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Guide and Walkthrough by Trixter800

Version: 0.8 | Updated: 02/01/2008

 UU        UU              BBBBBB
 UU        UU              BB   BB
 UU        UU              BB   BB
 UU        UU              BBBBBB
 UU        UU              BB    BB
 UU        UU              BB     BB
 UU        UU              BB     BB
  UU      UU               BB    BB
   UUUUUUUU        ()      BBBBBBB

FF               unkeys

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/                       \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    TABLE OF CONTENTS    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

/\/\{I.}   Introduction
/\/\/\{Ia.}  Version History
/\/\/\{Ib.}  Guide Information

/\/\{II.}  What are U.B. Funkeys?

/\/\{III.} Controls and Starting Up

/\/\{IV.}  Meet the Funkeys
/\/\/\{IVa.} Hub
/\/\/\{IVb.} Xener
/\/\/\{IVc.} Bones
/\/\/\{IVd.} Vroom
/\/\/\{IVe.} Deuce
/\/\/\{IVf.} Sprout
/\/\/\{IVg.} Stitch
/\/\/\{IVh.} Glub
/\/\/\{IVi.} Fallout
/\/\/\{IVj.} Wasabi
/\/\/\{IVk.} Lotus
/\/\/\{IVl.} Scratch
/\/\/\{IVm.} Twinx
/\/\/\{IVn.} Tiki
/\/\/\{IVo.} Boggle
/\/\/\{IVp.} Sol
/\/\/\{IVq.} Webley
/\/\/\{IVr.} Nibbles
/\/\/\{IVs.} Flurry

/\/\{V.} Walkthrough

/\/\{VI.}   Terrapina
/\/\/\{VIa.}  Portals
/\/\/\{VIb.}  Worlds

/\/\{VII.}   Your 'Crib'
/\/\/\{VIIa.}  Furniture List

/\/\{VIII.}  Secrets
/\/\/\{VIIIa.} Hints, Tips, Secrets
/\/\/\{VIIIb.} Codes

/\/\{IX.} Credits, Copyright, Contacts
/\/\/\{IXa.} Contacts
/\/\/\{IXb.} Credits
/\/\/\{IXc.} Copyright

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/          I.           \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>      INTRODUCTION      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

U.B. Funkeys is a fun simulation like game. To start playing, all you need
is a starter kit. It costs twenty dollars, and is sold where most toys or
electronics are sold.

The game is played using a Hub connected to a USB cable (all this is included
in the starter kit) and by using expansions. You get two expansions (they are
in the shape of the characters of the game, known as Funkeys) in the starter
kit, and the rest are bought seperately. If you connect the Funkey to the
Hub, you get to become that character in-game.

I first saw Funkeys in a store, and I thought why not buy it. Although I had
not expected much from it, I found it fun and addicting. I had later visited
the site (ubfunkeys.com) and learned a lot more about it. I bought more
Funkeys, and played the game even more.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++ Version History +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Version 0.5
- Finished three Funkeys, everything above it. Finished Copyright, Credits
  and Contacts. Everything else I have no or partial info.

Version 0.6
- Finished two more Funkeys.

Version 0.61
- Worked more on it

Version 0.62
- Worked on lay-out and graphics

- Spaced out better

Version 0.65
- Added some new information

Version 0.8
- Added various new information: including Funkiki Island.

- Added Walkthrough with bits of information about how to progress through the

- Tweaked various things and fixed spelling errors

- Added Sol, Webley, Flurry, and Nibble to the Funkey Bio list and added
  partial information.

Version 1.0
- finished Walkthrough

- added more information on Scratch, Twinx, Wasabi, Sprout, Flurry, Bones,
  Xener, and Boggle.

- fixed many spelling errors

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++Guide Information+++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

This guide was created on Notepad.

Size 10 Fixedys. 79 columns

Line Count as of V8: 935 lines

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/         II.           \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WHAT ARE U.B FUNKEYS?  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

U.B. Funkeys is a fun simulation like game. To start playing, all you need
is a starter kit. It costs twenty dollars, and is sold where most toys or
electronics are sold.

