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SNAP back the plunger, then let it rip! Send that sorry sphere packing to three out-of-this-world playfields: a cavernous SPACE mine, a gritty command post and The Colony, the mother of all manic-action pinball tables! BANK the right sequence of shots and you'll be able to WARP between tables, taking the pinballs you have in play along for the ride. FEEL the friction of the flippers as you play 3-D ramps and bumpers so huge, so intense, they'll pull pinball kicking and screaming to a higher level. PLAY OUTSIDE THE LIMITS!

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#1159 lowest rated PC action game (#5147 on PC, #19766 overall)


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#830 easiest PC action game (#5487 on PC, #23024 overall)


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#279 longest PC action game (#2619 on PC, #10776 overall)


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