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FAQ/Walkthrough by myster_nut

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/23/09

A word of warning – this walkthrough contains many spoilers, but I have
written it out so that the main part contains only the steps I took to
solve the game, and a few clues to solve the puzzles, then I put the actual
solutions to each puzzle in a section called SPOILERS at the end.

First, a little explanation about how things will be phrased during the game –
you will be playing this game most of the time as Nancy, although you will
occasionally call Bess and ask her to do something for you, and at those times
you will be playing as Bess. Since you are playing as them and seeing things
in the game "through their eyes", anything that is on their right, will also
be on your right and the same with anything on their left.

Second, this is in no way a “linear” game. There are some things that will
have to be done in order to do something else, but as long as everything is
done, you will be able to solve the mystery.

Game Controls
Items at Bottom of Game Screen
Cast of Characters
Current Assignment

This game is entirely mouse controlled – point and click.

Magnifying Glass - indicates no specific action necessary
Red Magnifying Glass - indicates a "hot spot" - something that you can look at
closer or pick up
Back-up Arrow - you have to move the cursor to the bottom of the screen to see
this arrow and it's used to back out of close up views, close books or return
books, papers or objects that you have looked at to your inventory or back to
where they were picked up.
Forward Arrow - indicates you can move forward in a scene and may be tilted
slightly left or right indicating you can move in those directions without
actually turning left or right
Back Arrow – U-shaped arrow indicating that you can turn around
Left or Right Curved Arrows - indicate that you can move around a corner
Down Arrow – arrow pointing down indicating that you can climb or kneel down
Up Arrow – arrow pointing up indicating that you can climb or stand up
Two Arrow Circle - indicates that you are in the middle of a scene and can
turn 360 degrees in either direction
Hand Cursor – indicates that you can pick up an item to examine more closely
or open doors / drawers, etc. or turn pages
Hand Cursor w/ Lock – indicates that something you picked up can be kept in
your inventory
Speech Bubble w/ ? - seen when you put the cursor on a person and indicates
that you can speak to that person

*** LEFT SIDE ***

Satchel - this is your inventory where things that you pick up are kept to be
used or examined later
Notebook - notes about your investigation are automatically written here for
you to go back and look over to see what you found and what you still might
need to do
Clipboard - this is a check list of things that you need to do with clues
and items that you find during your investigation - available only to Junior
Level Detectives
Cell Phone - allows you to call Ned (he can give you hints in Junior Detective
Level), Bess to ask her to look into something that you found but can't check
yourself and call other numbers that you come across during your investigation
to get information from those people

*** RIGHT SIDE ***

Gear Icon - this is where you change game options - music, effects and voice
volume, background color and full-screen or window mode game play
Folder Icon - this opens up the Load Saved Game screen
Disk Icon - this opens up the Save Game screen - which I recommend that you do
often, and never, ever write over a previous saved game. It can save you a lot
of time if you want to go back and re-do something - you have unlimited saves
Off-Button Icon - quits the game - it will prompt you to save if you haven't
done it already

Nancy Drew – the world's best known female, amateur detective who goes to the
Bolet Mansion to see an aquaintance of Ned's while on vacation and ends up
with a case to solve.
Bess Marvin - on a long weekend vacation to New Orleans with Nancy, and since
Nancy can't get away from the mansion, she gets stuck doing some "snooping"
in town for her.
Henry Bolet – Bruno Bolet was his great-uncle and only living relative. He
was taken in by Bruno after his parents died in an accident.
Renee Amande – Bruno Bolet's housekeeper while he was alive. She claims to be
staying on at the mansion, despite her obvious dislike and distrust of Henry
because Bruno paid her in advance, and she alway fulfills her obligations.
She is deeply into Hoodoo, and, needless to say, a little... strange.
Lamont – Owner of Zeke's Curio Shop and would very much like to get his hands
on as many of the "knick-knacks" scattered around Bruno Bolet's mansion as he
can - Bruno's mansion is a curio shop owners heaven!
Dr. Gilbert Buford – Bruno's doctor and apparently his only friend.

*** ON THE PHONE ***

Ned Nickerson – Nancy's boyfriend who got aquainted with Henry at college and
worried about him being down in New Orleans by himself after he heard about
Bruno's death.
Professor Beatrice Hotchkiss – Those familiar with "Treasure from a Royal
Tower" will remember the professor. It seems that she has written a book about
the Crystal Skulls, and you will need to give her a call - she hasn't changed
a bit since Nancy first met her!
Dr. Buford's Answering Service
Man who tested Bruno's crystal skull to determine if it was authentic.

CURRENT ASSIGNMENT - taken directly from the Case File
What assignment? Bess and I are flying down to New Orleans for a long weekend
of fabulous music, sight-seeing and food!

Okay, so I'm also going to visit Ned's friend Henry Bolet, but only as a favor
to Ned. Apparently Henry's great-uncle just died and he had to go down there
for a couple of weeks. Ned says Henry's a nice guy but kind of a loner who
might appreciate a little company.

So the first thing I'll do when we arrive is leave Bess at our hotel in the
French Quarter and take a cab out to the mansion where Henry's staying (Ned
called him and said I'd be coming).

But once that's done, it'll be Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler! The only bad news
is that the weather's not supposed to be that great this weekend. But what's a
little stormy weather when you're in the heart of the Big Easy, right?...

After you've checked out everything you need to on Nancy's desk, click on the
plane ticket, select Junior Detective or Senior Detective level and start your

The game starts with Nancy walking up to the Bolet Mansion - put the cursor on
the door and click - you will hear a knock then the door swings open with no
one there.

The next part is automatic - Nancy walks in, calls out and looks down at some
footprints on the wooden floor. Then she steps up to the opening into the room
on the right (the great room), looks in to see a figure with his (or her) back
to her on the other side of the room. She speaks to the person and when "it"
turns around, Nancy is startled to see a "skeleton man" wearing a top hat and
a red ascot. There is a flash of lightning, a crash of thunder and the lights
go out leaving the last of the lightning flash as the only illumination, then
that goes out and the room is totally dark. When the lights come back on,
Nancy is even more startled to see that the figure has crossed the room and is
standing right in front of her. The skeleton man throws something at her that
seems to explode into a powder causing her to lose conciousness.

As Nancy's eyes open, she gets her first sight of Renee Amande, who offers her
a glass with something green in it and tells her that it would make her feel
better (I always felt it was best to refuse it - it doesn't look like Nancy
would enjoy drinking it). While Renee is talking to Nancy, Henry's voice is
heard making comments from somewhere out of sight. He doesn't want a doctor
called and no police!

When Renee leaves, stand and turn around - Henry is sitting at his desk with
his back to you. Speak to him about everything and let him know that you are
going to find out who the "skeleton man" was and why he knocked you out.
Henry grudgingly agrees to let her investigate and goes back to what he was

*** Library ***
Henry's desk is in a corner to the left of some glass doors that go to the
outside. To the left of him is what appears to be a library card catalog with
books, authors and numbers (these will be important later, but for now just
know they are there). To the left of the card catalog is a trophy display.
Pick them up and you will see that they are awards for miniature models. When
you pick up one of them, you will hear something rolling around in it. Take
off the top and look in - a glass eye?

The other two walls in the library are bookshelves filled with books including
one that seems to have a stuffed iguana sitting on top of a box with some books
arranged inside it (strange!) - some of them you can approach for a closer look
now, but there is nothing that you can do with any of them at this point. To
the left of the trophy display are the doors that exit the library out into
the hallway.

*** Great Room ***
Go left out of the door then turn left again into the opening that goes into
the room where you saw the skeleton man. This is the mansion's great room.

Directly across from the entrance there is a miniature model of a cemetery.
This is where the skeleton man was when you first saw him. Go across the room
to the model.


You need to get used to the cemetery because you will be out there a lot!
This map is only an approximation of both the cemetery and mansion grounds,
but does give you an idea of the position of each area and the path you would
need to take to get there.  (I have included the grounds with this map even
though the miniature is only of the cemetery because there are places in there
you will also be going to often).

|                                                                             |
|     _____________________ Sorrow                                            |
|    |                      Park                             ___ Terra        |
|    |       Bolet                      Slumber       __    |    Siesta       |
|    |       Mausoleum                  Gardens      |  |   |                 |
|    |_________|_______________            |         |  |___|                 |
|              |               |           |_________|   _|_                  |
|              |               |        ________________|   |________         |
|             /             ___|___    |                             |        |
|____________/             |       |   |                             |        |
 Entrance to          _____| TREE  |___|                             |        |
 Meadow              /     |_______|                                 |        |
|\               ___/          |                  Crowing            |        |
| \             |              |                / Crypts            /         |
|  \         Writhing          |               |                   /
|   \        Roots             |               |                  |   _______
|    \       Memorial       ___|___            |                  |  /  \ Swamp
|     \_____               |       |           |     _______      |_/    \
|           |            __|       |___________|____/       \_____________\   |
|           |              |_______|           |                              |
|          /               Fountain            |                              |
|    Seeping                   |               |                              |
|    Meadow                    |               |_______ Forty Winks           |
|                              |                        Memorial              |
|                              |                                              |
|                              |                                              |
|___________________________ Gate ____________________________________________|
|                              |                                              |
|                              |                                              |
|                              |                                              |
|     _________________________|______                                        |
|    /                      _______   \                                       |
|   |                      |       |  |                                       |
|   |                      |       |  |                                       |
|   |                      |_______|  |                                       |
|    \                     Fountain   |                                       |
|     \________________________|______|____________ Bruno's                   |
|                              |                    Crypt                     |
|                              |                                              |
|                              |                                              |
|                              |                                              |
|                              |-----------------------  Loquat               |
|                              |                         Tree                 |
|                              |                                              |
|                              |                                              |
|                              |                                              |
|__________________________  Porch  __________________________________________|

Some of the miniatures can be played around with to trigger some lights or a
springy surprise. If you look around at some of the model buildings you will
also find another of those strange glass eyes. And then there is the roof of
the Bolet Mausoleum. It's the one with the four pictures that can be changed
by clicking on one of the arrows next to each of them.