The game is played using a Hub connected to a USB cable (all this is included
in the starter kit) and by using expansions. You get two expansions (they are
in the shape of the characters of the game, known as Funkeys) in the starter
kit, and the rest are bought seperately. If you connect the Funkey to the
Hub, you get to become that character in-game.

There are many main characters, the Funkeys, and don't cost much at all. 
Along the way, you can customize your 'crib' (your home) play mini-games,
collect trophies, and snag coins.

The Funkeys are peace-loving creatures. They are called Fun-Keys because
they power up portals, that lead to different worlds. They are all powered
by gems.

One day, Master Lox, and his evil henchmen reigned down evil terror. Portals
collapsed, Funkeys dissapeared, henchmen robbed Funkeys of their money. The
Master Lox has fear of the gems.

The world is still in partial terror. Your goal is to find the gems, conquer
Master Lox, and save the Funkey world of Terrapina.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/         III.          \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><CONTROLS AND STARTING UP<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To start, you need to install Funkeys. To do so, insert your CD Rom, included
in the Starter Kit. It should load up automatically, if not, go to My
Computer, then the correct drive.

Follow the directions stated, and DON'T plug up the USB Port from the Hub to
the computer until directed.

Now that it's set up, you need to create an account. On the main menu, there's
Options, Website, Story, Quit, Log in, and Create Player. You have to do the

Type in a Log-in name (this will be your name) and a password. Make it easy
to remember, as there's not a big deal with stuff like online hacking, etc.
Note your Log-In name will be what you're called too.

After that, you're ready to rock! Click your name and password (it can be
saved too, if you want) and you'll enter the Funkey world.

Moving around is simple. Click to move to an area. For some things, like
wishing fountains, you may click it to do an action. Some things, when you
click on it, you move forward of it, or you can move forward of it manually.
If you go forward of it, you'll do the action.

To enter a building, or portal, you must have certain requirements.

- Required Funkey. ie, Funkey hideouts require that Funkey. Also, portals
  of the respective 'class'
- It must be built. If it's out of order, it won't work.

Pretty simple. To change Funkeys, in real life, place a regular Funkey on
to a groove on the 'back of the hub's head'. There's a magnet reader there,
so don't worry about it being perfect.

Occasionally, a henchmen comes up to you. You must rapidly click the button
that pops up to reduce the amount stolen from you. If you have a Hoodwink,
he'll take that instead.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/         IV.           \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><   MEET THE FUNKEYS    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

There are lots of Funkeys in the world right now, and more and more that are
updated every month. They cost only a little bit, and are worthwhile - 
because you unlock new areas, new places and more.

"A few times a year, all of the Funkeys gather to celebrate the changing of 
the seasons. The good cheer that results from these mass gatherings creates
a magical energy that flows through the air. This energy affects the Rare
Funkey born on these days resulting in a slight change in appearance.

On select occasions these celebrations fall on the same day as a solar
eclipse. This celestial event infuses the magical energy with that extra 
ingredient that will produce the seldom seen Very Rare Funkey.

These Rare and Very Rare Funkeys are highly respected members of Funkey 
society, and are often given additional rewards when playing games. In 
addition to these rewards, many shop keepers create special items which they
only offer to these very special Funkeys!"

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++        Hub      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Hub is the main Funkey. If you don't have any Funkey attatched to him, he'll
walk around the overworld instead.

Since the goal is to play unique Funkeys, Hub does not have any special areas
or mini-games. Although you may want a break every once and a while, it's
best to avoid using Hub.

There's also the rare pink funkey, which is simply something cool and another
starter pack.

MINI-GAME: Museum Mayhem

This mini-game is simple. Blocks of different sorts fall down, and you must
click blocks with connections to a similar, and it dissaepears - and you
get points. You lose points if you click one that does not have a match.

More blocks fall, and you must keep it from touching the top before the end
of the level. You must survive a level for a certain time, then you'll go on
to the next one.

MINI-GAME: Funkey Jong

This is a fun version of Mala-Jong. There are tiles and sets with pictures
of Funkeys on them. You must find two matching ones, and click both and they
go away.

