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FAQ/Walkthrough by Axel7174

Version: Final | Updated: 07/01/08

 ______   _______          _________ _       
(  __  \ (  ____ \|\     /|\__   __/( \      
| (  \  )| (    \/| )   ( |   ) (   | (      
| |   ) || (__    | |   | |   | |   | |      
| |   | ||  __)   ( (   ) )   | |   | |      
| |   ) || (       \ \_/ /    | |   | |      
| (__/  )| (____/\  \   /  ___) (___| (____/\
(______/ (_______/   \_/   \_______/(_______/                 

 _______  _______                     4::::::::4  
(  ____ \(  ____ )|\     /|          4:::::::::4  
| (    \/| (    )|( \   / )         4::::44::::4  
| |      | (____)| \ (_) /         4::::4 4::::4  
| |      |     __)  \   /         4::::4  4::::4  
| |      | (\ (      ) (         4::::4   4::::4  
| (____/\| ) \ \__   | |        4::::444444::::444
(_______/|/   \__/   \_/        4::::::::::::::::4

| Devil May Cry 4 Guide      |
| Created by: Axel7174       |
| FAQ and Walkthrough        |
| Copyright 2008 Ryne Gardner|

Version History
Version .90 - Started 2/18/08 - Finished 3/03/08
--Guide Created

Version 1.00 - 3/05/08
--Fixed some info, corrected spelling/grammar

Version 1.50 - 3/07/08 
--Fixed more info, added slightly to some sections, including a very tiny
addition to Bloody Palace. Added my PSN ID for any who want to friend me for
whatever reason. Corrected a few more spelling/grammar mistakes. 

Version 1.80 - 3/14/08
--Fixed some errors I was too blind to see (like putting '07 in the version
history updates instead of '08 -_-. Also added a little more info and fixed
other information. Added the FAQ section finally.

Verstion 1.90 - 3/22/08
--Nothing big. Added a pair of reader submissions for two Secret Missions. I
also fixed a couple typos here and there, other little mistakes, etc. I haven't
been able to make a "big" update with college and the holidays, plus my
Birthday is coming up, but now that I have a little bit of time, I might try to
make a bigger revision if possible. The final version of the guide will 
probably come in a few weeks as well. 

FINAL Version - 5/04/08
--Wow, it's been a while hasn't it? Jeez. Well uh... I can explain. Basically 
it was midterms, birthday, school, spring break, more school, and GTA IV. I 
meant to do this final update over Spring Break but I got too caught up with 
friends to bother. Now that I'm no longer distracted, I can finally do this. 
This is important to note. Being the final version means only that I won't be 
adding any more new content. The operative word here is "I". I will still 
gladly review and add reader submissions. I will also check for those naughty 
typographical errors that seem to pop up now and then. There is a chance I may 
add new stuff, but it is unlikely. Time will tell.

That being said, here's what the final update includes:
-Secret Orb Stashes section added
-One reader submission (one other pending)
-Other small changes/fixes

|         Table of Contents            |

1. Introduction (Intro)
   A. Devil May Cry: The Series
   B. Nero's Weapons & Abilities
   C. Dante's Weapons & Abilities
   D. Items
   E. Enemies 
   F. General Tips
   G. Frequently Asked Questions

2. Walkthrough
   A. Mission 01 (M01)
   B. Mission 02 (M02)
   C. Mission 03 (M03)
   D. Mission 04 (M04)
   E. Mission 05 (M05)
   F. Mission 06 (M06)
   G. Mission 07 (M07)
   H. Mission 08 (M08)
   I. Mission 09 (M09)
   J. Mission 10 (M10)
   K. Mission 11 (M11)
   L. Mission 12 (M12)
   M. Mission 13 (M13)
   N. Mission 14 (M14)
   O. Mission 15 (M15)
   P. Mission 16 (M16)
   Q. Mission 17 (M17)
   R. Mission 18 (M18)
   S. Mission 19 (M19)
   T. Mission 20 (M20)

