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Walkthrough by Lemmerman

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/27/08

                              Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe
                                Started: 22/10/07
                                  Version: 1.00
                                 Author: Lemmerman
                           E-mail: c_lemmerman@hotmail.co.uk

1. Introduction       [INTRO]
Well, this is the first ever FAQ I've written, so go easy on me. I really
enjoyed playing this game, so I thought I should try my hand at something new.
That, and the fact that I had nothing else to do over my half term.

Since its my first FAQ, there's bound to be lots of grammar and spelling errors
so bear with me, and eventually I'll get round to them ;)

Here we go then: Spider-Man: Friend or Foe - The Walkthrough!

Note: For ease of use, use the Find command (Ctrl+F) to search for specific
sections using the abbreviations on the side of the table of contents.

Note 2: This walkthrough WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS. I will explain the story as
we go along, so be warned.

2. History      [HIS1]

22nd October - Guide started. Controls, contents, introduction and enemy 
               classes completed. Walkthrough completed up to Sea Caves level.
               Characters section completed up to The Sandman.

23rd October - Walkthrough completed up to the Oldworld Village Level

24th October - Walkthrough completed up to Dark Caverns level. Characters 
               completed up to Venom.

25th October - Walkthrough finished. Characters section completed. Collectibles
               section completed. Legal, Thank Yous and Contact Me section 
               Version 1.00 Complete 
               Submitted to GameFAQS.com

27th October - Updated Legal Section

30th October - Large rewrite, enemy names changed to reflect game content
               Updated Legal Section

27th January - My birthday. Also, changed some spelling errors, and fixed a 
               broken link.

2. Table of Contents        [TAB]

1. Introduction...........................................[INT1]

2. History................................................[HIS1]

3. Contents...............................................[TAB1]

4. Controls...............................................[CONT1]

5. Characters.............................................[CHAR1]

6. Enemy Classes..........................................[ENEM1]

7. Walkthrough............................................[WALK1]

7a. Tokyo.................................................[TOK1]
    Industrial Plant......................................[TOK2]
    Secret Lab............................................[TOK3]
    The Rooftops..........................................[TOK4]
    Oscorp Japan..........................................[TOK5]

7b. Tangaroa Island.......................................[TAN1]
    Sea Caves.............................................[TAN3]
    The Cliffs............................................[TAN4]
    Ancient Ruins.........................................[TAN5]

7c. Cairo.................................................[EGY1]
    Sun-Drenched City.....................................[EGY2]
    The Oasis.............................................[EGY3]
    Unearthed Catacombs...................................[EGY4]
    Excavation Site.......................................[EGY5]

7d. Transylvania..........................................[TRAN1]
    Oldworld Village......................................[TRAN2]
    The Manor House.......................................[TRAN3]
    Graveyard Path........................................[TRAN4]
    Ancient Church........................................[TRAN5]
7e. Nepal.................................................[NEP1]
    Lower Village.........................................[NEP2]
    Dark Caverns..........................................[NEP3]
    Upper Village.........................................[NEP4]

7f. Aftermath.............................................[AFT1]

8. Collectibles...........................................[DNA1]

9. Contact Me.............................................[CON1]

10. Thank Yous.............................................[TY1]

11. Legal.................................................[LEG1]

4. Controls     [CONT1]

I'll assume that you know how to navigate a menu ;)

Whilst playing this game, you will either control Spider-Man, or one of his
sidekicks. The control layout is basically the same for each sidekick, with
the moves varying slightly depending on who you decide to play as.


Analogue Stick              Movement

X Button                    Jump - Press and hold to webswing
                                   Press twice to double jump

Square Button               Attack - Press repeatedly to combo
                                   - Press in the air to air combo
                                   - Hold to perform an uppercut
                                   - Hold in the air to ground pound

Triangle Button             Swap - Hold to swap to sidekick

Circle Button               Web Attack - When "Web Line" is selected, use
                                         to grab and throw enemies. Press
                                         circle, X or square during a grab
                                         to change the throw. 
                                         When "Web Shoot" is selected, use
                                         to fire impact webbing balls at
                                         When "Web Stun" is selected, press
                                         and hold to cover enemies in 
                                         webbing to stun them.
                            Note: All web moves can be used in the air.
L1 and R1                   Cycle web moves

Start Button                Pause the game


Analogue Stick              Movement

X Button                    Jump - Press twice to double jump

Square Button               Attack - Press repeatedly to combo
                                   - Press in the air to air combo
                                   - Hold to perform first special move
                                   - Hold in the air to ground pound

Triangle Button             Swap - Hold to swap to Spider-Man

Circle Button               Grab - Press to grab and throw enemies. Pressing
                                   X, circle or square during a grab will 
                                   change the throw.
                                 - Hold to perform second special move

L1 and R1                   Not used

Start Button                Pause the game


Hidden inside objects or purchasable from the helicarrier, power-ups can be
triggered using the D-Pad. Each one is useful in combat situations. The total
number of each powerup which can be stored is shown in brackets, and the amount
you currently have can be shown if you pause the game.

Left D-Pad: Mega Damage (3) - Increases damage output, character's fists glow 

Right D-Pad: Invincibility (3) - Character glows green and takes no damage, nor

Down D-Pad: Restore Health (5) - Momentary red glow around character, full 
                                 health restoration

Up D-Pad - Hero Strike (1) - Both Spider-Man and his sidekick team up for a 
                             super-powered attack, demolishing all enemies on 
                             the screen.

5. Characters      [CHAR1]

As you play through the game, you will unlock new sidekicks to fight alongside
Spider-Man during his adventure. Here is an overview of each sidekick, as 
well as their special attacks.


Our hero. Recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D, it is his job to help rid the world of the
PHANTOM menace.
Hold Square - Uppercut
Circle - Web attacks

My Notes: Spider-Man, being the main character, will be the guy you spend most
          time playing as. He's fast, strong, and has the easiest time getting
          to combo level 4 due to his varied web attacks. Spidey is a character
          for all occasions, and you'll never get bored of him. That said, his
          uppercut isn't brilliant. Just use the web attacks, they do the job.

Black Suited Spider-Man

Spider-Man releases the symbiote from one of the meteor shards near the end of 
the game to give himself an edge over his foes. As a result, his strength and
speed increase, at the cost of his self control.

Hold Square - Uppercut
Circle - Web attacks

My Notes: Black Suited Spider-Man plays exactly the same as Spider-Man does, 
          with a notable increase in strength. For the last two levels of the
          game you must use this suit because it is imperative to the story,
          but once the final boss is defeated you can swap it on or off using
          a terminal on the helicarrier. It's mainly a different skin for
          Spidey, so if like me you prefer the black suit then stick with it, 
          because the strength increase isn't that important to be honest.

Prowler - The Reformed Burglar

The Prowler was once a dangerous burglar, until Spider-Man helped him to see
the error of his ways. Now he works alongside Silver Sable as part of the Wild
Pack, using his high pressure canisters and fighting skills to combat the 

Hold Square - Pneumatic Blast
Hold Circle - Canister Barrage            (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: Meh. I can't say I played as the Prowler much to be honest. He's just
          around for the first level really, but that said he can be very
          useful. He's a well balanced melee and ranged fighter due to his
          special attacks, and he'll see you through the game if you wish to
          stick with him. I just wish they'd given him his cape.

Black Cat - The Nimble Thief

A cat burglar by trade, the Black Cat has a heart of gold. After a brief
relationship with Spider-Man, she became a private investigator, and is now
working with S.H.I.E.L.D to bring down the PHANTOMs. Her grappling hook and 
sharp claws make her a valuable (and attractive) asset.

Hold Square - Heaven's Claw
Hold Circle - Tornado Claw                 (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: Ah the Black Cat. You can get some of the best dialogue ever with her
          wandering around ;). Anyway, she's a very fast battler, and allows
          you to keep the long range grabs which Spider-Man enjoys because of 
          her grappling hook, so it's like having a Spidey clone to fight with.
          Albeit a better looking one. Also good if you're playing with a
          younger sister or girlfriend and they always want to be the "girl".

Doc Ock - The Master Planner

Once a brilliant scientist, a freak accident bonded his adamantium tentacles
to his spine. He now has total mental control over them, which unfortunately
made him a target for the PHANTOMs. Freeing him from their mind control allows
Spider-Man to make use of the Doctor's powerful attacks.

Hold Square - Steel Trap
Hold Circle - Tentacle Terror              (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: The good Doctor is a powerful fighter, delivering hard hitting 
          tentacle strikes, as well as being able to attack from a large range
          due to their length. He does suffer from being slightly slower than
          Spider-Man, so you have to make sure your grabs will connect, or
          you're just leaving yourself open. Also, his grabs on large enemies
          will hold them fast, so you can swap to Spider-Man and beat them down
          with no repercussions.

Green Goblin - The Mad Genius

Norman Osborn was a famous businessman until he tested a strength enhancing
formula on himself. The serum drove him mad, turning him to a life of crime as
the Green Goblin. He reluctantly joins Spider-Man when rescued, bringing a
vast array of gadgets to the team.

Hold Square - Razor Bats
Hold Circle - Electro-Storm                (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: Mr Goblin is a technical fighter. He's best left to throw bombs from
          afar, then run in and mop up with either his electrical attack or
          some quick strikes. I don't really enjoy playing as the Goblin, 
          because it always seems like he's missing something 
          *CoughGLIDERcough*. A decent sidekick, but you'll find better.

Scorpion - The Natural Predator

Paid by J. Jonah Jameson to take part in an experiment which could allow him 
to defeat Spider-Man, Mac Gargan became the Scorpion. After being freed from
the PHANTOMs control, Scorpion becomes a valuable asset, a good combination
of power and speed combined with his long reaching special attacks.

