Review by Xeeh_Bitz

Reviewed: 11/01/12

Needs more content overall for level 80

The game is good in terms of graphics, the art work is fantastic and the world really is breathe taking but when you reach level 80 all those pleasantries seem to end at least for me it did. No real end game progression for my character sort of left me feeling empty when wanting to continue playing, I felt there was really no purpose to continue playing. It would be much better if there were more content and more progression as in other MMOs. If I wanted a single player experience I'd play a single player MMO, now the combat is good but it often gets old and repetitive due to obtaining most of the skills fairly early on with just a few talents here and there later on. So it almost makes leveling up seem to be more of a grind than an adventure.

I however did enjoy the DEs the first few times but they often enough repeat on and on again in later zones so it's like you're doing the same tasks over and over in each zone, which is cool but at least I would enjoy it more with a better story behind it. Crafting imo is worthless once you hit 80, it's good for gaining levels and making legendary weapons but other than that, not so much. PVP is alright, the sPVP is nice and it levels you to 80 but due to lack of maps and only one mode, it quickly becomes dull. WvW is good but the queue to get in takes awhile(Depends on server) and it mostly feels like a zerg and like you're not part of anything, that's how I felt. All in all it was a good attempt to create a different MMO but it went too different and I feel that really hurt the game.

The story for each race is alright, it's not great in the least but it's enough to maybe keep you interested, what I really disliked was the fact that the stories are designed for the race and not the personal role, some of the classes(Professions) does not fit the story at all, and there really is no choice for that class. An example, if you roll a Charr Ele, none of the options for the personal story even indicate you're an Ele, seems to be tailored for an Engineer, Warrior, Guardian or Thief. Which is cool for those classes but if you wish to have a Charr Ele, you're just out of luck for the story, I feel the story would be best if it was custom made for each race and for each professions, after x amount of levels it all becomes one story and the end goal is ultimately the same.

It's worth the money, especially since it's on sale at a lot of places. For some it may be even worth the $60 price tag but you will get some hours of it for the most part and it's not a bad MMO, just needs some work and hopefully ArenaNet will deliver such.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Guild Wars 2 (US, 08/28/12)

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