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Perks Guide by Stevewins123

Version: 1.60 | Updated: 09/28/09

		 _____       _ _          __  ______       _         
		/  __ \     | | |        / _| |  _  \     | |        
		| /  \/ __ _| | |   ___ | |_  | | | |_   _| |_ _   _ 
		| |    / _` | | |  / _ \|  _| | | | | | | | __| | | |
		| \__/\ (_| | | | | (_) | |   | |/ /| |_| | |_| |_| |
		 \____/\__,_|_|_|  \___/|_|   |___/  \__,_|\__|\__, |
                       			                        __/ |
			       ______         _        
			       | ___ \       | |       
			       | |_/ /__ _ __| | _____ 
			       |  __/ _ \ '__| |/ / __|
			       | | |  __/ |  |   <\__ \
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Call of Duty: World at War - Perk Guide
Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC
Guide by Stephen Marcok (A.K.A. Stevewins123) - steve.gamefaqs(at)gmail.com
1 - 4 Players (Offline Competitive Play)

Created on: July 2, 2009
Last Updated on: September 28, 2009
This is just a test for me to ensure that it is 79 characters.

				Table Of Contents

Version History.................2.00
Perk 1 Slot.....................3.00
				3.01..........Special Grenades x 3
				3.02..........Satchel Charge x 2
				3.03..........M9A1 Bazooka x 2
				3.04..........Bomb Squad
				3.05..........Bouncing Betty x 2
				3.07..........Primary Grenades x 2
				3.08..........M2 Flamethrower
Perk 2 Slot.....................4.00
				4.01..........Stopping Power
				4.03..........Flak Jacket
				4.04..........Gas Mask
				4.07..........Sleight of Hand
				4.09..........Double Tap
Perk 3 Slot.....................5.00
				5.01..........Deep Impact
				5.02..........Extreme Conditioning
				5.03..........Steady Aim
				5.04..........Toss Back
				5.05..........Second Chance
				5.08..........Dead Silence
				5.09..........Iron Lungs
Vehicle Perks...................6.00
				6.01..........Water Cooler
				6.02..........Greased Bearings
				6.03..........Ordnance Training
				6.05..........Coaxial Machine Gun
Nazi Zombie Perks...............7.00
				7.01..........Double Tap
				7.03..........Quick Revive
				7.04..........Speed Cola

				Introduction (1.00)
Hello, my name is Stephen Marcok and I'm the author of this guide, which is
specifically meant to inform you about perks in the game "Call of Duty: World
at War." This guide was first made with the Xbox 360 version of the game in
mind, but it's contents can also apply to the PS3, PC, and Wii versions of the
game. This guide will be looking at perks in multiplayer, and in Nazi Zombies.
As of the creation of this guide, Map Pack 2 has been released, so if there are
any new perks in new map packs, they are not guaranteed to be in here.

If you need to specifically find something, use the Table of Contents and find
the number of what you are looking for. Then, use the "Find" feature and type
in the number. It should bring you to where you want to go. (The "Find" feature
shortcut is accessed by pushing "Control" + "F" on the standard internet
browser.) In this guide, sections are divided up by perk slots. For example, 
there will be sections like "Perk 1 Slot" and "Perk 2 Slot"

If you need to contact me to ask a question, or to contribute data, you can
contact me at steve.gamefaqs(at)gmail.com If you want to inform me about
spelling errors, go ahead, but please be informed that I'm spelling things
the Canadian way. That's "colour," not "color!"If you email me, put "Call of 
Duty" somewhere in the email title. And on a side note, please put a name to
be credited by if you're contributing information.

Thanks. :-)

				Version History (2.00)
NOTE: Very small changes will not be included in the version history. See the
top for the last update date.

