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Boss FAQ by Dragonpwner102

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/07/08

Devil May Cry 4 Boss FAQ

The time has come and so have I 
I'll laugh last cause you came to die 
The damage done~the pain subsides 
And I can see the fear clear when I look in your eye. 
I never kneel and I'll never rest 
You can tear the heart from my chest 
I'll make you see what I do best, 
I'll succeed as you breathe your very last breath. 
Now I know how the angel fell [just kneel] 
I know the tale and I know it too well [just bow] 
I'll make you wish you had a soul to sell [soul to sell] 
When I strike you down and send you straight to hell 
My army comes from deep within 
Beneath my soul--beneath my skin 
As you're ending, I'm about to begin 
My strength~His bane~and I will never give in. 
I'll tell you now I'm the one to survive 
You never break my faith or my stride 
I'll have you choke on your own demise 
I make the angel scream, and the devil cry!

About this FAQ
This is a set of instructions and strategies on how to beat the major bosses in
Devil May Cry 4 for the Playstation 3. This FAQ was written based on playing
through the game in DMD and SoS Modes. If you are playing on an easier setting,
it is possible that some of the information here simply won't apply to you. 

Copyright Info.
This FAQ is the exclusive IP of Dragonpwner102, used with permission by
GameFAQs. Any other use, reproduction, hosting, or distribution of this
document without consent is expressly prohibited. Linking, however, is

How to use this Guide
This walkthrough is pretty straightforward. But to make things easier, next to
each section in the contents there is an abbreviation (Example: (CR5)) that you
can use to jump right to that section in the walkthrough without reading the
whole thing. Just use CTRL + F to search for that abbreviation. 

Table of Contents
I.) Dante: Son of Sparda (D1)
II.) Berial: Big Red Ass (B1)
III.) Bael: Big White Ass (B2)
IV.) Echidna: Tiny Green Tits (E1)
V.) A. Credo: Birdy (AC1)
VI.) A. Agnus: Buggy (AA1)
VII.) Sanctus: Grumpy Old Man (S1)
VIII.) Character Switch (CS1)
IX.) Echidna: HAI AGAIN. (E2)
X.) Dagon: Bael's Brother (B3)
XI.) Berial: Ass strikes again (B4)
XII.) The Saviour: IT'S JAYSUS! (TS1)
XIII.) The Saviour: Part Two (TS2)
XIV.) Character Switch (CS2)
XV.) Sanctus Diabolica (STD1)F

Dante (DMD) (D1)

Holy crap. THE Dante?! For the first boss fight?! THIS IS MADNESS! But so
awesome. Anywho, onto the strategy.

As the fight begins, you'll want to take a more defensive style in this fight
as Dante is a veritable BASTARD to fight on DMD mode. Although, the first fight
is NOWHERE near the difficulty that the 2nd fight is. This fight is rather
tricky to write for, as, there is no real set strategy. The best thing to do is
to NOT shoot at Dante as that makes him want to retaliate with gunfire. And
that is BAD. No, instead, just try to coerce Dante into attacking you first so
you can get a cheap counter attack in. Usually an Ex Splitter works well. After
that, just Streak him and then jump away from him as he's going to be PISSED
after he gets back up.

Several of Dante's attacks are noteworthy and should dodged at all costs. These
Stinger- Dante usually Taunts then STINGERS you. Listen for the clap, then
IMMEDIATELY roll out of the way to dodge. The other attack is using the Laser
form of the Pandora, I can't remember what it's called but it is a VERY good
idea to stay out of its way, as it will do a RETARDED amount of damage should
it hit you. The other one is his Honey Comb fire attack. This one just puts me
in a state of PISSIVITY that I haven't felt since the Divine Dragon fight in
The Legend of Dragoon. There's virtually NO WAY to dodge it and it will take
off at least two bars of health if it hits you. 

The rest of the fight is mostly counter Helm Splitting. Baiting Dante into H.
Splitting first is the easiest thing to do, then follow it up with your own and
retaliate with a Streak when he gets stunned. Be sure to Taunt Dante just for
kicks and giggles. Oh and just for reference, if you ever successfully Buster
Dante, he might decide to counter it. If this happens, start mashing the "O"
button to push Dante back and hit him for lots o' damage. Another strategy a
friend of mine suggested was this: 
"For Mission 1 DMD, you can dispose of Dante quite easily by trying to snatch
him. He'll do a roll and follow up with a stinger. But if you time a buster
properly, you'll catch his sword and trigger the buster animation.

