gun => Gut Shot
      - Increased damage, larger magazine, reloads twice as fast.
     M1A1 Carbine => Widdershins RC-1
      - Increased damage, now shoots full-auto, holds a couple more magazines 
     worth of spare ammo.
     M2 Flamethrower => FIW Nitrogen cooled
      - Increased damage, takes about twice as long to overheat.
     MG42 => Barracuda FU-A11
      - Increased damage, holds 1.5x ammo, increased rate of fire.
     MP40 => The Afterburner
      - Increased damage, double magazine size, slightly increased rate of fire.
     Panzerschreck => Longinus
      - Increased damage, loads 3 shots at the same time now, holds double spare
     PPSh-41 => The Reaper
      - Increased damage, magazine is pretty much double size, holds more than
     double spare ammo, increased rate of fire.
     PTRS-41 => The Penetrator
      - Slightly bigger magazine, better bullet penetration (one bullet can travel
     through more zombies).
     Ray Gun => Porter's X2 Ray Gun
      - Increased damage, double magazine size, holds almost double spare ammo.
     STG-44 => Spatz-447 +
      - Increased damage, double magazine size, holds almost double spare ammo,
     slightly increased rate of fire.
     Thompson => Gibs-o-matic
      - Increased damage, double magazine size, holds 1.25x more spare ammo,
     slightly increased rate of fire.
     Type 100 => 1001 Samurais
      - Increased damage, double magazine size, holds a bit more spare ammo,
     increased rate of fire.
     Wunderwaffe DG-2 => Wunderwaffe DG-3 JZ
      - Double magazine size, holds double spare ammo.
     * Things Worth Noting
    There is only one Wunderwaffe in the box in each game so whoever gets it is 
    the only person who will have it, if they go down and are not revived though 
    upon their death the Wunderwaffe will return to the mystery box.
    Some people choose the Browning over the MG42, to be honest I have no idea 
    why, it has a slower rate of fire, worse recoil when burst firing and it has
    a slower reload speed, I'd go with the MG. Similarly I'd also choose the PPSh
    over the Browning, when PaP'd it has plenty enough ammo, it fires accurately
    when shooting in bursts or emptying a full mag and it reloads very quickly,
    it's a great weapon.
    The Bowie Knife I felt was not applicable to be put in the list, though it's 
    worth noting that if you buy it and die you will still have it when you 
    respawn. Also this knife kills in one hit until round 12, just remember that 
    zombies can easily hit you when you're in close, so use the reach of the 
    knife to slash them (don't go close then knife, the knife attack pulls your 
    player forwards a few feet fast) and pull back on the left analog stick (or
    whatever your keyboard set up is) as it makes contact to avoid getting hit.
    If a zombie might require more than one hit though it's a better idea to go
    within the reach of the zombie, this way you won't lunge so you will knife
    with a quicker slash, when it connects pull back, zombies will usually take
    a second to hit you making it easy to get in, knife and pull back without
    getting hit, just make sure you aren't doing it when you could be crowded.
    The Bowie Knife mostly kills zombie dogs in 2 hits, this is useful if your
    only guns deal splashback damage (like the Ray Gun or Wunderwaffe) and the
    dogs get close.
    Monkeys are new to Der Riese, throwing them will have zombies ignore players,
    run straight for it and then wait by it until it explodes with the same 
    explosive power as a grenade. Very useful for finding time to revive downed 
    players, turn on electric barriers or help players that may get overwhelmed.
    Bouncing Betties are useful for your camping spot later on in case you are 
    reloading and some zombies get close to your position, just don't put them in 
    front of you, if you are defending from the catwalk of the Teleporter C 
    building I recommend placing your Betties in the corner you can fall back 
    into, otherwise they'll just go off in vain when one of the fast Linford 
    Christie-like zombies gets close. When dog rounds start you can place them in
    the direction they come from to let the Betty take care of them before they
    get to you as well, another good tip using Betties to take care of dogs (or
    zombies if you're in danger of getting crowded) is to go sit in a corner, 
    move out of the corner a little and place one, that way you can fall back
    into that corner if zombies get too close or a dog round starts, put them in
    other corners zombies wouldn't usually go into (unless they're following you)
    too and if one gets taken out you can run behind the other Betty and the 
    next dog will run into it trying to get to you.
    Electric barriers are very useful later on. In earlier rounds these are not 
    worth using as they will cost you 1,000 points to turn on and each zombie 
    they kill gets you 0 points, so don't bother till late on or when you're in a 
    pinch and need to revive someone. Later on these are fantastic for doing in a 
    huge amount of zombies, saving you time, stress and ammunition, turn it on at 
    the beginning of the round and again when it goes off and the red light on 
    the switch goes back to green - use Monkeys to get close if you have to and 
    have the Wunderwaffe guy cover whoever goes (making sure he/she doesn't shoot
    too close to his/her teammate as they can be damaged by it too).
    It is possible to get Stielhandgranate (grenades) from the mystery box, it's 
    just incredibly rare.
     * The 3-Gun Glitch
    The 3-gun glitch is STILL in the Blops version, not only that but it seems
    easier, as Betties seem to come up faster when you select them all you have
    to do is grab you PaP'd weapon mid-way through that animation, on WaW you
    used to have to leave it a little longer when picking up your PaP'd weapon
    when you had 3 weapons but now you don't even have to do that. You have to
    be quick but once you've learnt how to do it it's very easy and you'll
    have no problem doing it every time.
     STEP 1:
      Have a weapon you want to PaP, at least one Betty and a minimum of 5,200
      points. It is best to do this when you have a crawler or two at the end of
      the round.
     STEP 2:
      Go up to the PaP machine and put your weapon in then immediately turn
      around and run to the Kar98k, buy it for the 200 points and run back to
      the PaP machine.
     STEP 3:
      Stand in front of it so you are able to pick up, this is when you switch
      to your Betty, but how you do it is you pick up your PaP'd weapon while
      you're getting your Betty out, if you can't pick it up then you're doing
      it too slow, the idea is that you pick it up in that little bit of time
      between putting your weapon away and getting the Betty out when there is
      nothing in your hand. If you couldn't grab it first time because you were
      too slow to pick it up press weapon switch then get your Betty out and
      try it again, you should have a few attempts but once you've learnt it
      you'll be doing it every time easy.
    If you got it right congrats, you have 3 guns, now go swap out that Kar98k
    for something good!
     PaPing when you have 3 weapons:
      When you have your 3 weapons and you are going to PaP your second and
      third I find you have to wait a fraction of a second longer when getting
      your Betty out, so don't pick up the PaP'd weapon quite as fast, do it
      just as the Betty is just coming up or literally a fraction before, you
      have a few attempts before the weapon would go back into the machine but
      it's like the rest of the process, once you've got it right the one time
      you'll get it and it's easy. In Black Ops you don't have to worry about
      this as you can just do it how you did it earlier with the first weapon,
      seems the Betty comes out quicker in that version, makes this glitch a
      lot easier.
                                     Perks [PRK]
    The power switch by the generator (next to where the box is originally) has
    to be switched on before you can purchase perks, just like in Verruckt.
     Juggernog (2,500)
      -With this perk your character can take a lot more damage before going down,
     worth getting this before any other perks.
     Speed Cola (3,000)
      -Very useful, makes you reload twice as fast, best to wait till you have a 
     good gun after round 10 before investing in this in case you go down and have 
     to buy it again.
     Double Tap Root Beer (2,000)
      -Although you'll lose ammo very fast this perk doubles your rate of fire,
     this will make you tear through zombies easy especially when defending the 
     catwalk when you are funneling zombies, great for guns like the MG42, Browning
     and the PPSh. Best to get this after Juggernog and Speed Cola. Try to fire in 
     bursts unless zombies are getting close because it's easy to run out of ammo 
     quick with Double Tap and each wasted shot will become two wasted shots.
     Quick Revive (1,500)
      -You're able to revive downed team mates a hell of a lot faster with this 
     perk, very useful in a jam especially if you can chuck a Monkey first to make 
     time for your revived teammate to get to safety now he/she will have lost 
     their Juggernog.
    If you get taken down then regardless of whether a teammate revives you or not 
    you'll have lost all your perks, so it's best to get Juggernog first, but still
    it's not worth getting unless you have a decent weapon, if you can't defend 
    yourself you'll just lose your perks again when you get taken down so focus on
    getting a good weapon first, then get Juggernog. The order you get the rest is
    up to you, personally I always get Juggernog first, then Speed Cola, then 
    Double Tap, then Quick Revive.
                                     Drops [DRP]
    Drops are randomly left by zombies when you kill them. They will only stay
    available to pick up for a short time and will begin to flash before they
    disappear, the time in which you get to make use of Insta-kill and 2x is also
     * Max Ammo
    This will replenish your supply of spare ammo (not ammo loaded into your mags),
    grenades, claymores and Cymbal Monkeys, if any of your team have Monkeys then
    throw them somewhere away from you and the Max Ammo and run for it. If possible
    make sure everyone reloads before picking it up and chuck any remaining Monkeys
    before you get it.
     * Bomb
    This will kill every zombie that's spawned so far in the round (even if they
    haven't climbed out of their window yet). You get 400 points each when someone
    picks it up. It's useful later on for conserving ammo but earlier it's best to,
    if possible, leave it until there's as few zombies left as possible.
     * Insta-kill
    You'll kill zombies in one hit while Insta-kill is active, so it's best to
    switch to knife kills for 130 points each as killing them any other way will
    only get you 50 points each. Don't try knifing crowds though, the last thing
    you want is to go down as when you're down you don't earn any points for
    killing zombies. Avoid it in the first few rounds when you can be using pistol
    shots followed by a knife attack to get more points.
     * 2x (Double-Points)
    Every action you perform that gets you points will now get you twice as many
    for a short time, everything from boarding windows to knife kills. If it
    appears when the round is nearly over then finish up quickly and wait as long
    as you can until the next round starts before picking it up in order to get
    as much use out of it as you can.
