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Walkthrough by A Purple Cow

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/03/2008

Command and Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Game Version: 1.0
Difficulty: Hard
By: APurpleCow

Version: 1.01

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Walkthrough
   a. Mission 1: Rio Insurrection             [M1]
   b. Mission 2: What is Rightfully Ours      [M2]
   c. Mission 3: Persuade Him...              [M3]
   d. Mission 4: A Grand Gesture...           [M4]
   e. Mission 5: Keys to the Kingdom          [M5]
   f. Mission 6: All that Glitters            [M6]
   g. Mission 7: The Doctor Vanishes          [M7]
   h. Mission 8: MARV Rising                  [M8]
   i. Mission 9: The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar [M9]
   j. Mission 10: Hearts and Minds            [MA1]
   k. Mission 11: Tacitus Interruptus         [MA2]
   l. Mission 12: Will Made Flesh             [MA3]
   m. Mission 13: Tacitus Regained            [MA4]
3. FAQ                                        [F1]
4. Version History


This is the first guide up on Gamefaqs for CNC3: Kane's Wrath, and all of the 
strategies were tested on Hard Difficulty, so they should work no matter what 
difficulty you play on, though they might seem very conservative on Easy 
Difficulty. For every mission I'll have the new units, the briefing, the intel
items you can get in the mission and how, the objectives, and, of course, the

If you wish to send me any strategies or point out any errors in my guide,
send an email to cnckwguide AT hotmail DOT com. One thing I'm sure there will
be errors in is the Intelligence Database, as I don't have the official guide
so knowing what the conditions are for some intel items is pure guesswork.

Mission 1: Rio Insurrection [M1]


The slums of Rio seethe with anger, anger against GDI. It would take but a
single act to spur the disenfranchsied masses into open insurrection.

An act you must perform.

Tear down GDI's authoritarian edifices, the symbols of their autocracy. Seize
the radio stations and flood the airwaves with the Prophet's message.

Incite rebellion.

Rio will burn, and in the flames, Kane's army shall be reborn.

New Units

Cost: 200
Build Time: 2

Description: A slow unit with very low fire power. Can take out enemy infantry 
in numbers, and functions well as a meat shield.

Militant Rocket Squad
Cost: 400
Build Time: 4

Description: A militant with an RPG instead of a machine gun. Can take out 
enemy tanks, buildings, and aircraft in numbers. Extremely vunerable to enemy 

Attack Bike
Cost: 600
Build Time: 6

Description: A very fast unit with low health and low damage. Can kill light 
vehicles and aircraft without trouble much trouble, though tanks and heavy 
infantry can kill one of these in two or three hits.

Raider Buggey
Cost: 400
Build Time: 4

Description: Your light anti-infantry vehicle. Fast and cheap with a decent 
amount of health and a weak machine gun, this unit is useless alone but when 
massed is very powerful against other T1 units (except for tanks).

Intelligence Database

At the start of the mission:
1. The Tacitus
2. Kane - My Lowest Ebb

At the end of the mission:
3. Kane - A Spark...


Primary Objectives:

1. Destroy GDI Administration Centers.
2. Destroy Splinter Faction Construction Yard.

Bonus Objectives:

1. Capture GDI Radio Stations.
2. Defend Captured Radio Stations.


This mission is pretty easy and is almost impossible to fail. Start off by 
building a crane and an emissary from your Con Yard and queue up a harvester, 
a raider buggy, and four attack bikes. When your emissary is finished, start 
building another one then send it and your harvester to the southeast. Start 
building two refineries and set up your emissary on the bottom tibierium field.

Once you place your refineries, a few APCs will show up. Have your buggies 
act as a meat shield while your six attack bikes destroy the APCs. Set up 
your emissary on the eastern tibierum field, and build three refineries on 
each as well as another harvester.

When your economy is set up, you can begin building your army. Build two war 
factories and one barrack, then spam Raider Buggies and Militant Rocket Squads. 
Send them around the map destroying the GDI Administration centers, but save 
the one in the west for now. Build four engineers and send them into the 
radio stations. Pomyu informed me that you only need to have one surviving
radio station in order to fulfill the bonus objectives, basically meaning that
you don't have to defend them if you rush the Construction Yard, which is
what we are doing. Cancel your queues, gather your rocket troops in 
the northwest, and send only your raider buggies to take out the GDI
Administration Center.

As soon as it is destroyed, the map will expand and you'll be told that you 
have to take out a splinter faction. Send all of your rocket troops and raider 
buggies to the northwest and destroy the stealth generators there. Activate 
Power Signature Scan and focus on the Construction Yard.