When you've finished with the model, check out the portraits on the wall to the
left of the model - one seems to be missing.

Then down on the floor next to the fireplace there is a piece of paper with
what appears to be a tracing of a bird that looks very much like one of the
pictures that were on the roof of the Bolet Mausoleum model!

In the fireplace is a partially burned receipt from some place called Zeke's,
but the only thing readable is the receipt number. You also need to pick up a
piece of that charcoal in the fireplace - for later use!

Turn to the right of the cemetery model and you will notice a book on a stand.
Check it out also - this is something else that you will be using a lot later
on in the game.

Continuing to the right you will see what appears to be a coffee table, but if
you move in closer, you will see that it is actually a game.

There are marbles - two in the Junior Level, four in the Senior Level - one
movable block, some lights (lasers?) that shine through the middle area of the
game - two in the Junior Level, four in the Senior Level - and one light down
in the lower right corner. There is also what I call a Thumper in the lower
left corner of the game. The Thumper is the only thing that you have direct
control of its movements (up, down, right and left using the Arrow Buttons in
the middle. The Star Button will reset the game if you make a mistake.

You use the Thumper to move the movable block and the marbles, but if you
move any of them up against an edge of the game, you are stuck. There is no
way to get the Thumper in there to get them off, so you will have to reset.

The object is to use the movable block to control the roll of a marble and
stop it in the position that you need it - a marble will also stop if you roll
it into another marble without causing the other marble to roll away. Marbles
and the block will pass through the lights, but the Thumper won't. You need to
use the marbles to block the lights in the middle of the game so that you can
get the Thumper and the movable block over to the light down in the corner to
use the block to stop that light and get the thumper past it and over to end.

Your reward for beating the game - another of those strange glass eyes.

(See Spoiler - GREAT ROOM MARBLE GAME, if you need more help - both Junior
and Senior Level)

Now that you have seen everything there is to see right now in the great room,
it might be a good time to call Ned and let him know that you have arrived and
met Henry. When you finish that conversation, you can call that cab company
and go back to town to check out that receipt - Oh, no! No cab service because
of the storm. Well, there is one alternative - give Bess a call.

(The first two calls you can make in any order, but you must call the cab
company before you try to call Bess.)

*** Bess at the hotel - burned receipt ***
When you call Bess and tell her what happened and about the receipt you found,
she will tell you that she is looking at a place called Zeke's right across
from the hotel. You will have to talk her into going over and asking the shop
owner about the receipt number, but be firm and don't let her wiggle out of
doing it.

Point the cursor at Zeke's and go inside. You can take a look around at some
of the strange things that are for sale in there, but then go to the back of
the store and around the corner to the right where you will meet the store's
owner, Lamont... Lamont?

Ask him about the receipt, and he will very willingly look up the number, but
when he sees what it was for, he starts to get a little edgy and says that
the box is still in his back room and he has no idea what was in it because
he hasn't had a chance to look through it. Tell him that you're going to look
around the store some more, and then it's time to find some way to get Lamont
out of his corner so that you can have a look in that back room.

If you haven't already done it, go toward the front of the store and check out
the bottles of different powders in the cabinet to the right of the door. You
can check out all of them to experience the effect of each, but the only one
Bess will find necessary to keep is the sneezing powder.

Next, turn to the left and you will see a piano with some things sitting on
top of it, two shelves above the piano with more things on them, and there is
also a barrel to the left of the piano, a weight scale and a helium tank with
a "Happy Face" balloon attached to it to the right of the piano and another
shelf holding a bowling ball above the balloon.

The object is to use these things to design a contraption that will keep
Lamont occupied for a while - you will be using that sneezing powder that
Bess got earlier also.

(This kind of set up is normally called a Rube-Goldberg Contraption -
A deliberately over-engineered device that performs a simple task in a
difficult manner. One event sets off another event which sets off the next
and so on until it gets to the end - kind of like setting up dominos in a
pattern then knocking over the first one into the second one and it goes on
through the pattern until all of them are knocked over.)

(See Spoiler RUBE-GOLDBERG CONTRAPTION if you need more help - this one is
the same in both levels)

Once Lamont is occupied, Bess can go to the back room. Tip over the box on the
counter and she will find one of those skeleton man costumes, a photo of a boy
and a dog (Ahhh!), a photo of an iguana in a pirate's costume (?) and another
box with a letter attached to the top.

The locked box has a letter key pad and the letter, that's from someone named
Amelinda has a second page that appears to be references to acts and scenes in
the Shakespeare play, Hamlet. There is also a blue, sticky note with Zeke's
logo on it that says, "Some of these don't exist." (He never went through the
box, huh?!!!)

The Hamlet reference is the clue to the letters that you need to open the box.

(See Spoiler LOCKED BOX IN THE BACK OF ZEKE'S if you need more help - this
one is the same in both levels)

Once the box is open, Bess will find a strange note and an indentation that
looks as though something skull-shaped may have been in the box at one time,
but it's not there now. Bess will call Nancy to tell her what she found and
pass the game back to her.

*** Nancy's Tasks ***

We already know from the modeling trophy, the crypt in the miniature cemetery
and the marble game that glass eyes are apparently going to be very important
in some way - at least we keep finding them in very unusual places.

*** Upstairs - small bedroom ***
First, go upstairs to look around up there. There's not much - the first door
goes to a small, dark bedroom that seems a little barren. Go toward the bed
and open the drawer of the table next to it. Another glass eye...

That's it for this room, go out and try the other door - locked.

*** Library ***
Let's go back to the library and talk to Henry some more. Talk to him about
everything - the missing portrait, what he's doing, the burned receipt from
Zeke's, the picture of the bird, Bruno's model cemetery and the fact that
you can't leave because there's no cab service.

*** Porch ***
Once you've finished with Henry, go outside and talk to Renee. She is on the
porch to the left of the door. As with Henry, talk to her about everything -
what she's doing, her herbs and other things, the tracing that you found,
her suspicions that Henry's selling off Bruno's things, the pouch she wears
around her neck, etc. Before you leave her, notice the shovel with the handle
that looks like a skeleton's arm in the ivy behind her - you will need to get
that from her later.

*** Now let's explore the mansion grounds and cemetery ***
Just off the steps of the porch and going off to the right, there are some
stone steps leading up to a tree. You may as well go up there, take hold of
the bug spray leaning against the tree and use it on the wasps in the tree.

When the wasps are all dead, you will get a piece of fruit, a loquat.

You're going to have to do this at least three times, and you can't do them
all at once - you have to use one piece before you can get another and each
time the wasps are a little more difficult to beat. The trick seems to be to
keep the wasps from reaching the top of the screen until whatever the set
time for each attempt is up - the problem is that, if a wasp turns red and
you don't spray it quick enough, it will sting you - enough stings and you'll
be starting the wasp fight over.

Take the loquat and go back down the steps and right toward the fountain.

Move in for a closer look and you will see a hole surrounded by strings that
each play a different note when plucked and at the bottom of the hole, you
will see a key - but don't reach for it or you'll get a nasty bite from the
spider that lives in there. You will have to come back to this.

Go to the right from the fountain and you will enter an area that has strange
buzzard statues that seem to be guarding it and if you look up, there is a
"Master Buzzard" on top of a building. Turn around and click on one of the
buzzard's heads and Nancy will automatically turn and look up to notice that
moving the head seems to have moved the feathers on the "Master Buzzard's"
head. That's all you can do there for now, so go out and take the path that
goes to the left of the fountain.

Follow it around and notice what's around there - specifically, a mushroom in
the grass to the left of the walk and the fireflies over by the wall.
Remember the mushroom for later, for now, go toward the fireflies and up to
the wall. Move the ivy out of the way and push on two of the stones. They will
go into the wall part way, and that's it for this side of the cemetery wall.

Go through the gate into the cemetery - you can walk around and see the sites,
but the important thing to do is go to the Bolet Mausoleum. You will notice
four places on the front of it where the stone appears rough. If you "look
closely" at one, Nancy will comment that she will need some paper if she's
going to see what might really be there. Time to leave the cemetery for now,
but as you get close to the gate, go toward the wall on the right side of it.
Climb those two stones that you pushed through and take what appears to be a
lightning rod from the top of the wall. You will need it later. Also, after
you go through the gate, look in the grass to the left of the walk and you
will notice another one of those mushrooms you saw earlier. Again, remember
where it is for later.

*** Back to the porch and Renee's bedroom ***
Go back to the house and talk to Renee again. Ask her if she has some plain
paper you can use. She will give you the key to her room and ask you to bring
her back a Koko Kringle candy bar because her appetite needs some appeasing.
You can have one, too - in fact you can eat them until Nancy gets woozy from
eating too many if you want. Get the paper, the candy bar for Renee and then
take a look around her room. There are things in there that you will need to
do something with later on.

Go back out, give Renee her candy bar and ask her about the symbols that are
painted on her wall, then head back out to the Bolet Mausoleum.

*** Bolet Mausoleum ***
Take the paper from your inventory and "place" it up against each of the four
rough areas and the charcoal will automatically go across the paper to make
the tracings.

*** Great Room ***
Back to the house and the mausoleum miniature - the pictures on the roof have
to be changed to the pictures that you got in the tracings.

you need more help with this)

*** Bolet Mausoleum ***
Back out to the real mausoleum - as you pass, you may notice that Henry is not
in his chair. Don't worry, he's not laying a trap for you, and you will find
him when you get out to the mausoleum.

Use that key to unlock the mausoleum door. Look around inside and you will
find the missing portrait!

*** Library ***
Back to the house, but before you go to the great room, let's take a look at
that bookcase where the stuffed iguana is sitting.

