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FAQ/Walkthrough by kenmorebrian

Version: 2.3 | Updated: 05/21/08

IRON MAN videogame FAQ and Walkthrough
by Brian DiMattia
XBOX LIVE Tag: kenmorebrian

*****This FAQ is based on the XBOX 360 version of this game.*****

*****Version History:
Version 1.0.....05/02/2008
Saw the movie, went to Blockbuster, rented the game.  Began a FAQ 
specific to Armor Upgrade Choices.

Version 1.1.....05/05/2008
Updated FAQ, included Copyrights and other details.

Version 2.1.....05/14/2008
GameFAQs didn't think the first FAQ was complete enough...so transitioned to 
a full Walkthrough FAQ.  Added walkthrough, achievements, etc.

Version 2.2.....05/19/2008
Made several grammer/spelling corrections, updated armor section details, 
added contact info, and changed top-line title to reflect updated content. 
Added "One Man Army" section.

Version 2.3.....05/21/2008
Made more corrections, and added additional information/advice for dealing 
with harder difficulty missions.  Added breakdown of different level 

*****Table of Contents



-Mark III (Movie) Armor			[ARM02]
---Mark III Core Systems		[M3CS]
---Mark III Repulsors			[M3RE]
---Mark III Power Systems		[M3PS]
---Mark III Auxiliary Weapons		[M3AW]
---Mark III Mobility Enhancements	[M3ME]
-Upgrading Strategy			[ARMUP]

-Unlockable Armor Types			[ARM03]
---Classic				[Clas]
---Extremis				[Extr]
---Mark II (Movie)			[M2Mov]
---Hulkbuster				[HBust]
---Silver Centurion			[SilCent]
---Classic Mark I (Comics)		[ClasMI]

-Level 1 Escape				[WALK01]
-Level 2 First Flight			[WALK02]
-Level 3 Stark Weapons			[WALK03]
-Level 4 Maggia Factories		[WALK04]
-Level 5 Maggia Compound		[WALK05]
-Level 6 Flying Fortress		[WALK06]
-Level 7 Arctic Battle	 		[WALK07]
-Level 8 Lost Destroyer			[WALK08]
-Level 9 On Defense			[WALK09]
-Level 10 Save Pepper			[WALK10]
-Level 11 Island Attack 		[WALK11]
-Level 12 Space Tether			[WALK12]
-Level 13 Iron Monger			[WALK13]




*****Introduction 				[Int01]
This FAQ is intended as a playing guide to the missions in the Iron Man game. 
You alone know your playing style best and which ways to go about each 
choice, but here are some details and tips which may be of help.

I've included a guide to Game play, Armor Types (including how each is 
unlocked), Upgrades, a Mission Walkthrough, and (since I played this on XBOX 
360), an Achievements Guide.  The Mission Walkthroughs include all the 
objectives you can aim for to earn upgrade cash and any loadout suggestions 
(since this did originate as an armor specific FAQ).

One quick disclaimer: While I like the characters of Iron Man/Tony Stark very 
much, making this guide is not intended as any sort of endorsement of one 
side over the other in the Civil War...or of the Superpower Registration Act. 
In fact, I'd personally say that if you find yourself on the other side of a 
conflict from Spider-Man, you're automatically in the wrong.  And now that 
the fanboy geekout is over...on with the guide.

*****Game Play and Difficulty			[GP01]
There are three types of engagements in this game: Story Missions, Mission 
Replays, and One Man Army.  At the end of each Story Mission you'll unlock the 
next one, plus unlock the previous one for replay.  

When you replay a mission, you do so with any armor upgrades you've achieved. 
The selector screen indicates how much money you've earned with each mission, 
and what the maximum is you can still earn by accomplishing other objectives.

One Man Army unlocks after certain missions.  It will let you play those maps 
again against the same enemies with only one requirement...that you kill 80 
enemies within 10 minutes.  Doing this, will unlock a different kind of armor 
that you can use in One Man Army missions, or that you can use in Mission 
Replays or Story Mode once you've finished the game the first time. 

A quick note on difficulty levels.  Going from Easy to Normal to Formidable 
level isn't all that different in terms of what happens in the game.  The 
enemies aren't too much tougher, although the boss characters are.  The 
biggest difference that I've noticed, is in spawn rate.  At higher 
difficulties, enemies spawn much faster and in greater numbers than they do 
otherwise, which usually means more fighters, and sometimes more flying suits. 
Just keep an eye on the radar and get used to switching between going after 
objectives and clearing out standard enemies.

*****Armor Types				[ARM01]

---The Mark III Armor 				[ARM02]
(Acquired after First Flight Mission)
This is the basic armor you'll have to use in all but the first two missions. 
Using it unlocks "One Man Army" missions, which let you unlock specialty 
armors, which you can, in turn, use in later missions. But you'll have to beat 
the game once to use them for the replays, so you might as well just get used 
to it, and focus on upgrading it.  Basically, you can earn enough cash in each 
mission to unlock one upgrade level...depending on how well you do.  But you 
can go back later with some upgrades to get more cash from old missions to 
earn even better upgrades.  So keep working at it. 

$$$ indicates a recommended option at each upgrade level.

1. Core Systems:				[M3CS]
Each core system has a 1-4 rating in Penetration Resistance, Blast Resistance 
and Melee, and each has a special feature or counter-measure starting at 
level 2.

Level/Option	PR	BR	Mel.	Special
1/Mark III	1	1	1	None

Level 2 Unlocks after "First Flight"
2/Improved	3	1	1	Anti-Missile Chaff
2/Striker$$$	2	2	2	Energy Shield

Level 3 Unlocks after "Flying Fortress"
3/Advanced	4	2	4	Anti-Missile Chaff
3/Adv. Stri.$$$	3	3	4	Energy Shield
3/Specter	2	4	4	Stealth

2. Repulsors: 					[M3RE]
Each level of repulsor technology has a 1-4 rating in Damage, Rate of Fire, 
Blast Radius and Precision.

Level/Option	Dm.	RF	BR	Pres.
1/Core		1	2	1	1

Level 2 Unlocks after "Maggia Factories"
2/Ion		2	2	2	2
2/Meson	$$$	3	1	3	1
2/Gatling	1	3	1	3

Level 3 Unlocks after "Lost Destroyer"
3/Adv. Ion $$$		3	2	3	3
3/Meson Cannon		4	1	4	2
3/Multi Phase Gatling	2	4	1	4

3. Power Systems:				[M3PS]
Each level of Power System Technology has a rating of 1-4 in Capacity, 
Efficiency and Unibeam Power, and has a special effect starting with level 2.

Level/Option	Cap.	Eff. 	Uni.	Special
1/Primary 	1	1	1	None

Level 2 unlocks after "Stark Weapons."
2/Micro Fusion	2	2	2	Rapid Unibeam
2/Conv. Aug.$$$	2	2	2	Convert Damage To Energy

Level 3 unlocks after "Arctic Battle"
3/Plasma	4	4	4	Rapid Unibeam
3/H.E.C.Aug.$$$	4	4	4	Convert Damage To Energy

4. Auxiliary Weapons:				[M3AW]
Each kind of Auxiliary Weapon has a rating of 1-4 in Damage, Rate of Fire 
and Precision.  Guided ones lock on and track, where as Unguided ones don't.

Level/Weapon		Dm.	RF	Pres.	Special
1/Micro-Grenades	2	1	1	Unguided Grenades

Level 2 Unlocks after "Maggia Compound"
2/Aegaeon Micro-Gren.	3	3	2	Unguided Grenades
2/Vespio Missiles	4	2	2	Guided Missiles

Level 3 Unlocks after "On Defense"
3/Gyges Micro-Gren.	4	4	2	Unguided Grenades
3/Adv. Vespid (?) Miss.	3	3	4	Guided Missiles

5. Mobility Enhancements:			[M3ME]
Each level of Mobility Enhancement has a rating of 1-4 in Top Speed, Flight 
Agility, Dodge Speed and Ramming Ability.  You seem to have a choice at each 
level of upgrade between pure speed, slower but more maneuverable, and 
balanced flight.  I prefer the balance, because you benefit across the board 
without major handicaps.