Mission 2: What is Rightfully Ours [M2]


Nod is resurgent, but remains weak in the face of GDI's vast technological
superiority. The Brotherhood Archives were all but destroyed in the aftermath 
of the Second Tiberium War, leaving Kane without access to his centuries of

Paradoxically, our friends at GDI have provided a most convenient solution.
An exact duplicate of our stealth databank, origin unknown, is under analysis
at a covert GDI research Facility on the Australian coast.

Reclaim what is ours.

New Units

Cost: 800
Build Time: 8

Description: These units are almost useless without the Tiberium Infusion 
upgrade, and even with it they don't do much. They run at your enemy and 
explode. I don't use these much.

Scorpion Tank
Cost: 800
Build Time: 8

Description: Your average tier one tank. Has a good amount of health, is 
pretty fast, and deals okay damage. When upgraded with Dozer Blades can run 
over all infantry. Very good when spammed. 

Cost: 900
Build Time: 9

Description: Think of this as a raider buggy with a rotor with a little less 
health. That's pretty much what this unit is. Deals low damage against 
vehicles and buildings, but kills infantry quickly.

Intelligence Database

When first transmission is recieved:
4. Steel Talons - Origins

When you see/destroy the enemy unit:
5. GDI Hammerhead
6. GDI Slingshot
7. GDI Combat Engineer
8. GDI Heavy Harvester
9. GDI Behemoth

At the end of the mission:
10. Kane - Awakening


Primary Objectives:
1. Capture Covert GDI Research Laboratory.
2. Hold laboratory until Upload completes.

Bonus Objectives:
1. GDI Research Facility takes less than 50% damage.


Immediately queue up four Saboteurs and send them to the four Tiberium spikes 
located across the map. Send your militant and one rocket troop to the hill 
northwest of your base and one rocket troop a little north of your base to 
scout. Build a Crane and place it towards your tiberium field, then begin 
building a Refinery and a War Factory. When the War factory finishes, build 
two harvesters from it. Build another refinery. Start building another War 
Factory and tech to an Air Tower with your Crane. Upgrade Dozer Blades and 
being spamming Scorpion Tanks and 10 venoms.

You probably won't have two Scorpion Tanks made by the time you get a cutscene
with a GDI guy insulting you. When the cut scene finishes, an enemy force 
will attack you. It seems like the force is random, and can come from north, 
west, or either ramp on the hill. Generally there'll be some infantry, titans, 
and wolverines with threeish hammerheads. Since you sent out your 
militant+rocket troops to scout, you should see it coming with ample time. 
Use a mine drop in front of the ground army (if there is one) to kill the 
infantry and severely weaken the titans and use your venoms to kill the 
hammerheads. Send Scorpions to mop up the walkers.

Now that that's taken care of, pack up your MCV and set it up west of your 
base while building a refinery with your Crane. The enemy will probably send a 
few more titans and infantry at you, but if you continue to use the Mine Drop 
power they won't cause problems. Place three refineries at that tiberium 
field, and then send your scorpions to take out the base north of yours. 
Destroy the war factories first, then the barracks. I suggest putting your
Scorpions in the little pocket to the east of the two War Factories right
by the border of the map so you can safely focus on the War Factories.
It'll probably take two waves, but once the base is destroyed the mission is 
all but finished.

Build another War Factory and send your MCV to the two tibierum fields in the 
east. Set up some refineries and steam roll the GDI base surrounding the GDI 
Research Lab. Capture it and then you'll have to defend it for four minutes. 
There is  a little hole on the northern border of the map with two tiberium 
spikes inside of it. Put all of your tanks immediately left of it, as that is 
the spawn point for the ground units. The spawn point for the aerial units is
on the western border where the wall of the GDI base meets the black. Place
your venoms there. Wait four minutes, and you've won.

Mission 3: Persuade Him... [M3]


The Brotherhood continues to grow and prosper, but the Prophet cannot risk
revealing his existence lest he draw GDI's unwanted attention.

A figurehead must be found to rule in his stead.

Kane, in his infinite wisdom, has decreed the renegade heretic Brother Marcion
to be the most fitting candidate. There is but one problem with this
initiative - the devout Marcion considers Kane to be a heretic himself.

Convince the good Brother otherwise.

