2D Sequences ArtRomed Imler
3D ArtSandra Naschberger
3D ArtChristoph Sitar
Additional AnimationScott Gibbons
Additional AnimationMatthias Hilke
Additional AnimationMarcel Ritter
Additional AnimationAlexander Senfter
Additional ProgrammingStephan Prohaszka
Additional ProgrammingWolfgang Senfter
Additional ProgrammingJan Wosnitza
AIMinh Tri Do Dinh
ArtistMarcel Ritter
ArtistAlexander Senfter
BalancingMichael Byrne
BalancingHelmut Duregger
BalancingMarco Gallop
BalancingHannes Leimer
BalancingWolfgang Leimer
BalancingBernd Preiser
Concept & Game DesignMinh Tri Do Dinh
Concept & Game DesignMarco Gallop
Concept & Game DesignMatthias Hilke
Concept & Game DesignMarcel Ritter
Concept & Game DesignMichael Schiestl
Concept & Game DesignAlexander Senfter
Concept & Game DesignStephan Sossau
Concept ArtStephan Sossau
Executive DirectorMichael Schiestl
In-Game SequencesErwin Feyersinger
Lead AnimationMinh Tri Do Dinh
Lead ArtistStephan Sossau
Lead ProgrammingMichael Schiestl
Lead Visual EffectsMichael Linser
Level Design & EditingMichael Stuchlik
Logo AnimationMichael J. Jungwirth
Logo AnimationSandra Naschberger
Music & AtmosphereLuder Lindau
Music & Sound DirectorMaximilian Stroka
Perliminary & Additional ScriptingGunther Berqauer
Perliminary & Additional ScriptingMinh Tri Do Dinh
Perliminary & Additional ScriptingHarald Kapferer
Perliminary & Additional ScriptingMarcel Ritter
Project ManagementMatthias Hilke
Quest Concept/Quest RealisationMatthias Hilke
Quest Idea/Quest ConceptMarco Gallop
Quest Realisation/Quest TextVeronika Sossau
Quest ScriptingJan Wosnitza
Shader ProgrammingJan Wosnitza
Sound EffectsRoman Schonbichler
Sound EffectsMax Stroka
Sound EffectsMaximilian Stroka
Sound ProgrammingWolfgang Senfter
StoryMarco Gallop
Story RevisionMatthias Hilke
Story Revision/Additional Story/Dialogue & TextVeronika Sossau


Data and credits for this game contributed by Fossil and misschu.

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