Play strenght?

  1. I have chess master..chess master edition...when in play mode it gives me a list of players with diff picking one of these players how i pick the strenght of play?...i just want to have the computer play the strongest game for the amount of time i do i do that?....and what settings on the engine will give the strongest play?

    User Info: orion53

    orion53 - 11 years ago


  1. Go against " Chessmaster " .

    Then give him more memory to work with . I woudn't touch the other engine settings since I 'm not that skilled to judge , they should be balanced pretty well , in order to give you the hardest challange . This franchise is more than 20 years old , and I trust the developers , they are surely competent.

    So i say just stick to the memory , and make a x10 or x100 according to your specs. However , I wouldn't bother . I think maybe 1000 persons around the globe could beat chessmaster.

    User Info: Raiden_Will

    Raiden_Will - 11 years ago 0   0

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