Hold Square - Tail Terror
Hold Circle - Plasma Blast                 (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: Speaking of better...Here comes the Scorpion. This guy has the best
          balance between power and speed in my mind. His attacks do high 
          damage, and his special attacks give him the all important ranged
          powers. His Tail Terror does take a little while to charge however,
          and his grabs are short ranged, but overall the Scorpion is fairly
          decent for a Marvel character that usually gets stuck as a grunt.

Iron Fist - The Living Weapon

Daniel Rand-Kai was taught the mystical K'un L'un martial arts during his stay
in an ancient city. His powers allow him to focus his chi into an energy ball,
and he has the ability to summon a dragon spirit for protection. Working for
S.H.E.I.L.D, Iron Fist is saved by Spider-Man before becoming available.

Hold Square - Iron Fist
Hold Circle - Dragon Spirit                (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: Question: When was the last time Iron Fist was in a game? Answer: Too 
          long. What a pity that is, because he's extremely good. Fisty can use 
          his specials for decent ranged attacks, as well as protection in the 
          form of his Dragon Spirit. His melee attacks are very fast, and I 
          think you'll be using him a lot, at least until someone better comes 

Rhino - The Horned Brawler

A down and out Russian grunt, the Rhino was grafted to his impenetrable suit
as well as having his strength enhanced astronomically. Freeing him from his
mind control amulet allows Spider-Man to use his vast strength and sharp horn
to gorge his way across battlefields.

Hold Square - Horn Rush
Hold Circle - Earth Shaker                 (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: Ugh. I don't like the Rhino very much. His dialogue is brilliant, but
          it's not enough to save him from the fact that he's just not that 
          good really. He's slow, and his special attacks leave him wide open 
          to damage. His throws are short ranged, and despite doing high 
          amounts of damage, the Rhino is so unpredictable that it's not worth 
          it. I would stick with Iron Fist to be honest.

Lizard - The Tragic Professor

Wishing to regrow his lost arm, Doctor Curt Connors experimented with reptile
DNA. However, his experiment caused him to mutate into a lizard-like creature,
and he now uses the speed of the lizard body in his search for a cure. His
aptitude in taking down PHANTOMs causes Nick Fury to hire him on the spot.

Hold Square - Tail Typhoon
Hold Circle - Lightning Lunge              (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: This is a good one. After the Rhino, the Lizard will surprise you.
          He's very fast, and claws through enemies quickly, plus his special
          attacks work well even if they aren't the most imaginative. He has
          brilliant dialogue, and the only downside is the lack of a ranged 
          attack. Oh, and for some reason, his special attacks don't smash
          pots, and neither does his ground pound. Why? I really don't know...

Sandman - The Sentient Sandstorm

Fleeing from the law, Flint Marko fled to a nuclear particle testing site,
causing his body to be reduced to sand. He finds that he can now control all
sand particles, and this allows him to reduce PHANTOMs to dust once he is 
saved from their mind control by the webbed wonder.

Hold Square - Sandblast
Hold Circle - Sandstorm                    (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: I wrote one description of the Sandman and realised I was rather 
          harsh. Its just, old Sandy doesn't have much going for him. He's
          very slow, and his attacks don't do as much damage as you'd expect.
          His special attacks, especially Sandstorm, do come in handy, but
          overall you feel like you're missing something when you have the
          Sandman as your sidekick. Give him a miss, unless you like boring
          sidekicks with terrible attacks.

Blade - The Daywalker

Born with all the strengths of a vampire but none of the weaknesses, Blade 
spends his life stalking and killing the vampire menace. When discovered in
Transylvania, Spider-Man discovers that Blade is stalking Venom, and the pair
team up to tackle the symbiote menace together.

Hold Square - Blade-Rang
Hold Circle - EMP Grenades                 (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: For a sidekick I thought I would dislike, Blade turned out rather 
          good. He is very fast on his feet, swinging his sword like there's
          no tomorrow, and his special attacks are great. The Blade Rang alone
          can take down a group of medium PHANTOMs if you aim it right. The 
          downside to Blade is that his throws are short ranged, and his sword
          doesn't do quite as much damage as you think it would, being a sword
          and all. A great sidekick overall though.

Venom - The Symbiote

Where Spider-Man rejected the symbiote, Eddie Brock embraced it with open 
arms. Augmenting all of Spider-Man's abilities, Venom is the perfect "Anti-
Spider-Man". Spidey grudgingly accepts Venom's aid in defeating the PHANTOMs
once Venom confesses that he knows something of the mastermind behind the 
entire plot.

Hold Square - Venomous Breath
Hold Circle - Symbiote Spikes              (Must be purchased for 500 credits)

My Notes: I waited a long time to play as Venom *glares at Spider-Man 3 game*
          and I wasn't disappointed. While it's true that Venomous Breath 
          sucks symbiote, Venom is supremely powerful and hilariously funny.
          On top of his power and hilarity, Venom's area attack Symbiote 
          Spikes are rather good too. I think Activision should have given him
          a true projectile like he uses in the boss fight, but oh well. Also,
          watching PHANTOMs literally run in fear of his breath attack makes
          me giggle every time. Well worth the wait.

New Goblin - Friend or Foe

Harry Osborn inherited his father's Goblin legacy, as well as all of his 
gadgets and abilities. However, after a brief stint as a criminal, Harry
joined Spider-Man as a partner in crime-fighting. Defeating the mastermind
behind the PHANTOM scheme allows Spidey to save the New Goblin, and add him to
his team.

Hold Square - Razor Bats
Hold Circle - Electro-Storm

My Notes: The younger Osborn is basically the same as his father. His attacks
          and special attacks are almost identical, and the only thing that 
          sets them apart are their stance and their dialogue. To put it 
          bluntly, if you enjoyed Harry and Spidey's team up at the end of 
          Spider-Man 3, then having the New Goblin as your sidekick will make
          your day.

6. Enemy Classes        [ENEM1]

Spidey's travels around the world will not be simple, and at many turns he will
be blocked by PHANTOMs of various sizes. In each area of the world, the 
PHANTOMs will not change much in terms of size, but their outward appearance
and general toughness will change, getting harder as you carry on. 

Tactics when fighting the PHANTOMs of each area are slightly different, so 
these will be detailed throughout the walkthrough, rather than here.

The general classes of PHANTOM are as follows, and I will use these names 
throughout the guide. 

Small PHANTOMs - Small, round, floating drones. Usually in packs, these drones
                are simplistic and prone to exploding.

Medium PHANTOMs - Infantry units, these are your cannon fodder PHANTOMs. They
                 resemble humans in size, and are the most common type of 

Large PHANTOMs - About twice the size of medium PHANTOMs, large PHANTOMs are
                  more difficult to deal with than their mediumer counterparts.

Huge PHANTOMs - These very tall, very large PHANTOMs are very powerful. They
                 can be quite difficult alone, and deadly when faced in pairs.
                 Can be classed as mini-bosses, because a health bar appears 
                 when they are faced in battle.

PHANTOM Generators - Large cylindrical structures, these machines spawn lots
                     of large and medium PHANTOMs whilst you beat down on 
                     them. These also can be classed as mini-bosses because 
                     they get their own health bars.

7. Walkthrough      [WALK1]

Selecting a new game will run the opening movie, in which Spider-Man is
attacked by old foes Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom and the Sandman. Surrounded,
Spidey is saved by the New Goblin, and demolishes the foes with pumpkin bombs.
As the enemies regain consciousness, the group are attacked by mysterious 
assailants, which proceed to teleport the four villains and the New Goblin 
away. Spidey looks up, and is teleported into the S.H.I.E.L.D helicarrier.

Spidey meets Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D, who explains the presence of
the PHANTOMs, holographic lifeforms powered by shards of a meteor which
crashed to earth. This meteor has broken into 5 parts, each landing in a
different part of the planet: Transylvania, Nepal, Cairo, Tangaroa Island and
Tokyo. Our first stop is Japan.

7a. Tokyo      [TOK1]

The S.H.I.E.L.D computer shows Spidey the Tokyo briefing, after a few 
"mishaps" which do not please Colonel Fury. Both Doc Ock and Green Goblin 
have been sighted there, as well as PHANTOMs of a 5% symbiote index. As a 
side note, the Black Cat is also around, and she could prove useful.

Nick points out the different consoles in the helicarrier. Most important is
the upgrade lab, which allows you to upgrade both your web abilities and the
power of your sidekicks. Also is the rewards terminal, which shows unlocked 
rewards, and the sidekick terminal which lets you select who will join you
on your next adventure. Lastly, the options unit lets you change game setting
such as volume etc.

For now, select only available sidekick, the Prowler, and then your only
available destination from the Tokyo unit: The Industrial Plant.

Industrial Plant      [TOK2]

DNA Helixes = 3/3
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Areas = 1/1

You arrive in a Japanese Industrial plant. Run forwards, off the end of the 
platform to be faced with your first group of PHANTOMs. Get used to the punch
button, and take them all down. A second group will spawn, so use the grab
button to remove this threat. The drawbridge will slot into place, so move on.

Listen to Fury's tutorial on objects, then smash them all to collect some 
power-ups, as well as tokens. Continue on, until the door closes. Dispatch the
foes, and move through the door.

Along the corridor you are greeted by another group of medium PHANTOMs, so deal
with them before taking off through the newly opened door. Listen to the
computer, and then stand on one of the switches. Your partner should then
stand on the second, extending two drawbridges. Walk along the closest one to
pick up your first DNA Helix! These are useful for unlocking new rewards.

Cross the other drawbridge and meet the large sized PHANTOMs. Grab some
explosive barrels and lob them for a quick dispatch. When the large PHANTOMs
glow and the circle button appears over their heads, grab them for a finishing
move. Now deal with the medium PHANTOMs and walk through the next door.

In the next room, small PHANTOMs appear. These can be thrown at each other,
causing them to detonate and destroy two at once. Use the web grab for best
effect, then move along. At the top of this ramp is another DNA Helix. Destroy 
a group of large PHANTOMs, then stand on the single switch to extend a 

Stand on next two switches to extend a platform, which you should climb on to 
in order to double jump for your third DNA Helix. Move through the door.

