Review by mark24173

Reviewed: 05/27/11

Promising but not perfect; worth a play

It seems Gamefaqs doesn't like Ipod users; I couldn't find a way to review the ipod version which is what I played. Maybe we don't count. Whatever.

Anyway, Mirror's Edge is an interesting idea with moments of very impressive gameplay, which are sometimes off-balanced by moments of very unimpressive gameplay. The impressive moments win out, though.

On the ipod, all the action is done with the (invisible) control pad. Swiping left and right makes Faith run, swiping up makes her jump and climb, and down makes her slide and do various other tricks.

The main part of the gameplay - the running - is very nicely implemented. It does take time to get used to the fact that you don't always need to control Faith as she runs automatically once you start her off and gains speed even if you don't touch the controller. This is actually a positive, as it leaves you free to do the other stuff.

The control system for the running and jumping is very good, intuitive (after a bit of practice) and fun. When you're in an area with no enemies and where the emphasis is on moving around, the game can provide some really involving and fun moments which really flow. Ironically, this sense of flow is also the cause of the game's weakness in this area: once you come to a jarring stop because you got a command wrong, it really breaks up the rhythm of the game. Obviously, the more you practice this, the better you'll get at it and the less time you'll hopefully spend standing still.

The combat side of the game isn't bad, but it's not up to the running part. You can get past enemies by jump-kicking them, sliding into them or disarming them (or just running straight past them but you'll get shot doing so). By and large it's not too hard to do this, but again when the game's rhythm gets broken you're a sitting duck and will be blasted away in seconds.

Climbing is another part of the game, and it's the least successful part because it leads to too many of these "stopped" moments I mentioned earlier. It's the one section of the game where it makes demands on the controller which the controller can't always pull off. Nearly all of the most annoying and frustrating moments I've encountered in the game have been when climbing.

I can see the game becoming more and more fun to play as you memorise the layouts and get better with the controls, and for this reason Mirror's Edge is definitely worth a shot. For the Ipod it's cheap as dirt anyway, so you won't lose much if it's not to your taste.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Mirror's Edge (JP, 01/22/09)

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