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FAQ/Walkthrough by matsor

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/22/09

                            *        ***
                       *     **          ***
                      ***    **           **
                       *     **           **
   ****                      **           **    **   ****        ****
  * **** *    ***    ***     **  ***      **     **    ***  *   * **** *
 **  ****    * ***    ***    ** * ***     **     **     ****   **  ****
****        *   ***    **    ***   *      **     **      **   ****
  ***      **    ***   **    **   *       **     **      **     ***
    ***    ********    **    **  *        **     **      **       ***
      ***  *******     **    ** **        **     **      **         ***
 ****  **  **          **    ******       **     **      **    ****  **
* **** *   ****    *   **    **  ***      **      ******* **  * **** *
   ****     *******    *** * **   *** *   *** *    *****   **    **** v1.7
             *****      ***   **   ***     ***

                                 S E I K L U S
                 A freeware exploration/adventure game by cly5m

             *      FAQ Author:    matsor                       *
             *      FAQ Version:   1.00                         *
             *      Date:          22/10/2009                   *
             *      Contact:       matsor@hotmail.co.uk         *

1. About
2. Controls
3. Items
4. Walkthrough
... Field
... Tree
... Slope
... Cave
... Underground Lake
... Monster
... Volcano
... Ice Field
... Brick Labyrinth
... The Piano
... Plateau
... The Sun
... The Open Door
... The Night's Sky
... The Heavens
... Hippo Crevasse
... Warping
... The White Palace
5. Secrets
6. Thanks

1.                                 A B O U T

One night a couple are star gazing when a crashing meteor forces them to become
separated. You take control of the male protagonist and attempt to reunite him
with his loved one. With no instructions, speech or defined story seiklus can
appear at first to be a shallow enigma, however nothing could be further from
the truth.

The gameplay is a pleasant mix of exploration and adventure. Nothing can hurt
you in seiklus, you cannot die. The visuals are quite charming and lean towards
an emphasis on the natural world.

With the design, artwork and programming all done by cly5m this is an
incredible achievement and an absolute joy to play. To be rather blunt, seiklus
is perhaps the greatest game that most will never play. Download it today from


2.                              C O N T R O L S

<left>       - move left
<right>      - move right
<up>         - jump
<down>       - crouch
<space>      - show status and map
<w>          - warp (function not immediately available)
<s>          - save
<c>          - save screenshot to seiklus folder
<q> or <esc> - quit

3.                                 I T E M S

  Throughout your adventure you are required to collect different coloured
  fireflies. There are one hundred of each colour; red, yellow, orange, green,
  blue, purple and white. Each colour of firefly is contained to a certain area
  with white being the exception to this rule. The white fireflies are hidden
  all over the game world.

  There are seven medallions in total, all are found in grey chests that are
  to be found at most locations.
  Some of the medallions prove to be useful and allow you to see hidden hints
  such as the location of enemies or hidden walkways, whilst others serve no
  useful purpose.

Pieces of Moon
   Well, they're pieces of the moon, silly.

4.                           W A L K T H R O U G H

Note: You are free to explore in seiklus. There is no correct order in which
      to visit certain areas. The walkthrough presented here is one which
      attempts to minimise the amount of time spent backtracking but please
      feel free to just wander around as you like.

You're at the start of your adventure, it won't be the longest one but it sure
is going to be fun. Head right and climb up the leafed plants to grab a
few of your first fireflies. You'll need to take a couple of running jumps to
collect all 11 in this area.

Continue on past the tree entrance and climb up on to the first leaf. Jump to
the second, from here it is possible to make a running jump over the yellow
buds to the right of the screen, you need to continue in this
fashion, on the high path,  since spikes prevent you climbing up most of the
stems. At the last jump before the cave entrance, collect the final green
firefly to bring your total to 29 and drop back down, backtracking to the tree

climb up the rope, grabbing the three greens, jump on top of the grey chest to
open it revealing a medallion. This will give you the ability to see previously
invisible platforms, they will now be outlined in white. Continue your ascent.
When you emerge at the canopy, head left for some greens and then turn around
and collect all of those on the right. When the canopy is clear, and you have
50 greens, jump on the nest to break open the eggs. A few seconds later and
whoosh! You're teetering on the lip of a volcano! Take the left route...

Oh no! Don't panic, whilst sliding you can no longer jump, only move forwards
or backwards relative to the slope. The yellow flies move in predictable zigzag
paths so it's fairly easy to get into a rhythm for collecting them. Don't worry
about any that you miss, at the end of the ride just head back to the tree
canopy and let the bird bring you back. In total you should collect 50 yellows
here. Backtrack to the tree and this time descend to the lower depths.

Head right, taking the highest path, grabbing the obvious blue flies as you go.
The rope at the far right leads nowhere so head down the central cavity, at the
bottom taking a right. The first fly you encounter here is guarded, walk to it
and you'll get sucked under and will emerge at the bottom of the rope we just
saw. Never mind, head back to where you were, this time jumping over the trap
location. The three flies you see at the dead end in front of you are also
trapped; directly under the left most one, avoid touching the floor here.