As you get close, you can just barely make out the title, but there is a book
in that box under the iguana that is about the crystal skulls.

Reach for the book and... EEEK! The iguana wasn't stuffed! And the box with
all the books has been knocked to the floor. Henry will tell Nancy that was
his great-uncle's pet iguana, Iggy, and when Nancy tells him she just wants to
look at one of the books, he tells her that's fine, but she has to put all of
those books back in the box first.

(See Spoiler BOOKS IN BOX KNOCKED OVER BY IGGY if you need more help - this
one is the same in both levels)

Once the books are back where they belong, take out the one about the crystal
skulls, "Crystal Skulls - Fact or Fable?", by Professor Beatrice Hotchkiss.

As you look through it, you will find the professor's phone number and a card
with some letters hand-printed on it.

*** Great Room ***
Now it's time to go to the great room - use that number to call the professor
and find out that Bruno had called her to ask her about one of the crystal
skulls - the one called "The Whisperer". She will also tell you that, if Bruno
actually owned the real crystal skull, and he is dead, then you need to take
a closer look at how Bruno died, because his death was almost surely caused
by someone else! MURDER!

Once you've talked to the professor, you can put that portrait back in its
frame. Then the pictures need to be rearranged. The card that you got from the
book is the clue for this part.

you need more help with this)

*** Secret Passage ***
If you have followed the clue correctly, you should hear a click behind you.
Turn to the left and you will see a door to a secret passage has opened up on
the left side of the fireplace. Go through the door, and you will see a peep-
hole in the wall right in front of you. Look through this and then click on
the + symbol on the switch to the right of the peephole to zoom in on a book
that you will need to take a look at when you go back to the library.

"Step back" from the wall and turn toward the stairs - Nancy will stop and
eavesdrop on Henry. It seems he is talking to his girlfriend, Summer, who
is "a little" pushy about Henry buying her whatever she wants. Once the
conversation is over go up the stairs and you will find a locked door.

Take a close look at the door knob and you will see that there is a pattern of
lines around it that look a lot like the strings around that spider-hole in
the fountain. This is the clue for getting to that key without getting bitten
by the spider.

you need more help with this)

*** Library and garden fountain ***
Go to the library and check out the book, "Eye of the Beholder", that you saw
through the peephole - what a surprise... another glass eye! Now, go out to
the fountain and pluck those strings in the order given to you by the clue
around the door knob. A small platform will raise up the key and push the
spider back out of the way so that you can reach it. Take it and go back to
the secret passage.

*** Secret Room ***
Use that key you just got to unlock the door and enter Bruno Bolet's secret
room. Take a good look around.

Important things to look at -
Bruno's desk and everything that you can pick up and examine - especially his
calendar (look through the pages at least until Nancy makes a comment about
one of them), the certificate about Bruno's acceptance into the Jolly Roger
Crewe (?) and a picture of a group of men all dressed in those skeleton man
costumes with an inscription to Bruno, Bruno's book, "Short Stories for Tired
Eyes", and dedicated "To Those Who Hear the Whisper!" (these stories are all
clues to things that are going to have to be done to solve the mystery) and
then there's the perpetual motion toy on the left-top side of the desk.

If you look at it, you will see that most of the strings have a marble at the
end as they usually do, but the one on the right has one of those glass eyes
attached - you need to get that, but it is sealed in a glass box. There is a
long switch on the left that will start the marbles and the eye, of course,
swinging when it is clicked, and the eye will swing outside of the box where
you can grab it - the catch is - you only have two chances each time that the
switch is clicked to try to grab the eye. After that, it doesn't swing out
far enough to be grabbed. The round button on the right will stop the marbles
from swinging, so that you can click the switch and start it up again.

There is no "trick" that will make this easier, other than making sure that
the cursor is in the shape of the hand, not the magnifying glass, and it is
not up against the side of the box when you try to grab the eye - leave a
little space between the box image and the cursor - then click as quickly as
you can when the eye passes out of the box.

Then there's the bowling game -

When you move in close to it, you will see a ball roll down into an open slot
at the top-right and, on the left, three rows of three blocks that have what
appears to be a picture of chatter teeth on each one. The object is to turn
all of the blocks so that they all have a picture of an eye. You will have to
hit each block at least twice because the first hit will turn the block to a
picture of a chicken.

Again, there is no sure-fire trick that I can tell you to make this easier -
it's going to take patience and perseverance. I can tell you that you need to
use varying force and direction to hit the blocks.

Take a ball, click on it and you will see an arrow. If you hold down the mouse
and pull the cursor back, the arrow will get longer. The longer the arrow, the
more force there will be when the ball is released. To change the direction of
the ball, move the cursor up to move the arrow down or down to move it up.
There are marks like those on a real bowling alley to help aim the ball.

The first row is the easiest - just click on the ball, but don't pull back the
cursor at all (you'll have a tiny arrow). To get the middle block, aim at the
middle mark and release the ball. To get the ones at the top or bottom, move
the arrow only slightly off the middle mark, up or down, and release the ball.
The middle row requires medium force and you may have to use a ricochet off of
the side of the game to get the blocks on the top-middle and bottom-middle.
The third row requires maxium force and you will definitely have to use the
ricochet technique to hit them. Your reward for beating the game - another
glass eye, of course.

(If you have any patience left, you can get an Easter Egg here if you turn all
the blocks to their chicken side.)

To the right of the bowling game is a pirate puppet holding an interesting
little box and a small cabinet with some tiny costume pieces inside - check
these out, you will be dealing with them later.

To the left of the bowling game there is a cabinet with a picture of an old-
fashioned sailing ship being attacked by a very large octopus on the wall.
Open it and you will see one more of those strange glass eyes we have been
finding all over. Click on it to pick it up and Nancy will make a comment.

To the left of the cabinet there is a table with a gumball machine and what
looks like a Jack-in-the-Box (?). If you turn the knob on the gumball machine,
you will get a gumball (Nancy likes chewing these!), then turn the crank on
the Jack-in-the-Box - Yikes! it's a Spider-in-the-Box, and curiously, there is
a picture of an eye on the inside of the lid. I think we should make a "note"
of the notes that the box plays before the spider pops out! "Push" the spider
back into the box and turn the crank again. Write down each note that plays as
you turn the crank.

You have pretty much done everything you can in the secret room for now, and
we need to go talk to Henry and Renee about how Bruno died since the professor
says that he was probably murdered if he owned the Whisperer, but how do we
get out?

Back up from the table and look above it - there is a light fixture - put the
cursor on it and click. This is the lever to open the exit from the secret
room. It goes into that dark, little bedroom. Head back down to the library.

*** Library ***
Henry is in his usual corner - ask him how Bruno died and he will show you his
death certificate (where you will get his doctor's name and phone number), and
while you are talking, you will notice another glass eye on a key chain. Ask
Henry if you can have it. He will be unwilling to give it to you, but if you
have done everything in the walk-through previous to this, you will be able to
get it - if you haven't, you may not be able to get it right now.

*** Porch - Mushroom Hunt ***
When you have finished with Henry go outside and talk to Renee. She will tell
you what happened the day that Bruno died. While you are there, you might as
well ask if you can use that shovel. She will tell you that you can use it, if
you find five painted conk mushrooms for her first. We already saw two of them
in the yard earlier, the other three are in the cemetery. If you really did a
thorough exploration of it when you were out there, you may have already seen
the other three. If you didn't, now's your chance. Once you've got all five,
go back to Renee and she will let you have the shovel.

(See Spoiler MUSHROOM HUNT if you can't find them)

*** Great Room ***
Before we use that shovel, we need to go in and call Bruno's doctor and see
what he has to say about the way that Bruno died. Go back to the great room
for some privacy and use the cell phone to call the doctor. Oh, no! His
answering service and they won't give you the doctor's number, but with a
little coersion, he will tell you that the doctor spends a lot of time at a
gumbo stand that is near Nancy and Bess's hotel. Time for a little more help
from Bess. Call her.

*** Bess at the hotel - talk to Dr. Buford ***
Nancy tells Bess everything that's been going on, including that she suspects
that Bruno was murdered and that, right now, everyone's a suspect. This makes
Bess a little nervous that Nancy may have just asked her to speak to Bruno's
killer, but Nancy tells her she thinks he's okay, but to be subtle.

Bess decides that, if the doctor is the man she can see sitting at a table on
the other side of the street, he looks harmless, so she'll go talk to him for
Nancy. Hang up the cell phone, put the cursor on the man sitting at the table
outside of Zeke's and go across the street to meet Dr. Gilbert Buford.

(When I was doing this part, it seemed to me that some of the question options
that came up were more "subtle" than others, so those were my choices. Also,
if Nancy has been in the secret room and seen the stuff about the Jolly Roger
Crewe, there will be a question on the list about the doctor being a member.
Based on the things that Bruno had about the Jolly Roger Crewe being a secret
organization and never telling anyone else about it, I avoided this question
while talking to the doctor because it seemed in no way subtle.)

When you finish your talk with Dr. Buford, use the cell phone to call Nancy.
Bess will tell her what she learned from him and Nancy takes over again.

*** Nancy's Tasks ***

*** Great Room ***
Take Bruno's book out of your inventory and take a look at the story, "Steps
in the Right Direction". It talks about looking "where bones are buried" (the
cemetery, obviously) and "start where Charlie Wicker sleeps". It also says,
"Charlie will give you directions" and "count on my shovel". Let's take a look
at the cemetery book and see where Charlie Wicker sleeps - Seeping Meadow.

*** Cemetery - Steps in the Right Direction ***
Back out to the cemetery - go to Seeping Meadow. (Stop at the fountain on the
way out to Charlie's and pluck the strings around the spider hole to those
notes that the Spider-in-the-Box played - another glass eye.)