Only certain tiles can be picked though. They cannot be covered on BOTH sides
vertically, and they must be at the top of the pile, and it must match color
too, not just Funkey.

After Round 1, you go to Round 2 by clicking all avalible tiles. You can
switch view from 3-D, to not by clicking the little arrow, in case you get

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Xener      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Green Head           Xener means traveler in Funkey, and it's true
Rare:      Red Head             to their name. In a certain time, they'd 
Very Rare: Gray Head            travel everywhere in rocket ships, spending
                                millions of coins, until they finally crashed
                                here. Xener's are really smart, they were
                                part of the early construction of portals.

MINI-GAME: Space Shooting

This mini-game is a bit complicated. You have two ships: one on either
bottom side. You must shoot the Aliens trying to attack you. You aim with
your mouse. You left click to fire, if you use your mouse it alternates
between ships. If you press A or D you shoot from left and right respectively.

If too many obstacles hit your ship, it dies down. If you run out of ammo,
you cannot shoot any more. Similarily, if a ship dies down you cannot shoot
anymore, or recover ammo. You also lose your emergency destroy lever, and
cannot recover it.

There are different power-ups: some will restore your health of the ships,
some recover ammo.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Bones      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:     Black Body          Bones are usually not afraid to express their
Rare:       Red Body            feelings. They can get agitated quite easily
Very Rare:  White Body          too. They DO like to have fun though. They
                                like to play piano, and fish.

MINI-GAME: Fishing

This is a hard mini-game. Your goal is to collect a certain amount of fish
on the alotted time possible.

To move your line, you press and hold down. When you're at your certain
depth, release to pull back up. You cannot go down while going up until the
line hits the reel again.

When you go down or up, a fish's head might touch the hook, and you pull up.
Regardless if you're going down or not, the line snaps back and pulls back
up. If you catch another fish while on the same line, you get the added total
of them doubled. If you get three, you get the added total tripled, and so on.

To advance to the next stage, you must fulfill certain requirements.
Level 1: 4 WHITE fish
Level 2: 4 white fish, 4 red fish
Level 3: 4 white fish, 4 red fish, 2 brown fish  -  Time: 1:30
Level 4: 4 white fish, 4 red fish, 2 brown fish, 2 grey fish  -  Time: 2:00

This is probably the hardest Mini-Game there is, so it'll take a while.
As far as I know, Level 4 is possible. (and probably more, though I haven't
proven it yet, heh)

If you get a good enough score in the first three levels (scoring doubles
and triples and even quadrouples often) you'll get seperate levels.

Level 4.5: 4 white fish, 4 red fish, no boots
Level 5.5: 4 white fish, 4 red fish, 2 grey fish, 2 long grey fish

Types of fish

White Fish - the basic, slow white fish
Red Fish - slightly faster red fish
Brown Fish - fat, swift brown fish
Grey Fish - swift grey fish
Long Grey Fish - really long and skinny, extremely fast grey fish
Boot - junk that you lose the game if you catch on a No Boot level

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Vroom      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Blue Body                  Vrooms seems to love anything fast. They
Rare:      Brown Body                 also boast many mechanical skills and
Very Rare: Black Body                 abilities. These Funkeys like to perform
                                      stunts - but unlike humans, for the fun
                                      of it, not for fame.


You have to roll a ball down a lane, and up a ramp to land in one of 7 holes,
similar to 'ski-ball'.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Deuce      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Red Body                  Deuces seem to be the set and example of
Rare:      Blue Body                 all things trendy. For example, certain
Very Rare: Gray Body                 slang phrases mean certain things. 'What
                                     the Deuce!?' is a phrase for anger, and
                                     'That's Deuce' is equivilant, to 'that's

MINI-GAME: Record Rampage

Special Prize: Volcano Tub (Magma spa pool. Appears under 'Liquids' in your
Crib Stuff)

Shoot the flying records with fireballs from your trident. Further away they
are, bigger score.

Short range: 25 points
Medium range: 50 points
Long range: 75 points

Shoot two with one fireball, get normal score for first one plus 500 points
for second one, regardless of distance.