New Units

Beam Cannon
Cost: 1000
Build Time: 10

Description: These units become exponentially more powerful the more of them
there are. Alone they take ages to destroy anything, but in groups of 10, they
can destroy even Construction Yards in a few seconds. Still, they are very
weak. You can put a Cloaking Field on these, but in the campaign there are a
lot of stealth detecting units. Overall, not very useful.

Stealth Tank
Cost: 1800
Build Time: 18

Description: Automatically stealthed with high damage and the ability to attack
air with Nod's signature speed, these units are powerful. the main problem
with them is that their anti-infantry is lacking, and since there are quite
a lot of infantry in this mission, well...

Intelligence Database

At the start of the mission:
11. Brother Marcion, Biography

After seeing this enemy unit:
12. Confessor Cabal

After destroying transmitters:
13. Black Hand - Origins

At the end of the mission:
14. The Corruption of Brother Marcion
15. Kane - Realization


Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy Marcion's Stronghold
2. Destroy Marcion's Escort
3. Escort Marcion's Transport to Evac Zone

Bonus Objectives:
1. Locate and Destroy Steel Talons Pulse Scanners
2. Destroy Marcion's Statues.


Build a crane and send an emissary to the blue tiberium field immediately
northwest of your base. Build three refineries at the tiberium field at your
base and two at the blue tiberium field. Build a War Factory and make two 
harvesters for the green field and one for the blue. Get an operations center
and a tech center. Upgrade Dozer Blades and Laser Capacitors, then make
three more war factories. Make as many Scorpion Tanks as your economy allows.

Send a stealth tank around and activate all the transmitters. If a transmitter
is activated once, it can't be activated again, and the enemy forces might run
into enemy patrols, meaning your army won't have to deal with them later. Once
the transmitters are all activated, airlift four Saboteurs into the southwest
corner of the map to capture the tiberium spikes.

Send your tanks to the northeast corner of the map. There's a heavily defended
base here, and it creates most of the patrols that go around. Kill the turrets,
run over the infantry, and take out the barracks and War Factory. After this 
base is destroyed, the mission is easy. 

Take out the transmitters and patrols with your remaining troops, then send 
emissaries to the blue tiberium field in the middle of the map and the blue 
tiberium field in the base you just took out. Make more war factories and 
tanks, then flood the northeast base. Destroy the statues, ignore the 
buildings, and focus on the Stronghold, as it has very little health. When
you destroy the Stronghold, a small convoy will pop out. Retreat your tanks
and destroy the convoy, then move the transport to the evacuation point.

Mission 4: A Grand Gesture... [M4]


With Marcion returned to the fold, Nod approaches resurrection. All Kane
requires now is a sign, an act, a message to the faithful that the Brotherhood
has returned.

In central Australia, a GDI research team struggles to harness the raw,
untamed power of liquid Tiberium. Should their experiments be destabilized,
the results would be quite...catastrophic.

Soon, all the world shall bear witness to Nod's violent rebirth.

New Units

Black Hand
Cost: 800
Build Time: 8

Description: This infantry unit has low range and is slow, but deals very high
damage to enemy infantry and structures and has an insane amount of health.

Cost: 3000
Build Time: 30

Description: This is one of the most powerful units in the game. It has a lot
of health and its flame thrower deals an incredible amount of damage. It's
better to run into the enemy so that they're in range of the flame thrower
and so that you can crush them than it is to stand and fire with the laser.

Cost: 1200
Build Time: 12

Description: By far one of the most powerful anti-air units in the game. With
the tiberium core missiles upgrade, a few of these will keep your army
protected from all but fifty Planetary Assault Carriers.

Intelligence Database

At the start of the mission:
16. Another explosion in the facility?

When you see a Purifier Husk:
17. Purifier

At the end of the mission:
18. Tiberium Explosion Devastates Australia
19. Kane - Creation


Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy GDI Liquid Tiberium Research Lab.

Bonus Objectives:
1. Knock out Research Complex Power Station.
2. Capture Purifier Husks.


You have no time to waste in this one. Build a Crane, then a Barracks and a
Refinery. Queue up seven Saboteurs and set a way point to the tiberium spikes
north of your base. Capture the five Purifiers and send them back as you
capture them, and get the spikes last. Build another refinery and a war
factory to repair your Purifiers. Build a Shredder Turret if you need to.
Get a Secret Shrine and an Operation Center for the Purifying Flame upgrade
and powerful anti-air units. Set up two SAM Turrets and get two Mantises, as 
the enemy will send fleets of Orcas at you.