3. Beyond
   A. Blue Orb Locations (BluO)
   B. Secret Red Orb Stashes (Sros)
   C. Secret Missions (SecM)
   D. Bloody Palace (BlP)
   E. Unlockables (Unlck)
4. Misc. (Misc)
   A. Contact Info
   B. Credits
   C. Legal Garbage

|           Introduction               | 
*A. Devil May Cry: The Series*

So, here we are, 2008 and Devil May Cry 4 has reached US and UK soil. Finally.
Devil May Cry introduced us to a great game and character in Dante. Devil May 
Cry 2 took us down a road of mediocrity and then Devil May Cry 3 really 
shattered the gaming world yet again. Now finally, Devil May Cry 4 has been 
released with an all new protagonist: Nero. With new gameplay aspects, levels,
enemies, bosses, the game continues the Devil May Cry legacy in good fashion. 

In writing this guide, I chose to go with the Devil Hunter difficulty. So, any
references made here will reflect those seen in that particular mode. I've also
written it specifically to reflect the control scheme with the PS3. I may at a
later time change it so it can be applied to the Xbox360 but I'm not sure yet. 
It's actually not that difficult when you think about it. 

*B. Nero's Abilities & Weapons*

With a new character, you'll spend a decent time becoming accustomed to how he
plays. This will be especially hard if you've played DMC3 very recently. 
Luckily, Nero is simple to wield with some practice and eventually that makes
the game much easier. To start off, Nero has two basic weapons: Red Queen and
Blue Rose. I'm going to give the button presses for each move, as well as a
short description and tips for each. I will not be doing this for all of
Dante's moves though. 

Red Queen: Red Queen is Nero's sword and it's got a whole different innovation
as compared to Dante's Rebellion. The sword has a motorcycle grip handle,
allowing Nero to rev it and attack with more power. We'll get into the Exceed
system in a moment. First we'll go over Nero's moves with the Red Queen.

Combo 1: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
-Very simple. Just hit the button over and over again. Easy and useful when you
are locked on to the enemy.

Combo 2: Triangle, (pause), Triangle, (pause), Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
-A good combo that works against a single enemy. Nero will slash the enemy once
and then proceed to slam his sword down on him continually until finally 
slashing upward. The move is effective against one enemy but leaves you very
vulnerable to attacks from behind. It's only recommended to be used when you're
not surrounded closely by a lot of enemies. Having to pause in between the 
first and second, as well as second and third slashes is important. You can't
just mash like in the first combo.  

Combo 3: Triangle, Triangle, (pause), Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, 
-This is a very good combo. Nero will do his two slashes, then after a pause,
will unleash a few very wide slashes that will hit enemies around him. It's a 
decent crowd control attack but it has its limits and won't always guarantee
you won't get hit while performing it. After the pause, you can just tap 
Triangle continually to unleash the latter part of the combo. 

Combo 4. Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, (pause), Triangle
-Not much to say about this one. It's basically the same combo as the original,
but Nero gives his final slash a little extra oomph. 

Air Combo: (in mid-air) Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
-Pretty simple. While you're in the air this will help juggle the enemy but
there's nothing special about it. Roulette Spin is better.

Roulette Spin: (in mid-air) Triangle, Triangle, (pause), Triangle
-This move is not only a good air move, but it will help you once or twice in
the course of the game. Nero will slash twice, and then spin in the air with 
Red Queen. The result is a move that propels him somewhat higher into the air.

High Roller: Hold R1 + Back on the Left Analog Stick and press Triangle
-This move is good to begin your aerial combos. If you're familiar with DMC,
you should know that this move will let you chase the enemy if you hold
Triangle. This will let you jump after the enemy and begin an aerial combo if
you wish. I find it's useful if I'm focusing on one enemy and there are others
surrounding me. I can take to the air and avoid damage for the time being. 

Streak: Hold R1 + Forward on the Left Analog Stick and press Triangle
-This move is performed in the same control scheme as Dante's Stinger,
but the similarities end there. Instead of a forward thrust, Nero lunges with
a very wide sweeping slash. This is a great move to control a crowd and keep
enemies away from you while you deal with others. 