Small PHANTOMs attack on the bridge, then a huge PHANTOM will materialise in
the centre of the next platform. When his light core is exposed, Fury will tell
you to attack him. Either throw boxes from far away, or switch to the Prowler
and use his special attacks to launch projectiles. You can also use the 
invincibility and mega damage power-ups to deal close quarters damage. Once he
is defeated, climb through the next doors and deal with the mixed group of 
large and medium PHANTOMs. Pick up the floating keystone in this area, and head
left to open the keystone area.

Defeat the PHANTOMs in this area to unlock it for Versus Mode back on the 
helicarrier, then return to the area where you got the keystone and head up
through the doors. Defeat the medium and large sized PHANTOMs here, using the
explosive barrels if need be, then head through the final door to meet the 
Black Cat and end the level.

Back on the helicarrier, use the upgrade lab to purchase either new web powers,
or sidekick improvements. Special attacks are usually the most useful to begin,
moving on to stat upgrades as you progress. Look at your rewards, change your
sidekick if you wish (and who wouldn't), then head to the second Tokyo level,
The Secret Lab.

Secret Lab      [TOK3]

DNA Helixes 3/3

Run forwards into the room ahead, leap up onto the centre console and collect
the DNA Helix. A group of medium and large sized PHANTOMs will teleport in, 
so use both your sidekick and Spider-Man's abilities to demolish them. Smash
all of the containers in this room and the next for additional money and 
power-ups, then move on to the third room.

In this area, destroy the medium and large PHANTOMs which appear. As you do 
this, try to destroy the large consoles around the edges because one of them
will yield another DNA Helix. As you battle, the door to the next room will
open, admitting further PHANTOMs. Deal with them, destroy everything you can,
collect the last DNA Helix in the room which the PHANTOMs attacked from,
then enter the room beyond for your first boss battle, the infamous Doctor

*Boss Battle: Doctor Octopus*

Spidey finds the good Doctor in the process of activating a device which could
increase the PHANTOMs power by a thousandfold. Obviously, that's bad, so our 
hero swings in to stop him.

The Doctor will take up a position on top of his device, whilst it pulls in
boxes and other objects. Swap to Spider-Man if you haven't already, for his
web attacks are your best bet for this battle. In front of the device are two 
conduits which will shoot at you, and to get the good Doctor down, you must
disable them.

Leap into the air when the conduits fire at you, then use a web line to grab a 
box and throw it at one of them. After a number of hits, the conduit should 
lose power, and Doc Ock will leap to the floor to fix it. Run in and attack,
watching out for his flailing tentacles as he attempts to repair it.

Once enough damage is dealt, usually about a third of the total, a short 
cutscene will play, with the Doctor complaining about his "precious machine". 
Repeat your previous tactic, watching out for new bullet patterns. Bring the 
Doc down to earth again, and take down another third of his health for another
cutscene. He's angry now!

The bullets come thick and fast for the last stage, and the pull of the machine
gets stronger. Try to stay in the air as much as possible, and throw multiple
boxes without hitting the floor. Once the Doctor is on the ground again, 
activate a mega damage power-up if need be and take down the last third of his

The Doctor's amulet will fall off, and Spidey will smash it to the floor, 
freeing him from the PHANTOMs mind control. The Doctor is furious, and agrees 
to help Spider-Man defeat the PHANTOMs.

Back on the helicarrier, upgrade Doc Ock, check your rewards, swap sidekicks if
you wish to use the Doctor's abilities, then use the Tokyo unit to travel to
The Rooftops.

The Rooftops       [TOK4]

DNA Helixes = 4/4
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Areas = 1/1

You begin on a helipad. Head left, destroying a few canisters, then leap down
to be greeted by four large PHANTOMs. If you have brought along the Doctor,
he will hold them still with his tentacles, allowing Spider-Man to deal 
damage without receiving any. A cutscene will show you your next destination, 
so jump the gap between the buildings, and check the end of the ramp for a 
Keystone. Carry on up the ramp, then double jump to the top of the building to
collect the first DNA Helix.

Jump the next gap, fighting the medium PHANTOMs along the way and destroying
the air conditioning vents for cash. Enter the gate, and watch the cutscene
to show you where you're headed: the Oscorp building. Further along, a battle
with small and medium PHANTOMs ensues, so defeat them and move on. Another 
group of medium and large PHANTOMs attack, and after this the computer will 
scan an "unknown device" in the distance. 

Jump over the gap, and climb the building. Leap to your left and enter the door
using the Keystone. As usual, dispatch the foes here for another Versus mode
arena, then continue back across the gap and to the right, grabbing the DNA 
Helix along the way. A few jumps will bring you face to face with the device, 
which Fury confirms is a PHANTOM generator. 

Focus on the machine, ignoring the medium and large PHANTOMs it summons, and 
use mega damage power-ups if you wish. If you become overwhelmed by the sheer 
number of foes, utilise a Hero Strike power-up to remove them all, as well as 
deal major damage to the generator. When it is dispatched, carry on through the

Remove two more medium PHANTOMs and cross the bridge. Fight the medium PHANTOMs,
then press the button to raise the next bridge. Cross, collect the DNA Helix
and defeat the improved medium PHANTOMs which attack. Leap up the building, 
continue to the left to a platform with a satellite dish. Here, defeat the
medium PHANTOMs, and grab the DNA Helix from the bottom right corner.

Move round the corner to meet another very huge PHANTOM. Throw it's summoned
small PHANTOMs at it, lob a few boxes, or use your sidekick's long range 
attacks to deal with it, then enter the door archway. Destroy the boxes on 
either side of the door, and press the button. Enter the new door to end this

Returning to the helicarrier, check rewards, upgrade and change sidekicks as
necessary, then return to the Tokyo unit for the last level in Japan, the 
Oscorp Japan building.

Oscorp Japan      [TOK5]

DNA Helixes = 2/2

Defeat the small band of medium and large PHANTOMs in the first area, as well 
as the bunch which appear from the doorway, then enter it. Carry on up the 
stairs and defeat the medium PHANTOMs on the landing, then continue to the top
of the stairs. Defeat the huge PHANTOM in the normal way, and head through
the door.

Smash some boxes, and on a circular platform just after Spidey wonders where
the Goblin is, a DNA Helix is found. Grab it, then walk on to fight some more
large and small PHANTOMs. Use the smalls to destroy the large ones, head 
through the door and round the corners. When a corridor leads into the screen,
walk up it and round the corner for the other DNA Helix. Return to the door
and walk through, press the switch to open the door to the helipad and 
prepare for your next boss: The Green Goblin!

*Boss Battle: The Green Goblin*

Spidey investigates the helipad as his Spider-Sense triggers. A pumpkin bomb 
appears, followed closely by the Green Goblin, who denies Spidey the meteor
shard he came for. Time for a battle methinks.

The Goblin hovers in the background, throwing razor bats which can track your
movements. Dodge these, and when he throws four small pumpkins, stand next to
them and wait for them to enlarge. Grab one, run to the edge of the helipad 
and throw it at the Goblin to damage him. 

He will retaliate with a missile barrage, so use single jumps to dodge.
The pumpkins will more than likely have exploded, so dodge his razor bats 
and wait for him to throw some more. Repeat the process of throwing large
pumpkins back, until a cutscene shows the Goblin threaten to destroy you.

He will increase his missile barrage by two and his razor bat assault by one,
so dodge and continue your pumpkin assault where necessary. Use webline grabs 
to minimize running distance, and soon another cutscene will show the Goblin 
almost falling off his glider. Now six missiles in groups of two, and three
razor bats will complete the Goblin's counterattack, so keep up the dodging 
and lob some final pumpkins.

The Goblin's amulet will fall off, so Spidey shatters it and the Goblin 
grudgingly offers to help in his quest to defeat the PHANTOMs, rather than 
go to jail. The Tokyo levels complete, Spider-Man returns to the helicarrier
to prepare for his trip to Tangaroa Island.

7b. Tangaroa Island      [TAN1]

Run your errands on the helicarrier, spend your well earned tokens on
upgrades, especially for your new Goblin pal. Check your rewards, grab a
sidekick and then view the Tangaroa Island mission briefing from the 
Tangaroa Island terminal.

Unfortunately, Nick has shut down the computer's sense of humour circuits. 
Therefore it resorts to some well placed sarcasm, which infuriates Fury
further. To stop Fury's blood pressure from killing him, Spidey re-activates
the computer's funny circuits and discovers that the meteor shard has not
yet been captured yet. 

Unfortunately, agent Iron Fist has been reported missing, and the symbiote 
index of the PHANTOMs has increased to 9%, and both the Scorpion and the Rhino
have been located on the island. The computer drives Nick crazy, whilst Spidey
heads off to Tangaroa Island in search of both Iron Fist, and the meteor.

Beachside      [TAN2]

DNA Helixes = 3/3
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

Spider-Man now has access to his web shoot impact webbing attacks, so use this
to deal with the medium PHANTOMs on the island. Specifically, if you see one
twirling a bola, splat it in order to get it to the damage another foe.
Dispatch the first group, smash some rocks and head through the rock gaps to
the next beach, collecting the DNA Helix on the way.

Travel along the beaches, defeating the medium PHANTOMs until a huge PHANTOM
materialises. Stand on a rock, or far away and pelt it with web shots.
Alternatively, use mega damage and invincibility power ups and attack. Now
head through the gate, take out the group of medium PHANTOMs and cross the
broken bridge. Jump as you cross to grab the second DNA Helix.

Through the gate, over another bridge and deal with the two medium PHANTOMs to
open the next door. In the next area, two large PHANTOMs and a group of small
PHANTOMs will appear, so use their explosive powers to destroy each other, as
well as the poison barrel lying around. Beware of the large PHANTOMs new
rolling attack, be sure to dodge or jump away in time.