When you look at Charlie's headstone, you will notice that there is a line of
meaningless letters - all N S E W's - looks like directions, maybe? Take out
the plain paper and put it up against the letters - again the charcoal will
automatically make a tracing of them (you have to do this to move on to the
next part, but I recommend that you also carefully write them down so that
you don't have to keep pulling out the tracing). Take the tracing and move
back from Charlie's headstone, then move the cursor over to the right of the
headstone until it turns into the Forward Arrow and click.

The screen will change to an overhead view of a meadow with a skeleton arm
(the shovel handle) in the upper-right corner, the shovel lying on the meadow
and a dial in the lower-right corner with the letters N, S, E and W at the
top, bottom, right and left, respectively. There is a pointer that goes around
the dial to point at each letter for the direction you want to move the shovel
and a button in the middle of the dial that say's "MOVE". Click the button one
time for each "step" you need the shovel to take. The skeleton's hand will
indicate by holding up fingers how many "steps" to take in each direction.

(See Spoiler STEPS IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION if you need more help with this)

When you have made the last move, the scene will change again - apparently to
the place where the shovel ended up after the last move. Take the shovel from
your inventory and "dig" at that spot. You will uncover some kind of sealed
box. Use the shovel to pry it open - Oh, my! The shovel broke! That's OK, you
only need to hold on to the skeleton-arm handle anyway. Take it and, guess
what else... Yeah, another glass eye.

Back to the house and let's do some things that will keep us in out of that
rain for a while.

*** Grandfather Clock - Time Will Tell ***
Take out Bruno's book again and read the story, "Time Will Tell". You should
notice that there are three parts to this story and each one starts at "12" -
either noon or midnight. You need to do what each part of the story tells, you
to do - start at 12, then, the time it "will be __ hours", or what time it was
"__ hours before". The phrases "will it be", "move ahead", "before" and "ago"
are the clues for determining the different times that you need to write down
(as well as whether you had to move ahead or back to get there. When you have
finished each part, you will have 6 numbers, each starting with 12. Be careful
with Part 2 and Part 3, sometimes the clues are not quite as straight-forward
as they were in Part 1.

Go to the grandfather clock that is standing at the end of the hallway just
past the library doors. If you look closely at the clock face, you will see
that the hands are already on 12, there is a circle just above the clock's
face that looks a little like an eye and if you put the cursor on the right-
side of the clock's face, it turns into a circle arrow pointing to the right,
or clockwise, and if you put it on the left-side, it turns to a circle arrow
pointing to the left, or counter-clockwise.

The idea is to start at 12 for each part then turn the clock hand forward or
backward to the times that you determined for each of the clues. You have to
click on the circle above the clock face (it will "blink" when clicked) before
you move the hand off of 12 and after each time you turn the hour hand to a
new time. When you've entered all six numbers for Part 1, you will get another
glass eye. Repeat the process for Parts 2 and 3, and you will get two more -
three total.

(See Spoiler TIME WILL TELL if you need more help with this)

*** Renee's bedroom - locked chest and hoodoo symbols ***
Now let's go see what Renee keeps in that locked chest in her room.

That chest has four "pictures", one in each corner, with a large circle that
is surrounded by buttons in the middle. If you play with those buttons, you
should notice that each one you click will bring up some part of one of those
pictures in the smaller circles, but you can't click more than four buttons
without "erasing" the picture that you were putting together.

You need to find the four buttons that will copy each picture in the smaller
circles - when you are successful, the small circle will flip over to a blank
side, and, when you have completed all four circles, the chest will be open.

The only thing that you will be able to take from the chest is Renee's Hoodoo
book. Turn to the symbols that she has painted on her wall and use the book
to figure out what sound each symbol represents - by the way, do those sounds
remind you of something... like the sounds that were on the side of that box
that the puppet was holding... the sounds that you can make the puppet say by
pressing those buttons then clicking on the word "Talk" on the left-side of
his box! Write those sounds down, in the same order as the symbols on Renee's
wall, and let's go see that puppet again!

(See Spoiler RENEE'S LOCKED CHEST if you need more help with this)

*** Secret Room ***
Go to the puppet and click on his "talk box" to move in, click on each of
the buttons corresponding to the sounds that were represented by the symbols
on Renee's wall, click on the word "Talk" on the left, then stand back while
the puppet repeats those sounds and watch what happens next - yeah, you get
another glass eye, but there are two more things in the eye socket where the
eye used to be - a token and a piece of paper.

When you click on the paper, it opens up and you will see -

    The last denizen buried on my guard,
    Will start you a-hunting through the graveyard,
    What's written on the headstone will lead you to another,
    And so on and so forth til tiny treasure you discover.   ________________

It seems to be a clue to another hunt through the graveyard, but let's deal
with that token first.

Remember that gumball machine that gives only gumballs, go to it and put the
token in the coin slot, then turn the handle - this time you will get another
of those glass eyes.

*** Great Room - cemetery scavenger hunt ***
Now let's deal with that piece of paper -

That clue we found in the puppet's eye socket is the simplest and obviously
refers to the last person buried in the cemetery while Bruno was in charge.
Go to the burial book in the great room and look up that name and type it
into the blank - when you enter the correct name, Nancy will make a comment
to that effect. The next step is to see where that person was buried and go
out to that place and read what is on the headstone.

I call this a scavenger hunt because you are given a clue to interpret, then
you use that solution to get to the next clue - the trick is these clues are
more word games than riddles.

(This isn't one of the clues, but it will give you an idea of what you are
supposed to do) -

A clue on a headstone may say something like - "He Never Gave In"

Then when you go back to the book, you would find a name like - Will Power

After you get the first name from the book, there are eight more names that
you will have to get from clues like the one above, but when you go out to
where the last person was buried there is no clue, only a name, the date of
birth and the date of death - put the cursor on the name and click. A secret
compartment will open to reveal! a piece of paper...

Another clue that reads -

         Same as the name of my dog at 10,
         Moved from his grave and buried again

Remember the picture that Bess saw in Zeke's back room - the young boy and a
dog with the caption that said "Bruno and ____ ". We couldn't see what came
after "and" because it was hidden by the frame.

Time to give Bess a call again, but let's get out of the rain first and go
back to the great room - we're going to have to look up another name in that
book anyway.

(See Spoiler CEMETERY SCAVENGER HUNT if you need more help with this)

*** Bess at the Hotel - Bruno's dog's name ***
After Nancy talks Bess into going back to Zeke's, she will automatically be
inside the store. Lamont is back behind the counter where he was the first
time Bess was in there.

When Bess is talking to him, the option to ask if the Gumbo Wagon out front
is authentic will be there, but before you click on that option exhaust all
the other possible topics of discussion that are there. When you click on
the question about the Gumbo Stand, Lamont will tell Bess that it's the 
best, but she should watch out for their hot sauce because it messes up his
stomach something awful. Then the option to apologize for what happened when
she was there before will come up - click on it and Bess will tell him that
she would like to get him a nice big bowl of gumbo to make up for it. Lamont
will tell her that would be great cause it just so happens he's starving.

Go back outside and up to the Gumbo Wagon - when the guy asks what you want,
click on Gumbo on the menu that's on its side. Bess will tell the guy that she
wants a gumbo to go. When it comes, make sure that you click on the bottle of
hot sauce sitting on the left to add it to Lamont's gumbo, then click on the
lid to cover it. At this point, if you are just wanting to have some fun with
Bess, you can have her order anything (or everything) on the menu to eat for
herself, and if you put hot sauce on everything, she gets a pretty nasty case
of fire-breathing heartburn.

Take Lamont his gumbo and shortly after he starts to eat, he has to make a
dash for the bathroom. This is Bess's chance to get in the back and look at
the picture of Bruno and his dog again. Click on the picture twice and the
picture will come out of the frame so that she can read the dog's name, then
she will call Nancy.

*** Nancy's Tasks ***

*** Great Room ***
Once Nancy has the dog's name, go to the cemetery book and look up a name in
there that includes the dog's name, look at where he's buried and now it is
time for one more trip to the cemetery, but before we do, let's make a quick
stop in the library to solve a couple of those clues from Bruno's book.

*** Library - A Librarian's Tale ***
Read the story in Bruno's book called "A Librarian's Tale" - this clue refers
to the card catalog in the library and a locked book on a shelf above where
the card catalog is - you won't be able to get the book until you've read the
story and then looked at the first card in the catalog at least, but you will
have to look at all of the cards to solve the clue to the book's combination.
Once you've solved it and unlocked the book to get another glass eye, we can
also take care of Quincy Booker's teeth while we are here.

*** Library - History of Quincy Booker's Teeth ***
For this one, you must read "History of Quincy Booker's Teeth" from Bruno's
book, and you must have studied that dental chart that's on the wall in the
secret room.

The story mentions four teeth that were worked on when Quincy was a child and
four that were worked on as an adult (in order mentioned) -

    CHILD -    1 - Upper Right Second Molar
               2 - Upper Right Central Incisor
               3 - Upper Left Central Incisor
               4 - Lower Left Lateral Incisor

    ADULT -    1 - Lower Right Canine
               2 - Upper Left First Bicuspid
               3 - Lower Left Canine
               4 - Lower Left Third Molar

The shelf of books that would only tilt out like a lever are the ones that
you need to go to now. The two bottom rows (the ones with the bookends that
look like molars) represent Quincy's baby teeth and the two upper shelves
represent his adult teeth. Pull on the books indicated by the clue and it
will open another secret compartment and you'll get another glass eye.

(See Spoiler QUINCY BOOKER'S TEETH if you need more help with this)

Now it is time to continue on out to the cemetery.

*** Cemetery - end of scavenger hunt ***
Once you get to the right place, click on the rectangular shape below the
name on the headstone and you will get - what else... another glass eye, only
this time there seems to be something else with it - a tiny pirate's hat!

There was another picture in the back room of Zeke's - an iguana dressed up in
a pirate costume - maybe it's time to go make Iggy's aquaintance!