You'll have to fight for a minute or two, repairing your Purifiers and
recapturing them with Saboteurs. Once the enemy stops sending so many titans
and wolverines and infantry at you, expand with an emissary to the tiberium
field north of your base and build a War factory there to repair the defending
Purifier. Build a barracks at your expansion so you can train Saboteurs close
to the purifier husks. Take those over and base crawl to the green tiberium

With the extra money, upgrade Dozer Blades and begin spamming Scorpion Tanks.
Once you have a few you can send them out to guard the remaining group of
Purifier husks so your engineers can safely take them. Repair the purifiers, 
thensend them and your army of scorpion tanks to destroy the power plants, 
then finally swarm the base. 

Mission 5: Keys to the Kingdom [M5]


While you slumbered, Nod has grown and evolved, assuming control of the
planet's newly established yellow zones while remaining dormant in the eyes
of our enemies. 

All the while, GDI has grown complacent, lazy, their dependence on the global 
Ion Cannon network rednering them far weaker than the council could possibly

Now is the time to act.

We must raid GDI's Johannesburg research facility, for there we shall find
the plans for Ion Cannon network - and the means to its undoing.

New Units

Cost: 2000
Build Time: 20

Description: This unit kills infantry like no other, and can destroy buildings
instantly. The only problem is that she doesn't have much health.

Shadow Teams
Cost: 800
Build Time: 8

Description: Like the Commando, kills infantry very quickly. The satchel
charge can destroy power plants, barracks, and cranes in twos.

Cost: 900
Build Time: 9

Description: Weak transport that can hold two troops. When deployed, gains
health, carries an extra troop, unts can shoot out of it, and can't move.

Intelligence Database

At the start of the mission:
20. Alexa Kovacs, Biography


Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy GDI Network Communications Center
2. Destroy GDI Ion Cannon Uplink
3. Capture the Network Research Centers before the Ion Cannon re-aligns.

Bonus Objectives:
1. Capture Network Research Centers 2 minutes prior to Ion Cannon re-alignment


Send your starting units east and kill the rifleman patrol. Run in and let
your commando take out everything. Have your shadow teams fly over and plant
a charge on one of the power plants, then have them fly out. Send in your
Commando and, again, take out everything, save the Ion Cannon Control Center.
Fly in your Shadow Teams and, one by one, plant a charge on the same section
of the bridge to destroy it. Wait until the cool down on the explosives is
almost up, then fly them up again. Destroy the Ion Cannon Control Center with
your Commando. This is a good time to save.

When the map expands, there are a few things you have to do. First, send your
Commando and Reckoners northwest to the bridge with the Watchtowers and
Barracks. Deploy your Reckoners and let your Commando take out infantry.
Use the Reckoners to destroy the Barracks and Watchtower, then to hold the
bridge. While this is happening, fly your Shadow Teams east of the Ion Cannon
Uplink and destroy the bridge north of the eastern reasearch center to cut 
off enemy reinforcements there. There are two rigs gaurding this research
center, and it takes three satchel charges to take one down.

Build a crane and set up your base, with three refineries, three war
factories, and a barracks. Have your shadow teams take out the rigs and send
a Saboteur to take the research center. Send your MCV east so you can build
refineries by the other tiberium field. Make three more Saboteurs and put them
in two Reckoners, then spam Scorpion Tanks with Dozer Blades. Once you have
about 40 Scorpion Tanks and 10 Raider Buggies, go out and capture the three
remaining Control Centers.

Mission 6: All that Glitters [M6]


The Prophet has the Space Station Philadelphia - and the Ion Cannon Network
it controls - in his sights. In days Kane shall destroy it, eliminating the
GDI council.

There is one council member, however, who must survive - Redmond Boyle, GDI's
craven treasurer. As strange as it sounds, this incompetent politician is
essential to Kane's plan. He must live, so he may become the GDI
president...and fall right into the Prophet's trap.

We have dispatched an infiltration team to the GDI Treasury. Destroy it and
force Boyle to remain earthbound.

New Units

Cost: 1200
Build Time: 12

Description: An artillery unit that is very fast and stealthed. Has good range,
good damage, and good splash. Can fire within a large radius of an artillery

Intelligence Database

After first primary objective is complete:
21. Specter

At mission end:
22. GDI Treasury Damaged in Mysterious Attack


Primary Objectives:
1. Tag Treasury Power Plants with Shadow Beacons.
2. Destroy GDI Network Communications Center.
3. Destroy GDI Treasury.

Bonus Objectives:
1. Steal Gold Bullion.


