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Guide and Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 08/22/2011
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2011 | Highest Rated Guide

 _  ________                                           ____________
| | \______ \   ________  _        _   _________      /  __________| __    __
| |        | | / _______|| |      | | /  _______\     | | _________  \ \  / /
| |        | || |_______ | |      | | | |_______      \ |\_________|  \ \/ /
| |        | | > _______|| |      | | \________ \     / | \________|  /    \
| |________| || |_______ | |______| | _________| |    | |__________  /  /\  \
|___________/  \_______/  \________/  \         /     \____________|/  /  \  \
                                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯    ¯¯¯
                                  _   __  ____  __           ___    __
 |__| |  | |\/|  /\  |\ |        |_) |__  \  / |  | |   |  |  |  | |  | |\ |
 |  | |__| |  | /  \ | \|        | \ |__   \/  |__| |__ |__|  |  | |__| | \| TM
                       Strategy Guide by ABSOLUTE STEVE
                       __       _  __  _   __   __    
                      |__  /\  /  |__ |_) |  | |  | |/  |
                      |   /  \ \_ |__ |_) |__| |__| |\  o
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                And thus it is, when hope with earnest striving
                Has toiled in aims as high as man may dare,
                Fulfillment’s open gates give promise fair,
                But from those everlasting depths comes driving,
                A fiery blast that takes us unaware:
                We thought to light life’s torch, but now, depriving
                Our highest hope, a sea of fire surrounds us.
                Such fire! Of love? Or the fierce glow of hate?
                The blend of joy and sorrow that confounds us
                Sends us to earth: to veil our troubled state,
                For benefice of Spring we supplicate.

                                                         from: Faust
                                                        J. W. Goethe

               ___      ___  _   __   _        _ ___ ___  __     
                |  |\ |  |  |_) |  | | \ |  | /   |   |  |  | |\ |
               _|_ | \|  |  | \ |__| |_/ |__| \_  |  _|_ |__| | \|

                                HUMAN REVOLUTION
              N                 In a not so distant future, biotechnology has
             A  R               successfully been implemented in soldiers,
            M /\ E              agents and spies, dramatically enhancing their
           U /  \ V             performances.  Enter Adam Jensen, a security
          H /(DX)\ O            specialist on a job to protect a team of
           /¯¯¯¯¯¯\ L           scientists working at a highly advanced
        X / v1.02  \ U          biotechnology firm.  Nothing's what it seems
       E /          \ T         when the researchers are killed by black ops
        /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ I        mercenaries, and it looks as if someone is 
     S /PC/XBOX360\PS3\ O       steering human revolution down a very specific 
    U /                \ N      path, but how - and why? It's up to you to
   E /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\ B     unravel this conspiracy where it'll be your own
  D / faq@shillatime.org \ Y    decisions that determine the destiny of mankind.
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      Step into the world of Deus Ex with this highly
   A B S O L U T E S T E V E    anticipated prequel.

Deus Ex Human Revolution has been designed in such a fashion that there are
usually three approaches to an area: Stealth, Combat, or a mixture between
these two.  This guide will usually go for a mixture between Stealth and Combat,
but explores every area thoroughly and points out possibilities to receive more
experience points to effectively grow Adam into a superhuman augmented security

It can sometimes be tricky to find a balance between holding someone's hand
through the entire game, and clearly missing information by describing too
little.  This guide heavily leans towards a centered approach, but will also
provide indepth tactics on enemy and boss patterns, as well as information on
several experience bonuses.  It will not go over every possible hacking grid,
the main reason being that I don't currently have the time to write on this
large subject.  You are very much invited to submit PC-specific-grid hacking
tactics, and I'll gladly implement them into this guide.

       Before moving on to the main guide, I'd like to say a few things.

It's been ten years since I first started writing strategy guides for games
like Resident Evil 2 and The Legend of Dragoon (both unpublished work).  The
very first strategy guide I ever published online was for a game called Deus Ex.

This digital space was intended to go over some of the gaming industry's flaws,
but since you're already playing Deus Ex Human Revolution and using this guide,
you hopefully don't need convincing that the industry needs more games like
Deus Ex.  What the industry certainly needs is better, original writers..

What a ridiculous question, right?  I don't intend to bore you with a long
philosophical interpretation on what happens when you play a videogame, but I
do wish to make a comment on it, if only to give some appreciation of the
enormous potential hidden in videogames, and to show that this is far from
being used to its full extent.

To answer this question: You start to live in the world of the videogame.  Your
"lifeworld" merges with another lifeworld - a world fully created by human
beings.  This is different from reading a book or watching a movie.  One
certainly reflects on literary and cinematographic worlds, but the subject's
free will plays no role in those other lifeworlds.  Not only is their narrative
linear; more importantly, the feeling of "exploring" that lifeworld is not
as strong as is the case in a videogame's lifeworld.

We can expect the videogame industry only to grow over the next few decades,
giving the following reasons for this expansion.  Generations of gamers grow
older and don't completely quit playing videogames.  Our (grand)parents might
not be avid gamers, but at least some of us who are currently in their twenties
will still play a videogame occasionally when they're twenty, thirty years
older. Furthermore, the industry is looking to find new audiences; even our
parents have heard of Wii Sports.  Videogames in which interactive narrative is
an important aspect of gameplay add an extra dimension to the exploration of
their lifeworld. It would be premature to call games like Heavy Rain the
predecessors of this genre, but it's likely to eventually see an increase of
games aimed at different, larger audiences.

It's important to realize that videogames are changing the world in their own
way.  Thirty years ago, no one would have thought that they could've had such
a large influence on popular culture.  The improvement of hardware's mobility -
in other words, the increasing ease to merge lifeworlds - comes in the form
of handheld consoles, but also with the possibilities the internet has to
offer.  Massive Multiplayer Online games even allow you to interact with other
people who experience the very same world as you; how can a world not be real
if two people experience it at the same time, better yet if millions of people
literally live a "second life" in an other lifeworld?

While this broadens and enriches lifeworlds in a sense, it is interactive
narrative - like Deus Ex offers - that teaches us more about things like ethics
and communication.  It makes the secondary lifeworld realistic, livable, and
explorable.  Unfortunately, many games still have linear narrative storytelling.

Because of space constraints, it suffices to say that other lifeworlds have
their benefits.  In a mythless and increasingly rationalizing world, limitless
abilities in other lifeworlds are not only appealing, they're wings of freedom
in various ways.  It is obviously important we don't forget about our primary
lifeworld - we need to drink, eat, be physically safe, and make love every once 
in a while.  The highest danger lies in neglecting our higher needs; esteem and
self-actualisation.  If we put our secondary lifeworld above out primary
lifeworld in terms of importance/value, we will slowly estrange from our
primary lifeworld.  Trophies, achievements, leaderboards and all the like are
fun, but sacrificing parts of your primary lifeworld can lead to addiction and
in the long term to regrets.  Fortunately this warning only applies to a handful
of gamers.

It's been a pleasure to explore secondary lifeworlds for the past ten years and
to write "travel literature" for these worlds.

This strategy guide is dedicated in threefold to the world of the original Deus
Ex game, to everyone who has read and supported my work the past decade, and to
my grandmother who recently passed away.  I can only hope that I've succeeded in
capturing as many details of its brilliant (life)world as possible.

I hope you enjoy Human Revolution, just as much as I hope you'll (re)play the
original Deus Ex afterwards.  It is, after all, a continuation of this story.


                    _   __           ___ ___  __        __
                   | \ |  | |\ |  /\  |   |  |  | |\ | (_ 
                   |_/ |__| | \| /__\ |  _|_ |__| | \| __)
                        [AND TERMS OF USE IN A SENSE]

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     ___      _       __    __   __    _  __       ___  __      ___  __
      |  /\  |_) |   |__   |  | |__   /  |  | |\ |  |  |__ |\ |  |  (_       .
      | /  \ |_) |__ |__   |__| |     \_ |__| | \|  |  |__ | \|  |  __)     / \
        ¯¯¯¯                                                               /TOC\
 Use CTRL + F and copy/paste the /TAG\ to find the section you're looking for.

              I.    CONTROLS, BASICS & TIPS /BSC\
              1.1   Game Controls ...................... [BSC-1]
              1.11  PC Controls ........................ [BSC-1.11]
              1.12  Playstation 3 Controls ............. [BSC-1.12]
              1.13  XBOX360 Controls ................... [BSC-1.13]
              1.14  Advanced Controls .................. [BSC-1.14]
              1.2   The Menu ........................... [BSC-1.2]
              1.21  The Main Menu ...................... [BSC-1.21]
              1.22  The Game Menu ...................... [BSC-1.22]
              1.3   Basics ............................. [BSC-1.3]
              1.31  The HUD ............................ [BSC-1.31]
              1.32  Experience Points .................. [BSC-1.32]
              1.33  Health & Damage System ............. [BSC-1.33]
              1.34  Difficulty Setting ................. [BSC-1.34]
              1.35  Destroyable Environment & Objects .. [BSC-1.35]

              II.   WALKTHROUGH /WLK\
              2.0   Sarif Industries Under Attack ...... [WLK-0]
              2.1   Back In The Saddle ................. [WLK-1]
              2.2   Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant [WLK-2]
              2.3   Neutralize The Terrorist Leader .... [WLK-3]
              2.4   Tying Up Loose Ends ................ [WLK-4]
              2.5   Visiting The L.I.M.B. Clinic ....... [WLK-5]
              2.6   Investigating The Suicide Terrorist  [WLK-6]
              2.7   Stopping the transmission .......... [WLK-7]
              2.8   Following the clues in Highland Park [WLK-8]
              2.9   Whispers of conspiracy ............. [WLK-9]
              2.10  Hunting the Hacker ................. [WLK-10]
              2.11  Gaining Access To Tai Yong Medical.. [WLK-11]
              2.12  Searching For Proof ................ [WLK-12]
              2.13  Entering the Dragon's Lair ......... [WLK-13]
              2.14  Confronting Eliza Cassan ........... [WLK-14]
              2.15  Confronting Sarif .................. [WLK-15]
              2.16  Finding Isaias Sandoval ............ [WLK-16]
              2.17  Cashing In Old Favors .............. [WLK-17]
              2.18  Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device.. [WLK-18]
              2.19  Stowing Away ....................... [WLK-19]
              2.20  The Omega Ranch .................... [WLK-20]
              2.21  Shutting Down Darrow's Signal ...... [WLK-21]

              III.  AUGMENTATIONS /AUG\
              3.1   Augmentations Efficiency Analysis .. [AUG-3.1]
              3.2   Augmentations Statistics ........... [AUG-3.2]

              IV.   INVENTORY /INV\

              V.    TROPHIES & ACHIEVEMENTS /T&A\

              VI.   EBOOK LOCATION LIST /EBK\


                    VERSION HISTORY


___    _  __     ___ _  __     __    _      __ ___  _  __   ___ ___  _   __
 |    /  |  ||\ | | |_)|  ||  (_    |_) /\ (_   |  /  (_     |   |  |_) (_   .
_|_.  \_ |__|| \| | | \|__||_ __)   |_)/  \__) _|_ \_ __)    |  _|_ |   __) / \
                                       ¯¯¯¯                                /BSC\
|/\/\/\|                      Game Controls [BSC-1]                     |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|   This section goes over the basic controls of the three       |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|   available platforms.                                         |/\/\/\|

                                 PC CONTROLS [BSC-1.11]:
      These controls are the initial setup, but they can be changed at any
      time by going into your MENU > OPTIONS > CONTROLS > KEYBOARD.

                 |ACTION:                  |     BUTTON:     |
                 |Look Around              |  MOUSE MOVEMENT |
                 |Move Left                |        A        |
                 |Move Right               |        D        |
                 |Move Forward             |        W        |
                 |Move Backward            |        S        |
                 |Toggle Run/Walk          |    CAPSLOCK     |
                 |Walk                     |      CTRL       |
                 |Interaction              |        E        |
                 |Jump                     |     SPACE       |
                 |Sprint                   |     SHIFT       |
                 |Crouch                   |        C        |
                 |Cover                    |   RIGHT MOUSE   |
                 |Draw/Fire Weapon         |    LEFT MOUSE   |
                 |Reload Weapon            |        R        |
                 |Holster Weapon           |        H        |
                 |Iron Sight               |  MIDDLE MOUSE   |
                 |Scroll Quick Items       |     SCROLL      |
                 |Throw/Detonate           |        G        |
                 |Takedown                 |        Q        |
                 |Activate Cloak           |       F1        |
                 |Activate Typhoon         |       F2        |
                 |Activate Vision Enhancer |       F3        |
                 |Activate Silent Movement |       F4        |
                 |Activate Special Upgrade |        Z        |
                 |Augmentations Menu       |        O        |
                 |Inventory Menu           |        I        |
                 |Mission Logs Menu        |        U        |
                 |Media Logs               |        [        |
                 |Map                      |        P        |
                 |Toggle Quickbar Auto-Hide|      GRAVE      |
                 |Next Weapon              |        =        |
                 |Previous Weapon          |        -        |
                 |Mark & Track             |        T        |

                      PLAYSTATION 3 CONTROLS [BSC-1.12]:
                 |ACTION:                  |     BUTTON:     |
                 |Look Around              | RIGHT JOYSTICK  |
                 |Move Around              |  LEFT JOYSTICK  |
                 |Interaction              |      Square     |
                 |Jump                     |        X        |
                 |Sprint                   |        L2       |
                 |Crouch                   |        L3       |
                 |Cover                    |        L1       |
                 |Draw/Fire Weapon         |        R1       |
                 |Reload Weapon            |      Square     |
                 |Holster Weapon           |     Triangle    |
                 |Iron Sight               |        R3       |
                 |Throw/Detonate           |        R2       |
                 |Takedown                 |      Circle     |
                 |Activate Cloak           |     D-pad Up    |
                 |Activate Typhoon         |    D-pad Right  |
                 |Activate Vision Enhancer |    D-pad Down   |
                 |Activate Silent Movement |    D-pad Left   |
                 |Enter Menu               |      SELECT     |
                 |Quick Inventory          |  Hold Triangle  |

                         XBOX360 CONTROLS [BSC-1.13]:
                 |ACTION:                  |     BUTTON:     |
                 |Look Around              | RIGHT JOYSTICK  |
                 |Move Around              |  LEFT JOYSTICK  |
                 |Interaction              |        X        |
                 |Jump                     |        A        |
                 |Sprint                   |       LB        |
                 |Crouch                   | Click Left Stick|
                 |Cover                    |       LT        |
                 |Draw/Fire Weapon         |        Y        |
                 |Reload Weapon            |        X        |
                 |Holster Weapon           |        Y        |
                 |Iron Sight               |Click Right Stick|
                 |Throw/Detonate           |       RB        |
                 |Takedown                 |        B        |
                 |Activate Cloak           |     D-pad Up    |
                 |Activate Typhoon         |    D-pad Right  |
                 |Activate Vision Enhancer |    D-pad Down   |
                 |Activate Silent Movement |    D-pad Left   |
                 |Enter Menu               |       BACK      |
                 |Quick Inventory          |      Hold Y     |

                         ADVANCED CONTROLS [BSC-1.14]:
Crouching, Jumping, Sprinting
Adam can crouch, jump and sprint at any time he wants.  Crouching reduces
your moving speed but also silences your footsteps.  Jensen can normally jump
1.1 meters, but with the Jump Enhancement Augmentation he can jump up to 3
meters, allowing you to reach alternative paths you otherwise wouldn't be able
to reach.  When Adam sprints, an additional bar appears on the screen,
indicating just how long he can keep up the pace.  Adam can sprint 6.5 meters
per second normally, and 7.5 meters per second with the Sprint Enhancement
Augmentation.  He can sprint for 2.5 seconds at base level, which can be
increased to 5 or 7.5 seconds with the two levels of Hyper-Oxygeneration
Augmentation.  It's up to you to decide whether this is worth your Praxis Kits,
although it's safe to say that these augmentations aren't top priority ones.

Adam can kill enemies by shooting them, hurling (Gas/EMP/Regular) Grenades at
them, shooting explosive barrels or gas canisters, performing takedowns,
tranquilizing them, and several other ways.  Depending on your playstyle you'll
want to unlock the right Augmentations for Adam.

o The cover system will greatly aid you in being stealthy.

o Use the interaction button to swap over towards a new cover location, if
  necessary/possible combined with a brief usage of stealth cloak.

o Use the jump button while near a corner to go around the object.

o Using the interaction button when your destination is far away will cause
  Adam to do a barrel roll.  Stealth cloak is rather useful in combination with 
  this otherwise less stealthy maneuver.

Stealth is an important aspect of Deus Ex Human Revolution.  The following tips
may come in handy:

o Your footsteps make noise, and jumping from a small height also generates
  noise.  Crouch toward your enemies to perform takedowns, or tranquilize them.

o Hide bodies in places where guards don't patrol.

o Use distractions.  Throw boxes towards places to lure - preferably one - guard
  to a lonely spot and incapacitate them out of sight.

|/\/\/\|                        The Menu [BSC-1.2]                      |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|   This is a step-by-step analysis of the game's various menu   |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|   options, which may differ slightly per game version.         |/\/\/\|

CONTINUE: This continues the game at the latest saved game, which can either be
          an autosave or a manually saved game.
NEW GAME: Start a new Deus Ex: Human Revolution game.
          TELL ME A STORY     = EASY
          GIVE ME DEUS EX     = HARD
          You may change the difficulty during the game.
LOAD:     Manually choose one of your savegames to load from.  There will be two
          autosaves to choose from, plus anything you've saved yourself.
          VIDEO: LUMINOSITY allows you to decrease/increase the lighting.

                 DISPLAY MODE allows you to turn on STEREOSCOPIC 3D, lets you
                 pick one of four resolutions (800x600, 1024x768, 1360x768, and
                 1366x768).  REFRESH RATE allows for a different Hertz refresh
                 rate (such as 60).  ASPECT RATIO allows you to choose between
                 an aspect ratio of 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, or 16:10, and is normally
                 on Auto. 
                 ADVANCED allows you to turn DIRECTX 11 On/Off, swap ANTI-
                 ALIASING between Edge AA and FXAA, SHADOWS between Off, Normal
                 and On, POST-PROCESSING On/Off, TEXTURE FILTER between Bi-
                 Trilinear, or 1x/2x/4x/8x/16x Anisotropic, VSYNC On/Off,
                 TRIPLE BUFFERING On/Off, TESSELLATION On/Off, and STEREO 3D
                 STRENGTH options (if you have it).

          AUDIO: Allows you to decrease/increase MUSIC, DIALOGS and SFX, as
                 well as an On/Off Toggle for SUBTITLES.
          CONTROLS: Allows On/Off toggling for INVERTED Y-AXIS, decrease or
                    increase your mouse sensitivity, fiddle with your KEYBOARD
                    controls, and ditto for any GAMEPADS (which contains
                    options for X-AXIS SENSITIVITY, Y-AXIS SENSITIVITY,
                    AIM ASSIST On/Off, and CONTROLLER VIBRATION.
          GAMEPLAY: Includes On/Off toggles for AUTOMATIC INVENTORY MANAGEMENT,
                    and OBJECT HIGHLIGHT.

TUTORIALS: This section contains video tutorials on the following subjects:
           and STEALTH.  You must have "unlocked" the tutorial while playing the
           game in order for it to show up here.

CREDITS:   Shows the game credits.  You may skip these at any point you'd like.

EXIT:      Exits the game.  I forbid you to ever use it: Stay plugged in!

The game's menu consists of several other menu's: An Inventory Menu, a Mission
Log Menu, a Media Log Menu, an Augmentations Menu, and a Map Menu.

The Inventory:
You can take a look at your items in the inventory menu.  It's possible to
expand your inventory up to three times with the Carrying Capacity Augmentation,
part of the Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis.  Your base inventory has 8x7 slots, and
each of the three possible upgrades expands it with 2x7 slots, for a maximum of
14x7 slots.

The Misson Log:
You can view your completed and current missions here.  This comes in handy
when you continue a saved game, in which case it can serve as a mini-debrief.

The Media Log:
Every Pocket Secretary and PC you've ever read will show up here.  I must say,
I'd love a photographic memory like Jensen.

The Augmentations Menu:
View and select your augmentations in this menu.  More info can be found in this
guide in the augmentations section.

The Map:
This shows a map of the area.  This guide assumes that north is pointing towards
the top of the map.

|/\/\/\|                          Basics [BSC-1.3]                      |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|   Here you'll find information on basic - but crucial -        |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|   gameplay information, including some statistics.             |/\/\/\|

THE HUD [BSC-1.31]:
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ,--- This is your health meter.  100 is your maximum
    _____________________/     "natural" health, and you won't automatically
   / .  _  _             |     regenerate above this amount.  The dimmed
  / /| | || | vvvvvvvvvv |     triangles in the second row indicate your
 /   | |_||_|            |     potential health, which is acquired through
(_______________________/      items such as food and beverages. The maximum
                               potential health is 200.
  ( + == == == == == \
   \- == == == == ==  | ------- This is your energy meter. You start the game
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          with two energy cells, but you can expand this
  to up to five energy cells.  Your first energy cell will always regenerate,
  other cells will only regenerate if not fully depleted.  Depleted cells are
  indicated by empty, red battery icons; full cells are green.

  Jensen starts with two energy cells, which can be upgraded to a maximum of
  five energy cells with the Energy Level Upgrade augmentation.  The
  regeneration process has a base delay of 10 seconds and will regenerate at
  a speed of 1 unit per second.  One energy cell has 30 energy units.  This can
  also be increased with augmentations; the Recharge Rate Upgrades take care
  of this.

|                  | MAP LEGEND: /^\ = Jensen;this yellow triangle always
| X           v    |                   remains in the center of the map.
|                  |              X  = Main objective/Main mission marker.
|       /^\        |             /\  = Blue sidequest triangle marker.
|  <               |
|                  |                   The other icons (<, >, ^, v) are NPC's
|__________________|                   either friendly (green) or hostile (red).

The rest of the HUD is fairly straightforward. Your most frequently used items
and equipment are listed below, with your equipped weapon and secondary item
shown on the lower right.

The game awards you with experience points for primary objectives (either 1000,
1750 or 2500 XP), for secondary objectives (either 500 or 750 XP), for mission
bonuses (GHOST: 500 XP and SMOOTH OPERATOR: 250 XP), sidequest bonuses (either
100, 300 or 750 XP), as well as combat bonuses, hacking bonuses, exploration
bonuses and various other bonuses (see below).

Experience points are used to activate Jensen's dormant augmentations as every
5000 XP points grant a Praxis Kit (used to activate augmentations).

                                COMBAT BONUSES:
|NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:                                     |EXPERIENCE:|
|Man Down        |Incapacitate an enemy                            |    10 XP  |
|Merciful Soul   |Incapacitate an enemy non-lethally               |    20 XP  |
|Marksman        |Incapacitate an enemy with a headshot            |    10 XP  |
|Expedient       |Incapacitate an enemy with a takedown            |    20 XP  |
|Two Against One |Incapacitate two enemies with a multiple takedown|    45 XP  |
|Hunk of Junk    |Disable a Medium Sentry                          |    45 XP  |
|Hunk of Junk    |Disable a Box Guard                              |   250 XP  |
 Note #1: The most rewarding way to regularly incapacitate guards is by taking
          them out non-lethally with a takedown.  This grants you [MAN DOWN],
          [MERCIFUL SOUL], and [EXPEDIENT], for a total of 50 XP.
 Note #2: If two guards are standing close to each other, the most rewarding
          way to incapacitate them is a non-lethal multiple takedown.

                            BASIC HACKING REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Script Kiddie   |Hack a Level 1 device   |    25 XP  |
            |Grey Hat        |Hack a Level 2 device   |    50 XP  |
            |Black Hat       |Hack a Level 3 device   |    75 XP  |
            |L33t Sk1llz     |Hack a Level 4 device   |   100 XP  |
            |Master Hacker   |Hack a Level 5 device   |   125 XP  |

                             EXPLORATION REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Traveler        |Explore a secret area   |   100 XP  |
            |Explorer        |Explore a secret area   |   200 XP  |
            |Pathfinder      |Explore a secret area   |   300 XP  |
            |Trailblazer     |Explore a secret area   |   400 XP  |

                               VARIOUS REWARDS:
            |NAME:           |REQUIREMENT:            |EXPERIENCE:|
            |Silver Tongue   |Win a social battle     |  1000 XP  |
            |Life Lesson     |Piss off an NPC         |   100 XP  |
            |Scholar         |Read a Hugh Darrow Ebook|   200 XP  |

Adam's base health is at a fixed 100 points, which can be temporarily increased
by consuming drinks or items such as Hypostims and Painkillers, to a maximum of
200 points. Adam's health regenerates by means of his Sentinel RX Health System
(a fancy name for a gameplay mechanic system that soldiers in Modern Warfare
have just the same), but it takes 6.5 seconds without being hit before the
system kicks in.  It will then regenerate 4 health points per seconds, in other
words it takes 25 seconds to fully regenerate if you're at the lowest possible
health. Hit points are only regenerated up to 100 points, any other points are

Jensen incurs falling damage from heights of 5 meters and up. 10 meters will
always result in a deadly smash, and anything in between 5 and 9.9 meters 
hurts Jensen.  The Icarus Landing System prevents falling damage completely.

Deus Ex Human Revolution has three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Hard.
The table below shows the effects that the difficulty has on gameplay.

                                 |EASY: |NORMAL:             |HARD:|
          |Health                | 150% |100% (100)          | 75% |
          |Health Regenerate     | 115% |100% (4 points/psec)| 85% |
          |Regenerate Delay      |  75% |100% (6.5 seconds)  |115% |
          |Enemy Health          |  75% |100%                |125% |
          |Enemy Regenerate      | 150% |100% (1 point/psec) | 75% |
          |Enemy Regenerate Delay|  75% |100% (10 seconds)   |125% |
          |Enemy Accuracy        |  60% |100%                |125% |

There are only a few objects that can be destroyed.

                          |NAME:          |HEALTH: |
                          |Wooden crates  |21/42/63|
                          |Cardboard boxes|21/42/63|
                          |Doors          |  150   |
                          |Breakable walls|  100   |

|/\/\/\|                          Tips [BSC-1.4]                        |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| This section contains playing tips you're not about to find in |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| the manual, and that will greatly improve your capabilities.   |/\/\/\|
o Save your game often!  Do NOT keep only one or two files and rid yourself of
  that bad habit!  Save games can get corrupt, or worse, the scenario in the
  game turns out to be horrible and there appears to be something wrong with
  your backup file (or it is okay, but three hours away from your current file).
  Save often, and in different slots.

o If you're a completionist looking to maximize Jensen completely, you'll want
  to get every single experience point in the game there is to get.

o Explore all possible paths to get all traveler XP bonuses, and take out all
  enemies whenever possible, always using (multiple) takedowns whenever you
  have the chance, since takedowns are the most rewarding form of incapacitating
  enemies.  Also successfully hack every single device, and don't open doors
  from the inside; instead head back to the door to hack it, and never use
  codes; this maximizes your XP as far as hacking is concerned.

o Always win Social Battles.  Save your game beforehand and reload if you
  lose one.

o Sneak around!  You'll want to get every possible Ghost and Smooth Operator
  experience bonus that you can get.

o ALWAYS hide bodies out of sight.  Out of sight doesn't mean dragging a body
  around the corner, it means dragging it to a place where guards never come,
  such as behind a series of crates, in a hidden corner, etc.

o Many guards hold a small sum of credits and ammunition, while some will even
  carry special items and Pocket Secretaries with background information or
  keycodes.  Always loot a body after taking someone out.

o Luring a guard will cause him to go into the "Alarmed State", but this does
  not prevent you from getting the Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses.

o Luring guards is often an excellent way to get guards to move away from their
  regular patrol patterns, luring them away from their comrades.

o A good luring method is opening a door from the side.  You'll need to perform
  a takedown either very quickly as they enter the room (otherwise they will
  spot you and turn hostile), or you need to combine this with cloak.

o An other way to lure guards is to shoot a silenced round (10mm, Tranq darts)
  in a place you want the guard to investigate.  Back away and take out the
  guard whenever possible.

o There are more ways to distract guards, such as throwing with cardboard boxes
  or other objects available.  Just make sure they don't see you and it'll all
  benefit you, as long as you know what you're doing.

o Always try to buy every single Praxis Kit you can from LIMB Clinics.  The
  Typhoon Ammo and Hypostim items from LIMB Clinics are also excellent.  Other
  good items to buy are Gas/EMP Grenades, the Silencer, and weapon upgrades
  (depending on which weapon you prefer).

o Picking up a weapon if you already have that weapon will cause the game to
  trash the weapon and only give you its ammunition.  If you are, however,
  looking to make good money (and you are in a city hub or you will soon visit
  a city hub with traders), then drop your main weapon and carry the secondary
  copy to a dealer.  A Combat Rifle, for example, sells for a very decent 630
  Credits, and a Tranquilizer Rifle or Shotgun is worth 750 Credits.  This is
  an excellent way to save credits for expensive Praxis Kits at LIMB Clinics.

o In order to get all trophies and achievements, normally you'll need to play
  through the game at least twice.  There are a few tricks you can apply to
  get everything in just one run, though.

o Play on the hardest difficulty setting and never change this.  NEVER kill
  ANYONE, not even at the beginning, not in sidequests, and not indirectly
  (by enabling security bots or anything like it).  Bosses may be killed.
  In order to get some trophies/achievements for which killing is mandatory,
  save your game, kill the NPC (thus getting the trophy/achievement), and
  reload your game to continue with your main game.  Keep several save games
  at all times!

o Not every augmentation in Deus Ex Human Revolution is as useful as the rest,
  there's no doubt about it.  No one will argue that Strength or Jump
  Enhancement are less useful than Aim Stabilizer.  The question is, which
  augmentations are useful early in the game, and which ones can be activated
  later on, while maximizing the sufficiency of every single aug.

o The lists below go over the augmentations that are best to get as soon as
  possible, ones that are good to consider halfway through the game, and ones
  you can leave alone until very late in the game when you have Praxis Kits
  left to spare.
  Remember, these are only guidelines.  You're free to spend all your Praxis
  Kits any way you like, just keep in mind that some paths are more rewarding
  than others.

  As you can see, the early in-game list only contains the essentials, so if
  you have any Praxis Kits left to spare, feel very free to use them for
  augmentations that allow you to maximize experience (such as the Reflex
  Booster, allowing for multiple takedowns)

  -  Hacking Capture 2 (& 3+4 if you want to maximize XP)
  -  Move/Throw Heavy Objects
  -  Jump Enhancement
  -  Cloaking System Level 1 (& 2)
  -  Carrying Capacity 1 (& 2)
 (-) Reflex Booster (only if you want to maximize XP)
  -  Hacking Capture 3 & (& 5 if you wish to maximize XP)
  -  Punch Through Walls
  -  Cloaking System Level 2 & 3
  -  Carrying Capacity 2 & 3
  -  Energy Level Upgrade 1
  -  Typhoon Level 1 (&2) (before the second boss)
  -  Run Silently
 (-) Dermal Armor Level 1
 (-) Icarus Landing System (when you reach a certain optional part in Hengsha
                            that leads to a Hugh Darrow Ebook)

  - Hacking Capture 5
  - Typhoon Level 2
  - Dermal Armor Level 2 (& 3)
  - Recharge Rate Upgrade Level 1 & 2
  - Energy Level Upgrade Level 2 & 3
  - Hacking Fortify & Stealth 2 (& 3)
  - Aim Stabilizer

o The following augmentations aren't bad, but they are either very contextual
  and thus limiting their usefulness, they provide you with information that
  is already in this guide (or with useless information), or you simply won't
  benefit all that much from some of them.  It's recommended to only spend your
  valuable Praxis Kits on these when you've obtained the above augmentations

  - Social Enhancer:  I'd definitely recommend doing a playthrough with this
                      at least once, simply because it looks pretty cool, but
                      you will only be able to use it several times, and you can
                      win Social Battles easily by reloading your game.

  - Radar System Level 2: It sounds really useful, but the truth is that the
                          radar already has excellent functionality, and this
                          augmentation doesn't help you all that much.

  - Stealth Enhancer: This includes Noise Feedback, Mark & Track 1/2/3, Last
                      Known Location Marker, and Cones of Vision.  These
                      augmentations might be useful for the less experienced
                      player, but hardly come in handy for someone who already
                      knows to stay out of sight, and where his/her foes are
                      located at.

  - Hacking Analyze Add-On: This has little practical purpose, and it's wiser
                            to just improve your actual hacking skills.

  - Implanted Rebreather: The Chemical Resistance can be useful at times, and
                          this augmentation is probably one of the best of all
                          secondary augmentations.  The Hyper-Oxygenation 1/2
                          can also come in handy for quickly traveling through
                          hubs, but this is more a nifty little thing rather
                          than a life-saving augmentation.

  - Recoil Compensation: If you're heavily relying on combat measures, this
                         augmentation has its uses (it improves your accuracy),
                         but for stealth players it's not very important.

  - Smart Vision: A fun addition, but never required.

  - Cooldown Timer & Flash Suppressant: The Cooldown Timer is hardly useful,
                                        and the Flash Suppressant is very

  - Sprint Enhancement: This only improves your running speed from 6.5 meters
                        per second to 7.5 meters per second.  The Hyper-
                        Oxygenation augmentations are far better.

  - Sprint/Jump/Land Silently: These are extremely contextual.


___ ___                            ___       ___  __        __
 |   |        | | |  /\  |    |_/   |  |__| |__/ |  | |  | | _  |__|         .
_|_ _|_.      |_|_| /  \ |___ | \   |  |  | |  \ |__| |__| |__| |  |        / \
                    ¯¯¯¯                                                   /WLK\

|/\/\/\|             Sarif Industries Under Attack [WLK-0]              |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| Adam Jensen, chief security at Sarif Industries - one of the   |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| worlds' leading companies on augmented prostheses  - was about |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| to discuss security protocols when the company is attacked.    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
After viewing the first full motion cutscene, having gotten a glance at men you
might some day meet face to face, Megan asks you to come with her.  Despite her
nervosity, take a look around in her office, because you'll never be coming back
here again.

First of all, note the [EBOOK] on the bench to your left.  Megan will comment on
this mysterious Patient X, and shrugs it off.  There's a digital [NEWSPAPER] on
the desk, and you can also inspect the small [FRAMED PICTURE], as well as the
[BOOK] behind the chair.  Also have a look at the [TOY CAR] on the filing
cabinet.  Lastly, have a look at Megan's emails to learn more about the research
she's conducting, then talk to her and you'll auto- matically walk along.

Note: Examining all of the above items grants you the OLD SCHOOL GAMER trophy
      or achievement.
You'll meet a few	   |TRIVIA: THE ART EXPERT (IMPRESS FRIENDS)|    __
interesting people along   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|/\|
the way until you find	   | Take a good look at the picture in Sarif's |\/|
yourself in David Sarif's  | office.  Looks familiar?  There's a reason |/\|
office.  Just as you two   | it appears that way, because the picture   |\/|
were going over the	   | is clearly inspired by the famous Dutch    |/\|
details for tomorrow, the  | painter Rembrandt van Rijn, depicting      |\/|
alarm sounds and you - as  | his "The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes    |/\|
chief security of Sarif	   | Tulp".  It appears in several places.      |\/|
Industries - are asked to  |____________________________________________|__|
go check it out.
|\/|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| David gives you the elevator code:
|/\| The elevator code Sarif gives you  | 0451, so head down immediately.
|\/| actually has a long history in the |
|/\| videogame industry.  The first code| Press the elevator button to do so.
|\/| you can get in System Shock 1 is   | Adam automatically draws his Combat
|/\| 451, which is a reference to the   | Rifle, and now is a good time to check
|\/| book Fahrenheit 451.  This title   | your inventory to see what equipment
|/\| refers to the temperature at which | you currently have available.
|\/| a book's pages catch fire (in      |
|/\| the novel, books were forbidden).  | Besides your Combat Rifle and 43
|\/| Consequently, the first code in    | bullets, you also have a Frag Grenade
|/\| System Shock 2 was 45100. The code | and a Concussion Grenade.  The former
|\/| 0451 is both the first code you get| explodes in a regular fashion, the
|/\| in the original Deus Ex and Human  | latter is used to stun enemies,
|\/| Revolution.                        | allowing you to go in for the kill
|  |                                    | (or run to safety).
There are no items in this hall so continue down the hall and move under the
lab door by crouching.  When you approach the glass wall, two scientists are
killed by one of the intruders.  Head left and move the top metal crate away
from the wall by using the interaction button.  Hop onto the other crate and
open the ventilation grate, making your way to the other side.