Repeat that and follow up with a combo if possible. You can do the entire fight
this way, and if you're lucky, he'll get trapped in a corner for repeated
pwnage. <_<"

Berial (DMD) (B1)

Berial's a freaking nut. 'Nuff said. Anyway, when the fight begins, you'll be
enclosed in a tight space between two houses, perhaps it's because the
developers wanted to make you feel small and insignificant in your opposition
of Berial since he's easily the size of one of these prime retail estates, but
what the hell, let's go with it and beat the ever living flying **** out of him
anyway. Or vice versa. Just depends if you suck eggs at DMC or not.

Now then, do a quick cs1 on him to get the fight started, then Snatch towards
him to pull yourself behind him and go to town on that delicious red beef ass.
Now, when Berial does his 180 degree sword spin thingy, roll to avoid and
continue as necessary.  Once you take off about a quarter of his health, he'll
use his OMGWTFBBQ attack to try to fry you. This is easily avoided by Air
Hiking away and staying off the ground as it seems that the distance needed to
dodge the attack is less in the air than it is on the ground. 
After that, he'll most likely use his Helm Splitter attack on you, wait about
half a second while he gets ready to charge, then roll out of the way to avoid
Fire Brand to the face. Continue to slice away at that scrumptious big red
booty and roll as necessary.

After he gets another quarter of his health down, he'll use OMGWTFBBQ attack
again, Air Hike away, Young One. Now, if you're having trouble with Berial
there is a kinda loop that you can get him in that is *almost* impossible for
him to escape. First, get up to his face, next try Buster it and fail. He
should try to HP now, now Snatch to get behind him and give show him what a
prostate exam feels like. Roll to avoid 180 degree sword spin. Repeat. Oh and
be sure to get off the occasional CS3 for the awesome stun it imbues upon
Berial and his bright red ass.

A friend of mine has also informed me of an alternate strategy that can be used
to seriously damage Berial at the beginning of the fight.  Here it is:

"For Berial, charged up Maximum Bets are actually quite useful. Start up the
fight by DT'ing and charging/releasing two, then follow up with exceed 3
streak. He should lose his flame shield, and that's your cue to do the usual
buster routine." -DarkEffigy

Bael (DMD) (B2)

When the fight begins, Nero will be battling two voluptuous femme fatales
called Rusalka's. These little creatures really aren't that hard to hurt and
their attacks are easily predicted, but don't ever get hit by them. Because
when they hit, they hit  hard, dammit. Now what you wanna do is keep blasting
them with revved-up Streaks, after each successful Ex Streak they should go
into a stun animation allowing for an extra Splitter or Ex Splitter. After each
attack, you SHOULD be IR'ing for the extra dmg.  If not, this phase will be the
longest. Amazingly, it seems, that most of the damage done to Bael will be
through these little creatures. Weird.

After you've beaten the Rusalka's like a lord at an S&M club, Bael will jump
out with his as I'ma eatcha attack. Rolling to the side seems to avoid it
completely, although a few friends of mine beg to differ. Testing will be
needed to see if something does hit you or if Cat is just schizophrenic. >_>
Now, after his munch attack, he almost always follows it up with another
immediate munch, dodge promptly, and NEVAR get into a corner. After that, he'll
proceed to flop his fat ass around the place trying to smash you. Going in a
straight line and then breaking to the left as you see his shadow usually
throws him off big time. When he lands, JC Ex Streaks and Roulette Spin him as
much as possible. Eventually, the Rusalka's come out again and you must beat
the **** out of them once more.

As Bael reaches his last two bars of health, he'll DT, go into Hyper Mode, and
begin hopping around the place like a sped student locked in a small room with
a bottle of vicodin. Roll to dodge as necessary. He'll also be prompted to use
his ice spikes in waves of two to three, often making them
ADULT-MALE-SEXUALLY-ACTIVE-DOGS to dodge since, if you dodge one wave, the
other slaughters you, he also is prompted to use his Munch attack IMMEDIATELY
after the last wave. The best way to inflict damage at this point is to use
aerial combos and CS3's when he has barely a sliver of health left. After that,
watch Nero show Bael his strong distaste for slimy, white ASS.