July 2, 2009	Guide first submitted to GameFAQs for approval.
Version 1.00

July 8, 2009	Wow, I was really hoping I could have finished the vehicle
Version 1.40	perks by now, but it appears it was not to be. I've been
		busier then expected, so I might finish this a bit later then
		I had planned. However, on the other hand I did sort through
		the large amount of emails that I recieved, and I've taken the
		information that I needed from them. Thanks to everyone who
		contributed. :-)

July 19, 2009	Minor fix that I made on Speed Cola. 
Version 1.45

Sept. 28, 2009	Getting a few more sections here and there done.
Version 1.60

				Perk 1 Slot (3.00)
At a glance, there are 8 different perks in this slot. These perks revolve
around weapons, and can do things such as give you more ammo, or even give you
whole weapons. The perks are listed in the order that they appear in the game.


Special Grenades x 3 (3.01)
In game description: "Three special grenades. No smoke."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

What it does: This perk simply gives you three special grenades. You have one
primary grenade, and three secondary ones. However, this perk will not work if
you have smoke grenades - it will only work with Signal Flares or Tabun Gas.

How to use: Simply throw a secondary grenade. On the Xbox, this can be done by
hitting LB on the controller.

How to defend against: Use the perk "Shades" or "Gas Mask." Shades will help
with Signal Flares, and Gas Mask will help with Tabun Gas. Personally, I don't
think either of these are necessary.

Satchel Charge x 2 (3.02)
In game description: "Two remote detonation explosives."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

What it does: Satchel charges are like little bombs that can be thrown in an
area. This perk gives you two of them. When thrown, they can be detonated from
anywhere else on the map. They're especially useful in maps with tanks, because
if a tank runs over one, and it is detonated, it will take out the tank and
whoever is in it instantly. 

How to use: Simply throw it where you like, and then detonate it using the
same button that you use to shoot.

How to defend against: Equip the perk "Bomb Squad," as this will help you spot
the satchel charges.

M9A1 Bazooka x 2 (3.03)
In game description: "M9A1 bazooka with two rockets."

Level unlocked at: Level 2

What it does: This bazooka comes equipped with two rockets, used as ammo. If
you see a large group of enemy players, feel free to pull this thing out and
kill all of them. It makes rather large explosions, and is deadly if it hits
near you. The bazooka can also be used against tanks, just like satchel

How to use: On the Xbox, press left on the D-Pad. Then aim, and fire! You can
NOT fire this weapon from the hip, and it takes a while to fire and reload, so
watch out.

How to defend against: The perk "Flak Jacket" should help you a bit, but will
definitely not stop you from dying if you get hit directly. The best way to
defend against a bazooka would be to hide behind something, and take out the
enemy before they fire it at you. If you happen to be fired at while in a tank,
make sure you leave the tank before it explodes.

Bomb Squad (3.04)
In game description: "Ability to seek out enemy explosives."

Level unlocked at: Level 16

What it does: This perk will show you where exactly bouncing betties and
satchel charges are placed. Using the knowledge that this perk gives you, you
should be able to avoid these explosives and keep your life. You can tell where
the explosives are by a sign that appears above them. 

How to use: Simply equip the perk, and it will do its job automatically.

How to defend against: This perk does not create a threat to other players, so
there is no need to defend against it.

Bouncing Betty x 2 (3.05)
In game description: "Two pressure activated mines."

Level unlocked at: Level 24

What it does: Bouncing betties are actually an extremely useful type of weapon.
As the description says, they're mines that are activated when they sense
pressure. They're small white objects that can be placed nearly anywhere on the
map, and when an enemy player comes near them, they'll "bounce" and will then
explode. (The only exceptions as to where these mines can be placed are in
bodies of water.) In hardcore modes, it's hard to survive after having a
bouncing betty explode anywhere near you. However, in regular core modes, if
you aren't walking right into the mine, you might survive. If you like to
snipe, or hide in certain locations around the map, bouncing betties are good
at protecting you from enemy players coming near. Note that whether you're in
hardcore, or just plain core, bouncing betties will not go off in the event
that you or a teammate walks by.