Level/Option	TS	FA	DS	Ram.
1/Core		1	1	1	1

Level 2 unlocks after "First Flight"
2/Advanced $$$	2	2	2	2
2/Pulse		3	1	1	3
2/Agility	1	3	3	1

Level 3 unlocks after "Arctic Battle"
3/Requd	$$$	3	3	3	3
3/Celeitas	4	2	2	4
3/Agilitas	2	4	4	2

---Upgrading Strategy				[ARMUP]
Which upgrades you purchase will depend on your play style, but there are a 
few things to focus on.  For example, I'd hold off on upgrading at first and 
put money into power systems first, since it will help with all other systems, 
including your UniBeam at the same time.  The first upgrade you'll unlock is 
core systems, and I'd upgrade that one last, since learning to be mobile in 
battle is way better for surviving later missions. Other choices are dependent 
on which missions you're working on.  For example, improved thrusters were a 
big help with getting the Timing and Hero awards for the Maggia missions, 
going after targets all over the map quickly.  And if you upgrade Power for 
the UniBeam and upgrade Repulsors, then Auxiliary Weapons aren't as necessary.

---Unlockable Armor Types			[ARM03]

1. Classic					[Clas]
Unlocked by beating the "One Man Army vs. Mercs" level.
This is the classic suit Iron Man wore with minor style changes for decades, 
Red Torso, Gold Arms and Legs, Repulsor Beams.

Armor			4
Repulsors 		5
Power Systems		2
Auxiliary Weapons	2
Mobility		2
Countermeasure		Stealth

2. Extremis					[Extr]
Unlocked by beating the "One Man Army vs. Maggia" level.
The design of the recent/Mid to Late 2000s suit used in the comic books.

Armor			3
Repulsors 		3
Power Systems		2
Auxiliary Weapons	3
Mobility		4
Countermeasure		Stealth

3. Mark II (Movie)				[M2Mov]
Unlocked by beating the "One Man Army vs. Ten Rings" level.  This is the 
all silver prototype armor worn in Mission Level 2 "First Flight" and in the 
movie for the flight tests.  I specify Mark II (Movie), because this is not 
the all-gold Mark II used in the comic books back at the beginning of the 

Armor			2
Repulsors 		2
Power Systems		4
Auxiliary Weapons	2
Mobility		5
Countermeasure		Chaff (Flares)

4. Hulkbuster					[HBust]
Unlocked by beating the "One Man Army vs. AIM-X" level.  Slow but strong. 

Armor			5
Repulsors 		4
Power Systems		2
Auxiliary Weapons	3
Mobility		1
Countermeasure		Energy Shield

5. Silver Centurion				[SilCent]
*****ONLY AVAILABLE IN XBOX 360 VERSION OF GAME.  PS3 Users get the suit used 
currently in Marvel's "The Ultimates."  You know, the one with the big head 
that looked really cool the first time you saw it and now looks kinda dumb*****

Unlocked by beating the game.  This is the Red and Silver suit used in 
Armor Wars and to beat Iron Monger in the Comic Books of the 1980s.

Armor			2
Repulsors 		4
Power Systems		3
Auxiliary Weapons	4
Mobility		2
Countermeasure		Stealth

6. Classic Mark I (Comics)			[ClasMI]
Unlocked by beating the "One Man Army vs. AIM" level.  This is the armor that 
started it all (in the comics, not the movie), built in a prison in Vietnam. 
You can't unlock the Mark I (Movie) suit, even though it's in the game for 
the first level.

Armor			4
Repulsors 		4
Power Systems		2
Auxiliary Weapons	4
Mobility		1
Countermeasure		Energy Shield

*****Walkthrough				[WALK00]

Each level has specific conditions to complete it.  They are usually marked 
in orange on your radar, while other, nuisance enemies are in blue. Missiles 
launched at you are in red.  Sometimes there are important things that are 
separate from the actual primary target...like the drones in "First Flight." 
These are marked in Yellow, which also indicate targets towards "Hero 

Each level also has specific milestone objectives.  One is a time limit to 
complete the mission in, one is a minimum number of enemies destroyed (which 
includes both orange and blue enemies, but not the targets like fuel trucks 
which are necessary but non-threatening).  There is also a "Hero Objective," 
which is often tied into a Gamerscore achievement, for each level.  You'll 
earn a certain amount of money per level beaten, plus bonus cash for each 
objective (or partial objective) you reach.  I'll go into the details with 
each level description, but first here is some basic strategy for maximizing 
your objective accomplishments.

It's very difficult to get all objectives in the same level attempt, 
especially before you get upgrades. So don't worry about it.  You can get a 
few of them, then go back later for more.  Primarily, I'd focus more the first 
time through on getting the minimum number of enemies and "Hero" objective, 
because that means you'll have to hit all the nooks and crannies of a map.  
Then use what you've learned later to ignore all the unnecessary stuff and get 
the Time objective.  Plus, you'll realize that certain upgrade loadouts and 
certain tactics are better suited to different goals in the same mission.  

For example, going after time objectives means concentrate on the orange 
target enemies and ignore all but the most dangerous of the blues.  That will 
finish your objectives without wasting time. Also, with the minimum enemies 
goal, you may not always have enough enemies at first glance.  If there are 
troop transports, like in level two, let them unload before attacking them. 
Then you'll get credit for killing the troops as well as the vehicles (and 
on a nostalgic note, the scream of a Maggia rocket trooper get blasted by 
your repulsors sounds like the same .wav they used in the original Command and 
Conquer for ground troops getting run over by tanks).  Or, if there's a spot 
with a steady stream of respawning enemies, like the helicopters in level one, 
just let them come and rack up some kills before proceeding with the mission 

---Level 1 Escape				[WALK01]

*Description: Using the Movie Mark I suit (the only time you use it), you 
must escape the camp of the Ten Rings and defeat your captor's tank.  

*Time Objective: 5:45
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 90
*Hero Objective: Destroy the piles of Stark Weapons.

This is the first of two training levels, giving you info on the H.U.D., 
melee combat and the basics of weapons.  You have flame throwers instead of 
repulsors, and if you hold the trigger down the flames will continue on a few 

There is no flying in this one, and the arena you're in is fairly linear.  
First there will be a few guards, burn them with the flame throwers.  Go 
forward and see more guards, burn one of the piles of barrels on your left and 
it will explode, setting off more barrels down the road ahead of you.  This 
will take out many of your enemies.  Keep going, and Doctor Yinsen will tell 
you about all the systems that he is getting online.  First will be the health 

As you hear about this, there will be more barrels in front of a small group 
of houses.  Blow them up to take out several soldiers, then go around to the 
right and get the rest.  Next, you will see a couple of APCs, and get 
instructions on destroying them through melee.  Past them, a gauntlet of 
soldiers and your first enemy tank of the game.  Barrels on either side of the 
street will create a chain reaction and destroy them all.  Then you will get 
your additional power bar.  Next, you will get targeting systems and your 
first Auxiliary weapon...a single guided missile.  Use it to destroy the fuel 
truck and tank on the bridge above.

In the next section, you'll finally get your radar up.  Your first orange/
yellow targets will be piles of Stark weapons.  Hit the first one up the road 
with a missile, wait for it to reload, then run up the road and attack the 
tank that's just appeared.  Clean that up, then take out the rest of the 
weapon piles and soldiers.  You'll go through a tunnel and face more tanks, 
and your first gunship helicopter, and then drop down into a dust bowl arena.

In the arena, Raza will come at you with a super tank.  Just keep hitting him 
with missiles, and then running up to him for melee attacks.  If you need more 
enemies for the minimum objective, look for gunships and troops in the far 
left section of the arena.  Beat the tank, and go home.

