Review by dimomarg

Reviewed: 02/24/09

Finally, something new

This game is not a first person shooter nor a platformer, it is a combination of both, which is a nice touch to a game that you not only kill bad guys, but you also get to run, jump and many more in the dystopian future this game is set in. You play as Faith, a runner who just can’t accept the surveillance and monitoring of the city

At a no name city at the near future, security meters that include information monitoring and surveillance are imposed. The citizens used to protest to them but now, nobody cares. or almost nobody. A small group of people called the Runners, which consist of Faith, Celeste and Merc deliver sensitive information and packages to former protesters. Then, Faith’s sister, Kate is framed for a murder that soon, the Runners realize that it is part of something much bigger...

Unlike FPS’s this game focuses on getting from point A to point B using roofs, construction sites and the city’s underground shafts in the most impressive way, stunting your way out, which strangely, looks realistic even though you get to do jumps that no human can do. And of course you are not alone. The name of your company is “Police”. There are times that you feel that the cops predict your next movement and that there is no place safe. On the other side, you feel that their aim is completely inaccurate and that they shoot like they never had a gun before, which balances the cop AI. But it is still quite realistic.

Game Time
It takes around 14 hours to complete the main story but it’s not everything. Hard Core gamers can try hunting for Runner bags, while the competitive ones may try for a high place in the leaderboards.

Not what I would call realistic, since the buildings look like they made of the same material apple used to make the iPods but it fits the game atmosphere. I liked the use of strong color and white since it fits the utopia-dystopia of the city. Nice visual effects like speed blur at the edges to indicate speed and red vignetting when you are getting shot at are used are a nice addition to the general atmosphere of the game.

The music is mostly pop and trance with a small amount of rock. It has just the right volume to get you in to the game while not noticing it. And then there are the sound effects. Gun shots are just a bit too silent while Faith’s breathing is way too loud.

Final recommendation
A very nice and innovative game that with some little changes could achieve perfection. A must buy if you are a FPS or Platformer fan that is looking for something new. I give it a 9/10 since it could get better.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Mirror's Edge (EU, 01/16/09)

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