Carry on up the new ledge, and across the next foot bridge, taking out a small
band of medium PHANTOMs on the way. Jump onto the mossy rocks in the background
for the third and final DNA Helix, then continue onwards across another bridge
to face another huge PHANTOM. Deal with it in the usual way to open the gate.

Over another bridge, and you will be ambushed by a large number of medium
PHANTOMs. Remove them from your path, then climb up the rocks to the right.
Take note of the two medium destructible rocks, and head right, dropping down
to another beach. Here you will find the Keystone. Head back to the two rocks
and climb up, going left and opening the next Keystone door.

Defeat the medium PHANTOM group to unlock this area in Versus mode, then leave,
climbing up the rock face in front of the door. Demolish the next group of 
medium PHANTOMs and climb the new ledge to meet another PHANTOM generator. 
Crush it with a Hero Strike, mega-damage power-ups, or just some normal
attacks, then enter the door to finish the level.

Helicarrier time. Upgrade, swap characters, check your rewards, then move to
Tangaroa Island mission two, the Sea Caves.

Sea Caves      [TAN2]

DNA Helixes = 2/2

Beginning the level slowly, smash some pots and then walk smack bang into a
cliff full of PHANTOMs. Take two down, then cross the footbridge and
climb the ledge to face another group of small and medium PHANTOMs. Smash them
together for explosive results, then climb the cliff face to press a button,
bringing up a platform you should cross.

A battle with medium and large PHANTOMs takes place, and once destroyed, a 
button raises from the floor, which you should push to make the next platform
rise. Carry on round the cliff face, then climb upwards. Head right where 
possible, and collect a DNA Helix before attacking the group of medium 
PHANTOMs to open the next door. Enter the sea caves.

A huge PHANTOM appears as you round the first corner, so remove him from the
path to open the next door. Run past the medium waterfall and stand on the two
switches to open the door leading to the next DNA Helix. Return to the door
and head right, to a room containing medium PHANTOMs to smash. Obviously,
smash them, and continue through the next door. Deal with the single medium
PHANTOM and some threatening boxes, then leave through the door to do battle
with the Scorpion!

*Boss Battle: The Scorpion*

Spidey finds the Scorpion beating his tail against the floor in front of a 
large statue. The Scorpion explains that he is only supposed to keep Spidey
busy whilst the PHANTOMs collect the meteor shards, and so they do battle.

Jump immediately to dodge the Scorpion's laser tail blasts, and leap to
either large platform. From here, climb the ledges to the platform on which
the Scorpion stands. Dodge his spinning tail attack by leaping, then close in
for the beat down. You should be able to deal decent damage whilst he is dizzy
from his spin. As a side note, falling in the lava will hurt, but not kill
you, as long as you jump quickly out of it.

Scorpion will leap away to one of the large platforms and fire his laser at 
you. Move away, then close in as he performs his spin attack again. Follow him
back up to the centre platform and attack once more. You should have removed 
about a third of his health so far, triggering a cutscene in which Scorpy 
complains about how unfair life is, blah blah blah.

Now one of the ledges will drop, allowing access to the centre platform on
one side only. Get to the Scorpion, dodging his lasers and ground pound attack
whilst attacking him yourself. As you pursue him, the ledges to the centre 
may rise and fall, so choose the correct side before mounting your attack.

After two thirds of his health are depleted, the Scorpion will say that this
"wasn't supposed to happen." As if you were going to let him win! His tail
lasers and ground pound attacks come thick and fast now, so be careful as 
you follow him around the area. Keep up a barrage of punches and kicks and the
Scorpion should soon fall.

His amulet removed and destroyed, the Scorpion realises that he's not in New 
York anymore. Now he's angry! Spidey invites the deranged Scorpion on his 
mission to stop the PHANTOMs, and the level ends.

Back on the helicarrier again, upgrade the Scorpion or your other sidekicks,
buy new web powers, check out rewards from your DNA collections, swap out 
sidekicks in favour of your new companion if you wish, then return to 
Tangaroa Island in search of Iron Fist on the Cliffs.

The Cliffs      [TAN4]

DNA Helixes = 4/4
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

In search of Iron Fist, Spidey and friends leave the caves to climb the cliffs.
Climb left to fight a group of small and medium PHANTOMs before standing on the
two buttons to extend a bridge to the first DNA Helix. Return to the buttons,
head left across the broken bridge for a battle with some large and medium
PHANTOMs. Continue left and stand on the next button to cross another bridge.

Here a group of large PHANTOMs attack so deal with them and carry on left to
another button which extends a further bridge. Move across it and the scene 
will switch to a cliff face. Climb up to your left, cross a metallic bridge and
deal with the medium PHANTOMs to open a metal door. Enter the cave and fight
some small PHANTOMs before moving round the corner and out of the tube. A
huge PHANTOM will attack, so throw the small PHANTOMs at it, then use whatever
strategy you prefer to finish it off, then head into the door behind it.

In the next area, deal with the large and medium PHANTOMs to open the metal
door. To the left of this door is a block of some kind which can be smashed to
reveal the next DNA Helix. Now go through the door, around the path and leap
up the ledge to find two buttons to stand on. Cross this bridge to find a few
PHANTOMs and the Keystone. Return to the buttons and head upwards.

Cross to the right, fight the medium and large PHANTOMs then enter the Keystone
area on the far right wall. Defeat the PHANTOMs here to unlock a new Versus
area, then leave and climb the stone head to climb the ledge. Move left, 
ignoring the door in the background and leap the gap to find another DNA
Helix just next to a medium waterfall. Go back to the door, remove the small 
and medium PHANTOMs outside, stand on the button and enter.

Wander onto the centre platform and a group of medium and small PHANTOMs spawn.
Destroy them, then jump across the bridge to the left platform for the final 
DNA Helix. The rightmost platform yields two buttons and a room full of objects
which can be smashed, then head out of the cave through the upwards door.

Deal with the PHANTOM generator after Spidey sights the Ancient Ruin, stand on
the button and run across to meet Iron Fist, who is about to be placed under 
mind control. Spidey insults, and then saves him, adding Iron Fist to your
team and ending the level.

Back on the helicarrier do the usual, upgrade yourself and your sidekicks,
check your rewards, select Iron Fist as your sidekick if you wish and then
use the Tangaroa Island unit to select the final mission, the Ancient Ruin.

Ancient Ruins      [TAN5]

DNA Helixes = 2/2

Spidey and chum start the level on top of the ruin seen at the end of the 
previous level. Run left and cross the rope bridge to immediately come under
attack from two groups of medium PHANTOMs. Spidey admires the view and sights 
two large PHANTOMs. Carry on left, standing on the button to extend the next
bridge and crossing a further rope bridge to meet these two, whom you should
"greet" with your fists flailing. They are joined by a few medium PHANTOMs, but
this shouldn't be a problem for you. Now continue right.

At the foot of the broken steps, continue right and dispatch the next group of
large and medium PHANTOMs. Return to the broken steps and head left, down a 
medium cliff face to find two buttons. Press them to raise a bridge which you
can cross to find the first DNA Helix. Now return to the area where you fought
the last group of PHANTOMs and press the button there. Move across the bridge.

Carry on to the right and fight medium PHANTOMs as you progress. A platform
raises when they are dispatched, so cross and press the lone button to raise a
platform. Use this to reach the higher ledge and the other DNA Helix. Now 
drop down and cross the bridge. Deal with the large and small PHANTOMs to 
bring up another platform, carry on across it and scale the cliff face.

At the top, run into the centre of the platform to cause medium PHANTOMs to 
appear. Dispatch them, and the next door will open, granting access to the
lair of the next boss: The Rhino!

*Boss Battle: The Rhino*

Spidey investigates the new area, only to be attacked from behind by the Rhino.
A quick matrix dodge saves him from the Rhino's horn, and after a quick insult,
battle ensues.

Rhino begins by beating the floor, causing rocks to fall from the ceiling. Web
line one, and throw it at Rhino to knock him off guard. Rhino will now walk 
towards you and charge when he gets close. Stand in front of one of the
electrified pillars and leap out of the way to cause the Rhino to electrocute
himself. He will then return to the centre and cause the rocks to fall again.

Sometimes Rhino will sit in the centre of the platform and beat the floor,
causing shockwaves to appear. Leap over these, or they will hurt. As a note,
stay away from the bottom edge of the platform because it is easy to be
knocked or accidentally jump off. Repeat the rock throwing, pillar charging
until Rhino asks you to "hold still so I can bop you". As if!

Rhino will now use circular shockwaves when in the centre, so jump over these
and hit him with a combo to knock him down. He will follow and ram you, so
get his head buried in another pillar for further damage. Repeat this, watching
out for shockwaves and falling rocks which can be used to your advantage until
Rhino says he will "hit you with my head". How articulate. One third left.

Rhino's pattern doesn't change in the last part of the battle, so continue your
same attack pattern until the amulet is removed and destroyed. Spidey thinks he
has enough idiotic sidekicks (Hi Green Goblin!), but Rhino's puppy dog eyes
convince Spidey to allow Rhino to join. The duo head back to the helicarrier
whilst Rhino wonders what an "Egypt" is...

7c. Egypt      [EGY1]

Returning to the helicarrier, Spidey unlocks his Web Stun ability. Use your
hard earned tokens to upgrade this, as well as your sidekicks. Swap sidekicks
if you wish, examine your rewards, and then head over to the Egypt console for
your briefing.

The crafty computer has convinced the security onboard the helicarrier to 
arrest Fury so that she can spend some alone time with Spider-Man. If only
Mary-Jane could see this! A "heartfelt" scene later, and the computer shows
that the PHANTOMs now possess a 25% symbiote index, making them more powerful.
However, a sandstorm has been located, possibly the work of the Sandman.
Spidey heads to Egypt with this in mind, firstly to the Sun-Drenched City.

