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General FAQs

Character FAQs

Akuma (X360) 03/06/09 SpawnTheEternal 1.1 45K
Chun-Li (PS3) 03/05/09 Surllio 1.11 44K
Crimson Viper (X360) 05/16/09 peterconti 1.03 40K
E.Honda (PS3) 08/31/09 Rocky Valkryie 23K
Fei-Long (X360) 05/31/09 nosone 2.32 157K
Gouken (X360) 05/30/09 zemickey 2.1 114K
Rufus (PS3) 09/13/09 Heroic_Legacy 1.00 34K
Ryu (PS3) 04/20/11 Paltheos 1.0 100K
Zangief (PS3) 04/10/09 kwix29 1.20 55K

In-Depth FAQs

Challenge Mode Guide (PS3) 06/10/09 siky FINAL 252K
Personal Action/Color Guide (X360) 04/01/09 xybur 1.01 51K
Quote FAQ (PS3) 07/19/09 Kano2005 1.0 70K
Unlockable FAQ (PS3) 03/05/09 Slateman 1.2 44K

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