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Remake NCAA Tournament History.
NCAA Basketball: Road To The Final Four is your opportunity to prove history doesn't have to repeat itself.
Road To The Final Four is your court-side ticket to the most anticipated sporting event of the year. With Road To The Final Four you take control of the entire tournament! Whether you choose to go up against the best college athletes in the country, coach your own all-star team, or cheer on as your favorite team battles its way to the National Championship, Road To The Final Four will put you right into the middle of all the NCAA tournament action.
Road To The Final Four is a joint effort by the creators of Wayne Gretzky Hockey and Earl Weaver Baseball, two of the most critically acclaimed sports programs of all time. This team effort has yielded an unprecedented level of excellence that brings all the heart-pounding excitement of NCAA Basketball action to your PC.
Become this year's MVP. Road To The Final Four will let you make your place in NCAA history!
The Historical Facts
- The most realistic basketball simulation on the market today!
- The entire 64 team roster expertly rated, player by player.
- Use the teams supplied or create your own dream team using your favorite players and pit them against the current champions.
- Artificial intelligence and accurate statistics in over 14 categories keep the action fast-paced and authentic.
- Graphics and sound effects so realistic you'll believe you're court-side!
- Unique, real-time AutoCam feature gives you the feel of live network TV coverage.
- Over 100,000 frames of exciting animation!
- Play, Coach or Sideline Modes enable you to participate at whatever level you choose and still maintain the realism of the tournament.
- Reseed the tournament and answer all those nagging "what-if" questions from last season!
- Calculation Mode allows you to get tournament results almost instantaneously.
- Choice of predefined offensive and defensive plays -- you choose the ones that fit your team's style!
- Supports Sound Blaster and AdLib audio systems.

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