     * Carpenter
    This will board up all the windows on the map, it's good for slowing down a
    wave but really it's not worth sticking your neck out for
                     The Pack-A-Punch Machine & Teleporters [PKP]
    Linking the teleporters to the Mainframe takes some points and a little time 
    but is easily done providing you can get a crawler or two left at the end of 
    a round, you must turn the power on at the generator (next to the original 
    mystery box position).  All you have to do once you've paid your way through 
    the doors to a room with a teleporter is walk into the teleporter and hold
    use (Square for PS3, X for 360, F for PC) when prompted, a 30 second countdown
    will begin, get to the starting area or get someone else to go there and hold 
    down use when standing in the center of the platform (where you first spawn), 
    the timer should disappear, now do this for the other two teleporters and 
    you'll see the nearby Pack-a-Punch machine is now open for use at a cost of 
    5,000 points per use.
    Teleporters can be used from other parts of the map to get to the Mainframe 
    very quickly at a cost of 1,500 points each time and any enemies too close 
    when the teleporter is charging up for use will get electrocuted.
    Pack-a-Punching guns has a different effect for each weapon, for the 
    specifics for each weapon refer to the Weapons [WPN] section. The general 
    effect for the best weapons (ie the ones I listed in this guide as God Tier 
    and High Tier) are increased magazine sizes, increased ammo you can carry and
    increased damage.
    To use the Pack-a-Punch machine just go right up to it, switch to the weapon 
    you wish to upgrade then hold use (Square for PS3, X for 360, F for PC) when
    prompted, wait for a couple of seconds and when it comes out of the machine 
    pick it up with the use button again.
                                  General Tips [TPS]
    Each bullet or blast from a grenade that hits an enemy without killing it gets
    you 10 points, a kill with a shot to the body is worth 50 points, a headshot 
    kill is worth 100 points and a knife kill is worth 130 points, grenade kills 
    are worth 50 per zombie, Wunderwaffe kills are worth 50 per zombie, kills 
    by electric barriers get you 0 points and kills during Insta-kill get you 50 
    per zombie.
    There is only one Wunderwaffe available in each game. If the person that got 
    it from the box dies it will be returned to the box.
    If you hit zombies (or anything close by) with the Wunderwaffe and you see
    that you have electrocuted yourself you will now be far more vulnerable than
    before, in fact you'll go down in one hit. Avoid this by not using your
    Wunderwaffe on nearby groups of zombies but if it does happen and you're in a
    multi-player game then I suggest between rounds if you have some crawlers you
    should grenade yourself and buy all the perks you need again after someone
    revives you.
    When you get the teddy bear from the box you can look to the sky and find a
    big beam of light shooting up from the new location of the box.
    Monkeys are useful for making some time to revive someone, get the electric 
    barriers up, to get a Max Ammo or get a crawler, everyone should try to get 
    Monkeys and use them sparingly unless there is a Max Ammo nearby.
    If you can then make sure everybody reloads before you get a Max Ammo.
    The electrical barriers are very useful later on for thinning out a wave of 
    zombies, it's best to put it on at the beginning of the round and then again 
    as soon as the light on the switch turns green, in the later rounds there's 
    still going to be a huge amount of zombies coming from your side of the 
    barrier so points won't be an issue. The way my friend Hurricane Hughes and
    I do it is to have him cover me with the Wunderwaffe while I jump out of the
    catwalk window and run to turn it on, during this time having two others
    focus on zombies heading for the catwalk.
    Try to keep at least one crawler at the end of a round when you want to spin 
    on the box, get perks or Pack-a-Punch a weapon, in the catwalk strategy this 
    is best done by throwing grenades or a Monkey through the window to near the 
    power switch area as it ensures crawlers take a while to get to you if other 
    zombies are still coming, it also makes it easier totell when the last few 
    zombies are coming.
    A little after Round 15 expect to see zombie dogs spawn randomly each round.
    Use the teleporter excessively and it will start spawning dogs near the 
    As soon as you have a decent gun it's worth getting Juggernog.
    When the game starts STICK TO YOUR OWN WINDOW. It's amazing how many morons
    play this game and immediately in the first few rounds go from window to 
    window to get kills, thieving them from other players covering the point of
    entry, most of these players are so crap that they thieve these kills with
    just body shot kills getting them a low amount of kills. There are 4 players
    and 4 windows, each player should stick to their point of entry until they 
    start opening doors. Later on in the game you'll have many hundreds of kills
    so what does a few early on matter? If people are thieving your kills early
    on and you're the host I suggest you quit out so the game ends, you aren't
    going to get into a good game if you play with idiots like that.
    Avoid Insta-kill in early rounds and wait as long as you can before getting 
    the Nuke unless there are too many zombies for you to handle or someone has 
    gone down, the Nuke gets everyone 400 points and Insta-kill makes each kill 
    worth only 50 points until it runs out so it's worth it to not bother with 
    them in early rounds, though if you can get the Nuke when there's only a few 
    zombies left you can make some extra points for everyone. I recommend
    avoiding the nuke in later rounds if possible as it will kill zombies all
    around the map and the last thing you want to happen is to miss out on
    points in those mid-rounds and a Max Ammo in the later ones.
    Maximize points early on by utilising your weapons and knife as effectively as
    possible, in round 1 you can put 8 pistol rounds in a zombies leg then knife 
    him, getting you (8x10)+130=210 per kill that way, then in round 2 put 8 shots
    in the chest then knife, then in round 3 put 10 shots in the chest and knife,
    then switch to headshots, but if you can and you have handgun ammo then
    quickfire your whole mag into a zombie then switch guns and kill  him,
    early on that's good for an extra 80 points each time.
    It's usually round 12 that zombies start taking two hits from the Bowie 
    Knife, it's still easy to get quick knife kills for the next several rounds
    if you hip fire a burst into their upper body before knifing.
    Dogs can be easily taken care of with the Bowie Knife if they get too close as
    unlike zombies their ability to sponge ammo doesn't grow with each round, so
    the first dog round may take only a single Bowie Knife slash each but all
    dog rounds after it should only take a couple of slashes, if they get close
    this can be more useful than firing from the hip, especially if you're using a
    firearm with splashback damage. Remember though if you kill the last dog with
    a melee attack you'll pick up Max Ammo straight away meaning no one will get
    chance to reload their weapons before getting restocked.
    A good way to take care of dogs in a 4-player game later on is when the round
    starts have everyone place their Betties from the front door of Teleporter C
    in a trail going up to the catwalk (not too close though as one Betty can set
    off another), this way you can all camp at the catwalk but 8 Betties should
    take care of 8 dogs, easy.
    For solo strategies try placing Betties in corners (go into a corner then move
    out of it a little then place a Betty) this way you can sit there and the dog
    will blow up in your face before getting to hit you, then you move to the next
    corner. Only problem is there are only a few corners around the Teleporter C
    and Generator area that I use as zombies may find their way into some of them,
    it's a really useful strategy in Shi No Numa thanks to the layout of the
    ground floor of the main hut but not as useful in Der Riese.
    Don't spam the Wunderwaffe, even upgraded it doesn't have much ammo and 
    remember other people need to rack up points as well early on in the game,
    not to mention it only gets you 50 points per kill.
    Don't use the Wunderwaffe on a group of zombies when you have crawlers you 
    need anywhere near them.
    To reload some weapons (especially the Browning) slightly quicker when you 
    initiate the reload as soon as you see the ammo is reloaded in the bottom 
    right of the screen press the switch weapon button twice in quick succession,
    this will cut out the end of the reloading animation.
    When there are only a couple of zombies left killing one will make the other 
    one go into a rage and he'll run at you a lot more aggressively, remember to 
    try to get crawlers when there are still a few zombies left.
    If you have trouble hearing a teammate over the headsets try going to the 
    game options and putting the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) volume up to 
    full and reducing the game music and sound effect volume.
    Remember to keep your microphone volume and your TV volume at reasonable 
    levels, otherwise players will hear delayed, awful quality sounds from your 
    If other players act like jerks online they aren't worth your time, just 
    leave the game and join another straight away, these idiots will soon get 
    bored, either that or you and a friend can block them in a room or turn on 
    electric barriers as they are about to go through them and keep pressing the 
    revive button on and off, really though it's best to not waste your time on
                                    Strategy [SGY]
    These are mostly little strategies that I find make the game easier that 
    eventually comes down to the catwalk strategy. Strategies spread online 
    memetically in this game for all the maps very quickly and still even now it 
    seems the old idea of defending from the catwalk is the best way to go, so 
    know that I didn't come up with the idea of defending from there, this is 
    something you'll see online in most games. That said I've got my own co-op
    strategy up there which requires four players, each with a role to play
    later on as you will see when it comes down to barrier spamming and covering
    with the Wunderwaffe. This guide is intended to help those that are new to
    Der Riese and looking to effectively stay alive and I've added a lot of tips
    on how to rack up points early on to make it much easier. Some people say
    there are better strategies than defending from the catwalk, if you want to
    look into those then ask at the message board, personally this is how I do
    the first 11 rounds followed by an in-depth look at surviving in the
    Teleporter C building and some extra tips to make it work as efficiently as
    Co-operation is the key to this game, even though the game counts kills it is 
    definitely not a competitive game, don't leave the team to go frag hunting 
    and in later rounds don't leave the team at all unless it's between rounds 
    and you have a crawler or two.
     * Rounds 1-4
    Like all other maps you start off with the seemingly useless M1911 and your 
    knife, there are 4 points of entry, assuming you are playing with three other 
    people and they aren't kill thieving idiots then you have one window each. 