Keep one shadow team in the forest to the west from where they start off, as
you only need one for this part and the other can only do bad. Send your
shadow team north, avoiding the hammerhead that hovers near the entrance.
As soon as you make it up the hill, take a sharp left into the forest, as
a group of infantry are coming near. Run to the nearest power plant and place
your beacon, then place the beacon at the power plant right next to it.
Run east across the bridge and plant a beacon at that power plant. Plant a
beacon at the airfield for later and run south across the bridge and place
a beacon at the last power plant.

Remember that beacon I told you to place at the airfield? Use it now. Use the
Bombard ability to destroy it, then begin to destroy the base to the right of
your starting position. Move your Specters close to the cliff wall and watch
to see the pattern of the Pitbull patrol. Destroy the war factories with the
Specters and then force fire (ctrl+click) on one of the stopping points of the
pitbulls to destroy them, using your Stealth Tanks to take out the
hammerheads. There's another group of pitbulls in here, so do the same thing
with those. Once they're all dead, send in your shadow team to get the crates.
The other gold bullions are next to the tiberium spikes near the northern
border of the map.

Repeat the same thing with the base on the bottom right corner to destroy
that building. Stealth tanks to take out hammerheads, specters to kill
pitbulls, then destroy the GDI Communications Center with your specters.
When that's destroyed, move your army north. Go right up the ramp and destroy
the two hammerheads with your Stealth Tanks, then attack the last building
with your Specters and send your Stealth Tanks in to damage it faster.

Mission 7: The Doctor Vanishes [M7]


Dr. Alphonse Giraud, GDI's leading Liquid Tiberium research scientist, has
become an impediment. He must disappear before he can enlighten the fool
Boyle, or Kane's plan will be endangered.

Giraud's facilities are located in Blue Zone 8, in the same Chilean spaceport
formerly used to staff and maintain the Philadelphia.

The Prophet requires Giraud alive - he believes the good doctor can be
converted to our cause.

Do not fail him.

Intelligence Database

When you see the enemy unit:
23. GDI Shatterer


Primary Objectives:
1. Capture Giraud's Lab
2. Escort Dr. Giraud's Transport

Bonus Objectives:
1. Capture the Spaceport Control Center


You can't waste any time at the start of this mission. Immediately send your
flame tanks up the hill to the north west and build a barracks. Send the
flame tanks to the blue tiberium field surrounded by the GDI base and destroy
it. When your barracks is built, make two Saboteurs, one Confessor CABAL, and
four Militant Rocket Squads and place the rally point at the tiberium silos.

Build a crane and then an Command Outpost and a war factory, then a refinery 
when the outpost is finished. Place the war factory and refinery at the
blue tiberium field (the silos give a large build radius) and build a
reckoner, a barracks, and two more war factories, then two more refineries
at your expansion. Put your rocket troops in the reckoner, then make a few
Shredder Turrets.

Send three engineers to the two tiberium silos and tiberium spike near the
easter corner of the dock. Spam Scorpion Tanks and Shredder Turrets 
while you tech up. The enemy will send a small force of infantry and Predator 
Tanks to your main base. A few Militant Rocket Squads and a shredder turret 
or two will counter it. When you're teched up, upgrade Charged Particle
Beams, Purifying Flame and maybe Quad Turrets if you feel you need the extra
boost. Spam out Purifiers now and place shredder turrets and SAM turrets at
your expansion to fend off attacks.

As soon as you feel like your expansion is relatively safe, send a Purifier
to the northwest corner of the map. There's a small GDI base there, and your
single Purifier should be able to burn it down. With that destroyed, your
expansion won't be flanked while you take out the main GDI base. Just walk
your Purifiers in in two groups, put them on agressive mode, and let their
flame throwers take care of the rest. Send a Purifier into the city to clear
the garrisons, then capture the Space Port with a Saboteur.

When you capture Doctor Giraud, he'll enter an air transport and you'll have
to escort it to the battleship. The enemy units fly in at the dock, so move
your Purifiers there and make some Mantises to counter Hammerheads and Ox
transports. The ground units come up onto the dock on the ramp in a transport,
so put your Purifiers there. Mantises should go everywhere else on the dock.
Wait for the transport to get to the evac point, and you win.

Mission 8: MARV Rising [M8]


Nod central command has received disturbing reports from the African Red Zone.
ZOCOM, GDI's elite anti-Tiberium task force, have commenced reclamation

While this is disturbing, even more unsettling is the news that ZOCOM deployed
a new weapon in their war against the crystal - the Mammoth Armed Reclamation
Vehicle, or MARV.

