Got Collector's Edition yesterday, how do I access USB to play the first game?

  1. So, as title states, I got it in yesterday. I was basically only familiar with Starcraft because the youngest son of one of my mother's now ex-boyfriebds (post divorce) played it, even though I've played the Warcraft games before then. Since I have practically no experience, I want to play in the chronological order of the games, so since I now have the SC and expansion from the USB in the box set, SC II: Wings, Heart, and Legacy, I just need the other expansions.

    So, yesterday I tried starting with SC, but I tried all three of my USB ports and haven't gotten the games to show up and haven't found a way to access the USB while it's inserted. And, yes, I have ensured it was fully inserted into the port each time.

    User Info: Aumjaya

    Aumjaya - 3 months ago

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