    The best strategy for the first round is to put 8 pistol bullets in a zombies 
    leg (specifically the legs) and then knife them, that nets you 80 points for 
    the bullets you landed and a further 130 for the knife kill, totaling 210 
    points for each zombie. Let the zombies rip the boards down so you can get
    some extra points too. If you let the last couple of zombies in and then kill 
    them you may be lucky enough to score a Double-Points or the Nuke, which would
    net the whole team 400 points each. When knifing the knife has an extra little
    reach (or a lunge) if you initiate the knife attackjust outside of your reach,
    however if you get close enough to a zombie first so you are just within his
    reach and then slash then you won't lunge for him, you'll just slash, straight
    after the slash you can pull back to step away and if you didn't have to lunge
    then you won't get hit, once you get the hang of it it's easy, but if you do
    lunge make sure you pull back to try and avoid being hit anyway.
    For round two I would employ the same strategy but instead of shooting them 
    in the leg put several shots in their chest then knife them, or if you prefer 
    you could get the Gewher off the wall and put several shots in their chest 
    with your pistol before getting a headshot with your Gewher, if you're out of 
    pistol ammo then just aim for the head with the Gewher and 2 bullets should 
    kill them, if their head comes off and they're still walking then knife them 
    asap because shooting them again would get you only 50 points for the kill 
    instead of 100. Don't bother scoping in with L1 when you're protecting your 
    window with the Gewher, it's accurate enough to get easy headshots. Keep 
    doing this till round 5, just rack up the headshots at your window.
     * Rounds 5-11
    When round 5 comes have the person with the least amount of money open the 
    first door (doesn't matter which way you wanna go), that should cost them 
    750, then someone else should open the next door, then someone else should 
    open the stairs, now all of you can go through to the courtyard with the 
    mystery box and power switch. Turn the power on and have the player with the 
    highest amount open the big double doors for 1,250 points, now one or a 
    couple of you can get the Bowie Knife off the wall for 3,000 points - this is 
    an easy one shot kill for 130 points each zombie until round 11. The players 
    without the knife can spin on the mystery box and act as a backup to those 
    that will be utilizing the knife for large amounts of points - these people 
    with the guns should only be going for headshots and not try to take the 
    kills away from the guys with the Bowie Knives.
    Around round 5, 6 or 7 (maybe even 8) you can expect a dog round, these 
    zombie hounds aren't too difficult, you should be at the power area by round 
    5 so with Gewhers (or better) and Bowie Knives they should be a piece of 
    cake. As a future reference for later rounds don't be concerned about wasting
    ammo during dog rounds, there's a Max Ammo from the last dog every time, just
    make sure everyone reloads before anyone picks it up. Dogs can be expected 
    around every 5 rounds from now until much later.
    From now on or a little later when anyone needs to spin on the box for a gun 
    it's best to keep a crawler or in earlier rounds even just have one person 
    run around with a slow zombie (ie not one of those zombies with the speed of 
    Linford Christie and the endurance of Chris Ryan) following him while others 
    spin on the box.
    After the dogs the guys with guns can camp in the Teleport Room C building 
    (the one with the Bowie Knife) on the railing above inside (I'll refer to it 
    as the catwalk), this is probably where you will spend the majority of the 
    game, the guys with Bowie Knives (or one knife guy and a gunner) can stay by 
    the power switch area covering the doors and one window, knifing zombies as 
    they come that way, any zombies coming from inside the Teleporter Room C 
    building or Quick Revive room will head towards the guys on the catwalk so 
    for rounds 5-8 the knife guys shouldn't have a big problem with been 
    overwhelmed (especially if they get themselves a decent machine gun as 
    backup), if that happens though the guys in the building can jump out the 
    side of the building and get to them quick, if necessary turning the 
    electricity barrier on to get more time to revive them. Defending from the 
    catwalk is simple, stay at the box spawn point and the enemies are forced to 
    come in pretty much single file making them impossible to miss, funneling 
    easy kills.
    Spinning on the box and/or going for perks is up to you from now on, 
    personally I'd recommend getting Juggernog soon as you have a decent gun (Ray 
    Gun, Wunderwaffe or any machine gun except the BAR), just leave it till the 
    end of the round when you have thrown a grenade at some zombies to get a 
    crawler or two to give you plenty of time to safely do what you want. Leave 
    opening the doors to Teleporter Rooms A & B to the guys with the most points 
    when you want to open up the Pack-a-Punch machine.
     * Rounds 12-?
    Round 11 is the last round where you can get one hit knife kills (though it's 
    easy to spray a few machine gun rounds from the hip and slash for a quick and 
    easy knife kill round 12-15ish, especially with a gun like the PPSh), when
    you feel it's necessary (depending on your skill and weapon/perk setups this
    could be sometime between the late teens all the way up to the mid or late
    20s, the later the better, when I LAN with the guys I live with we tend to do
    it late 20s) you can all fall back to the catwalk and hang back by the box
    spawn point, two players at the back standing side by side and two at the
    front kneeling down - it's annoying when people at the front don't kneel down
    because everyone behind can't shoot because there's an idiot in the way, a
    lot of people do this online and it's very frustrating. By now or as soon as
    possible you all want to get Monkeys, a Ray Gun and for one guy a Wunderwaffe,
    the rest an MG42 or Browning with all the perks, then Pack-a-Punch your
    weapons when you get chance to.
    The catwalk strategy is simple now, at the beginning of the round someone 
    goes to turn the electric barrier on then runs back to the catwalk, everybody 
    stays up there killing zombies, two standing at the back, two kneeling in 
    front. Or, you can have one or two people shooting through the windows when 
    the electric barrier goes off, then when the power light for the barrier goes 
    back to green one player can run for the electric barrier while another 
    covers him, if it has to be done to stop them going down someone could throw 
    a Monkey, if they aren't going to get back in time this gives your 
    Wunderwaffe guy (someone should've spun the Wunderwaffe by the time this 
    strategy is necessary) a good excuse to get a lot of kills. Having the
    Wunderwaffe user cover the guy running for the power will make it easy to get
    there and back, remember to leave a betty or two to the right of the power
    switch (when facing it from the catwalk) so that if necessary the guy going
    for the power switch can avoid getting chomped if a quick zombag gets too
    close. If someone has the upgraded Crossbow, the Awful Lawton, they can cover
    too by firing the other side of the electric barrier, this way the zombies
    going for the guy heading for the power switch will go straight through
    and die, you could also just shoot one on the ground near a group and the
    zombies will run to the explosive and wait there before it blows (like a
    Monkey Bomb) giving the power guy time to run back to the catwalk.
    Now when necessary it's time to get crawlers when it's getting to the last
    load of zombies, this is best done with grenades out through the window 
    where the majority of zombies come from or by aiming at the upper leg of a
    zombie with the Ray Gun (though it'll kill most times a lot of the time it'll
    take a leg off and leave you a crawler), this way if more zombies are coming
    at least the slower crawlers will take longer to get to you so you won't need
    to kill them if they get too close. Just make sure people stop shooting the 
    zombies you want to take the legs off of and the Wunderwaffe guy doesn't 
    electrocute them all when you need a crawler.
    As you can see I like to divide who does what later into roles: the power guy
    (who runs to the electric barrier), the Wunderwaffe user (who covers the
    power guy) and the two support who watch the catwalk (either can become the
    power guy if necessary), good co-operation and communication between you and
    your team makes a HUGE difference. The two support guys should crouch in
    front with the Wunderwaffe user standing behind, the power guy can sit on the
    front with a support guy standing behind or he can stand behind the support
    guys and ask for one to move forwards out of the way when he needs to run for
    the power. If someone goes down then you may have to swap roles and/or 
    positions on the catwalk depending on who it is until they've got at least
    Juggernog back, if it's the power guy then he should switch to being a
    support guy and stand behind the new power guy and other support guy sitting
    in front, if it's a support guy then they should move back and let the power
    guy sit in front, if multiple people went down then swap accordingly and
    make sure you get a crawler so you can get your perks back.
     * The Last Rounds
    When you're starting to get overwhelmed on the catwalk or if you manage to
    run out of ammo (which is hard to do if you don't follow the ammo tips, like
    keeping crawlers while spamming teleporters for Max Ammo drops and everyone
    co-ordinating their fire on the catwalk) it's time to spend all of those
    points you've racked up, which by now between all of you should be a hell of
    a lot. All of you should run into Teleporter and take out any few zombags
    making their way toward you, when a sizable crowd is coming for you one of
    you should time the activation of the teleporter to send you all to the
    Mainframe as they get close, this will teleport you to relative safety and
    some of them out. If you have chance you could wait and see what spawns,
    if it's a Bomb, an Insta-Kill or a Max Ammo you're in luck, Carpenter isn't
    really useful at this stage, if you get Carpenter or a dog you want to run
    straight to the Trench Gun room by Teleporter A, wait around the door and 
    take out any small group of zombies, when a big group comes one of you should
    turn on the electric barrier by the door then run over to Teleporter A and 
    wait in the Teleporter, like before take out any small group and time your
    teleport to take out a big group as they get close. Now you're at the
    Mainframe again and you should do the same as before, only this time head
    over to the Thompson room, so use the electric barrier when necessary and
    head upstairs to Teleporter B, from here it's rinse and repeat, keep spamming
    the electric barriers and teleporters, you could even ignore using Teleporter
    B and once the electric barrier by the Thompson room is close to going down
    you can go upstairs and take a left then jump off by the bridge to the 
    generator area and get that electric barrier on, then run up to Teleporter C
    and use it when necessary.
    This is a strategy that's fun to end a game on when it's all going wrong but
    it takes a lot of money to use effectively and because almost all the zombies
    you take out will die from the teleporter or electric barriers the only a
    chance of a Max Ammo comes from the few zombies you kill (if you have any
    ammo left at all and you can get to it) or from the Mainframe when using the
    teleporter (if you can get to it), so really it's suicide if you plan on
    surviving more than a couple or a few extra rounds. Really playing Zombies
    is suicide anyway though seeing as it has no end, but it's fun running around
    the map being chased by 10 s***loads of zombies, and one time we actually got
    lucky and got a Max Ammo and then went back to the Catwalk strategy, so don't
    give up on the game when you're all out of ammo, so long as you have your
    weapons, hopefully your perks and some balls you still have a chance of making
    the next round!