Split: (in mid-air) Hold R1 + Forward on the Left Analog Stick and press
-With Split, you'll be airborne when you perform it, and Nero will come
crashing down on his enemies with his sword. Useful to tag on the end of an
aerial combo. I personally like to juggle an enemy with Roulette spin, and if
there's another enemy underneath me, I'll crash down on them with Split.

Calibur: (in mid-air) Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick, then
Forward on the Left Analog Stick and Triangle
-This move is basically the airborne version of Streak, and it's tough to pull
off sometimes. If you practice though it becomes easier, but you might still 
find that in battle situations you can't perform it as easily as you would
hope. When you take to the air don't have the Left Analog Stick held in any
direction. Press it back and then forward quickly in one fluid motion and press
Triangle and you should succeed. 

Shuffle: Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick, then Forward on the
Left Analog Stick and Triangle
-Basically the same exact deal with Calibur except you'll be doing it on the
ground. This move is a good move, you'll move away from your enemy, allowing
you to avoid damage and then dash right back toward them allowing you to 
counterattack. It's one of those moves that's difficult to implement, but if 
practice it makes the difference in becoming a master at the combat system.

Whew. That was a lot, wasn't it? Ok, now we'll go over the Exceed System. This
is very, very important. 


The Exceed System is exclusive to Nero and it's what makes him a whole
different ballgame from Dante, as well as making DMC4 much more innovative in
its combat system as compared to the earlier installments. Nero has a 
motorcycle grip handle on Red Queen and you can use it in battle to supercharge
his attacks. This is not an easy process and can be difficult. However, if 
you've tried the demo, you might have some experience with this. I can't really
help much in the way of learning the intricate timings and such, but Ninja99 
has a very useful guide on the message boards that is detailed on such things.

The very basic way to use the Exceed system is to hold L2 to rev the Red Queen.
You simply hold L2 for a moment, then release and quickly hold it again. You
should see the meter in the top left filling up. As it reaches the top, it will
fill up a lamp. You have three lamps, that is, three hits to use with an Exceed
boost. They'll be used whenever you attack, so if you fill three lamps and then
proceed to slash three times in a row; you'll execute three slightly more
powerful attacks and your lamps will be empty.

Revving like this is useful in a few ways. If you know a boss fight is coming,
you can prepare by filling the three lamps ahead of time. It's not much, but it
is at least nice to start the fight off on the right foot. The other thing is
to unleash the Exceed versions of certain moves in mid battle when at their
full strength by revving three lamps. We'll get to those in a moment.

There is a more useful way to get lamps however. This is what Ninja99 details
in his guide on the board. By pressing L2 immediately following one of Nero's
sword slashes, you can instantly fill a lamp in the Exceed gauge. This requires
precise timing and therefore, can be difficult to learn without the proper
amount of practice. Personally, I find it's easy to begin with Nero's most
basic combo: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. Practice with this combo
and try to time L2 presses after he finishes each slash. Try it enough times
and you should be able to do that combo with at least 2-3 correctly timed
slashes. This applies to every move as well, including Streak, Split, Roulette
Spin, everything. Learning the time for pressing L2 on these moves can take
time but it's not critical to your experience. It helps tremendously however
so it's worth it to learn. Again, check Ninja99's guide for help on this.

Now, while your regular slashes are empowered when you have a lamp to use to
boost them, they won't make a very noticeable difference in the long run. There
are however, certain moves in Nero's disposal that are especially made for the
Exceed system. These moves become empowered with a fiery explosion off of the
Red Queen when you perform them with at least one lamp full. The more lamps you
have, the more powerful the technique will be, granted you purchase the correct
abilities. The moves are as follows:

Exceed Streak: Nero will unleash his streak but with a powerful fire attack,
and will spin in place after he lunges unleashing a slash as he turns. The 
result is a much fiercer Streak attack. With more lamps, Nero will perform more
turns as he unleashes his slashes, all combined with a fierce fire attack from 
his blade. This move is by far one of the greatest crowd control moves in the

Exceed High Roller: Nero will perform his High Roller, but then spin and slash
a second and third (depending on how many lamps you have) time, all with a fire
special embedded. Great for really putting the hurt on an enemy before you send
them airborne. 

