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Experience the other side of hockey, the side most people never see. After two years of additional work, Bethesda has managed to surpass the original HLS! Now, you can enter the fast-paced world of International Sports Management on a completely new level! Where the movers and shakers spend millions to build their dream teams and carry them through to the Stanley Cup! where an injury or a bad decision can mean the difference between sweet success or bitter defeat! Enter the world of HLS2! Now you can be the real Power behind the game! HLS2 makes it happen with more realism than ever before. Arrange trades and close deals. Find hot new talent and draft them up to the majors. Keep one eye on the competition and the other one on managing your team all the way to the top! Imagine pitting the 1992 Penguins against the 1970 Bruins for the most incredible Playoff Series of all time! Or build your own All-Star Dream Team and take on all challengers.
With HLS2 it's up to you!
Easy to Use
- All-New Graphic Interface
- Intuitive Menu Paths simplify ease of use
- New Hot Keys allow instant menu use
- Schedules Generated Automatically or design your own!
- Save Partial Schedules to Disk!
More Realistic than ever before!
- Refined Artificial Intelligence!
- Game results by period
- Incredible Statistical Accuracy!
- Coach Salary Negotiations
- New Injury Option during a game or a season.
- Build accurate simulations from actual or Dream Teams!
Additional Features
- Save YTD Team Stats to Disk
- Full 256 color VGA/MCGA graphics
- Icon driven Menus makes managing as easy as clicking a button!
- Fully Compatible with HLS
- Fully Compatible with Wayne Gretzky Hockey 3
- Fully Compatible with all Pro, Olympic and Canada Cup DataDisks!

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