*If at all possible, it is a very good idea to begin wasting away the ice on
top of his head, as since he won't go hide in his veil of darkness anymore, it
gives you a near-infinite amount of time to get rid of all the ice on his head.
 Mind you, this *is* rather difficult, but very possible.  If you *do* do it,
however, go for the Buster on whatever side you're on. Because you will NOT
have time to go to the other side. And then you'll have wasted a prime Buster

Echidna (DMD)(E1)

I vaguely recall seeing a movie just like this one time on the Hallmark
channel. I think it was called...Loverboy? I don't know. It was about some
parasitic woman trying to kill off a little white boy by constantly badgering
him with BULL**** and other such motherly things that my mommy always felt
inclined to do like hugs before school, or a kiss at your 13th birthday party
in front of all your friends, or sexual molesta-.... Getting off-topic here.
Onto the strategy.

When the fight begins Echidna will be floating slightly above you looking down
at you as though, she's about to kill you. Anywho, when she does a tail swipe
towards you, simply jump to avoid it and Snatch towards her and smack her big
gob with un-ending Roulette Spins and Caliburs with the occasional Air Hike to
avoid her Hair Swingy attack. Now, every now and then Echidna will switch forms
and begin attacking with a renewed repertoire of attacks, her favorite stance
is when she plants herself in the ground and starts summoning roots to come up
and smack you. This is so piss-easy to avoid by jumping and rolling. Just smack
her senseless with Ex Splitters and Type 2 combo's. Now as she exits this
stage, she'll fly back up and use her first form. Repeat. 

After that, Echidna loves to switch to her..Breeding...Form....and summon
little Chimera Seedlings. No. Stop, do NOT email me detailing how funny it is
that a postulant little purple sac produces tiny Chimera Seeds because it lost
its comedic value LONG before I ever even Bustered the damned thing.  Which is
exactly what you wanna do to it.  Try to DT before hand though.  After that
form, Echidna has one more trick up her purple sac. She'll go into snake form
and begin charging at you from the sky. Keep a lock on her and roll out of the
way as necessary. Once she goes into Hyper Mode, she's vulnerable in this form.
 Which is funny, because she almost always spams the hell out of this attack in
Hyper Mode. Anyway, when she charges, just Buster her with correct timing and
Nero will jump up, cop a feel and rev the Red Queen inside her putrid breasts.
That should end the fight.

Angelo Credo (DMD)(AC1)

Isn't that sad? Friend turned against friend? I, personally, LOVED it because I
hated Credo and always wanted to kill him and his Chuck Norris-wannabe facial
hair. Plus, this way Nero can get it on with his sister as much as he wants
without fear of rebuttal from good ol' Credo. 

Now as the fight begins, Streak towards him and watched it get blocked. Now
jump. Use Blue Rose for float. Credo's counter-combo will miss. Ex Splitter.
Buster, damage shield. Repeat. Buster when vulnerable. Now when Credo teleports
over to his happy place, he'll begin chucking spears at you. More often than
not, it's a better idea to just dodge these, rather than to counter-Buster them
because they go at the speed of LIGHT. If you can Buster them, good for you, if
not, LOLZ NUB. If you do counter-Buster them, however, they'll impale Credo and
leave him completely vulnerable. Buster him to degrade his shield further. Or
Rev up a High Roller. Either way's cool.

When Credo gets about halfway killed, he'll begin to switch tactics. He'll now
use Summoned Swords and start using his big I-kill-u-WHOOSH! Move
consecutively. Jump and Ex Split to send him FLYING across the arena. As for
his Summoned Swords, they're exactly like Vergil's from DMC3. If you've never
played DMC3, get out of here you blasphemous traitor. Just kidding. If he uses
the circling swords, time it right and when they stop moving JUMP.  If Credo
flies up in the air and starts shooting them randomly at you, just roll/Table
Hop to avoid. 

That's about it for Credo. He's supposed to be more fun than anything, anyway. 