Sun-Drenched City      [EGY2]

DNA Helixes = 3/3
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Areas = 1/1

Spidey and co. arrive in Egypt, so head left and admire the view. Descend the
stairs and press the button to activate a bridge which you should now cross.
Under the arch the Egyptian medium PHANTOMs will attack and Fury will explain 
how Spider-Man's new Web Stun ability works. Coat the PHANTOMs in this, and 
they will be unable to throw their boomerangs at you. Defeat this group and
continue left by pressing the button and raising the bridge.

New large PHANTOMs will attack, so web stun them to prevent their projectiles
from coming your way. Defeat the single PHANTOM, smash the large crate in the
corner for your first DNA Helix and then carry on through the gate. In the 
next area you will pass a gate in the background. Return here once you have
the Keystone for the Versus arena. For now, carry on left to fight two medium
PHANTOMs and then large and small PHANTOMs at the foot of the stairs. The small
PHANTOMs can be dealt with in the same way as usual. Once this group is 
defeated, head through the gate.

Outside the next gate in this area a huge PHANTOM will appear. Use either 
the mega-damage and invincibility combo or a large amount of web stun to take
this monstrosity down before heading through this gate. Two medium PHANTOMs
attack on the stairs, and then a group of medium and small PHANTOMs in the open
area at the bottom. Press the button, extend the bridge and grab the DNA
Helix as you walk across.

Smash the crates in the centre of the archway and then descend the stairs at
the bottom of the screen to face large and medium PHANTOMs in a group. Now
walk through the next gate and down some stairs into a medium town like area.
Medium PHANTOMs attack, so defeat them and then cross the bridge Spidey says
will lead you out of the city by pressing the button.

Carry on left, around a corner and smack into a PHANTOM generator. Use the 
usual strategies to deal with it, such as Hero Strike, then head through the 
gate. In the next market area to the left, large and small PHANTOMs attack.
Deal with them, then press the two buttons in the background to allow access
to a DNA Helix. Head into the archway on top of this ledge to find the Keystone
as well. Return to the Keystone area all the way back at the beginning of the
area and defeat the enemies here for a new Versus arena, then return to the
final area and enter the gate to end this level and leave the city behind.

On the helicarrier, do your business, spend your tokens, reap the rewards of
your DNA collecting and swap sidekicks if you wish. Then use the Egypt terminal
to select the second mission, The Oasis.

The Oasis      [EGY3]

DNA Helixes = 2/2 
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area /= 1/1

A battle with some medium PHANTOMs begins as soon as you step forward, so
destroy them and deploy the bridge by standing on the button. Cross, and attack
the large PHANTOMs which spawn to open the gate. As you pass through the gate,
stand on the two buttons to open a crypt containing a DNA Helix. Cross the next
bridge and defeat the large and small PHANTOMs before continuing across another
bridge after pressing the button to activate it.

In the next area, leap up a ledge and cross a bridge. Open the crypt using the
two buttons and collect the Keystone from within before heading right to fight
some large and medium PHANTOMs. Carry on right, press the button and cross the
bridge. Fight the large PHANTOMs further right, then jump up the ledge on the
left. Progress to the right, fighting the medium PHANTOMs until you come to 
another button and another bridge. Those Egyptians liked their bridges eh?

Across this bridge and up a ledge, fight the medium PHANTOMs and one large one
protecting yet another button activated bridge. You should see a button next
to a door on the left, but ignore this and head right instead to find the 
Keystone area. Fight and defeat all the PHANTOMs in here to unlock this area
for multiplayer action in Versus mode, then return to the button you went past.

In this area are a few small PHANTOMs and one huge PHANTOM. Lob the smalls at 
the big guy, then stand on the button to let down another bridge. Only a few
more bridges to go, don't worry. Go through the mountainside archway, fight 
the medium PHANTOMs to cause some large PHANTOMs to join the fray. Defeat them
all, activate ANOTHER BLOODY BRIDGE and head across.

Open the crypt using the two buttons straight in front of you and collect the
other DNA Helix inside before heading left to fight lots of small PHANTOMs and
a few medium ones to boot. The next bridge activates itself, so run across to
meet the Lizard. His prowess at defeating the PHANTOM which attacks him causes
Nick Fury to hire him on the spot. Spidey and the Lizard depart this bridge 
filled level together.

Back on the helicarrier again, upgrade Mr Lizard if you so wish, swap him into
your team, check out the rewards you've unlocked and then return to Egypt via
the Egypt terminal for a bridgeless level inside the Unearthed Catacombs.

Unearthed Catacombs      [EGY4]

DNA Helixes = 3/3
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

Spidey and his cohorts appear inside a tomb. Run forwards and battle the small
PHANTOMs and the improved large PHANTOMs who now possess a breath attack 
similar to the huge PHANTOMs. When dispatched, stand on the two buttons to
open the doors to a DNA Helix. Leave this room and go through the corridor on
the right. Enter the broken wall and fight the improved medium PHANTOMs before 
jumping the gap and leaving through the newly opened door. At the end of the 
next corridor, the way is blocked by a huge PHANTOM who should be removed any
way possible before moving on to the next room.

In this next area medium PHANTOMs and a few small PHANTOMs attack, and the room
after this is infested with lots of small PHANTOMs. Carry on to the left and
you will see a large door with two eye symbols on either side. Punch these to
open the door and collect the Keystone. Swing into the fray in the large room
for a skirmish with small and large PHANTOMs, then enter the next room, which
is devoid of enemies.

Carry on down the passageway and remove the medium and small PHANTOMs before 
opening the Keystone area on the top wall. Enter here and defeat all the 
PHANTOMs for a new Versus arena. Now go down the passageway to another room
containing another door with eye panels inset either side of it. Punch these
as you did for the previous door and enter for another DNA Helix. Down the 
passage to the right of this door is a wide room with no enemies.

Follow the passageway down some stairs and across a...oh dear, another bridge.
Sorry. Fight the small and large PHANTOMs which attack then leave through the
door on the left. A huge PHANTOM bars the way, so dispose of him however you
wish, before descending the ramp and picking up the final DNA Helix. Travel up
the next set of stairs, defeat the four large PHANTOMs which spawn and enter
the door to end this level.

Returning to Fury's base of operations triumphant, upgrade your characters and
check out your newest array of rewards. When you are ready, return to Egypt to
do battle with the Sandman in the Excavation Site!

Excavation Site      [EGY5]

DNA Helixes = 2/2

Drop down from the scaffolding and greet the medium PHANTOM welcome wagon. A 
platform (NOT A BRIDGE) rises, so traverse it and whack the two eye symbols in
the wall to open a door to the first of two DNA Helixes. To the right of this
door are two huge PHANTOMs, so this will prove a hard battle. Unless you use
some power-ups of course. Invincibility, mega-damage, or even a Hero Strike are
all viable options to get rid of these two, or just stick it out with melee 
attacks. The gate opens when they both fall.

Descend the ramp here and fight the medium PHANTOMs. Open the door in the 
background with the two buttons and collect the other DNA Helix. Now follow the 
ramp down and leave through the door. Head left in this next area and open the
door with the button. Head through and fight the medium and large PHANTOMs 
who lie in wait to trigger two more platforms. The two buttons in the back
here open a chamber with boxes if you require more tokens. Cross the platforms
and fight the group of large PHANTOMs to raise two more. Drop down and cross
these platforms to trigger a cutscene, and prepare to fight the Sandman!

*Boss Battle: The Sandman*

Spidey swings in and Fury informs him that the meteor shard should be here. 
However, only the Sandman is present, so Spidey begins a fresh battle.

Sandman will send sand shockwaves along the floor at you, so leap over them 
and attack close up. Don't bother with the scaffolding, because he will knock
you off with huge fists. The Sandman will jump away, and as you run towards
him large spikes will erupt from the floor, so keep on the move as you
close the distance. Punch him again when you get close enough and he will
resume his position in the centre of the arena. Fists will now fly at you, so
dodge to the sides or jump over them to get at the Sandman. This pattern will
repeat until you deal damage equal to one third of the maximum.

Sandman will inform you that your last hit hurt. Well duh... His attack pattern
remains the same, but is now more furious, with larger shockwaves more 
frequently, more spikes erupting, and a greater number of fists zooming toward
you. Dealing damage remains the same: dodge the sand, hit the Sandman. 

Two thirds of the way through and Sandman tells you that he's going to fix you
with a good beating. Scary man he is. Again, more furious attacks on his side
but just more dodging required from you. The hardest part comes when the sand
fists zoom at you, because the sheer number of them is overwhelming. For a 
quick fix, climb the scaffolding and leap over them to get at Sandy.

The amulet destroyed, Spidey practices his "I saved your life, help me" speech.
Sandman is slightly oblivious, but Spidey convinces him to join your efforts
against the PHANTOMs. Egypt is complete!

7d. Transylvania      [TRAN1]

Onboard the helicarrier, upgrade the Sandmeister if you wish, swap out a new 
sidekick and check out your rewards as well as upgrading any web attacks you
have. Then move to the new terminal and watch the Transylvania briefing.

Fury is back on active duty after his sojourn in the holding cells ;)
Spidey is apprehensive about going to Transylvania, what with the atmospheric
disturbances and the 53% symbiote index PHANTOMs... What's worse, a creature of
100% Symbiote index is guarding the meteor shard in this area!

Its not all bad news though, as another lifeform appears to be demolishing
the PHANTOMs in this area at a rapid rate. Spidey decides to attempt this 
mission, despite insurmountable odds, after the computer wishes him the very
best of luck. His first stop: The Oldworld Village.

Oldworld Village      [TRAN2]

DNA Helixes = 3/3
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

Head forward from the starting point towards the "quaint little village" until
two medium PHANTOMs attack. These are similar to the Tangaroa Island medium 
PHANTOMs, in that they have a bola to throw at you. Deal with them in the same
way you used to, then press the button to extend the bridge, and enter the
village properly. In the next area, small PHANTOMs, which can be dealt with in
the normal way, and large PHANTOMs attack. The large PHANTOMs have a leap 
attack now, similar to the roll attack of those on Tangaroa Island, but more
controlled. Defeat them using web shoot or melee attacks, then carry on 
through the door.