How to use: With the perk equipped, you get 2 bouncing betties. On the Xbox,
select the bouncing betty by hitting left on the D-Pad, and then place it by
using the "fire" button - the same button that you use to fire your gun. If you
place the betty around a corner, enemy players will not be able to see it, and
therefore likely won't defend against it.

How to defend against: Bouncing betties can be destroyed by being shot.
However, if you're shooting them make sure you do it from a distance, because
when shot they'll explode. Betties can also be destroyed by any type of primary
grenade. Frag, sticky, and Molotov. Satchel charges will also work against
them. However, the best defense against them is the perk "Bomb Squad."


Bandolier (3.06)
In game description: "Extra ammunition magazines."

Level unlocked at: Level 40

What it does: Bandolier is a perk that gives you extra ammo for all of your
guns. For some guns, this perk is unnecessary, but for other guns that don't
give very much ammo, this perk could be extremely useful. It all just depends
on what gun you're using.

How to use: There's really nothing that you need to do. Equip the perk, and
more ammo will be given to you automatically.

How to defend against: Kill the enemy. Okay? :-) There really is nothing much
to defend against.

Primary Grenades x 2 (3.07)
In game description: "Two primary grenades."

Level unlocked at: Level 44

What it does: The in game description basically explains this perk thoroughly.
When equipped, you'll get two primary grenades, instead of just one. If you
like to use Frag, Sticky, or Molotov "grenades," then equip this perk so
you can have more.

How to use: Equip the perk, and you'll automatically get 2 grenades. Quite

How to defend against: If you see a grenade get thrown near you, run away!
In regular core modes, you'll see an indicator, but in hardcore modes, you'll
only have sight and sound to determine where a grenade is. If you're really
close to a grenade, and you know you won't be able to run away in time, throw
it back. In regular core modes, it will tell you what button to press to throw
it back. I believe that it's the same button you use to throw your own

M2 Flamethrower (3.08)
In game description: "Projects a controlled stream of fire."

Level unlocked at: Level 65

What it does: It's a long wait to get this perk. The M2 Flamethrower, normally
just called the Flamethrower, is extremely deadly at close range.
Unfortunately, that's really the only range it's good for. When used, it
projects a stream of fire that can kill enemies fast in core modes, and almost
instantly in hardcore modes. However, this stream doesn't go too far ahead of
the user, so if you want to kill a person with this, you need to be close to
them. Another problem with this weapon is that after a few seconds of use, it
will need to cool down for a few seconds, and at that time can't be used.

How to use: Simply equip the perk, and on the Xbox, press left on the D-Pad.
To fire, push the same button that you would use to fire any other gun. In core
modes, the flamethrower will not harm your own team, but in hardcore it will,
so watch out! With all the flames, you might not be able to see who's who.

How to defend against: If you really want to, you can equip the perk
"Fireproof." However, since the flamethrower is unlocked at the last level, not
many people will use it so using the perk Fireproof is somewhat useless, in my
opinion. If you really want to stay safe from a flamethrower, keep away from
the person using it. They shouldn't be too disguised, especially since there's
a stream of fire coming from their area...


				Perk 2 Slot (4.00)
At a glance, there are 10 different perks that can be placed in this slot.
Unlike the Perk 1 Slot perks, these perks don't really focus on weapons. Some
focus on defending you from the enemy, and other's focus on assisting your
weapons. For example, Camouflage defends you from the enemy, while Sleight
of Hand makes using a weapon easier. The perks here are listed in the order
that they are unlocked in the game. All of these perks work automatically,
and other then just equipping them, there is no other work needed to be done
to use them properly. If you see an "N/A" next to a spot, it means that it's
not applicable.

