How do I get into the Sloop?

  1. I went into the Sloop in Act 1, but I got in a fight and now I can't get back in, in Act 2, to reach the portal. Does anyone know how to get the door open? I tried picking it but it says I need a key and I tried bashing it.

    User Info: Finalhazrd

    Finalhazrd - 10 years ago

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  1. old question but needs an answer. 1st, when your in the Sloop and have to pay for damages, always pay for the damages with the door guard, if you use any other method to exit, such as diplomacy, etc she will lock you out and you can't get back in unless you use the console.

    If you are locked out, head to shadow Mulsantir. Head to the gate that leads to the docks and stand near it. You can't open it but you'll have to use the console. Face north and open the console and type loc. This will give you your location coordinates, it should be something like 161.776, 123.458, -4.234. First number is your east/west point, 2nd is your north/south, and 3rd is height above/below.

    Since we want to move left, type dm_jumptopoint 140.0, 123.0. This will move you a little left and you should now appear on the other side of the locked gate. Turn off console commands then just enter the shadow portal near the shadow Sloop and you'll appear inside the regular Sloop tavern. Go talk to the door guard, pay your fine, and door is now open to enter and exit at will. Hope this helps.

    User Info: eolsunder

    eolsunder - 4 years ago 5   0


  1. I think you might be locked out permanently. If you get in a fight in the Sloop you have to pay a fine to the owner, and if you don't pay before you leave, she locks you out.

    User Info: gryphonmaster

    gryphonmaster - 10 years ago 0   1

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