How is the gameplay when playing with a touch pad on a laptop?

  1. I have a laptop and im wondering if some can tell me if i should get a mouse or if a touch pad will be easy enough

    User Info: Locomaniac87

    Locomaniac87 - 11 years ago


  1. In my opinion, touch pads aren't responsive enough for the fast pace that most games require. I would say that a mouse/keyboard or joypad is the only way to enjoy these types of games. Even if you have a very quick response touch pad (not very common), I would find the awkward hand positions uncomfortable after a matter of minutes (left hand in regular position, right hand at bottom-middle of laptop). All in all, I would not advise playing any mouse-intensive games with anything other than a mouse (even a cheap one would be better than the touch pad). My personal recommendation for this particular game, however, is to use a mouse with at least 5 buttons, so that all arm commands are easily accessible to your right hand.

    User Info: TheRealSeif

    TheRealSeif - 11 years ago 0   0

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