Turn back and head left, the wooden bridges are safe to walk over, do so. You
will come to an area with three little platforms in the top left side of the
screen. Some white bones appear to be buried in the ceiling. Head up to them to
enter a tunnel. Now, from here there are two well hidden secret paths! Firstly,
jump over the tunnel entrance you are standing in and head left into the wall
to find a hidden rope leading down to a chamber with some white fireflies in
it. Now head back up to the secret tunnel and jump onto the stalactite you can
see, you can climb up it revealing yet more whites.

Now climb back down into the tunnel and walk the length of it, don't worry, it
isn't trapped. Three quarters of the way down it, near to the rats you can
climb another stalactite and find three more whites.

Continue down the tunnel with the rats and head out the exit. Open the grey
chest to reveal another medallion. This one is very useful as it allows you to
see the locations of all the sucker traps; a shimmering light appears where
they are!

Keep heading left in the cave and collecting all the blue flies. When you have
29 in total go back to where you found the medallion and take a leap of faith
off the wooden platform there.

Underground Lake
First swim to the far right and climb up the rope to find another chest with a
fish medallion inside. When you plop back into the lake you'll now have your
own fishy friend to keep you company.

Swim around at various depths as blue flies will appear randomly for a few
seconds, so collect as many as you can. When you're total hits 79, flies will
stop appearing, so head to the bottom right of the lake and into the black pipe
maze, making your way to the hole in the ground, from which bubbles are

Collect the final 21 blue flies in the caverns here, progressing to the left
and climbing up the chain, out of the water. It isn't possible to get to that
chest yet so keep going left to be sucked into the monster!

Make your way around the maze to the bottom right. Before you enter the black
warp portal you should have 25 red flies. In the next chamber take the warp at
the top left and then head around the chest collecting. Head back to the
previous room and make your way to the as yet untouched portal with 74 reds in
your inventory.

This next room is nasty, the final 26 reds are here but so too are some
swimming virii. If you touch them then you end up back at the room entry
point, and when you swim near to them they home in on you. You probably won't
clear the room without touching one, so take a couple of attempts.

When cleared take the warp at the top of the room and continue through the next
empty chamber to leave the monster, don't worry about the chest we left, we'll
get it later!

Head back into the cave and get sucked under by a monster. Climb up the rope
and head back to the tree, the canopy and then the lip of the volcano.

Drop down and grab the yellow flies, towards the bottom, when you have 65 look
at the right hand wall, see that black mark? Walk into it to reveal a secret
tunnel! Grab the five white flies and go back to the descent. Drop off the
chain and glide to the right to land on the platform above the larva flow. Jump
around grabbing all the yellows. Where all the chains are hanging, notice the
black stone in the larva flow at the bottom of the screen. The chain directly
above this leads to another cavern containing another five white flies.

Head back and follow the larva flow, don't drop down the fall just head, keep
following the chains to the right. The best technique here is to continually
hold up and right to glide across. You should find a chest just left of a
hanging skeleton. Open it for another medallion. Now backtrack to the
larva-fall. Walk along the bottom and keep heading right, ignoring the steps up
you see, you'll come to a silver elevator, by which time you should have found
all 100 yellow flies. Take the elevator down.

Ice Field
A lot of the chests in this area will simply sink as you jump on them, try them
all. There are no ledges that cannot be reached here, some simply require
skilful running and jumping, don't be disheartened. The second screen
requires you to head far to the left before jumping up to grab the purples you
passed. At the location where a snow hill in the foreground obscures you from
view you should jump onto the black platform just to the right of this and then
the successive platforms to the left, leading you to the two chests, the left
one contains a medallion.

All of the chests on the third screen are empty so it simply becomes a case of
repeating the well timed jumps to collect all of the purples. You should have
91 before you leave the area via the rope upwards on the elevated platform at
the far left.

The purple cavern you find yourself inside contains the final nine purples.
Continue up the ladders and into the brick labyrinth.

Brick Labyrinth
This is perhaps the most confusing area to explore and is a nightmare to
describe. The only real secret to this area is to walk into as many walls as
possible as often, some are fake and lead to chambers containing white flies.

The ghosts travelling diagonally, like everything in this game, don't hurt you
but if you touch them they will break up. Take a right and grab the three
oranges. Now go left and grab the other two before climbing further upwards.
Stand on top of the coloured markings and take a running jump left into the
alcove containing 2 more oranges, now drop down holding the left key to drop
into the alcove directly beneath with another two oranges. Climb back up past
the coloured markings and make a note of the orders of the colours, you'll need
that for later.

At the top of the ladder head as far right as you can to drop through the
floor, allowing you to find five more whites. Climb back up the tall ladder and
head up to grab some more oranges. Climb back down and make a running jump to
the left, past the black circles. Explore this area; in the bottom left you can
walk left into the wall and grab another five whites. There are two vases in
this area, you can break them by pushing them off any ledge, however this
serves no purpose.

