Help defeating Tau?

  1. I honestly dont know what to do. Let me give a wee bit of backstory. Myself and a friend both got this game because we're both big fans of the warhammer series. I picked the faction Imperial Guard and he picked Tau. At first it was slow for both of us getting used to the game, but eventually we both got quite a hang of the game.

    It was fun at first, but the fun ended when I realized just how effing powerful the Tau are.

    We have played game, after game, after game, and its the same result 98% of the time.

    Result: Tau skyrays mixed with kroot, fire warriors, stealth suits, battle suits, Vespids, hammerheads and the knarloc all completely annihilate me. Every. Single. Time.

    I try to spam guardsmen, he outranges and outshoots with firewarriors while raping me with kroot/ vespids in melee.

    I get my basilisks and hellhounds and he counters with stealthsuit anti-vehicle.

    I fullscale assault his base with EVERYTHING I have and he nukes me with his skyrays (which btw have ridiculous range and firepower with their missle upgrade.)

    My point is that it seems no matter what strategy I try, the Tau always seem to have a ton of spammable units and they ALL have horrifically op firepower.

    And before someone says that maybe I just suck and my friend is way better. We play as other factions as well. The win / loss results is VERY 50/50. But whenever he decides to play as Tau, its a near guaranteed win. No matter what faction I pick, he always completely destroys me. I just happen to major in IG is all.

    Can someone tell me if I'm crazy or if the Tau are just terribly overpowered. Also any sort of tips and advice to beat them would be greatly appreciated.

    User Info: Otirik

    Otirik - 4 years ago

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  1. I've only played against the Tau when they're being controlled by AI (so, bear that in mind, and also, I'm not positive that I'm a particularly great player myself), but I also had a little trouble with them early on. What seemed to work for me was to play against the fact that many of their units are weaker at close range. In general, I tended to set my squads to favor an assault stance (rather than ranged) so that they'd move in closer when fighting the Tau. I would also keep a few of my more effective ranged units/squads on ranged stance behind them for support against Tau units that favor close combat (like the Kroot). Again, I can't account for the possibility that your opponent has some great strategic talent or what not, but playing against the Tau as I just described seemed to pretty consistently turn the tide for me in AI matches.

    User Info: mgperkow

    mgperkow - 4 years ago 1   0

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