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FAQ by NostalgicX

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/31/2008

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World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets
  Playstation 3                                                                
Document Version: 1.00
By Topher Tweten [dragon_eye398@hotmail.com]                                   
   NostalgicX, SuperNova, NOVA                                                




     (04A. Poker Terms)
     (04B. Game Rules)
       [04B1. Texas Hold'em]
       [04B2. 7 Card Stud]
       [04B3. Omaha]
       [04B4. Razz]
     (04C. Hand Rankings List)
     (05A. Quick Play)
     (05B. Career Mode)
     (05C. Multiplayer)
     (06A. Professionals)

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-                           01. LEGAL AGREEMENTS                              -

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.
Websites that are currently allowed to host this guide are:
· http://www.gamefaqs.com
· http://pwnguide.com/index.php
The only website I will regularly upload the newest versions of my guide to
is GameFAQs. If I decide that you are granted rights to use of this document,
it is in your sole responsibility to keep up to date.

-                           02. INTRODUCTION                                 -

World Series of Poker 2008: The Official Video Game - Battle for the Bracelets
has the most robust tournament schedule ever, with more events, more bracelets,
and more poker stars than ever before. New pros like Phil "The Poker Brat"
Hellmuth, Mike "The Mouth" Mattusow, and ten time bracelet winner Johnny Chan
join the best lineup of poker players anywhere. Now that's poker, baby!

-                           03. CONTROLS                                      -

These are the default controls for World Series of Poker 2008.

Left Analog
  Controls Betting Interface

  Pause Menu

  Confirm Action

  Peek at your cards

  Pre-Move/Show Cards (Multiplayer Only)

  Hand Rankings/Help Screen

  Poker Tools

  Blackjack/Video Poker

  Control Betting Interface

Tilt Controller Forward (SIX-AXIS)
  Peek at your cards

-                           04. HOW TO PLAY                                   -

|  (04A) . Poker Terms  |

· Any point where a player makes a move

· Any player that hasn't folded

· Betting all chips into the pot

· A forced amount of chips given to the pot by each player before the flop

· The amount of money a player accumulates ovre their career

· When a player puts chips into the pot by their choice

· The two players sitting to the left of the dealer must make a forced bet
  to keep the game from being too long. The player closest to the dealer
  must put in a 'Small Blind' and the next puts in the 'Big Blind'.
  The Big Blind is double that of the Small Blind.

· An instance where a player bets strongly with a weak hand in order to lead
  on the other players that they have a strong hand in hopes that they fold

· The amount of money it costs to enter a tournament or match

· Matching the previous bet. In order to stay in a hand, you must call the
  previous bet.

· A 'pass'. The player does not bet.

· The first three cards placed in the center of the table in a Texas
  Hold'em poker game.

· To give up on a hand. After folding, the player is no longer active in 
  the hand.

· Any cards that are dealt to a player.

· The highest card in a player's hand that isn't being use for anything else.
  What this means is that if the card isn't part of any Poker Hand, then it
  is your kicker. Having a higher kicker allows you to win hands against 
  others who have the same hand as you.

· Total amount of chips that have been bet.

· When a player loses the hand because the opponent got the winning card on
  the river.

|  (04B) . Game Rules   |

This section simply described how each type of Poker game is played.

-  04B1. Texas Hold'em  -

Every player is dealt two cards, clockwise from the dealer. Once everyone has
two 'pocket' cards, there is a single round of betting. After this, the top 
card from the deck is put aside facedown. This is called a "burn" card. The 
next three cards are flipped face up in the middle of the table. Round two of 
betting. Another card is burnt. Another card is flipped (this is called the 
"turn"). Round three of betting. Another card is burnt. The final card is 
flipped (this is called the "river"). There is a final round of betting and 
after this, all active players must reveal their pocket
cards. The player with the highest ranking 5-card hand wins the pot.

-  04B2. 7 Card Stud  -

Similarly to Texas Hold'em, every player is dealt two pocket cards, clockwise 
from the dealer. There is also an initial round of betting. After this round,
three cards are flipped in front of EACH player. Another round of betting 
occurs, and the turn card is revealed to each player. Another round of betting 
will go through and the river is not revealed. It is instead put by the flop 
and turn facedown, to be revealed after the next round of betting. The player 
with the highest ranking 5-card hand wins the pot.

-  04B3. Omaha  -

This type of poker is probably the most like Texas Hold'em. The only 
fundamental difference is that each player is dealt four pocket cards instead 
of two. Anyways, like usualy, there is a round of betting pre-flop, post-flop, 
post-turn, and after the river. The player with the highest ranking 5-card
hand using only up to two of their pocket cards wins the pot.

-  04B4. Razz  -

Each player is dealt two pocket cards, clockwise from the dealer. After which,
there is a round of betting, then the flop. Then there is another round of 
betting and the turn. After the turn, there is yet another round of bets and 
finally, the river. After this final round of betting, the player with the 
highest and lowest ranking 5-card hand wins the pot.

|  (04C) . Hand Rankings List   |

Note: This list runs from highest to lowest, with Royal Flush as being the
      highest possible hand and a High Card as the lowest.

Royal Flush
· Same Suit: 10 J Q K A

Straight Flush
· Same Suit + Consecutive: Any 5 Cards

Four of a King (Quads)
· Four cards of the same face value (A 2 3 4 etc)

Full House
· Three cards of the same face value and a pair

· Same Suit: Any 5 Cards

· Consecutive: Any 5 Cards

Three of a Kind (Trips)
· Three cards of the same face value

Two Pair
· Two cards of the same face value and another two of another value

· Two cards of the same face value

High Card
· Any 5 cards which do not co-incide with any of the above

-                           05. GAME MODES                                    -

|  (05A) . Quick Play  |

Play a quick Hold'em game, create a Custom Game or Tournament, play Speed
Games, or play Video Poker and Blackjack.

|  (05B) . Career  |

Take on the best of the best as you compete in 43 WSOP events, invitational
Cash Games, and the Heads Up: "Battle the Brat" mode.

|  (05C) . Multiplayer  |

Test your skills against other poker players across the country over

-                           06. CAREER MODE                                   -

There are three difficulty settings to choose from:
· Amateur - On this difficulty level, you can participate in 19 events and
  have a starting bankroll of $25,000.
· Semi-Pro - There are 31 events available in this difficulty level, and you
  have a starting bankroll of $15,000.
· Professional - The full calendar of 43 events is open, and you have a
  starting bankroll of only $9,500.

|  (06A) . Professionals  |

All professional, real life poker players starring in this game are:

Phil Hellmuth
Cyndy Violette
Johnny Chan
TJ Cloutier
Annie Duke
Josh Arieh
Clonie Gowen
Greg Raymer
Joe Hachem
Scott Fischman
Chris Ferguson
Phil Gordon
Liz Lieu
Erik Seidel
Mike Matusow
Dave Ulliott

-                            07. VERSION HISTORY                              -
                               - Version 1.00 -

Version Updates:
  Version 1.00 - March 15, 2008
     First Draft

-                              08. CREDITS                                    -

Game Instruction Manual
  Various Descriptions

|                         (c) Christopher Tweten 2008                         |

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