Be careful of the flames as you move through the destroyed wall.  When you reach
the end of the hall, which is filled with boxes and forklifts, head inside the
next hall and take cover behind one of the desk walls.  Two adversaries will
soon walk down the stairs, so you don't want to be seen.  You can either try to
sneak (or run) up the stairs unseen - and even if they do see you, outrunning
them isn't hard - or you can take them straight on.  Try to take one of them
down with a headshot if possible, and use your ammunition sparingly.  Spraying
bullets all over the place is never wise; shooting short, controlled bursts of
bullets is a better method for defeating your opponents.  Make sure to grab
their weapons for ammo if you choose to fight them.

Hop over the boxes in the next hallway and carefully open the door of the next
lab.  Another three adversaries are awaiting your arrival, so caution is
advised.  When opening the door while hiding on the left side of the door you
should be able to spot a gas canister.  Once the guards finish conversing,
shooting this canister should take them out.  Alternatively, sneak your way
past the guards.

After defeating the three mercs, continue down the next hall.  If you're quick,
you'll catch a glimpse of an augmented woman killing several scientists.  Head
through the door and crouch nearby the stairs.  A team of four mercs soon enters
the hall below.  Toggling between standing and crouching is a decent way to
attempt a few headshots, especially if you use iron sight.  The others can be
taken down in the same fashion while aiming for their bodies and/or heads.
Of course, if you're aiming for a no-kill playthrough, sneak your way through
the area by hiding behind the railing.

Continue down the hall until the next full motion cutscene starts playing. The
game now - officially - starts.  Welcome to the world of Deus Ex.

|/\/\/\|                    Back In The Saddle [WLK-1]                  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| One of Sarif's warehouses has been taken over by Purity First  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| members - radicals against bio-augmentations in general.  As   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| recovered chief security, you're to handle the situation.      |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES [M1]: |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      |\/|
|/\| o MEET WITH PRITCHARD IN                             ---               |/\|
|\/|   THE TECH LAB [150 XP]                                                |\/|
|/\| o GO TO THE HELIPAD [150 XP]                                           |/\|

After the full motion cutscene you're good to go.  You now have two prosthetic
arms, legs, several implants and a - glitchy - HUD; your first objective is to
fix that display. Jensen furthermore starts the game with 2500 credits and 120

It's a good idea to talk to the receptionist, Cindy Martinez, whom you can ask
for directions.  She'll tell you where Pritchard's office is, as well as the
locations of the helipad, Sarif's penthouse, and your own office.
|\/|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  You can find Frank Pritchard in the
|/\| While you're free to roam the      |  security tech lab, but first you
|\/| area, do be noted that time *is*   |  might want to speak with one of the
|/\| limited.  After 7.5 minutes, David |  employees on the ground floor, who
|\/| scolds you and tells you to hurry  |  are having a conversation about you.
|/\| up.  After 15 long minutes         |  It doesn't really matter which answer
|\/| he tells you something bad         |  you pick, and you'll get to hear
|/\| happened (which can, of course,    |  some background information.
|\/| never be undone.  This has         |
|/\| consequences (for rewards, etc)).  |  Also consider eavesdropping on the
|\/|                                    |  the woman at the women's restroom.
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   She apparently knows something that
you don't.  In either case, head up the big stairs and go inside the Technology
Lab (which is on this floor) to meet with Frank Pritchard.  You'll have the
option to either ignore or confront Pritchard with his attitude.  The net
outcome matters little in the grand scheme of things, but confronting him
prolongs the conversation and gives you more details on Jensen.  [150 XP]

The first [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] you can find in the game lies on Pritchard's
Desk (The Nature of Neuroplasticity).  There are a total of 29 in the game,
and finding them all is worth an achievement/trophy.  They also give 200XP
each, granting a very nice total of 5800XP if you find and read them all.

Be sure to snatch the [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] from his desk, as well as the
[91 CREDIT CHIPS] from his bench.  And if you have a second, take a look at
the poster of Final Fantasy XXVII (an obvious wink to Square Enix).  Prichard's
arc of old monitors is also worth looking at.

While there are, technically speaking, a few more things you could do right now
(such as getting minor items), time is running short, and you'll have more time
for exploration when you come back to HQ.  Go to the far side of the second
floor and head through the double doors.  Take a left turn to reach the helipad,
where Faridah Malik is waiting for you.  After conversing, hop onto the heli to
get your debrief from David. [150 XP]

The manufacturing plant has been invaded by radicals who call themselves 'Purity
First'.  Their leader is named Zeke Sanders, who appears to be in the plant as
well.  David gives you the option to go for a lethal or non-lethal approach, and
either a short-range or distant combat style.  These options affect which weapon
you receive from David, so choose very carefully.  It would've been boss to tell
David to "Give me the GEP Gun", but alas, the below choices will have to do.

Nonlethal + Short-range = [Stun Gun] + []
Nonlethal + Long range  = [Tranquilizer Rifle] + [9 Tranquilizer Darts]
Lethal    + Short-range = [Revolver] + []
Lethal    + Long range  = [Combat Rifle] + [20 Combat Rifle Ammo]

While this guide provides you with adequate strategic advice for any of these
weapons, it has to be said that the Tranquilizer Rifle is not only silenced
(allowing for stealthy and nonlethal takedowns), it's also quite rare and

Jensen's standard equipment furthermore depends on any DLC and pre-order
bonuses you may or may not have gotten.  In any case you'll be able to play
the game without any problems; some items just make things a little easier for

|/\/\/\|           Securing Sarif's Manufacturing Plant [WLK-2]         |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| One of Sarif's warehouses has been taken over by Purity First  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| members - radicals against bio-augmentations in general.  As   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| recovered chief security, you're to handle the situation.      |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES [M1]: |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯      |\/|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500 XP GHOST]                      [400 XP]                 |\/|
|/\| o RETRIEVE THE TYPHOON [250 XP]                                        |/\|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500XP]                                                      |\/|

When you arrive at the plant, two SWAT members are waiting outside.  The later
you arrive, the less friendly they'll be.  Go through the door and open the
middle locker to your right to reveal a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR].  Lift the
small carboard box to your left to reveal [56 CREDITS].  Another small cardboard
box on the floor in the corner of the cabinet reveals a [BEER].  No better way
to start a mission with a beer, right?  In this case it's actually true.  It
boosts your health with 5 points (and gives blurry vision for a few seconds
only; worth your while).  Inquire with the police officer, then be on your way.
The middle locker in this area contains [PAINKILLERS].  Head outside and
Pritchard contacts you.  It's possible to already snipe one of the Purists down
below by going to the far end of the roof, but it's just as easy to perform a
melee takedown on him - which is more rewarding.

|\/|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| Head down the two ladders - there's
|/\| You are rewarded XP by taking down  | nothing of interest on the inbetween
|\/| or killing enemies. Regular, (guns  | roof - and sneak around the corner.
|/\| blazing) kills only net you the     | Wait for the Purist to finish his
|\/| raw kill [MAN DOWN: 10 XP].         | phone call and perform a takedown on
|/\| Special types of kills grant XP     | him.  Normally you'll want to hide
|\/| bonuses.  A headshot grants you     | bodies, but this time that won't be
|/\| the [MARKSMAN: 10 XP] bonus.  A     | necessary - no one patrols here.
|\/| nonlethal "kill" grants the         | Be sure to loot his body, and make
|/\| [MERCIFUL SOUL: 20 XP] bonus.  Last | this a habit [POCKET SECRETARY]. 
|\/| but not least, melee takedowns      | 
|/\| grant the [EXPEDIENT: 20 XP] bonus, | The game already gives you a choice
|\/| making nonlethal melee takedowns    | which way to go.  You can either go
|/\| very rewarding (50 XP in total).    | straight ahead (front door), or
|\/|                                     | head inside the building by roof
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  (stealth).  Let's go over these both.
FRONT DOOR: In fact, this doesn't even have to be a guns blazing action.  While
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ it's quite easy to kill the three Purists in this area, regular fire
arms alarm the entire team.  There is, however, a stealthy alternative
available. First, note that the Purist closest to you is standing still.  The
second Purist makes a small walk around the block, and the third strolls up and
down the stairs.

Make your way to the crates nearby the Purist who's standing still and wait for
the other two to look away (the third goes up the steps, and the second going
for another small block).  Take the Purist down at the right moment, and quickly
drag him behind the crates, properly hiding him out of sight.  No limbs or head
sticking in the sight of the others?  Good.  Time for the second one.  There
are also [10 COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] on the crate left of the ones you're hiding

You can choose to down either of the Purists first, because things are easier
with just the two of them, but let's start with the second Purist.  When he's
about to walk past the crates (and the other is looking away), take him down and
make sure his body can't be seen.  Loot his stuff - making this a habit - and
stealthily move to the other Purist.  It shouldn't be too hard to take him out
now that the entire courtyard has been cleared.  The only thing you'll want to
be sure of is that your first energy cell has recharged before each single

If you do choose to kill your enemies the old fashioned way, note the two red -
explosive - barrels you can use to your advantage.  An alternative stealth path
is to head through the door in the alley - collecting the [5 STUN DARTS] inside
this small cabin - hopping over the crates here, and crawling through the small
area.  This gives you a different vantage point, but the takedown principle
stays the same.

THE ROOF: Across the door in the alley lies a crate on a forklift that you can
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ grab.  Place it adjacent to the crates near the large red containers,
building yourself some stairs.  Make your way up and climb the ladder to the
very top of the roof (that is, unless you want to snipe the Purists from the
excellent vantage point that this middle roof provides you with).

A high electrical current seemingly prevents you from going any further.  Move
the crate away from the corner to reveal a small opening.  Use the breaker box
on the other side to turn the current off, granting you passage [TRAVELER 100
XP]. There's a vent cover at the far side of the roof which you can use to
access the plant.

Accessing the plant grants you [200 XP].  If none of the Purists spotted you at
all, you'll get an additional experience bonus: "GHOST" [500 XP].

If you went in by the roof, the dialogue with Pritchard will be different.  
Drop down at the far end of the ventilation shaft and grab the [4x TRANQ DARTS]
before heading down the ladder.  The lockers in this room contain [4x REVOLVER
AMMO] and [10x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO].  With your inventory still relatively small,
it's advisable to only take ammunition with you for weapons that are in your
possession. Don't have either a Revolver or Combat Rifle?  Better to leave the
ammo for now.

There's also a newspaper here (Can The Motor City Rise Again?), plus an EBook
(Resist The Machine).  The computer holds several emails, none of which contain
essential information.  If you enter through the door, you should be able to see
another door straight ahead.  That's the main entrance.  The only thing of
interest there is a sole [CONCUSSION GRENADE], but you'll have to be very
careful not to be seen by any of the sentries.

You have several options for dealing with the five guards in this storage hall.
   _____ ________ _
|                  |  This map shows you the location and patrol routes of the
|  5|  | 4|      | |  five Purists.  Only #1 and #5 are doing their rounds, and
|  :........  :   3|  as you can see, they're quite simple patterns.
|   =====     :    |
|     |2      :  | |  If you want to receive maximum experience, you'll want to
|__ =====     :  | |  opt for a full stealth, nonlethal takedown approach. 
|  |          1  | |  One surefire way to do this is to sneak from the main
| V|  __  __   ____|  entrance towards guard #3 by hugging the right wall.  You
|__________________   must take great care by not getting seen; #1 and #5 are
                      the ones who can spot you there if you're not being
careful.  When you're close to #3, and both #1 and #5 are moving away from him,
go for the takedown and quickly hide his body thoroughly behind the crates.

Things become easier now.  Neither #2 nor #4 patrols, and all they do is search
crates.  Target #1 when he's nearest to the main entrance (#5 shouldn't be able
to see this).  With him out of the way, take #2 down after recharging your
energy cell first.  Lastly, take out number #5 when he's around the far end
corner, and number #4 whenever you want to.

An alternative, harder, and less rewarding method is by going up the crates in
the lower left corner, crouching your way over the large structure in the middle
and take out #5 while he's in the far left corner.  Still on top of the
crates, take out #3 and #1 in rapid succession.  After that, #2 and #4 are
sitting ducks.

Yet another way to get by this area is to simply sneak your way to guard #5,
via the left wall, taking him down when he's looking away (and #1 can't see
you either).  From here you can already be on your way.  You can find [100
CREDITS] under a large cardboard box north of guard #4, nearby the exit.

With the storage hall cleared, three alternative paths can now be taken to
continue onward.  There are two obvious entrances.  The third is more hidden,
and comes in the form of a ventilation shaft in the upper right corner, 
climbing the ladder here.

The main hall to the far left leads to a room with two Purists who have their
backs turned to you.  Taking them down is easy, and the chatting Purist won't
notice if you take down his crouching buddy.  One of the desk drawers
contains [100 CREDIT CHIPS], and the PC's are unlocked, so reading the emails
on them isn't a problem whatsoever.

Head upstairs and look through the grating of the door to see if there are any
sentries looking your way.  If not, open the door and head inside the kitchen
to your right (the other door leads back to the storage hall).  The Purist here
is easily taken down as he's staring at the window.  You can find a [BEER] and
[4 TRANQ DARTS] on one of the tables, along with another newspaper (Can The
Motor City Rise Again?).  There's also a radio here that plays familiar music
every now and then...

The sentry in the hall is easy to take down.  Simple wait for him to go around
the corner and punch him in his face.  His Purist buddy in the locker room goes
down just as easily.  Opening all lockers reveals the following items: [10x
[BEER] on one of the tables. The maintenance room doesn't contain any items.
The vent leads back to the storage hall.

Lastly, the women's restroom contains an Ebook (The Sleepwalking World). If you
hadn't taken the ventilation shaft route yet, you might still want to do so
for the [TRAVELER 100 XP] bonus it gives.

Continue to the assembly server room, where you'll have to perform a manual hack

| DS   R  | Every hackable system has its own unique node grid with several
| v   /   | types of nodes.  Click the in-game help button while hacking to get
| v /     | an accurate description for each node.  Your main goal while hacking
| N1<<<IO | is to get from your IO (starting point) to the Registry.  You will
|  \   ^  | sometimes want to make a detour to Datastores, which contain rewards
|    \ ^  | such as credits, XP, nuke viruses or stop! worms. 
|      N2 |
|_________| This system doesn't have any Datastores, so your goal is simple:
            Stay undetected as long as possible, and get to the Registry as
quickly as possible.  Move to N1 and capture it.  You can now either fortify it
(just for fun) and do a detour via N2 (which you can also fortify) and also
fortify your IO.  Of course, you can also just go straight for the Registry.

Head through the door and wait for the doors on the other side to open.  In the
next hall, another four Purists are patrolling the area, so we'll have to
figure out how to effectively take them out.

   ___|      |___            #4 is never a problem, but the other three guys can
  |  ____||____  |           be annoying.  #1 strolls from one end to the
  |              |           other end of the area, and so does #3 except in
  |   __  __  3  |           a different direction. #3 searches desks at both
  |  |......| :| |           ends of his stroll.  #2 continuously patrols the
  |4  :..2.:  :| |           center area and always stops to inspect corners.
  |  |__  __| :| |_
  |    ......     _          You should be able to head downstairs on the left
 _|  ..:___ :.1  |           whenever #2 starts walking towards his upper left
s_               |           corner, and when #3 is going north.  Take #1 down
  | |_________|  |           as soon as you can and drag him down behind the big
  |               ¯(vent)    display screen.  From here things become a lot
   ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          easier.  With the display screen as your starting
position, approach #2 from behind when he's busy in his upper left corner (and
when #3 is also looking away).  Quickly drag him away to the lower left corner
(towards #4, so that the body of #2 is out of sight from #3).  Taking #3 down
is a piece of cake now, and #4 never was a problem in the first place.

Scout the ground floor for items.  There are [4x REVOLVER AMMO] on a table in
the upper right area, [2 STUN GUN DARTS] in between the southern stairs, as well
as [10x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] on a crate next to the southwestern stairs.  There's
a storage room with another Purist west of this area.  It's an easy takedown,
considering he's searching a crate.  This area contains [10x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO]
and a [CONCUSSION GRENADE] (in the crate the guy was searching).

You probably don't want to enter the room with the hostages on the 2nd floor
directly.  If you do so, a device filled with gas will activate and you'll have
less than 30 seconds to hack and disarm it.  Of course, it can be done if you're
quick, but let's look around for other options first.

In fact, try using the hidden ventilation duct behind the right stairs.  This
eventually leads you to the hostage room, without triggering the device's timer,
and this also nets you [TRAVELER 100 XP]. Hack the device and shut it down to
save the hostages [BOMB PANEL/LV1/SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP], [400 XP].  Alternatively
you can unlock it with the following code:  1505.  Don't forget to grab the [4x
TRANQ DARTS] behind the device.

There's another exit in this hall, located on the right, which leads to a
meeting room and assembly line.  Besides several Purists, there are also 
several cameras you'll need to avoid.  Their line of sight is indicated by
the green beams. Crouching and staying right underneath them, crawling onward
at the right time is a surefire way to bypass them.

Take out the guard on the far other end (sneaking past the camera around the
corner on the far left), and hide his body.  Continue and eavesdrop on the
convo two Purists are having in the meeting room.  Both can be taken down
easily, without the other taking notice.  The meeting room also houses an Ebook
(Sarif Industries: Rising to Tomorrow), a Newspaper (Can The Motor City Rise

Continue until you reach a closed door with a keypad [SECURITY PANEL/LV1/ SCRIPT
KIDDIE 25XP].  After unlocking it by hacking, head inside and grab the
[CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] from a cabinet on your right, then wait for the other
doors to open.  Sneak up on the two Purists and wait for them to finish their
conversation.  They'll now start their regular patrol routes.  Snatch the [10x
COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] from the crates you're hiding behind, and look to your left.

There's a vent cover hidden behind the crates.  Move the top crate and gently
put it down, reducing as much noise as possible.  Enter the vent, but don't
immediately open the cover on the other side [TRAVELER 100 XP].  Look at your
radar to see if the Purist member is looking your direction.  When he's moving
away from you, go for the takedown.

The storage room to your left contains a [FRAG GRENADE] and [3x STUN GUN DARTS].
Proceed to the other door, but wait with opening it until the coast is clear.
Hide behind the power generator next to the large, circular cryochamber, and
wait for the Purist to come close (while the other two are on the other side of
the hall).  While he's looking to the left, approach him from behind and take
him down.  Drag him close to the lab desk's wall so the others can't see him.

Ignore the Purist in the middle of the area for now, and make your way to the
other sentry.  It shouldn't be too hard to take him down while the other is busy
scanning the lab desks.  After taking the last sentry down, scout the area for
items.  You can find [2x STUN GUN DARTS] on a desk where the second sentry
frequently halted his patrol, nearby the entrance of another storage room.
Another [STUN GUN DART] can be found on one of the desks in the middle of the
room. The storage room allows for another easy takedown of a Purist, and
contains [4x REVOLVER AMMO], plus a [DAMAGE UPGRADE] in the crate he was

When you're done exploring, ride the elevator down.  Grab the [PRAXIS KIT] in
front of you; these allow you to upgrade your augmentations and can either be
found, or acquired by gathering enough XP.  As a rule of thumb, save your Praxis
Kits for situations in which you have to decide whether you want to upgrade one
of your augmentations or not.  Of course, it's up to you to do with them
whatever you want, although some augmentations are more contextual than others.
For now, hold onto your praxis and go around the corner.

This is a tricky situation.  There's not only a camera at the next corner, but
further down that hall, a turret closely monitors anything moving around.

Fortunately, there's a solution in which you won't alarm either of the devices.
There's a vent cover nearby the large crate.  Open it and go inside until you
reach the other side [TRAVELER 100 XP].  Find [100 CREDITS] and [2x STUN GUN
DARTS] here.

Take shelter in the vent duct and destroy the turret.  This is entirely
optional, for you could sneak behind it towards the Server Room, but if you want
to backtrack to a monitoring room with quite some decent rewards, it's worth the

Go back inside the vent and sneak past the camera and turret by moving from
cover to cover.  Do this while the camera is looking away.  This maneuver should
not allow the turret to fully identify you; throwing the cardboard box in the
middle could also help slightly.  There is also a concussion mine nearby the
camera, which is why we avoided coming from the other way.  Head through the
door and search the room for a [POCKET SECRETARY] (which contains the PC's
login/password: ddutchman/windmill), a [STOP WORM SOFTWARE], and a [NUKE VIRUS
SOFTWARE].  These items can aid you while hacking computers.  The Stop Worm
Software will halt the timer - once detected - for five seconds, granting you
precious time.  The Nuke Virus Software instantly captures any node, without any
risk of detection.

You'll also want to lift the small wooden cardboard box from one of the metal
boxes in this room: It'll reveal a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Neural Interface
Protocols: The PEDOT Revolution).

In fact, while we have the password for the computer in this room, hacking seems
more fun, and it's more rewarding too [PC/LV1/SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP/ADDITIONAL
BONUS: 100XP & NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE].  As you can see, this grid has two
datastores.  You'll want to access the clearance first, and quickly spread from
there.  Once you're detected, it's very important to activate multiple nodes at
the same time, capturing and fortifying as much as you possibly can, to capture
both datastores and the registry.  The PC normally only allows access to the
camera (which you can turn off).  You could, if you really wanted to, use the
newly found Praxis Kit to activate the Turret Domination Augmentation, although
it's far from necessary.

Make your way back through the vent duct and enter the server room.

|/\/\/\|             Neutralize The Terrorist Leader [WLK-3]            |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| One of Sarif's warehouses has been taken over by Purity First  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| members - radicals against bio-augmentations in general.  As   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| recovered chief security, you're to handle the situation.      |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M3]:                    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES [M3]: |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |\/|
|\/|   [1750 XP] + [500 XP (GHOST)]                  [250 XP]               |\/|
|\/|                                                 [750 XP]               |\/|

A full motion cutscene plays in which things complicate [250 XP].  The room
contains a [STOP! WORM SOFTWARE] under a large cardboard box, [10x COMBAT RIFLE
AMMO] on a deskand also a more hidden [4x TRANQ DARTS] in a small plastic crate
on a desk in the upper left corner. Make your way to the head office by going
through the doors and riding the elevator up.  As you move over the overpass,
SWAT and Purist members are in a firefight.  It's not hard to guess the victors.

Make your way through the area and head upstairs.  Eavesdrop on the two Purists
and it becomes apparent that they're not finding what they were looking for.
Good.. right?  Head after the Purist heading straight downstairs and quickly
take him down before he can descend the stairs (if you fail this, no problem,
just follow the instructions below - in any case take out the guard heading

The meeting room 01 contains an Ebook (Global Politics Review [2026 Edition]), a
[POCKET SECRETARY] (with PC login/password sgrimes/ovid), a [BEER] and a
Newspaper (Can The Motor City Rise Again?).

The meeting room 02 contains [4x REVOLVER AMMO], and allows you to go downstairs
via a vent duct [TRAVELER 100 XP].  From the restroom you should be able to
sneak into the meeting room 03 - just make sure the sentries don't see you.
Before doing this, look to your right to find [3x STUN GUN DARTS].

This room contains [4x TRANQ DARTS], and allows you to reach one of the Purists
on the other side of the room, who you should be able to take out easily without
any of the others taking notice.  He might also have a [POCKET SECRETARY] (with
PC access mlatona/redwings).  There's a [BEER] on the low table here, but take
caution grabbing it (if at all).  [5x MACHINE GUN AMMO] can be found in the
far right corner behind a cardboard box, and you can even find [45 CREDITS]
in the cabinet behind the stairs (lift the small cardboard box), although you
will want to take out the guards first.

Hide behind the crate and carefully inspect the sentries' patrolling rounds. The
one closest to you is easiest to take down (if you hadn't already, back
upstairs); wait for the other two to move towards the other side of the office
and quickly take him out before he has a chance to proceed his round, then drag
him into meeting room 03 like the other guard.

From here, make your way to the guard further away.  Take him out once the
Purist in the middle of the room moves away from the desks in the middle of
the office.  With him out of the way, the last guy shouldn't be a problem to
rid yourself of.  Again, you might receive two access codes: gthorpe/hydro, and
tcaldwell/talon.  You can find a [TRANQUILIZER DART on the second desk (the
one that the guard closest to the stairs sometimes turns his back towards).

There's a lot of hacking fun to be had in this office, all of which is entirely
optional.  There are 10 PC's around, which adds up to a 250 XP minimum, plus
additional rewards from datastores.  You should be able to get 2 Stop Worms and
2 Nuke Viruses from them, as well as 125 Credits.

If you grow bored of hacking and don't care about maximizing XP, here's a list
of all PC logins in this room:

MROSS/lions, FBROOKS/tipple, VCLARK/tigers, MLATONA/redwings, CPARKER/zinc,
FMARCHAND/factotum, GTHORPE/hydro, RMCCAUF/hvywethr, SGRIMES/ovid,

When you're done, exit the office and head upstairs towards the head office.
Before you enter the door, read the [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Artificial Muscles) on
the counter [SCHOLAR 200 XP].  If you've collected all XP in a maximum fashion,
this will grant you a new Praxis!

Make sure you save your game before going inside, because you've got several
options here.  The below - due to the implications of your choices - contains
minor spoilers:

1. Fighting Zeke usually results in Josie getting killed immediately.
   You can try to kill Zeke before he has a chance to kill Josie, although this
   needs to be done within a second.
2. Letting Zeke go also results in Josie getting killed.
3. Talking with Zeke, trying to make him release Josie is a win-win situation.
   You can use empathetic, humble, or reasonable answers to talk your way out
   of this.  While there are various paths you can take, especially since the
   conversation is semi-random, the following choices will always get you a
   positive outcome: 1. Empathize. 2. Empathize. 3. Reason.

   Releasing Josie results in several indirect and direct rewards.  The direct
   reward is [SILVER TONGUE 1000 XP].  This guide will inform you of the other
   indirect rewards later.

The game also rewards you with [750 XP] for finishing the mission, regardless
of results.  You're awarded [250 XP] for (permanently) securing the hostages,
and an additional [GHOST 500 XP] bonus if you were fully stealthy.  Rescuing
Josie also nets you [750 XP].

Speak with Josie and look around for a [POCKET SECRETARY] holding her PC login
information (JTHORPE/hydra).  You can also hack it [25 XP]; either way, read the
secret business proposal .. And I always thought I was the only one who got
those emails!  I'm still waiting for my share from one of those nice misters!
*Ahem* Let's continue. Mr. Thorpe is waiting outside; speak with him and he'll
promise you a reward for saving his wife.

Conclude your business and talk to Malik at the chopper to finish the mission
[750 XP]. 

NOTE: If you aimed to maximize XP, your counter should now be at 9440 XP.
|/\/\/\|                   Tying Up Loose Ends [WLK-4]                  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| Before Jensen can fill in his full report, Sarif wants him to  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| drop by Pritchard so he can make sure the Typhoon hasn't been  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| damaged.                                                       |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M4]:                    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES [M4]: |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |\/|
|/\| o GIVE THE TYPHOON TO PRITCHARD [1000 XP]    ---                       |/\|
|\/| o MEET WITH SARIF IN THE PENTHOUSE [1000 XP]                           |\/|

Converse with Malik and get some background information, then enter the building
(although you might want to talk to the second guard twice to hear him compare
you to Vulcans).

The cafeteria contains a new newspaper (Ny'Asha Returns in Triumph) and a [BEER]
near one of the plants.  Instead of going back to the main hall, head straight
downstairs and enter the vent duct near the vending machine on your left hand
[EXPLORER 200 XP].  Go down the ladder to find [200 CREDITS] and a [POCKET
SECRETARY] with information on what appears at face value to be a drug deal.
As you might've heard, Neuropozyne is a drug that prevents augmentations getting
rejected by the human body.  The "Rejection Syndrome" is common in nearly
everyone with augmentations.

Anyway, meet with Pritchard in the tech lab on the second floor and he'll tell
you it'll take some time [1000 XP].  (By the way, Pritchard'll call you Gandhi
if you took a nonlethal approach back at the plant.) Read the Ebook (The Nature
on Neuroplasticity) and check one of the shelves in a closet next to the
pinboard to find a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] and [STOP WORM SOFTWARE].

Meet Sarif in his Penthouse - use the designated elevator to get there. Speak
with him and he'll ask you to investigate the suicide terrorist, who's been
moved to the police dept.  He also asks you to visit the L.I.M.B. clinic.
This quest now ends [1000 XP].  Have a chat with Athene, Sarif's secretary, and
head back to the main hall.  You'll get paged - someone wants you in your
office.  This is actually the first of many optional Side Quests, which are not
only intriguing but also quite rewarding at times.

The first sidequest (S1: PAGING ADAM JENSEN) is very, very short.  In fact, it
ends when you reach your office on the third floor in the main hall, which
grants you a small reward (COMPLETIONIST 100 XP).  But this quest is mainly
designed to get you on your way - meet Tim Carella in your office and accept
the quest after asking everything there is to ask. S2: LESSER EVILS is now
available to you.  In this guide we won't immediately pursue this quest, but
instead tie loose ends up.

Jensen's office contains a bottle of [WINE], and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with his
computer login ajensen/mandrake.

Note: If you want to exploit the infinite experience glitch, Jensen's PC is the
      best place to do it, since it grants the most XP points.  If you're
      interested in doing this, consult the FAQ section (Answer #5) at the very
      bottom of this guide.  Do realize this breaks the game for you.

There's an email from Athene Margoulis which contains two access codes.  She
suspects that someone has been stealing Neuropozyne (well, we just got
confirmation on that from at least one source) and names a few suspects, asking
you to check things out.

There may also be an email from Greg Thorpe - Josie Thorpe's husband - telling
you to stop by at his apartment sometime.  This activates sidequest 3, One Good
Turn Deserves Another.

First, let's have a look inside Denzel Mitchell's office - one of the names
mentioned by Athene in here email.  It's across your own office, marked with
number 31, and secured by a level 2 keypad.  You do have the code, although
hacking a level 2 security system can net you a [GREY HAT 50 XP] bonus.  This
does require you to use a praxis on the HACKING: CAPTURE 2 augmentation, but to
be fair, now might actually be a good time to do so anyway, because there'll
be a lot of level 2 systems from now on, many of which require hacking.

There's an Ebook (Global Politics Review [2026 Edition]) in Mitchell's office,
along with a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR].  Find [184 CREDITS] and a [POCKET
SECRETARY] in the desk drawer,  This contains a code to Mika Pine's office
(4145).  Also check the emails on the PC for background info.

Head to the second floor and enter the office on your right (Lyle Rogers and
Gale Bergama).  The PC contains some interesting background information;
otherwise the room little else.  Next up is office 23, which is Will Rosellini's
and Walt Cannon's office.  You should have the code from your email (3716), but
you can also hack this level 2 device if you want to [GREY HAT 50 XP]

The drawer contains [53 CREDITS], and there's also an Ebook (The Next Three
Decades) on the small table.  The other desk's drawer contains [25 CREDITS].
The PC contains emails regarding the Neuropozyne theft, and gives you another
keycode (9642), this time for Ted Bruger's office.

Office 25 is Mika Pine's office, but we don't have a keycode for this one, so
we'll skip it - for now (although you could hack it).  Office 27 is Diane
Gonzalez' and Nouella Cock's office, for which we have the code: 4145.  Hacking,
of course, is still an alternative and grants [GREY HAT 50 XP].  Look inside for
a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (The Neural Hub - Design for a Next Generation), a bottle
of [WHISKEY], and [118 CREDITS] in the desk's drawer.  The PC contains
interesting background info, and there's a vent duct that leads to Mike Pine's
office [TRAVELER 100 XP].

This office contains [115 CREDITS], a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (The Tyranny of
Biology), a [CYBER- BOOS PROENERGY BAR], and an additional [126 CREDITS] in the
drawer.  As usual, read the emails on the PC.  Note: If you'd want to hack the
keypad on the other side of the door, simply backtrack through the vent to do

Continue exploring the second floor: Office 20 (Jerry Maher and Dorrie Harris)
contains nothing of interest, and office 22 (Faridah Malik) has a high security
level of 4, so we'll have to skip that one.

Head to the 3rd floor and enter office 35 to read another Ebook (Hearts of
Steel).  Proceed to office 32 (Ted Bruger's), for which you have the code: 9642.
There's a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] on the desk, and [53 CREDITS] in the
drawer.  The other desk has an Ebook (Composite Study 07121969 -- FINAL TEST
RESULTS) and its drawer contains [24 CREDITS].  The LVL 2 PC can be hacked -
wait, what's that?  See that note next to the screen?  You can also use that
to access the PC: eclipse.  It contains correspondence between Bruger and
Andrea van Wesel.. And the plot thickens..  Read the Ebook in the cabinet
(Tomorrow's Man: The Hugh Darrow Story) and use the vent duct that just happens
to lead to her office (which is restricted with a level 3 keypad).

There's an Ebook in this office (The Belltower Way), and the drawer contains
[37 CREDITS].  There are [67 CREDITS] lying on the other desk, while the PC's
emails shed some light on the previous information..

This leaves two offices on the third floor.  Office 30 can be hacked (LVL 2),
and contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK] (restores a whole cell instead of
half a cell, but the item takes up two slots, making it cumbersome to drag
along), and [107 CREDITS] in a drawer.  The PC contains an interesting email
from David on a 'Basilisk' project.. Macular degeneration results in loss of
vision due to damage to the retina.

The other unexplored office (33) is of no other person than Tim Carella himself,
the guy who just asked for your help.  It contains an Ebook (The Sleepwalking
World), [346 CREDITS], another [100 CREDITS] in the desk's drawer.  The emails
on the PC give you several conclusive answers.  There are still some things
you'll need to do for Tim, but that'll come soon.  More importantly, the PC also
holds the password to Faridah Malik's office: 5475.

In Malik's office you can find an Ebook (Building Wings: A Better Tomorrow), 
[204 CREDITS] in the desk's drawer, and - by far the most interesting email -
the access code to the helipad storage room: 8053.  With this code in hand,
go to the helipad and move to the far right corner.  Head down the ladder and
use the code to access the storage room, which contains a whopping of goodies:

With the helipad storage room raided, head back inside Sarif HQ and go through
the double doors to enter the city.

|/\/\/\|               Visiting The L.I.M.B. Clinic [WLK-5]             |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| David Sarif asked you to drop by the L.I.M.B. clinic to get    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| your health checked.  Wouldn't want to take any risks.         |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|                                                                |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M6]:                    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES [M6]: |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ |\/|
|/\| o MEET WITH DOCTOR MARCOVIC [750 XP]        ---                        |/\|

As you walk outside, Jensen stumbles on Cassandra Reed, Megan's mother.  She
asks you to investigate he daughter's case, because she suspects foul play.
Agreeing starts the fourth sidequest, MOTHERLY TIES.  We'll first visit the
L.I.M.B. Clinic, though.

When you head downstairs from Sarif Industries' entrance, immediately look to
your left and search for a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the grass.  This will soon
come in handy.  You can find a [BEER] in the trashbin in the center of this
area, next to the lightened art.  A [CYBERBOOST PROENERGT BAR] can be found
in the trashbin down the street on the left.  You'll also meet Letitia here.

From Sarif HQ's entrance, head down the left road.  There's a woman named
Letitia who's snooping around in some garbage bins.  Have a talk with her: You
can buy information from her on three different subjects: Weapons, City Mood,
and Secret Paths.  Let's go over all of her information.