*Tips For Objectives: The enemies objective isn't hard, just kill every 
enemy soldier that you come across.  Watch the radar for blue dots that may be 
on hills behind you.  The Hero objective is also easy.  The stockpiles of 
weapons are well marked and on your way out.  Plus, you'll have the missiles 
by then so just destroy them the first time through.  As for the time 
challenge, just run straight through, firing at any soldiers standing directly 
ahead of you.  Be sure to blow the oil barrels, and then keep moving.  When 
you do stop to torch a barrel, turn quickly and burn any soldiers that are 
keeping up with you; most of them won't be anywhere in sight.

---Level 2 First Flight				[WALK02]

*Description: Another walkthrough.  Learn to fly (Right now, it's 3:00 AM 
and I'm tempted to make a Tom Petty joke.  That's why videogames and lack of 
sleep are more dangerous than we think).  Then fight some raiders, then fight 
a powerful gunship of your own design.  

*Time Objective: 7:30
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 70
*Hero Objective: Keep the drones released by the gunship from hurting any 

You'll start out learning the flight controls.  I won't bother repeating them 
here because it walks you through everything in the game, but here's the basic 
order of things: Hover, Gain Altitude, Fly, Fly through Markers, After-
Burners, Dodge Missile, Catch Missile (using melee button) and it gets thrown 
at whatever target is highlighted, Grapple Flying Target, change Energy 
Distribution, fire Unibeam.

You'll head back towards base, but then your corporate headquarters will be 
under attack).  Fight the intruders, then wait for the reinforcements.  
They'll come in APCs, about eight or so in two waves, and will be high-
lighted in orange.  If they manage to unload troops, those will be blue. You 
have to destroy the APCs to fight the third wave, which will come from four 
directions in flying troop carriers, that look like VTOL Ospreys.  These will 
unload troops while they're still hovering, and then go straight up and out of 
range, so hit them hard and fast.  In fact, I'd recommend going with energy in 
weapons for this mission, since you don't need to do much flying.

When you've taken out all eight troop transports, the bad guys will take off 
in an experimental, highly armored gunship you've developed.  This is the boss 
fight of the level, and it wants you to practice your catch and return missile 
tactics here.  Frankly, you don't need to.  If you have energy in weapons and 
keep pouring on the repulsors, plus the occasional missile, you'll take him 
down fairly quickly.  But at four points in the fight he'll break off, try to 
get some distance from you, and then try to distract you by launching drones 
to attack civilians.  Get them quickly, or they'll take out city buses and 
you'll lose the Hero objective.  But with your powered up repulsors, you 
should be able to take out the gunship before he launches the third or fourth 
wave of drones, which you'll get credit for having stopped.

*Tips For Objectives: 
Surprisingly difficult to achieve!  The flight instruction takes a huge amount 
of time, and makes you sit through interaction with Jarvis before you can 
proceed, so the time objective is tricky.  The body count objective is also 
tough, since you have to let the troop transports unload (and let the flying 
ones go back for more once or twice) in order to even have enough enemies.

But the worst is destroying the drones.  I finished everything else in the 
game before I managed to get them fast enough to get credit for saving the 
city.  Concentrate on damaging the helicopter early, so that you don't have to 
face all four waves.  Watch the flight patterns, as well.  The first time he 
launches, for instance, he'll break off, fly around the smoke stacks and to 
the far side of a building.  Break off your attack and go there directly, so 
that the building doesn't end up between you and your target.  And only use 
the missiles on drones still in the air.  If they're near the ground and you 
shoot them with an explosive, the missile may take out civilians by mistake.

---Level 3 Stark Weapons			[WALK03]

*Description: No more training, just go back to take out the remaining Stark 
weapons stockpiled by the Ten Rings.

*Time Objective: 9:00
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 100
*Hero Objective: Keep the American fighter pilots alive.

Your first set of targets is seven different weapons caches.  Each one is a 
base of varying size, with two-four turrets and two-four tanks each.  The 
enemies are all in blue, with an occasional gunship hovering overhead taking 
potshots at you.  Remember, if you're getting shot and you don't see the 
enemy responsible...try looking up.  The weapons caches will be highlighted in 
orange.  Each base has from four to seven piles and you have to destroy all of 
these to move on to the next part of the mission.  They can be inside the 
bunker, on top of it, or even several yards away...but you'll know when you've 
gotten all of them in each location because Jarvis will tell you and flash up 
a "number of remaining stockpiles reminder." 

The first base is directly ahead and down in the canyon.  Take your time and 
wipe out all the enemy targets, because you'll have to come back to this part 
of the canyon later.  One missile truck will try to flank you and go up a 
ridge, where he can support the next base.  There are also several individual 
turrets and tanks in the canyon at random spots, just take them out with 
repulsor fire as you come to them.  The next base will be up and to the right 
at the top of the ridge, at the end of a bridge.  Just walk your way steadily 
up the canyon taking out each of the seven bases as you go.

It doesn't make a lot of difference which base you do first, just keep 
following the orange dots on your radar, and occasionally looing for enemies 
in the canyon and up on top of the bridges. When the weapons stockpiles are 
all destroyed you'll get a message that there are now trucks rolling out with 
weapons loaded on them.  Those are your new objective, and they will also be 
in orange.  They will be in groups of one-three, and some will have tank or 
gunship accompaniment.  Just take your time with them, and remember that some 
of them will be on top of the ridge, at bases you didn't have to go to the 
first time.

When you're done with these trucks, you get a boss fight against a very 
tricky weapons "Dreadnought" (Which I think only works for sea or space 
vehicles, so let's call this a Hovertank.  Which is what it is).  The 
Hovertank has weapons on the top, along with it's propulsion fans, and you 
have to blow them all off.  But even after that it will launch missiles at you 
from within, so you'll need to use the time honored video game tactic of 
strafing.  Only this time, you'll be strafing in mid-air.  Don't get fancy! 
You'll take a couple of hits, but just keep moving and firing, set your energy 
to weapons mode, and keep plugging away.  You can seek shelter behind a rock 
formation and then keep stepping or flying out to blast it, but that will slow 
the process down some since he puts out a better rate of firepower than you do 
at this point (see my notes above about strategically distributing your 

When he finally blows up, you'll be attacked by several U.S. Fighter Jets.  
They don't know you're a good guy, so they'll launch missiles at you.  But not 
many. You have to decide how to proceed.  You can shoot them down, or grapple 
them, pull the pilots out and let them parachute to safety.  You need to do it 
the second way to get the Hero Objective and the Achievement.  Just take them 
one at a time, they'll be in yellow on your radar.  Pick one which is coming 
straight towards you, fly towards it, dodge or ignore the missile they shoot 
and when they're almost at you hit the melee button, like you were catching 
a missile.  You'll get an animation of you pulling out the pilot and then you 
direct the plane at what you want it to hit.  Either way, finishing the three 
planes ends the mission.

*Tips For Objectives: 
Take your time with this one, first time through.  Aim for the enemies and 
Hero objectives, because that hero objective will take a while to complete.  
Later, when you're more experienced with grappling planes you can come back 
and get the time objective.  To get the enemy objective, be sure to follow 
your radar for ANY blue dots you can find.  It's not a huge map like some 
later ones...but the enemies are very spread out and it's easy to fly right 
over a soldier without seeing him.

---Level 4 Maggia Factories			[WALK04]

*Description: So the Maggia is building their own weapons from your designs. 
Deal with the Intellectual Property violations by blowing up their operations 
in what looks like a quaint little European mountain town.

*Time Objective: 7:00
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 75
*Hero Objective: Keep the Maggia from killing it's own employees.

Here's the basics, there are four factories that you need to shut down, and 
they surround an area filled with warehouses and SAM sites.  Your first 
objective will be to shut down the four factories, which can be done by going 
to each site and blowing up a building marked in orange that is a "Control 
Center" (which Jarvis and Rhodey refer to as a "Command Center").  Each area 
has a different set of defenses, from tanks to AA Batteries, and some are 
larger than others.  You might want to warm up by destroying the defenses and 
control centers of a couple of these, but let's be smart about this.  If you 
want the Hero objective here, you have to plan the attack carefully.