Exceed Split: A.K.A. Double Down (you'll see why). This is also another great
move and probably my favorite after Exceed Streak. Instead of coming down with
his blade stretched out in a cleaving sort of way, Nero will come down with the
tip pointing down. As always, it will be accompanied by a fire special, and
upon hitting the ground, a fiery shockwave will go off around Nero's immediate
area. There is no difference in Nero's movements with more lamps for this move.
That does not mean there is no benefit to using it with more lamps. To the
contrary, with two or three lamps, the area of the fire shockwave is increased,
which will allow you to hit more surrounding enemies. The move is also known as
Double Down, because that is what Nero shouts when he unleashes it with three

Exceed Calibur: This is again, the airborne version of Streak and there's not
much difference in the Exceed version except for the fire attack and how Nero
will spin as he unleashes the slash. Unlike the Exceed Streak, Nero will not
spin more times for each lamp you have when you use this. More lamps will still
mean more damage though, obviously. 

Exceed Shuffle: Again, the difference is the fire attack added on Nero's slash.
Otherwise, it's just a beefed up version of the original attack. Nero will only
slash twice too, even if you have three lamps. 

Now, we'll briefly discuss Nero's firearm, the Blue Rose. The Blue Rose is not
much unfortunately, when compared to Dante's Ebony & Ivory. It's good to use if
you wish to tag tiny bits of damage on an enemy (especially a boss) from a
distance, but don't rely on it too heavily for hurting your foes. It's just
a bonus really, helping to keep certain enemies at bay. It only has one move.

Charge Shot: Hold Square and release.
-Extremely simple. Just hold Square until Nero's arm glows and release. As you
purchase the upgrades for this, you'll be able to do more damage and it will
become slightly less useless. With Charge Shot 3, you can hold square longer.
Nero's arm will go from blue to glowing purple, and then glow red. Release the
square button here and it will fire an explosive shot. Not only will it hurt
quite a bit, the shot will explode again for more damage.

Devil Bringer: Last but not least, Nero's arm. This is the third dimension that
is added to DMC4 that makes the fighting so much more innovative and fun in
my humble opinion. Instead of just shooting and slashing, you now have this,
with Nero only of course. Circle controls Nero's arm and there's not much to
it in terms of moves, but it has more than it's worth in usefulness. 

Buster: This is the standard move for the Devil Bringer and the one you'll use
most frequently. By pressing Circle, you'll grab your enemy, and perform some
sort of move on them, generally being a slam or a throw. It varies between each
enemy and some enemies have very unique Buster moves when you use it on them. 
Buster becomes an amazing tool when you use it in boss fights however. When you
see the opportunity arise (I will elaborate on this below), you can use the 
Buster on the boss to unleash a powerful combo that is not only damaging, but
fun to watch. Note that some enemies are immune to this and some can block it
but with repeated Buster attacks, their guard can usually be broken. Be aware
that with Devil Trigger engaged, the Buster move will usually be different and
will be more powerful.

Snatch: This is the other move you'll use a lot. Holding R1 and pressing Circle
will let you grab your enemies from a distance and bring them closer. This is
extremely helpful for quickly chaining combos and increasing your Stylish
meter. Snatch can be used on the ground and in mid-air. 

Hold: With the Aegis Shield, you'll be able to grab your enemies with Buster
and use them as a shield by holding Circle. Personally, I found this move 
somewhat useless. I was not very much in the interest of holding my enemies
and rather wanted to attack as often as I could. Furthermore, I found that it's
not always helpful for if your enemies attack from a certain angle you'll still
sustain damage. Hold will be useful for you to complete a certain Secret
Mission however. 

The final area of Nero’s techniques is the Devil Trigger moves. I've named
them as such for spoiler purposes as the real name would give away something.

Devil Trigger: Activate it using L1 and you'll enter a powered state. Your
moves will hit harder and a slow regen system will be employed, allowing you
to regain lost health. This is good for quickly whittling down bosses' health,
as well as trying to turn the tide in a fight if you're getting beat. 

