1. Emmanuel Bernard
    2D Interfaces
  2. Yann Le Maner
    2D Interfaces
  3. Francois Potentier
    Additional Producer
  4. Nicolas Monier
  5. Anthony Lejeune
    Art Director / Character Artist Monsters Concept Artist / CG Storyboarding
  6. Bruno Carrez
  7. Jerome Camprasse
    Background Artist
  8. Thibault Courbet
    Background Artist
  9. Benjamin Lucas
    Background Artist
  10. Tony Marques
  11. Bruno Carrez
  12. Olivier Feutry
    CG Animation
  13. Nicolas Monier
    CG Animation
  14. Anais Thomassian
    CG Animation
  15. Fabien Le Gal
    CG Animation
  16. Fabrice Lacroix
    CG Animation
  17. Remi Edmond
    CG Animation
  18. Simon Bridoux
    CG Animation
  19. Yann Maheust
    CG Art
  20. Remi Despret
    CG Art
  21. Guillaume Colomb
    CG Screenplay
  22. Benjamin Detaevernier
    Enemies Programming
  23. Pierre Leroux
    Executive Producer
  24. Christian Martin
    Gameplay Programming
  25. Nicolas PinÇon
    Gameplay Programming
  26. Yann Maheust
  27. Jerome Camprasse
  28. Olivier Feutry
    Lead Animator
  29. Yann Maheust
    Lead Background Artist
  30. Laurent Sauvage
    Lead Character Artist
  31. Benjamin Ortiz
    Lead Game Designer
  32. Emmanuel Bernard
    Lead Programmer
  33. Jeff Rey
    Monsters Concept Artist
  34. Olivier Deriviere
    Music Composer
  35. Emmanuel Horrent
    Player and Teammate Programming / Gameplay Programming / Scripting
  36. Sebastien Renard
    Scenario and Dialogue
  37. Tony Marques
  38. Christian Martin
  39. Olivier Deriviere
    Sound Producer
  40. Alban Lecocq
    Special Effects
  41. Jurjen Kraan
    Storyboard Consultant
  42. Lionel Fumery
    Technical Director


  1. Data and credits for this game contributed by:  Blk_Mage_Ctype, Hardkoroff, odino, oliist, Ubersuntzu.

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