Stopping Power (4.01)
In game description: "Increased bullet damage."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

What it does: Stopping power is a good perk to use if you're using a gun that
isn't the most powerful. Basically, what it does is increase the damage that
any type of bullet does on an enemy. For example, if you were shooting someone
with a .357 Magnum, and Stopping Power equipped, it would take less shots to
kill someone then if you were using it without Stopping Power. Of course, in
Hardcore mode, this perk might not be the most useful thing, due to the minimal
health that you have to begin with, but in regular core modes, this perk can
be useful for killing people faster. It's said that with Stopping Power
equipped, bullets do 140% (or x1.4) of the damage that they do without the perk

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: Any type of gun that you use

Fireworks (4.02)
In game description: "Higher explosive weapon damage."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

What it does: This perk is really rather simple, and it's one that I hardly
care for at all. Simply put, it makes explosives give more damage. For example,
if a player had this equipped and they threw a grenade at an enemy player,
that enemy player would have to be farther away from the grenade in order to
survive its explosion. It's the same thing with Bazookas and all other
explosives. If I fired a Bazooka at a wall that an enemy was near, they'd need
to be farther away from the wall to survive. It's said that with Fireworks
eqipped, explosions will do 125%, or x1.25 the amount of damage an explosion
would give without Fireworks equipped.

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: Bazookas, grenades, and other explosives.

Flak Jacket (4.03)
In game description: "Reduces explosive damage."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

What it does: Like the Fireworks perk, this one is quite simple, and is one I
don't care for or like to use. It does the exact opposite of fireworks, and
cancels it out. Sort of like mathematics. I would explain in a mathematical
way, but that is completely unnecessary, and this guide isn't on the
mathematic adventures in Call of Duty. :-) Anyways... this perk reduces the
damage that explosives do. If an enemy threw a grenade at you, you could be a
bit closer to it when it exploded, and you wouldn't die. Without this perk
equipped, you would need to be a bit farther away in order to survive. I say
that this perk cancels out "Fireworks," because Fireworks adds damage to the
explosive, while Flak Jacket takes an equal amount away, therefore bringing
the amount back to the middle.

What it defends from: Bazookas, grenades, and other explosives.

What it assists: N/A

Gas Mask (4.04)
In game description: "Protects against Tabun Gas."

Level unlocked at: Level 2

What it does: In my humble opinion, this is one of the most useless perks out
there. You may notice that sometimes, enemy players throw an object at you,
(which is actually a type of secondary grenade,) and your player starts
coughing and wheezing. It gets hard to turn around, and it's hard to aim your
weapon. Well, that gas is called Tabun Gas, and this perk defends against it.
Basically, if you have this perk equipped, you can travel through all the
Tabun Gas that you'd like, and you won't be harmed by it at all. Of course,
this idea isn't the best to practice, and you should probably focus on killing
the enemy who threw the gas grenade at you instead.

What it defends from: Tabun Gas Secondary Grenade

What it assists: N/A

Juggernaut (4.05)
In game description: "Increased health."

Level unlocked at: Level 4

What it does: This can be a great perk to use if you don't have many unlocked,
but later on there will be much more useful ones. Like how Flak Jacket and
Fireworks cancel each other out, this perk and Stopping Power cancel each
other out. This perk does the exact opposite of Stopping Power. It allows you
to take more hits from weapons without dying. For example, if the enemy was
firing an MP40 at you, you could survive more shots then if you didn't have
this perk equipped. It's said that with Juggernaut equipped, you recieve
75% of the damage that you would get if you didn't have Juggernaut equipped.

What it defends from: Enemy weapons

What it assists: Your health

NOTE: Nazi Zombie perk "Jugger-Nog" is based off of this perk.

Camouflage (4.06)
In game description: "Undetectable to enemy recon planes."

