Review by sarthaksharma

Reviewed: 05/06/09

A unique game that everyone should play!

Mirror's Edge is a must play for anyone who is interested in video games. In this review I am going to discuss the following aspects of Mirror's Edge: graphics, sound design and gameplay.

Graphics: First of all, the engine is very optimized and has no problems running at max settings, the game also supports anti aliasing, however you better have a latest GPU if you want it to run at 60 FPS with AA. Overall, the game is very pretty, has very good artistic direction and runs great! Additionally, like all Dice games, this game has awesome animations!! From sliding to kicking open doors, wall jumping, everything is animated very well. In terms of overall graphical fidelity, ME is no Crysis or Chronicles of Riddick (AoDA) but I think it will continue to impress even 5 years from now due to its art.

Sound: Great sound design, very crisp audio and the main theme is one of the best I have heard!
The full game comes with the OST (which is great) so you can enjoy it when you are not playing the game :-D. The overall sound design isn't as punchy as Dice's Battlefield Bad Company (which was also released last year) however it still manages to sound great. Dice, in my opinion is has a great audio department, most of their games sound great (Battlefield 2, Battlefield 1942, Bad Company and others)

Gameplay: ME isn't a first person shooter! You will have an option to beat up police offers and steal their guns however it just isn't very fulfilling! You will want to beat the game using melee attacks, all of which look great! At its core ME feels like a racing game! You are a runner and your job is to run across the levels and accomplish your goal (don't worry there is a great variety it terms of mission design; you won't be doing the same thing over and over) Missions all take place in a very clean and futuristic city and you will find yourself running across: malls, office buildings, roof tops, shipping yards, sewers and other areas.

Overall, ME is a very unique game that must be experienced by everyone! There simply isn't anything like this out there. Don't watch videos of the game, experience it yourself. Trust me, its more exhilarating when you play it compared to watching you tube videos. Overall score 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mirror's Edge (US, 01/12/09)

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