This massive Mammoth/Harvester hybrid has already decimated several scout
patrols, and we as of yet lack an appropriate counter. You must track down
the MARV, locate the ZOCOM base where it is maintained and learn how it is

Only then can we construct an appropriate response.

New Units

Cost: 5000
Build Time: 50

Description: The Nod Epic unit. Deals a high amount of damage, with a slow
reload rate. Has a lot of health and can be garrisoned by two units. 

Vertigo Bomber
Cost: 1800
Build Time: 18

Description: Your bomber. Deals a lot of damage with a good area of effect.
Stealthed unless deploying bomb. Very fast, with a decent amount of health.

Intelligence Database

When you first see the enemy unit:
24. ZOCOM - Origins
25. Rocket Harvester
26. GDI Zone Raider

When you destroy the MARV:
27. GDI Mammoth Armored Reclamation Vehicle (MARV)

When you build the Redeemer:
28. The Redeemer


Primary Objectives:
1. Capture Reclamator Hub
2. Destroy MARV
3. Desfend Reclamator Hub until Upload completes
4. Construct Redeemer Engineering Facility
5. Construct Redeemer
6. Destroy ZOCOM Bases

Bonus Objectives:
1. Destroy ZOCOM's reinforcement MARV's


Begin by upgrading EMP Coils from the Tech Center and Disruption Pods from your
Air Tower. Assemble a Raider Buggy and a Vertigo Bomber and build a Crane, 
then two more refineries at each tiberium field. Send your stealth tanks off 
to the side and wait for the MARV to come. Place a disruption pod on your 
raider buggies to stealth them and then run them up to the MARV and activate
EMP Coils while your Stealth Tanks flank the MARV and your Specters+Purifiers
attack it head on.

Make a Secret Shrine, use the Shadow Team support power, and make two more.
Fly them over the hills on the western or eastern border into the back of the
enemy base. Use your satchel charges on the Airfields that are full of Orcas.
It takes two satchel charges to take out an airfield.

Upgrade Tiberium Core Missiles and Laser Capacitors. Being spamming Militant
Rocket Squads, Venoms, and Avatars. When you have a decently sized army, send
them at the enemy base and destroy it. You can use your Shadow Teams to take
out the rigs; it takes three satchel charges to do so.

Once the base is destroyed, send in a Saboteur and capture the Reclamator
Hub. It gives you a build radius, so make two War Factories by it so you
can heal your Avatars. Make a few refineries by the tiberium field and wait
for the time to expire. The enemy really doesn't send out much during this

When the time is up, two MARVs will appear. Build a Redeemer Engineering
Facility and begin constructing a Reddemer. Send your armies back to your base
to destroy the MARVs, then send your army to one of the enemy Construction
Yards and just steam roll the base. Garrison two Black Hands in your Redeemer
and use it to destroy the other base. ezmode.

Mission 9: The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar [M9]


Kilian Qatar has shown her true colors - the general is a heretic, plotting
against Kane. As the general has wormed her way into the public's good graces,
Abbess Alexa believes them unlikely to accept her heresy on faith alone.

They will require proof. Proof that you will provide.

Kane's forces are currently engaged in a desperate defense of Temple Prime.
Infiltrat the battle in the guise of Kilian and commit an act of unforgivable
betrayal. Soon, all the world will know.

Intelligence Database

After destroying Anti-Aircraft batteries:
29. Mysterious Homestead Attacks Continue


Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy Anti-Aircraft Batteries
2. Destroy GDI Base
3. Destroy Laser Fence Control Tower
4. Infiltrate Ion Shield Research Center
5. Reach Evac Point

Bonus Objectives:
1. Saboteur reaches Evac Point unharmed.


Don't try to do a crazy strategy with your commando where you attack and kill
a single rifleman squad, then stealth, then come back again and kill another
one, etc. It's unneeded and doesn't work in this mission. That's not to say
you should attack a group of 10 riflemen, but you should keep a happy medium.
Destroy the riflemen gaurding the first anti aircraft turret, then destroy
the power plant and barracks. With the watch towers offline, you can just walk
up and take out the other two anti air turrets. If your Commando dies during
this, just restart and try again. 

You'll now get an MCV and a small force. It doesn't really matter what you do
with this, as your allies will destroy the GDI base with plenty of time to
spare. Make a crane and three refineries with two extra harvesters, then spam
flame tanks and throw them at the GDI base. When the GDI base is destroyed,
you lose all your units and buildings, so throw your units at it.