Medium and large PHANTOMs crawl out of the well in the next area, so remove 
them from your path and wander through the next door. Large PHANTOMs appear,
and once they are defeated jump down from where the poison green barrel is
located to collect the Keystone before going through the door. Stand on the
button in this area to extend a platform to the Keystone area door. Inside, 
defeat all of the PHANTOMs to unlock this area for play in Versus mode.

Now press the button opposite the bridge to extend it and fight the medium
PHANTOMs on the other side. A cutscene shows large PHANTOMs appear as well,
so defeat them as well. On the left of the next door is a DNA Helix, hidden 
behind a crate. Collect it and head through the door.

Halfway through your battle with the medium PHANTOMs in the next area, large
ones join in the fun. No matter, defeat them all anyway. In a fissure in the
bottom right lies the next DNA Helix, then continue through the door. Extend 
the bridge as per usual, then cross to climb a cliff face. Fight the medium
PHANTOMs in front of the next door, then drop down to the right and open
the door to the final DNA Helix using the two buttons. Now move through
the door at the top of the cliff.

Cross the wooden bridge and climb the stairs. At the top, fight the large
and small PHANTOMs before entering the new gate, climbing the cliff and some
more stairs. In front of the next door is a huge PHANTOM, similar to the
Tokyo huge PHANTOM. This one too has a light core which you can throw things
and web attacks at, but he can use it to summon a light spirit to chase you.
Use web shot for maximum effect, or explosive barrels lying around. You can 
also use web lines to grab the light spirit and throw it back at its summoner.
However you deal with this foe, continue through to the final courtyard.

A hoarde of medium and large PHANTOMs await here, and once they are defeated
Spidey mentions the creepy old house in the distance. Head towards it through
the gate to end this level.

On the helicarrier once more, upgrade yourself and your sidekicks, change
sidekick if you wish and examine your DNA rewards. Then, use the Transylvania
terminal to head to The Manor House.

The Manor House      [TRAN3]

DNA Helixes = 2/2
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

Beginning in the courtyard outside the scary manor house, Spidey and friend 
are immediately attacked by large and small PHANTOMs. Demolish them easily, 
head through the gate, up the ramp and deal with the PHANTOM generator to 
gain access to the manor itself. Inside, attack the medium and small PHANTOMs
and then press the two buttons inside the main door to find the first DNA
Helix. Back in the foyer, climb the stairs and enter the door.

A double button in this next room reveals the Keystone floating on the bed.
Collect it, leave the room and continue left to fight a large PHANTOM and a 
few small PHANTOMs. When these are dispatched, more teleport in, so deal with
them all and leave this room via the door at the top. This next room with
the fireplace has nothing in it, so head into the door above and smash the
group of medium PHANTOMs on the dining table. Leave through the north door.

On the next set of stairs, head right halfway up to find the Keystone area.
Do the normal, defeat all of the PHANTOMs to unlock it as a playable area in
Versus mode, then continue on up the stairs. Another empty room with a fire
place awaits, so run through into the next room. A cutscene will show you
the other DNA Helix but you must defeat a VERY LARGE group of large and medium
PHANTOMs first. Press the double buttons, grab the DNA Helix and then leave
through the top door.

At the top of the stairs, the door seals and two large and one huge PHANTOM
appear. Defeat the larges first if possible, then deal with the larger one,
or just use a Hero Strike for quickness. Head through the next door. Out on
the balcony, head left around the corner and up the stairs to fight the medium
PHANTOMs to unlock the door above. 

Leap up there and enter, run down the corridor and enter the next room to meet 
Blade. He appears to be hunting Venom! Spidey decides to help Blade find Venom
and Blade joins the team.

Return to the helicarrier and upgrade Blade, swap him into your party if you
so wish and check out your DNA rewards. When you're finished, use the terminal
for Transylvania to progress to the Graveyard Path.

Graveyard Path      [TRAN4]

DNA Helixes = 3/3
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

Now on the other side of the Manor House, Spidey hopes he doesn't have to go
through a giant creepy church as well as this new scary graveyard. Wishful 
thinking... For now, head down the ramp and through the archway to meet some
medium and small PHANTOMs. Demolish them and move through the newly opened gate.
Down the cliff-face you will meet some large PHANTOMs, and then a button 
activated bridge. Cross this, obviously.

Carry on down the next cliff face and dispatch the PHANTOM generator to open
the gate to the next area around the corner. Fight the medium PHANTOMs on the
way round the path, and cross the wooden bridge. Go inside the gap at the top
of the screen to enter a mauseloem containing the Keystone for this area. 
Fight the large and medium PHANTOMs in the main area across from this 
mauseloem, then climb the cliff in the background to collect the first DNA
Helix. Now enter the gate you opened.

Wade through the water and fight the medium and small PHANTOMs before carrying 
on through the gate. Up the ledge and straight in front of you is the Keystone
area for this level. Enter, defeat all of the PHANTOMs inside and unlock it
as a playable area in Versus Mode. The crypt to the left of this door contains
another DNA Helix, so smash it in order to collect it. Head right and cross
the bridge once you have activated it.

Across the bridge, battle the large PHANTOMs, then climb the cliff to the 
right to fight some more. Then enter the gate. Now cross a stone bridge and
through an archway to face some medium and large PHANTOMs. Open two gates with
their respective buttons and run forwards. Take the right turn before the
fountain area to collect another DNA Helix from the crypt on the right after
activating another bridge. Now head to the fountain area and watch the
cutscene showing the creepy church Spidey didn't want to exist.

Attack the two huge PHANTOMs however you like, with power-ups or melee 
attacks if you wish. A cheap tactic is to stand on the fountain and fire 
projectiles at each one in turn, or to use a Hero Strike to eliminate them
both at once. When they are defeated, run up the stairs towards the church to
finish this level.

On the helicarrier again, do as you please. Swap and upgrade sidekicks, check
your DNA rewards and then return to Transylvania one last time for a showdown
with Venom at the Ancient Church.

Ancient Church      [TRAN5]

DNA Helixes = 2/2

Spidey and friends enter the church together, in hope of finding Venom. Head 
left and attack the large PHANTOMs before running under the archway into the
main area. Battle the medium and large PHANTOM group that attack here, using 
the scenery to best effect if they overwhelm you. Once defeated, step on the
double buttons to the left of the main lectern to open a room containing the
first of two DNA Helixes. Now climb the stairs to the right of the lectern
and fight the medium PHANTOMs here. 

The door on the left here can be activated by pressing the two buttons, but 
only contains crates to smash. Head right through the door and fight small and
large PHANTOMs in the next room. Continue to the right, along the carpet and
up the stairs, through another door. Here, stand on the two buttons and enter
the room to collect the other DNA Helix for this level, as well as some boxes
to smash. Keep going right, around the corner and into a room containing medium
and large PHANTOMs. Defeat them, carry on right up some more stairs and 
through the next door out onto the balcony to face the symbiote menace Venom!

*Boss Battle: Venom*

Spidey enters the balcony and is immediately assaulted by his best friend in 
the whole world. Spidey wishes he could fight someone other than Venom, then
comments on the amount of teeth our ooze covered friend has. The battle begins
in earnest once Venom assures him that they are "all the better to eat you 

Venom first covers the nearby bell in symbiote gunk. Fury points this out to
you, and this is your first priority. Symbiotes are weak to loud sounds, so
hit the bell to remove the goo as soon as possible. Whilst you try to do this,
Venom will use his claws and a wide range spike attack to stop you. Don't 
bother attacking him, focus on the bell and once the goo is removed, punch it
again to ring it. Venom will exclaim that he "will not be beaten by you!" and
leap away. Follow him through the door.

Two bells are covered in gunk in this room, so remove it as soon as possible.
Venom will now use a long range grab attack to pull you away from the bells,
so ignore him as best you can. A three hit combo will knock him down for a
second, but its really not worth it. Uncover both bells then make sure they
are both ringing to force Venom to retreat again, cursing you on the way.
Follow him across a bridge to the bell tower. Idiot or what?

Same tactics here, only three bells to ring. Ignore Venom, hit the bells and
remove the gunk. If you uncover a bell, ring it to stall Venom for a second
whilst you uncover another. Get all three bells to ring at once and Venom is
down for the count.

Spidey smashes Venom's mind control amulet, then turns to leave. Fury wonders
why he decides not to bring Venom, but once Venom reveals that the mastermind
behind this entire scheme is a "bubblehead", Fury says that Venom is in. 
With a promise to eat Spider-Man once he finishes with "bubblehead", Venom and
Spidey return to the helicarrier.

7e. Nepal      [NEP1]

Onboard the helicarrier, upgrade Venom where possible and bring him into the
team if you wish. Check your DNA rewards, examine your Versus areas if you 
want to, then walk over to the last terminal for the Nepal briefing.

It appears that communications traffic out of Nepal is ablaze with signals.
Whoever is controlling the PHANTOMs is using Nepal as their base of
operations it would appear. On top of this, S.H.I.E.L.D scanners are being
purposefully blocked, and the symbiote index of the PHANTOMs is rising 

Spidey is not deterred, because he can see that the end is in sight. He 
resolves to collect the last meteor shard, find and defeat the mastermind 
behind all of this mess, and come home in time for dinner. With a final good 
luck from the computer, he heads to Nepal for his first mission, located in
the Lower Village.

Lower Village      [NEP2]

DNA Helixes = 3/3
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

Arriving in Nepal safe and sound, this soon changes as you head across the
bridge. Medium PHANTOMs similar to those in the opening cutscene attack, so
deal with them before moving to the left and activating the bridge button.
Across the bridge fight the large and medium PHANTOMs to open the next gate.

Cross the bridge in the next area and run into some medium and small PHANTOMs
guarding the Keystone area. Activate the bridge, collect the Keystone from
under the tree and double back to the Keystone area. Defeat all the PHANTOMs 
within to unlock this area in Versus mode, then cross the bridge again.
Head downwards from the gate you are supposed to be entering to find the first
DNA Helix. Enter the gate now.