The middle town doesn't seem to be anything you want to mess with.  It's 
heavily defended and doesn't have a factory.  But once you beat the first set 
of objectives, the towns warehouses will be filled with innocents that the 
Maggia try to murder with tanks.  To beat the Hero objective, you have to stop 
this from happening.  So DON'T destroy all the control centers until you've 
taken out the fixed emplacements from the center town.  Then, go back and 
close down the last control center.

Now, orange targeted gunships tanks will appear over the plains (what are we 
calling this sort of area?  A Veldt?  I'm going to have to find an atlas or 
something).  They will start bombarding buildings in the central town, so 
switch energy to weapons and take them out quickly. In the meantime, the 
factories already had some tank stockpiles, apparently, which start rolling 
out to help with the witness silencing.  Focus on the tanks around the central 
town first.  Take out two or three existing ones, then go to work on the 
factory that is near the town.  To destroy the factory for good you'll have to 
spot a fuel truck parked in front of it (which will also be highlighted in 
orange).  Blow that up and it will take the factory and it's constantly 
spawning tanks out.  Do one or two of these and then go back to the central 
town to take out any tanks that made it out previously (watch the orange dots 
on the radar, some of them may be enroute and just taking their sweet time 
about it).  Then go finish off the rest of the factories.  You might want to 
set your energy distribution to Thrusters to get you back and forth from 
offensive to defensive zones.

Now, you'll get the boss, a former Stark Employee, now Super-Villain whose big 
attack is an energy whip that can hold you in place while gunships shoot at 
you.  Hold you in place...briefly.  And usually doesn't hit you at all.  Look, 
this guy takes an impressive amount of damage to beat, but he's really kind of 
a joke.  Just keep blasting him.  In the meantime, dropships will show up with 
some more tanks and other weapons, but as long as you got the tanks that were 
orange targeted, the workers are safe. Probably.  It wouldn't hurt to take out 
the extra hardware just in case, before moving on to the Boss. Then you're 

*Tips For Objectives: 
See above.  Hero objective is a little tricky here, and the enemies objective 
means you have to destroy one factory and the tanks in the middle of town, 
but let the other factories keep slowly producing tanks until you're up to the 
target number.  For time challenge, you may have to ignore the middle tanks 
and let them kill the victims/collaborationists/collateral/call them what you 

---Level 5 Maggia Compound			[WALK05]

*Description: Time to attack the fortress of one of the Maggia families, 
the home of Count Nefaria and his daughter Whitney (also known as Madam 
Masque).  Unfortunately, the Nefarias aren't the best of neighbors.

*Time Objective: 4:30
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 66 
*Hero Objective: Keep missiles from launching and destroying civilian targets.

You head to the Nefaria compound and find it absolutely filthy with defenses. 
Your first objective is to take out 10 perimeter defenses.  But that's 10 
specific defenses out of I-can't-even-count-how-many.  I'd say 40 at least, 
plus a dozen helicopters and what seem to be five or six respawning fighters. 
This is definitely what you'd call a target rich environment and you should 
have no trouble at all fulfilling the enemies destroyed objective.

What makes this a difficult mission is that the Nefaria family, furious at you 
has aimed three of your own missiles, actual WMDs, at local civilian 
populations.  And they're preparing to fire.  You don't have to stop the 
missiles to beat the level.  They are yellow target Hero Objective items.  But 
if you don't stop them you get to hear Rhodey telling you that you just let 
your enemies kill thousands of civilians so let's just go blow them up anyway. 

The three missiles are in silos surrounding the mansion.  I've gotten them by 
going clockwise.  In fact, think of the mansion as the center of a clock, the 
missile silos are in three separate bases with little buildings around them at 
approximately 9 O'clock, 12 O'clock and 4 O'clock.  I've never tried doing it 
in counter clockwise order, maybe they only pick a missile to launch based on 
which you are attacking, maybe it's in the order I put above.  But getting 
them like this has worked for me several times. As Hero Objectives, the 
missiles are targeted in yellow, but there are so many blue and orange things 
near them that it's very difficult to pick out on radar.  This is also where 
an achievement comes into play.  If you can target a fuel truck next to a 
missile silo, it will blow up and take the silo with it.  I've only ever 
seen that at the third/4 O'clock silo, but look for them near the others as 
well since they speed the process up immensely. 

When you're finished with the missiles, finish off all the other defenses, 
blue and orange (unless you're going for the time objective).  Then there 
will be an "Air Burst" weapon going off, which is powered by a reactor.  The 
reactor is in a valley under some walkways directly behind the house.  There 
will be several turrets and tanks in here, so go at it from the side, not over 
the top.  That way you can deal with a few enemies at a time.  The reactor 
will be identified and lit up in orange...and will blow up nicely.

Mission complete.  This mission is a whole lot of furious action that is over 
quickly (insert your own joke here).

*Tips For Objectives: 
Getting the hero objective for this mission is extremely difficult.  I'd 
recommend going back and earning enough money to unlock at least two of the 
following three upgrades: Energy Systems, Repulsors and Mobility (Flight) 
before even attempting this.  You've gotta be focused to get all three of 
the missiles.  There are many things around each missile shooting at you, and 
if you don't concentrate your fire on the silo and beat it, you'll have a 
launch on your hands. And it's much tougher to get once it's in the air.  I 
recommend using the grade two meson repulsors at least, with energy set to 
weapons.  Forget the Unibeam!  It takes too long and you'll keep getting hit 
as you try to charge it.  Also, ignore the orange targets.  If you don't 
destroy them, it won't trigger missile countdown until you approach the silos.

As for the time objective, concentrate just on the orange targets, but you can 
take a little time to soften up the defenses in rear surrounding the generator.

---Level 6 Flying Fortress			[WALK06]

*Description: Maggia is attacking a civilian population in a giant flying 
weapons platform...for some reason.  Who knows why?  Just blow it up.

*Time Objective: 7:00
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 58
*Hero Objective: Avoid civilian casualties/don't let the fortress make 

There is a countdown clock on the right side of the screen.  You have to beat 
the mission by then to achieve the Hero Objective and save the civilians. 
Catch up to the fortress first, avoiding the AA shrapnel as best you can.  
Keep close to the fortress and you'll be stay relatively safe.  Do this 
through a combination of flying and hovering.

First, you'll need to take out 10 of the twenty or so orange target "Air 
Defenses."  These are found on the top and bottom of the fortress, as well as 
in the middle.  The thing is shaped like two boomerangs on top of each other 
with girders and open area in the middle, so you'll have to try to keep your 
orientation as to where on the ship you are at any given moment.

I had some real trouble with this starting at Normal difficulty, because there 
is just SO MUCH going on, in terms of things always shooting at you.  You can 
hit the four or so targets on the bottom of the ship, and they are relatively 
safe targets.  But you will eventually have to go up higher to get the other 
six, and there are a few key things to watch out for.

First off, watch out for the the intake fans on the jets. You can get sucked 
into them and it will cost you a life.  This is trickier than it sounds, since 
it's easy to lose orientation when trying to get in front of the fortess for 
some attack runs.  Second, on the rear portion of the center structure, you 
will be bombarded by a half-dozen missile turrets and two helicopter launching 
pads.  They can all be avoided, but it will make your life and mission 
considerably simpler if you just take them out while wandering around and 
looking for beam weapons/orange targets.  The missile pods don't take much 
to destroy, and there are only two heli-pads (but with a ridiculously high 
spawn rate).  Deal with them and then deal with the beam weapons on top.

Next, there will be four hanger bays that open and reveal some sort of 
explosive material inside.  These are accessed on the wings, from the top of 
the ship.  There will be what look like runways leading up to them.  Hover on 
the runways and wait for the hangers to open to shoot the targets and blow the 
bays up.  It's tempting to land on the runways...but don't.  That just makes 
you an easy target for the gunships still swarming around, as well as the 
fighters that keep taking off from the hangers.