Angelo Agnus (DMD) (AA1)

Question: Why doesn't Agnus have a *cool* looking Angelo form? I mean, Credo
actually looked reminiscent of an angel and had a badass sword and shield!
Agnus...Has a large, stupid looking sword and...He's...an insect...>_> Perhaps
it's because the developers of the game wanted to make it so that the Angelo
forms of the main characters mirrored the souls of their hosts, in a deep
emotional meaning to keep the gamer entertained subconsciously and visually by
stimulating the despise of the ugly insect form of Agnus, while simultaneously
pleasing your subconscious mind by giving him a form that mirrors the ugliness
of his soul. OAR, I could be getting way off-topic. TO THA STRATEGY!

As the fight begins, Agnus usually starts by summoning three Gladiuses. Just
plug away at him from afar until you see the Gladiuses flash, then jump, or
roll, to avoid them. Afterwards, Agnus should be jumping around the place
slashing like a retard with his big swords. Just focus on knocking the
Gladiuses and throwing them at him. 
After enough punishment, Agnus'll start shooting fireballs at you. Just roll
and jump to avoid. Now several times during the fight, Agnus will attempt to
use two of his OMGWTFDRAIN attacks on you. The first, also the easiest to
avoid, can be easily jumped over. Or, when you see him charge up, just beat the
ever-living CRAP out of him and knock him into a stun. The second must be
stopped at ALL COSTS. During the second, Agnus flies into the middle of the
arena and begins charging his attack for about  10 seconds. Stop him before the
attack goes off.  If it does, it'll do a STUPID amount of damage. No matter
WHERE you are in the arena. 

As Agnus gets down to about half health, he'll begin summoning Basilisks and
Cutlasses to come fight for him. The basilisks actually make great ranged
attacks against Agnus. Just Buster them for lots of damage all around. The
Cutlasses can also be easily dodged by rolling out of the way. They'll die on
their own. 
NOTE: Agnus has one *annoying* attack where he spawns two Cutlasses and twirls
them around like a giant spinny blade of death. The attack itself is easy to
dodge. The aftermath, however, is NOT. For, at the end of the attack, Agnus
throws both of the Cutlasses at you at once. They are extremely hard to dodge
as you have to time it right and jump out of the way.  Otherwise, the Cutlasses
will track you down and beat the crap out of you.
And that's Agnus in a nutshell folks!

Sanctus (DMD) (S1)

Oh. My. God. This fight is so easy it's embarrassing. I'm dead serious. The
entire mission preceding it is harder than this boss fight! This boss fight
is...Pathetic! Anyway...

When the fight begins, Sanctus will be suspended in a bubble above you. See the
little lamps floating alongside him? Shoot those. They'll turn into Grim Grabs
you can use to get closer to him and therefore, beat the crap out of him. After
about one Roulette Spin and two regular hits, his shield should go down. Just
let Sanctus run off to his little corner while keeping a fair distance to him,
of course. When Sanctus starts tossing crap at you, just Snatch towards him and
hit him three times. This will bring him crashing down to your mercy. Slash him
with a few combos, followed by a DT'ed High Roller. Then finish it with a DT'd
Buster. Be sure to fire off Summoned Swords at Sanctus during the sequence for
the extra damage, by the way. 

Btw, after the first Buster sequence, be sure to pick your jaw off the floor as
it will inevitably fall off from watching the INSANE damage that it'll do to
Sanctus. I mean, MY! GAWD! Anywho, at roughly half health, Sanctus'll fly up
into The Savior and it'll try to smash you. Counter Buster for MASSIVE DAMAGE!
That's really all you need to know about this fight. Most of Sanctus's attacks
are really easy to dodge. Save for his " Lolz ANCIENT EGYPTIAN LAZERS!" attack.
But then again, that's STILL pretty easy to dodge. Oh, and be wary of when the
Grim Grabs turn into projectiles. 

Character Switch (CS1)

Echidna (DMD Dante)(E2)

Not much difference in this fight and the Nero fight against the big ugly
chick. The only difference is that Echidna is NO LONGER vulnerable in her Hyper
Mode charge. Unless you're bold and actually wanna try using the swords from
Lucifer against her as anti-airborne projectiles. In which case, moar power to
you, dude. 

