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Can we get our gear back, like in NWN HotU? Side Quest
Combination ? General
How do I solve the mirror puzzle? Side Quest
Should the first door in ashenwood be locked? Main Quest

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
How to beat the spirit bear outside the city? Enemy/Boss 2 4 years ago
Dodge and Mobility? Build 2 4 years ago
How do I get into the Sloop? Main Quest 2 4 years ago
Why does the game stop working or crash my computer? Tech Support 2 5 years ago
Can anyone give me the cd key on the inside of the cover? i lost mine? General 1 10 years ago
Where can I find the acadamy souls? Side Quest 1 11 years ago
Character creation tipps? Build 1 11 years ago
Companion essence? General 3 11 years ago
Where can I find a golems head? Side Quest 2 11 years ago
Why are my skills missing? Tech Support 1 11 years ago

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