When you have 39 oranges, exit using the ladder at the top level again.
Continue exploring and grabbing as many obtainable oranges as possible. At the
far left of this area is a drop, hug the right hand wall when you do so to
enter an alcove containing a single orange. Do so again to enter another alcove
directly beneath it containing another five. Eventually you'll have cleared as
many oranges as possible, now head back to the level above the coloured
markings and touch the stone beneath the black circle. Do so on the left hand
side. A column of stone will drop down. Now progress upwards once again.

Explore the newly opened area by making successive jumps and knocking off any
blocking vases. When you locate the chest at the far right, continue right to
drop onto, again, five more whites. Simply clear the area, exploring every
pathway to find the remaining oranges, you should have a total of 100 before
you leave via the ladder that is at the apex of the labyrinth. Climb up through
the grey tunnel and exit back into the field where your adventure began.

Now, backtrack to the canopy, through the volcano, back to where we found that
chest next to the hanging skeleton. Remember? Good. Jump over the skeleton and
exit through the opening on the right.

The Piano
There is a piano on the ground in front of you, go ahead, play around with it.
If you hadn't guessed already you need to hit a certain colour combination in
the correct order to progress.... now, where did we see any clues for a
combination of colours? That's right! Just! In the brick labyrinth. In case you
didn't jot it down, the coloured markings were:

Yellow Orange Red Purple Green

So you need to hit the keys in this order:

When you do so a rope will magically appear. Climb up into the rain storm.

Use the fifth tall stem as a route to the upper levels of this area. There is
nothing hidden here, it's just a simple case of traversing the plants and
avoiding the spikes to collect all 25 greens. Take some time to enjoy the storm
and the atmosphere.

When you're finished here you should head back to the cave where we emerged
from the labyrinth. The fastest route is back through the volcano, up to its
rim and down the slope. Before you enter the cave though, head back to the very
start of your adventure in the field. Climb up the first leafed plant and stand
on the left hand leaf. Can you see the white outline of the blocks? Take a leap
of faith towards the sun, on the left. You should find an invisible walkway to
the sun, so head on in!

The Sun
The remaining 10 white flies are in here, however so to is a pulsating orb.
Avoid touching the orb at all costs since it will drop you back into the field,
forcing you to re-enter the sun. It's best to wait on the third lower platform,
and crouch until the orb passes left over you.

The Open Door
Now head to the cave, over the top of the ladder and jump over the gap. Now we
have collected all coloured fireflies a doorway had opened. Head through.

The Night's Sky
Jump up each platform and grab the 27 whites as you go. At the very top follow
the staircase into the clouds.

The Heavens
Take the left path first for a few more whites, then backtrack and head right,
there's someone waiting for you....

After the reunion you're going to have to leave once more, drop back off the
cliff and make your way to the door that lead to the night's sky. You should
have 100 white flies by now so go through the newly opened door with the yellow

Hippo Crevasse
This is tough, you have to climb the chain whilst avoiding the homing hippos.
A technique that can help is staying very still when a hippo just launches
itself at you, if you're lucky it will miss you completely or collide but not
knock you off. Just persevere, it can take several minutes to get the hang of
this. When at the top open the treasure chest containing the final medallion.
The warp function is now available so hit <w>!

Now that you have the ability to warp to various locations you should attempt
to complete your adventure by finding all six pieces of the moon. The warp key
will take you to one of nine random locations, just keep hitting it until you
get to an area you haven't explored yet.

The locations are:

1. The platform above the underground lake with the previously unreachable
   treasure chest.

2. Yellow platform field. This area requires some well honed jumping skills to
   successfully make your way to the top. Consider saving at each new level of
   platforms and quitting and restarting the game again if (when) you fall.

3. Next to the chest in the volcano, by the hanging skeleton. Nothing here.

4. Outside the colour locked doors. Nothing here.

5. Inside a closed chamber in the monster.

6. A purple maze, take the third drop and then climb the first rope.

7. The ice field. Nothing here.

8. Inside what looks like a UFO. The black swirl in the middle can't hurt you.

9. Next to the piano. Jump on the keys in the order written on the wall in the
   UFO, that was 1-3-4-2-4-5-6. A chest containing the final piece appears,
   completing the moon.

The White Palace
Warp again until you are outside the door to the night's sky. Climb up all the
platforms into the heavens and take a left to the previously closed door of the
white palace. Follow the corridor and jump on top of the plinth with the
greyed out sketch of the moon on it. The moon you collected will embed itself
onto the plinth and the final credits will roll.

5.                               S E C R E T S

At the bottom of the larva-fall in the volcano head right. Notice the brown
hill you walk past? If you time it just right then you might notice something
watching you...

6.                                T H A N K S

Thanks to cly5m for creating an absolute gem of a game and for being generous
enough to give it away.

Thanks also to CjayC and SBAllen for the creation and maintenance of GameFAQs.

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