WEAPONS (500 CREDITS):  "I was you, I'd look fer some bright lights coming outta
(GAS STATION)            the windows of a boarded-up gas station nearby. An' a
                         bodyguard maybe, hanging around."

                         This refers to the gas station just around the corner,
                         where you can buy weapons from a weapon dealer.

WEAPONS (1000 CREDITS): "You's hear about the protest at LIMB today?  The one
(SHOOTER)                as was about to get all violent, till Mr. Sarif's
                         factory stole all the news?  Rumor has it somebody 
                         wanted ta make sure it got to Miss Eliza's attention.
                         Maybe had a shooter in a high place somewhere, looking
                         down on the LIMB plaza, aiming ta turn things up a
                         notch. Didn't happen because of the factory, but you
                         never know, they might've left something behind."

                         This refers to a sniper's secret stash above Grayson's
                         Shop.  See the walkthrough for more info.

WEAPONS (2000 CREDITS): "Well now, what I's suggesting here ain't exactly legal.
                         And you being an ex-cop an' all, I hopes you won't take
(POLICE STATION)         this the wrong way, but.. everybody knows the best
                         weapons in town are locked up inside the police
                         "Yes, and that would be very helpful if I were still a
                          cop.  But I'm not, so I don't have the computer codes
                          needed to open the armory's door."
                         "Yes, but Tish here does.  I overheard two rookies
                         discussing it, while I was warming myself by the
                         trashcan fire in backa the station. They was bad-
                         mouthing that new boy, Officer Nicefeld, for choosing
                         'patriotism' as a password."

                         This refers to the police station's armory, and the
                         required password to access it: 'patriotism'.

CITY MOOD (FREE):        This learns you that there are various garage-door
                         storage rooms around town, and that it's best not to
                         pull anything stupid on punks or police officers if
                         you wanna stay out of trouble.

SECRET PATHS (500 C):    "Interesting thing about the sewers in this city,
(SEWERS)                  Cap'n.  Some of 'em pass right under the police
                          station, but that don't stop some people from hiding
                          things down there."
                         "What kind of things?"
                         "I's not sure.  But a bunch them walls been patched
                          over pretty quick.  Man like you might be able to
                          find out why -- specially if he's fixed up with suma
                          them magic eyes that sees through stuff.  Mr. Sarif
                          has ta make eyes like that, dontcha think?

SECRET PATHS (1000 C):   "I's just guessing here, Cap'n, but since you ain't a
(POLICE STATION ACCESS)   policeman no more, maybe it's a bit hard to get you
                          inside that police station some days. Specially when
                          things are being 'classified'. There is a door I know
                          though, connects to the sewers. Only thing is, it's
                          usually locked."
                          "Hate to tell you this Tish, but that information
                          isn't worth the admission price you're charging."
                          "That's cause I ain't given you the code yet!  Jesum,
                          Cap'n, have some patience! Twenty-five, ninety nine.

SECRET PATHS (2000C):     "Now, I's not advising you do this -- you's being an
(DERELICT ROW)             Aug and all -- but if this trespassing you's needing
                           to do happens to be inside D-Row -- street gang 
                           territory?  The you'd definitely don't wanna be seen
                           going in."
                          "Because the Ballers would sooner rip me apart than
                           ask questions."
                          "Exactly -- you being an Aug now, an' all.  But suma
                           them ole buildings over there are real crumbly up
                           near the top. Fire escapes still okay though, so
                           maybe you find a hole get you inside if you goes up.
                          "Keeping my fingers crossed the whole time that the
                           building doesn't fall apart on my way down."
                          "Oh, they's stronger than you think.  But it's true
                           you might wanna invest in some of Mr. Sarif's 
                           falling down augmentations 'fore you goes in. Cause
                           I's pretty sure them elevators don't work."

With all of the information above, there's no real need to pay Letitia any
credits for info, since you've already got everything you need at your finger-
tips.  Let's continue.  Straight ahead is the subway, leading to the other part
of town.  For now, turn left first and look for the Oron Gas Station on the
right side of the street.  There's an Ebook on the counter (No Better: The Myth
of Human Augmentation).  Talk to Grayson to buy or sell equipment:

                                GRAYSON'S SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |10mm Pistol Ammo (x5)     |    25  |         6         |
           |Shotgun Cartridges (x5)   |   100  |         2         |
           |Tranquilizer Darts (x2)   |   100  |         5         |
           |Damage Upgrade            |   250  |         1         |
           |Burst Round System        |  1500  |         1         |
           |Shotgun                   |  1500  |         1         |
           |Tranquilizer Rifle        |  1500  |         1         |
           |Mine Template             |    75  |         3         |

If you don't already have a Tranquilizer Rifle, now might be a good idea to
grab one.

The weapon upgrades are useful, especially the Burst Round System if you're a
big fan of shotguns.  If you're not a big shotgun lover, then it's a pricey
purchase you might want to avoid.

You can also find another [BEER] in the trashbin across the street.  A hooded
man should be leaning on it.

The LIMB clinic is further down the street, past the huge Il Metamorfosa
billboard.  A full motion cutscene plays as you enter it.  Inside it is
explained to you by Dr. Vera Marcovic that Sarif wants you to unlock
augmentations faster than normal by using (bought/found) Praxis Kits.  You're
given [5000 CREDITS] and [750 XP]. The shop contains the following items:

                                LIMB CLINIC SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Typhoon Ammo              |   100  |         5         |
           |Hypostim                  |   100  |         2         |
           |CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar  |   250  |         2         |
           |Praxis Kit                |  5000  |         2         |

It's highly advisable to buy the two Praxis Kits (if you have enough credits,
which you should if you've followed the guide so far), and save them for
future use.  The Hypostim item is very useful too, since it adds +50 points
to your health, above and beyond 100, up to a maximum of 200 (although you can
still only auto-replenish your health to 100).  The Typhoon Ammo is also well
worth your while, although you'll need an augmentation for this that you'll
probably want to activate later on in the game - still, investing in the ammo
is wise.  You can always sell the ammunition for weapons you don't use or don't
like as much as your primary weapons - the credits add up quickly.

After meeting Dr. Vera Marovic, explore the clinic, although there's little to
look for.  There are two Ebooks in the waiting room (Building Wings: A Better
Tomorrow) and (Liberate Yourself!), and another [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] in the
surgical ward corridor (The Visual Cortex 2.0 - The Eye, Redesigned).  The PC in
the operating room contains interesting background information on Jensen.  You
can also find a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] behind the surgical trolley.  Leave
the clinic when you're done exploring.

Sarif contacts you and tells you to proceed with your main objective; entering
the police station.  We'll get to that after first considering several optional

Head down the street to your right; this is where the protests against the LIMB
clinic were being held, although things have calmed down.  Check the left side
of the street and move behind the fence.  Walk past the sleeping hobo and hack
the Level 2 security device [GREY HAT 50XP] to unlock the storage cabin 
[TRAVELLER 100XP], inside which you can find [BEER x2].  Yes, it's a level 2
hack, and yes, it's worth your while to spend a Praxis Kit on hacking by now.
Alternatively, the code 4626 will open this door, but remember that you don't
get XP for using codes.

Tip: If you've found the four beers you can give them to Letitia and she'll
     hand you a [POCKET SECRETARY] with codes for a Level 5 storage locker
     at the basketball court: 1904 (for the locker) and 6542 (for the security
     system).  Nice!

There's little of interest at the blocked highway, so head up the steps across
the street and enter the Detroit convention center.  This place is currently
populated by several gang members, which don't like you snooping around,
although you can easily run past them and enter the ladies restroom on the
right (there's a gang member in the other restroom).  They'll only turn hostile
if you keep standing nearby them, ignoring their warnings.

Head through the vent in the restroom, which leads to a secret stash that
contains [99 CREDITS], a [MACHINE PISTOL], and [MACHINE PISTOL AMMO x8].  If
you can't carry any more, consider dropping some items and selling the Machine
Pistol at Grayson's Shop for 375 credits, then going back for your dropped
items.  Also, it's better to not open the hatch at the secret stash and just
rush out the restroom the way you came in order to prevent provoking the gang
members (unless you're up for a fight, of course).  In any case, you'll be
back at the convention center later.

From the LIMB clinic's entrance, spot the long ladder behind the enormous
Il Metamorfoso billboard.  This leads to a balcony with a Level 4 security
device.  The code for this is 8982 (which can be found by looking for a
[POCKET SECRETARY] on the left side of the Sarif Industries entrance.)

The apartment is small and has an open window which leads to the roof of
Grayson's Shop.  Carefully drop down on the iron box below, and from there,
drop down on the circular valve-like devices attached to the wall below to
prevent getting hurt [EXPLORER 200XP].

An alternative way to reach this roof is to upgrade your legs (which requires
2 Praxis Kits for the first upgrade), and to jump on the red container at the
back of Grayson's shop, and from there onto the roof.

Tip: You could also try building some stairs by making good use of the barrels
     found on the streets.

In any case, check the ventilation shaft to find a [SNIPER RIFLE], [2x SNIPER
RIFLE AMMO], and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with background info.

Now is a good time to start doing several sidequests.

Head past Grayson's shop to the right to enter a slum area.  Detective Chase's
apartment is right around the corner, who has important clues on Megan's case
[100 XP]. Speak to him for an additional [100 XP].  He gives you an access key
to the DMPD storage room - 4891 (the reversal of 1984, an obvious reference to
George Orwell's novel on totalitarianism) and several hints where to go next.
Before you leave the building, head all the way upstairs and enter Greg and
Josie Thorpe's apartment.  Speak with Thorpe - if you saved Josie before, you're
rewarded with [750 XP] and he also mentions you'll get a discount at a weapon
dealer named Seurat.  This concludes quest S3: ONE GOOD TURN DESERVES ANOTHER.

Head into their bedroom and read the [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Nano-Augmentation -
Pipedream or Theory for the Future?).  Remove the small picture frame and hack
the level 2 device [GREY HAT 50XP] to open the safe, which contains [120
CREDITS].  The bathroom contains nothing of interest, so exit the building.

Proceed through the slums until you reach a crossroads (and right before that,
note the fire escape, climbable by ladder).  Tindall's apartment building is
to the left, but as mentioned, is protected by a security gate.  The level 2
security device can be hacked, of course, although there are other ways to
enter the building.

One other way to enter the building is to climb the fire escape's ladder near
the crossroads and leap over to the other building's roof.  An other way is to
jump on the container under the fire escape without ladder, and then jump on the
fire escape itself.  With jump enhancement, this isn't a problem at all, but
even without it you can reach it by collecting the large and small crates in
the area and stacking them on top of each other.  The larger crate can be found
just slightly further down the other alley you haven't passed through yet,
nearby the large water tank.

Before doing all of this, however, consider exploring an other, smaller
apartment, namely the one with the fire escape with ladder.  Climb it, but don't
leap over to the other building, instead climb on the roof.  You can either
head around the corner and enter the building through this door, or you can
hop on the water tank and drop down another level, entering through the door

There's only one explorable apartment in the building, which is locked with a
level 2 security device [GREY HAT 50XP].  Inside you can find [43 CREDITS] near
the phone in the kitchen, read an ebook (On-View) in the bedroom, and a
[CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] in the bathroom.  The level 1 computer can be hacked
for contextual info and a wink at Big Brother.  With this apartment fully
explored, head back outside and enter Tindall's apartment.  This guide will
assume you enter the building by stacking crates on top of each other to access
the fire escape, since it's by far the easiest method and available to everyone.

Using just the large crate is enough if you jump on the lamp and from there onto
the fire escape.  Climb your way to the roof [EXPLORER 200XP] and enter
Tindall's apartment [300 XP].  Head downstairs and enter through the first door
before continuing further down.  You'll reach an apartment locked with a level 5
security device.  It's unwise to spend all your available augmentations on
hacking, so blast out the door with your guns to get inside [EXPLORER 200XP].
Alternatively, use this code: 2356. Search behind the x-ray screen to find some
[PAINKILLERS] on the floor, nearby the small cart.

The bedroom is locked with a level 2 device [GREY HAT 50XP], in which you can
find an [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Arms (and Legs) For Man - The Structure of
Cybernetic Limbs), and a level 1 PC.  Hack it to retrieve the code for the level
5 security safe behind you; 3663.  Inside you can find a [PRAXIS KIT], a
[CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK], and the weapon cabinet contains two 10mm Pistols.

Head down a level and hack the apartment's level 1 device [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP].
There's a 10mm Pistol on the desk, but what's more important is the [POCKET
SECRETARY] hidden next to the plant, which contains a security code: 1029.
This unlocks the level 4 security door, but do NOT enter the room immediately!
It has been rigged with explosives, so grab one of the cardboard boxes from
the living room and hurl in the bedroom (by pressing the fire button while
holding the box).

You can find [CROSSBOW BOLTS x3] on the bed, and the level 1 PC [25 XP] contains
the code for the gate below: 0002.  There's a [SHOTGUN] and an ebook (Jus Ad
Bellum: The Rise of the PMC's) in the bathroom.  The level 3 safe isn't worth
upgrading your augs for (unless you're maxing XP), nor spending an unlocking
device on:  It contains a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] and [SHORGUN SHELLS x4]. 
This is Omalley's room - remember it - and you'll be coming back here later on. 

Head downstairs and enter Tindall's apartment (hack the level 1 device [SCRIPT
KIDDIE 25XP].  Head inside [300 XP] and enter the bedroom, which contains an
ebook (We Hope For Better Things: The Past and Future of Detroit) and Tindall's
PC.  Scan through his emails and immediately log back out [100 XP], because
this triggers an event: A junkie is looking for Tindall to get his fix, but
since you're in his apartment, things aren't going to be friendly.  Hiding
next to the door opening allows for a swift takedown, through.  His pocket
secretary confirms our suspicions. 

Since you've now fully explored the apartment building, head outside.  There's
one last thing to do: explore the far left side of the courtyard [TRAVELLER
100XP] to find .. TOILET PAPER!  Just what I needed.  There's [39 CREDITS] and a
[CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] too, though.  Either hack [GREY HAT 50XP] or unlock
the gate with the code (0002) and be on your way.

Head down the alley, which leads to a basketball court.  Climb the ladder of
the fire escape to your left and go up one floor.  There's a [STOP WORM
SOFTWARE] up for grabs if you hop onto the small balcony with devices.  To get
back safe, crouch and drop on the fire escape.  Open the window on the first
floor and head inside.

The floor houses a (level 2) locked apartment and Seurat, the weapon dealer.

                                SEURAT'S SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) |   120  |         5         |
           |Stun Gun Darts (x2)       |    50  |         5         |
           |Silencer                  |   500  |         1         |
           |Stun Gun                  |   500  |         1         |
           |Machine Pistol            |   500  |         1         |
           If you visited Greg Thorpe (and saved his wife), you'll
           get a ~25% discount on all of Seurat's prices.

The most useful item is arguably the Silencer.  It's always a good thing to
have a silenced weapon with you, and this allows you to silence, for example,
your 10mm pistol.

There's also a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous
Environment Parsing) in Seurat's bedroom.

The other apartment, locked with a L2 security device [GREY HAT 50XP] contains
an ebook (Uniting the World) and a level 2 PC in the bedroom [GREY HAT 50XP].
There's also a hidden safe behind the picture, but it's locked (level 3).  It
contains a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE], and a [10MM PISTOL], [75 XP].  The code for
this safe is 0739 (which can be found on a [POCKET SECRETARY] on the left side
of the fridge in this apartment.

The second floor of this apartment is home of a gang named MCB.  Approach them
and you'll be told to leave.  Back away a little and wait for the second
member to enter the apartment, allowing a swift and silent takedown on the
other.  Wait for your energy cell to recover and take the other member out
inside the apartment.  There's a [BEER] and a [10MM PISTOL] in the living room,
but that's not what you came here for.

Although the door to the bedroom is locked with a level 3 security system,
you can find the code in a [POCKET SECRETARY] from the first guard: 3733.
(Note: An explosive device is able to blast out the door too.)  Enter the
bedroom [PATHFINDER 300 XP] and look for [168 CREDITS] on the desk.  The 
drawer contains a [STOP WORM SOFTWARE], while the level 2 PC contains back-
ground info on MCB members [GREY HAT 50XP].  The lockers in the bathroom
contain [TRANQUILIZER DART x4] and a [CONCUSSION GRENADE].  This concludes
the exploration of this apartment, so head back outside by the fire escape.

You can relive old memories (Deus Ex, the original) by trying to throw the
basketball into the basket, although this is rather tricky. 

A good method, which requires the Strength Enhancement augmentation, but which
is easy to pull off, goes as follows: Use the large dumpsters and stack them
in such a way so you can reach the basket easily.  With the ball in your hands,
simply drop (not throw) the ball into the basket.  This grants you a trophy/

Tip: You don't necessarily need the Strength Enhancement augmentation to get
     the trophy/achievement.  Alternatively, you can simply stack six barrels
     on top of each other; three barrels compose the first level, two barrels
     make up the second level, and the last barrel constitutes the top level.
     Doing this carefully allows you to jump on top, which in turn makes it a
     piece of cake dropping the ball through the basket with great ease.

The Level 5 storage room can be unlocked with the code you found earlier on:
1904.  Remove the cardboard box and barrels on the left side to reveal a
level 4 security panel for which you also have the code: 6542.  This allows
you to deactivate the laser beams; tripping these causes a valve behind the
large metal crate to open, permanently filling the room with gas.

Loot the room for [13x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO], [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS], [6x SNIPER
RIFLE AMMO], and [3x COMBAT RIFLE].  Only pick up one Combat Rifle and head
over to Grayson's Shop at the gas station to sell it for 630 Credits.  You
can now go back to pick up another one, and finally the last one, which you
could either keep or sell, making a total of 1890 Credits.

Back at the basketball court, don't mess with Bee-K and P-Gee .. yet.

It looks like you've reached a dead end, but senses deceive (after all, we *are*
made from atoms).  There's a hole in the fence behind the three stacked, green
barrels that you can crawl through [TRAVELLER 100XP].  The small tunnel leads to
the northwest part of town, which includes Chiron Building (Jensen's apartment
building).  The tunnel also is a shortcut to the area with the police station,
but only if you have the "Move/Throw Heavy Objects" augmentation to push the
large contains away from the hole in the fence.  I don't think a shortcut is
worth that just yet, and we'll get to the police station soon enough.

Head upstairs and inspect the storage room to your left (locked with a level 2
device [GREY HAT 50XP]) [TRAVELLER 100XP], to find a [STUN GUN] and [STUN GUN
DARTS x2].  Alternatively, you can walk past the containers on your right and
look for a [POCKET SECRETARY] on an iron beam to your right hand, which holds
the code to the storage: 2928.

Chiron Building is to your left.  Continue past it, following the road to a 
dead end, and enter the red container [TRAVELLER 100XP] to find [PAINKILLERS].
Enter Chiron Building afterwards.

The receptionist's computer only holds background information - head up with
the elevator.  The janitor here spills an important clue.. Well, let's just
head inside, right?  It's no regular apartment - that's for sure, judging from
the size of his TV and living room.  The living room contains an ebook
(Advanced Clock Building), but little else - at first sight.

Head inside the bedroom to find a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (The Intelligence Circuit)
and a pc, which holds an access code (and part of the truth about your mirror).
With the access code - 5375 - head over to the terminal next to the kitchen and
either hack it or use the code [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP].  Unlock the secret stash
[TRAVELLER 100XP], which contains an [ARMOR- PIERCING SYSTEM], [10MM PISTOL,
[150 + 250 CREDITS], and [10MM AMMO x10].

The armor-piercing system increases your weapon's efficiency against armored
enemies, and is worthwhile to combine with your favorite weapon of choice.

Tip: If you exit Jensen's apartment and head around the corner you can overhear
     a dramatic conversation between an augmented couple if you stand next to
     the closed door at the end.  Augmentations obviously have downsides.

With Jensen's apartment fully explored, head back to Detroit's main streets.
It's worthwhile to mention the alley across the street, adjacent to the two
dumpster containers.  The fire escape leads to an apartment, which in turn
leads to D-row, although we're not going there yet.

It's time to finish the S2 - LESSER EVILS quest.  Head down the main street
and ignore the main entrance to D-row on your left.  While you're here, though,
speak to the hooker named Jenny Alexander on the other side of the street at
the D-row crossroads; she's standing against the wall.  Get all the info you
can from her, which starts S5 - CLOAK & DAGGERS.  We'll let this rest for now.

Head down the main street until you reach the police station area.  You've
already explored most of town, but the link between the police station area
and Sarif Industries remains unexplored.  Continue past the police station and
go right, around the corner.  There's a manhole leading to the sewers at the
alley's entrance, and at the end of the alley is the shortcut between the three
major parts of town as mentioned earlier, if you can move the container that is.
Ignore the alley for now and travel through the subway station, which links
back to the Sarif Industries area.  With the major part of town explored,
let's finish S2.

You can find Tindall behind Grayson's shop, just behind the abandoned gas
station [100 XP].  He tells you the real story behind the Neuropozyne and asks
you to take care of two dealers before handing you the security footage.
Of course, you can take him down and snag the footage from him, but this tends
to turn the locals hostile.

The dealers you're looking for are, as Tindall said, located at the basketball
court, which is downtown.  Finding them nets you [100 XP].  An easy way is to
perform two takedowns on them (make sure you have two full energy cells) - the
second one quickly after the first [300 XP].  You might also choose to take the
Multiple Take-Down augmentation if you plan on relying on stealth takedowns

With the dealers out of the way, return to Tindall to retrieve the footage [100
XP].  Return to Carella, who's waiting for you at the subway entrance, to finish
this quest.  You'll receive a [LASER TARGETING SYSTEM]  and [1000 XP].

The S4 - MOTHERLY TIES QUEST goes hand in hand with visiting the police station,
so this'll be your next stop.  There are actually several ways inside the
police station.  You could head into the sewers to find a hidden entrance,
you can try to find a back alley (as one of the NPC's nearby the police
station mentions), or you can try to talk your way in through the front door.

|/\/\/\|           Investigating The Suicide Terrorist [WLK-6]          |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| Sarif requires you to retrieve the neural hub from the dead    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| augmented hacker, and analyze it for clues.                    |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|                                                                |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M5]:                                               |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                               |\/|
|\/| o USE MY HOME COMPUTER TO ANALYZE THE HUB [1000 XP]                    |\/|

Let's try going inside through the main doors first [100 XP].  You can find
Chet Wagner here as well, who has important information for the MOTHERLY TIES
quest.  Unfortunately, he's a total douche, so you'll have to be happy with the
[100 XP] you get from talking to him - we'll get around his douche-ness soon

Speak with Wayne Haas at the reception and a social battle commences.  You'll
need to be friendly with him, but at the same time stay in control if he starts
to blame you.  A surefire to win this social battle is to answer in the
following way: 1. Absolve. 2. Plead. 3. Absolve. 4. Plead.

A successful conversation results in entrance to the police station and [SILVER
TONGUE 1000XP].  This also grants you The Desk Job achievement/trophy.

Note: If you fail the conversation, you'll have to enter the police station
      via the sewers or back alley (see further ahead on how to find the back
      alley).  The first police officer you incapacitate will hold a [POCKET
      SECRETARY] with the codes for the 3rd floor offices.

Go inside the men's restroom and look for a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the second
toilet, which contains a code for Melanie Frezell's PC; 1856.  The vent here
only leads to the main office, which is useful for stealth routes, but doesn't
help us.  Back in the previous hall, head over to the cardboard boxes and
ignore the women's restroom; it's empty.

Move the large crate so that you can crouch behind it and not get seen by any
of the officers, and hack the level 2 door at the far end of the hall, or use
the code you just found and head inside the room [EXPLORER 200XP].

Remove the trash can from the wall to reveal a [MACHINE PISTOL] and [MACHINE
PISTOL AMMO x10].  There's also a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the cabinet which
holds the login for armory: fnicefield/patriotism.  There are [250 CREDITS]
on the desk, and the level 2 PC [GREY HAT 50XP] contains two access codes:
Ryan Penn's office: 2419. Ventilation system: 7668.  Exit the office.

You can also hack Wayne Haas's reception office (level 2 [GREY HAT 50XP] and
go inside for [EXPLORER 200XP], but stay crouched all the time and use the
crate to hide behind when hacking the door (and make sure no officers are

Note: If you're really out to hack every single device in the game, it's
      possible to hack the PC inside Haas' office by stacking crates and
      copier machines on top of each other to barricade the window, which
      prevents you from being seen.

Go to the main hall and enter the recreation room.  There's a [POCKET SECRETARY]
here with a code to Bernard Gum's office: 2231.  The main office contains
various PC's, but hacking them, well, let's just say it leads to a bloodbath,
which is something you'll probably want to avoid.  The morgue/basement is to
the far upper left side of the office, but let's explore the upper floors first,
so head upstairs from the main hall.

There's an officer nearby the stairwell as soon as you reach the 2nd floor.
Take him out while no one's looking and drag him behind the copier.  You can
seal off this small area with cardboard boxes to be absolutely sure no one sees
his body.  You can find [69 CREDITS] in the cafeteria, as well as a decently
hidden ebook (Global Politics Review [2026 Edition]) on one of the closet's
shelves.  To be safe, also take out the other officer standing guard and 
ignore the armory to your left for now.

You can enter Cpt. Penn's office (the second one) by either hacking the level 2
device [GREY HAT 50XP] or using the acquired code: 2419.  Alternatively, you can
crawl through the vent next to the nearby cardboard box.  Enter to receive
[COMPLETIONIST 300XP] and [EXPLORER 200XP].  Search the desk for a [POCKET
SECRETARY] with a code to the Morgue: 9212, an Ebook (Hearts of Steel) and [269
CREDITS].  The level 2 PC [GREY HAT 50XP] contains interesting background info;
read all emails and note the name Manderley .. a common name if you've played
the original Deus Ex [300 XP].

The terminal on the wall controls the ventilation security system - there are
laser beams in the vents and passing through them will trigger the alarm, and we
don't want that.  Fortunately we have the code: 7668, but hacking works fine too
[GREY HAT 50XP].  Enter the vent to make your way to the armory [TRAVELER 100XP]
(ignore the intersection, leading up to an interrogation room on the 3rd floor).
Take down the guard in the armor stealthily and use the PC (password:
patriotism) to unlock the armory.  Hacking is an option too, of course [75 XP].

Enter the armory [EXPLORER 200XP] to find several goodies: [COMBAT RIFLE x2],
GRENADE x2], [P.E.P.S.] and [PEPS ENERGY PACK x3].  The PEPS is a weapon that
knocks enemies unconscious with an enormous energy blast - seeing is believing.
Unfortunately, ammo is scarce for it and it takes up several inventory slots,
so it's up to you whether to bring it or not.

Tip: You can make a lot of money by grabbing one Combat Rifle and one Shotgun,
     heading over to Grayson's or Seurat's shops and sell them, then doing
     this again. Shotguns sell for 750 credits, Combat Rifles for 630.  That
     makes for 2760 credits from these four weapons in the armory alone, not
     even counting other weapons you can find in the police station!  It takes
     some time, so it's up to you if you think this money is worth your while.

Ignore the other door - it leads back to the hall you came from, and the camera
might spot you.  Back in the hall overlooking the main office, it's possible
to hack the other office (Leboeuf's), which has a level 2 security device
[GREY HAT 50XP].  Inside you can find a [SHOTGUN] and a [POCKET SECRETARY]
with the access code to Jenny Alexander's office: 3727.  The level 2 pc [GREY
HAT 50XP] contains background info.

The far end of the hall leads to another hall with a camera.  If you sneak past
it you can find [301 CREDITS] on a moveable cart.  The door with the level 2
security device [GREY HAT 50XP] only leads to the back alley.  Climbing all
the way to the roof does net you [TRAVELER 100XP], though.

In any case, (from the main stairs), head up to the 3rd floor.  Take out the
officer if you feel like it and turn right (to the left is an interrogation
room with little of interest, and you've already explored the adjacent vent

When around the corner, do take note of the ventilation system behind the
cardboard box.  Exploring it grants [TRAVELER 100XP].  The camera up ahead
doesn't sound the alarm when you're spotted by it, since this isn't a
restricted area, technically speaking, since Haas let you in.

Enter the first office on the right (Det. Gum, level 1 [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP] or
use 2231); [EXPLORER 200XP], which contains a [SHOTGUN].  The level 1 pc [SCRIPT
KIDDIE 25XP] only contains background info.  Detective McCann's office,
opposite to Gum's office, is already open.  Take out the sleeping McCann and
snatch the [STOP WORM SOFTWARE] from his desk.  The PC only contains background
info once again.

Now's not a bad time to take out the patrolling officer in the main hall, when
he's at the far end of the hallway, just out of the camera's sight.  The door
at the far end of the hall leads to a vent, which in turn leads to the roof of
the police station's (the back alley).  You do get [TRAVELER 100XP] by doing a
quicky in the vent, though.

Detective Murphy's office contains little of interest, although the two
officers are discussing Paul Verhoevens RoboCop which takes place in Detroit.
One of the guys mixes this up with one of Van Damme's many B-movies (such as
Cyborg, the ultimate movie for a fairly lame night).  The air vent adjacent to
this office only leads back to the hall, but does net [TRAVELER 100XP].

This leaves Det. Wagner's and Jenny Alexander's offices.  Both are accessible by
the other air vent, and we also have the code to Jenny's office: 3727. They're
both level 1 security either way [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP x2]. Enter her office
[EXPLORER 200XP] and snatch [410 CREDITS] from nearby the radio.  The level 1
PC contains background info.

Lastly, enter Wagner's office [300 XP].  Hack his L1 PC [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP]
and scan his emails to find out about his dirty business - anything to bribe
the douche [100 XP].  This concludes the exploration of the 2nd and 3rd floors.
Return to Wagner and leech the info from him [300 XP].  Having done that, it's
time to pay a visit to the morgue.

Head down the stairs on the far upper left side of the first floor's main
office.  There's a vent behind the barrels to the right which leads to the cell
block.  The main reason for going through there, is of course [TRAVELER 100XP],
although you can also eavesdrop on a conversation you otherwise wouldn't have

From the locker room, make your way into the morgue, and retrieve the oh-so
important TYM CORETECH MODEL 76-F NEURAL HUB (MODIFIED) from the hacker's
corpse [GHOST 500XP], [1750 XP].  Sarif now wants you to analyze the hub in
your apartment at Chiron's Building.

There's also an [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (The Threat of Cybernetic Discognition
Disorder) lying around on Gerard's desk, and his level 2 PC [GREY HAT 50XP]
contains background info.  Don't drag the hacker's body around, by the way, or
Gerard'll wet his pants and trigger the alarm.

Before you exit the police station, explore the locker room; several lockers
contain the following items: [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR], [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO
x12], and a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE].  This is also where the entrance to the
sewers is located at.  The lowest laser beam is faulty, allowing you to sneak
underneath it after flickering three times - after the third time it breaks
down slightly longer.  It's entirely optional to explore the sewers at this
point, since you've already got what you came for.

Head back to the Detroit streets via the main entrance.  In case you were still
wondering about the back alley, head right, down the street, and look for a
metal crate.  Open the nearby door and you'll see that the floor has
electricity currents sparking all over the place.  Here's the thing: Hop onto
one of the crates and grab the other, placing it ahead of the other and crawl
onto that one, grabbing the other again and placing it in front of you, etc,
creating a moving bridge [PATHFINDER 300XP].  In the middle of the area, use
the breaker box to shut down the current, and don't forget to grab the [CYBER

This leads to the back alley.  If you've spoken to Jenny Alexander and accepted
quest S5, you can speak with O'Malley near the water tank [100 XP].  He provides
you with a different task, which requires you to pick up a package, assassinate
an MCB member, and plant the murder weapon in the DRB's weapon stash, initiating
a gang war.

Leave this for the moment and head around the corner, where you should be able
to find a storage box with a level 1 security pad - although you also have the
code, if you've been doing the MOTHERLY TIES sidequest; 4891 [100 XP].  Inside
you'll find four Ebooks (Sarif Industries Incident Report TA-00514-008), (Sarif
Industries Incident Report TA-00514-023), (Sarif Industries Incident Report
TA-00514-012) and most importantly: (Autopsy Report: Megan Reed (DMPD Case:
TA-00514)) [100 XP].  It looks like someone made Megan's body unidentifiable..
but why?

Inside the level 3 security safe you can find a [BRACELET] and a very crucial
Ebook (Megan Reed; Lab Notes) with information on.. Well, you'll just have to
read it yourself.  If you don't have a level 3 hacking skill yet, it's worth
your while to use an Automatic Unlocking Device on the safe.

The far end of the back alley leads to the police station's fire escape, and to
a manhole leading to the sewers.  Leave this place for now, and head for 
Jensen's apartment at Chiron Building.  You can locate this by using your map
whenever you get lost; it's on the northwest side of town.

Before entering Chiron Building, check out the far end of the street, and more
specifically, look for a Crossbow behind the door on the right; this is the
weapon Omalley mentioned [100 XP].  Since it requires 10 inventory slots to
hold, now would be an excellent time to expand your inventory with two rows
by selecting it under the Arm Augmentations (two rows = 14 slots).

You'll also bump into Megan's mother in the lobby.  Tell her about all the
information you found.  Note: If you keep the bracelet, you'll be awarded with
a trophy/achievement. You get [1000XP] regardless of your choices.

Inside Jensen's apartment, connect the hub to your PC and watch the cutscene -
things are about to get interesting [1000XP].

When you exit Chiron Building, Pritchard contacts you and tells you he's found
a note from someone named Ezekiel.. Zeke.  That is, if you spared his life
earlier on.  Head to the Sarif HQ area and go into the alley across the street.
Zeke'll hand you a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a code (7984) and an access login
(spaxxor/neuralhub) and considers his debt paid [750XP].  

The nearby storage room (level 3), in case you're interested, contains [28
CREDITS], and an [AMMO CAPACITY UPGRADE], plus it nets you [TRAVELER 100XP].

|/\/\/\|                 Stopping the transmission [WLK-7]              |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  Sarif wants you to check out a transmission that threatens    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  his network.  The transmission appears to be broadcasted from |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  Derelict Row - gang territory.                                |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M7]:                                               |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                               |\/|
|/\| o LOCATE AND SHUT DOWN ANTENNA IN DERELICT ROW [2500XP]                |/\|
|\/| o EXTRACTION [M8] [750XP]                                              |\/|

Now's a good time to head back to Omalley's apartment (from the downtown
apartment crossroad, his apartment is on the first floor of Tindall's apartment
building, behind the security gate).  Entering his apartment is worth [300XP].
In his bedroom, grab the [WEAPON SHIPMENT] and [PACKAGE OF DRUGS] [100XP].  You
might also want to grab a few crossbow bolts if you hadn't already.

While you're in the neighborhood, enter the apartment building nearby the
basketball court and head to the top floor.  If you've already knocked out
several MCB gangers, good for you, because we're going to enter their
apartment [100 XP].

It's difficult to take out all members, that is, knocking them all unconscious
so that Jenny can make a case with Double-T as a witness.  It certainly helps
to get the Reflex Booster augmentation, allowing you to take out two targets
at once.  It's filed under "Back Augmentations", and the good part is that it
nets you an extra 45 XP per successful combo in the form of the "Two Against
One" XP bonus.  It costs two praxis kits, though.

Let's put this to practice, shall we?  Double-T and the Gang Leader are in the
bedroom.  Wait for them both to stand near each other (watch the blue quest
icon until it stops moving and is relatively close to the other), then rush
in and perform the combo.  You can knock out the other two guys with takedowns
or tranquilizers - whichever you prefer, just make sure you have enough energy
[300 XP].

Having done all that, it's time to finally pay D-Row a visit.  There are several
paths you can take, some which require augmentations.