Level 1: Shoot as many as you can out of 20
Level 2: Shoot 12 out of 16
Level 3: Shoot 15 out of 30
Level 4: Shoot 20 out of 30
Level 5: Shoot 23 out of 30
Level 6: Shoot 30 out of 40
Level 7: Shoot as many as you can out of 40

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++     Sprout      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Green Body               Sprouts are creatures that like to be
Rare:      Yellow Body              precisie and nice looking. They quite
Very Rare: White Body               obviously like plants and trees. They
                                    also seem to be good with managing


This is similar to Museum Mayhem, except you move them around. You must get
three or more in a row. If you've played Tetris Attack, it's similar to

You can swap two blocks around. They dissapear and are filled by another
row of cascading blocks if you match three or more in a row or column. You
can switch them if they don't match, but you lose 50 points.

You can also fit higher than three blocks together if you wish (though it'll
probably use up a lot of points) The best possible combination is this:


\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++     Stitch      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Green Body                Stitches were once entrusted with a 
Rare:      Brown Body                secret from the King. If the secret was
Very Rare: White Body                let out, it could bring down the King,
                                     the Golden Age, and possibly all of
                                     Terrapina. Years later, more and more
                                     Funkeys told their secrets to them, so
they evolved to having their mouth stitched shut (hence their name,
Stitch) and an eye for danger.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Glub       +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Orange Body             Glubs are elegant, graceful and the most
Rare:      White Body              agile of Funkeys - in water. On land, they
Very Rare: Black Body              are a bit . . .funky. Despite all this
                                   they have beaultiful singing voices, and
sing the National Funkey Anthom (We Want the Funk) before many sporting
events and of course, at Parliment.

Mini-Game: Bowling

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++    Fallout      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Orange Body             Fallout are the mad scientists of
Rare:      Green Body              Terrapina. They're always tinkering with
Very Rare: White Body              things, and coming up with new ideas. They
                                   seem to leave behind a mess however.

Mini-Game: ??

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++     Wasabi      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Black Suit             Wasabi are studious learners, and nimble
Rare:      Blue Suit              and agile fighters, skilled in the art of
Very Rare: White Suit             Funk-Fu. They are usually silent and
                                  composed, and are misunderstood of being
                                  a bit mean, although they are actually very
loyal Funkeys. They are skilled in many arts, such as reading ancient scrolls
and meditation. They pass their time by doing calm activities like painting
and sculpting, or are engaged in rigourous activities such as sparring against
others to prepare them for many a fight.

Mini-Game: Star Throw

This game is similar to darts, but with a throwing star. You must throw it
by clicking the meter at the bottom, which aims your throw. The closer to the
middle, the better your score.

To play, the click the meter at the bottom once, and a cursor will spin
around the board. Click it again at the spot you want it to stop at, and
it will stop.

Now you must click the meter for where it stops going to and from your
direction. Finally, you must carefully aim your Power Meter. To get about
right where it should be, hit a about 1/4 - 5/8 the meter.

You must fill your completion board - you get one cross if you hit the
desired number once, an X if you hit it twice, and it gets circled if you
hit it three times. To finish, you must get all of the numbers Xed and

You need:

B (Bull's Eye)

For a better score, you can hit the double/triple (the double is the absolute
middle of the Bull's Eye) by hitting the rectangle in that respective area.
The first one is double, the second is triple - this gives you a free X (or
two if you hit the triple)

Less than 10 left: 0 coins
20 left: 20 coins
30 left: 40 coins and playable in Crib

It is hard, but it is possible. It's tough at first, but it's real easy once
you get the hang of it.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Lotus      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Black Features          Lotus are really down-to-Terrapin creatures
Rare:      Red Features            - litterally. They are close to Great
Very Rare: Periwinkle Features     Mother Terrapin. They are very gentle and

Mini-Game: ??

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++     Scratch     +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common     Red Suit                Scratches from early on learned that they
Rare:      Yellow Suit             had the power of music. Masters of all
Very Rare: Black Suit              kinds of music, they won many a battle.

