Why i cant play others races except sisters and dark eldar in LAN?

  1. On LAN i can only choose between 2 races that are dark Eldar and the Sister , Why i cant choose other races?

    User Info: 13121992

    13121992 - 12 years ago

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  1. If you own the other 3 games..

    DoW: Winter Assault
    DoW: Dark Crusade

    and they're already installed on your pc at the time you install DoW: Soulstorm, when you boot the game up and you create your profile, it will ask for the CD for the previous games. It appears in a box and says something a long the lines of..

    'To play as the Orks, Space Marines, Chaos Marines and Eldar in an Internet/LAN match please insert your Dawn of War CD key into the box below'

    'To play as the Imperial Guard in an Internet/LAN match please insert your Dawn of War: Winter Assault CD key into the box below'

    'To play as the Necrons and Tau in an Internet?LAN match please insert your Dawn of War: Dark Crusade CD key into the box below'

    Something along those lines anyway, Dark Crusade also asked for it too when you had DoW and DoW: Winter Assault installed on your pc.

    Obviously, when that box comes up, you just type in the CD Key for the previous game that it asks for and it will 'unlock' them for Internet/LAN use. I believe that you have probably already got Soulstorm installed and do not own the others, now if you ever do get hold of them, when you install them all and then boot up Soulstorm AFTER you have install the previous 3, it should be able to tell that they are now install on the pc and then should ask you to type in the CD Keys.

    Hopefully you should be able to type then in and then hopefully enjoy playing as the other races. If it does not ask for them, possible a small problem, just un-install Soulstorm and then re-install it again, and should probably ask you then.

    User Info: zanda_hazard

    zanda_hazard - 12 years ago 3   0


  1. You need to "upgrade" your copy with the CD keys from the other 3 games to get access to their races. SM/Chaos/Orc for 1, Guard/Eldar for 2, Tau/Necron for 3. Pretty sure that's how it goes.

    User Info: Darksaber310

    Darksaber310 - 12 years ago 0   4

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