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  1. When you get the option to either Help Dr. Hansen and protect the settlers, or Kill the settlers and help the Protoss is their an actual plot line twist or is it just what artifacts you want (+3 either way)?

    User Info: das_Captain

    das_Captain - 8 years ago

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  1. I will try to keep the spoilers away...first of the differences is this : Siding with the Doc wil give you Zerg Research Points, and siding with the Protoss will give you Protoss Research Points
    Other than that, its purely storyline and the type of mission you get to do...although it will not affect the Main Story Arc...
    Hope this helped :D

    User Info: Tetsedah

    Tetsedah - 8 years ago 1   0

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  1. In order to not spoil it for you, I would suggest going into your mission archive and replaying that mission with the other option.

    User Info: reddemon102005

    reddemon102005 - 8 years ago 0   0


    In case you actually want an answer instead of restating of the obvious, siding with Hansen gets you a kiss and she leaves for good, and siding with the Protoss lets you see that she is heavily infested and you kill her. Speaking of you can do the Haven mission before (MORE SPOILERS) Zeratul gives you his memory crystal, but it shows up in the lab if you kill Hansen; way to go blizzard team for messing up your timelines :P.

    User Info: Azrieth4

    Azrieth4 - 8 years ago 0   0

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