When the base is destroyed, the mission is extremely linear. Kill the enemy
militants with your Commando and follow your Commando with your Saboteur. When
the third laser fence is destroyed, move your Saboteur back and wait with your
Commando for an enemy patrol to come by. Destroy it, and then make a left
and take out the power plants. Go back, and take the right path and destroy
those power plants as well. Destroy the laser fence and then capture the
building with your Saboteur. Take a healing crate with your Commando, then
get out of there. Move your Commando in front of your bike again and take
out enemy infantry before moving your bike in. Once you get out of the base,
you can just make a straight path to the evac point.

Mission 10: Hearts and Minds [M10]


The cities of the world's Yellow Zones are an essential source of the support,
sanctuary, and soldiers Nod requires in our struggle against GDI. Without
them, the Brotherhood would be nothing but an empty shell. 

A mysterious alien force has appeared on the outskirts of the city of Kampala,
Uganda. Using an insidious form of mind control, they have bent the population
to their will.

Kane cannot risk such instability during this critical time. Eliminate these
creatures and take back our city.

Intelligence Database

At start of mission:
30. Prodigy
31. Cultist

When you destroy a Drone Ship:
32. Eradicator 

At the end of the mission:
33. Traveler-59 - Origins


Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy Traveler-59 Drone Platforms.
2. Destroy Traveler-59 Eradicator 

Bonus Objectives:
1. Eliminate Cultists to rescue Nod combatants.
2. Construct Redeemer to battle Traveler-59 Eradicator.


Make a crane and a shredder turret. When the crane is finished, build a
barrack next to your tibierum spike and make a Saboteur to capture it. Send
your Raider Buggy to kill the Southern group of Cultists, and build two
refineries to place at your main base. Place your Shredder Turret at the
northern entrance to your base, near the eastern border of the map. Begin
building a War Factory and an Outpost and basecrawl with your buildings to
the blue tiberium field.

Make a SAM turret as soon as your Outpost is built. Assemble two Scorpion
Tanks at your War Factory and then queue up three harvesters. Build three
Refineries at the blue tiberium field to get your economy up, then get a
Tech Center. Upgrade Laser Capacitors and being spamming Avatars from your
War Factory, then make a few Obelisks by the blue tiberium field, with a 
Shredder for support. Make four Air Towers and fill them with Vertigos, then
spam Venoms.

Send all of your Vertigos to take out a Drone Ship. When it's destroyed, a
Heroic Eradicator will appear. Cancel your Venoms and build a Redeemer. Your
Redeemer can't take out a Heroic Eradicator by itself, so you're going to need
some support. It takes 32 bombs from a Vertigo to kill one, and you have 16 
Vertigos. You know what to do.

Once you've bombed the Eradicator to smithereens, send out your Venoms and
kill the groups of Cultists that are spread out around the map. Destroy the
last two Drone Ships with your Vertigos. If one lifts off, chase it with your
Venoms and it'll die within a few seconds.

Mission 11: Tacitus Interruptus [M11]


Thanks to your unique provenance, the Tacitus has finally been located. The
ancient device is currently in mainland China, secure in a ZOCOM convoy. It
is almost within our grasp, but there are...complications. 

Word has reached us that the council is planning to evacuate the device by sea,
and, as you are well aware, we are not equipped to tackle the GDI navy. You
must capture the device before it reaches its destination - disrupt the
convoy, capture the device and bring it to Kane.

Ascension draws near...

Intelligence Database

When you capture the MCV
34. Reaper-17 - Origins

When you destroy the enemy unit:
35. Reaper Tripod
36. Shard Walker

When you destroy a Ravager:
37. Shielded Harvester


Primary Objectives:
1. Damage ZOCOM MCV before it reaches docks.
2. Capture ZOCOM Conyard.
3. Escort ZOCOM MCV to Evac Zone.

Bonus Objectives:
1. Use Tiberium Vein Detonation to destroy GDI Tiberium Fields.


Note that this mission is buggy in game version 1.00.

GhOsT_828 says:
"After you capture the Con Yard, undeploy it, and then simply use the cloaking 
support power on it. I sent it to the objective point alone, and it wasn't 
even detected."

We'll definitely use this tip when going through this mission. Make a crane
and build three harvesters from your War Factory. Build three or four more
refineries and send your Attack Bikes to the eastern side of the map, by the
docks. Attack the MCV when it gets close to the docks with them, then retreat.
Tech up to a Tiberium Chemical Plant and then build two more War Factories and
use the Tiberium Vein Detonation ability, and then use it again and yet again
when it recharges. Upgrade Laser Capacitors and Dozer Blades and begin 
spamming Scorpion tanks. Put a Saboteur in a Reckoner.