After you've finished these, there will be four big metal things on the 
underside of the top wings.  They are some sort of coolant system...whatever. 
They have orange targets on them...shoot them until they blow up.  Then you 
go after four more big whatevers.  These are all in one room, with several 
turrets.  But it's inside the top wing and the only way to get in there is to 
fly in front of the fortress and enter through the nose.  Destroy them and 
head back out again.  It won't actually cost you much time to target the 
turrets first and then deal with the main objectives, and if you're low on 
lives here it will help.

Getting tired of this one?  You and me both.  Well, it's almost over.  A hatch 
on the top-rear part of the ship opens to let the engine cool.  Go in there 
and blow it up.  Well, I should say go in there avoiding the half-dozen 
gunships that swarm you and the 10 or so turrets in the engine room that now 
have you in their sights.  Take some turrets out, keep moving, and concentrate 
fire on the big round thing with the orange target on it.  When that goes, so 
goes the ship and the mission is over.  Now on to a new bad guy.

*Tips For Objectives: 
Well, the Hero Objective isn't so incredibly tough.  It's tight, but if you 
fly well and don't get distracted by the hundred or so enemy targets around 
you, you'll make it.  The enemies number isn't that bad either.  If you get 
the mission targets and take out a few blue enemy turrets and gunships at the 
same time, you'll have a good chance of making it.  As for the time...I'm not 
even going to try that one until I've maxed out my armor.

---Level 7 Arctic Battle			[WALK07]

*Description: Some new company with even better weapons are attacking a 
nuclear (wait, let me check the spelling...yep, Nuclear) power plant.  And 
they've got their own guy in a metal suit.  And their guy has a bad Russian 
accent, so take that!

*Time Objective: 12:00
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 72
*Hero Objective: Don't let the Nuclear Facility blow up.

In case you haven't checked the Achievement notes yet, this is a great place to 
do the "Personnel Vendetta," or whatever they call the one where you have to 
take out 20 ground troops.

Enter a large, snowy valley, and you will not there are basically three 
different staging areas surrounding a central facility.  You need to wipe 
out the 10 orange highlighted AA defenses, and you might as well take out as 
many of the blue target defenses as you can because once you're under time 
pressure later in the mission, you'll wish they weren't there.

Start with the area off to the right, then go around and hit the one of the 
left.  That leaves one area a little further up, but don't hit it yet.  First, 
go to the area of the reactor and clean it out.  I ended up landing and 
running across a bridge where a guy in arctic gear lobbed an RPG at me.  He 
then said something in what I took to be Russian, but it sounded and awful lot 
like he said...well it wasn't very nice so I took him and his buddies out with 
melee combat.  Which was very satisfying.  Then I cleaned out the third area 
of defenses.

Next, some drop ships come in, but you also meet Titanium Man who introduces 
Tatyana, the enormous ray gun.  You'll hear her powering up before she fires, 
and can dodge her shots.  And you should.  Some of them will be nowhere near 
you, and others will be surprisingly close.  In fact, for higher difficulty 
play throughs you should try staying near canyons as much as possible, and 
then drop into them for protection when she fires. She's powered by three 
reactors in the three staging areas.  You have to wait for them to open up 
and start charging before you can do any damage to their vital components.

I'd attack these in a slightly different order.  Attack the far left first, 
the second one you did coming in.  Then the furthest away, the one on the 
right as you entered the area.  Then go after the one closest to the gun, 
because as soon as you destroy that last reactor the shield will disappear, 
the gun will turn on the nuclear facility, and you'll have one minute to 
destroy Tatyana before she destroys the facility.  You'll want to get behind 
the gun and keep it between you and Titanium Man, so that he won't have a 
clear shot at you.  You'll get other AIM troops shooting at you, and you may 
lose a life on this, but just put full energy into weapons and keep blasting 
away until the gun is finished.

Now you'll learn about Titanium Man's suit, and then get to destroy it.  He 
has a powerful laser attack, but just keep strafing and circle firing and 
eventually you'll wear him down.  Mission over!

*Tips For Objectives: 
Getting the enemies objective isn't that hard.  Especially if you take the 
time early on to actually clear as many of them as you can see out.  Likewise 
with the Hero objective.  Leave that closest shield facility for last and 
you'll have plenty of time to get to Tatyana and destroy it before time 
runs out.

---Level 8 Lost Destroyer			[WALK08]

*Description: Oh, Rhodey.  You've lost another submarine?
(Hahahaha...see, 'cause I'm doing the line from "Red October?"  Only it's not 
a submarine it's an experimental destroyer?  And it's not Joss Ackland, it's 
Terrence Howard from, like, "Hustle and Flow?"  All right, smart guy, let's 
see YOU write some jokes here!)

*Time Objective: 14:00
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 108
*Hero Objective: Beat the submarine without doing damage to the destroyer.

So this starts off fairly standard, there are four bases and they'd like you 
to take out each before moving on to the prime objective.  Pretty standard, 
but this time there's some sort of big energy bubble around each base.  It's 
not a shield, your attacks go right through it, but if you enter you get 
really disoriented and the screen goes all wonky.  Kinda fun.  It seems that 
at each base there's a field generator you'll have to destroy to get rid of 
the bubble.

The first base is directly ahead as you start.  Take out some tanks and 
gunships, long range, and then look at a long building towards the front of 
the base.  It has one end facing in your direction, the generator is at the 
other end of it.  You'll have to hover and fly around to the right to get a 
shot at it.  Sorry, it's called a "Control Drone."  Anyway, finish this 
stuff off, and watch out for two Flak Turrets at the far end of the canyon.  
They look like they're too far away to really damage you, but they'll get some 
good, long range shots in.  

When you've destroyed them and everything else targeted in orange, it will 
tell you there are three bases remaining and a submarine with a big front 
cannon will rise from the ice.  This sub is one of those classic video game 
conventions, the boss that you have to beat several times before you can 
actually start doing damage to them.  Just ignore/avoid the sub, maybe shoot 
out it's front cannon, but you can't do anything to it so don't waste your 
time on it.

You can do whatever base you want next, and the nearest one is actually just 
on the other side of the wall to your left.  But there is a third base just 
next to it and the crossfire will chew you up so I prefer leaving the first 
base (an icebreaker ship), and continuing up the canyon to a research 
facility.  This is on top of the ridge, but has many defenses on the wall of 
the canyon as well.  In any case, the control drone for this base is at the 
back of a small building in the middle of the base.  These drones are blue 
targets, so they can be a little hard to spot.  Just keep shooting and looking 
around...you'll find it.  And you'll also spot the places where the sub will 
keep cropping up.  Keep an eye out for it and you'll be able to avoid it 
until it submerges again.

You'll also notice that once you destroy everything you think is an enemy at 
a base, more tanks and gunships will show up.  Not that you weren't expecting 
that or anything.  Anyway, the third base is a small dock area set down in a 
canyon.  There will be defenses in the canyon and on all three ridges 
surrounding it.  The control drone is kind of hidden here, it's under some 
cover in the "Y" of the dock.  Go around to look at it like you were a ship 
coming in, and you'll be able to find it.

Last base: the fuel depot.  The control device is located at the center of the 
lower portion of the base, on the end of what looks like a big, industrial ski 
chalet sort of thing.  Just shoot anything with a target and let's move on.

Now for the boss fight.  The destroyer is parked out in an ice field with 
several spots for the sub to rise and attack from.  Everytime the sub goes 
back under, it gets some health back.  So this is an attrition battle.  The 
sub has an orange target on it's center and a blue one on the gun.  Ignore 
the gun!  By now you should have level two tech in everything, and I'd 
suggest level three in energy as well, since it helps with every aspect of 
your game.  But the gun and missiles from the ship won't do that much damage. 
Just put energy into weapons for this part and blast away at the orange 
target until the sub blows up.