    Have fun trying to beat your personal best, to most it's all Nazi Zombies is
    about really, play around with your own strategies and see what works for you.
                                 Solo Strategy [SOS]
    Strategy is going to be subjective based on every players skills, preferences
    and to an extent luck (spinning nothing but Panzerschreks and M2 Flamethrowers,
    we've all been there!), but here are some ideas to help you get started, 
    there are a few strategies you could use but this is one I like to use, come up
    with your own strategies that work for you and work hard to beat your personal 
    best. Good luck Dempsey!
     * Rounds 1-4
    I open the first door (on the right facing away from the PaP machine) as soon 
    as possible in the first round, more zombies = more points right? Maximize the
    amount of points you get from each zombie (in the first round put 6 rounds from
    your sidearm into their legs then knife, second round it's 8 to the body then 
    knife, from then either go for headshots or put a few rounds in the leg or body
    with whatever weapon you're using and then knife). Letting the zombies in is 
    great for getting pickups like Max Ammo and Double-Points but ignore the 
    Insta-Kills as it'll only lose you points per kill as each kill will be worth 
    only 50 points, also don't get the Bomb pickup unless there's only one or two 
    zombies left as you don't get points for the zombies killed by it but you do 
    get 400 points for just picking it up. Repair windows each round to further 
    maximize points. If you aren't lucky enough to get a Max Ammo and you're all 
    out of 'gun-juice' then it's probably worth getting the Gewher over the 
    Thompson or Kar98k at this point and going for headhots or body shots and 
    finishing them off with the knife, then you just have to hope you spin 
    something decent from the box.
    As soon as you can get to the box you can defend from the door to the 
    Teleporter C area right at the back which will give you a good view of all 
    zombies coming from the left or right. Don't turn the power on straight away,
    it'll open up an area nex to the Trench Gun room and more zombies will come 
    from the right, if you keep the power off more will come from the left top 
    side, this makes funneling headshots from lined up zombies easy, so don't 
    bother turning the power on till you need iton to get Juggernog which I 
    reccomend you do at the fourth or fifth round but it's important you've got a
    decent gun first (any SMG will do). If you've been getting points effectively
    and you've got a decent gun from the box then you should be able to get 
    Juggernog and Betties - make sure you do this when you've got crawlers though
    and set your first two before you take care of them, then after you'll get 
    another 2 as the next round starts. The best place to set them at this point
    is in both corners near the Teleporter C door you haven't opened yet but not
    directly in the corner, crouch in the corner, move forwards a little away 
    from the corner and then place one, this way when dogs come or even if you get
    overwhelmed by zombies you can sit in that corner and they'll get taken out by
    the Betty as they get to you, then you run to the other corner and do the 
    same. Place the rest of your Betties along that backline of defense but make 
    sure they aren't so close that if one goes off the rest will, you may not get
    Betties and Juggernog till as far away as round 7 or 8 though so don't worry
    if the box is giving you nothing but crap this early in the game.
     * Rounds 5-8
    DOGS! When the dogs come as the new round starts place your 2 new Betties in 
    the direction they'll come from so that those Betties will take care of a dog 
    each. Sit behind your Betty in the corner and try and take them out before 
    they get to you (Trech Gun is particularly good against dogs), if they get 
    blown up in your face by the Betty then move behind the next one you have set
    up, never worry about ammo when it comes to dog rounds as the last dog always 
    leaves a Max Ammo. Don't worry if you don't have Betties the first time the
    dogs come, I never do, but if you stay far back by the unopened Teleporter C
    door then you should have plenty of space to take them out before they get to
    Keep spinning for guns when you have crawlers at the end of the round and hope
    for something good like a PPSh, this is great for early and middle rounds 
    because it reloads quite quick has a large magazine, plenty of ammo, a quick 
    fire rate and you can move fast with it, it's worth PaPing when you get
    chance. Other guns like the MG42 or Browning are great as well and are worth 
    PaPing, Ray Gun is great but you have to be really careful of splash damage 
    (don't use it close-up on dog rounds) and the Wunderwaffe is awesome but it's
    worth PaPing a PPSh, MG or Browning before PaPing that. Also Monkeys are a must
    but you won't really need them till the later teen rounds, they're an incentive
    to keep using the box though.
    If you've got at least one good weapon then it's worth getting the teleporters
    on, do this when you've got crawlers and do all three teleporters in the same 
    round. Save on points when doing Teleporter A, go the long way from the 
    Mainframe instead of opening the door that's on the left of the PaP machine if
    you're facing away from it, so open the door to the Trench Gun room and not the
    stairs by the Juggernog, you'll have plenty of time to turn it on and get back
    to the Mainframe to link it.
    Now Teleporter C room is open you can defend from the catwalk, make sure you
    place Betties in the corner at the end you can fall back into if you get caught
    reloading or anything. PaP your good gun as soon as you can now and it'll make
    tearing through zombies easy business, as they all come in one direction you
    can burst fire directly at the heads and they'll all just run into it, remember
    to make use of your grenades by chucking them to the bottom of the stairs to
    get some crawlers and slow them down, remember to pick your time to use monkeys
    (which are best thrown out the window to your left rather than downstairs) and
    reloading carefully due to how much time it can take, remember you can stop 
    reloading and either switch to your secondary or you can press weapon switch 
    twice to go back to your weapon if it wasn't completely out of ammo. Another 
    good tip is that when you're reloading you can press weapon switch twice as 
    soon as the bullets in the bottom right hand corner that represent either your
    clip or magazine appear reloaded and you can skip the rest of the reloading 
    animation, very useful for the Browning which has a slow reload time. If dogs 
    come from now when you're at the catwalk make sure to place the Betties you get
    at the beginning of a dog round on the stairs and on the catwalk and try and 
    take them out before they get close, if you go for the Bowie Knife that will 
    always take them out in two hits, though it's not really necessary and the 
    Bowie Knife is at its most effective earlier on before the teen rounds, you can
    rack up huge points with it if you feel confident taking out many zombies with 
    it without getting overwhelmed, otherwise it's best to stick to headshots.
    If you haven't got a PaP'd weapon early on because you either failed to make a
    crawler or you've had appalling luck spinning on the box then a good strategy is
    to defend from half way on the catwalk so that you can still jump out of the
    window to the outside, just stay as long as you can but when they are about to
    overwhelm you and you need to reload you can jump out and run, run straight
    forwards then take the right out of the power generator area, then head for the
    Thompson room, up the stairs and wait by the gap next to the bridge that you can
    jump off back into the generator area. Hopefully you stayed on the catwalk long
    enough to take out a fair amount of zombs, if so not many if any should spawn in
    front of you on your little run there (and they should be managable). From here
    wait till the come and headshot all as they come, then jump off, take that right
    exit out and run back, rinse and repeat, keep a crawler when done if necessary.
     * Rounds 9-?
    So you're defending from the catwalk and you should have a good PaP'd weapon 
    now or very soon (unless you're really unlucky with the box), your next 
    priority should be Speed Cola and having a PaP'd secondary, weapon preference 
    is entirely up to you, a PaP'd Wunderwaffe and something you can run with is
    good though.
    How I like to play this is to place a betty halfway along the catwalk (before
    the window you jump out of) and one at the back in the corner where the box
    can sometimes move to (in case you get overwhelmed and have to fall back),
    stand in front of the Betty near the window and wait till the zombies start
    coming, when they do defend from there as long as you can and if you have to
    then move behind the Betty, when you've taken out about maybe a bietween a
    third and a bit less than half of the zombies that you'll be getting that round
    (youll get used to it) then walk out of the window and run all the way past the
    power switch and through the door on the right, then run towards Speed Cola and
    basically walk through the Thompson room up to the bridge and wait next to the
    bridge by the gap where you can walk off into the power switch area, don't
    worry if you come across a few stray zombies on the way there you can't run
    past, just take them out as quick as you can. Once here wait and when they all
    follow you up aim down sight and spray a load of their heads off or Wunderwaffe
    them. When they get close now just walk off the edge and take the same far door
    you did last time (it's easier to get caught by a stray zomb in the other door)
    then walk casually forwards past the Speed Cola and if you like wait by the
    doorway near the Double-Barrel and again spray heads off as they come, then go
    back up to next to the bridge and rinse and repeat. The reason I say walk
    casually and not run is because if you go too fast there may be a few zombies
    up by Double Tap whose AI decides it would be quicker for them to go downstairs
    instead of follow your path.
     * Rounds ?-?
    At some point you may start finding that strategy difficult, if so you could
    try spamming the electric barriers. At the beginning of the round wait a short
    time for the zombies to start getting in to the map, then turn the barrier
    near the original box position on. Now run up to the catwalk and pretty much
    do what you did before in the previous rounds, points shouldn't be an issue
    unless you're constantly spinning and PaPing new guns like a madman. If you
    screw up don't hesitate to throw a Monkey, you get molested by a group of
    Nazi Zombies here and it's game over, so really learn the strategy and get
    a feel for how long the rounds get to be.
    If you're using the 3-gun glitch make sure you have 3 good PaP'd weapons now
    and if you run out of ammo and you're screwed for the next round it's probably
    a good idea to drop your worst weapon for something else out of the box and
    then PaP that, points are no problem later on anyway.