Level unlocked at: Level 12

What it does: This is my second favourite Slot 2 perk, falling just behind
Overkill. If an enemy team calls in a recon plane after someone gets a 3 kill
streak, then you won't appear on their map. Anyone else on your team who
doesn't have Camouflage eqipped will appear on their map. This is a great
perk to use in Hardcore modes, and is a great way to continue hiding if you
like to snipe. It really sucks when you've found a great sniping location, 
only to be found by enemy recon planes. Having this perk equipped stops all of

What it defends from: Enemy recon planes

What it assists: N/A

Sleight of Hand (4.07)
In game description: "Faster reloads."

Level unlocked at: Level 28

What it does: Sleight of Hand is necessary for some guns, and isn't too
necessary for others. What it does is speed up the reloading process by a very
large amount. You can definitely notice the decrease in time that it takes for
your player to reload. For some guns, using this may be a waste of a perk, but
for others it would be hard to survive without. I recommend using this perk
with any weapon that has a small clip, or that takes a while to reload. For
example, the Trench Gun, and definitely the Double Barrelled shotgun could
benefit from this perk.

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: Any weapons that have slow reload times, especially shotguns.

NOTE: Nazi Zombie perk "Speed Cola" is based off of this perk.

Shades (4.08)
In game description: "Reduces the intensity of signal flares."

Level unlocked at: Level 32

What it does: This perk seems useless to me. It's just like the perk "Gas 
Mask," only it defends against Signal Flares instead of Tabun Gas. If you've
ever seen someone throw something at you that seemed to explode into a bright
light, that's a signal flare. They're sort of annoying, but they're definitely
not bad enough that you should need a perk to defend against them. Well, this
perk does exactly that. It dims the signal flare, and "reduces its intensity."
This perk isn't often used, probably because there are much better perks out
there. In my opinion, the only time that this should be equipped is if you're
trying to complete challenges.

What it defends from: Signal Flare Secondary Grenades

What it assists: N/A


Double Tap (4.09)
In game description: "Increased rate of fire."

Level unlocked at: Level 36

What it does: This makes guns fire faster. It may not work with all guns. I
believe that this is most  effective on Machine Guns and Submachine Guns,
as well as bolt action rifles. This is because for machine guns, it can make
their high rate of fire even higher, and for Bolt Action Rifles, you can
shoot bullets faster. With this perk equipped, it  should take hardly any time
to kill people, and in hardcore mode, it should go extremely fast. While this
is a good choice of a perk, I think that there can still be ones that are more
effective, though it really depends on what type of weapon you're using it for.

What it defends from: N/A.

What it assists: Submachine guns, Machine guns, Bolt Action Rifles,
Trench Gun, M1 Garand, STG-44

NOTE: Nazi Zombie perk "Double Tap" is based off of this perk.

Overkill (4.10)
In game description: "Carry two primary guns, no pistol."

Level unlocked at: Level 56

What it does: When you make a custom class, you're required to pick two
guns. Your primary gun can be a Bolt Action Rifle, Rifle, Shotgun, Submachine
Gun, or Machine Gun. Your second gun needs to be a pistol, and there are five
or six different types for you to choose from. However, with this perk
equipped, you don't carry a pistol. Instead, your second gun is another primary
gun! This perk is extremely useful, and is my absolute favourite perk from the
Perk 2 Slot. I recommend using a Submachine Gun or Machine Gun as one type, and
a Bolt Action Rifle with a sniper scope as the second type. With this
combination, you can easily take out enemies whether they're near you, or far
away from you. You'll be prepared for a number of different circumstances.
However, you can use this perk however you like. Just note that you can't carry
two of the same guns. For example, if your first primary gun was an MP40, your
second primary gun won't be able to be an MP40.

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: How prepared you are.

				Perk 3 Slot (5.00)
This section is currently under "construction" and should be completed soon. At
least, I really hope so. I'm kind of busy this week, which is the second week
of July 2009.