Mini-Game: Dancing

In this mini-game, you must press: Z, X, Spacebar, N, or M; at the right time
when a block falls out. You can choose from five levels of difficulty, and
choose from five types of music.

Depending on how well you hit it at the red line, you get more points. Poor,
Almost, Good, Great, Perfect. You get points by getting any of these (none at
all if you get MISS) You can string together combos by getting Great or
Perfect in a row (either or, you can still get a combo for Perfect Great Great
or something like that)

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Twinx      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Yellowish Body           Twinx means "star" in native Funkey. Like
Rare:      Bluish Body              the Amazons on Earth, all Twinx are
Very Rare: Whitish Body             female - but they are a strong and proud
                                    race. Legend has it that they captured
the stars with their big, beautiful eyes. The Twinx shimmer with the energy
of the entire Funkey Galaxy.  You can see it in their captivating and 
hypnotic eyes.  But the energy that went in can also come out.  The Twinx 
could change the world in the blink of an eye. 

Mini-Game: Twinx Dream

This is the funnest Mini-Game in my opinion, and also the easiest. If you're
a true video-game fan, or even a retro-video-game fan, you'll be good at this.
It's simply a cuddly, easier version of Galaga/Galaxcian etc. 

You must shoot all the things at the top by pressing the Space Bar. You can
only have a certain amounts of shots in the air. You must avoid their blasts
from time to time. The layout looks like:


As you get into later levels, you'll notice that they start shifting from
right, go down slightly, then to the left, go down, and so on. If they reach
the bottom - automatic game over, not even a life lost. (I know, it stinks)

From what I got:

Level 12: In your Game Room
Level 20: Trophy
Level 25: Exclusive arcade for 'insane high score'
Level 30?: Gem Shard

(may be a little wrong, but it's a about. I'm GUESSING about the Gem Shard
by pattern, as the highest I've gotten about 28 or so, so don't get
dissapointed if you don't get it)

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++       Tiki      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Purple                   The Tiki were said to be the first
Rare:      Yellow                   inhabitants of Terrapina. All other
Very Rare: Grey                     Funkeys were said to evolve from Tiki.
                                    The first Tiki was said to crawl out of
primordial soup and walked on land over a million years ago. Hunters and 
gatherers, they quickly became the dominant species.  They created a thriving
society, the ruins of which can still be seen in the MesoFunkey Plains.  
They developed the first language and writings, and were also prolific 
artists. Tiki artifacts are highly prized by Funkey collectors.  While once 
fierce warriors, the Tikis now live an almost Zen like existence and despite
their ferocious look, modern Tiki are vegans. 

Mini-Game: ???

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Boggle     +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Green Main Body         Boggle are eating machines. Their highly
Rare:      Brown Main Body         advanced digestive systems can processs
Very Rare: Black Main Body         anything from highly poisonous spiders to
                                   even raw iron. The Boggle break down their
                                   material and excrete a pure, sweet 
substance, similar to Peanut Butter, that is a staple for all Funkey diets. 
Nothing beats a Boggle Butter and Jelly sandwich with a warm glass of purple
milk. The Boggle are an essential part of the Funkey society as they dispose
of all waste with zero harm to the Funkey environment. Don't be scared by 
their hideous appearance, the Boggle wouldn't hurt a fly, unless it gets too
close to their mouth - then they'll eat it. 

Mini-Games: Get Outta My Stew!

This game requires you to simply swat spiders that appear with your mouth
of your spoon, by clicking. Click to swat a spider. If it gets in the stew
swat it before it makes webs. You have to swat webs a few times to make them

You have a meter on the right. It turns red if there's spiders or webs in the
stew too long. If the meter fills all the way up to red, and then a little bit
more, then it's game over.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++       Sol       +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common: Orange Body                Sol means sun in Spanish of Earth. And that
Rare: Red Body                     is what they're themed over. They are one
Very Rare: ??                      of the Funkiki Island Funkeys.

Mini-Game: ??

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Webley     +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

These are one of the Funkiki Island Funkeys.

Mini-Game: ???

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Nibble     +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

These shark-themed funkeys are part of the Funkiki Island funkeys.

Mini-Game: ??