When the fight begins, start by hitting her with three Drives. Don't bother
charging them up as she'll be upon you before you can fully charge them.
Afterwards, use abuncha JC'd Full Houses. They seriously raep her. Hard. When
she gets stunned, hit her with either DT'd Stingers or Distorted Real Impacts.
As for when she goes into her breeding form just kill the Chimera Seed that
spawns with a few Stingers and lay waste to her postulant sac by using
Lucifer's airborne attack. I find it extremely amusing to make that thing into
a pin cushion and then set it off as it goes back inside her. GAWD, that HAS to

Now when Echidna decides to start flying around the place, and she WILL
eventually, you'll want to be rolling like a madman while retaliating with some
E&I shots every now and then. After she comes out of her charge, she's
vulnerable to the Pandora's Laser Beam. Blast her one real quick.

Oh, and it should also be known that when Echidna plants herself in the ground
Prop Shredder absolutely MUUUUUUUUUUUUURDERS her.

*It should be noted at this point that Lucifer is an absolute *MONSTER* against
bosses because their size is their weakness.  Lucifer is strongest against big
enemies because their increased girth means that they can hold more of
Lucifer's swords and that they make themselves incredibly big targets.
Gilgamesh's Divine Dragon and Distorted Real Impact are also very good choices
to use on a boss whenever they are stunned mainly due to the extreme volume of
damage that they can put out. As a matter of fact, you *should* be using a
combination of Lucifer, Gilgamesh, and Rebellion in each fight with Shotgun as
your main firearm. Lucifer for extended damage combos, Gilgamesh for one-hit
damagers and Rebellion for your main weapon.*

Dagon (DMD Dante) (B3)

This is basically the Bael fight over again. However, since the developers of
the DMC games
kindergarten.jpg) lack originality, they see the need to repeat boss fights
again and again. Not that that's a bad thing, but for Christ's sake people, do
we NEED to fight a clone of Bael? I mean, folks who have trouble with the dice
room already have that fight DOWN PAT. Know what I be sayin', Capcom? HINT
****ING HINT. 

Now when the fight begins, Dagon will send leap out to munch on you. Promptly
dodge it and blast his side with a few shotgun shells. Now after the initial
Dagon has two things he usually does. He either A.) Does the Munch attack
again. Or B.) He attempts to jump on top of you. Either of these are easily
dodged and after the Jump attack, you SHOULD be retaliating with Full Houses or
lots of mother****ing Lucifer swords. As for the munch attack, it should go
something like this: 
Munch = evaded.
Dante = retaliate with ANY means of retaliation. Guns, Stinger, Straight etc...

After he loses about a quarter of health, Dagon'll jump into darkness and try
to hide. Put a few thousand rounds into him with Honeycomb Fire, or show him
what your favorite color is by blasting him with the Laser attachment on
When his Rusalkas come out, show them Dante's strong dislike of jelly-women by
giving them ZERO time to counter by hitting them with never-ending Stingers and
Million Stabs.
 However, be wary. While you're beating the crap out of one of the Rusalkas,
the other has a nasty habit of going into her "lolz, I freeze u." attack and
freezing you to the spot, allowing Dagon to MUNCH your ass. 
If you DO get frozen, just go DT to break out and when Dagon misses, blast him
with DT'd Stingers. When he runs back (pansy...) to his darkness, keep baring
down on the Rusalkas and they should go down pretty fast.

After that, Dagon'll jump out and by this time, he should go into Hyper Mode. 
When he does, he will NO LONGER summon his Rusalkas to fight for him. No,
instead, he'll begin jumping around the place like a kangaroo that just
discovered steroids. Dodge as necessary. At this point, Dagon loses all notion
of self-preservation. Take advantage of this by D. Real Impacting when he comes
out of a jump. That should finish him deftly and swiftly.

Berial (DMD Dante)(B4)

Yaaay! My favorite boss is back for another BOOTY RAEP! As my board
counter-part once put it, "BROWN-EYED TIMMEH TAKES IT UP TEH REAR." This is
probably the only fight that I forgive Capcom for making me do multiple times
as this fight owns all other fights. Except Sanctus. MY GAWD, THAT BUSTER DOES
A LOT OF DAMAGE! Anyway, onto the strategy.

