1. Jeff Dodson Additional Music
  2. Justin Cherry Art Director
  3. Alexander Brandon Audio Director
  4. Chris Avellone Chief Creative Officer
  5. George Ziets Creative Lead
  6. Chris Avellone Designer
  7. Tony Evans Designer
  8. Jeff Husges Designer
  9. Feargus Urquhart Executive Producer
  10. Tim Cox Lead Artist
  11. Kevin D. Saunders Lead Designer
  12. Richard Taylor Lead Programmer
  13. Womb Music Music and Voice
  14. Josh Verrall Programmer
  15. Andrew Woo Programmer
  16. Crispin Freeman Voice: Gaan of Dreams and Khai Khmun
  17. Cat O'Connor Voice: Kaelyn the Dove
  18. Darryl Kurylo Voice: Okku
  19. Steven Jay Blum Voice: One of Many (with "Child" "Brute" and "Mad Women" as the One of the Many)
  20. Juliann Grossman Voice: Safiya
  21. S Scott Bullock Voice:Myrkul and One of Many (with "god" as the One of the Many)


Data and credits for this game contributed by DeuxHero, Eduardomm1, and Gerrard_W.

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