In the next area, battle the medium PHANTOMs before heading to the left and 
passing through the gate. Large PHANTOMs await, smash them all to open another
gate. Now cross the bridge and demolish the PHANTOM generator to open the 
gate. Attack the two large PHANTOMs here, then leap across to the door on the
level above. Press both buttons, enter the room and take the DNA Helix here.
Now drop back down and leave through the door in the mountainside.

Jump down the cliff face on the other side of the mountain and fight the medium
PHANTOMs on the bridge. Pass through the gate and run left across two wooden
bridges to fight one very huge PHANTOM equipped with a large tentacle and
a shield. Attack it from afar with projectiles, or use mega-damage and 
invincibility power-ups to remove it from your path.

Carry on through another gate and climb a few ledges. Jump the gap and watch
as a medium door closes and large PHANTOMs teleport in. If you defeat them
and head into this medium door, the final DNA Helix can be collected from
across a gap. Activate a bridge, run across and Spidey realises the only way 
to progress is to travel through the mountain itself. Attack the medium
PHANTOMs and once they are defeated, run into the door at the top of the steps
to end the level.

On the helicarrier once again, upgrade sidekicks, swap them around and examine
your newly reaped rewards before heading back to Nepal for a wander through
the Dark Caverns.

Dark Caverns      [NEP3]

DNA Helixes = 2/2
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

Spidey and his cohort trek through the Dark Caverns to reach the other side of
the village. Begin by running left and demolishing the medium PHANTOMs once 
Spidey voices his view on spelunking. Cross the broken ledges and climb the 
cliff to face some medium and large PHANTOMs as well. When they are 
defeated, the next door will open, expelling some bats. On the left of this 
door, at the bottom of the steps lies the Keystone for the level. Grab it and 

Down the stairs and round the corner small and medium PHANTOMs will attack. 
Enter the next doorway and annihilate the large and medium PHANTOMs which 
teleport in to attack, then enter the doorway. Across the bridge a huge PHANTOM 
attacks, but explosive barrels nearby help to put a quick end to him. The 
next room houses some medium PHANTOMs at the top of a ridge, and the room 
beyond has a golden statue which serves as the entrance to the Keystone area. A
DNA Helix can be discovered at the exit to this room too.

A room further along houses large PHANTOMs and some poisonous barrels, so use
them to defeat the threat before heading out across the rope bridge and into
a room containing medium PHANTOMs which only appear if you head towards the
exit. After two more rope bridges another area contains large and small
PHANTOMs to be removed.

Exit this room, and on the ledge to the right on the other side of the door is
the second DNA Helix. Jump the gap and run towards the steps to trigger the
next cutscene. 

Spider-Man finally meets the mastermind behind the PHANTOM plot, who is none 
other than Mysterio! Mysterio steals two of the three meteor shards which
Spidey has collected, and uses them to power up his PHANTOMs to the point that 
Spidey cannot damage them without hurting himself. Against Fury's better 
judgement, Spidey releases the symbiote from the final meteor shard and bonds
with it to form Black Suited Spider-Man. He easily dispatches the PHANTOMs and
vows that from now on he will fight fire with fire. The mission ends soon 

On the helicarrier, do the normal sidekick swapping and upgrading, check out
your DNA rewards and then hurry back to the Upper Village of Nepal to track
down Mysterio before the Symbiote consumes Spider-Man.

Upper Village      [NEP4]

DNA Helixes = 3/3
Keystone = 1/1
Keystone Area = 1/1

The Upper Village of Nepal is the longest level in the game I think, so be
prepared for a long haul. Equipped with his new symbiote suit, Spidey and
friend chase Mysterio through the village to put a stop to his plans once and
for all. Head left up the stairs and cross the bridge. Large, medium and small
PHANTOMs swarm, so attack them head on and continue up after activating the
nearby bridge button. On the other side move left and take on the large and
medium PHANTOMs which teleport in. A gate at the top of a waterfall opens, so
head left and climb the cliff face to reach the roof. Cross the waterfall and
search the right roof for the Keystone. Now enter the waterfall.

Inside, head left and climb the ledge to meet some small and large PHANTOMs. 
Enter the gate which opens and climb the stairs to find the Keystone area on 
the left hand side. Defeat all of the PHANTOMs inside for the final Versus 
area. Now carry on right up the stairs and destroy the PHANTOM generator. 
Go back to the stairs before the generator and leap across the ledges to find
the first DNA Helix of the level, then return to the generator wreckage and 
enter the gate there.

Run left and up around the corner, crossing the bridge on the right hand side
for the second DNA Helix before carrying on upwards to fight some medium 
PHANTOMs, followed by large and small PHANTOMs, and finally a huge PHANTOM. 
Activate the bridge to the left and cross, heading up the street to the next
plaza and fight the medium PHANTOMs. Carry on, over a bridge only to have a 
gate bar your way. Fight the large and medium PHANTOMs in order to open it, and
head into the archway.

On the other side two medium PHANTOMs attack, then a group of large and small
PHANTOMs in the next plaza area. Over the next bridge large and medium PHANTOMs
attack at the top of the stairs. Press the bridge button they were protecting
and cross over. Run up the street and up a set of stairs before climbing the
ledges and taking another two flights of stairs up to the left. Medium and small
PHANTOms attack at the top, so defeat them and press the next bridge button. 
Run across and battle the medium PHANTOMs, followed by the large and small
PHANTOMs. Spidey spies the temple Mysterio is hiding in, the end is in sight!

As you run up the stairs ahead, veer left to collect another DNA Helix. Now
carry on right up the stairs to fight the last group of PHANTOMs in this level.
Medium and large PHANTOMs begin the battle, and then a huge PHANTOM appears 
near the end. Once they are all defeated run through the doors into the Temple
courtyard to end this penultimate mission.

On the helicarrier, do as you wish to prepare for the final battle. Swap and
upgrade sidekicks, check your rewards and buy any supplies you think you will
need. Now head to the Nepal terminal and select the final mission, the Temple.
Its time to end this!

Temple      [NEP5]

DNA Helix = 3/3

This is it, the final battle. Mysterio is hiding inside the Temple, so you must
find and defeat him to stop his plot once and for all. First off you must
get into the Temple, so fight the two huge PHANTOMs to gain entry. To deal 
with them easily, use power-ups or the Hero Strike to eliminate them both in
one go. The door to the temple swings open, so head inside. As you approach
the next set of doors, large and medium PHANTOMs bar your way, so defeat them
all and move onwards.

On the way down the next hallway, check the secret room on the right to collect
the first of three DNA Helixes. The next large room has two medium PHANTOMs and
a single huge PHANTOM to deal with. Open the door in the next room along using
the button and then run right in the large room beyond. A secret room here
yeilds another DNA Helix. Open the door again with the button, and this time
check the left room at the top of the stairs for the final DNA Helix of the 
game. Now head up the large set of stairs into the room beyond for the final 
battle with Mysterio!

*Boss Battle : Mysterio*

Spidey finds Mysterio inside the large room, and warns him that, thanks to the
power of the symbiote suit, he's "not feeling very friendly right now". He 
punches Mysterio up onto a balcony, and the battle finally begins.

Mysterio begins on the balcony, and the heads mounted on the wall below him
fire lasers at you. Leap over them, and eventually Mysterio will begin throwing
balls of energy at you. As he does this, boxes will fall from the sky. Grab 
and throw three of them at Fishbowl Head and he will teleport down to the 
floor. He will launch three circles of energy on the floor, so dodge these.
After three sets of energy circles, Mysterio will stand still, so run up and
attack him to cause him to teleport back to the balcony.

This is the basic pattern now. The heads will fire lasers, and a few pink
balls of energy at you which you must dodge, and then the boxes will fall 
again. Throw three boxes and force Mysterio to the floor and he will use an
energy ball attack three times. Dodge and attack him when he stands still.

Repeat this pattern again, and when forced to the floor for a third time
Mysterio will use a pink shockwave to attack you with. Hit him when he
stands still, and then use the boxes to force him to the floor once more. This
time a wide range laser will be Mysterio's weapon of choice. Attack him when 
you can, and bring him to the floor after the heads have finished their laser

Mysterio will then use any of the attacks he has used so far, but again after
three attacks he will stand still so you can attack him. This will remain his
pattern until right near the end, when Mysterio has barely any health left.
When he stands still at this time, you have a limited amount of time to get
to him, or a pink forcefield will stop you from attacking him. Get to him in 
time and finish Mysterio once and for all!

With Mysterio defeated, Spider-Man contacts Fury with a request to finally go
home. The meteor shards in hand, Spidey returns to the helicarrier for once
last time. 

On the helicarrier, Spidey removes the symbiote suit, and Fury congratulates 
him on a job well done. He informs Spidey that his school fees are all paid
off now, meaning that S.H.I.E.L.D know of his true identity. Spidey thanks
Fury and is teleported home. Fury thinks that Mysterio was onto something, and
asks the computer to study the collected meteor fragments, under the name
Project: Carnage. The End?

At least for now, the world is safe thanks to our Friendly Neighbourhood

7f. Aftermath      [AFT1]

Once the credits have finished rolling, you will find yourself back on the
helicarrier with a number of surprises in store. Firstly, defeating Mysterio
has saved the New Goblin from his clutches, allowing you to select him as a
sidekick from now on. Also, the symbiote is being held in the Black Suit
Containment Unit on the right hand side of the Versus terminal and can be
swapped on or off whenever you like. 

All that remains is to collect any DNA Helixes or Keystones that you missed,
upgrade your sidekicks to their maximum capacity and generally enjoy the
feeling of saving the world! Well done Spider-Man!

8. Collectibles     [DNA1]

If you don't want to sift through the main walkthrough to find the collectibles
then here they are in a condensed form. First, an overview of what they are
and what they do.