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Flurry     +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Common:    Blueish Body           Flurry's are icy cold adaptants of
Rare:      Greenish Body          Terrapina, who migrated down to Funkiki
Very Rare: Reddish Body           Island once they could escape the cold.

Mini-Game: Half-Pipe Havoc

Half Pipe Havoc requires you to go skateboarding - on a snowboard. To start,
you can move by either aiming in that direction or pressing left or right
on the arrow keys. I prefer Arrow Keys.

Once you're in the air, you can do a certain trick. You do it by left
clicking and holding, entering the key in the arrows, then releasing the
left click, and the trick will be performed.

If time runs out without the desired score, game over. If you wipe out (you
are doing a trick when you land) three times, game over. 

You get more points by doing different tricks instead of the same ones.
Tricks that take longer to perform also get longer. If a box with a trick
appears, do that trick to get bonus points. The quicker you do it, the more
the bonus points.

Here are the tricks: (note: circles are done by moving in that direction five
keys, and it will turn into a rotation)

Level 1:

Clockwise Rotate

Level 2:

Clockwise Rotate
Left Right
Right Left

Level 3:

Clockwise Rotate
Left Right
Right Left
Up Left Up
Down Right Down

Level 4:

Clockwise Rotate
Left Right
Right Left
Up Left Up
Down Right Down
Counter Clockwise Rotation

Level 5:

Clockwise Rotate
Left Right
Right Left
Up Left Up
Down Right Down
Counter Clockwise Rotate
Up Down Up Down
Down Up Down Up

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/          V.           \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>       WALKTHROUGH      <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

To progress through the game, you must collect all the gems. If you
haven't gotten one yet, you can collect one gem by collecting Gem Shards.
You collect Gem Shards by getting insane (by insane, I mean insane, like
HOURS AND HOURS of working) high scores in the Mini-Games.

I find it easiest by first collecting all or most the games in the game
room, preferably of one world. Because each world has four Funkey Gem Shards,
and they're all of the same gem. 

Then once you have them in your Game Room in your crib, you save the time
of walking all over. After a good five tries (possibly less of those long
time ones, like Twinx Dream assuming you get scores of about Level 20 or
above) switch. Here's a list of mini-games that you may want to do according
to your skills.

Endurance (takes a long time to do with a somewhat easier game)

Twinx Dream (Twinx; Kelpy Basin)
Havoc Half-Pipe (Flurry; Funkiki Island)

Action (short but requires mad gaming skills)

Sprout (Sprout; Kelpy Basin)
Mix Master Scratch (Scratch; Funkeys Town)
Get Outta My Stew! (Boggle; Laputa Station)

Misc. Skills (medium in both endurance and action but has something else like
-------------                                                  patience, etc.)
Star Throwing (Wasabi; Magma Gorge)

Just Plain Hard (insanely hard games that are hard in every area possible)

Bones' Fishing (Bones; Magma Gorge)
Heart Hoopla (Lotus; Funkeys Town)


So, what happens after? Well, I can't answer that. It would spoil everthing
But, there's not much else I can do. Look at the Character Bios and then
play the Mini-games and win the Gems. After that, a cool cutscene is unlocked,
and ... you have to find out! You're not going to work hard just for me to
spoil it, would you?

-\              /-
--Funkiki Island--

Funkiki Island has it's story of it's own. For starters, after you download
Funkiki Island (to download it, set it so you can retrieve data from the
Internet, and have it on and play for a little while)

After you are introduced to dirt. After a few days (even while you're NOT
playing) dirt gathers. At first it's only unnoticable, maybe a few dirt
prints on the ground. Then it starts to leave marks. Then, it really starts
to kick in: flies surround you and stink waves form. Finally, you're covered
and dirts - trust me, you'll notice it. 

At that point, you start out with that status. You cannot go in shops. You
also move more sluggishly. If you go in someting like swamps, you
automatically get dirty. You can clean yourself off by going to dentists,
perfume flowers, polls, etc. Look for the water drop symbol on your mini

Then, to get into Funkiki Island you need one of the following recently
released Funkeys. You need: Sol (a sun head guy), Flurry (a snowflake head)
Webley (a spider, head, thing, person, whatever), or Nibbles (a shark) Enter
the yellow portal. This yellow portal is in the bottom right corner in
Funkeys Town, but is also in every other world.