*** Secret Room - Iggy's pirate costume ***
There is a vent in the wall to the right of the puppet - the grate has been
removed. Move into it, take the loquat out of your inventory and click it on
the vent opening. Nancy will call Iggy and lay down the loquat and you will
hear some soft scratching sounds as Iggy makes his way out of the vent. Then
the scene will change to Iggy standing next to the little cabinet that holds
all his costumes. There are four costumes - each consisting of three pieces -
something that goes on his face or head, something that goes around his neck
and something that goes... well, if Iggy were human, it would be considered to
be his waist.

You can actually dress him in his costumes in any order, this is just the way
that I did it.

(My recommendation is that you ignore the clown costume unless you really,
really liked your battles with the wasps, because you would have to go back
to that loquat tree a fourth time and that fourth wasp battle can really be
a "killer"! The other three costumes you have to use to complete the game.
I also recommend that you save your game before you call Iggy - that way if
you mess up on a costume piece, you can reload from before you call him so
that you don't have to go get another loquat and then try again.)

After you have Iggy's costume on him, move back and he will go back into his
vent then return with something for you. This time, dressed up in his pirate
costume, he will bring you a small chest. The chest has another letter key pad
lock on it - this time it has thirteen buttons each with two letters of the
alphabet on it - and an inscription on the top that says, " The name that
opens every Jolly Roger meeting opens me".

If you looked through Bruno's calendar book until Nancy made her comment,
you know that there is going to be a meeting tonight, at Rampart and Dumaine,
near the hotel where Bess is, and that the password is "Scuttled Bones".

*** Bess at the Hotel - Zeke's and Jolly Roger meeting ***
When you call Bess, she will, as usual, need to be persuaded to do what you
ask her - which is get into Zeke's again to get the skeleton man costume and
find the location of the Jolly Roger meeting, so that she can get inside to
hear the word that opens it. Bess will also point out to Nancy that Zeke's is
now closed - which is a minor problem in Nancy's mind and she tells Bess that
she's sure she will find a way in.

After you finish talking to Nancy, put the cursor on the alley to the right
side of Zeke's and click. Go down the alley until you can go to the left and
you will see Zeke's back door with a number key pad alarm system... How to
get the numbers to turn the alarm off?

The only item in Bess's inventory is a powder compact, but as it turns out,
this all you need! Open the door, go in and get into that box again to get
the skeleton man costume. Bess automatically puts it on.

(See Spoiler ZEKE'S BACK DOOR ALARM if you need more help with this)

Leave Zeke's through the door you came in then turn left toward that door at
the end of the alley - knock and someone wearing a skeleton man costume will
open a hatch in the door and ask you for the password. She does't just say it
automatically, you have to remember it to pick it out of a list. The man lets
you in and tells you the meeting is about to start.

Bess will hide behind some boxes and things, and she hears the men chanting
the words that open the meeting, then a man who seems to be leading the
meeting begins to speak and Bess thinks that she recognizes the voice, but,
Oh, Shoot! She forgot to turn off her cell phone and it's ringing gives her
hiding place away!

Trapped! Head covered by a bag or something that has her in the dark! Then
the voice says that their intruder seems to be someone of the feminine
persuasion and let's see who it is. When her mask is removed, the figure in
front of her gives a start of surprise, and Bess lets him have it -

That's right you know me and I know who you are - Dr. Buford! And, I also
know that you were the one who broke into the Bolet mansion and knocked my
friend out!

Dr. Buford tries to put her off as someone who doesn't know what she is
talking about in front of his fellow Jolly Roger members, but quietly tells
her to calm down and he will tell her everything in private.

After her talk with Dr. Buford, Bess calls Nancy to tell her everything that
she has learned - including the words that will open the little chest, but
then she realizes that she may have made a mistake by telling him that her
friend was also looking for the skull and was very close to finding it! And,
she doesn't think that he went back to the Jolly Roger meeting when he left
her! What if he is on his way out there to stop Nancy from finding it!

*** Nancy's Tasks ***

Nancy is trying to calm her fears when there is a huge flash of lightning and
the phone goes dead! Oh, well... back to the mystery. Enter the words that
Bess heard at the meeting on the key pad and the chest will open up - another
glass eye!

Let's see what happens when Iggy is dressed up in his other costumes. Time to
go back to the loquat tree and fight the wasps to get another piece of fruit
for Iggy.

*** Secret Room - Iggy's optometrist costume ***
Go back to that vent in the secret room and use the loquat to call Iggy again.
This time dress him in the three pieces that make up his optometrist costume,
and he will bring you - what else - another glass eye.

Before we go back out to those nasty wasps again, let's stop at the cabinet on
the wall and see how we are doing with our quest for glass eyes - hmm... still
missing four. Okay, let's get another loquat and see what Iggy brings us when
he's dressed up in his other costume.

*** Secret Room - Iggy's mailman costume ***
Go back to that vent in the secret room and use the loquat to call Iggy again.
This time dress him in the three pieces that make up his mailman costume, and
he will bring out - no, not another glass eye, this time he will bring you a

From Bess's first talk with Dr. Buford, we know that it appeared to him that
Bruno had been reading a letter just before his death, but it was gone when
the paramedics wheeled him out of the house... Perhaps this is the letter,
and it's from someone that Bruno AND Renee had taken the skull to for tests
to determine if it was authentic or fake. According to the letter, their
tester determined that the skull was a fake!

There are still four missing glass eyes, another story whose clues seem to
point to the area where the buzzards are out in the yard and we need to have
a talk with Renee about her telling Nancy that she knew "nothing about any
skull, crystal or otherwise" when the letter that Iggy just brought out to you
clearly says that the skull was brought in for analysis by both Bruno and Miss
Amande! Let's go have a little talk with her!

*** Porch ***
When you talk to Renee, she will admit that she knew about the skull and, yes,
she had been looking for it herself. It had been her idea to have the skull
analyzed to see if it was authentic, because she was skeptical when Bruno told
her about it, but now she supposed that she should be grateful to Nancy and to
Iggy for showing her that it was nothing more than a pretty piece of quartz
and she wouldn't be looking for it anymore.

*** Buzzard statues - The Key to the Statues, the Statue's the Key ***
To solve this one you need to read the story in Bruno's book called, "The
Key to the Statues, the Statue's the Key". Go out to that area where the
four buzzard statues are to the right of the fountain - this is also where
Henry had Bruno's ashes buried.

The solution requires you to click on the heads of the four buzzard statues
which changes the configuration of the feathers on the head of the Master
Buzzard. The configuration needs to match the drawing in the story. When it
does, the Master Buzzard will drop a key that opens a compartment in the
bases of the four buzzards and each will hold a glass eye. You should now
have all twenty-five!

(See Spoiler BUZZARD STATUES if you need more help with this)

(If you are missing any of the glass eyes, see spoiler GLASS EYE CABINET IN
SECRET ROOM which lists each eye in its order in the cabinet and where it
can be found if you are missing it)

Let's go back inside and up to the secret room - before we do anything else
though, we need to call the number that was on that letter from the man who
did the analysis of the skull.

When Nancy asks him about the letter telling Bruno the skull was a fake, he
has a little surprise for her - that's not what he said in the letter that
he sent to Bruno... He told him that the skull was genuine! So, perhaps
Bruno's "murder" was unintentional! Reading that the skull he believed so
strongly in was a fake caused him to have the massive heart-attack that
killed him, but the letter he read was the actual fake!

Now let's go up to the secret room.

*** Secret Room - Plentiful Pirates and Nautical Nonsense ***
Open the cabinet for the glass eyes and all twenty-five will go into their
positions -

The clue of what to do with them now is in the story, "Plentiful Pirates and
Nautical Nonsense". Within the lines and words of the story are directions,
up, down, right, left, north, south, east and west. The numbers at the bottom
of the page tell you how many words you will find on that page and, also, to
which glass eyes in the cabinet they pertain - example: 1 - 5 on the first
page tells you that there are five direction words on that page, and they'll
pertain to the first row of five glass eyes. Click on each eye until its
direction is changed to that indicated in the story.

(See Spoiler PLENTIFUL PIRATES AND NAUTICAL NONSENSE if you need more help
with this)

When all have been changed - if done correctly - there should be the click of
another secret compartment opening - inside is a piece of paper that shows
the lightning rod from the top of the cemetery wall, the skeleton arm from the
shovel and the other object that is in this secret compartment assembled
together. Take that object - it looks like a large eye, and go back out to
Bruno's crypt.

*** Bruno's Crypt ***
Just past the buzzard statues there is a circular place on the ground with
Bruno's name and his date of birth and death around it. There is a small
hole in the middle of it with a circle around it and what looks like an X
through it. Take out the lightning rod and insert it into that hole, next
take out the skeleton arm and set it on top of the lightning rod, and then
put that large eye-shaped object into the hand of the skeleton arm - next,
sit back and watch what happens.

Nancy finds herself being lowered down into the crypt on a platform, and at
the other end, sitting on a pillar, is the object that she has been looking
for - the crystal skull - The Whisperer!

Go forward and pick up the skull - Oh, no! The crypt is closing! Nancy has no
way to get out and she'll be trapped!

A figure appears at the opening offering to help her out, but she needs to
toss up what she's holding so that her hands will be free, but, when she
does, the person gloats that after all their scheming, it was a nice Yankee
girl who handed over the prize, then watches as the crypt closes.

Don't panic - Nancy isn't out of the game yet. There is a panel in the wall
with picture tiles. There is not much light in the crypt, except for some
occasional flashes of lightning, so you have to use those to see the tiles,
then find and click on matching tiles.

For each correct match you should hear a chime and the two tiles will remain
turned over. When all matches have been made, the crypt will open, and the
platform will lift Nancy out again. (This one is random so I can't give you
a solution.)

There are footprints on the walkway for you to start following, then Nancy
will hear the sound of a boat starting up that tells you she needs to head
for the swamp.

When she gets there, she will confront the person who left her trapped in the
crypt, but how to stop them from getting away in the boat?