Amazingly, there really isn't much difference in this fight and the Nero fight,
save for the Busters you can do to Berial. OH! And Berial SERIOUSLY dislikes
Dante smacking his hooves with a Stinger. 
He REALLY hates that. He shows said hate by smashing the ground with his
hooves, usually beating the crap out of Dante before he can get out of the way,
unless you Air Trick out of the way with Trickster.
Anyway, after the opening blows between you and Berial pass, run off to your
security corner and charge up a Drive and blast that mo-fo. After that, hit him
with Pandora's Laser. It's great for stun on him.  

Now at about a quarter health, Berial'll use his OMGWTFBBQ attack. Use
Trickster to get out of the way by using this convenient three-step guide to
"Getting the **** Out of the Way."
1.) Dash away.
2.) Jump.
3.) Air Hike.
4.) Sky Star
5.) Switch styles and counter with Quick Drive.
OAR, you can just go DT and Infinite Dash away. Whatever's available at the
time should work best.
It should be noted that JC'd Aerial Rave V slashes are absolutely terrible for
Berial as the damage they do is IN-FREAKIN-SANE when used in quick succession.
Seriously. I actually got Berial to use his OMGWTFBBQ attack in, under, 10
seconds by using JC'd Aerial Rave V slashes. And yeah. I DID time it. It was on
the BP. >_>

As the fight draws near its conclusion, Berial will be content to stick to his
usual pattern of H. Splitting, 180 degree Sword Spinning, and Fire Charging. Do
I REALLY need to tell you what to do at this point?

The Saviour (DMD TS1)

I h8 this fight with great vengeance. Not because I can ONLY get an "A" rank on
this mission. Not because it's riddled with annoying, goddamned Faults. Not
because HALF THE FIGHT IS GUNFIRE. But because of the very, very bad idea of
saying, "Hey! Let's make Dante do a big, EPIC-SCALE battle!" And then failing
horribly. Don't get me wrong, it's an entertaining boss fight, but can someone
tell me exactly wtf the VAULTS are doing on The Saviour? Whatever, anyway, onto
the guide.

When the fight begins, you'll immediately be shown this big, flashy cutscene
where The Saviour comes out and shows off his incredibly huge abs. I mean, Wow.
That's a big 6-pack. Now when the cutscene finally draws to an end, run over to
one of the various jump pads and jump to some distant location. If you took the
right path, good idea. If the left, SUX FOR U STUPID. Now when on the right
side, run over just a bit and you should see a Blue M&M Shield.
Power up the Blue M&M Shield by wacking it repeatedly. When it activates, a
shiny blue lazer will shoot out of nowhere. Now bait The Saviour into
attacking. Done it? Good. Now run up his arm and blast his shoulder jewel with
your Shotgun.
After that, run back down and shoot the palm jewel with your shotgun again. Two
jewels down, a lot to go. 
Oh, also, while you're up there, be sure to take a potshot or two at the head
jewel. You'll be wanting to break that one as soon as possible.

Now, one of my board mates has recently suggested a peculiar idea to me. He
saids, "I have also found that 2-3 shots from the laser-gun form of Pandora
will knock the Saviour on his arse (i.e. has the same effect as hitting him
with the large cannon turret) regardless of where the beam hits him."
This was recently confirmed by a good Samaritan known as: Gamedon
Now once The Saviour is down, run up to the jump pad in front of you and head
to the various ports, dodgin Vaults and Bianco/ Alto Angelos as you go. I find
Yamato's Aerial Rave V and Shotgun blasts to be particularly adept at
destroying the jewels.

The Saviour II (TS2)

You may have to repeat that process as many times as necessary to break all the
jewels on The Saviour's body. When you eventually DO destroy all the Jewels, a
cutscene will ensue, showing that The Saviour has now become EXTREMELY PISSED.
He will now show his level of passivity by using his "GIANT ANCIENT EGYPTIAN
I'm dead serious. This attack is almost as bad as Agnus' ultimate attack. Just
run around the place, using jump pads as you go, to avoid the GAELBODADLOLZ
(/acronym). Now when he finally decides to calm down, blast The Saviour with
the Laser form of Pandora.