Update: I'm progressing - I haven't forgotten about this! D: (Sept 28, 2009)

At a glance, there are 10 different perks in the Perk 3 Slot. In general, I
think that the majority of these perks affect you as the player, and may
increase your player's performance. For example, Iron Lungs will give you the
ability to hold your breath longer, and Extreme Conditioning will give you the
ability to sprint for longer distances. The perks here are listed in the order
that they appear, and are unlocked in the game. Like the Perk 2 Slot perks, all
of these perks are activated automatically when they are needed, and all you
need to do is equip them when you make your custom class. If you see an "N/A"
next to a spot, it means that it's not applicable.

Deep Impact (5.01)
In game description: "Deeper bullet penetration."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

What it does: Deep Impact is an okay perk, but definitely isn't one of the best
ones available. This perk makes the shot bullet travel and penetrate farther
through walls and other surfaces. For example, if an enemy was hiding behind a
brick wall that can be shot through, they'll get more damage if they're hit
behind the wall, then they would get if they were hit behind the wall by
someone who doesn't have Deep Impact equipped.

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: All guns

Extreme Conditioning (5.02)
In game description: "Sprint for longer distances."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

What it does: Extreme Conditioning is an okay perk, but its usefulness really
depends on what mode you're playing in. What it does is allow you to sprint for
much longer distances than you could if you didn't have the perk equipped.
It's said that the change is sprinting distance is doubled. For example,
if the player could originally sprint 50 metres, with this equipped they might
be able to sprint for 100 metres. Whether you use it or not should be up to 
mode you're playing in. For example, if you were playing in Hardcore Team
Deathmatch, this perk might not have much of a use, compared to the other perks
that are available in the 3rd Perk Slot.

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: Sprinting endurance

Steady Aim (5.03)
In game description: "Increased hip-fire accuracy."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

What it does: Steady Aim is an okay perk for beginners, but once you get better
at the game this perk really isn't that necessary. What it does is increase the
accuracy of the gun, when you're firing it from the hip. I've been asked this
once, so for anyone who's curious about what "hip-fire" is, it's when you fire
the gun without looking through the sights. Some people like to always look
through the sights when they shoot, so for those people, this perk shouldn't 
be necessary at all. This perk is actually quite effective with shotguns, as
you don't need to waste precious seconds aiming.

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: Aiming from the hip instead of through the sights of the gun.

Toss Back (5.04)
In game description: "Resets fuse of picked up grenades"

Level unlocked at: Level 6

What it does: Toss Back is a moderately useful perk, but I personally don't 
think it can be used enough times to be considered a good candidate to take up 
your Perk 3 slot. In the game, it resets the fuse of thrown back grenades. In 
regular core modes, when there's a grenade thrown near you, an indicator shows 
up showing you what direction it's in. If you're close enough to the grenade, 
it gives you the option to throw it back, which is activated by pressing the 
same button you use to throw a normal grenade of your own. (For example, RB on 
the Xbox 360 and R2 on the PS3.) However, occasionally when you attempt to 
throw it back, you'll find that the grenade has already been "cooked", and 
it'll go off before you have a chance to get it out of the area, while you're 
in mid-throw. This perk eliminates that problem, becuase as soon as you pick 
the grenade up, the fuse will reset and you'll have more then enough time to 
get it out of the area, and if you're lucky, into the enemy's area. I don't 
think this perk would be much of a help in hardcore mode, because in hardcore 
mode there isn't an indicator showing where the grenade is, so it's a LOT 
harder to throw back.

What it defends from: Thrown grenades.

What it assists: N/A

Second Chance (5.05)
In game description: "Revive downed allies."