Bernie surfaces during the confrontation and should give you an idea of what
to do - at the first opportunity, click on the log and watch what happens.

Mystery solved - culprit caught!

**You might want to save the game right after you get out of the crypt because
you only get one quick chance to click on that log, and if you miss it, the
culprit gets away.

Game boards are set up as grids with letters at the top and numbers along the
side, and positions are given as intersecting coordinates like a map.

T = Thumper (used to move the marbles and the movable block)
M1 = Marble in position E8
M2 = Marble in position M3
MB = Movable Block


   A   B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O   P
 |---|   |----|----|----|----|----|         |----|----|----|----|----|----|---|
1|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |         |    |    |    |    |    |    |   |
 |---|---|----|----|----|----|----|         |----|----|----|----|----|----|---|
2|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |xxxx|xxxx|    |    |    |    |    |    |   |
3|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    | M2 |    |xxxx|   |
4|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |xxxx|    |    |    |   |
5|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |xxxx|    |xxxx|   |
6|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |xxxx|    |    |    |    |   |
7    |   |    |    |    |    |    |         |    |    |    |    |xxxx|
 |---|---|----|----|----|----|----|   UP    |---------|----|----|-xx-|--------|
8|   |   | MB |    | M1 |    |   LEFT    RIGHT        |    |    |    |    |
 |---|---|----|----|----|----|       DOWN             |----|----|----|----|---|
9| T |   |    |    |    |    |               RESET    |    |    |    |    |
 |---|   |----|----|----|----|                        |----|----|----|----|

Game Moves - moves are for the Thumper and are followed by the final position
of the object moved. Click on the direction arrows - up, right, left, or down -
the number of times indicated by the number next to each direction.

up-1 right-1 up-1 right-2 down-2 left-1 up-7  =  MB - C4
left-1 up-2 right-3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - E4
down-5 right-2 up-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  M1 - E5
left-1 up-5 right-3 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - G4
up-1 right-2 down 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - G5
left-1 down-2 right-3 . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - I5
up-1 left-3 down-1 right-1  . . . . . . . . . =  M1 - H5
down-1 right-4 up-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  M1 - H3
right-2 up-4 right-4 down-1 left-1. . . . . . =  M2 - I3
left-4 down-3 left-2 up-1 right-1 . . . . . . =  MB - J5
down-1 right-2 up-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - J4
left-1 up-2 right-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - K4
down-1 right-2 up-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - K3
left-1 up-2 right-5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - N3
up-1 right-2 down-5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - N6
right-2 down-2 left-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - L6
up-3 left-3 down-2 right-1 down-1 . . . . . . =  MB - L7
left-2 down-2 right-3 . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - M7
up-1 right-1 down-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - M8
left-1 down-2 right-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - N8
down-1 right-3 up-1 right-1 . . . . . . . . . =  You Win!

T = Thumper (used to move the marbles and the movable block)
M1 = Marble in position E8
M2 = Marble in position F7
M3 = Marble in position E4
M4 = Marble in position M3
MB = Movable Block


   A   B    C    D    E    F    G    H    I    J    K    L    M    N    O   P
 |---|   |----|----|----|----|xxxx|         |xxxx|----|----|----|----|----|---|
1|   |   |    |    |    |    | xx |         | xx |    |    |    |    |    |   |
 |---|---|----|----|----|----|----|         |----|----|----|----|----|----|---|
2|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |xxxx|xxxx|    |    |    |    |    |    |   |
3|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    | M4 |    |xxxx|   |
4|   |   |    |    | M3 |    |    |    |    |    |    |xxxx|    |    |    |   |
5|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |xxxx|    |xxxx|   |
6|   |   |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |    |xxxx|    |    |    |    |   |
7    |   |    |    |    | M2 |    |         |    |    |    |    |xxxx|
 |---|---|----|----|----|----|----|   UP    |---------|----|----|-xx-|--------|
8|   |   | MB |    | M1 |    |   LEFT    RIGHT        |    |    |    |    |
 |---|---|----|----|----|----|       DOWN             |----|----|----|----|---|
9| T |   |    |    |    |    |               RESET    |    |    |    |    |
 |---|   |----|----|----|----|                        |----|----|----|----|

Game Moves - moves are for the Thumper and are followed by the final position
of the object moved. Click on the direction arrows - up, right, left, or down -
the number of times indicated by the number next to each direction.

up-1 right-1 up-1 right-2 down-2 left-1 up-6  =  MB - C5
left-1 up-1 right-7 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - G5
left-1 down-4 right-1 up-1. . . . . . . . . . =  M1 - E5
up-3 right-2 down-1 left-1. . . . . . . . . . =  M2 - B7
left-1 down-1 left-4 up-1 . . . . . . . . . . =  M2 - B2
up-5 left-1 up-1 right-1. . . . . . . . . . . =  M2 - G2
right-2 down-4 right-3 up-1 right-3 . . . . . =  MB - I5
down-1 left-3 up-1 right-1. . . . . . . . . . =  M1 - H5
down-1 right-4 up-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  M1 - H3
right-1 up-1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - I4
left-1 up-2 right-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - J4
down-1 left-4 up-1 right-1. . . . . . . . . . =  M3 - I4
down-1 right-5 up-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  M3 - I3
right-2 up-3 right-3 down-1 left-1. . . . . . =  M4 - J3
left-3 down-2 left-2 up-1 right-1 . . . . . . =  MB - K4
right-1 up-1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  M4 - J2
down-1 right-1 up-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - K3
left-1 up-2 right-5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - N3
up-1 right-2 down-5 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - N6
right-2 down-2 left-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - L6
up-3 left-3 down-2 right-1 down-1 . . . . . . =  MB - L7
left-2 down-2 right-3 . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - M7
up-1 right-1 down-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - M8
left-1 down-2 right-1 . . . . . . . . . . . . =  MB - N8
down-1 right-3 up-1 right-1 . . . . . . . . . =  You Win!

The boxes where objects are - or can be moved - are not visible until you pick
something up. I have labeled each box with a letter and the first list - below,
shows what each one contains when you first see it. The second list is where
everything will be when the contraption has been set up correctly.

(Notice that the Fan and the Shrunken Head swap positions - so move one - it
doesn't matter which - to one of the Empty boxes, move the other to its now
empty, correct position, then move the other into its correct position.)

              |  A |    ____  ____   ________   ____     ____
              |____|   |  B ||  C | |    D   | |  E |   |  F |
               Ramp    |____||____| |________| |____|   |____|
          -------------------------------------------- --------------
          Shelf   ____    ________  ________    ____     Shelf
                 |  G |  |    H   ||    I   |  |  J |
                 |____|  |________||________|  |____|    Balloon
              ____   ________    ____  ____   Shelf
             |  L | |    M   |  |  N ||  O |             Helium
 ____  Scale |____| |________|  |____||____|             Gas
|  K |      ---------------------------------  Weight    Tank
|____|                  Piano Top              Scale

            A - Empty                A - Bowling Ball
            B - Record Player        B - Empty
            C - Hula Dancer          C - Empty
            D - Sailing Ship         D - Accordion
            E - Empty                E - Sneezing Powder
            F - Bowling Ball         F - Chatter Teeth
            G - Shrunken Head        G - Fan
            H - Empty                H - Sailing Ship
            I - Six Books            I - Empty
            J - Large Book           J - Empty
            K - Fan                  K - Shrunken Head
            L - Chatter Teeth        L - Large Book
            M - Accordion            M - Six Books
            N - Empty                N - Hula Dancer
            O - Empty                O - Record Player

If the contraption is set up correctly, when you click on the scale it should
set off the Helium Gas Tank and turn on the Record Player.

When you think you have the contraption set up correctly, click on the weight
scale for Bess to test it. If it's right, she will make a comment to that
effect and a cut-scene will follow where she calls Lamont over to "help" her.

As I said, the Hamlet reference is the clue to the letters that you need to
open the box -

           Hamlet 1 .  3 . 32
           Hamlet 8 .  3 .  6
           Hamlet 8 . 14 .  4
           Hamlet 1 . 12 .  X

The clue points to individual letters that are in the letter from Amelinda, but
it's not as straight forward as; 1st letter, 3rd letter, 32nd letter, etc.

What it actually means is take the 1st letter, count over three letters from
there and that is the 2nd letter, then count over 32 letters from the second
letter and that is the 3rd letter - as follows (the relevant letters have
asterisks on each side, and, as you can see, only the first two sentences
contain the letters that are needed).

     *L*a V*e*rgne was just wondrous this summer. We *b*oth
      stay*e*d i*n* the so*u*th of Fra*n*ce for only a few
     *d*ays *t**o* visit some ol*d* friends. Lorelei spent
      far too much time in the kitchen. Golden, braised pork
      shoulder roasts with turnips and roasted plums, and an
      entire quail wrapped in puff pastry... We brought only
      a simple chocolate cake from the street market. That
      was our dinner. She does things like that you see,
      always trying to show up the guests. That's how she
      is. I must be off to the post quickly before the fog
      rolls in. I'm expecting parcels. We hope that all is
      well. Keep in touch.

      Most Cordially

The correct letters are: L - E - B - E - N - U - N - D - T - O - D

Once you have found the letters from the clue, that's it. They are not an
anagram - you just have to click on the key pad letters in the same order
that you found them.