1. The main entrance isn't a good idea because this blows your cover.  It is,
   however, possible to jump on the dumpster and sneak through the concrete
   pipe.  Your goal is straight ahead, so if you can manage to sneak past the
   other members - timing is everything - perhaps with the help of the Cloak

2. You can go through the door at the far end of the street (Chiron Building
   Street), where you found Omalley's weapon.  While it looks like you need the
   "Move/Throw Heavy Objects" aug, you actually don't.  Look for a barrel in
   the alley across the street (with two dumpsters against the wall) and drag
   it all the way back.  Place it in front of the leftmost crate, crouch, and
   jump twice to get over the crate.  Note: Jump Enhancement works fine too.
   If you have the "Multiple Take-Down" aug, rush over to the two gang members
   to toast them both at once.  You can find [10MM AMMO x4] on one of the road
   blocks.  Go through the door and you'll spot a fire escape to your left.

3. From Chiron building, look for the alley across the street with 2 containers;
   you can climb the fire escape in this alley.  This path does require the 
   Jump Enhancement augmentation (2 praxis kits).  Make your way through the
   apartment and you'll reach the roof [EXPLORER 100XP].  From here you can jump
   (with enhancement) to the fire escape on the other side of the street - just
   be sure to sprint fast enough.

From here there are actually two routes:

1. This requires (should you want to be stealthy), the "Punch Through Walls"
   augmentation.  Climb the fire escape and enter the building.  Punching
   through the wall clears the way (but, and this is important if you care about
   a non-lethal playthrough, it also KILLS the gang member standing against
   the wall within the same combo).  The other gang member isn't alerted, and
   can be taken down regularly.  Unfortunately, the nearby shaft is of a deadly
   height, and there's little else but a [SHOTGUN] here.  You *must*  have the
   "Icarus Landing System" augmentation in order to survive the fall, but this
   costs 2 praxis kits - a pricey entertainment.  This only grants you [EXPLORER
   200 XP].  I personally wouldn't recommend this path.

2. The second route requires you to sneak past the D-Row members near the
   crossroads.  Of course, this is ultimately done with a little help of the
   "Cloaking System" augmentation (2 praxis kits), although it's not impossible
   without it either.  Hug the left wall and sneak behind the large container
   to the left (it's not a disaster if they tell you to "stay out of this", just
   don't stick around).  Head through the door.

   [Although this guide now continues with path #2, it'll be mentioned when path
    #1 and #2 merge, since #1 is essentially a little shortcut.]

The first guard is easily taken down, but up ahead are two guards in
conversation, complicating matters.  You can overhear their conversation by
crawling/hugging the right wall, but this isn't a good spot to take both of
them out at the same time.  Hide behind the large block of concrete and
*right after they finish their conversation*, take both of them out with a combo
takedown.  This requires skill and timing, so it's a good idea to save your
game before this part.  It is, however, necessary in order to fulfill the
"Remain Undetected While In D-Row" secondary requirement for S5/Jenny.  If
you can't get it done, try tranquilizing them both one after another.

You can go two ways from here:  

1. Through the door on your right.  Head right and take out the guard nearby
   the small steps.  There's a weak wall you can punch through (if you have the
   aug), but once again, this KILLS the gang member - just so you know.
   Head the other way and move downwards when no one's looking.  Hiding behind
   the concrete roadblocks, wait for the patrolling guard to pass you by and
   take him down as quickly as possible.  Drag his body behind a safe place.
   You can sneak past the other two guards if you wish - simply hug the left
   wall.  Do take note of the [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Vestibular Augmentation and
   Enhanced Agility Factoring) on top of the barrels.  From here, exit the door
   to reach an open area again.  From here, look for a dumpster near a broken
   well, hop onto it (look out for guards), and enter this door to continue
   (although you might want to look for the weapon stash for S5.)  As for the
   other path..

2. Underneath the gate. Going underneath the gate grants you [100 XP].  Take
   down the lone guard and drag him out of sight.  This is where path #1 and #2
   (the previous ones that is) merge.

There are several options at this point. 

1. If you have the "Move Heavy Objects" aug, you can clear the way to a hidden
   vent system on the left corner, behind the large crate.  This leads to a
   shaft with various crates that you can use to reach higher ground (there's
   nothing on the lower level) and reach another vent [PATHFINDER 300XP] that
   leads straight into the next building. (Skip to the "Rocket Launcher"
   paragraph for more information)

2. Sneak past the gang members by hugging the left wall and wait for them to
   split up.  You can actually take down the remaining member from behind
   without being spotted by any of the other members.  Just make sure to hide
   his body FAR away from the other two nearby members (behind the dumpster
   will do fine, for example).
   You can't continue straight ahead, so backtrack a few steps and sneak behind
   the large red container again.  Around the corner, wait for the other two
   gang members to finish their conversation (or, perhaps if you're uber
   buffed, put on cloak and take them down at once, although I haven't done
   this personally).  Continue sneaking by hugging the building's wall, wait for
   the guard to move away from your location, and follow him by crawling through
   the concrete pipe, taking him down in this safe location.  Taking out the
   other solo guard shouldn't be a problem now.
   Head through the hole in the fence and remove the two green barrels from the
   wall to reveal a hidden area with the DRB weapon stash inside [300 XP],
   Inspect the [WEAPON SHIPMENT] for [100XP].

Now is actually an excellent time to head back to Jenny and wrap her sidequest
up.  Note: Although it *is* possible to return to the main D-Row streets by
the small sewers accessible through the manhole here, it does require the
Cloak aug, preferably at level 2 since there is a large group of gang members
guarding this area.  Otherwise, just backtrack regularly.

You get [1000XP] regardless of your actions, and another [750XP] for
finding the drugs and weapon shipment in his apartment, and giving her the
crossbow.  You can either have her arrest OMalley, or you can do it yourself.
The latter requires you to head to his apartment [100XP], where you can either
arrest him (worth [100XP] + [1000XP]) or agree to his bribe (only if you don't
immediately choose to fight), which nets you [100XP], [1000XP] for the quest,
and [3000 CREDITS], located in your apartment, along with a bottle of [WINE].
It's your call - good or evil.

Back at where we were, infiltrating D-Row, use the concrete pipes to hide and
take out the remaining two solo guards.  The two guards nearby the burning
barrel *can* be taken out together at once (by moving around the left side of
the rubber tires), but only if you've cleared the area earlier on (otherwise
they can spot you through the windows).

There are two buildings in this area; one has a door and is on the far end side
of the area, the other has a destroyed fire escape hanging high above ground
level.  This is actually the building that the vent mentioned earlier - the one
you need to remove a large heavy crate for - leads to.  You can access it by
jumping onto the large red container by making good use of the tires and then
hopping onto the fire escape, entering the building by a broken window.  

Ignore the door to your right and open the door around the corner - carefully,
since there are two gang members in this room (check the map whether or not any
of them could possible be facing the door).  If possible, (which is when the
icons on the map are close to each other, indicating they're both on the bench)
sneak up to the first pillar in the room, then hide behind the bench as the
other gang member steps up and walks out of the room.  Follow him and swiftly
down him, then quickly take down the other gang member.  If you take too long,
he'll take a pose and it'll be trickier to down him from this position.  With
Cloak it's still very possible, though.  Your reward?  A [ROCKET LAUNCHER] and
two [ROCKETS]!  Unfortunately (realistically), the launcher takes up 24 slots
in your inventory, so it's hardly worth the effort unless you're willing to
spare two praxis points to expand your inventory by 28 slots (but I advise
against this at this point).  You could, however, if you have the patience,
sell the Rocket Launcher at one of the shops.  This requires some backtracking,

The other door in this building leads to a back alley [TRAVELER 100XP] with some
hobos.  The manhole leads to the sewers - a valve can be turned here to stop
the poisonous gas in the nearby vent.  Inside you can find [125 CREDITS]

Go through the building's door and take out the first guard while he's in the
corner.  The other two guards watching TV can essentially be snuck by, although
you can always take them out for the XP.  Also grab the [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY
PACK] lying here.  The ladder on the left leads to an area rigged with four
explosives; shoot them to clear the way.  Alternatively, hurl one of the barrels
at them.  Wait for the two guards to go out of their alerted state, then take
them both down.

Hack the level 1 device that's jamming Sarif's network [SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP],
and you'll be picked up by Malik [2500XP].  Agree to leave when you've
absolutely done everything and she'll take you the area where the terrorists
might've been hacking from [750XP].

|/\/\/\|           Following the clues in Highland Park [WLK-8]         |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  Pritchard thinks this is the area where the terrorist who     |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  controlled the augmented hacker is located at.  Better        |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  investigate the surroundings thoroughly.                      |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M9 + 10]:                   SECONDARY OBJECTIVES:  |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |\/|
|/\| o THE TRANSMISSION [1000 XP]                             ---           |/\|
|\/| o INFILTRATE THE MERCENARY COMPOUND                                    |\/|
|/\|   [2500 XP] + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250 XP]                 |/\|
|\/| o LOCATE THE MERCENARY LEADER [1750 XP] + [GHOST 500 XP]               |\/|
|/\|   + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250 XP]                                           |/\|
|\/| o KILL THE MERCENARY LEADER [2500 XP]                                  |\/|
|/\| o MEET MALIK AT THE EXTRACTION POINT [1000 XP]                         |/\|

Get info from the MCB Leader, who also has the following items for sale:

  o Special Upgrade for Tranq. Rifle/Crossbow = [TARGET LEADING SYSTEM] (1500 C)
  o Grenade Pack = [1 GAS GRENADE + 1 EMP GRENADE] (400 C)
  o Tranq Rifle Ammo x5 (250 C)
  o Shotgun Ammo x8 (280 C)
  o Crossbow Ammo x5 (175 C)

The target leading system is very useful if you're into using the tranquilizer
rifle (or crossbow), and the grenade pack (especially the EMP grenade) might
just come in handy soon, so stock up.  There's a door nearby the burning barrel
you can go through.

(There's a door on the other side of the area, too, but you can't go through it.
 I always want to go through doors that one cannot.  That might just be me,
 though.  It probably is.)
Head through the building until a cutscene rolls.  They're here; the mercs you
were looking for [750 XP].  You can find [55 CREDITS] on one of the boxes here.
Continue and head outside; wait for the mercs to finish their conversation

Sneak around the area by hugging the left wall, hiding behind the large
container and taking out the nearby guard from behind when all other guards are
looking away.  This requires precise timing.  You can find a [STUN GUN DART] and
[100 CREDITS] inside this container.  Move to the truck on the other side of the
field and hide against its back.  Take down the merc as he turns away - once
again, be quick.  There is a pack of [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x5] on your left hand,
but you'll need to move the two heavy crates first.  If you can't, don't worry -
this is only a sneak route.  Head around the corner, take out the guard, and
you'll still be able to access the ammo.

There's also a [CONCUSSION GRENADE] and [COMBAT AMMO x4] lying on a nearby
crate.  Head behind the large containers to find a closed off area (level 3
security) [75 XP].  If you got the code from Zeke, well, you get the code
anyway since I'm writing it down: 7984.  You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS x3] here,
along with a [FRAG GRENADE] and a [SHOTGUN].  The ladder leads to the roof of
the building; we'll get there in a minute.  The nearby door around the corner
gets you inside the same building, just by ground level.  These essentially
indicate path #1 & #2.

Backtrack to your starting position (the very first building) and move under-
neath the truck (inside which you can find a [STUN GUN] and [STUN GUN DART] if
you're interested).  Hide behind the crates and take out the nearby guard,
dragging his body into the shadows.  Hug the wall and continue until you'll
have to move a container to pass.  Just beyond these containers is a floor
with electric current running through the watery surface.

First check out the nearby cabin around the corner for a [POCKET SECRETARY],
not a bad idea to take out the nearby guard, as well as the other guard
patrolling the container area nearby; both are relatively easy targets.  

The boxes can be used to build a moving bridge over the area with electric
current blocking the path, although it's a rather cumbersome method and you
also need to be careful you don't push yourself off the crates.  Use the
breaker box halfway through to turn the current off.  Your reward are
[PAINKILLERS] and [200 CREDITS].  Also look for[REVOLVER AMMO x3], and [COMBAT
RIFLE AMMO x5] on a crate in the area with the large metal, military crates.
It is in this corner where you can find path #3 into the next area.

Let's go over all possible paths for the next area.

Path #1: Head back to the ladder (or the door on the ground level, although
         these paths soon merge anyway).  Once you're on the roof, make your
         way through the hall and go up the small steps; you're now at an
         overview area and in the far distance you should be able to spot a
         sniper.  Check the crate on your right for [50 CREDITS] and continue.
         The door leads to the main area you're trying to infiltrate.  It
         helps significantly to take out this sniper by carefully crouching
         towards him.  This essentially puts you in the same position where
         path #2 ends (except in path #2, you'll have taken out more guards,
         making things easier from here on out).
         In any case, there are still several other paths that combine well
         with path #1.  You can, first of all, use this sniping position to
         take out various guards, although it's more rewarding to take them
         out with melee takedowns.
         You'll have crouched past a vent system on your way to the sniper.
         Heading inside nets you [TRAVELER 100XP].  Better yet, this shortcut
         immediately connects to your destination if you head all the way down.
         The vent shaft on the intermediate level connects to a storage depot
         on the ground floor with[REVOLVER AMMO x3] and [SNIPER RIFLE AMMO x3]
         inside.  Your destination - an elevator that brings you to the lower
         levels of the facility - is on the lowest floor of the current area.
         Feel free to continue, if you wish, but there are several things to
         explore by trying the other paths.

Path #2: Going through the door leads you into a garage-like environment. The
         stairs connect to path #1, but you can find [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x3]
         on a crate here.  Don't go upstairs - instead head through the door
         and explore this office for a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR], [TRANQ
         DARTS x2] and a level 3 PC for which you should also have the login:
         spaxxor/neuralhub.  It only grants access to doors/cameras, however.
         It's still worth your while to deactivate the cameras though - simply
         click on the little screens to do this; a red indicator tells you
         you've shut them down.
         Just outside the office, wait for the nearby guard to turn his back
         towards you and take him down.  The laser beams on your right can be
         hacked (or you can use the code 7984).  This merges path #2 and #3.
         Alternatively, you can just head left and sneak down; this is where
         your destination is.  Of course, you're free to take down the remaining
         guards too.  This allows you to do some exploring that is covered
         mainly in path #3, and some of it in #1.  The long ladder also leads
         to the elevator

Path #3: Move the metal crates and read the Ebook (IPC Procedures and You).
         You can also find [SNIPER RIFLE AMMO x2] and [REVOLVER AMMO x1] on a
         crate here.
         A laser system has been set up to your left, although you can either
         use the code 7984 (which, come to think of it, is probably a reference
         to George Orwell's 1984 too - seven looks quite a lot like the
         number 1) or hack it (level 2).  In either case, be careful as there
         is a guard on patrol who will look this direction every now and then.
         You can also continue onward without deactivating the laser system
         and overhear a conversation between two mercs.  When they split up,
         wait for the other to approach you as you hide behind the crates,
         then take him down - the camera can't spot this - and hide his body.

         You can find [REVOLVER AMMO x4] on one of the crates to the left,
         just behind the fence.  As you proceed, do take notice of the sniper
         patrolling on the catwalk high above.  If you have a long-range
         weapon (tranq/sniper rifle), it's a good idea to take him out from
         here so he can't spot you.  Alternatively you can hug the wall to the
         right, sneak past the camera and climb the two ladders (but only go
         up when the guard is walking away from you.  Swiftly take him out.
         This is where paths #1 and #2 merge.  You can find [125 CREDITS] at
         the far end of the catwalk (past the ladder you just climbed).

         This is also an excellent position to take down two of the guards
         below although you can also head back down and take them out for 
         maximum experience.
         There's also a guard in the cabin below, and opening the door will
         arouse him.  You can either take him down immediately as he goes
         outside, or alternatively sneak inside by one of the windows.
         Inside this cabin you can find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a computer
         and [35 CREDITS].  The Level 2 PC can be hacked 9GREY HAT 50XP] or
         unlocked with the login you just found and contains background info.

         The long ladder nearby (after taking down the guard(s)) also leads
         to your destination.

Whichever path, or combination of paths you choose, ride the elevator down;
just be wary of the camera (if active).  As you ride down, the conspiracy 
begins to unravel [2500 XP], [GHOST 500XP], [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].

Hide behind the nearby crates and grab the [EMP GRENADE] and [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO
x2].  Unfortunately for you, one of the mercs activates the Security Bot (a Box
Guard).  Ah well, just look at the bright side; in the courtyard there were
dozens of these bots; all of them inactive!  Just imagine if you'd have to fight
all those..

While a good toss of the EMP grenade instantly toasts the bot, it also alarms
the nearby guards.  You might want to take a slightly more..stealthier approach.
There are several options here:

Path #1: Head left and grab the [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x3] from the crate.  In order
         to proceed, grab one of the small wooden crates nearby and place it at
         the iron bars to hop over.  Sneak through this area and grab the 
         [REVOLVER AMMO x3] and [SNIPER RIFLE AMMO x2] from one of the crates.
         There is also a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] and a [ROCKET] here.. It's up to you
         whether or not to do something with this obvious wink.

         Sneak out of this area and, when no one's looking, grab the [COMBAT
         RIFLE AMMO x5] from the crate and head through the door nearby.

         Two guards are conversing just around the corner.  Grab the [10MM AMMO
         x2] and wait for them to finish, then take out the single guard.  
Path #2: Head right and sneak to the door on the far right, which leads to a
         staircase monitored by cameras.  Sneak past them to reach the upper
         level (which can alternatively be reached by sneaking up by the other
         stairwell).  Three guards patrol these catwalks, each of whom
         patrols their own little catwalk.  The guard in the middle is easiest
         to take down first.  Sneak towards him and stay out of sight - hug
         the right wall of the catwalk and hide behind the first block of
         steel.  Wait for him to turn his back towards you and swiftly go in
         for the takedown and move his body out of sight.
         The second guard we'll take down is the one on the right.  Backtrack
         the way you came and approach the catwalk he's patrolling.  Hide behind
         the steel bars and head in for the takedown after he starts moving
         away from you *and* he first has looked behind him once.  By then the
         other guard won't be looking in your direction any longer, and the
         merc you're about to take down will bend over the catwalk, giving you
         some time to go in for the takedown.  Quickly hide his body on the
         catwalk he was facing - the other guard normally won't look there.
         With these two out of the way, the last guard should be a breeze.
         It's still a good idea to stay crouched with the bot downstairs.
         Alternatively, if you have the "Move Heavy Objects" augmentation, you
         can move the two large crates on the right side of the area to sneak
         past all three guards.
         You can now snipe/tranquilize the remaining guards below (or head back
         down to take them out, which is trickier).  Better yet, accurately
         hurling an EMP grenade at the bot grants you [HUNK OF JUNK 250XP],
         and if there are no mercs around when it explodes, the alarm doesn't
         sound either.  Alternatively, you can play with the rocket launcher
         below, saving you an EMP grenade.  The only thing of interest on the
         lower level that currently remains is an [AMMUNITION BOX] on one of
         the crates, which you're free to loot after exploring the upper level
         Look for [SNIPER RIFLE AMMO] and [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x2] in the far left
         corner, then head inside the control cabin.  Look around for a [NUKE
         VIRUS SOFTWARE], then proceed to the next room in which you can find
         [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x5].  Head downstairs and you'll reach the point
         where paths #1 and #2 merge.  There's a ladder leading down to a
         hallway with a patrolling guard here; the ladder is on your immediate

You can now either continue by the lower level (path #1) or upper level (#2).

Path #1: Take down the guard if you hadn't already done so and head through the
         door around the corner.  The office to your left contains a [TRANQ
         DART], [125 CREDIT CHIPS] and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a computer
         login: wks0010/usprotkt.  You have the access codes to both level 2
         computers; the one in the corner contains background info, the other
         PC controls the cameras; it's a good idea to shut these down in
         The next area is under heavy surveillance by various mercs and a
         turret, but you can uncover a large vent system to your immediate
         left by removing the cardboard boxes.  We can certainly make good use
         out of the vent system, which leads to various rooms:
         Room A3 holds [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x4], Room C3 houses [175 CREDITS],
         you can find a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] in room C1, and C2 holds
         an Ebook (REX-84 Operational Field Notes).  Beware of the camera
         above the C3 vent (which you should've shut down).  There's also a
         camera between C3 and A3 which has quite a wide range, so be careful.
                               {C3}           {C2 / C1}
                               | |               | |
                               | |_______________| |
                               |  _______________  |
                        /      | |               | |
                   (cam)       | |               | |
                        \      | |               | |
                               | |_______________| |
                               |  _______________  |
                               | |               | |
                               | |               | `.______
                              {A3}               `._______Start
         Sneaking past the guard(s) is tricky, but it's a good idea to keep in
         mind that your destination is on the far left side.  There are other
         rooms to explore though, which contain the following things:
         {B3} contains an Ebook (A Coalition For Liberty), {B2} contains a
         [POCKET SECRETARY] with a computer login (lbarrett/BULLSKULL), {B1}
         contains [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO x4], {A1} contains a [POCKET SECRETARY]
         with background info, and {A2} contains [REVOLVER AMMO x3].
         A decent strategy to take down the guard is to hide in one of the rooms
         he passes by, make some noise by running around, hiding behind the
         door and *immediately take him down as he enters the room, without him
         being able to make a sound.
         Make your way over to left and go through the door.  Depending on
         whether you entered through middle door or not you'll first need to
         deactivate the laser beams; code 7984 (or remove the large crate from
         the vent, although you can also get the [EXPLORER 200XP] by going
         through it via the other end after deactivating the laser beams.
         You can find [SNIPER RIFLE AMMO x3] on the crates in the far corner
         at the end of the hallway.  Go through the door and two FEMA officials
         will ask you what the hell you're doing here.  You can either bluff
         (which works well if you got the access code from Zeke) or fight.
         Choosing Bluff, Bluff, and Intimidate also works if you don't have the
         If you choose to fight, it helps to take both of them down in one
         swift melee attack by rushing towards them.
         Hack the level 1 doors (SCRIPT KIDDIE 25XP) and start exploring the
	 area.  The locker room contains [200 CREDITS], [3x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO],
	 and [2x SNIPER RIFLE AMMO].  You can find [80 CREDITS] on a table in
	 the cafeteria, and the office behind the cafeteria (locked by a level 2
	 security device, although you also have the code: 7984) grants
	 [EXPLORER 200XP] and contains a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Blurring the
	 Boundaries Between Man and Machine), a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK],
	 [150 CREDITS], and Lawrence Barrett's PC with background information.
         Continue through door on the left side of the cafeteria.

         This is where paths #1 and #2 merge.  You can backtrack and follow
         the other to find more items, or you can continue.

Path #2: Head inside the next room in which you'll find a level 3 PC (password
         neuralhub) that unlocks the nearby storage room.  Make sure you also
         disable the camera.
         The storage room is just around the corner [PATHFINDER 300XP].  Inside
         you'll find a [SHOTGUN], [SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES x5], [TYPHOON AMMO x1],
         a [ROCKET], and a [CONCUSSION GRENADE].
         Continue and hack the level 2 PC in the control room for background
         info [GREY HAT 50XP].  It's possible to move the large crates to your
         right (with the "Move Heavy Objects" aug, but you can also break either
         of them by shooting them a couple of times with a silenced weapon.
         We'll first head through the other, non-barricaded door.  Sneak to the
         far corner of the area, avoiding contact with any merc or camera.
         Enter the office and look for a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a pc login
         (WKS3021/hmldsec), [50 CREDITS], a [STUN GUN DART] and [170 CREDITS]
         hidden in the corner nearby the stun gun darts.  The PC contains
         background info and can be accessed with the login you just found.
         Use the vent shaft to access the adjacent office and look around for
         [120 CREDITS], a [TRANQ DART], another [30 CREDITS], and a [STOP WORM
         SOFTWARE].  You'll probably want to stay crouched while exploring.
         Don't hack the level 3 PC yet or you'll probably be spotted.
         Go through the door and hide behind the catwalk - then behind the
         steel bars near the wall.  Wait for the guard up ahead to move towards
         an alarm panel and quickly crouch your way towards him, then take him
         out and hide his body behind the crates.
         Enter the control room nearby and look for a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] and
         an [EMP GRENADE] (nice!).  The level 3 PC here (neuralhub) can
         deactivate the two cameras on this level, saving you the trouble of
         being extra careful.
         First take out the sniper, when he's standing on a platform in the
         middle of the area (and when his buddy isn't looking his direction).
         The other merc shouldn't be too hard to take down now, although you'll
         want to avoid being seen by any mercs or turret downstairs.
         From the alarm panel where you took down the first guard, head through
         the double doors a few meters further and make your way downstairs.
         This connects to a hallway which links to your destination; just be
         careful the camera doesn't spot you.

         Paths #1 and #2 have now merged. Feel free to backtrack for more
         experience or goodies now (or later, although all enemies will be
         gone after facing the boss, which means no more opportunities for you
         to get experience points from them).

Pritchard will tell you where to go.  First head inside the small office,
avoiding the nearby camera.  Inside you can find [COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] and a
[RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE] if you remove the boxes from the wall. The level 2 PC
shuts down the camera, and you also have the code (neuralhub).

The medical bay around the corner contains a [HYPOSTIM] and [220 CREDITS], the
second room contains [PAINKILLERS] and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with background

Make your way through the hangar up ahead.  There are no items in this area,
so proceed until you reach the double doors that lead to your destination, and
save your game.  It's a good idea to buff your health as high as possible with
painkillers and the hypostim you found earlier.  It certainly won't hurt to
have 200 health. Enter the next room [1750XP], [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP],
[GHOST 500 XP].

|/\| BOSS BATTLE: LAWRENCE BARRETT |                                         __
|/\| Barrett's a tough boss if you expect to down him with bullets alone.   |/\|
|\/| He'll never hesitate to pump you full of lead with his powerful        |\/|
|/\| gatling gun-arm, and he'll also hurl up to three grenades at you if    |/\|
|\/| you manage to piss him off - which is bound to happen.  How to deal    |\/|
|/\| with Barrett?  Below you'll find a few tips that ought to increase     |/\|
|\/| your chances of survival.                                              |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o To start off, quickly hurl an EMP (or Gas) Grenade at Barrett (and   |\/|
|/\|   make sure you hit him).  This'll stagger him long enough for you to  |/\|
|\/|   hide behind the pillar on the right.  Quickly look behind you and    |\/|
|/\|   spot the two gas canisters; grab one, strafe to the right and hurl   |/\|
|\/|   it (with the "fire" button) at Barrett. If you hit him with it, it'll|\/|
|/\|   automatically explode, further staggering and injuring Barrett.      |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o If you manage to pull off the above, quickly rush over to the other  |/\|
|\/|   corner of this side of the room and grab the explosive barrel.       |\/|
|/\|   Accurately hurling this at Barrett will cause major damage to him,   |/\|
|\/|   so give it your best shot.                                           |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o There are more explosive barrels and gas cylinders spread throughout |\/|
|/\|   the area, so it's best to continue with the above strategy while     |/\|
|\/|   hiding behind the pillars, staying out of sight as much as possible. |\/|
|/\|   If Barrett hurls grenades at you, immediately sprint to another      |/\|
|\/|   pillar and look for a gas cylinder.  After staggering him, hurl      |\/|
|/\|   something explosive at him.                                          |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o Besides gas canisters and explosive barrels, there are a lot of      |/\|
|\/|   weapons, mines and grenades to be found in this area.  It helps      |\/|
|/\|   significantly to hit Barrett several times with well-thrown grenades |/\|
|\/|   or strategically placed mines.  If you still have detonatable        |\/|
|/\|   explosives, you can hurl these at Barrett or a place you'll know he  |/\|
|\/|   pass by and time the explosion for maximum efficiency.               |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o Watch your health and don't come to close to Barrett or he'll show   |\/|
|/\|   you how nasty his melee attack is, which easily causes 80 points of  |/\|
|\/|   damage.  If you have any painkillers left, use them when hurt.       |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o If you have Typhoon, now's the time to make good use of it.          |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o It's important to realize that Barrett can't be tranquilized.  He is |\/|
|/\|   of the mandatory targets you must actually kill.                     |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o When you start to run out of options, grab a decent weapon and shoot |/\|
|\/|   Barrett repeatedly until he dies.  If you've successfully hit him    |\/|
|/\|   with explosives, EMP and gas before, this shouldn't be impossible.   |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o It's worth your while trying to stun Barrett with the Stun Gun, if   |/\|
|\/|   you have it.  Successfully doing so will stagger Barrett for a long  |\/|
|/\|   time.                                                                |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o An alternative way to kill Barrett very easily is to get the Recoil  |/\|
|\/|   Compensation augmentations 1 & 2.  Only do this if you can't beat    |\/|
|/\|   Barrett, because otherwise these augmentations aren't on par with    |/\|
|\/|   some others.  In any case, start the battle by throwing a Gas        |\/|
|/\|   Grenade at Barrett, then hide behind the concrete block.  As he      |/\|
|\/|   chokes, pull out a Machine Pistol or Combat Rifle and aim at his     |\/|
|/\|   head; unload a clip or two and he'll be toast.                       |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| For your convenience, here is a full listing of the equipment you can  |/\|
|\/| find in this area, along with a small map:                             |\/|
|/\|     ____________________                                               |/\|
|\/|    | E                G | A = Two Gas Canisters, [ROCKET x1], [PEPS    |\/|
|/\|    |                 ___|     ENERGY PACK x1], [10MM AMMO x5].         |/\|
|\/|    |                |                                                  |\/|
|/\|    |  D             |     B = [SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES x5], [MACHINE PISTOL |/\|
|\/|    |            F   |          AMMO x12], [TRANQ RIFLE DARTS x2].      |\/|
|/\|    |                |                                                  |/\|
|\/| ___|                |     C = Explosive Barrel, [MACHINE PISTOL AMMO   |\/|
|/\|| C    B           A |         x20], [MINE TEMPLATE x2], [FRAG GRENADE],|/\|
|\/||_________Start______|         [10MM AMMO x10], [PAINKILLERS], [TYPHOON |\/|
|/\|                               AMMO x1], [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR],    |/\|
|\/|                               [10MM PISTOL] and [MACHINE PISTOL x2].   |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| D = [SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES x2], Explosive Barrel.                         |\/|
|/\| E = [PEPS ENERGY PACK], [10MM AMMO x5].                                |/\|
|\/| F = [AMMUNITION CASE], Explosive Barrel.                               |\/|
|/\| G = [PAINKILLERS], [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR], and a weapon cabinet    |/\|
|\/|     with an [EMP GRENADE], a [GRENADE] and three [SHOTGUNS].           |\/|

Watch the cutscene, after which the way will be cleared.  You can now exit the
facility completely; it looks like your next objective is going to be Shanghai,
Hengsha Court Gardens [2500XP].

Note: If you still wish to explore parts the facility you can do so now.  All
      mercenaries have been extracted from the area, making exploration easier.

Ride the elevator up and speak with Malik to exit the area [1000XP].

|/\/\/\|                  Whispers of conspiracy [WLK-9]                |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  After killing Barrett you were left with only one clue:       |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  Head to the Hengsha Court Gardens in Shanghai.  Then again,   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  the guy who told you that also wanted to send you to hell.    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M11]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES:   |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |\/|
|/\| o MEET SARIF IN THE PENTHOUSE [1000XP]                  ---            |/\|
|\/| o MEET PRITCHARD IN MY OFFICE [1000XP]                                 |\/|
|/\| o CONFRONT SARIF ABOUT THE SECURITY LEAK [1000XP]                      |/\|
|\/|   + [SILVER TONGUE 1000XP]                                             |\/|
|/\| o MEET MALIK AT THE HELIPAD [1000XP]                                   |/\|

Back at Sarif Industries, head into your office and check your email.  Don't
speak with Pritchard, ignore him for now.

You can re-explore the ventilation shaft in the southwestern part of the lower
area that leads towards the Helipad.  It now contains [P.E.P.S. AMMO] and

Head inside the penthouse by using the elevator in the main hall to meet
Taggart and his assistant Sandoval.  Although the dialogue has no influence on
the story, it's worthwhile to get as much information from Taggart and Sandoval
as possible to better understand the story.

Speaking with Sarif gives you your next mission [1000XP].  Head to Jensen's
office, then speak with Pritchard [1000XP].  He'll tell you about a security
problem in Sarif Industries' network, and he wants you to talk to David about

David has the personality type Alpha, so you'll need to watch what you're saying
since he is after all your boss.  Carefully formulate your thoughts and stay
with the subject.  Your first answer should be Redirect, but after this the
conversation is semi-randomized and you'll have to listen to David carefully.
Winning this conversation also grants you the YES BOSS achievement/trophy.
[1000XP] + [SILVER TONGUE 1000XP].

Return to Jensen's office and read all emails on his PC.  Speak to Pritchard
outside of the office afterwards.  These steps are important so you can later
activate the Acquaintances Forgotten Side Quest.

When you've fully explored Sarif Industries, bought everything from the shops
in Detroit you need, and explored the city thoroughly, depart by speaking with
Malik at the helipad [1000XP].  You'll be back later in Detroit for unfinished
business, but things'll be slightly different when you return.

|/\/\/\|                   Hunting the Hacker [WLK-10]                  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  You've arrived in Shanghai; now you need to find the Hengsha  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  Court Gardens and see if you can find more clues there.       |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|                                                                |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                       SECONDARY OBJECTIVES:   |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   |\/|
|\/| o GET INSIDE THE HIVE NIGHTCLUB [250XP] + [GHOST xxx XP]               |\/|
|\/|   ([GHOST] if you take a stealth route, but you can't speak with Tong) |\/|
|/\| o MEET TONG IN HIS OFFICE [1000XP] (only after winning the conversation|/\|
|\/|   with Tong)                                                           |\/|

Malik drops you off on the roof of the Hung Hua Hotel.  It's a good idea to
head inside, after listening to the conversations the two working girls are
having by the door.

On the 4th floor, head through the door and listen to the conversation in the
first bedroom, then talk to Mei Suen to start the Rotten Business sidequest.

Tip: This is rather evil, but also saves you an enormous amount of time.  If
     it's just money you're after (not experience too), close the door and
     take Mei down.  Loot the large amount of 3000 Credits from her body (which
     would otherwise be this sidequest's reward).  You don't get any XP this
     way, though; it just saves you time.

Now is also a good time to get a certain item that you'll need later on.  From
Mei's room, head onto the balcony and collect the [133 CREDITS] from the small
table.  From here, head over to the third, last balcony (the second room has
nothing of interest) and sneak into the room crouched.  Grab the [SMART CARD]
at the bed's end, and exit the room (the security guard and hooker don't have
anything on them).

Head downstairs to the 3rd floor and look for a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a key
code in the poledancing room to your immediate right.  The first bedroom holds
a [HIVE MEMBERSHIP CARD] that'll come in handy later.  You can find a [CYBER
BOOST PROENERGY BAR] on the cabinet left to the bed in the second bedroom.
The third bedroom doesn't contain any items.

The 2nd floor cannot be accessed, so head down to the first floor and enter
the lobby office.  One of the lockers contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK],
and there's an Ebook (Hearts of Steel) on the table.  The safe can be unlocked
with the code you just found (or you can hack it's LVL 2 security system).
The code is 7657 and inside you'll find [137 CREDITS], [5x 10MM AMMO], and a
new pair of shoes.  You can find a [BEER] on the counter just on the other side
of the glass.

Go through the red door across the bar to enter Lin Fu Ren's shop.

                              LIN FU REN'S SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Rocket                    |   150  |         2         |
           |Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) |   120  |         5         |
           |Sniper Rifle Ammo (x5)    |   150  |         2         |
           |Crossbow Arrows           |    70  |         4         |
           |Rocket Launcher           |  4000  |         1         |
           |Machine Pistol            |   750  |         1         |
           |Sniper Rifle              |  3000  |         1         |
           |Crossbow                  |  2000  |         1         |
           |Frag Grenade              |   150  |         2         |
           |EMP Grenade               |   200  |         1         |
           |Silencer                  |   500  |         1         |
           |Laser Targeting System    |   500  |         1         |
           |Damage Upgrade            |   250  |         1         |
           |Target-Seeking System     |  1500  |         1         |
           |(for Machine Pistol or    |        |                   |
           |Combat Rifle)             |        |                   |

If you don't already have a Silencer for your 10mm Pistol, now's an excellent
time to buy one.  The ladder at the far end of this room leads to a sewer-like
environment that grants a shortcut to The Hive (and there's a vent that leads
to Kuaigan District.  Ignore these for now, just take note.