Level unlocked at: Level 9

What it does: Second chance is somewhat like the Last Stand perk from Call of 
Duty 4, except better. This is definitely one of my favourite Perk 3 Slot 
perks, and I have it equipped on most of my classes. In the game, if you have 
this perk equipped, you'll get a "second chance" before death to finish the 
enemy off, and/or to be revived by a teammate. Basically, what happens is that 
when you're shot and damaged enough to be on the brink of death, you fall into 
a somewhat "prone" position and automatically take out your side arm. During 
this time, you can shoot with only your side arm, and there are three possible 
things that you can do: 

1. If an enemy is near you, you can try to kill them (it counts as a normal 
kill on your records.) 

2. You can wait for someone on your team to revive you. Once put into second 
chance, you live until the enemy either damages you in any way (direct impact 
of grenades, explosions, bullets, etc,) or until 30 seconds pass. While you're 
alive, your teammates have the option to revive you, if they choose too. 
HOWEVER, not every teammate can revive you. Only other teammates who have 
second chance equipped can revive people. (If you've ever played Nazi Zombies 
with other people, and they've gone down due to zombie attacks, you also have 
the option to revive them in the exact same way that you would in online 
multiplayer!) If you have second chance equipped, and a teammate goes down, a 
"REVIVE" notification will pop up on the screen showing their location, so that 
you can revive them if you choose to.

3. Let yourself die. If no enemies are shooting at you, nobody is bothering to 
revive you, and you don't feel like waiting the 30 seconds for you to die 
automatically, you can let yourself die by hitting the same button that you 
would use to reload. (For example, the X button on the Xbox 360.)

NOTE: If you're using the perk Overkill, or you picked up two primary weapons 
before being put into second chance, you will not pull out a primary weapon 
instead of a side arm. Instead, you'll pull out the Colt M1911.

What it defends from: Can occasionally prevent death.

What it assists: Teammates with this perk equipped.

Martyrdom (5.06)
In game description: "Drop a live grenade when killed."

Level unlocked at: Level 20

What it does: Martyrdom is somewhat similar to the perk Second Chance, in the 
sense that it gives you the ability to kill enemies after being downed/killed. 
However, Martyrdom doesn't give you any control, while Second Chance does. What 
happens with Martyrdom is that right after you die, you'll immediately drop a 
live grenade that has the pin pulled. This grenade will go off, and will kill 
anybody (or anything, like a dog,) that comes near your corpse after death. 
This perk is more useful with the perk fireworks, which causes higher explosive 
damage. Personally, I prefer Second Chance more, and find it more useful for 
people who really want revenge on their murderers. ;-) Oh, and another thing 
that I should point out is that this perk is extremely annoying in hardcore 
mode. I guarantee that you'll get more teamkills then you will kills on the 
enemy, which'll really annoy your teammates. This is normally because in 
hardcore mode, you travel in small groups.

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: May kill enemies who go near your dead body.

Fireproof (5.07)
In game description: "Reduced fire based weapon damage."

Level unlocked at: Level 48

What it does: This is another perk that can be quite useful, but isn't used 
enough to be considered worth the Perk 3 Slot that it takes up. I think that 
there are far better perks out there then this one. This perk helps you defend 
against weapons that use fire to damage, such as flamethrowers or molotov 
cocktail grenades. 

NOTE: These weapons will still damage you, and may eventually kill you, but 
it'll take more hits from the weapon in order to die. Basically, this weapon 
buys you some time that you could use to take out the enemy who's incinerating 

What it defends from: Flamethrowers, Molotov Cocktails.

What it assists: N/A

Dead Silence (5.08)
In game description: "Make less sound when you move."

Level unlocked at: Level 52

What it does:

What it defends from: Nearby enemies

What it assists: N/A

Iron Lungs (5.09)
In game description: "Longer breath hold while sniping."

Level unlocked at: Level 60

What it does:

What it defends from: N/A

What it assists: All scoped sniper rifles


Reconnaissance (5.10)
In game description: "Shows enemy dogs, artillery, and tanks."

Level unlocked at: Level 64

What it does:

What it defends from: Enemy dogs, artillery, and tanks.

What it assists: N/A


				Vehicle Perks (6.00)
This section is currently under "construction" and should be completed soon. At
least, I really hope so. I'm kind of busy this week, which is the second week
of July 2009.