    If you do get completely screwed and end up with no ammo mid-round then it's
    time to start using the barriers and teleporters. If you're near the power
    area or Teleporter C then if you can get the barrier in the power area on
    then great, if the zombies are mostly on your side run for the teleporter
    and use it when they start getting close (they'll get fried if they're too
    close when you use it) then do what you'd do if you were near the Mainframe,
    Teleporter A or Teleporter B, for A turn the barrier on by the Trench Gun
    room entrance then wait in the A teleporter till they get close, for B turn
    on the barrier at the entrance to the Thompson room then wait in the B
    teleporter until its time to teleport or (and here's the better option) if
    the barrier in the power area has cooled down you could jump off by the
    bridge and get the power area barrier up then sit in C. If using a teleporter
    spawns a good drop like a Max Ammo or a Bomb then get it, if you get a Max
    Ammo you can always chuck a Monkey straight after to escape a crowd.
    Mix and match your own strategies and try out some of the different PaP'd
    weapons, the above is pretty much how I like to play it but others may prefer
    to use other weapons and defend from other areas, go with whatever works for 
                         Keeping Your Ammo Levels High [AMO]
    The only problem from round 25+ when you have all your upgraded weapons and 
    perks should be ammo, even with Pack-a-Punched weapons it's very easy to run 
    out of ammo.
    Early on the using the teleporters will spawn a random pick up (the Nuke, 
    Insta-kill, Carpenter, Double-Points or Max Ammo) near the Mainframe but soon
    it starts spawning nothing, then it starts spawning dogs. A way to get a 
    pick-up every time (giving you a 1 in 5 chance of Max Ammo) is to have two 
    people minimum in a teleporter, get one to down themselves with a grenade and
    have the other activate the teleporter for 1,500 points, when you both appear
    at the Mainframe make sure to revive the dude that is down and check what 
    pick-up spawns in the Mainframe courtyard opposite the Pack-a-Punch, repeat as
    many times as necessary as this way a pick-up will spawn every time - remember
    that the person that went down now needs to buy all the perks they'll need
    Here's an expensive way to get your ammo back when you are really low, first 
    go to the box and trade your empty upgraded gun in for whatever comes up, 
    make sure you are the only person spinning and the majority of the time (90% 
    in my experience) you'll get the gun back in the next 5 or 6 spins, then 
    upgrade again and although you'll have spent 10,000 odd points you will have 
    refilled your ammo for that weapon.
    Another strategy I'm not so keen on because of the performance of the gun is 
    to use an STG-44 and buy upgraded ammo for it off the wall every round - this 
    is actually a great strategy if you're playing with three others and you all 
    have the multiple guns glitch going, that way if you have three or four guns 
    and each of you has a PaP'd STG-44 you can each very quickly jump off the 
    catwalk, buy ammo for it and run back up the stairs, if a couple of you are 
    using it thoughout a round and alternating who's using their better weapons 
    you should keep your good weapons ammo levels high for everyone and your STG
    -44 ammo full at the beginning of every round. It's a weak firearm even when 
    PaP'd after round 30 but with four people shooting and the barriers up it'll 
    help you survive until the next Max Ammo, especially as it's an easy gun to 
    scope headshots with looong bursts with Double Tap - definitely recommended 
    if you glitch for three+ guns.
    On the same merit if you're all glitching for three+ guns each having PaP'd 
    Flamethrowers is useful even throughout round 30+, if you are defending from 
    the catwalk I recommend you shoot down from the catwalk at zombies coming 
    through the door, this way you aren't making it impossible for your teammates
    to see zombies coming their way, personally I dislike the Flamethrower even 
    when PaP'd, but there are people who swear by it, depends on the strategy you
    use really.
    Remember if you see a Max Ammo to throw a Monkey (or even have everyone throw 
    Monkeys) before running for it and just before you pick it up, this will keep 
    the zombies away from you giving you plenty of time to get it and get back to 
    your post and the Monkeys will be replaced.
    If you are funneling kills on the catwalk then you don't need all four people
    firing at the same time unless a lot of zombies are headed your way, there's 
    no point in each of you hitting the same zombie a few times with a Ray Gun.
    If anyone has any idea of the mechanics on how Max Ammo's are dropped (ie 
    based  on kill streaks or the calculations for how often they are dropped) 
    please let me know and I'll credit you for your contribution or link to any 
    post you have made on it.
                                     Story [STR]
    This is going to be an in-depth look at the story that is presented in the
    hidden radio messages, messages written throughout the map and some of the 
    dialog from the playable characters, if you want to see and hear this all for
    yourself then there are a few things for you to search for in the Easter Eggs
    [ERE] section.
    The story of Der Riese starts in Shi No Numa, where our cast of playable 
    characters are fighting Japanese imperial zombies in a Japanese swamp-like 
    area, activate all three radio messages in the starting room of Shi No Numa 
    and you will hear a message for a man called Peter (nothing much is known of 
    Peter, based on the radio message one could speculate he is either an 
    American considering the voice in the message talking to him was that of an
    American, or he could be a Nazi that was in some way a part of the 
    experiments that lead to creating the zombies), the message starts and ends 
    with some co-ordinates (I will explain these towards the end of this Story 
    section)goes on to say that the DG-2 experiments are continuing but use of
    'Element 115' is dangerous and that Peter needs to find Dr. Richtofen and
    Dr. Maxis.
    What happened to Peter? We know nothing about that, but there is a body 
    hanging in the starting room of Shi No Numa, hanging from quite high up
    and with only one arm... It wouldn't be difficult to climb so high, tie a 
    slipknot, secure the rope on the beam and drop if you had both hands, but
    this guy had one arm. It's possible this guy is Peter or the man that
    contacted Peter, but more on this will come towards the end of this section.
    We now assume that our team of playable characters hear this message and come
    to Der Riese, the source of the zombie outbreak, to kill them all and sort 
    this mess out once and for all.
    'Element 115' is introduced in Shi No Numa, it is a substance refined from a 
    meteorite that is used to power the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the matter 
    transference (teleportation) experiments, it can be found stored in Shi No 
    Numa, so we can assume that the reason Richtofen is there could be something
    to do with the collection of Element 115 for use in his and Dr. Maxis' 
    Onto Der Riese, the name of the map is German for 'The Giant,' which is the 
    name of the project ran by Doctor Maxis and his group, Group 935. The 
    experiments they have created are easy to see all around you. First, the 
    characters teleport in (see the trailer for Der Riese), probably straight from
    a location near Shi No Numa in Japan, afterall having a teleporter there would
    be convenient for Maxis to transport Element 115 from there. It seems our 
    group has now teleported there to finish off all the zombies and destroy the 
    source of the outbreak.
    Dr. Maxis and his assistant Edward were heading these teleportation 
    experiments, Edward is Dr. Richtofen - we know this because Richtofen is 
    mentioned in the message to Peter in Shi No Numa, in one of Richtofen's 
    in-game quotes he refers to himself as Ed and also in his in-game dialog he 
    says he created the Wunderwaffe, which Maxis wants to put into production for 
    the Nazis to use to win the second world war.
    In one recording (currently not found in-game by anyone) Dr. Maxis 
    is heard giving a welcome message to new members of Group 935. He says to 
    the people he is welcoming that they volunteered to be there, so it sounds 
    like they aren't just forced Nazi scientists. He also states that they will 
    no longer have any contact with their government or families, so this must be
    of the highest level of secrecy beyond even that of their own government. It 
    is worth noting though that in the radio message he says 'governments'...
    Though it sounds like it may imply that Group 935 may be international it is
    definitely a Nazi group, as evidenced in one recording where Sophia, secretary
    to Dr. Maxis, is asked to deliver a letter detailing the failures produced by
    the teleportation experiments (zombies) to their superiors in the Reichstag.
    In another radio message we hear that they could not contain the asylum, here 
    they are referring to the map Verruckt which became full of zombies when some 
    Marines happened upon it and defended from inside of it. They may have been 
    using the asylum as they could find and keep human test subjects there for 
    their teleportation experiments, I'm just speculating again but it makes sense
    for the zombies to be there that way though.
    Now onto Dr. Maxis' daughter, Samantha. You can sometimes hear her taunting 
    you when you get the teddy bear, she's a young girl, she could be as young as 5
    or as old as 12, it's never stated anywhere. The teddy bears in the maps and in
    the mystery box and the Monkeys you can use were all her playthings, and you 
    can play with them with her when activating the flytrap (see the Easter Eggs 
    [ERE] section), playing a game of hide and seek to find the toys she'll hide 
    around Der Riese.
    Samantha can be heard in some of the radio conversations talking to her father.
    He gets her a pet dog she names Fluffy (Fluffy can even be heard barking in one
    of the recordings), this dog is pregnant and was soon to give birth to a 
    litter of puppies. Without Samantha knowing Maxis and Richtofen decided to use 
    Fluffy in an experiment with the teleporters, considering many of his previous 
    experiments had failed maybe he was using a dog because he though it would have
    a different effect to that of transporting people or objects, this experiment 
    however was another failure. Fluffy didn't teleport to the Mainframe, but 
    disappeared into the teleporter. As Samantha came into the room Fluffy spawned
    out of the electric like flash you see and hear when the Hell Hounds spawn in 
    the game, Richtofen escaped locking the door behind him with Maxis, Samantha
    and Fluffy still inside the test area. Richtofen cooly says, "goodbye, Dr. 
    Maxis" and activates the teleporter with them inside.