From there, a tour guide introduces you to everything. Something new in
Funkiki Island is the foreign tribes. They come around. To defeat them,
you must have a random cursor land on yellow. They die and leave a coconut.

You can also find coconut trees. You can shake them and about two-seven
coconuts fall out. You can use it onc every few hours. There's about
four of them.

What are these coconuts for, you ask? These are used for currency on another
side of an island. I'll explain this in the next few paragraphs in full
detail, but you seriously must have hours and hours on your hand (or a
insanely great gift with gaming, I suppose, will also work. Hee hee.)

First off, play all the mini-games on the island until you are sore. With
all of the four characters. Nibble's chum bucket, Sol's ancient helio mask,
Flurry's snowman suit, and Webley's web shooter will soon be obtained with
awesome scores.

Now, you can use each of these items. You can cross the piranna by the bridge
by using the chum bucket with Nibble, to get access to an orb, the first one
you need.

Using Sol's ancient helio mask, go to the cave on the western island. It's
normally too dark to enter, but with the helio mask you can enter. Inside
is the second orb.

Now after doing a good job with Flurry and obtaining his/her snowman suit,
you can enter the lava, erm, somewhere. Heh, just look for the rocky areas.
Cross it and get the orb. (you can actually see this one without having to
use it)

After you get the totally awesome web shooter with Webley (you'd think he'd
already be able to do this) you can go to the trench on the western island.
Shoot to that orb and collect it. That's number four!

THen you can go to a volcano and to a door. Place the orbs in there, and
the door to the natives will open. You must then shake a Coconut Tree for a
Golden Pineapple, and give it to him. Now, all those coconuts you collect are
four good will - because there's a coconut shop that uses coconuts with cool

So, how do you WIN U.B. Funkeys?

Possible minor spoilers. Basically, simply collect all four gems frm the
four basic worlds, and you can meet Master Lox and defeat him (but that's
not all)

On Funkiki Island, you can meet the tribe and meet the Coconut King after
collecting the four orbs (explained above) and become friendly with him.

But the story keeps expanding, so looks out for more!

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/          VI.          \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><       TERRAPINA       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Terrapina is the Funkey World. There are many worlds, places to explore, and
shops. The main part of Terrapina is Funkey Town, the main hub of the world.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++     Portals     +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Portals are scattered all around Terrapina. They take you to new worlds. Some
Portals are unlocked later in the game, and some are not even open yet because
they are simply, not created.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++     Worlds      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

+++Funkeys Town+++

Funkey Town is the main hub of the world. It is located whenever you start up,
and contains many major keys to the Funkey World.

It's unique because it contains two 'any Funkey' mini-games, Funkey Jong,
and Museum Mayhem. It also contains the library, which you can read
interesting history on the funkeys.

A fun attracting is the sewers. You can toss a coin in there, and after a few
throws, an Alligator may come out. Cool, eh?

Another important thing is the train station. It's right behind you when you
start up, thankfully. It contains tips from the mayor, and also transfers you
to your Crib, other's Cribs, and friend's cribs.

+++Laputa Station+++

FUNKEYS: Xener, Fallout, Boogle, and Vroom

Laputa Station is a space themed world. This contains many Funkeys that can
go in, such as Xener, which is pretty obvious.

It contains parts of a Lazer Gun too.

There is a huge button that can be pressed. Hints on the official site
have been on this, but it's probably the biggest mystery - so please don't
ask about it.

+++Magma Gorge+++

FUNKEYS: Bones, Deuce, Wasabi, Stitch

Magma Gorge is a volcano themed world.

Find the pieces to assemble a fossil Funkasaurus. Becomes a 'Sculpture' in 
your Crib Stuff.

+++Kelpy Basin+++

FUNKEYS: Glub, Sprout, Twinx, others

Kelpy Basin is quite obviously an underwater themed world.