Head outside.  The city might overwhelm you at first, so we'll just do
everything step by step.  Head inside the electronics shop across the street
and go around the corner; hack the LVL 2 safe to find [110 CREDITS] inside.
The storage room grants [TRAVELER 100XP] and contains [111 CREDITS].  You can
find a [POCKET SECRETARY] near the entrance of the Hung Hua Hotel.

The nearby grocery store also has a storage room that grants a [TRAVELER 100XP]
bonus, and contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR].  The bar's storage room
also grants [TRAVELER 100XP] and contains [103 CREDITS].

Head right, towards the "Lucky Dot" sign, and go around the corner - the other
area leads to a dead end.  You can find a bottle of [SPIRITS] down this street,
at the intersection.

Turn right at this intersection and head through the alley until you have to
jump over some concrete blocks.  Head into the shop on your right and explore
the storage room [TRAVELER 100XP], in which you can find an ammunition case
with [4x TRANQUILIZER DARTS].  Continue and head downstairs.  In case you were
wondering, if you head right from here, the long staircase leads back to the
roof of the Hung Hua Hotel, and also functions as a shortcut to Chuangli, the
bouncer connected to the Rotten Business sidequest.

When you climb these stairs, keep an eye out for a small balcony on your left
hand, right before you pass a bicycle and a few rubber tires.  Jump on the
railing to reach the balcony [TRAVELER 100XP], which contains a hidden [BURST

Speaking to Chuang Li grants you a standard [100XP], but he isn't about to tell
you where his friends are holding Ning.  You'll either need the Social
Enhancer augmentation, or bribe Chuang Li with the fairly large sum of 2000
credits to have him tell you where Ning is.  This is, however, optional 
information, but the extra experience you get for this can only be gotten
by these two ways [300XP + 750XP].  

Tip: You could, of course, pay him the 2000 credits (assuming you have the
     amount), get the experience, then take Chuang Li out with a takedown,
     retrieving your credits *and* his shotgun, which you can sell downstairs
     at Lin Fu Ren's shop.

Head back downstairs (to the previous area) to continue exploring.

Most importantly, explore the four storage rooms just ahead.  They're all
locked with LVL 2 security panels, so hacking shouldn't be a problem, but if
you're interested in their security codes, these are (from your starting
position to the last): 1381, 1339, 1379, 7845.

The first box contains [5x CROSSBOW ARROWS], and [328 CREDITS] in a LVL 2 safe.
The second box contains an ammunition case with [2x TYPHOON AMMO].  The third
box contains [105 CREDITS], a [10MM PISTOL] (which you could sell at Lin Fu
Ren for 175 credits, just drop your primary 10mm Pistol before picking this
one up, then recollect it), and a [NUKE VIRUST SOFTWARE].  The fourth box
contains [10x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO], a [COMBAT RIFLE] (which sells for a nice
630 Credits) and [5x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES] plus [2x REVOLVER AMMO] inside the
LVL 2 safe.  Selling weapons might seem troublesome, but it's well worth the
time investment, especially if you want to buy the two Praxis Kits from the
LIMB clinic soon enough (a whopping 10000 credits investment).

It's also useful to know that the Alice Garden Pods entrance is located on the
opposite side of the area.  Ignore this for now.

Head downstairs and explore the storage room in the shop across the street
[TRAVELER 100XP] to find [12x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO].  The other shop in the
corner of the street also has a storage room [TRAVELER 100XP] that contains [5x
10MM PISTOL AMMO].  Head east - opposite of this shop - and go down the stairs
underneath the level you previously explored the four storage boxes.  This is a
slummy area; you can only find a [BEER] in the far left corner on a small table
with a radio.

Ning can be found in a storage room upstairs, but is guarded by three Harvester
Triad members.  Locaing the guards grants you [300XP].

Head upstairs in a crouched position and look at your radar to ensure none of
the three Harvester Triad members are looking your direction.  Only one of them
will occasionally inspect the stairs.  You can try shooting him with the tranq.
rifle while making sure he doesn't see you (just don't move too far ahead, and
make sure his head is behind the wall), then drag his body down/out of sight.
Alternatively, the Stun Gun works wonders too.

To take out the other two guys, first tranquilize the one leaning against the
wall - you can do this from behind the concrete block.  The other one will rush
towards him to wake him, so quickly prevent him from doing just that by going
in for a takedown.  Alternatively you can use a Stun Gun to down the first
guard, and a takedown for the second [750XP].  Loot their bodies to find a
[POCKET SECRETARY] with the keycode for the LVL 2 storage box (which you could
also hack for XP); 5377.  Speak to Ning and accept her gratitude [100XP].

Tip: The Machine Pistols sells for 380 Credits a piece.  Picking up ONE at a
     time and making a quick detour to Lin Fu Ren's shop can thus make you
     1140 Credits.  That's quick money, as it only takes about two minutes
     to make one detour; less if you have the Icarus Landing System (as you can
     leap off into the lower area).

Return to Mei at the Hung Hua Hotel to receive your reward [1000XP], [1000
CREDITS].  She also has another task for you, namely to kill Diamond Chan.
Accept this mission (she'll hand you the drugs package) and go downstairs.
From the entrance of the Hung Hua Hotel, head right.

You can go up the stairs on the right and explore the storage room of the store
to receive [TRAVELER 100XP].  There's another store at the very top of the
stairs that also has a storage room [TRAVELER 100XP].  There's also a LVL2
storage cabin on the top floor; simply head around the corner.  Inside you can
find a [TRANQUILIZER RIFLE].  If you already have one, consider dropping your
main tranquilizer rifle and selling this one for 750 Credits at Lin Fu Ren's
shop; easy money considering how close his shop is.

Ignore the ladder and stairs, and head down the left streets to enter Youzhao
District.  Climb the two ladders at the intersection and move to the far end
of this roof.

Note: Going down the stairs to your left leads to some apartments.  You can find
      a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (The Science and Theory behind Cochlear Implants)
      in the apartment on the second floor.

Note: If you go right and then head right again you'll reach an other roof.
      The first apartment to your left (LVL 1 security) contains yet another
      [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Invasive Brain Machine Interfaces).

Diamond Chan's apartment is on the far left end of the roof up ahead, so you'll
need to jump over, which isn't a problem with Jump Enhancement.  Otherwise, head
up the small steps and use the ramp for an extension for your leap.

Approach the door of his apartment and wait for Chan to finish his phone call;
he's obviously pissed off.  Look at your radar and wait for him to turn his
back towards you, then enter his apartment [300 XP] and knock him out [100 XP]
(or kill him [300 XP], which won't affect your rewards; in fact, you can also
knock out Chan first for XP, then kill him.  This *does* affect two trophies/
achievements - see below).

Save your game first.  If you want to get "The Fall" achievement/trophy, hurl
Chan off the building.  This prevents you from getting the "Pacifist" trophy/
achievement.  After getting "The Fall", reload your game and plant the drugs
on him.  If you already have "The Pacifist" trophy/achievement, then killing
Chan is your best option, since it grants you 200 extra experience points (since
the fall or planting drugs only grant 100XP instead of 300XP).

You can also grab his Revolver and sell it for 300 Credits since you're going to
the Hung Hua Hotel anyway.  Complete the quest with Mei to receive [1000XP] and
[2000 CREDITS].

From the Hung Hua Hotel, head right and go down the ladder or stairs on your
immediate right (and walk past the Pole Doll poster).  There's a LVL2 storage
box in this alley, inside which you can find a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE], an
excellent combination for weapons like the Tranquilizer or Sniper Rifle that
have a 1-round-only clip and require a lot of reloading.

There's a manhole in the small area to the right which leads to the sewer part
that connects to the Hung Hua Hotel.  Continue down the alley and you'll see
an electronics shop across the street; its storage room [TRAVELER 100XP]
contains [99 CREDITS].  East of here connects back to the part of town you've
already explored, and also leads to the entrance of The Hive.  Ignore this for
now and head down the streets left of the electronics store and go north.
It requires Jump Enhancement to jump over the fence with the help of one of
the containers; in this small area you can find a [STUN GUN] and [2x STUN GUN

You don't actually need Jump Enhancement to get to the area behind this one;
the other alley to the right of the electronics store also leads here.  Ignore
the manhole and continue north until you reach a fence with a hole in it.
Head through and pick up the [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], then continue and head
down the stairs at the far end of the streets.   This leads you to the Hengsha
LIMB Clinic and Tai Yong Medical entrance.

                        HUANG LING (LIMB CLINIC) SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Typhoon Ammo              |   100  |         5         |
           |Hypostim                  |   100  |         2         |
           |CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar  |   250  |         2         |
           |Praxis Kit                |  5000  |         2         |

As usual, it's a good idea to buy both Praxis Kits (if you can, otherwise try
making more money by finding/selling weapons or exploration).  Since Hypostims
are well worth their money and are quite rare, buying both is also a good idea.

The stairs leading down eventually connect with the part of Hengsha where you
freed Ning, and there's little else to do there so you can safely ignore it,
unless you want to chat with NPC's.  There is a LVL2 storage room to the right
of the stairs, however, which you can hack.  Do this quickly, because the
police officers don't like you snooping around there.  Once you've hacked it,
everything'll be fine though.  Inside a [4x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES] and a [SHOTGUN]
(which sells for 750 credits).

You can find [107 CREDITS] in one of stores' storage rooms here [TRAVELER 100XP]
and [10x COMBAT RIFLE] on a container in a corner above the subway station.
There's also a LVL2 storage room here, but you'll want to knock out the nearby
police officer first or he'll probably turn hostile against you.  This has the
added bonus that you can sell his Combat Rifle for 630 credits.  

Alternatively you can find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with the code (6830) for the
container box behind the counter of the nearby store.  You can still knock out
the police officer regardless and make some money of his Combat Rifle, of
course.  It's basically possible to do this with more officers, but always
save your game beforehand and make sure there are no other officers in sight.
After a while you'll start to find it hilarious how Lin Fu Ren keeps saying how
you make him poor, and that dealing with you is no fun.  The only thing that
happens when civilians are around is that they'll go into emo-mode for a few
minutes.  Just hide the body in a place where no civilians can see it and they
will return back to normal after a few minutes of your absence.

Inside you can find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with the keycode (9900) for the safe;
it's lying under one of the heavy crates (which requires Strength Enhancement
to lift).  The PC contains the conversation of the intro of the game and some
other mysterious hacker emails.  The LVL2 safe contains a [REVOLVER] and [3x

You've pretty much explored the entire district, so head into the subway station
and travel to the Youzhao District.  You can also enter this district via
various streets, but this route is closest to us now.

When you reach street level you'll be halted by Belltower Guards.  This is
actually your current destination, so we'll explore the rest of this district
later.  You can take the time to open the LVL1 storage cabin next to the
subway through; inside is a [P.E.P.S.], a [P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK] and [125
CREDITS].  Now ... How to get into that penthouse?

Path #1: Head around the corner of the street and climb the ladders nearby the
         store, then jump on the iron attachments to reach the roof.  You'll
         most likely overhear two Belltower guards talking about security
         issues.  You can either hack the LVL1 door and go through the vent,
         or you can take out the guard on the roof (and the second guard on
         the far side of the roof).
         Tip: Going through the vent behind the door leads to an elevator
              shaft in which you can find a [PRAXIS KIT] at the bottom.

         Explore the roof on your right to find [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] on a
	 small table.  Yeah, I always bring my machine pistol ammo too when I go
	 out for a drink on a rooftop in Hengsha, and then forget to take it
	 with me.

         Take out the guards, head through the door, go downstairs and use
         the elevator to enter the penthouse.  (You could also take out the
         two guards on your left with a double takedown if you wish.  More
         importantly, when you exit to the right, you can hack the apartment
         here and find a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Understanding Vision (Part 1))
         in the kitchen.)
         Tip: Leave the weapons so you can come back later and sell them when
              you need money.  You'll probably need a large sum of cash for
              one of the sidequests.
         Move one of the vending machines away from the ventilation shaft,
         then head left down the hall.  The other ventilation system leads to
         an elevator shaft [EXPLORER 200XP], but we'll ignore this for the
         Sneak towards the corner, wait for the two guards to finish their
	 conversation, and hide behind the wall on your right.  Take down the
	 guard that passes, then take out the other one.  The garbage room in
	 the far left corner holds a [BEER].
	 The other room is where the action's at.  There are three guards here.
	 Hide behind the desk and wait until one of the guards moves towards
	 the desk; take him out when he's about to turn his back towards you.
	 The other two guards only look outside the window, although the other
	 strolls every once in a while from one window to the other.  Taking
	 these two out shouldn't be a big problem.
	 The ventilation shafts here lead back to the one you revealed by
	 moving a ventilation shaft.  The garbage room contains a [BEER], the
	 bedroom holds a [10MM PISTOL] in the open drawer, a [STOP! WORM
	 SOFTWARE] in the dress room and [PAINKILLERS] in the bathroom.
	 The Toy Doll in the middle of the office reveals a secret opening,
	 but you could also jump through the destroyed wall to reach your
	 objective.  There are two [STOP! WORM SOFTWARES] and a [NUKE VIRUS
	 SOFTWARE] on the desk.  Hack the LVL1 PC and read the emails to
	 complete your objective [2500XP].

         (Other paths coming soon.)

Head back to the Hengsha streets and go to The Hive [250XP].  You've already
found the membership card on the 3rd floor of the Hung Hua Hotel, so the bouncer
will let you pass.  Otherwise you'll need to flash your credit card.  Speak with
Bobby Boa the bartender and ask for Tong.  Also buy his drinks and down them all
at once, along with a few beers you might still have (unless you're already at
200 health).  An excellent way to get Jensen wasted.

Head inside the men's restroom to find a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a keycode to
the basement.  The women's restroom has a vent leading back to the Hengsha
streets; it leads back to the place where you had to crawl under a fence to
continue.  This is also an other way to get inside The Hive [TRAVELLER 100XP].
There's also a [BEER] in the women's restroom.

Go upstairs and look around for another [BEER] and [WINE], then proceed to
the manager, Tong.  A social battle commences.  The best first option is
Pinpoint.  The second and third answers that will usually work are Advise and
Pinpoint, but save your game beforehand to ensure victory [750XP] + [SILVER
TONGUE 1000XP].  You'll also unlock a trophy for winning this social battle.

Head downstairs and go through the door on your left.  The storage room
contains a [WINE].  Head downstairs and, if you want to do some optional
exploration, head left past the bouncer.  Head through the halls and before
you continue past the camera, head through the vent to find a [NUKE VIRUS
SOFTWARE], and a dead body in a room (someone Tong must've tortured).  He has
a [POCKET SECRETARY] on him that hints at the reason for his demise.  Search
the room for a [RATE-OF-FIRE] upgrade on the small cart, then go outside.

Going upstairs leads to a small office with a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Optical
Enhancement Functionality), a LVL3 safe (code: 8953) with [378 CREDITS] + [533
CREDITS], and two PCs.

Head back to the bouncer at the intersection and head the other way to enter
Tong's office.  You can also spot him from the vent shaft on the left side.
Look around for [383 CREDITS] in his office, as well as a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK]
(The Use of Neuromuscular Facilitation Systems).  Speak with Tong to get the
info you need [1000XP].

Before you leave The Hive completely, talk to Bobby (the bartender) again to
start the Bar Tab sidequest.

We'll first continue with the main storyline, so head to the Alice Garden Pods.
Go to the reception and head through the door.  The LVL3 door here (3824)
leads to an office with an Rebook (MY DIARY (by Chou Jian)), a hidden [POCKET
SECRETARY] behind the small box under the desk with a login code: ASGARDEN/
rbbthole, a LVL3 PC (with this login), another Ebook (Dragon Heads: The Triads
of the 21st Century), and a LVL2 safe with [1015 CREDITS].  You DON'T want to
be seen in this room by the receptionist or Harvesters or they'll turn hostile.

Continue and head up the stairs where you'll run into Malik.  You can now start
the Shanghai Justice sidequest if you accept.  In any case, we'll continue
with the main quest right now.

You can find a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] on the counter of the cook in the
center.  There's a [BEER] on a table in the southeastern area, and a [CYBERBOOST
PROENERGY BAR] on a crate nearby the southeastern stairs.  Behind these
containers you can find a more hidden [ARMOR-PIERCING UPGRADE] for the 10mm
Pistol.  If yours already has the upgrade, sell it for 750 Credits to the
dealer located nearby.

The dealer Peng Xin Hao can be found in the storage room to the northeast.

                              PENG XIN HAO SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Revolver Ammo (x5)        |   130  |         2         |
           |Combat Rifle Ammo (x10)   |   100  |         4         |
           |Shotgun Cartridges (x5)   |   100  |         2         |
           |P.E.P.S. Energy Pack (x1) |    50  |         5         |
           |Tranquilizer Darts (x2)   |   100  |         5         |
           |Stun Gun Darts (x2)       |    50  |         5         |
           |10mm Pistol Ammo (x5)     |    25  |         6         |
           |Revolver                  |   600  |         1         |
           |Combat Rifle              |  1250  |         1         |
           |Shotgun                   |  1500  |         1         |
           |P.E.P.S.                  |   750  |         1         |
           |Tranquilizer Rifle        |  1500  |         1         |
           |Stun Gun                  |   500  |         1         |
           |10mm Pistol               |   350  |         1         |
           |Mine Template             |    75  |         3         |
           |Gas Grenade               |   200  |         1         |
           |Concussion Grenade        |    60  |         2         |
           |Rate-of-Fire Upgrade      |   250  |         1         |
           |Exploding Rounds Package  |  1500  |         1         |
           |(for the Revolver)        |        |                   |
           |Stop! Worm Software       |    50  |         5         |
           |Nuke Virus Software       |    50  |         5         |

The Gas Grenade is well worth its money, and so is the Exploding Rounds
Package for the Revolver (is you like to use it).  Stocking up on Stop! Worm
and Nuke Virus Softwares is always a good idea if you have the credits to

Head up to the third floor and do some exploration.

Pod 09: Ebook (Rooftop Pitfalls Claim Another) - this is part of the Shanghai
        Justice sidequest, and a [POCKET SECRETARY].  Reading the Ebook grants
        you [100XP].
Pod 25: Ebook (HOW TO WIN AT MAHJONG).

Pod 139: [BEER]
Pod 143: [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Electrogravitic Technology Applications),

Pod 201: [100 CREDITS] (on the nearby bench).
Pod 211: [95 CREDITS]. (a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a "manager's safe code" lies
         nearby this pod, the code is 3785).
Pod 233: [POCKET SECRETARY] (not inside but directly in front of it).
Pod 241: [WINE].
Pod 243: [POCKET SECRETARY] (with code to office: 3824).

Head up to the fourth floor to continue your exploration.  Don't speak with
Van Bruggen just yet.

Pod 301: Van Bruggen's Pod.
Pod 333: [2x P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK].

Pod 405: [95 CREDITS].
Pod 411: [96 CREDITS].
Pod 425: Ebook (DEAR DIARY).

Pod 501: [103 CREDITS].
Pod 517: [SPIRITS].
Pod 543: [10MM PISTOL].

|/\/\/\|           Gaining Access To Tai Yong Medical [WLK-11]          |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  You've made your way through Hengsha and found the hacker,    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  Van Bruggen.  Suddenly the place is ambushed by Belltower     |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  security guards.  What's going on?                            |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                                               |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                               |\/|
|/\| o MEET VAN BRUGGEN IN THE ALICE GARDEN PODS [1000XP]                   |/\|
|\/| o STEAL AN EMPLOYEE CARD FROM A TYM EMPLOYEE [1000XP]                  |\/|
|/\| o BRING THE EMPLOYEE CARD TO VAN BRUGGEN [1000XP]                      |/\|
|\/| o ESCAPE THE ALICE GARDEN PODS AMBUSH [1000XP] + [GHOST 500XP]         |\/|

Open Van Bruggen's pod when you've explored the entire area.  It might be a
good idea to drop one of your main weapons (such as your 10mm Pistol, or any
of your rifles) and grab either the Machine Pistol (pod 429) or 10mm Pistol
(pod 543), so you can give it to Van Bruggen (and pick up your own weapon
afterwards). [1000XP]

You should already have the TYM Card, so that gives you a decent booster
[1000XP] + [1000XP].  When all the guards rush in, give Van Bruggen a weapon
(you won't regret it), and start taking down the guards on the fourth floor
in a stealthy fashion.

Move to the far northeast side of the fourth floor and carefully look for a
breakable wall (which is easy if you have the corresponding augmentation,
although you don't necessarily need it).  You can also destroy the wall by
shooting it several times (of course, preferably with a silenced weapon).
Head inside the secret area [EXPLORER 200XP] and grab the [RATE-OF-FIRE

Drop down and hide behind the corner of the wall to spot two mighty grunts and
a regular Belltower guard patrolling the area.  When all three of them are
looking/moving towards the left side of the area, quickly sneak through the
room, hugging the right wall and heading downstairs.

Tip: While it's possible to knock out the three guards on the ground level,
     this is tricky and requires some skill and precise timing.  From the
     stairs, stay out of sight and study your radar for the movements of the
     three guards.  The one giving orders, Narhari Kahn, will be very close to
     the stairs at some point.  If the grunt to the right is standing nearby,
     this won't even matter all that much (he's slightly looking the other way),
     but make sure that the other grunt is moving away from you when you go
     in for the takedown when he's close to the stairs.  He holds a [POCKET
     SECRETARY] with a login code to his PC, and a Frag Grenade.
     The second guard you should take out is the one on the left, near the
     vendor stands.  Wait for the other guard on the right to move away and
     hide behind the vendor stands, then wait for a good moment for the
     takedown and hide his body behind the stands.  Lastly, take out the third
     guard.  If you're interested in their Heavy Rifle, well, knock yourself

Continue.  One of the lockers holds [3x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES].  There's a guard
on patrol in the next area, and a camera is watching him making his rounds.
You can distract the guard by shooting a dart in one of the middle or outer
walls (that are not in the camera's line of sight).  Wait for him to investigate
and hide well, then take him down as he returns.

The door leads to a vent in the second restroom (behind the crate) that allows
you to skip the room up ahead (which has two guards and a turret).  Otherwise,
stay crouched and sneak towards the row of faucets.  There's a [CYBERBOOST
PROENERGY BAR] on the corner - in case you want to use stealth.  Unfortunately,
the showers to the right are rigged with a Frag Mine.  You can disarm it by
moving towards it very, very slowly.  After having done so, continue and ignore
the PC (the guards will see you if you attempt to hack it).  The next room has
no items, so continue to the next shower area.

The left side has an electric current running through the water on the floor.
Conveniently there are also several crates lying around so you can create a
moving bridge (or just hop over the showers hugging the left wall).
Alternatively you can disarm the three [FRAG MINES] on the right side of the
area by moving very slowly towards them.

Before heading through the double doors, consider breaking the wall to your
immediate right (with a gun such as your pistol, or of course with the aug).
This leads you to a secret corridor with two more breakable walls (on the far
end/and in the middle).  This costs quite some bullets though.  You can also
take out the two guards in this area since they tend to separate anyway.

Make your way through the laundry room and head around the corner.  Quickly
hide behind the box as two guards (one grunt and a normal guard) appear.
Wait for them to move away and quickly head into the area to your right.
From here you can continue around the corner.  Alternatively you can shoot the
grunt with a tranquilizer dart, wait for the other to come revive him and head
in for a takedown.  Exit through the door to Lower Hengsha [1000XP].

Now's a good time to do some sidequests.  You should've already gotten some info
from Pod #009 at Alice Garden Pods (as was mentioned).  Head over to the LIMB
clinic if you've accepted Malik's quest earlier on, and speak with Anonymous X
at the counter (the dialogue doesn't matter) [100XP].  Go back outside and meet
him downstairs, around the corner where he'll give you the autopsy report
[100XP].  He'll also ask for 1000 Credits, but there's no reason to give this
to him since it doesn't give you anything extra.  Read the Pocket Secretary to
find out more about the murder [100XP].  

From the Hung Hua Hotel, move to the Youzhao District, climb the ladders to the
roof and head up the roof of the other building where you can follow the marker
to find the apartment.  Alternatively you can use the subway to travel to the
Youzhao District.  The apartment is locked with a LVL3 security system,
although the door can also be destroyed by shooting it.  This tends to take
quite a few bullets - around 16 for a 10mm Pistol.

Enter the apartment [300XP] and search around for Lee.  Since he's not here,
look around for clues.

1. Check the ANSWERING MACHINE next to the bed.
2. Check the ANTIQUE CLOCK on the cabinet in the bedroom.
3. Hack the LEVEL 2 PC and read the emails.
4. Inspect the BASEBALL BAT in the corner near the entrance.

When you've inspected the apartment [750XP], return to the Kuaigan District and
visit The Hive [100XP].  Lee can be found on the second floor, he's sitting on
a bench in the corner.  Speak to him [100XP] and reply with the correct
answers.  It's most fun to try this yourself, but the correct answers are:

Inaccurate, Drunk, Antique Clock, Pregnant, LIMB.

If you fail the conversation and have the Social Augmentation, you can use it
to Appease him since he's an Alpha Personality (obviously).  When he confesses,
walk away from him [750XP] and go around the bar on this same floor.  You'll
find a LVL3 terminal here that you'll need to hack.  Save your game and hack
the terminal quickly, because you don't want to risk being seen by the nearby
bouncer [750XP].

Meet Malik outside [100XP] and you'll receive a [PRAXIS KIT].  Face The Hive
to see Malik's surprise; nice.  This concludes the quest [1000XP].

You receive this quest from The Hive's bartender, Bobby.  He wants you to hack
three security systems and turn off their network.

1. The first can be found in the Youzhao District.  From the Hung Hao Hotel,
   head into the Youzhao District, climb the ladders similarly like you did
   to reach Diamond Chan's apartment, and hack the LVL2 device to your left

2. This one's close to the first.  Just head up the small stairs on the right
   side of this roof and follow the quest marker.  Hop onto the box attached
   to the building's wall and hack this LVL2 device as well [300XP].

3. Climb the ladder on your left, head up the roof (on your right), then
   make your way over the Penthouse's roof until you find this device on the
   roof to the far end of the area; follow the quest marker for an indication
   which direction to go [300XP].

Enter the Hengsha Court Garden building by going through the door on the other
roof (the same way you entered the penthouse) [100XP].  Ride the elevator down,
find Jaya's apartment and have a word with her [100XP].

You can now either ask her for the money, which will net you [750XP], or ask for
the augmentation (which isn't an ideal scenario; Bobby will be pissed off and
won't give you the reward), or you can offer help.  If you pay Bobby the
whopping amount of 5000 Credits, he'll leave Jaya alone.  This grants you the
Guardian Angel achievement/trophy.  Choose whichever option you like and don't
miss the [5x 10MM PISTOL AMMO] in the kitchen of Jaya's apartment.  Make sure
not to take the memory chip from her body if you choose to take her out!

Note: It is also possible to take the Praxis Kit from Bobby by taking him down
      or tranquilizing him, but it'll turn the bar hostile, so only do this
      if you're completely done in The Hive.  Turn on your cloaking aug and
      exit the place.

After completing this quest one way or the other, you're rewarded with [1000XP]
and the [PRAXIS KIT] (except when you give the augmentation to Bobby).

With the sidequests done, head over to the Tai Yong Medical subway and depart.

|/\/\/\|                   Searching For Proof [WLK-12]                 |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  It's time to get some answers from Sarif's competitor, Tai    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  Yong Medical.  First you'll need to infiltrate their          |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  facility.                                                     |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|\/|   THE PANGU [1750XP] + [GHOST 500XP]            [750XP]                |\/|
|/\|   + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                                            |/\|
|\/| o FIND AND VIEW VAN BRUGGEN'S RECORDING [2500 XP]                      |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |/\|

In this area, look for a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] in one of the lockers on
the left, and [25 CREDITS] underneath the vending machine to your right.  One
of the other lockers contains another [50 CREDITS].  Head through the door and
go upstairs.

Here, an employee is in trouble due to a gas leak.  Quickly head to the nearby
door and hack the device (LVL3).  You might need to use a Nuke Virus Software
and a Stop! Worm Software, since it's a tricky grid.  Close the gas leak with
the valve in this room to save the employee's life [750XP].  Talk to him and
he'll give you some useful information.

You can find a useful [POCKET SECRETARY] in one of the lockers in the room with
the valve that contains four keycodes.  There are [200 CREDITS] and a [GAS
GRENADE] in the lockers inside the employee's room.

The guard up ahead isn't about to let you pass, but there are several options
for dealing with him.  If you saved the employee, simply say so and he'll let
you pass.  A bribe of 500 Credits does the same.  Intimidating him causes him
to ring the alarm and fight you.  Bluffing causes him to go on a patrol, and
you'll want to take him out in this case.

Enter the room to your left and loot the locker for a [TRANQUILIZER DART].  The
other room contains [5x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] in a locker, and a [MINE TEMPLATE]
on top of the cabinet.  In the control room, unlock the catwalk maintenance
system (LVL2, code is 5720).  Don't move it just yet, instead, climb the ladder
in the room left of here and explore the room it currently leads to (indicated
by the green flashing lights) [PATHFINDER 300XP].

Inside you can find [200 CREDITS], an Ebook (Tao Yong Medical & You!), [5x
on a box here with a keycode for the pump room (7934).

Path #1: Reposition the catwalk in the control room and head inside the room it
         now connects to [PATHFINDER 300XP].  The locker contains [350 CREDITS]

         Note: This path requires the Icarus Landing System augmentation.  No XP
	       is rewarded by falling through the shaft, though.

         Drop down the shaft, in which you can find a [STUN GUN] and a [STUN GUN
         DART].  The vent leads to a room with two guards inside.

Path #2: From the control room, head downstairs and explore the intermediate
         level; there's a LVL3 security door on the far other end (code: 0821).
         The lockers contain [5x 10MM AMMO], a [10MM PISTOL], [250 CREDITS] and
	 an [EMP GRENADE].  You can also find some [PAINKILLERS] outside this
	 room, near the entrance.  Head down the last flight of stairs and
	 explore the area behind the southern stairs to find a [NUKE VIRUS
	 SOFTWARE], [2x REVOLVER AMMO] and a [REVOLVER] in the lockers.
         There's a camera up ahead that you'll want to sneak past, and you can
         also find [3x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] on the box nearby the camera.  A
         [STOP! WORM SOFTWARE] can be found in the cabinet next to the camera.
         Head over the bridge and avoid the camera.  Look for a large metal
         crate to your right and move it, revealing a ventilation shaft.
         First collect the [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] and [2x STUN GUN DARTS] from
         a box in the corner, then continue through the vent [PATHFINDER 300XP].
         Look in the small box to find a [POCKET SECRETARY] and three [STUN GUN

Path #3: Instead of using the vent you can also go over the bridge, take out
         the patrolling sentry, and go underneath the broken laserbeam (there's
         a longer pause at a steady interval when you can slip underneath).
Exit the vent and save your game before going inside the nearby control room.
Let the two guards finish their conversation, then take out the one leaning
against some devices.  Make sure you look out the window; there's another guard
patrolling the bridge and you'll want to avoid being seen by him.  This counts
for both takedowns, and you must also hide their bodies (either in the vent, or
very close to the wall) so that the other guard can't spot them.

There's an Ebook (The Sleepwalking World) next to the LVL2 PC, which you can use
to shut down the nearby cameras (and befriend the medium sentry bots if you have
access to, but this is hardly necessary).  The login is POOLRM/pelagic.

You can furthermore find a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK] on the computer panels,
[50 CREDITS] and [2x 10MM PISTOL AMMO] in the drawer, and two [COMBAT RIFLES] in
the weapon cabinet.

Go through the double doors and head upstairs.  Be careful; there's a guard
around the left corner - take him down when he's not facing you.  The LVL3
security panel (7934) leads to a maintenance generator room that has two lockers
which contain [7x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], [325 CREDITS], and [3x TRANQUILIZER
DARTS].  The other generator room doesn't contain anything, but the small area
secured with a LVL2 system contains [5x 10MM PISTOL AMMO] and [10x MACHINE
PISTOL AMMO].  Head through the door and ride the elevator up.

In this hall, look to your left and move the two small metal crates to reveal
a [STOP! WORM SOFTWARE].  There's a [POCKET SECRETARY] on a box and the locked
ENERGY PACK], [P.E.P.S.] and a breaker box to shut down the electric current
straight ahead.

An alternative to the LVL4 hack is to continue into the next room, avoid the
water, head inside the ventilation shaft behind the red box [EXPLORER 100XP],
collect the [15 + 25 CREDITS] somewhere inside, and enter area with the breaker
box this way.  The other storage room contains [10x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES], [35

In the next room, use the red box to hop over the large containers to access
a secret area [PATHFINDER 300XP].  It contains [55 CREDITS], a [CONCUSSION

Now use the metal crates to climb the structure and reach the high catwalk.
You can even find [2x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] in the center of the structure by
moving one of the metal crates to reveal a small wooden box with the bullets

In the next room, search around for a vent (use the large metal crate to reach
it, although you can technically also reach it with Jump Enhancement and
crouching while aerial), which leads to a long shaft that you can only jump down
if you have the Icarus Landing System.  Doing so will grant you the [TRAILBLAZER
400XP] reward, and the following items:  The body holds an [ACCESS CARD] and a
[POCKET SECRETARY], there's a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] lying around too (Better Than
Nature?), as well as a [TRANQUILIZER RIFLE] and a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE].  If
you don't already have the Icarus Landing System, now's an excellent time to
consider getting it.  The vent leads back to the breaker box room, so head back
to the room you were in just now.

The room blocked by the large metal crate contains [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] and
[1x STUN GUN DART].  Ride the elevator up to the next area [1750XP] + [GHOST

As Pritchard suggests, keep your weapon concealed and head down the hall.  Enjoy
the beautiful view and head around the corner.  There are several ways to
enter the next area, but first we'll do some exploring.  The first room to your
left (with the guard leaning against the wall) contains [50 CREDITS] in a
drawer, some [PAINKILLERS], an unlocked PC, and if you move the large wooden
crates you can also find [3x TYPHOON AMMO], a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK],
[5x CROSSBOW ARROWS] and [2x WHISKEY].  If space is lacking in your inventory,
consider using up the consumables (if necessary/useful).  There's also a hidden
[NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] lying on top of a high cabinet in the corner opposite of
the wooden crates.

It isn't wise to hack the LVL3 panel on the security room opposite to this room
when the guard is standing right behind you.  A better idea is to go around the
area and look for a ventilation shaft (hidden by two small metal crates) at the
top of some crates in an open storage room.  Make sure that, while inside this
room, you stay crouched/hidden from sight at all times, or else the guards will
all turn hostile.  Inside you can find [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], [8x COMBAT
RIFLE AMMO], [4x TRANQUILIZER DARTS], and an [ACCESS CARD].  Head back through
the vent the way you came.

It's a good idea to take out the guard when he passes by this storage room, and
drag him in - no one will see.  He also has a [POCKET SECRETARY] with the
keycode to the labs if you didn't get pass the guard (4713).  The nearby rooms
contain unlocked PC's with background info, and you can use the vent here to
reach the next area if you play differently.

Alternatively you can also carry the vending machine at the far end of the hall
(with Strength Enhancement), hop onto it (with Jump Enhancement) and reach the
second floor instantly by placing it in the right spot, just under the balcony.

Head inside the Lee Geng Memorial Laboratory and start exploring.  There's a
[HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Radical Evolution is a Reality) in the center of the
area, on a box underneath the central lab unit.  There's also a [POCKET
SECRETARY] with a PC login on an other desk, and the unlocked PC's hold
background info.