    This was how the zombie dogs came to be, as Fluffy was pregnant and lost inside
    the teleportation Fluffy and her zombie pups would spawn throughout Der Riese, 
    coming out of the the teleportation in random places. See that electric flash
    you get when you teleport? It's the same flash that happens when the dogs 
    The fate of Samantha is a bit more difficult to explain. Samantha somehow
    lives on in a seemingly supernatural way to haunt the players wherever they 
    seem to be, based on some of what Richtofen may say in-game, the radio 
    recording and how Samantha lives on I believe what happened when they were in
    the experimental teleporter she also became 'lost inside' the teleportation, 
    much in the same way as Fluffy, though Fluffy and her spawn seem to come out of
    the teleportation in random flashes at first routinely (every several rounds)
    but then more and more often, as well as when the teleporters are over used 
    in-game. If it could trap Fluffy and her unborn puppies in such a way then 
    it's possible that Samantha somehow lives on 'inside' the teleportation, 
    disappearing inside that electric flash but not coming out, perhaps on 
    another plain of existence. She still manages some physical control in the 
    game though, in a kind of telepathic way, like when she moves the box when 
    you find her toy in it, or when you activate the Fly Trap and she hides her 
    Why Richtofen killed Dr. Maxis is an interesting subject. In his in-game dialog
    he makes references of his affiliation with the Illuminati, which these days is
    often referred to as a secretive group who pull the strings behind the figure 
    heads of modern society, in Der Riese there are hidden messages written in
    Illuminati code (the Illuminati code is real and was used by the original 
    Illuminati group in the late 1700s and 1800s) that can be deciphered letter by
    letter using one of the many guides available to find out what sybol represents
    what letter.
    Here are a couple of the hidden messages in Illuminati code:
    "Faithful servant
    Observe and report
    The seed has been planted
    Maxis must not know."
    "Edward it's time to kill Maxis"
    So Richtofen is a servant of the Illuminati and they wanted him to kill Maxis.
    Is it me or does Der Riese alone have more story than the entire campaign?
    Sometime probably shortly after that last recording of Richtofen killing Maxis
    another recording takes place where we hear a scientist say he's all out of 
    hope (funny, that line is pretty much the same as the end of the Shi No Numa 
    transmission to Peter), here we hear him adjusting controls and we hear the 
    sound of a teleporter being activated, then we hear a shield has been 
    activated, the man can't find his pills (cyanide pills to painlessly kill 
    oneself if a situation becomes hopeless and death is the best option), we hear
    him hang himself as we hear hear zombies attacking the residents of Der Riese.
    If you go to the balcony where the box can spawn (by Teleporter B, the one 
    above the Thompson room) and look across to an inaccessible part of the map to
    a dimly lit and exposed part of the building opposite, below the outer railing
    and in the exposed part of the building where the walls have been blown in/out
    there is a pair of legs dangling, the legs of a man that hung himself, most 
    likely the man in this recording. This is when the resident of Der Riese are 
    all killed and zombies take over it. The message started with this German 
    scientist say he's all out of hope, the Shi No Numa transmission to Peter ends
    with the American voice say he's almost out of hope, seems like an appropriate
    time for us to go back to the subject of Peter and the man that contacted him.
    The message to Peter in Shi No Numa was from someone who clearly wasn't German
    and yet the man who sent it seems to be working for or with Group 935, so 
    maybe he's a spy for Group 935 (Maxis mentions in one recording he has 
    informants in America) or he works with an affiliate group that is also 
    experimenting with Element 115. The co-ordinates he leaves that point to 
    Nevada in the USA could be linked to recording where Maxis mentions his
    American informants, this man could be the 'Area 51' informant, without any
    more info though we just don't know.
    Why  the guy in Shi No Numa in the room that has the message to Peter is 
    hanging with only one arm is confusing. Hanging yourself from a rood with one
    arm after you've just lost it would be too difficult, furthermore why do it? 
    If he was hung by someone else then the only reason I can think of is as some
    sort of warning, to who though I have no idea, maybe whoever did it knew 
    someone (like the man who sent the radio message) would be looking for him, 
    as a warning they knew too much and were getting involved in something they 
    shouldn't be. I think it's possible that Richtofen did it as a part of his 
    work for the Illuminati, it would make sense as he was in Shi No Numa and 
    certainly is capable of blowing a mans arm off and hanging him. It also makes
    sense for Richtofen to be there as there's a teleporter to Der Riese (the one
    our cast use to get to Der Riese) and there's a store of Element 115 in Shi 
    No Numa (look at the boxes in the room next to where you start and at other 
    points of Shi No Numa, some are labeled as 115). The fact that a teleporter
    from Shi No Numa exists also would explain why Imperial zombies exist there
    if Japanese soldiers had attempted or were forced to use it and were zombified
    much like the Nazi soldiers in the other Zombies maps, in fact based on the 
    signs (or rather, planks of wood) hidden in Der Riese (one in each teleporter
    room) there might be other teleporters in the world as the signs read 'ENG',
    'FRA' and 'GER', for England, France and Germany.
    Back to Richtofen, throughout Der Riese he tries to keep his identity a secret
    as evidenced by some of his dialog:
    RICHTOFEN: If I remember correctly we must now activate the central Mainframe-
               I mean oh, this is so confusing!
    There's more that that though, it seems he doesn't want the other characters
    to know of his involvement (although sometimes he may take credit for creating
    the Wunderwaffe, which you would most likely get after you've activated the 
    Mainframe anyway), but our cast knows he has something to do with it all.
    All of Richtofen's lines that suggest he wants his work here to be a secret
    are all lines you'd expect to hear early in a game, before activating the 
    Mainframe or when first approaching a teleporter, so perhaps it is canon that
    our team hears the recordings hidden throughout Der Riese and realises who
    Dr. Richtofen really is. This is shown throughout dialog later on...
    DEMPSEY: Hey Richtofen, what does all this **** mean?!
    DEMPSEY: I think Richtofen knows more about what's going on than it seems!
    The other characters have dialog that suggest they have figured out Richtofen
    was involved in the work at Der Riese as well.
    In one other recording it is revealed that Dr. Maxis planned on infiltrating an
    American base in Nevada (cue conspiracy nuts... DUN DUN DUUUUUUN: Area 51, it's
    probably what is been referenced here), he planned on taking their large supply
    of Element 115 as, evidenced in another recording, he was running out of Element
    115 to experiment with. Going back to the original Shi No Numa message though I
    mentioned it started and ended with co-ordinates...
    I did not discover these co-ordinates, the person that told me about them found
    out through a YouTube use called KillerFinland who has a number of Nazi Zombies
    videos you should check out.
    These co-ordinates roughly lead to a location in the Nevada desert (hinting at
    the secret military base Area 51) and a place in Russia where a comet exploded
    shortly before it would have hit the Earth (literally only several kilometers
    above ground), this area is known for this incident, the 'Tunguska Event'. The
    comet exploded with the force of over 1,000 times that of the Hiroshima Bomb.
    So we know that Area 51 has a store of Element 115 and we know that Element 115
    is refined from a comet, it's no coincidence that the Tunguska Event, the
    location of a HUGE explosion caused by a comet, is referenced. Maybe Treyarch
    had these two places in mind for future Nazi Zombies maps.
    So we know the zombies, hounds and Samantha are all the result of failed
    experiments with the teleporters, we know that the super weapons (the Ray Gun
    and Wunderwaffe), the teleporters and Pack-a-Punch machine were all the results
    of Group 935's work with Element 115. Now onto the who and why of Edward...
    From what we know it seems Richtofen was an undercover agent of the Illuminati,
    I believe he was there to assist Dr. Maxis, an expert in his field, with the
    Element 115 experiments and then when he had completed all the hard work 
    Richtofen was to kill him and claim all the research and materials for the 
    Illuminati - thus this secretive group would now be even more powerful.
    But why did our cast of zombie killers return to Der Riese together? Do they 
    mean to destroy Der Riese and put an end to the seemingly infinite respawnin 
    zombies and dogs and Samantha or did Richtofen lead them there in a means to 
    collect what he needs from Der Riese and kill the rest of our cast who now know
    to much, or maybe to destroy Der Riese when he got what he needed and make sure
    Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai die with it? For now, we don't know. We don't even 
    know anything much about Dempsey, Nikolai or Takeo or why they were in Shi No
    Numa, this really bugs me, I know Dempsey as a Marine may have been fighting
    in Japan at that time, and sure it makes sense that Takeo, a Japanese officer,
    would be in Japan, Nikolai I'm not so sure about but I can't help but think
    there may be more to why they're there, or something we've missed. I've heard
    theories that Dempsey could be Peter, the man from the recording, and that even
    zombies have said Peter to him in-game but I've never heard any soundfile that
    proves this. Hopefully one day we'll learn more of our cast and their motives.
    Sadly Treyarch have confirmed there will be no more map packs as they are
    focused on their next game right now so who knows, maybe Treyarch will continue
    this story in their next title, Call of Duty 7 (working title). This seems very
    likely for three reasons, one, Nazi Zombies has a big cult fanbase and made
    Treyarch and Activision a lot of money from the DLC, two, the devs at Treyarch 
    love Nazi Zombies, three, a certain message written in Illuminati code on a 
    whiteboard at Treyarch they make very visible in a tour of their studio by
    Inside Xbox, the message reads:
    "Edward is alive"
    "To the community, the fans and our families, thank you, we shall return."
                              Story Quick Overview [SQO]
    I won't go into the evidence that supports what I say here, if you want that 
    then read the full Story section above.
     * A radio message in Shi No Numa details co-ordinates that lead to an area in
       Russia where a meteor exploded several km's above ground, this event is real
       and known as the Tunguska Event.
     * In Der Riese the teleporters, Ray Gun, Wunderwaffe and PaP machine are all
       the result of experiments with a substance called Element 115, we find out
       this is refined from a meteorite, this is most likely referring to the 
       Tunguska meteorite. There's a store of Element 115 in Shi No Numa.
     * These experiments were done by a secret Nazi research group called Group
     * The zombies, hounds and the girl we hear in the map are all the result of 
       failed experiments with the teleporters.
     * The girl we hear in the map is Samantha, daughter of the head of Group 935
       at Der Riese, Dr. Maxis.
     * Richtofen worked with Dr. Maxis, but we find out Richtofen was actually 
       receiving messages in Illuminati code that suggest he could be some kind of
       spy. Richtofen has many lines of in-game dialog that state he works for the
     * In fiction the Illuminati are often referred to a secret group that pulls
       the strings behind the figure heads of society (i.e. politicians, monarchy),
       though the Illuminati can in real life refer to groups both real and
       fictional (look it up if you like).
