How do I get from Metrica Province to Rata Sum (Lvl 13 Asura)?

  1. I'm a level 13 Asura, but still stuck in Metrica Province, can't figure out how to get to Rata Sum. Googled but can't find much info. Went to Soren Draa (one post online said that's where the gate to Rata Sum is) but can't find the portal. Could someone direct me to how I might get to Rata Sum please? Help would be much appreciated!

    User Info: cliveypoo

    cliveypoo - 3 months ago


  1. You should have the Horncall waypoint available, in the Shiverpeaks. Go there, and then head west to Hoelbrak. Head to Peeta's Gate to go to Lion's Arch. There should be a gate there to Rata Sum.

    User Info: Nerthing

    Nerthing - 3 months ago 0 0

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