There's a LVL2 PC in one of the rooms here.  The adjacent room contains a
[POCKET SECRETARY] lying in a lab cart in the corner, while the last room houses
two guard that you'll first need to take out.  If you have the Reflex Booster,
a double takedown is a swift and easy way to do this.  Otherwise, wait for them
to finish their conversation (assuming you're coming from the other room, not
the main lab) and save your game.  Take down the guard leaning against the 
wall and don't move at all after the takedown.  Back away and quietly sneak
around the desk to take out the other guard.  If he *is* alarmed however,
quickly sneak towards his desk and perform a second takedown on him before he
goes into hostile.  Find [3x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] in the drawer under the LVL3 PC,
and [2x STUN GUN DARTS] and [3x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] in an other drawer.

Head up the stairs to the second level and do some exploring.  The balcony to
the south connects to two rooms.  The first has a LVL3 PC and the second holds
[3x STUN GUN DARTS] and a [PRAXIS KIT] in the desk drawers.  Hacking it
will cause some scientists to go into emo-mode temporarily so its better to
open it from the hall.

The main area of the second floor contains [5x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO].  Continue
through the double doors and head upstairs at the end of the hallway.

Climb the small steps up ahead and hack the LVL2 panel on your right which leads
to a server room.  Search the drawer for [100 CREDITS]; the PC contains
background info.  The other two rooms contain [20 + 25 CREDITS] in the drawers,
and a LVL3 PC plus unlocked PC.  Hacking the LVL3 PC will probably scare a
scientist or two, alarming the guards temporarily.

Speaking of guards, the one near the camera triggers a cutscene.  Pheromones
from the Social Enhancer give you some extra info.

Head right, down the steps and deactivate the laser grid here (LVL1) when the
guard on the other side isn't here.  Take him down as he moves away from you;
hide in the cover position behind the panel for guaranteed success.

Go down the hall and peek around the corner.  One heavy grunt and a regular
guard are on patrol.  When the grunt moves away, quickly rush over to the
normal guard and take him out.  Do the same with the grunt, which is easy to

There's an open room at the end of the hall that contains a [CYBERBOOST
PROENERGY BAR].  The vent leads to the room with two security guards, but there
is also a breakable wall to the left of the vent.  Destroy it (either with the
aug, or with a silenced weapon) and climb the ladder to find [5x CROSSBOW
wooden box.  You can use the vent here to access the Data Core room, but first
head back to explore the other room(s).

The room adjacent to the one with the two security guards contains [5x 10MM 
PISTOL AMMO], and the lockers also hold [4x REVOLVER AMMO], [75 CREDITS] and
[5x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO].  Wait for the guards to finish their conversation
(or go for a multiple takedown, if you have the Reflex Booster) and take them
out one by one.  There's an Ebook (Synthetic Thought: The Human AI) on the
desk and the unlocked PC contains a PC login.  The desk drawers in this room
contain [60 CREDITS], [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], and the LVL 1 PC for which
you just found the password (muonrule) allows you to turn two nearby cameras
off, and the doors open.

This in turn allows you to take out the guard that refused you access.  How
dare he!  Take him out for a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a keycode.

Tip: You can use the Cloak Stealth augmentation to get past the laser beams
     more easily, since they deflect the lasers back, meaning you won't
     trigger the alarm.

The Data Core Room can be accessed via the LVL4 door, via the main entrance, or
via the ventilation shaft behind the breakable wall.  If you go via the main
entrance, jump (with Jump Enhancement) on the big server to the right and you
are at the same spot the vent leads to.  Alternatively you can move left of the
box and quickly hide behind the next.  In any case you'll reach the second part
of the laserbeam challenge.

Look to the right side of the area and you'll see a red screen; you can safely
hide behind this.  Once here, notice that the lowest laser beam closing off the
nearby room isn't functioning properly, so head underneath it.  While you can
use the metal crate here to use as a hiding place to reach the [POCKET
SECRETARY] on the far end of the room, save yourself the trouble; you can only
move the crate when the beams are away.  The login code on the pocket secretary
is RKUMAR/outback.  (Alternatively, quickly rushing over to the small cabinet
works too, and the lockers here contain [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO].

The ventilation system here directly leads into a room with three security
guards, which can all be taken down easily.  The two guards close to each other
allow for a multiple takedown, but you can also perform two swift single
takedowns without triggering the hostile or alarm modes.

The LVL 2 PC allows you to shut down the camera at the far end of the Data Core
Room, and the desk drawer contains [125 CREDITS].  You can find [4x MACHINE
PISTOL AMMO] in one of the lockers, while the weapon cabinet contains a [GAS
GRENADE] and [3x COMBAT RIFLE] (oh weapon dealers, where art thy now?).

Open the door and study the pattern of the laser beams.  You'll want to rush
after it as it moves away from you, and crouch behind the server in the middle
of the room.  This is very tricky - although not impossible - without cloak,
so I suggest you turn it on.  You'll need it anyway to go through the door on
the other side (although that is optional).

This room contains a [TYPHOON AMMO], [5x REVOLVER AMMO], and a [POCKET
SECRETARY], along with a PC with background info.  From here, hop over the
server and avoid the last single laserbeam (which is easier with stealth), and
finally ride the elevator up to the fourth floor, where a cutscene plays
[2500XP] + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].

|/\/\/\|               Entering the Dragon's Lair [WLK-13]              |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  You've retrieved and viewed Van Bruggen's recording, and now  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  it's time to continue your investigation at Tai Yong Medical  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  Industries.                                                   |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M2]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|/\| o CONFRONT ZHAO IN THE PENTHOUSE [750XP]               ---             |/\|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |\/|
|/\| o GO TO THE CHOPPER AND EXTRACT [2500 XP] + [750XP]                    |/\|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |\/|

Search this room for an Ebook (A Frontier Too Far?), then move through the hall
with the laser beams, which are a breeze to get past compared with the Data
Core room.  The two rooms here only have PC's with background info.

The office up ahead contains a [P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK], [50 CREDITS], and [15
CREDITS] in the desk drawers.  There's also [4x SHOTGUN SHELLS] on a cart,
but you'll want to be careful since there are two guards in the hall.

The small room nearby (LVL3) contains a LVL2 PC that can shut down the camera
(and robot, if you have it).  There's also a [POCKET SECRETARY] inside and the
drawer contains [1x STUN GUN DART].

To take them out, wait for them both to move away from you and hide behind the
desks on the far right of the office.  Take out the regular guard when the
grunt is moving away (hide his body behind the desk), then take your time for
the grunt to move out of the camera's sight to take him out as well.  He holds
an EMP Grenade which you'll want to loot.

In any case, explore the area.  The desk drawers contain: [POCKET SECRETARY],
[25 CREDITS], [15 CREDITS] and [65 CREDITS].  The two PC's contain background
info.  The desk near the camera contains a [POCKET SECRETARY] with login, the
other two contain [45 CREDITS] and a [STUN GUN DART].

Head through the door and make your way down the hall.  The small room to your
right has a vent (remove the large metal crate), which connects to the room
opposite to it.  There are two guards inside; you can either go for a double
or single takedown.  The drawers contain: [10x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], [35
CREDITS], the lockers contain [11x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO], a [P.E.P.S] and
[3x P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK].  The weapon cabinet contains two [MACHINE PISTOLS]
and a [GAS GRENADE].  Hack the LVL3 PC for an access code.

Continue down the main hall and open the door of the room on the far end left
hall - but do this by standing next to it.  The guard (Narhari Kahn, if you
didn't kill him before), will investigate.  Quickly perform a takedown on him
and grab his [500 CREDITS].  Lata boy!  His office contains [2x SHOTGUN SHELLS]
and [2x REVOLVER AMMO] in the desk drawer, and the LVL 4 PC contains background
info (password ironfist).

The other room is locked with a LVL 4 security system (code: 3090).  The PC
contains a very interesting email conversation.

There are [4x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] to be found down the hall.  Be careful;
the next room is monitored by a camera.  Run towards it and position yourself
underneath it, then hop over the desk to read the PC's email.  The drawer
contains [80 CREDITS].

It's difficult to access the LVL 1 door with the camera active, even with the
keycode you'll need to be very fast (6906).  It's easier to go through the
other door, enter the small room (holds [5x SHOTGUN SHELLS]), and break the
wall here (either with the aug or with guns).

Note: If you gave Van Bruggen a weapon earlier, he'll now contact you to repay
      the favor; he deposits [2000 CREDITS] on your bank account!

Tip: It's definitely worth your while to place a Gas Mine (combine a Gas
     Grenade and Mine Template) directly in front of the door with the exit
     sign above.)

Enter the large penthouse and look underneath the second left bench to find a
[POCKET SECRETARY] with a keycode (0117) for Zhao Yun Ru's safe.  The desk
contains [3x STUN GUN DARTS], [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] and a [HYPOSTIM].  There's
also a vent to take note of on the upper left side of the hall, but it connects
to the area upstairs.

You can find a [REVOLVER] underneath the bench on the left, a [CYBERBOOST
PROENERGY BAR] on the table to the right, as well as a [MINE TEMPLATE] under
some boxes near these benches.  The desk contains [3x REVOLVER AMMO] and the
PC contains interesting info.  The LVL 5 safe (0117) contains [850 CREDITS],
a [POCKET SECRETARY] (with a message from BP - Bob Page), and a [HEAT TARGETTING
SYSTEM].  A cutscene plays [750XP], [GHOST 500XP], [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]
when you continue.

The stealthy way out is to first wait for the guards to start patrolling the
area (by watching them stealthily.  Then enter the ventilation shaft (on the
right side of the stairs as you go down one level) and sneak past the nine
guards downstairs.

An extremely effective way to get rid of the entire squad, however, is to toss
two gas grenades to the left/middle and right/middle of the group, covering
that entire area with gas.  While it is technically possible to take every
single guard out, this is a very tiresome process, and this is far more
efficient.  One of the guards should even carry a Gas Grenade, partially making
up for your "loss".  WARNING: It takes some skill to do this unseen.  If you're
looking to get the "GHOST" trophy you'll probably want to activate cloak when
throwing the gas grenades.

Ride the elevator up at the far end of the penthouse [2500XP], [GHOST 500XP],
[SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].  As you enter the hangar, two Box Guards are activated
which you must disable in order to open the doors - just your luck.  It's
tempting to use EMP grenades on them, but you'll want to stay stealthy.

Move to the far left of the area and view the far end of the hangar to spot a
camera.  If you have a silenced weapon (such as the 10mm Pistol), destroy it
by shooting it (iron sight helps with this).  When the Box Guard starts moving
away from you, toss an EMP Grenade at it to destroy it.

Use cloak, or otherwise be very careful the other bot doesn't see you, and run
towards the end of the hangar, where the camera was.  Spot the large iron
shelving here and jump on them - starting on the left - to make your way up
to the third level.  Jump Enhancement helps, otherwise use the metal crates to
aid you.

In the control room, use the LVL 2 PC (TYMPHS/qilin) to disable the other bot
(only possible with Robot Domination).  In any case you'll want to read the
[HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Brain Implants) on this desk either way.

Fortunately, this control room connects to the next, and the desk in here
contains an [EMP GRENADE] which you can use to take out the second bot.  Having
done this, all that remains is pushing the button in this room.  Well, that,
and some exploration for other items on the ground level [2500XP], [GHOST 500XP]

Going downstairs, loot the shelves for a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY JAR], and [25
HEAVY RIFLE AMMO].  The other end of this side of the hangar contains a 
check the shelves and lockers.  There's also a [HEAVY RIFLE] and [20 HEAVY
RIFLE AMMO] standing next to the power generator here.

There's a [ROCKET LAUNCHER] and a [ROCKET] on some boxes in the middle of the
far end of the hangar.  All of this can, of course, also be used as an
alternative way for taking out the security bots.  Another [20 HEAVY RIFLE AMMO]
can be found in the southeast corner of the hangar.  Lastly you can find [20x
HEAVY RIFLE AMMO] and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK] underneath the landing
platform.  When you're ready, board the chopper [750XP].

|/\/\/\|                Confronting Eliza Cassan [WLK-14]               |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  After getting a lead from Zhao that Eliza Cassan, the world's |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  biggest newsreader, is somehow involved in the conspiracy,    |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  Jensen doesn't hesitate to pay Picus at Montreal a visit.     |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|/\| o GO TO ROOM 404 [250XP]                               ---             |/\|
|\/| o ESCAPE THE AMBUSH BY REACHING A LOWER FLOOR [2500XP]                 |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |/\|
|\/| o SUMMON THE FUNICULAR [250XP]                                         |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |/\|
|\/| o WAIT FOR THE FUNICULAR [2500XP]                                      |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |/\|
|\/| o USE THE FUNICULAR TO REACH THE SUB-BASEMENT [250XP]                  |\/|
|/\| o GET INSIDE ROOM 802-11 [1750XP]                                      |/\|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |\/|
|/\| o DEFEAT THE MERCENARY LEADER [2500XP]                                 |/\|
|\/| o GO TO THE CHOPPER AND EXTRACT [750XP]                                |\/|

Before entering the door, considering exploring the small area behind the fence.
You can either hack the LVL4 security device, or use some power boxes to jump
over the fence (with Jump Enhancement) [EXPLORER 200XP].  You can find a
[BEER] here.  Yet an alternative way to get inside this area is to smash the
breakable wall from the maintenance room inside the building (first door on your
right), but that does cost an energy cell.  There's an Ebook (Uniting the World)
on your way down the hall, but little else.

There are three rooms to your right.  One office contains an Ebook (Synthetic
Thought: The Human AI), [100 CREDITS] on a briefcase lying on a bench, and
[40 CREDITS] inside the desk.  The unlocked PC contains background info.

The meeting room contains a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a PC login (PKANE/staxx),
while the other room [1x STUN GUN DART] and [60 CREDITS] in the drawer.

The north part of this floor contains a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK], and two
desks contain [110 CREDITS] and [15 CREDITS].  There's also a vent on the
northwest side of the floor that leads to two offices on the 6th floor [TRAVELER
100XP].  The southern office contains [40 CREDITS] in one of the filing
cabinets, and there's a [STUN GUN] on the desk.  The other office desk contains
found behind the filing cabinet, and the LVL1 PC holds background info.

Room 404 is on the west side of the area, but consider exploring the main
office hall first.  The northern area has various drawers that contain:
[35 CREDITS], [10 CREDITS] and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR], plus there's a
[POCKET SECRETARY] with several PC logins lying on a small table.  A drawer to
the far right side contains a [TRANQUILIZER DART].  Explore the middle area for
the following items:

[40 CREDITS], [80 CREDITS], [40 CREDITS], [50 CREDITS], [40 CREDITS], [40
CREDITS], [20 CREDITS], [PRAXIS KIT]!!, [40 CREDITS], [40 CREDITS], and [25 
CREDITS].  The Praxis Kit is obviously most important and can be found in one
of the center desks.  Don't forget that the filing cabinets next to the stairs
also hold credits.

The southern part of the office holds the following items in drawers: [NUKE
CREDITS], and a [POCKET SECRETARY] lying in the corner.  Feel free to use the
PC's in the area, then head to the west part of the area.

Room 402 contains [10 CREDITS] and [1x STUN GUN DART] in the drawers, a [POCKET
SECRETARY] on one of the benches, and a [WINE] on the desk.  The PC has
background info.  A desk in Room 403 contains [1x STUN GUN DARTS] and [30

Enter Room 404 (note that 404 is the html code for "missing"; how apt) [250XP].
After the cutscene, naturally the entire office is filled with mercs.  First
use Eliza's PC to turn of two cameras, then be on your way.

Use the vent in the nearby offices to reach the upper level and wait for the
two guards here to finish their conversation.  Hide behind the plant ans wait
for the guard to move away.  Hug the wall to your right and stay out of sight
while making your way down to the southern hall.  Hide behind the corner and
wait for the right moment to take out the guard patrolling this hall.

Head downstairs to the lobby and sneak to the counter on your right.  After the
guards finish their conversation, take down the one who patrols this area and
hide his body behind the chairs to your right.  Taking out the second guard
isn't too hard now.  You can find [5x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO] on the counter
you hid behind.

Look for a vent on the northern side of the area and enter [TRAVELER 100XP].
The toilets it leads to contain a [RATE-OF-FIRE UPGRADE].  You can now either
take the elevator in the lobby down to the third floor, or you can explore the
Data Server room, which is optional.

The Data Server room can be reached by moving from the lobby into the main hall,
hugging the left wall.  It's easiest to switch on cloak and run/hop over the
desks, then take a left at the end.  Inside you can find a [STOP! WORM
desk, and a bottle of [SPIRITS] in the corner diagonally opposite to the desk.
There's also a breakable wall here that leads to the third floor as well, but
the second wall forces you to KILL a guard (which prevents you from getting a
certain trophy/achievement).

There are two options from here: If you have the Icarus Landing System you can
drop down the elevator shaft [PATHFINDER 300XP] to find [50 CREDITS] and a
[CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK] and use the vents and ladder to reach the fourth
floor of Picus.

Or you can use the elevator to ride it down to the third floor.

When you exit the vent you'll be in a control room of some sort.  Search the
place to find [2x TRANQUILIZER DARTS] and [4x REVOLVER AMMO] in the ammunition
case in the shelving, a [REVOLVER] and [4x SNIPER RIFLE AMMO].

There's a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (HUMAN EMPOWERED - Autonomous Energy Reclamation
Systems) underneath the large screen that you'll want to check out too.

Make your way across the area and take out the two guards.  There are plenty
of hiding spots here, so this shouldn't be an impossible task.  You'll also
come across a [SNIPER RIFLE] and [5x SNIPER RIFLE AMMO].  Head down the stairs
on the south and use cloak to get past the camera (otherwise you'll have to
take one of the other stairs.  This merges the path with the breakable wall

The nearby room contains [40 CREDITS] and a [STUN GUN].  The PC allows you to
switch the camera around the corner off (should you want to go (back) to the
fourth floor).  There are quite a few mercs in the main office hall, and there's
a turret there as well, so be careful as you head down the hall.

The small storage room contains a [TRANQUILIZER DART] in one of the lockers, 
and you can find - near the exit of the hall - a [POCKET SECRETARY] and [STUN
GUN DARTS] on some boxes.

While the lobby on the far east doesn't contain anything except an Ebook,
the two rooms in this hall do.  Hack the LVL 2 system and go inside.  The
stairs lead to the control room you visited earlier on (if you took that path,
otherwise explore it now).  Look around for a [POCKET SECRETARY] in the lower
control room, as well as [200 CREDITS].

Your goal is now to reach the northwest part of the office hall.  You should be
able to take out the guard closest to you (patrolling the east side) without
the turret firing at you (it'll probably briefly detect you though). 
Tranquilizing the guards here also works well.

There are a total of nine places that hold [CREDITS] here, and you can also
find a [SILENCER] and [STUN GUN] plus [TRANQUILIZER AMMO].  You could also
skip these items if you don't feel like taking out every single guard.
The easiest way to get to the Funicular area is to switch on cloak to get past
the guards.

There's a breakable wall here [TRAVELER 100XP], but you can also use the stairs
to go down a level [2500XP], [GHOST 500XP], [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].  The vent
at these stairs leads (back) to the breakable wall, so you can also get the
XP this way, saving an energy cell.

There are two guards up ahead that have the ability to use stealth (sneakers).
A double takedown would be useful, otherwise try two swift single takedowns or
tranquilize one and take down the other.

The locker room on your right contains [2x REVOLVER AMMO], [2x STUN GUN DARTS]
and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR].  The breakable wall leads to the adjacent
room, which is otherwise a LVL3 hack.  It contains a [HEAVY RIFLE] and [40x

The next room up ahead contains [2x REVOLVER AMMO] and [4x 10MM PISTOL AMMO]
in the ammunition case, along with a [REVOLVER].  Open the door up ahead from
either the side (so the guard can't see you), or use cloak.  As he investigates,
turn on cloak and take him down (otherwise just be really fast).

Use the stairs on your left to get to the far end of this room and hack the
PC to switch off the camera (and turret).  Take down the guard and you're good
to go.

[5x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO] on the boxes here.  The ammunition case contains [2x
STUN GUN DARTS] and [3x 10MM PISTOL AMMO].  Calling the elevator will summon
quite a lot of mercs into the room, so prepare in advance by laying some mines
around the area (concussion or gas mines work well) [250XP], [GHOST 500XP].

The easiest way to get past this part is to switch on cloak, hide behind the
pillar nearby the PC on the right, turn cloak off (and turn it back on if
anyone comes investigate), then use cloak to enter the elevator and ride it
down.  If done correctly, you can even use your first energy cell several
times.  It's easiest to sometimes replenish cells when necessary though
[2500XP], [GHOST 500XP], [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].  Ride it down completely

After a ridiculously long ride, explore this area but beware of the camera.
ammunition case to your right.  There's a [MACHINE PISTOL] and [2x STUN GUN
DARTS] to be found on the left side.  The [POCKET SECRETARY] on the bench holds
a PC login.

Two guards will soon approach the area.  You can either take them down (with a
double takedown), or break the breakable wall to the left of the laser beams
and take this route [TRAVELER 100XP].

From this hall, enter the room on your right and search around for a [POCKET
CREDITS] and a [MACHINE PISTOL].  Use the second PC to shut down two cameras,
including one directly above the nearby door.  Take out the guard outside this
room, after which you can either go up to explore the first floor, or
head south and continue exploration of the second floor.

This area is heavily guarded once again, so you'll want to use cloak when
taking down enemies, and hide their bodies well.  Beware of the camera here,
and especially take note of the guard on the first floor, who you might want
to take out first.  Head upstairs and wait for the second guard to move away,
then take out the first guard, hide his body, and go for the second guard.

The first office nearby the stairs you climbed contains a locker with a 
[MACHINE PISTOL], [10MM PISTOL] and [3x 10MM PISTOL AMMO].  The meeting room
[25 CREDITS] and a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a keycode to the armory (1980).

The other room contains [100 CREDITS] and a security PC that allows you to shut
down the two cameras in this area.

It's actually not a bad idea to let one guard hear your footsteps, making him
come to the third floor.  As long as you've hidden the bodies, this allows you
to easily take him out.  You could do this for the other guards too, making
things easier.  Cloak can be helpful for taking down the last one or two guards,
although it isn't necessary.

In any case, continue down the hall and avoid being seen by the camera here.
Enter the armory to your immediate left.  The PC (LTODD/titom) allows you to
shut down the camera outside, and the armory's code is 1980.  Inside you'll

The next office [TRAVELER 100XP] contains a [NUKE VIRUS SOFTWARE] and [65
CREDITS].  The PC gives access to the armory PC.  With the cameras shut down
below, it shouldn't be too hard to take down the remaining three guards.

Head downstairs to your left (coming from the armory) and take out the guard
straight ahead (hide behind the pillar).  Then go back and move behind the
stairs, then take out the second guard.  The last one is a piece of cake.

The main office contains eight drawers with [CREDITS], and you can also find a

In the small office in the northwest corner [EXPLORER 200XP] you can find a
[HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Healing Thyself - Health Preservation Implants), [40

The small office up in the center of the area contains a [P.E.P.S. ENERGY PACK]
and [140 CREDITS].

With this floor fully explored head through the double doors on the southwest
side of the area.  The stairs are rigged with an [EMP MINE] and [CONCUSSION
MINE], which you might also want to bring along (the EMP mine in any case).

There's a breakable wall to your immediate right as you enter this hall, which
leads to the office to your left.  There is an Ogre guard patrolling the hall
around the corner, and a camera is in place too.  Take cover behind the wall
and quickly leap over to the other side - the camera will only go into the
suspicious mode.  Enter the door and move in the small area nearby to access
the security hub, which can shut the camera down.  This allows you to take the
Ogre down without any problems.

You can find a LOT of items in this area.  The desk with the security hub
contains a [MACHINE PISTOL] and [2x STUN GUN DARTS], as well as a [POCKET

The other desks in this area contain: [VODKA], [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK], 
CREDITS], and an [EMP GRENADE].  The latter will prove especially useful soon.

The first office in the hall (code: 0101) [PATHFINDER 300XP] contains a lot of
items too: The lockers hold a [MACHINE PISTOL], [2x REVOLVER AMMO], [100
CREDITS], a [REVOLVER] and a [RELOAD SPEED UPGRADE].  The desk contains [40
CREDITS], and [3 TRANQUILIZER DARTS].  This office also connects back to the
breakable wall (which grants you [PATHFINDER 300XP], and to the other office.

Inside this office you can find an Ebook (Blood on the Snow), a [POCKET
SECRETARY] and the PC contains a password.  Search the lockers for [3x 10MM

Head right at the intersection and beware of the guards in the next room as you
move forward.  Hide near the stairs and wait for the guard on the lower level
to come near.  When the other guard is moving away, and this guard is about to
as well, quickly go in for a takedown (if possible combined with stealth,
although this isn't mandatory).  The camera will only go into suspicious mode.
Drag the body underneath the stairs, then take out the other guard when he's far
away from the camera.

The door nearby the steps leads to a room with a [POCKET SECRETARY] and a LVL3
security terminal (PCORBO/spitfire).  The adjacent room has a breakable wall
but you can also just continue through the previous room after shutting down
the camera(s).  Look for a [MINE TEMPLATE], [15 CREDITS], [3x TRANQUILIZER
DARTS] and [3x REVOLVER AMMO] in this office, then proceed down the halls.
You can either hack the LVL3 doors or use the vent to get past.  Before entering
room 802, check out the small storage room to your left to find a [HEAVY RIFLE]

It might be a good idea to, well, drop your Sniper and Tranquilizer Rifle for
the moment, and take the Heavy Rifle equipment with you.  It's also an
EXCELLENT idea to upgrade your Typhoon augmentation, preferably to level 2.
Head through the double doors and a cutscene will play [1750XP], [GHOST 500XP],

|/\| BOSS BATTLE: YELENA FEDOROVA |                                          __
|/\| Yelena is an agile and quick opponent, armed with two machine guns and |/\|
|\/| deadly Claymore and Cloak augmentations.  You're definitely in for a   |\/|
|/\| challenge here!  How to deal with this lethal lady?                    |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o Notice that the environment - the core of Eliza Cassan - has walls   |/\|
|\/|   you can use to hide behind, and that the floor is covered with a     |\/|
|/\|   fluid, allowing you to spot Yelena when she's cloaked.               |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o The four large power generators on the walls are destroyable.  The   |/\|
|\/|   electric current releases and flows through the fluid on the floor,  |\/|
|/\|   damaging Yelena (and you).  This will deactivate her Cloak           |/\|
|\/|   temporarily.  Jumping/EMP Shielding Aug decrease the damage incurred.|\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o You can collect items from the lockers spread throughout the area.   |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o Yelena has three main attacks.  She'll wildly fire her machine guns  |\/|
|/\|   at you whenever she's not preparing to rush towards you to perform   |/\|
|\/|   her deadly Claymore augmentation, causing a large explosion that will|\/|
|/\|   instantly kill you if it hits you directly.  The further you are from|/\|
|\/|   Yelena when the explosion kicks in, the less damage you incur.       |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o Yelena also has a counter attack that she'll use if you attempt to   |\/|
|/\|   perform a takedown on her.  So, ehm.. don't do that.                 |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o The P.E.P.S., as does the Stun Gun, will stagger Yelena considerably,|/\|
|\/|   allowing you to switch to a heavier weapon, or Frag Grenades.        |\/|
|/\|   Doing this when she rushes forward is an excellent way to buy        |/\|
|\/|   yourself a few seconds time to empty a clip on her.                  |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o A solid way to anticipate Yelena's deadly Claymore attack is to run  |\/|
|/\|   towards her as she's preparing for the explosion, sprint past her,   |/\|
|\/|   and as she slides onward the explosion will be less harmful.         |\/|
|/\|   Alternatively you can use your own Typhoon as a counterattack;       |/\|
|\/|   time its usage so that the explosion hits Yelena when she's closest  |\/|
|/\|   to you.  This obviously inflicts heavy damage.  Otherwise, turn      |/\|
|\/|   around after sprinting and pump her full with .. lead.               |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o Repeat this until Yelena runs out of energy and start searching the  |\/|
|/\|   lockers for Mine Templates, EMP Mines and Typhoon Ammo.  Place the   |/\|
|\/|   EMP Mines in corridors to stun Yelena, then place two regular Mines  |\/|
|/\|   for massive damage.                                                  |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o It's also possible to lure Yelena towards the generators and have    |/\|
|\/|   her stun herself by performing the Claymore attack.  While stunned,  |\/|
|/\|   do your best to hurt her in every possible way (that the game allows,|/\|
|\/|   mind you).                                                           |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o Should all else fail, stay out of Yelena's sight with the help of    |\/|
|/\|   your own cloak augmentation and use surprise attacks.                |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\|   The lockers contain the following items:                             |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\|   Locker #1: [SHOTGUN], [60x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO], [EMP MINE], [HYPOSTIM]|/\|
|\/|              [40x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO].                                |\/|
|/\|   Locker #2: [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY JAR], [60x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO],    |/\|
|\/|              [15x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES], [50x HEAVY RIFLE AMMO].         |\/|
|/\|   Locker #3: [2x TYPHOON AMMO], [EMP MINE x2], [REVOLVER],             |/\|
|\/|              [5x REVOLVER AMMO].                                       |\/|
|/\|   Locker #4: [50x HEAVY RIFLE AMMO], [30x MACHINE PISTOL AMMO],        |/\|
|\/|              [15x REVOLVER AMMO], [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY PACK].         |\/|
|/\|               A [HEAVY RIFLE] lies next to this locker.                |/\|
|\/|   Locker #5: [15x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES], [HYPOSTIM], [10x REVOLVER AMMO],|\/|
|/\|              [2x MINE TEMPLATE].                                       |/\|
|\/|   Locker #6: [SHOTGUN], [MACHINE PISTOL x3], [10x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES]. |\/|

After defeating Fedorova, dump the Heavy Rifle (or keep it, whichever you
prefer) and collect your primary weapons where you left them.  You're also
rewarded with [2500XP] for defeating Fedorova.  Don't forget to loot her body
for [2x TYPHOON AMMO] and [1300 CREDITS].

Head for the helipad to exit Picus [750XP].

|/\/\/\|                    Confronting Sarif [WLK-15]                  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  Riots have broken out at Detroit, the UN is forced to take a  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  stand, and you learned from Eliza Cassan that David Sarif     |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  is keeping information behind.  Time to get answers.          |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|/\| o MEET SARIF IN MY APARTMENT [750XP]                  ---              |/\|

There's a breakable wall in the area with cement bags.  Entering grants you
[TRAVELER 100XP], and inside some lockers with a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR].
Move the metal crate underneath the vent and crawl through.  Go down the
ladder [TRAVELER 100XP] to find [615 CREDITS]. 

Once you ride the elevator down and meet Sarif in your apartment, a cutscene
will play [750XP].  You'll also be given the V.I.P. Pass.

|/\/\/\|                    Confronting Sarif [WLK-15]                  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  You're going to need to find Isaias Sandoval, an associate    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  and aid of William Taggart.  This means you'll have to make   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  your way to the convention center.                            |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M2]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|/\| o GET SANDOVAL'S LOCATION FROM TAGGART [750XP]        ---              |/\|
|\/|   + [SILVER TONGUE 1000XP]                                             |\/|

When you enter the lobby, and if you talked Wayne Haas into letting you into
the police station, he'll now blame you for losing his job.  The absolve option
leads to a nice conversation, the crush option leads to fighting.

The streets have changes, new NPC's are walking around, and the shops have
new inventories.  You should definitely buy the two Praxis Kits at the LIMB
Clinic (plus Typhoon Ammo and Hypostims if you can).  At Grayson's, buy the
EMP Grenade along with any weapon upgrade you deem useful.  It never hurts to
stock up on Stop! Worms and Nuke Viruses either.  Seurat also has new supplies,
and you might want to buy the Gas Grenade, along with any weapons or upgrades
you find interesting.  After buying the essentials, continue with the game.

                        GRAYSON'S SHOP (After Hengsha):
        |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|NEW:|
        |10mm Pistol Ammo (x5)     |    25  |         6         |    |
        |Shotgun Cartridges (x5)   |   100  |         2         |    |
        |Tranquilizer Darts (x2)   |   100  |         5         |    |
        |PEPS Energy Pack (x1)     |    50  |         5         |NEW!|
        |Heavy Rifle Ammo (x25)    |   250  |         4         |NEW!|
        |Revolver Ammo (x5)        |   130  |         2         |NEW!|
        |10mm Pistol               |   350  |         1         |NEW!|
        |P.E.P.S.                  |   750  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Heavy Rifle               |  2500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Revolver                  |   600  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Shotgun                   |  1500  |         1         |    |
        |Tranquilizer Rifle        |  1500  |         1         |    |
        |Damage Upgrade            |   250  |         1         |    |
        |Burst Round System        |  1500  |         1         |    |
        |Laser Targeting System    |   500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Reload Speed Upgrade      |   250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Ammo Capacity Upgrade     |   250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Target-Leading-System (for|  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Tranq. Rifle and Crossbow)|        |                   |    |
        |Cooling System (for Heavy |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Rifles and Plasma Rifles) |        |                   |    |
        |Exploding Rounds Package  |   250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |(for the Revolver)        |        |                   |    |
        |Armor Piercing System     |   500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |(for 10mm Pistol)         |        |                   |    |
        |Mine Template             |    75  |         3         |    |
        |EMP Grenade               |   200  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Concussion Grenade        |    60  |         2         |NEW!|
        |Stop! Worm Software       |    50  |         5         |NEW!|
        |Nuke Virus Software       |    50  |         5         |NEW!|

                        SEURAT'S SHOP (After Hengsha):
        |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|NEW:|
        |Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) |   120  |         5         |    |
        |Stun Gun Darts (x2)       |    50  |         5         |    |
        |Rocket                    |   150  |         2         |NEW!|
        |Crossbow Arrows (x2)      |    70  |         4         |NEW!|
        |Sniper Rifle Ammo (x5)    |   150  |         2         |NEW!|
        |Combat Rifle Ammo (x10)   |   100  |         4         |NEW!|
        |Silencer (*)              |   500  |         1         |    |
        |Stun Gun                  |   500  |         1         |    |
        |Machine Pistol            |   500  |         1         |    |
        |Rocket Launcher           |  3000  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Crossbow                  |  2000  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Sniper Rifle              |  3000  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Combat Rifle              |  1250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Rate-of-Fire Upgrade      |   250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Heat Targeting System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Target-Leading System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |(for T. Rifle & Crossbow) |        |                   |    |
        |Target-Seeking System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |(for Machine Pistol or)   |        |                   |    |
        |Combat Rifle)             |        |                   |    |
        |Gas Grenade               |   200  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Frag Grenade              |   150  |         2         |NEW!|
        (*) If you've bought the Silencer before, it won't be available.
         If you visited Greg Thorpe (and saved his wife), you'll get a
         ~25% discount on all of Seurat's prices.

Make your way to the convention center, which is down the road past the LIMB
clinic, and go inside.  

Note: On your way to the convention center, Pritchard will contact you regarding
      the security leak you confronted Sarif with earlier in the game, that is,
      if you spoke to Pritchard back then and read all your emails.  You can now
      start the sidequest "Acquantances Forgotten".

You'll find Taggart in the Meeting Room, which can be found upstairs.  As soon
as you enter, a social battle starts.  It works especially well to keep
confronting Taggart with the facts, partially agreeing with him and then push
onward with your argumentation about what really matters for the subject [SILVER

Meet Taggart backstage and look for a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] (Vagus Nerve 
Stimulators - Repurposing the Technology) next to the coffee machine behind the
sofa.  There's also a [BEER] in the room with Taggart.  After telling you where
Isaias is, exit the convention center [750XP].

Should you fail the social battle, you'll need to find some other way to get
information on Sandoval's location.  You can get this information from Taggart's
PC in the backstage room to the south, but you'll need to sneak past the
bodyguards.  A more detailed description on this will follow in a later
update, but for now it suffices to say that you've been through worse situations
and cloak significantly helps you.  The bodyguards don't grant experience, so
don't feel obliged to take every single one out.

