• Batcave Codes - Unlockable Extras (Cheats)

    Access the computer in the Batcave and enter the following passwords in the "Enter Code" menu.

    Always Score Multiply9LRGNB
    Beep BeepRAFTU8
    Character StudsDY13BD
    Extra HeartsML3KHP
    Extra ToggleEWAW7W
    Fast BuildGHJ2DY
    Ice RinkKLKL4G
    Immune To FreezeJXUDY6
    Minikit DetectorZXGH9J
    Power Brick DetectorMMN786
    Regenerate HeartsHJH7HJ
    Score x10 Multiplier18HW07
    Score x2 MultiplierN4NR3E
    Score x4 MultiplierCX9MAT
    Score x6 MultiplierMLVNF2
    Score x8 MultiplierWCCDB9
    Stud MagnetLK2DY4

    Contributed By: prudoff.

    12    13

  • Batcave Codes - Unlockable Suit Upgrades

    Access the computer in the Batcave and enter the following passwords in the "Enter Code" menu.

    Area Effect (Sonic Suit)TL3EKT
    Armour Plating (Demolition Suit)N8JZEK
    Bats (Sonic Suit)XFP4E2
    Decoy (Technology Suit)TQ09K3
    Fast Batarangs (All Suits)JRBDCB
    Fast Grapple (All Suits)RM4PR8
    Fast Walk (Magnet Suit)ZOLM6N
    Faster Pieces (Attract Suit)EVG26J
    Flaming Batarang (Heat Protection Suit)D8NYWH
    Freeze Batarang (Water Suit)XPN4NG
    More Batarang Targets (All Suits)XWP645
    More Detonators (Demolition Suit)TNTN6B
    Piece Detector (Attract Suit)KHJ544
    Slam (Glide Suit)BBD7BY
    Sonic Pain (Sonic Suit)THTL4X

    Contributed By: prudoff.

    11    1

  • Batcave Codes - Unlockable Vehicles

    Access the computer in the Batcave and enter the following passwords in the "Enter Code" menu.

    Bruce Wayne's Private JetLEA664
    Catwoman's MotorcycleHPL826
    Garbage TruckDUS483
    Goon HelicopterGCH328
    Harbor HelicopterCHP735
    Harley Quinn's Hammer TruckRDT637
    Mad Hatter's GliderHS000W
    Mad Hatter's SteamboatM4DM4N
    Mr. Freeze's IcebergICYICE
    Mr. Freeze's KartBCT229
    Penguin Goon SubmarineBTN248
    Police BikeLJP234
    Police BoatPLC999
    Police CarKJL832
    Police HelicopterCWR732
    Police VanMAC788
    Police WatercraftVJD328
    Riddler's JetHAHAHA
    Robin's SubmarineTTF453
    The Joker's VanJUK657
    Two-Face's Armored TruckEFE933

    Contributed By: prudoff.

    6    3

  • Character Unlock Codes

    Go to the computer in the Batcave to enter these.

    Unlocks AlfredZAQ637
    Unlocks BatgirlJKR331
    Unlocks Catwoman (Classic)M1AAWW
    Unlocks Clown GoonHJK327
    Unlocks FishmongerHGY748
    Unlocks Freeze GirlXVK541
    Unlocks Joker GoonUTF782
    Unlocks Joker HenchmanYUN924
    Unlocks Mad HatterJCA283
    Unlocks Man-BatNYU942
    Unlocks Military PolicemanMKL382
    Unlocks Penguin GoonNKA238
    Unlocks Penguin HenchmanBJH782
    Unlocks Poison Ivy GoonGTB899
    Unlocks Police MarksmanHKG984
    Unlocks Police OfficerJRY983
    Unlocks Riddler GoonCRY928
    Unlocks Riddler HenchmanXEU824
    Unlocks S.W.A.T.HTF114
    Unlocks SailorNAV592
    Unlocks ScientistJFL786
    Unlocks Security GuardPLB946
    Unlocks Zoo SweeperDWR243

    Contributed By: 333pet.

    16    0

  • Passwords

    You must enter them into the computer in the bat cave


    Contributed By: faded2008.

    5    6

  • Unlockables from the McDonald's Toy Set Codes

    Enter these codes (provided by the Lego Batman toys at McDonald’s) at the cheat screen to unlock the following:

    Bruce Wayne - (from Batman Batarang toy)BDJ327
    Commissioner Gordon - (from the Joker Helicopter toy)DDP967
    More Batarang Targets - (from the Batboat toy)XWP645
    Nightwing - (from Robin Grappling Hook toy)MVY759
    Penguin Minion - (from the Penguin Submarine toy)KJP748
    Police Van - (from the Batmobile toy)MAC788
    The Joker (Tropical) - (from the Joker Surprise toy)CCB199
    Yeti - (from Mr. Freeze Ice Blast toy)NJL412

    Contributed By: n2Deepeth.

    5    0

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