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Blast off for the adventure of your life!
The starship Kiloprise was just attacked by enemy aliens, leaving 100 crew members dead -- but you survived. The ship is hanging motionless in space, and the remaining crew will be transported to Earth on cargo ships. You must get there first and warn the people about the rebel forces headed their way!
You board a nearby fighter jet, and begin the crucial journey. Be careful, there are scads of enemies headed your way! Quick thinking and quick fingers are a must as you take on the Galactic Stardusters, the Sardonian Cruisers, X-15 destroyers, and Alpha Xyntari.
To begin, you will be given three ships, five bombs, and a continuing supply of firepower, but it is going to take a lot more than that to complete your mission. Catch plenty of apples to keep your shield power adequate, spinach cans to make you invincible for a limited time, T's to triple firepower and more. Don't waste any time! Your life ... and the Earth's survival ... are at your fingertips!
Kiloblaster contains:
- Outstanding graphics and sound
- Challenging fun for the whole family
- No graphic violence
- Full menu with story line
- Easy installation
Kiloblaster supports:
- Sound Blaster & Joysticks
Don't Forget...Kiloblaster is READY TO GO! making installation easy. Simply insert the diskette, type GO, and you're up and running.

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