But there's another target as well.  The destroyer has a control drone on top 
which is making it's turrets fire at you.  You remember how the yellow 
targets are hero objective targets?  It's the opposite this time.  If you 
shoot one of the yellow turrets on the ship you'll lose the hero objective. 
Just wait until the sub goes under, and then attack the blue target drone ONLY.

*Tips For Objectives: 
The enemies objective is pretty easy, if you clear everything out.  The Hero 
objective is also pretty straight forward.  In the final battle wait until the 
sub submerges and then go attack the control drone at the top of the 
destroyer.  But ONLY use repulsors.  There are many targets on the ship that 
will make you lose the Hero objective.  If you shoot a turret, for example, it 
will be damaging the ship or killing US crew members.  If you use missiles or 
grenades there's a good chance they'll go astray and lock on to something 
other than the drone, so just keep going after the drone itself.

I'm less sure about the time objective.  Many of the targets at bases kept 
switching between orange and blue so I have trouble telling which are the 
vital targets.  But you have 14 minutes to figure it out.

---Level 9 On Defense				[WALK09] 

*Description: Hey, you remember that Titanium Guy you already beat?  Yeah, he 
followed you home.

*Time Objective: 11:00
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 35
*Hero Objective: Don't destroy the city power supply.

Fairly simple, short mission.  You're back in the city map above Stark 
Industries, and Titanium Man is back to challenge you.  And he brought AIM 
equipment to help.  He's going to fly around, occasionally grab you, shoot a 
laser at you, and generally present you with a big green target to blast.  

When you damage him sufficiently, he'll go to one of four spots to recharge.  
Those four spots are marked in yellow, because if you destroy them to keep him 
from recharging it will cost you the hero objective.  And really, don't even 
bother.  His healing/recharge benefit isn't nearly as powerful as the sub's 
was in the last mission.  Just let him charge, and when he flies back up start 
blasting away again.  It won't take that long to finish him.

Wow, that was easy.  It can't be that they're just giving you a break before 
hitting you hard with the next mission, can it?

*Tips For Objectives: 
This is a rare mission in that it's perfectly feasible to get all three 
objectives at the same time.  You have a nice long clock, and you can beat the 
mission easily without damaging the power supply.  The only tricky part is 
finding 35 enemies to destroy, but if you shoot down all the gunships that 
come at you and go to each power source to take out each of the tanks and 
troops that protect it, you should make your quota.

---Level 10 Save Pepper				[WALK10]

*Description: Another nuclear plant.  It will blow up several times.  Maybe 
once in awhile it won't.  Not sure if that has anything to do with you or not. 
But you get to rescue Gwyneth Paltrow, which is kinda cool.  I guess.

*Time Objective: 25
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 85
*Hero Objective: Save the outlying buildings.

This is easily the hardest mission in the game.  There's a nuclear plant where 
Pepper is being held captive.  AIM, being a bunch of nut jobs, wants to blow 
her and the reactor up at the same time.  You'll need to be fast, have good 
aim, but also have just the right amount of twitch to keep you jumping from 
task to task during the mission.  By this point, your suit should be close 
to maxed out.  I was on level three for everything but core systems, using the 
balanced flight package and the Advanced Ion repulsors, plus guided missiles.

So first AIM sends gunships and flying suits to attack.  Head for the central 
structure and hit your afterburners.  When you get there, put all your power 
in weapons because you need to churn out a lot of power.  Take out the first 
wave, focusing about 2:1 on the orange flying suits over the gunships.  Then 
take out the rest of the gunships.  

AIM will start sending waves of missiles at the reactor.  You can actually 
just above the reactor in the middle and shoot most of them down.  Do so, they 
are the biggest threat here.  Now, when you get a break from that, there will 
be gunships, tanks, etc. being delivered to attack the outlying buildings.  
Keep after them as well, but don't go too far from the reactor and always be 
ready to afterburner back to take out more missiles.

There is help, for all this.  There are "Tesla Buildings" scattered around the 
reactor, and the hoops at the top of these glow with energy.  If you can fly 
through these hoops, it will create a power surge and give you a temporary 
shield that will help with the missiles and crafts.  Activate it, but don't 
depend on it, because some things will still get through.  Also watch out for 
AIM to attack the Tesla buildings to keep you from getting help.

There are a few buildings exposed to attack from every where on one side of 
the reactor, and a single building overlooking the ocean on the other side. 
That's the one you want to depend on, because it's much easier to protect than 
the others.  When you hear Jarvis say something about "Reactor Reset," that 
means that the shield has stopped working and you have to fly through the 
hoop again.

You will face wave after wave of attacks, drop ships, etc.  Just keep jumping 
from one group of targets to the next and watching for missiles.  Eventually, 
Jarvis will say something about enemy forces retreating.  That's because they 
are about to launch a massive, multi-directional missile barrage.  Get up 
above the reactor, but not too high because they you won't be able to hit 
anything.  Start blasting anything with a jet trail behind it.  Now, you won't 
be able to lock-on to the missiles, but you'll get some targeting assist at 
the easier difficulty levels.  In any case, just keep blasting and get lucky.

When that ends, so does the mission.

*Tips For Objectives: 
25:00 is a very long time, even though it'll feel like this mission goes on 
for a very long time.  If you can beat the mission you will probably beat the 
time objective.  The Hero objective...well that's trickier, but if you're fast 
and good with the shooting you may just be able to get all the bad guys.

---Level 11 Island Attack

*Description: Yeah, now these guys have a giant cannon.  You don't suppose 
they're going to point it at some civilians, do you?  Nah, they wouldn't be 
that predictab...oh, wait.  Yeah, they did it.

*Time Objective: 12:00
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 80
*Hero Objective: Prevent the main cannon from firing.

Just like other missions, there are four bases that have to be destroyed 
before the missions main objective can be assaulted.  This time it's "Power 
Couplings" that do whatever.  But this time, even these mini-objectives can 
"heal."  Or get reconnected.  So when you hit the first one, try to clean out 
all the opposition you can, and maybe even attack and soften up another base, 
then go destroy the first couple power couplings.  Then go hit the other two 
bases and focus just on the couplings, even though there will be 
reinforcements coming in.  Don't worry about it too much, because it takes a 
while to reconnect, but don't dawdle, either.

Now, whether you're attacking the couplings or not, multiple waves of 
reinforcements will start showing up.  The first thing I'd recommend is taking 
out the fighter jets that keep buzzing you, because there are only a 
half-dozen of them, and they don't respawn.  If you have difficulty with the 
rest of the bases, try going around and taking out all the permanent 
emplacements, and then going after the couplings.  After all, the 
reinforecements aren't as tough as the original batch, and this can make it go 

When that's done there are several defenses around the center cannon, might as 
well fight them because it's hard to hurt the the cannon directly.  Yep.  
Instead, the guy you've been arguing with over the course of the mission has 
a weapon on his arm that can hurt the cannon, so you have to make him shoot at 
you and miss, hitting his own pet project.

I know, it's one of those video game conventions where they take out the logic 
and challenge of an RPG and make it into a goofy platform game where you have 
to figure out a twist.  Even Secret Level seems to think it's dumb, when 
Jarvis tells Stark that Horgan's weapon can defeat the cannon, while the armor 
can't, his response is "That's ridiculous!"

Anyway, the guy has an orange target to make it easier to track him.  He'll 
wander around the platform taking potshots at you, until you fly up and land 
on the platform that is the base of the cannon.  Then, he'll let his flying 
associates shoot at you while he walks, slowly, onto a lower platform to get 
a good shot at you.  Wait until he does and you'll hear him start to power up 
to fire at you.  Wait for it, and then dodge out of the way so that he hits 
the cannon you were just hovering in front of.  Do that a couple times and 
that will beat the mission.

