1. Moonsung Lee Animator
  2. Vincent Francoeur Art Designer
  3. Ronny Kim Cinematic Animator
  4. Sal Arditti Cinematic Artist
  5. Alvaro Buendia Cinematic Artist
  6. Leonard C. Chang Cinematic Artist
  7. Graham Cunningham Cinematic Artist
  8. Hung Le Cinematic Artist
  9. Michael Beal Cinematic Software Engineer
  10. Paul Menichini Cinematic Sound Designer
  11. Thomas C. Brewer Cinematic Sound Editor
  12. James M. Waugh Ddditional Dialogue Writer
  13. Jeffrey Kember Effects Technical Director
  14. Brian Kindregan Lead Writer
  15. Arthur Jeppe Lighting/Compositing Supervisor
  16. Alex Murtaza Matte Painting Technical Director
  17. Robert Puff Music Copyist
  18. John Kurlander Music Recording Engineer
  19. Neal Acree Original Music
  20. Andrew Hwang Pre-visualization Artist
  21. Matt Bauer Previs Artist
  22. Dennis Crow Producer
  23. Barry Berman Senior Cinematic Artist
  24. Emanuel Druckmann Senior Cinematic Artist
  25. Jason Hill Senior Cinematic Artist
  26. Jeremy Nelligan Senior Cinematic Artist
  27. JaeWook Park Senior Cinematic Artist
  28. Jaehyun Yoo Senior FX Artist
  29. John Adair Sound Recording Engineer
  30. Tom Keegan Voice Director
  31. James Harper Voice: Arcturus Mengsk
  32. Anna Vocino Voice: Confederate Adjutant
  33. Ali Hillis Voice: Dr. Ariel Hansen
  34. Scott Menville Voice: Egon Stetmann
  35. Dave Fennoy Voice: Gabriel Tosh
  36. Robert Clotworthy Voice: Jim Raynor
  37. Brian Bloom Voice: Matt Horner
  38. Darren Capozzi Voice: Nighthawk
  39. Rena Durham Voice: Protoss Mothership
  40. Tricia Helfer Voice: Sarah Kerrigan
  41. Neil Kaplan Voice: Tychus Findlay
  42. Fred Tatasciore Voice: Zeratul


Data and credits for this game contributed by BartSmith, Crazy Jezus, dcrowgamer, DrasgonDigger, Miroku_of_Nite1, odino, oliist, and terryclinker.

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