     * Richtofen receives a message in Illuminati code that tells him to kill Maxis,
       he does so by locking Maxis in a teleporter room with the first zombie dog,
       Samantha was in there as well but Maxis uses the teleporter to try and 
       teleport her out of there, she ends up 'lost' in the teleporter and becomes
       the supernatural being we hear taunting us.
     * We hear in a recording that a German scientist who claims to be out of hope
       does something with some control panels that sounds to activate some kind of
       shield possibly in an attempt to contain the zombies, all hell breaks loose
       in Der Riese from then.
     * Our cast of zombie killers teleport to Der Riese from Shi No Numa, most 
       likely to try and destroy Der Riese and thus hopefully put an end to the
       seemingly infinitely spawning zombies and dogs as well as Samantha. 
       Richtofen is a servant of the Illuminati though and his motives really are
       unknown, as for the rest of the cast we never learn much about their pasts
       or motives that is relevant to why they would otherwise be in Der Riese.
     * What happens from here we don't know but Treyarch have hinted that Zombies
       will return and have even said Richtofen is still alive (out of game in a
       tour of their studio, the messages were written in Illuminati code).
    A post-Black Ops note:
    This is how I interpreted the story, but I back up everything I say with
    evidence in the game, I still see people saying that the zombies came from
    the meteor or that Group 935 experimented to make them and other misinformation
    but if you check the recordings and put them in the order they take place it's
    clear what happened. Although I'd love to continue writing up the story in
    order with Kino Der Toten and all the new maps there are to come I will be
    following it but I won't be adding it to this guide, I just don't want to be
    updating it forever. That said although the recordings that tell KDT's story
    are a lot more well hidden there is a lot there and some interesting character
    dialog too, I can't wait to see where they take the story and our lovable team
    of foul-mouthed zombie killing badasses next!
                                  Easter Eggs [ERE]
     * Theme Song
    The theme song for this map is 'Beauty of Annihilation' and you can get it to 
    play by holding the use button in front of each of the three green jars 
    containing spines found in Der Riese, one is in a room adjacent to Teleporter 
    B (opposite the balcony the box can spawn on) and the other two are found in 
    the area with the Trench Gun (one is by the stairs and the other is opposite), 
    you will hear a quiet sound to acknowledge you've checked them, you can only 
    hear this little sound effect once for each one each game, also you can only 
    activate the song once per game.
    The song is called 'Beauty of Annihilation' and it's by Kevin Sherwood and
    Elena Siegman. The excerpt of the song you hear at the end of a game when you
    all die is '115', again it is composed by Kevin Sherwood with vocals by Elena
    Find Kevin Sherwood's facebook music page here:
    And Elena Siegman's here:
     * Hidden Recordings
    There are several hidden recordings in Der Riese, to hear them find the radio 
    and hold the use button when you are close to them (there will be no prompt 
    to do so), here are the locations:
      1: Face the Pack-a-Punch machine, do a 180 so you are facing away from it 
     and behind the stairs to your right are a couple of barrels,  there is a 
     portable radio on the left of the leftmost one.
      2: In the Trench Gun room above a door to the right of the mystery box spawn
     when you are directly facing it, hold use when looking at the big dark 
     rectangle bit at the top of the door.
      3: When entering Teleporter Room A head around the big steaming tank thing 
     in the middle of the room and look inside the oven to your right, this radio 
     is suitcase sized.
      4: In the room above the Thompson room, adjacent to Teleporter Room B, on a 
     filing cabinet in the corner to the left of the door, this radio is about the
     size of a suitcase.
      5: As you enter Teleporter Room B the ladder on the left tank (the ladder 
     facing the door not the one on the other side) has a portable radio that you 
     can just about see when you are standing up, it's between the 5th and 6th bar
     down, hanging off the 5th, crouch down to be close enough to activate it.
      6: At the bottom of the stairs to the catwalk in Teleporter Room C there is 
     a suitcase sized radio on top of the shelves.
      7: If you stand in Teleporter C looking out to the front of the building 
     then to your left is the door leading down into a small area where you can 
     buy the Stielhandgranate (grenades), walk down to the end of this area and at
     the dead end it is hard to make out because it's dark but you can find a 
     portable radio behind the remaining bits of wooden boards.
    There's another recording hidden in the games files but it seems they didn't 
    implement it in-game, this eighth recording has been uploaded to YouTube by a
    few users if you want to hear it.
     * Hidden Illuminati Messages
      1: In the mainframe area you start off in, go down the stairs and turn 90
     degrees to your left there's a long grate to the left of the stairs (not the
     one in front of them) that goes along the floor, search this to find a small
     scrap with the code at the end (the end near the bottom of the stairs), it 
     "Edward it's time to kill Maxis"
    If you hold use whilst crouched and aiming at it you'll hear your character
    grunt (may take a couple tries to get it at the right angle), some people say
    this increases the fruency of drops you receive for killing zombies (the all 
    important Max Ammo, Double-Points, the Bomb and Carpenter) throughout a game,
    after a couple of tries playing solo I noticed I was getting a few more drops
    than usual, but still this may be coincidence, requires further testing.
      2: In the room with the Stielhandgranate on the right as you enter the
     Teleporter B room, it's on the ceiling in the exposed part in the middle, it
     "Faithful servant
     Observe and report
     The seed has been planted
     Maxis must not know."
    I've found that you actually get your character to acknowledge this one with
    a grunt too if you look directly up to it and hold use but it, like the other
    one, can sometimes be picky about when it lets yor character respond.
     * The Fly Trap
    The Fly Trap: this one is interesting, you also need to do this to get the 
    'Elevate Your Senses' trophy/achievement. When standing at the spawn point
    face the Pack-a-Punch machine, go through the door to your right once it's
    open and opposite the door you can open to get into the Trench Gun room is
    a window zombies can enter through, look through the very left of this 
    window, straight down the alley there is a control panel on one of the pillars
    (easiest to see with a PTRS but still easily visible with other guns), shoot 
    it with a PaP'd gun and you'll hear Samantha say "Let's play hide and seek!"
    You should all now have the trophy/achievement Keep looking in that direction 
    and you'll see eight flashes of light fly into the air, these objects will now 
    be in the possession of two teddy bears and a monkey that will appear around 
    the map, you're gonna want to shoot what the teddy bears are holding and the 
    Monkey. Here are the locations:
      1: Walk up the stairs to the spawn area, face the Pack-a-Punch machine and
     look 90 degrees to your right, now look up at the hole towards the top of 
     the building, scope it in and shoot it.
      2: In the Trench Gun room face directly where you can buy the Trench Gun,
     then turn 90 degrees to your right and walk into the dead end, look now in
     the cages and you'll see it in the bottom one on the left.
      3: In the flames of the incinerator in the Thompson room.
    You'll hear Samantha say that it's game over and you win, after this some 
    people have said they've encountered strange audio glitches like certain 
    sound files (like when you pick up a Max Ammo) at random times, the few 
    times I bother with doing this I've never noticed anything really. It's been
    said that there was supposed to be more to this map but Treyarch had to rush 
    it which is why the story was left a bit open ended and the Fly Trap thing 
    didn't really go anywhere.
    Originally the 'Elevate Your Senses!' trophy/achievement required one to find
    all the teddy bears and shoot one of the items each is holding to despatch them 
    but it was too hard for most people to find them so they made it achievable by 
    just shooting the control panel with a PaP'd gun.
     * A Few Interesting Things
    You can annoy Samantha by chucking a Monkey into the flaming oven in the 
    Thompson room, she'll ask you why are you been so mean to Mister Monkey and say
    that he only wanted to play, implying the Monkeys were her toys much like the
    teddy bears, this is further proven by dialog of the Monkey itself, some times
    if you throw one you can hear it say, "You're not Sam" before he explodes.
    The Type 99 is not available in Der Riese, no matter what people say or what 
    you've seen on YouTube you can not get it by any conventional means as of 
    now. The upgraded version of this gun was supposed to be called 'The 
    There was going to be an Amm-O-Matic machine that was similar to the other 
    perk venders, it was designed to give Max Ammo but it was scrapped shortly 
    before Der Riese was released, shame considering ammo is the biggest problem 
    in Der Riese.
    'Der Riese' is German for 'The Giant' - which is the name of the secret Nazi 
    project going on there. The map was not named after Derice Bannock from Cool 
    Runnings. Derice mon!
    The light that one can see in a beam from the mystery box to the sky is
    similar (though obviously much smaller) to that described by many 
    eyewitnesses of the Tunguska Event (as referenced in the map Shi No Numa, I
    mention it in more detail in the Story [STR] section), a bright, light blue
    beam that went up into the heavens, read the selected eyewitness reports on
    the Wikipedia page for more info.
    The more you use the teleporters the more the effects seem to take their toll
    on you, after several uses your vision may be affected, sometimes going black
    and white temporarily or even red, other effects included being dazed as if
    you were just hit by a stun grenade and hearing a high pitched feedback sound
    (just like when you're hit by a flashbang in other Call of Duty games).
     * Want To See Where 115 Comes From (in Shi No Numa)?