Summoned Swords: When firing the Blue Rose in Devil Trigger state, you'll also
be able to shoot some small swords. Obviously, your ranged attack will be more
powerful in this state.

Maximum Bet: (in Devil Trigger state) Hold R1 + Back on the Left Analog Stick
and press Triangle + Circle 
-This technique is pretty good while in Devil Trigger state but can be a little
tough to pull of sometimes. I can't say much more but it's a useful move and I
recommend it for Devil Trigger. You can also hold this move to make the attack
all the more powerful. It's very useful against bosses with big body masses
like Berial and Bael/Dagon because if you charge it and manage to hit them
when you release, they'll take a lot of damage as the attack slowly shreds
through them. 

Showdown: (in Devil Trigger state Hold R1 + Forward on the Left Analog Stick
and press Triangle + Circle 
-This move is bittersweet. It is indeed a pretty cool move, as Nero unleashes
a volley of fierce attacks. The cost is high though and it makes it difficult
to pull off, almost to the point where you might consider that it's not worth
the trouble. When you input the button commands, Nero will charge the attack
for a few seconds, leaving you very vulnerable. Knowing which enemies will let
you have windows like this is imperative. Some enemies like Scarecrows and
Frosts will not let you pull this off easily. Other enemies like the Blanco
Angelo will give a decent amount of time to pull this off with just a mere
stun. Furthermore, if you don't land the first hit of this attack (let's say
your enemy sidesteps the attack), you won't pull it off at all. 

Finally, we'll go over some other assorted abilities. Some of these are free,
while others will have to be bought. As I will not cover all of Dante's moves
below, let any of these following moves apply for Dante as well. 

Side Roll: This shouldn't be foreign to a veteran DMC player. The side roll, 
performed by holding R1 and pressing the Left Analog Stick left or right with
a press of X will allow you to roll away from enemy attacks. It's very useful,
so be sure to know when to use it.

Table Hopper: This is a sort of bonus move of the Side Roll. If you time it so
that you perform the Side Roll just as an enemy is about to hit you, Nero will
move swiftly out of the way and this move will put you in position to counter
much better. I personally never used it much except by accident a few times. 
If you're keen on keeping high combos going however, this is a good move to
learn, as a good dodge will add very slightly to your Stylish. Table Hopper can
be upgraded twice, and it basically adds another dodge to the chain. So by
using Table Hopper once, if you press the buttons again quickly, you can do a
second and even third dodge that will put you in an even more advantageous

Speed: This move is not very useful in the grand scheme of things, but it's 
still useful in general and I recommend it as one of the moves you get early.
If you played the demo you should know what this is. If you keep moving in the
same general direction, you will eventually enter a faster running mode. This
simply allows you to get from point A to point B quicker. It will also let you
do the dropkick move, which if nothing else, is cool and will add very slightly
to your Stylish meter. 

Get More Orbs: Not really a move or anything but an ability I figured I would
mention. It will let you grab orbs from longer distances. As orbs are very
important, you should consider getting this whenever you have the chance. 

Air Hike: Another technique veteran fans should know. This is your double jump.
Useful for reaching high places and staying in the air longer. I would again
recommend you try to get this early although it's not critical. I personally
didn't get it until after I had beaten the game the first time. 

Enemy Step: This move allows you to do a double jump by landing on top of an
enemy as a stepping platform to vault off of. If you watch it performed in the
Library, it kinda looks cool but it honestly isn't worth it. It's definitely
not something you should buy to favor some other useful ability.

Exceed 2: This move pours two lamps into your Exceed attacks (Split,
High Roller, etc). So, when you have at least two lamps filled and perform one
of those special Exceed moves, it will automatically use both lamps. Sound bad?
The effect is a more powerful version of the original attack. For example, Nero
will spin twice when performing Exceed Streak, instead of just once.

Exceed 3: This is the advanced version of the previous ability. It lets you
pour three lamps into your special Exceed moves. It makes Exceed Streak very
dangerous and also gives you access to Double Down. 