Some of these things can be done in a different order than listed here -

1  - Find the tracing on the floor of the great room and take a piece of
     charcoal from the fireplace

2  - Check out the roof of the Bolet Mausoleum in the miniature cemetery

3  - Go outside and check out the first fountain with the spider hole and
    the key at the bottom

4  - Go out to the actual Bolet Mausoleum and "look closely" at the areas on
     the front that appear to be just rough stone

     Front of Mausoleum
        -------             Door             -------
           4       -------        -------       1
                      3              2

5  - Go back to Renee and ask if she has some plain paper that you can use

6  - Get paper from her room and go back to mausoleum - "put" the paper on
     each of the rough areas and the charcoal will automatically move over
     the paper to make a rubbing of a picture in each of the four areas

     1 - Coffin  2 - Crossed Bones  3 - Bird  4 - Worm

7  - Go back to the miniature Bolet Mausoleum and change the pictures on the
     roof so that it appears like this -

                Bird    Crossed Bones

                Worm    Coffin

     The roof will open and you will find a key

8  - Go back out to the Bolet Mausoleum and use the key to get inside where
     you will find the missing portrait

9  - Find the book about the Crystal Skulls (in the box of books under Iggy),
     look through it and find the card with letters hand-printed on it -

                    T      B      F      M

                 L      H      A      P      U

10 - Put the portrait you found back in its frame and notice that in each of
     the portraits, someone is holding something

     This is the order that they first appear in -

     Girls -     Man & Woman -    Military Man -    Man & Woman -
     holding     holding          holding           holding
     Lollipop    Monkey           Hat               Umbrella

     Man -      Man -          Man -        Woman -      Woman -
     holding    holding        holding      holding      holding
     Axe        Toothbrush     Banana       Fan          Puppy

     Notice that the thing that each is holding begins with a letter that is
     on the card that you found - rearrange the pictures that the thing being
     held matches the order of the letters on the card -

     Man -           Man -           Woman -         Man & Woman -
     holding         holding         holding         holding
     Toothbrush      Banana          Fan             Monkey

     Girls -    Military Man -   Man -        Woman -      Man & Woman -
     holding    holding          holding      holding      holding
     Lollipop   Hat              Axe          Puppy        Umbrella

     When the pictures are rearranged, you should hear a click - turn and
     see that the wall to the left of the fireplace has opened

11 - Go up the stairs in the secret passage and find the locked door -
     "look closely" at the door knob and you will notice that the lines
     around it look a lot like the strings around the spider hole except
     these lines are dashed -

     The number of dashes in each line indicates the order that the strings
     around the spider hole should be plucked -

     Each string around the spider hole plays a different note -
     (As close as I can get to their positions around the hole)

                        G            High C

                        F            Middle C

     The order the strings should be plucked is -

                   D  -  A  -  E  -  B  -  High C  -  F  -  G  -  Middle C

     After you pluck the strings in this order, you will be able to get the
     key without fear of spider bite

12 - Use the key to get into the secret room

When you have first "picked up" the books, it will look something like this -
(I've added the numbers on the books to help show their positions in the box)

 __________________________  _____   ___          _______
|                          ||     | |   |   ___  |   |   |
|                          ||     | | 9 |  |   | |   |   |
|                          ||  8  | |   |  |   | |  12   |
|           BOX            ||     | |___|  | 11| |   |   |
|                          ||     |  __    |   | |   |   |
|                          ||_____| |  |   |   | |___|___|
|                          | __     |10|   |___|    _____
|__________________________||  |    |  |           |     |
                            | 7|    |  |           |     |
                            |__|    |__|           |     |
 ___________   ____________________   _________    | 13  |
|     1     | |_________3__________| |_________|   |     |
|___________|          ____________  |____6____|   |     |
 _______   _________  |______5_____| |_________|   |_____|
|___2___| |____4____| |____________|

They go back in the box like this -
(My "approximation" looks as though there are gaps left between some of the
books, but when you put them in the box, there should be no gaps or the books
won't fit)

                 _____  ______________  ___  _____  ____________
                |     ||_______4______||   ||     ||______2_____|
                |  8  ||  ||________| ||   ||     ||   ||   |   |
                |     ||10||____6___|7|| 9 ||     ||   ||   |   |
                |     ||  ||________|_||   || 13  ||   ||   |   |
                |     ||  ||_____5____||   ||     || 11||  12   |
                |     ||__||__________||___||     ||   ||   |   |
                |     ||         1         ||     ||   ||   |   |
                |_____||___________________||_____||   ||   |   |

As I said, we've already seen the two in the yard - the other three are in
these locations, but watch out when you get the one in the swamp. It's on a
log that will dip down into the water when you click on the mushroom, but
that's not the problem - the problem is Bernie, so don't click on that log
a second time or Nancy will become the main course in Bernie's lunch!

|                                                                             |
|     _____________________ Sorrow                                            |
|    |                      Park                             ___ Terra        |
|    |       Bolet                      Slumber       __    |    Siesta       |
|    |       Mausoleum                  Gardens      |  |   |                 |
|    |_________|_______________            |         |  |___|                 |
|              |               |           |_________|   _|_                  |
|              |               |        ________________|   |________         |
|             /             ___|___    |                             |        |
|____________/             |       |   |                             |        |
 Entrance to          _____| TREE  |___|                             |        |
 Meadow - GO         /     |_______|                                 |        |
|\ THROUGH HERE  ___/          |                  Crowing            |        |
| \             |              |                / Crypts            /         |
|  \         Writhing          |               |                   /
|   \        Roots             |               |                  |   ____HERE
|    \       Memorial       ___|___            |                  |  /  \ Swamp
|     \_____               |       |           |     _______      |_/    \
|           |       HERE __|       |___________|____/       \_____________\   |
|           |              |_______|           |                              |
|          /               Fountain            |                              |
|    Seeping                   |               |                              |
|    Meadow                    |               |_______ Forty Winks           |
|                              |                        Memorial              |
|                              |                                              |
|                              |                                              |
|___________________________ Gate ____________________________________________|

As I said above, on the right side of the screen at the top you will see the
skeleton hand and below it a circle that looks something like this -

                              W Move E

The letters you got from Charlie's mausoleum were -

W - N - E - S - W - N - W - S - E - N - E - N - E - S - W

The first letter is W, so click on the W on the circle and the skeleton hand
will hold up 4 fingers indicating that you make four moves in that direction.
Click on the "Move" button in the center of the circle four times.

When you have made the number of moves indicated each time, the skeleton hand
will still have one or more fingers up, but this does not mean that you need
to make more moves in that same direction and it is not the number of moves
for the next direction. Click on the next letter - N - and the skeleton will
hold up the number of fingers to indicate the moves in that direction.

The following are all of the directions and the number of moves you will have
to make for each -

                  W-4  N-2  E-1  S-3  W-2  N-2  W-3  S-3
                  E-1  N-2  E-1  N-3  E-4  S-5  W-2

I will write out the pertinent clues followed by direction to turn the clock
hand and the number to stop on - "Click Eye" refers to the circle above the
clock face.

***** PART 1 *****
Midday                      -         -  12  -  Click Eye
Three hours have past       -  Right  -   3  -  Click Eye
Move ahead two hours more   -  Right  -   5  -  Click Eye
Nine hours before           -  Left   -   8  -  Click Eye
Six hours before then       -  Left   -   2  -  Click Eye
Moved ahead nine            -  Right  -  11  -  Click Eye

***** PART 2 *****
High noon                   -         -  12  -  Click Eye
Five hours ago              -  Left   -   7  -  Click Eye
Be gone in three            -  Right  -  10  -  Click Eye
Five hours til              -  Right  -   3  -  Click Eye
Two hours from now          -  Left   -   2  -  Click Eye
An hour later               -  Left   -   1  -  Click Eye

*NOTE: The last two directions may be confusing to some because the clues say
"Two hours from now" and "An hour later", but the last number you stopped on
was the time that the horse would be ready if the blacksmith took the full
five hours and the actual time is "High noon", so it's two hours from 12 and
one hour from 12 that the last two clues are referring to.

***** PART 3 *****
Midnight                    -         -  12  -  Click Eye
Four hours before           -  Left   -   8  -  Click Eye
In a mere two hours         -  Right  -  10  -  Click Eye
Six hours after             -  Right  -   4  -  Click Eye
After the usual five hours  -  Right  -   9  -  Click Eye
Two hours later             -  Right  -  11  -  Click Eye

If you enter the following numbers, clicking the eye after each as before,
you will get an Easter Egg - direction doesn't matter for this one.

                       12 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 4 - 1

The chest has four small circles - one at each corner - with designs in them,
and a large circle in the middle with 18 buttons around it (below is as close
an approximation as I can get to the circle of buttons showing the way that I
have numbered them) -

                              18       2
                           17            3
                         16                4
                        15                  5
                        14                  6
                         13                7
                           12            8
                              11       9

The object is to click on the buttons and form the design that is in each of
the outer circles - but you can only click on four of the buttons for each of
them. When you have the correct match for each design, the small circle will
turn over to a blank side.

The buttons to click for the design in the upper left corner are -
                         1 - 4 - 7 - 15

The buttons to click for the design in the upper right corner are -
                         5 - 8 - 10 - 12

The buttons to click for the design in the lower left corner are -
                         2 - 9 - 16 - 17

The buttons to click for the design in the lower right corner are -
                         11 - 13 - 14 - 18

Clue 1.  The last denizen buried on my guard,
         Will start you a-hunting through the graveyard,
         What's written on the headstone will lead you to another,
         And so on and so forth til tiny treasure you discover.

         Name: Tammy Tassleman      Buried: Terra Siesta

Clue 2.  Couldn't sleep without a peep,
         So when she died we buried her deep

         Name: Constance Norring    Buried: Crowing Crypts

Clue 3.  Never early, never late

         Name: Justin Thyme         Buried: Sorrow Park

Clue 4.  All dressed up with nowhere to go

         Name: Manny Kinn           Buried: Writhing Roots

Clue 5.  Died in debt

         Name: Owen Moore           Buried: Sorrow Park

Clue 6.  A stand up person

         Name: Neil Down            Buried: Crowing Crypts

Clue 7.  All that's left of me are these old bones

         Name: Myra Maines          Buried: Terra Siesta

Clue 8.  Bloomed too late, pruned too early

         Name: Rose Winterspring    Buried: Slumber Gardens

Clue 9.  She would have given you the shirt off her back

         Name: Polly Ester Givens   Buried: Forty Winks

Clue 10. No verse - click on the name

         You will find a piece of paper with the following
         clue for the next name. This one requires a call to
         Bess and another trip into Zeke's back room.