    Although this isn't in Der Riese I thought it would be worth noting... in Shi
    No Numa there is a large piece of a meteorite about 10-15 feet wide and
    several feet high, it's huge. It looks like it's still burning as it's got
    a lot of orange glow to it and sparks of blue electricity (like you'd see
    the Wunderwaffe) fizzle around it while it makes a strange noise, when you
    hear it you'll recognise it if you play Der Riese. If you're on a console
    version then the only way to get to it that I know of is the Fishing Hut
    glitch that takes you out of the map, it requires that you have Juggernaut,
    the Fishing Hut open and asingle zombie left - I've had the zombie die for no
    reason after a while in early rounds but never at Round 6 or later, so try
    keep one alive without damaging him. This glitch requires that you stand in
    the small room bit behind where the box can spawn and as you go in and
    forwards on the left there is a rope, stand to the right of it in front of
    the sandbags and when the last zombie gets 'inside you' then jump, mash the
    jump button and you won't see as you aren't looking at the zombie but he'll
    be glitching upwards and pushing you out of the map, then you must traverse
    quite a way across the map to find it. It's difficult to explain the glitch
    but if you ask at the message boards and look around YouTube you'll surely
    find vids on getting into the glitch - just be careful when exploring and
    keep your eyes on the ground to make sure you don't fall down a 'hole' or
    rather a 'crack' in the map. This glitch still works as of November 2010
    and with the release of Black Ops imminent I doubt they'll be patching it.
    This giant ever-burning rock with constant electric sparksappearing around
    it is obviously a chunk of the meteorite a Element 115 is harvested from.
     * The Red Liquid
    By Teleporter B is a small adjacent room opposite the balcony, inside this 
    room is a window, Stiehandgranate and a table with a beaker with a red liquid
    inside, if you get close to it pointing your crosshair on the beaker of red 
    liquid and hold the use button (Square for PS3, X for 360, F for PC) you'll 
    hear your character make a groan or exhale of some sort as if they had just 
    drank from it.
    Some people claim that this 'tops up' your Juggernog so you can take a little
    more damage, others have said you should take it if you accidentally 
    electrocute yourself if you are the Wunderwaffe user as electrocuting ones 
    self leaves one more vulnerable (they will go down in one hit, I can confirm 
    from experience that the liquid doesn't cure that vulnerability though, only 
    going down and getting revived does).
    One thing I noticed when playing as Richtofen was that one time I took it he 
    said something along the lines of "This will come in useful!" (or something 
    to that effect) when I made him take it, so based on that dialog it sounds 
    like it may have some kind of positive effect, also as Dr. Richtofen worked
    there on all the experiments it is likely he'd know what it does. If you can
    get other responses from the other characters (like Dempseys, "Hey 
    Richtofen, what does all this **** mean?!" response) this is most likely
    because your characters are near to the blackboard or board behind the red 
    liquid which can get a response out of your character.
    I've done a lot of testing with this and it seems that it does absolutely
    nothing, it doesn't affect your health or Juggernog anymore than your gun
    camo affects its performance.
     * Other Stuff You Can Interact With
    There are a few things that holding use over can get a reaction out of your 
    character, here are a few good examples...
     The two Illuminati coded messages (character makes a groan kind of sound).
     The board behind the red liquid and possibly the red liquid in the room 
     adjacent to Teleporter B with the Stielhandgranate (character makes the 
     same groaning sound, sometimes may say other character specific things).
     The board behind where the box can spawn in the Trench Gun room to the
     right of the blackboard.
     The board in the Teleporter C room on your right when you walk in the room,
     it's the one to the left of the map of Der Riese.
     * Character Models
    The characters you play as all share their character models with other 
    characters from the games campaign, Tank Dempsey is Polonsky, Nikolai Belinski
    is Chernov, Takeo Masaki is a Japanese enemy from the very beginning of the 
    game (the one Roebuck kills before you get given your first gun in the mission
    'Semper Fi') and Doctor Richtofen is General Amsel (the Nazi you assasisnate 
    in the mission 'Vendetta').
     * Mystery Box Skin And Lighting Glitch
    Not necessarily an easter egg but the first time I saw this it was a surprise
    and I really didn't know what to make of it, I'm assuming it's just a glitch
    or maybe it was something Treyarch meant to implement but didn't for the end 
    product, either way I know I'm not the only person who's experienced it and
    like a couple of others I was lucky enough to capture it on film.
    Basically what happens is the box is spinned as usual but the box flashes lots
    of different patterns, some with different lighting that can make the weapons
    look to have different patterns and areas of the weapon look to have a glow 
    on some parts of them, when I got it and from videos I've seen of other these 
    patterns are predetermined and happen in the same order and end with the both 
    looking to have a red and black pattern on it with a red light emitting from 
    the box. A couple of times I've seen the box act as normal but then flash
    a different pattern up whilst going a darker colour very briefly just the 
    once as the guns come up.
    It doesn't seem to affect the weapon you get from it in anyway, the Ray Gun I
    spun looked an awesome gold colour in the light of the box that had gone red 
    and black but when I picked it up it was a regular Ray Gun and the box went
    back to normal, here's a pic cropped from the terrible quality video I took 
    of the box going crazy:
    Others have put videos up on YouTube showing it happening to them with them
    receiving other weapons and in other circumstances. I have no idea why the 
    box would do this or what sets it off, when I got it to happen I was in a game
    where I had interacted with the Illuminati codes, boards, all the radios,
    activated the Fly Trap and found Samantha's toys, threw a monkey in the 
    furnace, glitched for 3 guns and PaP'd them all, used the teleporters about 8
    or 9 times, basically I did everything I could think to do when I had crawlers
    and other people have had it happen quite early on in the game without doing 
    anything out of the ordinary, like I said I have no idea what makes the box do
    this or why.
    Another skin glitch I've seen is when a single weapon seems to have a different
    skin, one I've seen is the MG42, the box looked and acted as normal but while
    the weapons were changing before it stopped on one when it showed the MG42 it
    it was the normal shape but a big part of it was red, it looked cool. Happened
    both times I used the box before my mate got the bear, I didn't manage to get
    the MG42 though, I imagine if I had got it it would probably have been the 
    normal looking MG42 when I picked it up anyway.
                          Trophies/Achievements Guide [TAG]
    Elevate Your Senses!
     -Activate the Fly Trap.
    When standing at the spawn point face the Pack-a-Punch machine, go through 
    the door to your right once it's open and opposite the door you can open to
    get into the Trench Gun room is a window zombies can enter through, look 
    through the very left of this window looking straight down the alley there
    is a control panel (easiest to see with a PTRS but any gun will do), shoot
    it with a PaP'd gun.
     -Open all doors in the map.
    Simple, just use the tips in this guide for getting points effectively and
    you can do this quite quickly, especially with crawlers at the end of the
    40 Knives!
     -Kill 40 zombies with the Bowie Knife.
    Easy, get the Bowie Knife as early as possible and knife every zombie you 
    can that's not in a group, when you are just inside of arms reach of a 
    zombie slash and as it hits pull back away from him, this way you shouldn't
    get damaged.
    Der Electrician!
     -Link all teleport pads before round 7.
    This is easiest with 4 players, one staying at the Mainframe that opens the
    first couple of doors while the rest get to and activate a teleporter each.
    If you're doing it solo make sure you get as much money as you can early on
    (round 1: 8 M1911 shots in the leg then knife, round 2: 8 M1911 shots in the
    chest then knife etc) and keep a crawler at the end of the rounds when you
    want to activate the teleporters.
    Frequent Flyer!
     -Use the teleporter 8 times.
    Easy, just wait till a later round when you have loads of points spare, get
    a crawler, draw him away from the teleporter so he doesn't get fried by it
    and just keep alternating between using different teleporters, just remember
    that use of the teleporters can spawn dogs.
    Perkaholics Anonymous!
     -Survive until round 20 without buying a single Perk.
    I recommend playing with others, just stick to headshots early on, get a
    Thompson and camp on the catwalk, preferably with at least one other player
    then spin for guns when you get chance, Bouncing Betties are good to place
    in the little corner you can fallback into just incase any zombies get
    close and you're caught reloading.
    Wacker Packer!
     -Upgrade any weapon in Pack A Punch.
    Get the machine on, upgrade any weapon with it.
    Acquire Waffle Weapons!
     -Obtain the Ray Gun, DG-2 and the Monkey Bomb at the same time in a game.
    Purely luck, just keep spinning on the box until it happens, if somebody in
    the game already has the Wunderwaffe DG-2 though you can't get it unless
    they give it up to the box or die as there is only one available per game.
    Pack Addict!
     -Upgrade 5 weapons at the Pack A Punch Machine.
    Yeah, 25,000 points not including the point cost of weapons you'll be 
    buying/spinning for, in a good game you may end up doing this anyway.
    The Might of the Monkey!
     -Use the Monkey Bomb.
    Get Monkey Bombs from the mystery box and throw one, job done.
                                Everything Else [EVE]
     * Thanks
     -OBsIV for creating the XIM, those that helped him and other XIM360 users that
      worked on making it usable for PS3, also flyphil76 for an excellent config
      for the PS3 Call of Duty games.
     -KillerFinland from YouTube for detailing where the co-ordinates from Shi No
      Numa lead, he also has many other Nazi Zombies story and in-game vids you
      should check out.
     * Legal
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    violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2009-2010 GameFAQs user CassyChan
     * Contact Me
    If you want to contact me you can drop me a message through PSN: CassyChan or 
    or cassy.exe AT googlemail DOT com, I never play Zombies online on my
    CassyChan PSN ID at all so please don't add that ID to play Zombies with me.
    If you'd like CoD saves for PS3 or to see my other guides to Der Riese for
    WaW and Blops my GameFAQs contributor page is here:
     * Updates
    v1.0 (12/2009) - Initial version.
    v1.1 (01/2010) - Couple little tweaks, added the Easter Eggs section.
    v1.2 (02/2010) - More tweaks, added to the Easter Eggs section, added the
                     Trophies/Achievements Guide section, Added Pack-a-Punch
                     effects to the Weapons section.
    v1.3 (02/2010) - Main guide finished and added the Story section.
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                     of the story.
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                     sections. Added the Solo Strategy section that I should have
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                     115 meteorite part in the Easter Eggs section.
    v2.0 (11/2010) - Numerous edits.
    v2.1 (11/2010) - Added the Drops section.
     "Be excellent to each other."
      - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
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