Max-Act: This ability is not extremely important as it is mostly a sort of luck
thing. Basically, with the most precise of timings, you can fill up the
Ex-Gauge all the way, instead of filling just one lamp. It's helpful on higher
difficulties but again, not something you should focus on early in lieu of
other abilities. 

That covers everything in Nero's arsenal. Now we'll move on to Dante. For 
Dante who has many more moves, I will not cover all of his, but will rather
just provide you the button inputs and some general tips on certain moves.

*B. Dante's Abilities & Weapons*

You'll play as Dante for roughly half of the game, after playing as Nero for
the first half. Even if you've played DMC3 recently, you'll probably feel
pretty awkward jumping into Dante's shoes for the first time in DMC4 after
playing as Nero for so long. Rightfully so, as they are quite different.


Rebellion: Dante's sword Rebellion is where you'll first find yourself in a
moment of awkwardness most likely. If you've practiced the Exceed system a lot,
you'll probably find yourself (like me) wailing on the L2 button as Dante
swings his sword. Since Dante obviously doesn't have the Exceed system, this is
simply a waste but it's something you'll have to get used to. Dante's Rebellion
attacks are pretty simple and straightforward.

Combo 1: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Combo 2: Triangle, Triangle, (pause), Triangle
-The third Triangle press will add a Million Stab to the combo
Helm Breaker: (in mid-air) press Triangle
High Time: Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick + Triangle
Stinger: Hold R1 + Forward on the Left Analog Stick and press Triangle
Million Stab: Release the Left Analog Stick and hold Triangle after performing

Gilgamesh: Gilgamesh is a fist and foot weapon similar to Beowulf in DMC3.
I thoroughly enjoyed Beowulf's moves, but I did not like that Dante wore the
greaves and gloves all the time even when the weapon wasn't currently selected,
so for that reason, I tended not to use it as much as I wished. Gilgamesh does
not have that problem and is much more useful.

Combo 1: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Combo 2: Triangle, Triangle, (pause), Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle
Full House: (in mid-air) Press Triangle
Draw: Hold R1 + Back on the Left Analog Stick and press Triangle
Straight: Hold Triangle and release after a Draw
-Hold Triangle for a moment after Dante has backed away from performing the 
Draw technique. Can be charged.
Kick 13: Hold R1 + Forward on the Left Analog Stick and press Triangle
Flush: This move basically makes your jump an attack when you have Gilgamesh
equipped. Not much else to say about it.

Lucifer: Ah yes, Lucifer. Here's a unique and fun weapon. It's one of those
weapons that is difficult to master, but if you do, you become a better player
for it. Lucifer's arms allow Dante to cast out floating swords which can pierce
and stick into his enemies, allowing him to detonate them later. As he can cast
many swords at a single time, the damage you can do to numerous enemies makes
Lucifer a force to be reckoned with in the right hands.

Combo 1: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle (repeat) 
Combo 2: Triangle, (pause) Triangle
Combo 3: Triangle, (pause), Triangle, (pause), Triangle
-Timing on the third strike can be tough, wait til Dante has turned his body
almost all of the way to press Triangle a third time.
Combo 4: Triangle, Triangle, (pause), Triangle
Combo 5: Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, (pause), Triangle
Splash: (in mid-air) Hold Triangle
Ecstasy: Hold R1 + Back on the Left Analog Stick and press Triangle
-This move will detonate deployed swords
Pin-Up: Hold R1 + Forward on the Left Analog Stick and press Triangle

Now on to Dante's guns. 

Ebony & Ivory: Dante's famous pair of handguns. More useful than Nero's Blue 
Rose, E&I still only have one move. 

Charge Shot: Hold Square. Hold it longer for the upgraded versions for more
damaging volleys.

Coyote A: Dante's Shotgun. A more powerful gun that works good in closer

Charge Shot: Hold Square

Pandora: Here we go. This is the fun one. Pandora is more of a multipurpose gun
and its abilities are very useful. Originally disguised as a suitcase, it has
666 forms. Unfortunately you'll only be using a handful, but it's ok, this
weapon still kicks ass.