As soon as you exit the convention center you'll be approached by Nicky, and
you have the option of starting the "Smash the State" sidequest.

|/\/\/\|                 Finding Isaias Sandoval [WLK-16]               |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  You're going to need to find Isaias Sandoval, an associate    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  and aid of William Taggart.  He is apparently hiding in the   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  sewers.                                                       |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M2]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|/\| o GET INSIDE SANDOVAL'S APARTMENT [750XP]              ---             |/\|
|\/| o FIND AND CONFRONT SANDOVAL [1000XP]                                  |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |/\|

In any case, to find Sandoval you'll need to head to Chiron Building (Jensen's
apartment building) and climb the fire escape in the nearby alley - check your
quest marker for the specifics.  Inside this building, head through the door on
your right and sneak downstairs.

The thugs here are hostile so you'll want to take them out.  You can let them
go downstairs first, though.

If you take the time to explore the apartment around the corner, don't pick up
the [PRAXIS KIT] immediately or you'll trigger a trap of two [EMP GRENADES]
underneath the body.  Hide behind the door and take out none other than Zeke
Sanders.  Take him out as he comes investigating.  He holds a [POCKET SECRETARY]
with a keycode to a safe.

The next room contains the LVL4 safe behind the picture frame; code 5463.  It
contains [210 CREDITS] and [78 CREDITS], [4x TRANQUILIZER DARTS], [2x FRAG
MINES], and [2x STUN GUN DARTS].  Head inside the bathroom and move the crates
away from the wall to reveal a breaker box.  Flip it and a secret basement
entrance is revealed.  (Alternatively you can destroy the breakable wall in
this bathroom, which leads to the same place).

There are two guards downstairs which you can avoid by entering through a vent
nearby the two green barrels; simply hop onto them and enter the vent.  Silently
drop down the shaft, one level at a time.  Taking the two guards out isn't
necessary but if you wish to do so, activate cloak and perform takedowns on
them.  The weapon cabinets here contain [2x COMBAT RIFLE], [SHOTGUN], and
[3x REVOLVER].  If you need the cash you could always pick up one at a time
and sell them to a dealer.

In any case, the lockers contain [15 SNIPER RIFLE AMMO],[4x SHOTGUN CARTRIDGES],
[5x SHOTGUN SHELLS], and [20x COMBAT RIFLE AMMO].  Enter the sewers via the
manhole in the red container.

The place is crawling with Purity First members, so stay on your toes.  The
first guard is taken out fairly easily since he's not close to any other guards.
Take him out when he passes by - hiding behind the barrels works well.

There's a laser grid to your left, and more guards on the right.  Enter through
the vent nearby the green barrel to reach a small room [TRAVELER 100XP].  From
here you can easily take out a guard in the next hallway. The LVL 4 security
panel here (8218) disables the laser grids.  Do beware of the four [FRAG MINES]
placed on the overpasses.  There's a breakable wall on the southwest that
grants you [EXPLORER 200XP] and a [CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BAR] can be found here
(to make up for the energy cell usage).

As for the three guards at the burning barrel, it's possible to sneak up on
the two standing close to each other and perform a double takedown.  The third
one won't notice, allowing you to take him down as well.  There are [6x SHOTGUN
CARTRIDGES] lying on top of the barrels.  That's essentially everything there
is to this area, so head to the door around the corner and confront Sandoval.
Empathizing with him is an excellent way to win the social battle.  [1000X],
[REVOLVER] and search the room for [5x REVOLVER AMMO].  There's also a [HUGH
DARROW EBOOK] on his desk.

Go through the other door to reach another part of the sewers.  There's a
breakable wall on your right hand behind which you can find [28 CREDITS] and
[300 CREDITS].  The ladder leads to a closed door with a LVL 1 security system
that links to the main sewer system.  From here head to Chiron Building and
meet Malik at the roof [750XP].

This guide will skip the two available sidequests for now and include them in
a later update.  Do these yourself if you want to, because continuing with the
game cancels them - forever.

|/\/\/\|                  Cashing In Old Favors [WLK-17]                |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  You're going to need to find Isaias Sandoval, an associate    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  and aid of William Taggart.  He is apparently hiding in the   |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  sewers.                                                       |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|/\| o MEET SARIF IN THE PENTHOUSE [250XP]                 ---              |/\|
|\/| o MEET MALIK AT THE HELIPAD [250XP]                                    |\/|

At Sarif HQ, meet David at the penthouse and a cutscene will play [250XP].

You could now hack all PC's in Sarif Industries for additional experience and
background information.  Also read your own email and talk to Athene nearby the
helipad for an additional conversation.

Head back to Malik to continue [250XP].

|/\/\/\|            Find Vasili Sevchenko's GPL Device [WLK-18]         |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  The GPL device of Sevchenko, one of the kidnapped scientists, |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  has been tracked down.  You're being sent back to Hengsha to  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  investigate the location.                                     |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M2]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|/\| o ESCAPE FROM THE CONSTRUCTION SITE [1000XP]           ---             |/\|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500XP]                                                      |\/|
|/\| o FIND SEVCHENKO'S GPL DEVICE [1000XP]                                 |/\|

Things go horribly bad and you'll find yourself on top of a roof.  Think fast.
Do you want to save Malik, or not?

Saving Malik's life, besides being just a really great guy, also nets you the
"Good Soul" trophy/achievement, so it's worth your while doing this.  Save your
game immediately when you gain control of Jensen.  We'll go over this in
steps.  You'll need a Sniper Rifle, a short range weapon (Revolver, Machine
Pistol, or 10mm Pistol), a (Gas) Grenade or two, and an EMP Grenade.

Note: This strategy requires you to kill enemies.  If you're looking to get
      the Pacifist trophy/achievement, load your savegame after getting "Good
      Soul" and quickly exit the area.  You *can* also run around with cloak
      and deal with the enemies by using Gas Grenades and takedowns, but it
      will require several energy bars to replenish your cells.  Running around
      with cloak is a good idea either way, if you're aiming to get "Ghost" 
      in this area, also a goal of one of the harder trophy/achievements.

First, pull out your sniper rifle and shoot the explosive barrel in the
building on the far end, it's on the second level.  This kills an enemy behind

Second, jump off the roof you're on, run towards the right and spot the red
container with a ramp leading up.  Hop onto it and climb this building.  Kill
the enemy straight ahead.

From this point, grab a (gas/regular) grenade to take out the Ogre down below.
Do the same for several other guards slightly to the right.

A Box Guard will be dropped into the zone, so *immediately* grab your EMP
Grenade and hurl it at the bot to quickly dispatch it before it can open fire.
Alternatively you can also use your Typhoon augmentation (twice) on it to
destroy it.

The remaining enemies must also be taken care of quickly.  Grab a short range
weapon and quickly dispatch those remaining on the ground level.  Heal yourself
with Hypostims or Painkillers if necessary.  One of the last enemies you'll
need to take out is the sniper on the top of the building you climbed.  When
all enemies are dead, Malik will be saved.

As for items, you can find [2x CYBERBOOST PROENERGY BARS] in the northwest
building, [35x HEAVY RIFLE AMMO] on some crates nearby the southwest building,
on ground level, and an [EMP GRENADE] and [FRAG GRENADE] in the small area
behind the pipe, which is beyond the electrified pool of water [PATHFINDER
300XP].  Lastly, the two sniper's positions hold [10x SNIPER RIFLE AMMO].

When you're ready, ride the elevator up and enter Hengsha again.

Here you'll experience a nasty glitch, so head over to the LIMB clinic to get a
new biochip.  Make sure to avoid Belltower guards as they tend to get hostile
pretty quickly.  If a random NPC near the Hung Hua Hotel tells you he'll report
you, intimidate him and be on your way.

At the LIMB clinic, buy the two Praxis Kits (otherwise you'll need to sell some
weapons, which you could potentially get from Belltower guards...).

WARNING: Do *NOT* get the Biochip installed at the LIMB Clinic.  You will find
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ out why soon enough.

You can at this point talk to Doctor Wing at the LIMB Clinic to start the
"Talion A.D." sidequest.  Entering the Youzhao district will cause Hugh Darrow
to contact you with another sidequest: "A Matter of Discretion".

There is also a new dealer in town; Peng Xin Hao.  He can be found in the
Youzhao District, in the most southeast part of this district.

This guide will continue with the main storyline, and the sidequests will be
updated later.

Note: From this point onward, not all item locations are covered in the guide.
      Future updates will include every item; for now only the most important
      items are highlighted.

The Harvester territory is located in the Youzhao District.  Just before you
are denied entry, head down the manhole to enter the sewers.  Head right and go
down the ladder at the end of the area, then quickly hide behind a wall on
the opposite side of the sewer, since there are guards here.

Hop in the water and make your way to the far end, sometimes using cloak as an
aid, and exit via the door.  Taking out the harvesters is something up to you
to decide.

Head through the door and sneak behind the harvester on the left; the other is
asleep, so taking him out is no problem.  After downing them both, head to your
right (so not straight ahead, simply just immediately right).  From behind the
black boxes, tranquilize the harvester on the very far end (he has dark
clothing); the other one's asleep anyway.

Move behind the black boxes on the right of the area and look at the far back
of the area to see a Harvester behind a windowsill.  Snipe him when the Heavy
isn't looking, then lastly take out the Heavy himself, along with the sleeping
Harvester.  Enter the room in the corner and search it to find a [HUGH DARROW
EBOOK] (Understanding Vision (Part2)), although it's also guarded by a 

Head over to the small room the quest marker leads you to in order to find
the GPL device.. along with a familiar face.  After the cutscene, decide if you
want to grab the [LASER RIFLE], then exit the area to the sewers by the nearby
door.  Go through the vent and climb the ladder to access Hengsha Seaport.

|/\/\/\|                       Stowing Away [WLK-19]                    |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  The Harvester leader wants you to place an explosive package  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|  deep down Hengsha's Sea Port.  You can then board one of the  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/|  shipments to continue your quest for truth.                   |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M4]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|/\| o GET INSIDE BELLTOWER'S PORT [750XP]                  ---             |/\|
|\/| o RETRIEVE TONG'S PACKAGE [1000XP]                                     |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATPR 250XP]                            |/\|
|\/| o PLACE THE PACKAGE ON WANG'S DESK [1000XP]                            |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |/\|

Head over to the small security cabin on the far end of the area and hack the
PC to shut down the camera (and robots, if you can).  Don't open the door;
this only alerts the guards, and you wouldn't want that.

On the left side of the manhole you entered is a large container.  Use Jump
Enhancement to hop onto it and from here, tranquilize the guard up ahead, then
hop over [750XP].  Moving slightly to the left - while still on top of the
crates - allows you to spot a Heavy guard in the distance down below.  Wait for
him to back away (since there's a camera nearby), then tranquilize hem and wait
for him to fall.

The next guard you'll want to tranquilize is the sniper on top of the crates
with a large "2" printed on them; a ladder leads to him.  When he's downed,
enter the building he's standing on.  You can do this either by destroying the
breakable wall on the left of the building, using one of the windows (cloak
helps here), or via the door; the guard inside is sleeping.  The locker contains

If you can tranquilize the sniper on the roof at the building on the far end
of the sea port, all the better.  Otherwise sneak over to the ladder (with a
little help from your cloak aug, if you wish), but beware of the camera.  Climb
the two ladders and down the sniper if you haven't already done so, then go
inside the building.

Head through the doors until you reach the main hall.  Snipe the Heavy guard
on patrol, then move over to the nearby stairs.  Wait for them to finish their
conversation and start taking them out.  The first you should down is the one
almost below you.  When the other two have been sniped, continue onward.

Move to the security booth to the far northwest side and hide behind the
window.  Wait for the guard to come out of the room and take him down, then go
in for the second takedown.  The PC here can shut down a camera and turret.

All that's left for you to do now is to head upstairs, take down the two guards,
go through the door, and place Tong's package [1000XP, [GHOST 500XP], [SMOOTH

As the cutscene plays, Tracer Tong (yes, from the original Deus Ex, but 25 years
younger) also makes his escape with "The Tracer" boat.

|/\/\/\|                      The Omega Ranch [WLK-20]                  |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| Jensen took a huge risk stepping into one of the cry chambers  |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| at the Hengsha Sea Port.  As he steps out he has no idea where |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| he is; well, he's at Singapore.  But where?                    |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M4]:                      SECONDARY OBJECTIVES     |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |\/|
|\/|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]     JAMMER [250XP] +       |\/|
|/\| o FIND/SPEAK WITH NIA COLVIN [250XP]            [GHOST 500XP] +        |/\|
|\/| o FIND/SPEAK WITH ERIC KOSS [250XP]             [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]|\/|
|/\| o FIND/SPEAK WITH DECLAN FAHERTY [250XP]                               |/\|
|\/| o UPLOAD THE VIRUS AND ENTER RESTRICTED AREA [750XP                    |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |/\|

Enter through the door up ahead an let the two guards finish their conversation.
One of them will enter the area you are in, so prepare for a takedown as soon
as he enters.  He holds a [POCKET SECRETARY] with a keycode to the dorm: 1385.
The other guard is alone and doesn't pose much of a problem.

Continue north and walk straight to the fence, which has a hole in it.  Move the
dumpster (with Strength Enhancement) and enter the bedroom on the far side of
the alley.  Opening the door (from the side) alerts the guard in the alley if
he's watching; take him down as he comes investigating.

Go through the double doors to your right.  If you alert a guard, wait for him
to calm down, then head through and hide behind the railing.  Head right (north)
and go down the steps, then take out the sneaker here, but beware of the Heavy
on duty up ahead; you'll need to be fast so you're not seen.  Quickly hide his
body behind the nearby crates.

Move around the corner, continuing north, but right before you head around the
corner, briefly switch on cloak to avoid being seen by the Heavy and Turret.
Go up the steps, then sneak through this area until you reach a breakable wall
at the corner of the street.  Break through and enter the building.

Go through the two rooms and you'll reach a small hall.  Go around the corner,
ignore the first intersection (which leads to a large hall), and move into the
first open room to your right.  Incapacitate the single guard here and break
through the breakable wall in the corner, next to the shelving.

Move the two cardboard boxes away from the wall to reveal a ventilation system.
Use it to get into an office with Dr. Nia Colvin.  Speak to her to learn more
about the other scientists and how to deal with security [250XP], [GHOST 500XP],

Go through the next room and open the door; if this alerts the guard, take him
out.  Alternatively, use cloak to get past him and the camera on the left.  If
you're sneaking past him, follow the below strategy to easily take him out.
Otherwise, simply enter room G-23.

Move past the camera to the left (in the direction of a door that reads G-23),
and move to the far south end of this hall.  Go inside room G-24 and take out
the sleeping Sneaker guard.  The PC here contains a funny email about Nigerian
spam email.  Good to see those are still around in 2027. :)

In the next room, use the LVL4 security hub (PWALTS/ruckus) to shut down two
cameras, then backtrack through the hall and enter room G-23 at the far end.
It's got a LVL4 security panel (code 5377), so either hack or use the code.

Inside the room south of G-23, look for a [HUGH DARROW EBOOK] on the workbench.

Move the large metal crates out of the way to access the elevator and ride it
up to the third floor.  Here, speak with Eric Koss in the other room to your
right, then ride the elevator back down as you go looking for the third
scientist [250XP].

Head down the long hall once again, this time going right, passing through the
skywalk and going downstairs.  Be careful; there's a Heavy guard around the 
corner, as well as a Sneaker moving to the south part of the area.  When the
Sneaker is standing (with his back facing you) in the south part of the area,
out of the Heavy's sight (when he's facing the other direction), pop a 
tranquilizer dart in his veins.

Should the Heavy notice him, quickly go for a takedown.  Otherwise, hide behind
the railing and take him out whenever possible - perhaps with the help of
cloak.  From where you entered the room, continue straight ahead; the west area
of the building is where we're going to search next.

Go inside the first office (B-14) and remove the copier machine from the wall.
Head through the vent so you can easily take out the guard in the other room
when he sits down on the chair.

In the hall, head through the laser beams with cloak on (or hack the LVL4
device), then ride the elevator down.  Make your way through the hall and talk
to Dr. Declan Faherty in the surgical room behind the double doors.  He will -
being the last of the three scientists you found - give you the data disc from
Vasili to upload the virus [250XP].

And to quote Faherty, "It's time to teach these wankers a lesson!"

Continue through the area and make your way to the room east of here.  Look for
the breakable wall in the upper left corner and destroy it.  Turn the valve to
stop the poisonous gas from leaking into this area, then make your way over the
pipes and vent shafts to reach the area where you broke the first breakable
wall to get inside the building [TRAILBLAZER 400XP].  Excellent.

Now continue all the way through this grassy hall until you reach another large
hall with a Medium Bot on patrol.

Hide behind the crates and leap over to the other side whenever possible.  From
here, sneak to the far end of the area while hugging the left wall, hiding
behind boxes.

If you're interested, while still hiding on the crates to the left, unlock the
LVL4 storage box (code:2410) in which you'll find - among other things - a

Sneak past the camera and security bot, then move around the corner to your left
and walk down this hall.  At the intersection with the camera, first sneak under
it, then move down the right hall (with a dormant security bot in the storage
box) as it looks the other way, then go through the door.  The LVL3 PC can shut
down the camera and shut down the nearby security bot.

Use the Disc Reader on the desk to use the data disc you received and upload the
virus [750XP], [GHOST 500XP], [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP].  Stay hidden and wait for
the three guards to run through the hall. Ride the elevator down when you're
ready.  Watch the cutscene and a boss battle starts.

|/\| BOSS BATTLE: JARON NAMIR |                                              __
|/\| Jaron is the bastard who injured Jensen so badly he had to undergo     |/\|
|\/| surgery and is therefore the direct reason why Jensen now has          |\/|
|/\| augmentations.  Bitter irony then, that it is these very augmentations |/\|
|\/| that have taken you this far.                                          |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| If you ignored the advice earlier and did install the new Biochip, all |\/|
|/\| your augmentations will be jammed for the duration of the battle, and  |/\|
|\/| your vision, HUD and radar are constantly blurred, making things       |\/|
|/\| considerably harder.  This also means you won't have access to your    |/\|
|\/| Typhoon augmentation, which would otherwise be of tremendous help.     |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o Jaron has three attacks:                                             |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| 1. He'll fire somewhere between 2 and 5 plasma shots at you, then      |\/|
|/\|    shoot another burst at you.  Then he'll either reload or take a     |/\|
|\/|    second to shoot another burst at you.                               |\/|
|/\| 2. He'll toss three grenades at you; a Gas, EMP and Frag Grenade.      |/\|
|\/|    You'll quickly want to make a run for it if he throws these.        |\/|
|/\| 3. Jaron will counterattack whenever you attempt to perform takedowns. |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o The area consists of two parts divided by a glass barrier, separating|/\|
|\/|   the passageway from the other area.  It's important to note that the |\/|
|/\|   Laser Rifle can shoot through the glass, and you can find this weapon|/\|
|\/|   in the drawer left of the entrance door.                             |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o It's a good idea to start the battle - just as with Barrett - by     |\/|
|/\|   throwing a (Gas) Grenade at Jaron.  Of course, if you'd have three   |/\|
|\/|   Typhoon Rounds at level 2, the battle would be a breeze, but not     |\/|
|/\|   everyone will be so fortunate.                                       |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o The main idea is to keep a large distance between you and Namir,     |/\|
|\/|   to hide behind corners, avoiding his plasma bursts and grenade       |\/|
|/\|   tosses, and to shoot him whenever possible.                          |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o You'll want to make good use of the Laser Rifle, and empty it on     |/\|
|\/|   Jaron.  If you run out of ammo, switch to a different weapon or      |\/|
|/\|   switch to grenades.                                                  |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| o There are various boxes underneath the moving statues that contain   |/\|
|\/|   items.  Search these whenever you get low on ammo.                   |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o Use EMP Grenades to jam Namir's augmentations, allowing you to       |\/|
|/\|   briefly shoot him.  Avoid his Plasma bursts whenever you can by      |/\|
|\/|   hiding behind corners.                                               |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o Don't hesitate using Pain Killers and Hypostims when your screen     |\/|
|/\|   turns red (which is the only indication you have to tell if you're   |/\|
|\/|   running low on health if your augmentations are jammed).             |\/|
|/\|   Alternatively hide first, try to heal up, and then use a Hypostim    |/\|
|\/|   to boost your health.                                                |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| o If all else fails, consider the following ultimate tip for instantly |\/|
|/\|   winning this boss fight:  Whenever Jaron jumps over a wall to your   |/\|
|\/|   side, simply tap the takedown button repeatedly when he's landing,   |\/|
|/\|   and Jensen will perform a successful takedown on him, instantly      |/\|
|\/|   ending this boss fight.  You can do this at the very, very beginning |\/|
|/\|   of the fight by running to your immediate upper left, facing the     |/\|
|\/|   wall to your right, and tapping the takedown button as Jaron jumps   |\/|
|/\|   over.                                                                |/\|

When the battle is over, loot Namir's body for [10x PLASMA CAPSULES] and
[CREDITS], and be sure to grab his [PLASMA RIFLE], which is a good combat
weapon.  Head through the exit to finally find an old friend [250XP].

Be sure to hack the LVL5 security safe to find the last [HUGH DARROW EBOOK]
(Reimagining Retinal Implants: Doctor Dobelle's Success) inside.

Ride the elevator and access the control panel.  If you saved Malik before
she'll kill the Crazy Mercs in the helipad room, saving you the trouble of
having to avoid them.  Otherwise, rush past them by running over the helipad.
Try staying in the middle to reach the Leo Shuttle without a scratch.

Note: Before heading to the Leo Shuttle, exit the control room and head left.
      Move the crate to reveal a secret opening and hack the LVL5 PC (which is
      a rather hard hack; use Nuke Viruses to get past the strongest nodes).
      Read the email to unlock the "Hangar 18" achievement/trophy.

When you're done here, enter the Leo Shuttle to depart.  Destination: Panchaea.

|/\/\/\|               Shutting Down Darrow's Signal [WLK-21]           |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| Hugh Darrow's signal from Panchaea drives all augmented people |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\| insane; most are likely seeing horrifying hallucinations.      |/\/\/\|
|\/\/\/| It's up to you - of course - to stop the signal ASAP.          |\/\/\/|
|/\/\/\|                                                                |/\/\/\|
|/\| PRIMARY OBJECTIVES [M1]:                    SECONDARY OBJECTIVES       |/\|
|\/| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       |\/|
|/\| o GO INSIDE THE TOWER AND                   o FIND/SPEAK WITH TAGGART  |/\|
|\/|   DISENGAGE THE LOCKDOWN [1000XP]             [500XP]                  |\/|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]                            |/\|
|/\|   + [GHOST 500XP] + [SMOOTH OPERATOR 250XP]   [500XP]                  |/\|
|\/| o DEFEAT THE HYRON PROJECT [1000XP]                                    |\/|

| TRIVIA: PANCHAEA |                          __   It's worth your while to
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|/\|  explore the area for items,
| Panchaea is the name of a fictional island |\/|  since there are no enemies
| made up by the philosopher Euhemerus, who  |/\|  roaming around.
| lived in the 4th century BC.  It's a fully |\/|
| rational island located in the Indian      |/\|  To enter the facility,
| Ocean.  In his trip to the island, the     |\/|  simply head to the far left
| writer discovers a register of the birth   |/\|  part of the area and jump
| and death of Gods, falsifying their        |\/|  on top of the series of
| existence.                                 |/\|  containers, making your way
|____________________________________________|__|  to the far end of the area.

You should see a large ventilation shaft at the top [PATHFINDER 300XP] which
leads to an area with pipes high above the ground level.  Move over the pipes
and go through the destroyed window to your left.  Drop down, then ride the
elevator at the far end of the hall all the way down.

Continue through the halls and head up the stairs to the Command Center.  Sneak
past the turret in the hall up ahead and go through the broken window to meet
Hugh Darrow.

A social battle commences.  Hugh is quite sure of his case, but he can be
brought to his knees by extrapolating while adding into the mix a little
understanding.  Good options for winning are: Extrapolate, Appeal, Extrapolate,
and Extrapolate [500XP] + [SILVER TONGUE 1000XP].  With the access code (2012), 
backtrack through the halls (or hop through the broken window on the opposite
side of the hall to save some time).  Move through the hall until you reach a
part with crazies.

Note: Downing crazies doesn't grant experience, so it's wise to sneak through
      the area instead of trying to take them all down.

If you're very, very stealthy, sneak past the crazies and go through the door
on the right, just before the two crazies staring at the wall.  You'll want
the other crazy to have his back toward you as well.  Move through this room
and exit via the backdoor, which is - fortunately - close to the elevator.
When none of the many crazies in this hall are watching (check your radar),
call the elevator and use it.

Stay crouched and make your way to the end of this hall.  Climb the metal box
and shelving here and (while standing, not crouching) hop inside the crawling
area in the roof.  From here, move through the broken window and go over the
yellow beams.  Make your way through the crawling area head, loot the body,
and continue through the vent at the far end of this space.  Head through,
go down the ladder, and exit the vent.

Immediately switch on cloak and make a run for the doorway to the far right,
then quickly hop through the broken window to make it to safety.

The next hall leads to the last LIMB Clinic in the game.  If you can spare the
credits, buy the two last Praxis Kits, along with Hypostims and Typhoon Ammo.
Continue through the hall when you're done.  It'll be around this time that
William Taggart asks for help.

Go through the doorway and hop onto the black beams, then look to your right
and jump onto the blue scaffolding.  Move towards the building's wall and hop
onto the edge, then crawl to the far side of the area.  Drop down.

Go through the doorway by moving over the beams.  Head through the hall, but
beware when going down the stairs; there are cameras up ahead.

As the camera looks away, turn left and drop down next to the pipes, and hug the
wall, staying out of sight.  Moving to the end of the pipes leads you to a vent
cover; head inside and go straight ahead, ignoring the shaft to your right for

This leads to William Taggart's room.  Speak to him twice to get all of the main
dialogue,  then exit the room.  Loot the corpses, go around the corner, and move
the metal crates away from the wall to reveal a ventilation cover. Head inside
and you'll find yourself back at the pipeline area.  Backtrack the way you came,
avoiding the cameras stealthily.

Here, crouch and move to the railing south of you.  You'll need to Icarus
Landing System along with cloak for the next maneuver:  While crouching, head
west and approach the scaffolding.  Turn on cloak and hop down the railing to
your right; you should fall down the long, big ventilation shaft.  There are
crazies down below, so immediately go through the double doors and shut them
behind you, then go around the corner and turn off cloak.

At this point, Sarif contacts you; he's in need of help.  Go through the door,
crouch, and hop over the pipes.  Move through the area while hugging the left
wall.  The same principle applies to the next room downstairs.  Hop onto the
box in the upper right corner and enter the vent, which leads straight to Sarif.
Speak to him twice and be on your way [500XP].  You can find [10x PLASMA 
CAPSULES] in the locker, just like a [LASER RIFLE BATTERY].

Head back through the vent and turn right; switch on cloak and go straight for
the other doorway.  Don't continue down the hall; it's rigged with mines.
Instead, head through the LVL 4 door on your left.  Beware, there are two more
fragmentation mines in this hall, so slowly approach them to deactivate these.
Entering the door grants you [PATHFINDER 300XP], but we'll go upstairs instead.

Crouch through the hall and approach the doorway at the end.  Immediately turn
right to crawl underneath some devices.  Use cloak to move towards the next
hiding spot, while you keep hugging the right wall (yes, walls get a lot of
love in Panchaea).  From here, use cloak once more to move onward; proceed
around the big device, through the door, into the hall to the northeast.  Close
the door to ensure safety.  Head down the empty hall and call the elevator,
which is a fairly long wait, then ride it up.

Move down the hall to your right and continue until you reach some closed doors.
This is a fairly tough part to get past stealthily, unless you have several
energy cells and bars so you can use cloak for a decent amount of time.
Otherwise, drop to the sides of the railing to replenish your energy and take
short spurts until you reach the other side.  Make sure you don't touch any
of the crazies or they'll go crazy! Uuhm.. you know what I mean.  The elevator
leads to the final area of the game, where the final boss battle starts.
Loot the bodies in the final hallway and grab the Plasma Rifle if you don't
already have one, then go through the doors.

|/\| FINAL BOSS BATTLE: THE HYRON PROJECT |                                  __
|/\| The Hyron Project is partially controlled by Zhao Yun Ru, but also     |/\|
|\/| appears to have a will of its own.  It is armed with powerful machine- |\/|
|/\| gun turrets that circle around it, shooting at you whenever possible.  |/\|
|\/| To destroy it you'll need to destroy Zhao, but she's protected by a    |\/|
|/\| shield that you need to destroy first.                                 |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| There are three pods with Hyron Drones inside the central structure    |/\|
|\/| that you must destroy in order to lower Zhao's shield.  You can either |\/|
|/\| press the buttons next to the pods in order to open them, revealing    |/\|
|\/| the drones.  Go over each and kill them one at a time.  After          |\/|
|/\| destroying two drones, crazies will be released inside the room that   |/\|
|\/| you'll probably want defeat by using takedowns, so having a few energy |\/|
|/\| bars left will come in handy.  When you've destroyed all three drones, |/\|
|\/| medium security bots are released.  These can be destroyed with Typhoon|\/|
|/\| rounds or EMP Grenades.                                                |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| An alternative way for killing the drones is to hack the LV4 PC's in   |/\|
|\/| the perimeter.  You are only briefly shielded from the turret gunfire  |\/|
|/\| by the breakable glass, so you should consider using cloak.  You'll    |/\|
|\/| still need to kill the Hyron Drones after opening their pods, but you  |\/|
|/\| can now do this from a distance.                                       |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| Yet another way to deal with the Hyron Drones is to simply head for    |/\|
|\/| the central structure and look for the LVL 5 security panel.  Input    |\/|
|/\| the code Hugh Darrow gave you: 2012 (apt code, by the way) and it'll   |/\|
|\/| shut down the Hyron Drones their life support systems.                 |\/|
|/\|                                                                        |/\|
|\/| In any case you'll still need to kill Zhao.  The glass shield can be   |\/|
|/\| destroyed after taking care of the Hyron Drones; shoot it repeatedly   |/\|
|\/| and it'll break.  It will then only take a few hits to kill Zhao.      |\/|
|/\| Using Typhoon can speed things up tremendously here.                   |/\|
|\/|                                                                        |\/|
|/\| By far the quickest way to defeat the final boss is to simply pull out |/\|
|\/| your Laser Gun - which can pierce Zhao's shield without problems -     |\/|
|/\| turning on your cloak, and blast the Laser Beam straight at Zhao until |/\|
|\/| she dies.                                                              |\/|

The game has four different endings, and it's up to you to decide which fate
mankind must face.  Have an extra savegame so you can view them all, and be
sure to watch the thrilling scene at the very end of the game to unlock an
additional trophy/achievement.  Congratulations!


___ ___ ___                _        _      ___     ___ ___  _        __
 |   |   |        /\  | | /_  |\/| |_ |\ |  |   /\  |   |  | | |\ | (_       .
_|_ _|_ _|_.     /  \ |_| \_| |  | |_ | \|  |  /  \ |  _|_ |_| | \| __)     / \
                 ¯¯¯¯                          ¯¯¯¯                        /AUG\

o Not every augmentation in Deus Ex Human Revolution is as useful as the rest,
  there's no doubt about it.  No one will argue that Strength or Jump
  Enhancement is less useful than Aim Stabilizer.  The question is, which
  augmentations are useful early in the game, and which ones can be activated
  later on, while maximizing the sufficiency of every single aug?

o The lists below go over the augmentations that are best to get as soon as
  possible, ones that are good to consider halfway through the game, and ones
  you can leave alone until very late in the game when you have Praxis Kits
  left to spare.  Lastly, the final list goes over so-called secondary
  augmentations; useful additions in some cases, but less essential and often
  more contextual than other augmentations.

  Remember, these are only guidelines.  You're free to spend all your Praxis
  Kits any way you like, just keep in mind that some paths are more rewarding
  than others.

  As you can see, the early in-game list only contains the essentials, so if
  you have any Praxis Kits left to spare, feel very free to use them for
  augmentations that allow you to maximize experience (such as the Reflex
  Booster, allowing for multiple takedowns)

  -  Hacking Capture 2 (& 3+4 if you want to maximize XP)
  -  Move/Throw Heavy Objects
  -  Jump Enhancement
  -  Cloaking System Level 1 (& 2)
  -  Carrying Capacity 1 (& 2)
 (-) Reflex Booster (only if you want to maximize XP)
  -  Hacking Capture 3 & (& 5 if you wish to maximize XP)
  -  Punch Through Walls
  -  Cloaking System Level 2 & 3
  -  Carrying Capacity 2 & 3
  -  Energy Level Upgrade 1
  -  Typhoon Level 1 (&2) (before the second boss)
  -  Run Silently
 (-) Dermal Armor Level 1
 (-) Icarus Landing System (when you reach a certain optional part in Hengsha
                            that leads to a Hugh Darrow Ebook)

  - Hacking Capture 5
  - Typhoon Level 2
  - Dermal Armor Level 2 (& 3)
  - Recharge Rate Upgrade Level 1 & 2
  - Energy Level Upgrade Level 2 & 3
  - Hacking Fortify & Stealth (2 & 3)
  - Aim Stabilizer

o The following augmentations aren't bad, but they are either very contextual
  and thus limiting their usefulness, they provide you with information that
  is already in this guide (or with useless information), or you simply won't
  benefit all that much from some of them.  It's recommended to only spend your
  valuable Praxis Kits on these when you've obtained the above augmentations

  - Social Enhancer:  I'd definitely recommend doing a playthrough with this
                      at least once, simply because it looks pretty cool, but
                      you will only be able to use it several times, and you can
                      win Social Battles easily by reloading your game.

  - Radar System Level 2: It sounds really useful, but the truth is that the
                          radar already has excellent functionality, and this
                          augmentation doesn't help you all that much.

  - Stealth Enhancer: This includes Noise Feedback, Mark & Track 1/2/3, Last
                      Known Location Marker, and Cones of Vision.  These
                      augmentations might be useful for the less experienced
                      player, but hardly come in handy for someone who already
                      knows to stay out of sight, and where his/her foes are
                      located at.

  - Hacking Analyze Add-On: This has little practical purpose, and it's wiser
                            to just improve your actual hacking skills.

  - Implanted Rebreather: The Chemical Resistance can be useful at times, and
                          this augmentation is probably one of the best of all
                          secondary augmentations.  The Hyper-Oxygenation 1/2
                          can also come in handy for quickly travelling through
                          hubs, but this is more a nifty little thing rather
                          than a life-saving augmentation.

  - Recoil Compensation: If you're heavily relying on combat measures, this
                         augmentation has its uses (it improves your accuracy),
                         but for stealth players it's not very important.

  - Smart Vision: A fun addition, but never required.

  - Cooldown Timer & Flash Suppressant: The Cooldown Timer is hardly useful,
                                        and the Flash Suppressant is very

  - Sprint Enhancement: This only improves your running speed from 6.5 meters
                        per second to 7.5 meters per second.  The Hyper-
                        Oxygenarion augmentations are far better.

  - Sprint/Jump/Land Silently: These are extremely contextual.