Now whether due to a glitch or due to the harder difficulty, on Normal mode I 
couldn't get the guy to walk up on one of the platforms so that he could get a 
shot at the cannon. So I had to take the cannon out myself, which took awhile, 
but less time than it took to destroy the submarine a few missions ago.  This 
is entirely doable, as long as you're careful in the rest of the mission and   

*Tips For Objectives: 
Definitely take out several of the blue target enemies before attacking the 
power coupling.  If you get most of the enemies at each power station and also 
a few at the central cannon, you'll probably clear the enemy objective.  The 
time and Hero objectives are pretty straight forward, if you can get the guy 
to blow up his own brainchild.  It won't take that long.

---Level 12 Space Tether

*Description: AIM has a satellite tethered to the planet that collects solar 
energy to power their projects.  Think of them as an obnoxious little kid 
with a balloon on a string...and you've got repulsor ray scissors.  Okay, 
that was stupid.

*Time Objective: 10:00
*Minimum Enemies Objective: 55
*Hero Objective: 

Just like the flying fortress mission, this one has you needing to destroy 
several components and structures in order to get at the main thing.  So it 
will be three wave of "Destroy the four Whatevers," while tanks and 
battlesuits shoot at you.

The first set is "Maser Collecters (or Extractors or Attractors or whatever, 
I just replayed it and already I can't remember)."  These look like miniature 
golden domes sitting on stilts.  But the vulnerable spot is actually under the 
dome, so you'll need to land and shoot it from there.

Now, on the harder difficulty levels they'll be concentrating more on anti-air 
defenses, knowing that you'll be coming over a ridge and that working the 
ridge was helpful in the "Stark Weapons" and "Lost Destroyer" mission.  So 
don't do it here.  Instead, you want to take out a few things quickly, and 
then drop down into the ridge and run or skim along the ground.  You'll have 
to keep an eye on the sky because they'll send lots of battlesuits after you, 
but just work up and along the canyon, occasionally hovering to target a tank 
or turret, and you'll have an easier time.

Then, the first shield will be down and you need to expose the next thing by 
destroying four "Control Centers" that are tower/dish/antenna structures 
attached to the walls, facing outwards.  You'll see them.  But after you've 
destroyed three of them you get a four minute countdown clock letting you 
know that the satellite is destabilizing and if you don't finish it off in 
time it will be destroyed in orbit and rain down debris.  Actually, I might 
go replay this and let that happen, it sounds cool.

(Note: It wasn't.  The timer runs out and Jarvis says something like "Debris 
now entering Earth's atmosphere."  But you don't see get to see any of it 
raining down or taking out your enemies, just hear about it.  Ripoff.)

Next, you will have to take out "Power" whatevers on the four legs of the 
central facility.  These are basically two big tube things on either side of 
four legs.  So sixteen in all.  Jarvis will count down "Two remaining..." etc,
but the count is off for some reason so just ignore him and keep looking for 
orange targets.

Finally, the main couplings for the tether will appear at the top of the 
structure, they'll be targeted in yellow and you have to destroy all five 
before time runs out.  That's it.

*Tips For Objectives: 
If you focus on the orange targets and keep moving, the time objective will 
be easy.  If you take out every blue target you can find BEFORE attacking the 
control centers, the enemies objective will be fine.  If you hustle once the 
countdown clock starts, you'll be fine with the Hero objective, too.

---Level 13 Showdown

*Description: Go fight the main bad guy.  You know, the sexy bald one who 
stole your heart.

*Time Objective: None
*Minimum Enemies Objective: None
*Hero Objective: Destroy the...just win and the game'll be happy.

Stane is in the Iron Monger suit and ready to fight.  He has several weapons, 
but the only really powerful one is a red UniBeam.  You'll know he's about to 
fire that because he glows red and you hear a sound like a '73 Chrysler trying 
to start.  On Easy, you can just dodge when you hear that and you'll be fine.  
On the harder levels, he's got much better aim, just like Tatyana, and you 
have to be a little trickier.  Engage him with weapons from a small distance, 
but hovering, and keeping a small or medium building between the two of you. 
Then, when he starts preparing to fire, you can just let go of the hover 
button, drop behind the building and let it act as a shield for you.

Actually, this mission isn't all that difficult.  Just keep strafing, keep 
moving around him and shooting and you'll wear him down steadily.  You have to 
actually take him down to zero health five times before he suddenly takes off 
for a particular spot on the map.  You'll know, because after the third time 
he suddenly starts lines from the movie like "You had one more golden egg to 
give, my boy," and after the fourth time he starts spouting these weird, 
Dennis Hopper-ian villain sayings about virtue and the hero being surrounded 
by tragedy.  There's only one way to shut him up and that's by blasting him 

After the fifth time, he'll collapse in a street intersection.  As he's 
getting back up, Jarvis will tell you engage him up close.  Get near him and 
hold the melee button to grapple with him.  Be sure you're close enough, 
because at this range even his lesser weapons will be able shred you.  You'll 
grab him and have to rapidly tap the melee button, just like tearing apart a 

If it works, you'll rip a chunk out of his suit and you'll both blast each 
other.  You'll get back up, and suddenly there will be AIM reinforcements 
flying around.  Ignore them.  Just get up high over the nearby Stark tower. 
You'll know it's the right one because after a few seconds there will be the 
game's last four "Power" whatevers.  Blast these, cutscene, done.

Now watch the closing credits (sorry, no hidden Sam Jack scenes at the end), 
and listen to Black Sabbath playing over them. Sure, go ahead and air guitar.  
You've earned it.

*Tips For Objectives: Just get the four power whatevers.  Nice and simple.

I don't have a full walkthrough for these because there isn't much detail to 
describe.  Wander around the map, look for blue dots, destroy them as quick 
as you can, while avoiding their attacks.  Here are a few details that may 

1. Like with the rest of the game, this may be easier if you get a few armor 
upgrades before attempting the missions.  Having extra firepower will destroy 
things quicker, and it's easier to get an average of 8 kills per minute with 
that kind of help.

2. Use these as a chance to experiment with other armors.  You may find that 
the Extremis, or Hulkbuster, or another type of armor works better for your 
style of play than does the standard Mark III upgradeable armor.

3. These missions can vary greatly.  Some of them, like the AIM and AIM-X 
missions, will have more enemies than you know what to do with.  Whereas, in 
the Ten Rings mission it was hard to actually find 80 enemies to destroy.  
If you have trouble finding enough targets, keep going back to earlier areas 
and looking for respawn points.  And with Ten Rings be sure to check out all 
the bases you can see, not just the ones that were targets in the story mode.

4. At lower power levels, the enemy jets are a pain.  If you're good at the 
catch-and-release system of downing them, then go ahead and do that, or if you 
have level 3 repulsors then you can down them that way pretty quickly.  
Otherwise, it's okay to ignore the jets and concentrate on hitting the ground 
targets first, just to save some time.  Except in Ten Rings, where you pretty 
much have to take them out for the 80 enemy goal.

There are 39 Achievements in Iron Man, for a total of 1000 GamerScore points. 
They include finishing the game on each difficulty level, beating each One Man 
Army mission, getting Hero Objectives, getting extra objectives in particular 
levels and recreating battles from the history of the comic books by using 
particular armors in particular situations.

---HERO OBJECTIVES:				395 Points Total

1. Disarmed					25 Points
Destroy all the Stark Weapons in the first mission, "Escape." See the 

2. City Protector				25 Points
Destroy all four waves of drones before they can harm civilians in the second 
mission, "First Flight."  See the walkthrough.

3. Eject!					25 Points
Defeat the American fighters without hurting the pilots in "Stark Weapons." 
See the walkthrough.

4. Guardian					25 Points
Keep the Maggia from killing their own employees in "Maggia Factories."  See 
the walkthrough.

5. Decommissioner				25 Points
Stop all three missiles in the "Maggia Compound" from attacking civilian 
targets.  See the walkthrough.

6. In the Drink					25 Points
Stop the "Flying Fortress" before it gets over the civilian populace.  There 
will be a separate countdown clock on screen.  See the walkthrough.

7. Tatyana, Interrupted				25 Points
Prevent Tatyana from destroying the nuclear facility in "Arctic Battle."  
See the walkthrough.