Clue 11. Same as the name of my dog at 10,
         Moved from his grave and buried again

         Name: Derek Grant          Buried: Writhing Roots

*NOTE - even with the answers, you will still have to go out to each location
in the cemetery to get clues added to the paper that you have to fill in to
complete the hunt.

This is the dental chart (or as close an approximation as I can make) -
I used "o" to indicate the teeth and put in numbers to indicate the locations
of the teeth mentioned - another thing to remember is that you are looking at
the chart as though you're looking into someone else's mouth - in other words,
upper and lower will be the same, but right and left are reversed. I've drawn
a line down the middle of each to separate the two sides.

Primary (Baby) Teeth -


                           o   |   o
                          o    |    o
                          o    |    o
                          1    |    o
                RIGHT          |          LEFT
                          o    |    o
                          o    |    o
                          o    |    o
                           o   |   4

Permanent (Adult) Teeth -


                             o o o|o o o
                           o      |     2
                          o       |      o
                         o        |       o
                         o        |       o
                         o        |       o
                RIGHT             |          LEFT
                         o        |       4
                         o        |       o
                         o        |       o
                          o       |      o
                           o      |     o
                             1 o o|o o 3


(The books representing the baby teeth are the two bottom shelves, pull
on the four books in the order indicated and the scene should automatically
reverse out of close up view, move back in and pull on the four books in
the two rows representing the adult teeth and you will open up a secret

  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
 |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |   |   |   | 2 |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
 |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|

  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___    ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
 |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   | 1 |   |   |  |   |   | 3 |   |   |   |   | 4 |
 |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |  |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |   |
 |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|  |___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|

  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___                            ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
 |   |   |   |   |   |  M                    M  |   |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |  O                    O  |   |   |   |   |   |
 | 1 |   |   |   | 2 |  L                    L  | 3 |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |  A                    A  |   |   |   |   |   |
 |___|___|___|___|___|  R                    R  |___|___|___|___|___|

  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___                            ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
 |   |   |   |   |   |  M                    M  |   |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |  O                    O  |   |   |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |  L                    L  |   | 4 |   |   |   |
 |   |   |   |   |   |  A                    A  |   |   |   |   |   |
 |___|___|___|___|___|  R                    R  |___|___|___|___|___|

To get the combination -

Take the powder compact out of Bess's inventory and click on the side of the
alarm box - not on the keys.

The theory is as we touch multiple things with the same finger, there is less
and less moisture left behind, so that more powder will adhere to the first
button touched, less to the second, even less to the third and so on with the
least adhering to the last button - so using that theory, you should see that
the order the buttons were touched is:

                            2 - 8 - 9 - 0 - 5

Numbering the statues like this (when you are facing them) -

                              2     3
                          1             4

the order to click on them is: 3 - 3 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 4

This is the story from Bruno's book with the pertinent letters capitalized and
*'s at beginning and end of each word. I have also broken the story down by
sentences to make it easier to see the words that need to be picked out -
NOTE: There is one instance where the first letter of the word is in one
sentence and the rest of the word is in the next. For those who are totally
lost and need more assistance, the solution follows below.

Stealthily stalking them, famished and anxiou*S, OUT H*unting *WEST* waters,
he was cantankerou*S.

OUT H*ere were the s*EA-ST*ricken pirates aplenty.

A week's worth of looting *LEFT* their large stomachs empty.

"*DOWN* to the port, we'll plunder some dinner!"

But the truth is that these pirates could have been thinner.

Their villainous vessel was bogged *DOWN* by booty.

They would drop off the treasure, and away they'd be scooting.

They would foul *UP* the village and make a great mess, *DOWN* to the
mangroves, they'd surely digress.

"Ahhh it's a b*EAST*ie! swim for your lives!" the calm s*EA'S T*reachery
*LEFT* a surprise.

A long-legged b*EAST*ie whose eyes were aglow, had spotted some treasure in
the hold *DOWN* below.

And his curious nature could not let it go.

So he tore *DOWN* the hull, and alarmed were the pirates, he started to break
*DOWN* the structures inside it.

His nautical naughtiness knocked *DOWN* the ship.

Those petrified pirates were muddled and miffed.

So they fired their guns at this grand octopus.

At one leg, at two legs, at *LEFT* legs, then six!

But the creature continued with two other arms.

The *NORTH**WEST*ern water whaled in with alarm.

The pirates abandoned this nautical nonsense, and swam *RIGHT* to shore
with their rather large haunches.

But gaggles of gunmen got *LEFT* getting gobbled.

The creature was angry. In it's own ink it bobbled.

So *DOWN* dove the octopus, *RIGHT* to his den.

He spit out their bones and fashioned a fence.

And each treasure of course, he had not *LEFT* behind.

He'd befriended these baubles in very short time.

And long lived this octopus, hidden away, but his fate fell quite quickly
on one fateful day.

SOLUTION: The numbers indicate the position of the eyes in the cabinet -
numbered 1 through 25, left to right, top to bottom.

The directions are -
Up    - Down  - Right - Left
North - South - East  - West
(Up and North are the same, Down and South are the same, Right and East are
the same, Left and West are the same - and right and left are "your" right
and left)

  1 - 5: South - West - South - East - Left

  6 - 7: Down - Down

 8 - 12: Up - Down - East - East - Left

13 - 16: East - Down - Down - Down

17 - 20: Down - Left - North - West

21 - 22: Right - Left

23 - 25: Down - Right - Left

There are 25 glass eyes that you have to find.

The cabinet has five rows and five columns -

                              1   2   3   4   5
                              6   7   8   9   10
                              11  12  13  14  15
                              16  17  18  19  20
                              21  22  23  24  25

Locations of glass eyes by their position in the cabinet -

Position 1 - this one comes from the grandfather clock and you get it when
you use the clues from the second part of the story in Bruno's book called
"Time Will Tell".

Position 2 - this one comes from the grandfather clock and you get it when
you use the clues from the first part of the story in Bruno's book called
"Time Will Tell".

Position 3 - this one comes from the grandfather clock and you get it when
you use the clues from the third part of the story in Bruno's book called
"Time Will Tell".

Position 4 - this one is in the Spider Hole in the fountain (where you got
the key to the secret room).

SPOILER: The notes are -
Middle C - Middle C - Middle C - D - E - E - E - D -
Middle C - D - E - Middle C

Position 5 - in the great room marble game in the table on the right side of
the room. You have to beat the game to get the glass eye.

Position 6 - for this one you have to enter the Hoodoo sounds associated with
the symbols Renee has drawn on her wall -

SPOILER: The sounds are BAH ZAH LOO PAH DEE MOO KAH using the buttons on the
box the puppet is holding and then press the talk button. The puppet will
repeat those sounds and the glass eye will pop out of his head (there are
two other things in the cavity behind where the eye was that you will need.

Position 7 - in library on the desk where Henry is working. It's on a chain
that you have to get from Henry even though he doesn't want to give it to you.

Position 8 - this one is in the library in a locked book. The clue to this one
is in Bruno's book in the story, "A Librarian's Tale".

SPOILER: It will be necessary to look through the card catalog and note the
numbers from all of the books that have "Eye" in their title (there are six
of them) then add up all those numbers - the sum is the combination for the
book (the combination is 1540).

Position 9 - this one is in the library - you have to pull on the correct set
of books on the four shelves where the books just tilt out like levers. The
clue for this one is in Bruno's book in the story "History of Quincy Booker's

Position 10 - to spot the location of this one you have to look through the
peephole in the secret passage and click on the "+" next to it to zoom in on
the book "Eye of the Beholder". Then you can go into the library and up to
the bookshelf on the right side of the door that goes outside to get the
glass eye out of the book.

Position 11 - in the library to left of the corner where Henry is sitting -
one of the Miniature Modeler Trophies makes a sound when you pick it up. Take
off the lid and find a glass eye.

Position 12 - in the great room in the miniature cemetery model. Pick up the
largest of the buildings in the Forty Winks Mausoleum and open its door to
find the glass eye.

Position 13 - one of the things you get from the puppet besides his glass eye
is a token. Take it over to the gumball machine on the table on the other side
of the room and put it in the coin slot then turn the handle.

Position 14 - the bowling game in the secret room - to get the glass eye, you
have to turn all the blocks (three rows of three) to eyes to win the prize.

Position 15 - in the secret room there is a pendulum game on Bruno's desk.

Position 16 - this one you can't get until you complete the Cemetery Scavenger
Hunt and will require the assistance of Iggy, the iguana (dressed up in his
pirate costume - which is why you have to complete the scavenger hunt first -
part of his costume is missing and you will find it at the end of your hunt),
and Bess.

SPOILER: The code for the alarm is 2 - 8 - 9 - 0 - 5

Position 17 - this one is already in the cabinet.

Position 18 - this one also requires the assistance of Iggy - this time dress
him up in his optometrist costume.

Position 19 - in the small, dark bedroom that is the first door you come to
when you go up the stairs. Go to the table by the bed and open the drawer to
get the glass eye.

Position 20 - clue to this one is in Bruno's book, "The Key to the Statues,
the Statue's the Key".

Position 21 - clue to this one is in Bruno's book, "The Key to the Statues,
the Statue's the Key".

Position 22 - clue to this one is in Bruno's book, "The Key to the Statues,
the Statue's the Key".

Position 23 - clue to this one is in Bruno's book, "The Key to the Statues,
the Statue's the Key".

Position 24 - this one is the reward for your cemetery scavenger hunt that the
note inside the puppet's head starts you off on and will require a call to
Bess to get the answer to the final clue.

Position 25 - for this one, you will need to read the story from Bruno's book,
"Steps in the Right Direction", and you will need to find some mushrooms for
Renee so that you can use the shovel with the skeleton-arm handle.

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