                      AUGMENTATIONS STATISTICS [AUG-3.2]
 Legend: - (1P) or (2P) = 1 or 2 Praxis Points.
           [If nothing is listed, then it comes automatically or is included.]
         - U/PS = Units per second.  One energy cell contains 30 energy units.
           This is thus the rate that the augmentation consumes units every
           second it is active.

|NAME:                       |ENERGY: |USAGE/EFFECT:                           |
|SOCIAL ENHANCER:            |        |Affects Jensen's social skills.         |
|Emotional Intelligence      |  None  |Shows personality and allows interaction|
|Enhancer (2P)               |        |with pheromones                         |
|RADAR SYSTEM:               |        |This is Jensen's standard radar.        |
|Radar 1                     |  None  |Range: 25 meters (standard).            |
|Radar 2 (1P)                |  None  |Range: 50 meters.                       |
|INFOLINK:                   |        |Jensen is equipped with an advanced     |
|Cochlear Implant            |  None  |infolink that allows him to speak with  |
|Subvocal                    |  None  |his boss and colleagues.                |
|STEALTH ENHANCER: (2P)      |        |Adds some features to Jensen's HUD.     |
|Noise Feedback              |  None  |Shows Jensen's noise.                   |
|Cones of Vision (1P)        |  None  |Shows enemies' line of sight.           |
|Last Known Location         |        |                                        |
|Marker (1P)                 |  None  |Shows last position known to enemies.   |
|Mark & Track 1.0 (1P)       |  None  |Allows tracking of 3 NPC's (max 100m).  |
|Mark & Track 2.0 (1P)       |  None  |Allows tracking of 5 NPC's (max 100m).  |
|Mark & Track 3.0 (1P)       |  None  |Allows tracking of 7 NPC's (max 100m).  |
|HACKING: CAPTURE:           |        |Improves your node-capturing chances.   |
|Capture 1-5 (4*1P each)     |  None  |-10% detection chance per LVL difference|
|Camera Domination           |  None  |Turn camera's on/off.                   |
|Turret Domination (1P)      |  None  |Activate/Deactivate Robots              |
|Robot Domination (1P)       |  None  |Activate/Deactivate Robots              |
|HACKING ANALYZE ADD-ON:     |        |Gives hacking feedback.                 |
|Detection Feedback (1P)     |  None  |Shows detection chances of any node.    |
|Analyze all Datastores (1P) |  None  |Shows detection chances of any datastore|
|HACKING: FORTIFY:           |        |Improves your hacking fortify skills.   |
|Fortify 1-3 (1P)            |  None  |Add 1 - 3 points to a node's rating.    |
|HACKING: STEALTH:           |        |Decreases detection chances by:         |
|Stealth 1-3 (1P)            |  None  |-15%, 30%, 45% respectively.            |
|SENTINEL RX HEALTH SYSTEM   |        |Jensen's health regeneration system is  |
|Cardiovertor Defibrillator  |  None  |a state of the art mechanism.  Even     |
|Angiogenesis Protein Therapy|  None  |soldiers from Call of Duty have it.     |
|SARIF SERIES 8 ENERGY       |        |1 CELL = 30 UNITS.                      |
|CONVERTER                   |        |                                        |
|Base Energy Level           |  None  |BASE = 2 CELLS.                         |
|Energy Level Upgrade 1-3(1P)|  None  |+ 1 CELL (x3).                          |
|Base Recharge Rate (1P)     |  None  |1 UNIT PER SECOND, 10 SEC DELAY.        |
|Recharge Rate Upgrade 1 (1P)|  None  |1.2 UNIT P/S, 5 SEC DELAY.              |
|Recharge Rate Upgrade 2 (1P)|  None  |1.5 UNIT P/S, 1 SEC DELAY.              |
|IMPLANTED REBREATHER: (2P)  |        |Improves the lung system.               |
|Chemical Resistance         |  None  |Grants immunity to toxic gas.           |
|Hyper-Oxygenation 1 (1P)    |  None  |+2.5 sec sprint (total 5 second)        |
|Hyper-Oxygenation 2 (1P)    |  None  |+2.5 sec sprint (total 7.5 seconds)     |
|TYPHOON EXPLOSIVE SYSTEM(2P)|        |A highly powerful explosive system.     |
|Light Damage Variant        | 1 Cell |Radius: 8m. Power: 142.5.               |
|Heavy Damage Variant (1P)   | 1 Cell |Radius: 8m. Power: 313.5.               |
|CYBERNETIC ARM PROSTHESIS   |        |Strenght Enhancement; squared.          |
|Instant Takedown            | 1 Cell |Instantly takes down an opponent.       |
|Move/Throw Heavy Objects(1P)|0.5 U/PS|(Throwing Heavy Objects costs 10 units).|
|Punch Through Wall (1P)     | 1 Cell |Shows and allows punching through walls.|
|Recoil Compensation 1-2 (1P)|  None  |-50% and -100% recoil respectively.     |
|Carrying Capacity 1-3 (1P)  |  None  |+2x7 slots for each upgrade (max=14x7)  |
|AIM STABILIZER              |        |Steadies your grip for distant targets. |
|Aiming Motion Control 1 (1P)|  None  |Improves your accuracy by 50%.          |
|Aiming Motion Control 2 (1P)|  None  |Improves your accuracy to 100%.         |
|SMART VISION (2P)           | 1 U/PS |Allows you to see things through walls. |
|RETINAL PROSTHESIS          |        |This is Jensen's on-screen display.     |
|Retinal HUD                 |  None  |This is Jensen's on-screen HUD.         |
|Cooldown Timer (1P)         |  None  |Shows cooldown timer (within 20m range).|
|Flash Suppressant (1P)      |  None  |Fast recovery from extreme flashes.     |
|REFLEX BOOSTER (2P)         | 1 Cell |Allows a double-target takedown.        |
|ICARUS LANDING SYSTEM (2P)  |  None  |Allows you to fall from any height.     |
|                            |        |System works from 5+ meters high.       |
|DERMAL ARMOR (2P)           |        |An armor that decreases damage incurred.|
|Damage Reduction 1          |  None  |Decreases damage by 15% in total.       |
|Damage Reduction 2 (1P)     |  None  |Decreases damage by 30% in total.       |
|Damage Reduction 3 (1P)     |  None  |Decreases damage by 45% in total.       |
|EMP Shielding (1P)          |  None  |Protects against electric currents.     |
|CLOAKING SYSTEM (2P)        |        |A state of the art stealth-cloak system.|
|Base Longevity              | 10 U/PS|(Lasts 3 Seconds per Energy Cell.)      |
|Longevity Update 1 (1P)     |  6 U/PS|(Lasts 5 Seconds per Energy Cell.)      |
|Longevity Update 2 (1P)     |  4.285 |(Lasts 7 Seconds per Energy Cell.)      |
|CYBERNETIC LEG PROSTHESIS(2P|        |Your leg prosthesis feature great power.|
|Jump Enhancement            |  None  |Jump 3 meters high (instead of 1.1m).   |
|Sprint Enhancement (1P)     |  None  |Sprint 7.5m p/s (instead of 6.5m p/s).  |
|Run Silently (1P)           | 2 U/PS |Allows silent regular running + walking.|
|Sprint Silently (1P)        | 2 U/PS |Improves Run Silently with sprinting.   |
|Jump/Land Silently (1P)     | 2 U/PS |Improves Run Silently with Jump/Landing.|

___ ____          ___        ____   ___       ___  __   ___  ___             .
 |  \  /           |   |\ |  \  /  |___  |\ |  |  |  | |__/  \./            / \
_|_  \/ .         _|_  | \|   \/   |___  | \|  |  |__| |  \   |            /INV\

                                  SHOP LIST:

                                GRAYSON'S SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |10mm Pistol Ammo (x5)     |    25  |         6         |
           |Shotgun Cartridges (x5)   |   100  |         2         |
           |Tranquilizer Darts (x2)   |   100  |         5         |
           |Damage Upgrade            |   250  |         1         |
           |Burst Round System        |  1500  |         1         |
           |Shotgun                   |  1500  |         1         |
           |Tranquilizer Rifle        |  1500  |         1         |
           |Mine Template             |    75  |         3         |

                                LIMB CLINIC SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Typhoon Ammo              |   100  |         5         |
           |Hypostim                  |   100  |         2         |
           |CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar  |   250  |         2         |
           |Praxis Kit                |  5000  |         2         |

                              LIN FU REN'S SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Rocket                    |   150  |         2         |
           |Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) |   120  |         5         |
           |Sniper Rifle Ammo (x5)    |   150  |         2         |
           |Crossbow Arrows           |    70  |         4         |
           |Rocket Launcher           |  4000  |         1         |
           |Machine Pistol            |   750  |         1         |
           |Sniper Rifle              |  3000  |         1         |
           |Crossbow                  |  2000  |         1         |
           |Frag Grenade              |   150  |         2         |
           |EMP Grenade               |   200  |         1         |
           |Silencer                  |   500  |         1         |
           |Laser Targeting System    |   500  |         1         |
           |Damage Upgrade            |   250  |         1         |
           |Target-Seeking System     |  1500  |         1         |
           |(for Machine Pistol or    |        |                   |
           |Combat Rifle)             |        |                   |

                              PENG XIN HAO SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Revolver Ammo (x5)        |   130  |         2         |
           |Combat Rifle Ammo (x10)   |   100  |         4         |
           |Shotgun Cartridges (x5)   |   100  |         2         |
           |P.E.P.S. Energy Pack (x1) |    50  |         5         |
           |Tranquilizer Darts (x2)   |   100  |         5         |
           |Stun Gun Darts (x2)       |    50  |         5         |
           |10mm Pistol Ammo (x5)     |    25  |         6         |
           |Revolver                  |   600  |         1         |
           |Combat Rifle              |  1250  |         1         |
           |Shotgun                   |  1500  |         1         |
           |P.E.P.S.                  |   750  |         1         |
           |Tranquilizer Rifle        |  1500  |         1         |
           |Stun Gun                  |   500  |         1         |
           |10mm Pistol               |   350  |         1         |
           |Mine Template             |    75  |         3         |
           |Gas Grenade               |   200  |         1         |
           |Concussion Grenade        |    60  |         2         |
           |Rate-of-Fire Upgrade      |   250  |         1         |
           |Exploding Rounds Package  |  1500  |         1         |
           |(for the Revolver)        |        |                   |
           |Stop! Worm Software       |    50  |         5         |
           |Nuke Virus Software       |    50  |         5         |

                        HUANG LING (LIMB CLINIC) SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Typhoon Ammo              |   100  |         5         |
           |Hypostim                  |   100  |         2         |
           |CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar  |   250  |         2         |
           |Praxis Kit                |  5000  |         2         |

                        GRAYSON'S SHOP (After Hengsha):
        |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|NEW:|
        |10mm Pistol Ammo (x5)     |    25  |         6         |    |
        |Shotgun Cartridges (x5)   |   100  |         2         |    |
        |Tranquilizer Darts (x2)   |   100  |         5         |    |
        |PEPS Energy Pack (x1)     |    50  |         5         |NEW!|
        |Heavy Rifle Ammo (x25)    |   250  |         4         |NEW!|
        |Revolver Ammo (x5)        |   130  |         2         |NEW!|
        |10mm Pistol               |   350  |         1         |NEW!|
        |P.E.P.S.                  |   750  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Heavy Rifle               |  2500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Revolver                  |   600  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Shotgun                   |  1500  |         1         |    |
        |Tranquilizer Rifle        |  1500  |         1         |    |
        |Damage Upgrade            |   250  |         1         |    |
        |Burst Round System        |  1500  |         1         |    |
        |Laser Targeting System    |   500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Reload Speed Upgrade      |   250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Ammo Capacity Upgrade     |   250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Target-Leading-System (for|  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Tranq. Rifle and Crossbow)|        |                   |    |
        |Cooling System (for Heavy |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Rifles and Plasma Rifles) |        |                   |    |
        |Exploding Rounds Package  |   250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |(for the Revolver)        |        |                   |    |
        |Armor Piercing System     |   500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |(for 10mm Pistol)         |        |                   |    |
        |Mine Template             |    75  |         3         |    |
        |EMP Grenade               |   200  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Concussion Grenade        |    60  |         2         |NEW!|
        |Stop! Worm Software       |    50  |         5         |NEW!|
        |Nuke Virus Software       |    50  |         5         |NEW!|

                        SEURAT'S SHOP (After Hengsha):
        |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|NEW:|
        |Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) |   120  |         5         |    |
        |Stun Gun Darts (x2)       |    50  |         5         |    |
        |Rocket                    |   150  |         2         |NEW!|
        |Crossbow Arrows (x2)      |    70  |         4         |NEW!|
        |Sniper Rifle Ammo (x5)    |   150  |         2         |NEW!|
        |Combat Rifle Ammo (x10)   |   100  |         4         |NEW!|
        |Silencer (*)              |   500  |         1         |    |
        |Stun Gun                  |   500  |         1         |    |
        |Machine Pistol            |   500  |         1         |    |
        |Rocket Launcher           |  3000  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Crossbow                  |  2000  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Sniper Rifle              |  3000  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Combat Rifle              |  1250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Rate-of-Fire Upgrade      |   250  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Heat Targeting System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Target-Leading System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |(for T. Rifle & Crossbow) |        |                   |    |
        |Target-Seeking System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
        |(for Machine Pistol or)   |        |                   |    |
        |Combat Rifle)             |        |                   |    |
        |Gas Grenade               |   200  |         1         |NEW!|
        |Frag Grenade              |   150  |         2         |NEW!|
        (*) If you've bought the Silencer before, it won't be available.
         If you visited Greg Thorpe (and saved his wife), you'll get a
         ~25% discount on all of Seurat's prices.

                      ANDREA MANTEGNA (LIMB CLINIC) SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Typhoon Ammo              |   100  |         5         |
           |Hypostim                  |   100  |         2         |
           |CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar  |   250  |         2         |
           |Praxis Kit                |  5000  |         2         |
            It's highly recommended to buy the two new Praxis Kits.

                    LIN FU REN'S SHOP (2nd Hengsha visit):
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|NEW:|
           |Rocket                    |   150  |         2         |    |
           |Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) |   120  |         5         |    |
           |Sniper Rifle Ammo (x5)    |   150  |         2         |    |
           |Heavy Rifle Ammo (x25)    |   250  |         4         |NEW!|
           |Crossbow Arrows           |    70  |         4         |    |
           |Rocket Launcher           |  4000  |         1         |    |
           |Machine Pistol            |   750  |         1         |    |
           |Sniper Rifle              |  3000  |         1         |    |
           |Crossbow                  |  2000  |         1         |    |
           |Heavy Rifle               |  2500  |         1         |NEW!|
           |Frag Grenade              |   150  |         2         |    |
           |EMP Grenade               |   200  |         1         |    |
           |Silencer                  |   500  |         1         |    |
           |Laser Targeting System    |   500  |         1         |    |
           |Damage Upgrade            |   250  |         1         |    |
           |Target-Seeking System     |  1500  |         1         |    |
           |(for Machine Pistol or    |        |                   |    |
           |Combat Rifle)             |        |                   |    |
           |Heat Targeting System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
           |(for Rocket Launcher)     |        |                   |    |
           |Cooling System (for Heavy |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
           |Rifles & Plasma Rifles)   |        |                   |    |

                    PENG XIN HAO SHOP (2nd Hengsha visit):
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|NEW:|
           |Revolver Ammo (x5)        |   130  |         2         |    |
           |Combat Rifle Ammo (x10)   |   100  |         4         |    |
           |Shotgun Cartridges (x5)   |   100  |         2         |    |
           |P.E.P.S. Energy Pack (x1) |    50  |         5         |    |
           |Tranquilizer Darts (x2)   |   100  |         5         |    |
           |Stun Gun Darts (x2)       |    50  |         5         |    |
           |10mm Pistol Ammo (x5)     |    25  |         6         |    |
           |Revolver                  |   600  |         1         |    |
           |Combat Rifle              |  1250  |         1         |    |
           |Shotgun                   |  1500  |         1         |    |
           |P.E.P.S.                  |   750  |         1         |    |
           |Tranquilizer Rifle        |  1500  |         1         |    |
           |Stun Gun                  |   500  |         1         |    |
           |10mm Pistol               |   350  |         1         |    |
           |Mine Template             |    75  |         3         |    |
           |Gas Grenade               |   200  |         1         |    |
           |Concussion Grenade        |    60  |         2         |    |
           |Rate-of-Fire Upgrade      |   250  |         1         |    |
           |Exploding Rounds Package  |  1500  |         1         |    |
           |(for the Revolver)        |        |                   |    |
           |Burst Round System (for   |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
           |the Shotgun)              |        |                   |    |
           |Target-Seeking System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
           |(for Machine Pistol &     |        |                   |    |
           |Combat Rifle)             |        |                   |    |
           |Armor-Piercing System     |  1500  |         1         |NEW!|
           |(for 10mm Pistol)         |        |                   |    |
           |Stop! Worm Software       |    50  |         5         |    |
           |Nuke Virus Software       |    50  |         5         |    |

              HUANG LING (LIMB CLINIC) SHOP (2nd Hengsha visit):
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Typhoon Ammo              |   100  |         5         |
           |Hypostim                  |   100  |         2         |
           |CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar  |   250  |         2         |
           |Praxis Kit                |  5000  |         2         |
            It's highly recommended to buy the two new Praxis Kits.

                               LU PIN RONG SHOP:
           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Tranquilizer Darts (x2)   |   100  |         5         |
           |Stun Gun Darts (x2)       |    50  |         5         |
           |Heavy Rifle Ammo (x25)    |   250  |         4         |
           |Sniper Rifle Ammo (x5)    |   150  |         2         |
           |Machine Pistol Ammo (x15) |   120  |         5         |
           |Heavy Rifle               |  2500  |         1         |
           |Sniper Rifle              |  3000  |         1         |
           |Machine Pistol            |   750  |         1         |
           |Reload Speed Upgrade      |   250  |         1         |
           |Ammo Capacity Upgrade     |   250  |         1         |
           |Cooling System (for Heavy |  1500  |         1         |
           |Rifles & Plasma Rifles)   |        |                   |
           |Target-Seeking System     |  1500  |         1         |
           |(for Machine Pistol &     |        |                   |
           |Combat Rifle)             |        |                   |
           |Frag Grenade              |   150  |         2         |
           |Gas Grenade               |   200  |         1         |
           |EMP Grenade               |   200  |         1         |
           |Mine Template             |    75  |         3         |

           |ITEMS:                    | PRICE: |AVAILABLE QUANTITY:|
           |Typhoon Ammo              |   100  |         5         |
           |Hypostim                  |   100  |         2         |
           |CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar  |   250  |         2         |
           |Praxis Kit                |  5000  |         2         |

____ ___ ___ __  __       __ __       __       __ ____ __     __    ___ __
\  /  | |__/|  ||__||__|||__(__   /\ |   |__|||__ \  /|__|\/||__|\ | | (__   .
 \/ . | |  \|__||   |  |||__ __) /  \|__ |  |||__  \/ |__|  ||__| \| |  __) / \
                                 ¯¯¯¯                                      /T&A\
|NAME:                  |POINTS| DESCRIPTION/REQUIREMENT:                      |
|Cloak & Daggers        |  10  |Deal with the man in the shadows.              |
|Smash the State        |  10  |Help Officer Nicholas take out the trash.      |
|Acquaintances Forgotten|  10  |Follow Pritchard’s lead to uncover the truth.  |
|Doctorate              |  50  |Read all 29 unique XP books within a single    |
|                       |      |playthrough.                                   |
|Lesser Evil            |  10  |Deal with Mr. Carella’s indiscretion.          |
|Motherly Ties          |  10  |Put a grieving mother’s doubts to rest.        |
|Corporate Warfare      |  10  |Protect a client’s interests by performing a   |
|                       |      |less-than-hostile takeover.                    |
|Talion A.D.            |  10  |Descend into the bowels of an urban jungle and |
|                       |      |confront a warrior-priest.                     |
|Gun Nut                |  20  |Fully upgrade one of your weapons.             |
|Bar Tab                |  10  |Help the Hive Bartender settle a tab.          |
|Rotten Business        |  10  |Help a lady in the oldest of professions       |
|                       |      |clean house.                                   |
|Shanghai Justice       |  10  |It may take some sleuthing, but justice must   |
|                       |      |be served.                                     |
|HaxOr1!                |  15  |Successfully hack 50 devices within the same   |
|                       |      |playthrough.                                   |
|Transhumanist          |   5  |Fully upgrade your 1st augmentation of choice. |
|Consciousness is       |      |                                               |
|Over-rated             |  15  |Knock out 100 enemies in a single playthrough. |
|First Takedown         |   5  |Perform your first Takedown. Civilians don’t   |
|                       |      |count, so be nice.                             |
|Opportunist            |  15  |Perform 50 takedowns within the same           |
|                       |      |playthrough. (Civilians don’t count.)          |
|First Hack             |   5  |Perform your first Hack successfully.          |
|Deus Ex Machina        |  50  |Experience all the different endings that      |
|                       |      |Deus Ex: Human Revolution has to offer.        |
|Pacifist               | 100  |Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without     |
|                       |      |anyone dying by your hand.  (Boss fights don’t |
|                       |      |count.)                                        |
|Foxiest of the Hounds  | 100  |Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution without     |
|                       |      |setting off any alarms.                        |
|Up the Ante!           |  15  |Upgrade your first weapon of choice.           |
|Trooper                |  50  |Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution.            |
|Legend                 | 100  |Complete Deus Ex: Human Revolution at its      |
|                       |      |hardest setting without ever changing the      |
|                       |      |difficulty.                                    |
|Ghost                  |  15  |You made it through an entire hostile area     |
|                       |      |without so much as a squeak.                   |
|Sentimental Value      |  10  |You kept Megan’s bracelet for yourself.        |
|                       |      |Apparently, letting go really is the hardest   |
|                       |      |part.                                          |
|The Take               |  10  |Greedy bastard. You accepted O’Malley’s blood  |
|                       |      |money and let him go.                          |
|Guardian Angel         |  10  |You paid poor Jaya’s debt in full. How very... |
|                       |      |humane... of you.                              |
|The D Project          |  15  |You watched the entire credit list and saw the |
|                       |      |surprise at the end.                           |
|Good Soul              |  15  |Against all odds, you saved Faridah Malik’s    |
|                       |      |life.                                          |
|Hangar 18              |  10  |You found and read the secret message.         |
|                       |      |Now you know too much...                       |
|Super Sleuth           |  10  |You really nailed your case against Lee Hong.  |
|Ladies Man             |  10  |You convinced Mengyao to spill the beans on    |
|                       |      |the mysterious Hyron Project.                  |
|Balls                  |   5  |Seems you like playing with balls, eh?         |
|Lucky Guess            |  10  |Next time, Jacob better use a more complex     |
|                       |      |code to arm his bombs.                         |
|Kevorkian Complex      |  10  |You granted a dying man his final request.     |
|The Fall               |  10  |You sent Diamond Chan on the trip of a lifetime|
|The End                |  25  |You defeated Zhao Yun Ru and destroyed the     |
|                       |      |Hyron Project.                                 |
|Old School Gamer       |  10  |You found all the hidden story items in Megan’s|
|                       |      |office. Point and Click much?                  |
|Unforeseen Consequence |  15  |Convinced Zeke Sanders to let his hostage go.  |
|The Bull               |  25  |You defeated Lawrence Barrett, elite member of |
|                       |      |a secret mercenary hit squad.                  |
|The Mantis             |  25  |You defeated Yelena Fedorova, elite member of a|
|                       |      |secret mercenary hit squad.                    |
|The Snake              |  25  |You defeated Jaron Namir, Leader of Belltower’s|
|                       |      |Elite Special Operations Unit.                 |
|The Throwdown          |  15  |You convinced the smooth-talking politician    |
|                       |      |Bill Taggart to tell the truth in public.      |
|The Last Straw         |  15  |Talked Doctor Isaias Sandoval out of suicide.  |
|The Final Countdown    |  15  |You showed millionaire Hugh Darrow that his    |
|                       |      |logic was flawed.                              |
|The Desk Job           |  15  |Convinced Wayne Haas to let you into the morgue|
|Yes Boss               |  15  |You had an argument with your boss, David      |
|                       |      |Sarif, and won.                                |
|Darker Shades          |  15  |You convinced a fast-talking bartender to let  |
|                       |      |you see Tong Si Hung.                          |

____ ___     __  __  __  __     __         __   _      ___ ___ __      __
\  /  |     |__ |__)|  ||  ||_/(__    |   |  | /   /\   |   | |  ||\ |(__    .
 \/  _|_    |__ |__)|__||__|| \ __)   |___|__| \_ /  \  |  _|_|__|| \| __)  / \
                                                  ¯¯¯¯                     /EBK\

eBOOK #1: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Industries.
Name:      The Nature of Neuroplasticity
Specifics: This eBook can be found lying on Pritchard's desk.  You can grab this
           when you first visit his office, or when you return from the
           Manufacturing Plant.

eBOOK #2: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Industries.
Name:      The Tyranny of Biology
Specifics: This eBook is in office 25, which you can access via a vent from
           office 27 - see below.

eBOOK #3: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Industries.
Name:      The Neural Hub - Design for a Next Generation
Specifics: This eBook is in office 27.  You can access this office by hacking
           the Level 2 security panel, or by using a keycode: 4145.

eBOOK #4: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Manufacturing Plant
Name:      Neural Interface Protocols: The PEDOT Revolution
Specifics: After making your way through a large hall with Purists you'll ride
           an elevator down.  There's a camera and turret in this hall.  Sneak
           past them to enter a room with a PC.  Look underneath a small
           cardboard box in this room to reveal the eBook.

eBOOK #5: 
Location:  Detroit, Sarif Manufacturing Plant
Name:      Artificial Muscles
Specifics: Right before you enter the room in which you'll face Zeke Sanders
           and have a social battle, look on the office desk.  The eBook is
           lying here.

eBOOK #6: 
Location:  Detroit, LIMB Clinic
Name:      The Visual Cortex 2.0 - The Eye, Redesigned
Specifics: Enter the surgical ward hall in the LIMB Clinic and search for this
           eBook on a small cart.

eBOOK #7: 
Location:  Detroit, Greg & Josie Thorpe's Apartment, Bedroom
Name:      Nano-Augmentation - Pipedream or Theory for the Future?
Specifics: This one's found in Greg and Josie Thorpe's apartment, inside the
           bedroom.  The apartment is found right behind the gas station.  Go
           inside the first door to your left and climb the stairs to find it.
           You don't need to save Josie in order to get this eBook.

eBOOK #8: 
Location:  Detroit, Tindall's Apartment
Name:      Arms (and Legs) For Man - The Structure of Cybernetic Limbs
Specifics: Explore the apartment block west of town and open the Level 5
           security door with the following keycode: 2356.  There's a second
           security system in place for the bedroom.  Use the code 8221 to
           get inside.  The eBook can be found here.  The safe's keycode, in
           case you're interested, is listed in an email on the PC: 3663.

eBOOK #9: 
Location:  Detroit, Apartment Building next to the basketball court,
           Seurat's Bedroom (the weapon dealer)
Name:      Respirocyte Technology & Hazardous Environment Parsing
Specifics: Simply enter the apartment building next to the basketball court by
           climbing the ladder and make your way to the top.  The eBook can be
           found inside Seurat's bedroom.  Don't piss the guy off, though.

eBOOK #10: 
Location:  Detroit, Chiron Building, Adam Jensen's Apartment, Bedroom
Name:      The Intelligence Circuit
Specifics: This is an easy one.  Simply search Jensen's Apartment to find this
           eBook lying in the bedroom.

eBOOK #11: 
Location:  Detroit, Police Station, Morgue
Name:      The Threat of Cybernetic Discognition Disorder
Specifics: This one can be found on the desk of the coroner inside the morgue,
           located in the same room as the body of the hacker.

eBOOK #12: 
Location:  Detroit, D-Row territory
Name:      Vestibular Augmentation and Enhanced Agility Factoring
Specifics: Instead of going underneath the garage door at some point that leads
           to an open area, instead head right and take out the gang members
           in this area.  The eBook can be found on some barrels in the middle
           of the room.

eBOOK #13: 
Location:  Detroit, FEMA Facility
Name:      Blurring the Boundaries Between Man and Machine
Specifics: In the cafetaria deep down the FEMA facility, fairly close to the two
           FEMA officials, look for this eBook in a locked office: code 7984.
           This keycode is a reference to George Orwell's "1984", a classic
           novel on totalitarianism.

eBOOK #14: 
Location:  Hengsha, Youzhao District, Apartment Building #1
Name:      The Science and Theory behind Cochlear Implants
Specifics: When entering Youzhao District by going downtown from the Hung Hua
           Hotel, go downstairs and climb the ladders directly in front of you.
           On the top of this building, head down the stairs to your left and
           search the apartment on the second floor for this eBook.

eBOOK #15: 
Location:  Hengsha, Youzhao District, Apartment Building #2
Name:      Invasive Brain Machine Interfaces
Specifics: From the same roof as eBook #14, with your back facing the ladders
           you climbed to reach it, turn right twice to reach an other roof.
           The first apartment to your left contains this eBook.

eBOOK #16: 
Location:  Hengsha, Penthouse Building
Name:      Understanding Vision (Part 1)
Specifics: When you're about to ride the elevator to the Penthouse, go to the
           main entrance, where two Belltower guards are on patrol.  Take them
           out and be careful you're not seen by any other guards.  Facing the
           main entrance, it's the apartment immediately to your left that holds
           this eBook in the kitchen.

eBOOK #17: 
Location:  Hengsha, The Hive, Office nearby the main exit
Name:      Optical Enhancement Functionality
Specifics: You'll want to use the basement of The Hive to reach this office.
           Simply make your way through the basement and enter this room at
           the far end.  The eBook is inside.

eBOOK #18: 
Location:  Hengsha, The Hive, Tong's Basement Office
Name:      The Use of Neuromuscular Facilitation Systems
Specifics: When you reach Tong's office in the basement of The Hive, search it
           to find this eBook.

eBOOK #19: 
Location:  Hengsha, Alice Garden Pods, Pod #143
Name:      Electrogravitic Technology Applications
Specifics: This one isn't too hard.  Simply find Pod #143 in the Alice Garden
           Pod area to find the eBook.  The Pod is, obviously, in the "100"

eBOOK #20: 
Location:  Hengsha, Lower Tai Yong Medical
Name:      Better Than Nature?
Specifics: After passing through the area with the electric current, you'll
           reach a fairly large hall.  Search around for a vent cover and use
           Jump Enhancement to get to it, or alternatively Strength Enhancement
           to move the metal crates in the other small room to line up under
           the vent.  But that's not all.  The vent leads to a deep shaft and
           you *must* have the Icarus Landing System in order to survive the
           fall - there simply is no other way to get this eBook, which lies
           down beneath.

eBOOK #21: 
Location:  Hengsha, Tai Yong Medical 1st Floor
Name:      Radical Evolution is a Reality
Specifics: When you finally reach Tai Yong and, one way or another, get past
           the guard, search this large laboratory room.  More specifically,
           search the central lab unit; this eBook is lying underneath it, on
           top of a box.

eBOOK #22: 
Location:  Hengsha, Tai Yong Medical, Hangar
Name:      Brain Implants
Specifics: This eBook can be found in the control room in the upper left corner
           from your starting position in the hangar.  To get there, climb the
           shelving on the far left side after taking out the first Box Guard
           with an EMP Grenade.

eBOOK #23: 
Location:  Montreal, Picus HQ, 4th Floor
Name:      HUMAN EMPOWERED - Autonomous Energy Reclamation Systems
Specifics: Inside the control room under a large screen.

eBOOK #24: 
Location:  Montreal, Picus HQ, 2nd Floor
Name:      Healing Thyself - Health Preservation Implants
Specifics: Before moving on to the restricted area, search the small office in
           the northwest corner of this area.

eBOOK #25: 
Location:  Detroit, Convention Center, Backstage, Taggart's Room
Name:      Vagus Nerve Stimulators - Repurposing the Technology
Specifics: Find this eBook next to the coffee machine behind the large sofa.

eBOOK #26: 
Location:  Detroit, Sewers, Sandoval's Desk
Specifics: Simply search Sandoval's desk to find this eBook.

eBOOK #27: 
Location:  Hengsha, Harvester Territory
Name:      Understanding Vision (Part2)
Specifics: Right before you find the Harvester leader, enter the small office
           in the corner of the area and look for this eBook inside.

eBOOK #28: 
Location:  Singapore, Omega Ranch, Room G-23
Specifics: Right before you use the elevator in room G-23 to find Eric Koss,
           one of the three scientists, explore the adjacent room south of the
           elevator to find this eBook on a workbench.

eBOOK #29: 
Location:  Singapore, Omega Ranch, White office after the 3rd boss fight
Name:      Reimagining Retinal Implants: Doctor Dobelle's Success
Specifics: After defeating the third boss, enter the white office at the far
           end of the hall.  This eBook can be found inside the LVL5 safe.

                             ___         __    ___
                            |      /\   |  |  |___
                            |¯    /  \  |__\   ___|
          You have questions?  I have answers.  Well, *some* answers.
             For the answer to the meaning of life I charge money.
                     $80,- for a consult.  Well worth it.

Q1: What counts as a kill and what doesn't?
A1: Direct kills, including those at the beginning of the game, obviously count
    as kills.  So do indirect kills by bots and turrets you befriended, or
    killing people by throwing them off rooftops.  Killing stunned people also
    counts (obviously) as killing.  Smashing through a wall with someone behind
    it, snapping their neck, also counts as killing, so avoid these moments.
    Non-lethal takedowns, gas grenades and stun gun takedowns don't count as
    kills.  Bosses don't count and neither does destroying bots/turrets.

Q2: Where are the/teh hostages?
A2: Read the guide.  The same applies for any other question of which the
    answer can be found in this document, which should be the majority of

Q3: Why do stealth and non-lethal kills give more experience than combat?
A3: Because Deus Ex Human Revolution differs from other games in that it wants
    to encourage stealth.  Besides the fact that straightforward combat is
    unrealistic for the (conspiracy) setting, there are already many shooters
    out there which are basically all the same:  You walk a few meters, kill
    someone.  You walk a few meters, kill a group of people.  You progress,
    you kill harder-to-kill enemies and bosses.  Perhaps the developers
    - rightfully so - didn't want people to just fight their way through their
    delicate game, and thus included many bonuses for stealth and non-lethal
    measures.  If you don't like this, you've bought the wrong game.  Don't
    worry though, surely there will be more than five brainless shoot-'em-ups
    coming out this year alone.

Q4: How do I shoot the ball through the basket to get the corresponding trophy/
A4: An easy way to do this (which requires Strength Enhancement) is to stack
    the nearby dumpsters in such a way so you can easily reach the basket.
    Simply hold the ball above the basket and release it (don't throw it),
    dropping it in the basket.

Q5: Is there a glitch to get infinite experience points?
A5: Yes, there is.  All you need to do is save your game in front of a PC,
    successfully hack it (preferably capturing the Diagnostic Subroutine to
    get all bonus rewards), then - leaving the XP notification on your screen -
    load your save game back up and repeat the process.  The best PC to do this
    on early in the game is Jensen's PC, which requires a LVL3 hacking skill,
    but it does give the most experience in the shortest time.  You will need a
    Nuke Virus and/or Stop! Worm Softwares to do reach the Diagnostic Subroutine
    in time, but one Nuke and two Stop! Worms do the trick, as do three Nukes.
    Jensen's PC will add 500 experience after every repetition.  Needless to
    say, this stacks rapidly.

Q6: Is it possible to max out experience/augmentations?
A6: Yes, it is possible; several people have done this already.  You will,
    however, be in the later stages of the game when you max out all augs.
    I don't know what the very earliest moment is that you can max out every
    single augmentation, so I hope someone will email me this answer soon.

Q7: Will you be doing any more guides after this one?
A7: No, probably not.

    Well, perhaps if they ever remake Final Fantasy VII.  Perhaps.
    [No, not perhaps.  Of course.]

    Or if something absolutely *fantastic* comes along.  Life is too short to
    play bad and boring videogames.  Not to mention write for bad videogames.

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v0.80. 23 August 2011
o Initial release.

v1.00. 24 August 2011
o Walkthrough finished.
o eBook Location List added.

v1.01. 29 August 2011
o Added a trick on getting the "Balls" trophy/achievement.
o Added a note on hacking inside Haas' office.
o Fixed the "Basic Hacking Rewards" table.
o Added a tip on Chuang Li.
o Added a Praxis Kit location (Hengsha Penthouse).
o Added the infinite experience bug.

v1.02. 05 September 2011
o Added a strategy on how to defeat Jaron Namir instantly.
o Added a safe code (0739) to one of Detroit's Apartments Safes.
o Added an additional, alternative method for getting the "Balls" trophy.
o Typo fixes.

v1.03. 17 May 2013
o Updated the copyright section to explicitly exclude CheatCC.

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      This marks the end of a decade. Thanks for all the fun, my friends.

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