Kelpy Basin has a coral bed in the top of the map that you can click on. 
You will start a game similar to "whack-a-mole" and you can gain coins from 

Also the Clam shell to the left of that to obtain a pearl. You can do this
more than once with quite some time between although they serve as nothing 
but decoration for your crib.

There is also a piano, which you can hit notes simply for fun.

+++Funkiki Island+++

FUNKEYS: Sol, Nibbles, Webley, Flurry

Funkiki Island is unlocked after a bit of playing. (you will be asked to
download it) It is the yellow portal, and, well, island themed.

Along with that you are introduced to friendly, but dirty creatures. You can
go to water spots to wash yourself off.

There's a flower the spits out infinite coins at a really slow rate, though.

There's coconut trees that spew out about five coconuts a piece, use the
coconuts to buy stuff in the coconut shop (See the Walkthrough)

There's a fishing rod at the west beach where you can play a mini-game, and
you get to keep the fish in your Crib.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/          VII.         \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><       YOUR CRIB       <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Cribs are homes in Terrapina. You can customize them with furniture, collected
in many ways along the way.

To place an item, select a category from the Drop Down Box. Then, scroll
along the items. The picture is the item (hover over it for the name) and
the number on it is how many in stock you have.

You can place it anywhere you like. Right click to rotate it. There's also
two rooms in your Crib (the third goes back to Funkey Town) 

The first is a trophy room. Inside, contains trophies that you get. The
other one is your game room. Instead of going to the hideout, if you got a
good score, you can play it there instead. Neat!

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++    Furniture    +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Coming soon!

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/         VIII.         \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         Secrets        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

\/\/\/+++  +++  +++  +++  +++  +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++   Hints Tips Secrets +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++  +++  +++  +++  +++  +++/\/\/\

Scattered along every world, are certain objects. When you get all of the
pieces, you get free furniture of that, such as a Lazer Gun of Laputa
Station, or a Dinosaur Fossil of the Magma World.

Sometimes, you'll notice a shiny, microscopic object. It's a Hoodwink. Pick
it up, and when a Henchmen comes, he'll take that instead. Keep track of
your Hoodwinks on the right part of the screen.

In Funkey Town, there's a sewer. Throw enough coins to reveal an alligator
pet. There's similar things in other worlds.

Kelpy Basin has a coral bed in the top of the map that you can click on. You
will start a game similar to "whack-a-mole" and you can gain coins from this.
Also the Clam shell to the left of that to obtain a pearl. You can do this
more than once with quite some time between although they serve as nothing 
but decoration for your crib.

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++      Codes      +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Enter these in the Options under Cheats, after you log in. Can only be used
once per account.

iluvfunkeys345 - Gives you 50 free coins
sproutarboretum852 - gives you five wallpaper hangings and 75 free coins

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/          IX.          \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>CREDITS COPYRIGHT CONTACT<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++     Contact     +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Email: greenfire64@hotmail.com

I check this (my business/secondary E-mail) once a week. If you do not get a
reply, it usually means it's on the Do Not Send List (if it's minor like
grammer, I usually send back) or I have not checked it. Double check your mail
to make sure.

If you wait a week, and everything's on the Do list, send me once more. No more
than 3 sends per message, and no more than 3 different messages per month.

Send me CONSTRUCTIVE, not ranting, criticism.
Any grammer/spelling mistakes.
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Foul language, inappropriate things, etc.
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Other than that, thanks for sending. Expect a reply in a week!

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++     Credits     +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

U.B. Funkeys site, for helping me clarify rare/very rare Funkeys.

Me for writing the guide.

Karl @ www.KIWIreviews.co.nz

PhoineX for various bits of information

And you for reading the guide!

\/\/\/+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++\/\/\/
>>>>>>+++    Copyright    +++<<<<<<
/\/\/\+++ +++ +++ +++ +++ +++/\/\/\

Copyright 2007 Robert A, this guide may not be illegally distributed in any
way except for personal or private use. Anyone who is found disrupting this
Copyright can get in trouble with the law.

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permission. if you would like this guide to be on your site, E-Mail me with
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      |||||||     rixter

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