Additional Design DevelopmentD. Aaron Steelman
Art DirectorBrian Martel
Art DirectorJennifer Wildes
Bandit Captain (voice)John Roberts
Bandit Driver (voice)Rene Coronado
Bandit Driver Boss (voice)Trey Davenport
Brick (voice)Marcus Malden
Crazy Earl, Bandit Driver (voices)Randy Pitchford
Crimson Lance (voice)Simon Hurley
DirectorRandall Pichford
Elite Bandit (voice)Evan Eubanks
Executive ProducerStephen Bahl
Executive ProducerBrian Martel
Executive ProducerRandall S. Pitchford II
Flynt (voice)Ian Sinclaire
Game Design DirectorMatthew Armstrong
Grunt Bandit (voice)Mark Forsyth
Guardian Angel (video)Britanni Johnson
Guardian Angel (voice)Jennifer Greene
Heavy Bandit (voice)Steven Strobel
Krom, Roland (voices)Oliver Tull
Lead Level DesignerGraeme Timmins
Lead ProgrammerPatrick Deupree
Lead ProgrammerJimmy Sieben
Level DesignerJohn Anderson
Level DesignerDavid Avery
Level DesignerKenneth Banks
Level DesignerStephen Cole
Level DesignerRichard Cowgill
Level DesignerMike Davis
Level DesignerZach Ford
Lilith, Tannis, Squawkbox (voices)Colleen Clinkenbeard
Marcus (voice)Bruce DuBose
Mordecai (voice)Julio Cedillo
Mutant Bandit (voice)Don Eubanks
Pierce (voice)Sue Roberts-Birch
ProducerSimon Hurley
ProducerStephen Palmer
ProgrammerDaniel Algood
ProgrammerRyan Fields
ProgrammerJasper Foreman
ProgrammerNeil Johnson
ProgrammerCharles Kostick
ProgrammerAaron Nations
ProgrammerJ. Kyle Pittman
Psycho Bandit, Bandit Driver (voices)Raison Varner
Scooter, Midget Bandit (voice)Mike Neumann
Sledge (voice)Christopher Robin Sabat
Sound DesignerJoshua Davidson
Sound DesignerMark Petty
Steele (voice)Lani Minela
T.K. Baha, Claptrap (voices)David Eddings
Zed (voice)Ric Spiegel


Data and credits for this game contributed by Weapon, facetious_t, Alec86, Sour, J_Kyle, skeletor9000, and oliist.

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