DNA Helixes - Found in every level, the DNA Helixes unlock artwork and tips on
              the Rewards terminal in the helicarrier. 

Keystones - One per level which does not contain a boss. Keystones are used to
            open Keystone Areas.

Keystone Areas - One per level which does not contain a boss. Opened using the
                 Keystone, if you defeat all of the PHANTOMs in a Keystone area
                 you unlock it for use in Versus mode back on the helicarrier.

Tokyo Collectibles

Industrial Plant

DNA Helix 1 - Press the two double buttons near the beginning of the second
              area to extend a bridge to the DNA Helix

DNA Helix 2 - At the top of the ramp after fighting your first small PHANTOMs

DNA Helix 3 - In a room with two double buttons and a large hole in the floor,
              press the buttons to raise a platform in the hole. Jump on it 
              and jump again to collect this Helix

Keystone - In plain sight in the area after the large PHANTOM

Keystone Area - To the left of the floating Keystone

Secret Lab

DNA Helix 1 - On the centre console in the first room

DNA Helix 2 - Inside a destructable console in the third room

DNA Helix 3 - On the centre console in the room before the boss fight

The Rooftops

Keystone - At the bottom of a ramp near the beginning of the level

DNA Helix 1 - At the top of a building near the Keystone ramp. Double jump to 
              the top to reach it

Keystone Area - On the left after leaping a gap in the area with the PHANTOM

DNA Helix 2 - Between the Keystone area and the PHANTOM generator, can't miss

DNA Helix 3 - In the area after the PHANTOM generator, cross two bridges and
              it should be floating there

DNA Helix 4 - On the platform with a satelitte dish where small PHANTOMs attack,
              in the bottom right corner

Oscorp Japan

DNA Helix 1 - In front of you just after Spidey wonders if the Goblin is around

DNA Helix 2 - Near the final door before the boss is a corridor leading into 
              the screen. Follow it round for the second Helix

Tangaroa Island Collectibles


DNA Helix 1 - In front of you after the first group of medium PHANTOMs attack

DNA Helix 2 - Suspended above the broken bridge after your battle with the 
              huge PHANTOM

DNA Helix 3 - When you're ambushed by small and large PHANTOMs and a ledge 
              raises, cross the bridge and leap up the mossy rocks in the 
              background to find the final Helix

Keystone - After another ambush by medium PHANTOMs, climb a ledge and head right
           dropping down to find the Keystone on a beach

Keystone Area - From the Keystone beach, climb up the cliff behind you and leap
                up the cliff to the left to find this door

Sea Caves

DNA Helix 1 - Where the cliff face splits left and right, take the right path
              for a dead end and a Helix

DNA Helix 2 - After running past a medium pond/waterfall, press two buttons 
              ahead to open the doors to another DNA Helix

The Cliffs

DNA Helix 1 - Two buttons straight ahead after the first battle with medium
              PHANTOMs yeild the bridge to the first Helix

DNA Helix 2 - Large and medium PHANTOMs guard a metal door later on in the 
              level, so deal with them and smash the metal crate to the left to
              get the next Helix

Keystone - Around the corner from the second Helix are two buttons which lead
           to the Keystone

Keystone Area - Where you must fight large and medium PHANTOMs to raise a 
                stone head, the Keystone area is located on the right

DNA Helix 3 - Atop the ledge accessible from the stone head mentioned 
              previously, jump left and collect this Helix from in front of a

DNA Helix 4 - In a room with a central platform emblazened with a symbol, jump
              to the left and collect the final Helix

Ancient Ruins

DNA Helix 1 - At the foot of some broken steps, fight the large and medium 
              PHANTOMs to activate a button to the left of the stairs. Follow
              the bridge and collect the first Helix

DNA Helix 2 - Near a rope bridge will you find another button which will raise
              a platform allowing access to a higher ledge and the second Helix

Egypt Collectibles

Sun-Drenched City

DNA Helix 1 - After some large PHANTOMs attack, a wooden crate near a large
              gate will yield the first Helix

Keystone Area - Through this large gate and on the top area of the screen you 
                will see a grate which serves as the access to the Keystone 

DNA Helix 2 - Across an extendable bridge as you progress through the level. 
              Almost unmissable

DNA Helix 3 - In the final area, press the buttons to extend the market stall
              roof. On the ledge above, collect the helix

Keystone - Still on this ledge, run through the archway and find the Keystone

The Oasis

DNA Helix 1 - Two buttons are unmissable as you move through an archway. Press
              them to open a crypt containing the first DNA Helix

Keystone - Another crypt later on yields the Keystone once two buttons open

Keystone Area - A single button on the left of the screen signals the Keystone
                area on the right of the area you are in

DNA Helix 2 - Two buttons near the very end of the level open a crypt holding
              the last Helix

Unearthed Catacombs

DNA Helix 1 - Defeat the first set of PHANTOMs in this level, then open the
              door on the left using the two buttons

Keystone - Punch the two eye symbols in the wall later on in the level and open
           the door to the Keystone

Keystone Area- This area is located on the back wall, in a room containing 
               medium and small PHANTOMs

DNA Helix 2 - Another door later on can be opened by punching the eyes in the 
              walls. Inside is the next Helix

DNA Helix 3 - After a huge PHANTOM near the end of the level, the Helix can be
              found floating in the air at the end of a ramp

Excavation Site

DNA Helix 1 - After the PHANTOM welcome wagon, cross the platform and open the
              door by pressing the two eye switches in the wall

DNA Helix 2 - Down a ramp medium PHANTOMs will attack, then a door can be opened
              using two buttons in the floor

Transylvania Collectibles

Oldworld Village

Keystone - In the first area where you get attacked by large PHANTOMs, drop 
           down from the poison barrel and collect the Keystone from the ledge

Keystone Area - The area after the Keystone has a button which extends a ledge
                allowing access to the Keystone Area

DNA Helix 1 - Hidden behind a large wooden crate to the left of a tunnel. Even
              though it is hidden, its hard to miss

DNA Helix 2 - The area after the first DNA Helix holds the second one, in a 
              fissure to the bottom of the screen

DNA Helix 3 - A cutscene reveals a door opening near the end of the level. Drop
              down instead and press the two buttons to open a tunnel to the
              final Helix

The Manor House

Keystone - A double button door on the right of the manor foyer yields the 
           Keystone for this level

DNA Helix 1 - Another unmissable double button door contains the first DNA 
              Helix later on in the level

Keystone Area - On the set of stairs after a battle with medium PHANTOMs in 
                a dining room, head right to find the Keystone area behind a 

DNA Helix 2 - A cutscene shows the final Helix behind some doors. Defeat the
              large group of medium and large PHANTOMs then use the two 
              buttons to open the doors

Graveyard Path

Keystone - Hidden inside a mauseloem to the north of the screen after a path
           plagued by medium PHANTOMs

DNA Helix 1 - Climb the cliff round the corner from the Keystone mauseloem to
              find this helix

Keystone Area - Straight ahead after a waterfilled path is the Keystone Area

DNA Helix 2 - This Helix is hidden inside a destructible crypt to the left of
              the Keystone area

DNA Helix 3 - Near the end of the level you will see a fountain. Before you 
              reach it, veer right and smash the crypt on the right to find the
              last DNA Helix

Ancient Church

DNA Helix 1 - To the left of the lectern in the main area are two buttons.
              Press them and walk through into a room containing the first

DNA Helix 2 - In a passageway before the end of the level are two buttons a
              short distance apart. Press them both and enter the room to get
              the other Helix

Nepal Collectibles

Lower Village

Keystone Area - Near some small and medium PHANTOMs at the beginning of the 
                level is the door to the Keystone Area

Keystone - Across the bridge right next to the Keystone Area, the Keystone is
           hidden under a tree

DNA Helix 1 - In the area with the Keystone, head south from the exit gate and
              drop down to find the first Helix

DNA Helix 2 - In the area after the PHANTOM generator, fight the two large
              PHANTOMs and leap above the exit door to find two buttons. Press
              them and grab the Helix inside

DNA Helix 3 - In the penultimate area, a cutscene shows the DNA Helix hidden in
              a room. Defeat the PHANTOMs outside it to open the doors

Dark Caverns

Keystone - When a door opens early in the level, bats will be expelled. At the
           bottom of the stairs to the left of this door lies the Keystone

Keystone Area - A hall of golden statues two areas after a huge PHANTOM has
                the Keystone Area hidden behind the middle statue

DNA Helix 1 - In plain sight at the end of the room containing the Keystone 

Upper Village

Keystone - When you see a door atop a waterfall open, you should also see the
           Keystone on the roof of a house to the right. Leap up to the door
           and then across to the house to collect this

Keystone Area - In the area just after the Keystone, on the left at the top of
                the stairs

DNA Helix 1 - In the area with the PHANTOM generator, leap across the ledges 
              next to the stairs to find this Helix

DNA Helix 2 - In the next area the Helix is in plain sight as you head upwards.
              Take the bridge to the medium island and collect it

DNA Helix 3 - When Spidey notices the Temple, the DNA Helix should be visible
              near a house on the left


DNA Helix 1 - After the first battle inside the temple, the DNA Helix can be
              found in a room off to the right of the passageway

DNA Helix 2 - In the second room after your battle with the huge PHANTOM
              inside the temple, run right and collect the DNA Helix from a
              secret room

DNA Helix 3 - The final Helix is hidden in the secret room to the left of the 
              final area before the Mysterio fight

9. Contact Me      [CON1]

There are probably loads of mistakes and things in this guide, but I've tried
my hardest to keep them to a minimum. So to help me out, you can contact me
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10. Thank Yous      [TY1]

I'd like to thank the following for making this guide possible:

Activision - For making Spider-Man: Friend or Foe so enjoyable
Marvel Comics - For creating Spider-Man and the other characters
oldschool312 - For his walkthrough, which helped me find those last few helixes
GameFAQs - For hosting my first walkthrough

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