Water Cooler (6.01)
In game description: "Decrease turret overheat."

Level unlocked at: Level 1

Greased Bearings (6.02)
In game description: "Increases turret rotation speed."

Level unlocked at: Level 2

Ordnance Training (6.03)
In game description: "Decreases the reload time of turrets."

Level unlocked at: Level 12

Leadfoot (6.04)
In game description: "Increases top tank speed."

Level unlocked at: Level 28

Coaxial Machine Gun (6.05)
In game description: "Driver controlled machine gun."

Level unlocked at: Level 40

				Nazi Zombie Perks (7.00)
Nazi Zombie maps number 2 and 3 have something that the first one didn't.
Perks! In total, there are four perks to help assist you in killing those
zombies, and this section of the guide will help explain them to you. Note:
Perks disappear when you need to be revived, so you need to buy them again.

2nd Note: There is no Nazi Zombies in the Wii version of this game.

Double Tap (7.01)
Description: This is the same perk as the multiplayer perk "Double Tap." It
will help you fire your gun faster, so you can take out more zombies faster.
The problem with this is that it will make you need to reload more often.

Colour: Yellow

Location:       Verruckt Map - 2nd Floor
		Shi no Numa Map - Random

Cost: 2000 Points

Jugger-Nog (7.02)
Description: This perk is the same as the multiplayer perk "Juggernaut."
Basically, it gives you increased health, and lets you survive more zombies
coming up to you and attacking you. Even if you have this perk equipped, you're
guaranteed to go down eventually, but this perk will give you extra health so
that you don't go down as fast. What I mean by "go down" is "need to be

Colour: Red

Location:       Verruckt Map - 1st Floor
		Shi no Numa Map - Random

Cost: 2500 points

Quick Revive (7.03)
Description: Quick Revive is not based off of any other perk in multiplayer
modes. Nazi Zombies is the only place where you can find it. Quick Revive is 
the cheapest perk that you can buy, and is somewhat helpful. If a teammate of
yours goes down because of zombies, you can revive them much quicker then you
could if you didn't have quick revive. It speeds up the process, reducing the
amount of time that zombies have to break through windows and make you go down
as well. This can be especially helpful in later levels, when zombies are much
faster and deadlier. Unfortunately, if you go down, and another teammate who
doesn't have quick revive needs to revive you, it'll go at a regular, slow

Colour: Blue

Location:       Verruckt Map - 1st Floor
		Shi no Numa Map - Random

Cost: 1500 Points

Speed Cola (7.04)
Description: This is my favourite Nazi Zombies perk. It does the same thing as
the multiplayer perk "Sleight of Hand," and is very, very useful. Basically, it
speeds up the reload process by a large amount. You spend less time reloading,
and more time firing. In later levels when zombies come frequently, this is
almost needed. It's also extremely helpful for shotguns, and weapons such as
Shi no Numa's Wunderwaffe, which take long amounts of time to reload. The only
problem with this perk is that it's kind of pricey, and if you go down, you
lose it.

Colour: Green

Location:       Verruckt Map - 2nd Floor
		Shi no Numa Map - Random

Cost: 3000 Points

				Credits (8.00)
If I've made any mistakes in this guide, please contact me. My email is in the
introduction, which is section (1.00) You will be credited. Any feedback is
also appreciated. Thanks. :)


GameFAQs - For being cool, being a host site of this guide, and.....being cool.

Treyarch, Activision - For making this game available!

MrArgoG, agentclank1 - For showing what level you need to be to unlock perks.

slaps_god - For contributing information on Bouncing Betties.

Branvuldr - Contributing info on the perk Double Tap.

Shadowslayer79 - Contributing info on the Perk Double Tap, and Steady Aim.

James O. - Contributing statistics and info on a number of perks.

Jesse S. - Contributing information on Double Tap.

Ernest132132 - Showing me a problem with my description of Speed Cola.
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