8. Not a Scratch				25 Points
Beat the sub in "Lost Destroyer" without hurting the destroyer.  See the 

9. Power Saver					25 Points
Beat Titanium Man in "On Defense" without needing to destroy the power supply. 
See the walkthrough.

10. Shocking!					25 Points
Keep the outer buildings safe in "Save Pepper." I'd say "Good Luck" but 
beating this mission at all seems to involve, like, 85% luck.

11. Proton Shut Out				25 Points
Keep the "Island Attack" cannon from firing at civilian populations.  See the 

12. Escape Velocity				25 Points
Let the satellite go before it explodes in "Space Tether."  See the 

13. You're Fired!				25 Points
Destroy the power couplings to defeat Iron Monger.  So, basically, finish 
the game.

14. Excelsior!					70 Points
Finish all of the above, and get this nice little Stan Lee tribute achievement.

---Beat the One Man Army Missions		125 Points Total

15. Ten Rings Obsoleted				25 Points
Win without losing a life.

16. Maggia Obsoleted				25 Points
Win without losing a life.

17. Mercs Obsoleted				25 Points
Win without losing a life.

18. AIM Obsoleted				25 Points
Win without losing a life.

19. AIM-X Obsoleted				25 Points
Win without losing a life.

---Armor Specific				60 Points Total

20. Hulk Smash!					15 Points 
Hulkbuster: Grapple any opponent.  This can be a gunship, tank, turret, etc. 
Just get near them and hold (not tap) the melee button.

21. Ground Pound				15 Points
Extremis: Fly up, then drop to the ground next to an enemy to destroy them. 
Depending on the enemy you may have to do it twice.  Pick something big and 
easy to hit like a tank.

22. Classic Confrontation			15 Points
Classic Armor: Replay the comic book battles between Iron Man and Titanium 
Man.  Try using the "On Defense" mission. It takes much less time, and if you 
want to speed it up even more you can just take out the power stations and 
forget the Hero Objective.

23. Old School					15 Points
Silver Centurion: Replay the old Circuits Maximus battle between Iron Man in 
the Red and Silver armor, and Iron Monger.  Use the same tactics, just keep 
wearing him down from a distance and be ready for the final attack.  

---Timed Achievements				60 Points

24. Air Superiority				15 Points
Take out all eight dropships in "First Flight" before the gunship launches.  
Very easy, just go after them and concentrate fire on them before they land.

25. Road King					15 Points
Destroy the trucks trying to escape the "Stark Weapons" mission area in two 
minutes.  Also quite easy.  Just follow the orange dots.

26. Launch Aborted				15 Points
Beat all three missiles in ten minutes in the "Maggia Compound."  You won't 
always get all three, but I can't imagine what you'd be doing in order to not 
beat them or have them launch in 10 minutes.  You'd have to avoid all orange 
targets completely, and go nowhere near the launch silos.

27. Smack Down					15 Points
In the "On Defense" mission, just ignore the Hero Objective, set your energy 
distribution to weapons, upgrade everything and go after Titanium man.  Ignore 
the other enemies, and when he settles down onto his first recharge keep 
shooting him for all your worth.  It may blow up the power station, but you 
should be able to get him before he goes to the second station.

---Random Other Objectives			135 Points Total
28. Collateral Damage				15 Points
You know how I mentioned that one of the missiles in the "Maggia Compound" 
mission is at about 4 O'clock from the mansion?  There's usually a fuel truck 
parked next to it by the time you get through with the other two.  Attack it, 
and blow it up to take the missile with it.  There may be trucks near the 
other missiles, but I never saw them.

29. Personnel Vendetta				15 Points
In "Arctic Battle" you'll see a group of buildings at one end of a bridge near 
the nuclear facility.  If you get down close to them, several troops will come 
out to attack you.  Get them, and ground troops at the other bases for this.

30. Overkill					15 Points
Find a single foot soldier, target him and let him have it with the Unibeam. 
Try doing this on "Final Flight" where there are plenty of foot soldiers and 
no particular urgency. 

31. Impenetrable				15 Points
Basically, finish any mission without losing a life.  Don't know if this will 
work on the One Man Army missions, while you're trying to get the "Obsolete" 
achievements, but you shouldn't even have to go that far.  This doesn't work 
on "Escape" or "First Flight," so with a bit of luck and smooth strafing 
against the Hover Tank, you can get it during "Stark Weapons."

32. An Object in Motion				15 Points
Fly towards something, hit the afterburners, fly into it and destroy it by 
ramming.  Try the gunships in "First Flight" or "Stark Weapons," they're 
relatively big and just kinda sit there.

33. Grounded					15 Points
If you get the Hero Objective in "Stark Weapons," you will have gotten this. 
Just get near a plane, hold down the melee button at the right moment, and 
you'll yank the pilot out.  Then just aim it at the ground and hit melee again.

34. Your Own Medicine				15 Points
Land gently behind a SAM launcher and hold, don't tap, the melee button.  
You'll get control of it and get to use the attack button to fire it's 
missiles.  Hitting something with them is a little tougher, but you'll have 
plenty of chances on "Maggia Factories" with all the SAMs and gunships.  Or 
"Maggia Compound" if you want more of a challenge.

35. Long Shot					15 Points
The same things I said above about SAM launchers applies to this one.  Just 
use a Howitzer instead.

36. Pugilist					15 Points
Beat a mission using only melee attacks and grapples.  Technically, using 
melee on a tank means he fires his repulsors at the end of the combo...but 
they don't count that.  This one is a little tricky, but I'd recommend using 
"Maggia Factories" for it.  Enemies are spread out and can't gang up on you, 
plus it's way cool when you use a ground pound attack to land on a building 
and destroy it.  Plus, blowing up the fuel trucks to destroy the factories 
using melee attacks doesn't hurt you.

---Finish Story Mode				225 Points Total

37. Sidekick					75 Points
Finish game on Easy or better.

38. Hero					75 Points
Finish game on Normal or better.

39. Super Hero					75 Points
Finish game on Formidable.

*****Thanks and Copyrights			[Thanks01]
I can't answer many questions outside of what's in the FAQ (especially because 
I already returned the game to BlockBuster), so if you have further questions 
try the GAMEFAQs message board.  If there are any major problems/mistakes that 
I just havn't seen, or you liked the guide and want to friend me I'm on 
XBOXLIVE under the name KenmoreBrian.

Thanks to Marvel, Stan "The Man" Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck, Jack Kirby and 
many other great writers, artists and editors for Iron Man.  Thanks to Avi 
Arad for sheparding Marvel into the movie age, and to John Favreau, Robert 
Downey Jr. and Co. for giving us a great film out of Iron Man.

Thanks to SEGA, Secret Level, CriWare et al. for a solid, entertaining game.

Thanks to Microsoft for the XBOX 360, and thanks for doing the stand-up thing 
and fixing mine when it went red-ring-of-death on me.

In the last FAQ I wrote, in 2007, I thanked the Boston Red Sox...and they won 
the World Series.  So just in case...thanks to the Sox, including Cash, 
Ellsbury, Moss, Aardsma and Buchholz who are new this year or were too new 
last time to make it in.  And since ESPN has spent all day yesterday whining 
about Spygate, thanks also to the entire Patriots family for letting us watch 
some amazing football the past several years.  We love you guys.  Now I have 
to write more FAQs to recognize the Celtics, the Bruins, Boston College Hockey 
and Football, the Revolution...don't we have a Lacrosse team too?  [sigh.]

Any original advice/analysis and other content of this FAQ/Guide is 
copyright 2008 Brian DiMattia.  Please don't copy it without giving credit.

Iron Man the game and all aspects of it (except otherwise noted) are property 
of Marvel Studios, Sega, Secret Level, CriWare and other involved developers.

XBOX 360 and all related technologies and brands are the property of 
Microsoft, Inc.

Intellectual Property, such as "Iron Man," "Tony Stark," "Stark Industries," 
"Repulsors," "Maggia," "AIM" and other in-game characters and technologies 
are property of Marvel.

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