Now The Saviour should be perfectly content to just use melee attacks for the
next quarter of his health. Just dodge as necessary and smack his fists with
DT'd Stingers until he goes down.  When he does, he'll make the jewel on his
body completely vulnerable. Attack it with D. Real Impact. After The Saviour
wakes up, he'll use his GAELBODADLOLZ (/acronym) again. Continue like this
until the fight ends. 

Character Switch (CS2)
Note: I will *NOT* include the Boss Fights inside The Saviour as they are the
same as the other boss fights preceding this mission.

Sanctus Diabolica (STD1)

So the end has finally come. Good vs. Evil. Light vs. Dark. Angel vs. Devil.
Cake vs. Pie. Cake btw >>>>> Pie tbhimo.
Now then, Ansem, LET'S END THIS!

The fight is basically the same as the last Sanctus fight, in that, Sanctus
circles above you ominously while constantly firing crap at you and using his
Laser Beam attack. Oh, and the stupidly over-powered Buster is back too. That's
about where the similarities end though. Proceed as you'd normally proceed and
eventually Sanctus's shield will go down. He should fly off to his corner now
to hide and shoot stuff at you. Dodge and Snatch to get closer to the old

Now, when you attempt to attack Sanctus, he'll block it with Sparda. O****,
right? Well, after Nero recovers from the bounce, just fill Sparda full of Blue
Rose shots to keep Sanctus stationary. Now get close and Buster the Sparda.
Sanctus'll lose his grip and he'll be vulnerable for a few seconds. Get your
hits in and make that sucker ground borne. When Sanctus hit's the ground, go to
town on him by DT'ing and using Showdown. I feel that it is cooler to use than
the Buster and does about the same amount of damage.

Now, the cycle should repeat at this point. With a few key differences. After
taking some damage, Sanctus feels the need to go down and slash at Nero
unsuccessfully with Sparda. That is, it SHOULD be unsuccessful if you dodge it.
Afterwards, retaliate with a Splitter and Streak. Now that he's vulnerable,
either DT Buster or Showdown. I personally <3 Showdown.

Now at the last bit of his health, Sanctus gets seriously cereal, and starts
using Sparda in a giant, unblock able, unforgivable display of power. I mean,
wow. And that's not even Sparda's full strength. Anyway, dodge the initial
lunge (or, if you're brave enough, try to counter-Buster it. >_>) and wait for
the second. When he comes in for the second, wait exactly half a second and
THEN Buster him. Watch awesome, soul-crushing display of power as Nero beats
the SIN out of Sanctus.

NOTE: This fight looks extremely cool when put to the song "Through the Fire
and the Flames" by Dragonforce.
Another Note: The proceeding epilogue boss fight is ALSO very cool when put to
the sound of "Anger Cage" by Course of Nature.

Congratulations! You've beaten Sanctus and reached the end of DMC4. Now go
outside and eat a cheeseburger or something.

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Devil May Cry 4 © 2008 Capcom 
All Rights Reserved 

Since the day that I was born
I've been a prisoner of the storm
But the time has come
Now I've had enough
I can't take it anymore
The blood rushes to my head
You deserve everything you get
The love is gone
And there's nothing left here
But the love you try to hate
Tell me now who's to blame?
Will I burst from your rage?
Hear it callin' my name
Down in your anger cage
On the course of the fightin'
Force my rage out of iron
Well do you stop and look at me
As you bomb the enemy
You know that you've
Crossed the line for the last time
When you trampled over me
The blood rushes to my head
You deserve everything you get
The love is gone
And there's nothing left here
But the love you try to hate
Tell me now who's to blame?
Will I burst from your rage?
Hear it callin' my name
Down in your anger cage
On the course of the fightin'
Force my rage out of iron
I started losing it
I .. I'm out of control
This rage is killin? me
Yeah, it's takin' it's toll
I'm fallin' apart from here
I can see the end
It's all so clear
I might choke - suffocate
Inside my anger cage
Tell me now who's to blame?
Will I burst from your rage?
Hear it callin' my name
Down in your anger cage
On the course of the fightin'
Force my rage out of iron
Don't care what you say
I don't give a damn
You talk about me
But you don't know who I am
Don't care what you say
I don't give a damn
You talk about me
But you don't know who I am
You talk about me
But you don't know who I am
You talk about me but you don't know?

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