When you have about twenty tanks, send them east and then north  with your
Reckoner to destroy the MCV escort, running over Zone Raiders. Capture the MCV
and cast Cloaking Field on it. Move it towards the southwest, but don't get
too close to the evac point. When the enemy Scrin come, send out your army
of tanks and destroy a Ravager, a Shard Walker, and a Reaper Tripod. Finally,
send your GDI MCV to the evac zone.

Mission 12: Will Made Flesh [M12]


Nod's generals are dead, their militias defeated. Kane has neither been seen
nor heard since the events at Temple Prime. In the eyes of the world, the
Brotherhood has finally been annihilated. 

All is not as it seems.

From his underground bunker, Kane calls on you, LEGION, to awaken the Marked
of Kane. It is with this cybernetic army that you shall claim the Tacitus.

Ascension draws near.

Intelligence Database

At end of mission:
38. Marked of Kane - Origins
39. Unconfirmed Reports of Cyborg Activity in Central Aisa


Primary Objectives:
1. Capture Marked of Kane Control Nodes
2. Protect Control Nodes until Marked of Kane awaken.

Bonus Objectives:
1. Control Nodes take less than 50% damage.


Build a crane and train two Saboteurs and two Militants. Capture both Tiberium
Spikes and then make refinery and a War Factory. Build two Scorpion Tanks and 
send one along with a Militant to each Tiberium Spike. Make three Harvesters
and tech up to a Tech Center. Build two more War Factories and spam Avatars.
Move your MCV up to the green Tiberium field and build three refineries with
a War Factory and two Shredder turrets at it. When that's all up, move your
MCV north again and take that Tiberium too. When you're up there, being
building a Temple of Nod. When it is placed, move your MCV all the way
south and then to the east a little and build a few refineries on that
Tiberium field as well.

Build a Redeemer there and garrison it with a Saboteur and a Black Hand. Spam
Avatars from all five of your War Factories until your Nuclear Missile is
ready. Send them all in with your Redeemer first to soak up fire. Nuke the
top half of the GDI base and then send your avatars to the northeast corner
of the map to take out that small base too.

Build four Saboteurs and put them in Carryalls to capture the Marked of Kane
control nodes. Wait three minutes and thirty seconds for victory.

Mission 13: Tacitus Regained [M13]


The Marked of Kane have arisen, and the Tacitus is within Kane's grasp.

The artifact has been tracked to GDI's heavily fortified compound in the Rocky
Mountains, secure behind an impenetrable wall of energy. Raid the base,
capture its communication centers and bring down the barrier. Only then can
you finally claim the Tacitus.

Ascension is at hand.

Intelligence Database

At start of mission:
40. The Awakened
41. The Enlightened
42. Tiberium Trooper
43. Tacitus Destabilized?


Primary Objectives:
1. Capture and Hold GDI Communication Centers
2. Capture Tacitus Containment Structure

Bonus Objectives:
1. Destroy GDI Bunker Entrances
2. Destroy GDI Power Plants


This mission is easy if you do it right. I shouldn't have to give you many
details on building up your base, for we've been bff for twelve whole
missions. Make a crane, build a few harvesters, build a few refineries, tech
up. Upgrade Supercharged Particle Beams and build five Air Towers. Send an
engineer west and capture the silo, then build a barracks there and capture
the spikes. Make a few Shredder Turrets to guard the pass.

When you have about twenty Venomus, send them North along the eastern border
and destroy the two powerplants on the island. Then send them east along
the southern border, and then north along the western border and destroy
those power plants as well. When that's done, the base defenses around the
Communication Centers will be powered offline.

Take your army of venoms (should be around sixty) and go around destroying GDI
bases and units. When everything but the base in the northwest is destroyed,
you can stop making Venoms. Put some Engineers in the silos around the map.
Spend your money on a few MCVs and put one by each Communications Center and
one in the mountain pass in the northeast. Build shredder turrets and SAM
turrets in that pass so reinforcements die as soon as they appear. Put an
engineer in each Communications Center and use your Venoms for defense. Put an
engineer in a Reckoner and spam Venoms again.

When the shield wall is down, go in and destroy all you can with your venoms.
Do this again when the inner shield is down as well, and then send in your
Reckoner with a Saboteur. Victory!

3. FAQ [F1]

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