PF013 Epidemic: Press Square
PF124 Hatred: Hold Square and press the Left Analog Stick left or right three
-You can only aim up or down so be careful
PF398 Revenge: (while in PF124 Hatred mode) Spin the Left Analog Stick twice in
any direction
PF262 Jealousy: (in mid-air) Press Square


Sword Master: Sword Master is probably the most useful style in DMC4. In DMC3 
my favorite was Gunslinger but unfortunately that style is a bit nerfed. Also,
the combat in DMC4 calls for you to be more aggressive so Sword Master is the 
way to go.

Prop: Press Circle
Shredder: Press Circle after performing Prop and hold
Aerial Rave: (in mid-air) Circle, Circle, Circle, Circle
Drive: Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick + Triangle and Circle
Quick Drive: Press Triangle and Circle simultaneously
Over Drive: Press Circle twice immediately after performing Drive
Dance Macabre: Hold R1 and press Forward on the Left Analog Stick and tap 
Circle continuously
-This is one of my favorite moves. Remember to keep tapping Circle.

Shock!: Hold Circle
-Can be charged to two levels depending on how long you hold Circle
Shocking!: (in mid-air) Press Circle
Beast Uppercut: Hold R1 and press Forward on the Left Analog Stick + Circle
Rising Dragon: Hold Circle before unleashing Beast Uppercut until Dante's fist
Divine Dragon: (reminds me of Legend of Dragoon) Hold Circle until Dante's fist
flashes twice
Real Impact: Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick + Circle
-Similar to Divine Dragon but it can't be charged which is actually helpful
because the damage is nearly identical, so you don't have to wait as long

Discipline: Press Left Analog Stick in any direction and press Circle
-This move will reposition and deployed blades around you.
Climax: Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick + Circle
Bondage: Hold R1 and press Forward on the Left Analog Stick + Circle
-This will reposition the blades around an enemy instead. Once they surround
him, the blades will attack.


Gunslinger was my favorite but now it has less of the moves that it did in DMC3
but perhaps rightfully so as some of the moves accented Dante's age in that
iteration. Regardless, Gunslinger will boost the abilities of your guns, making
it more than helpful when things get shaky. 

Ebony & Ivory

Twosome Time: Press Circle and use Left Analog Stick to fire at enemies
Rain Storm: (in mid-air) Press Circle
Honeycomb Fire: After performing Twosome Time, let go of Left Analog stick and
tap Circle repeatedly
-This move will only work if you're firing both guns on the same enemy. 

Fireworks: Press Circle
Fireworks Air: (in mid-air) Press circle
Backslide: Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick + Circle
Gun Stinger: Hold R1 and press Forward on the Left Analog Stick + Circle

PF594 Argument: Press Circle when in Gunslinger and Pandora equipped and some
of the Disaster Gauge filled. Press Circle to unleash the special attack, and
Square to unleash regular attacks.
-You need to have around half of the Disaster Gauge filled to unleash the
Circle attack. With a full gauge you can do it twice, depending on how much
you've upgraded Gunslinger.
PF422 Grief: Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick + Circle
PF666 Omen: Hold R1 and press Forward on the Left Analog Stick + Circle


Trickster was never a favorite of mine. With the removal of the wall running
ability, I find it even less helpful. Still, if you need to really move, this
Style is a bit useful. 

Dash: Press Circle
Sky Star (in mid-air) Press Circle
Mustang: Hold Circle while dashing
-If you collide with an enemy you'll jump on top of them
Flipper: Hold Circle after being knocked down
Air Trick: Hold R1 and press Forward on the Left Analog Stick + Circle
-You'll appear above an enemy instantly. Perhaps the only really cool move in
this style

*Royal Guard*

Royal Guard is another less helpful style, unless you're a very skilled player
that is. Royal Guard really tests your reaction timing and reflexes. It's not
an easy Style to master at all, but if you take the time, you'll find it fun
and interesting... maybe. 

Block: Press Circle
-Holding Circle will minimize damage slightly and charge the gauge slightly.
the press of Circle at the exact moment you're hit by an enemy attack. 
Air Block: (in mid-air) Press Circle
Royal Block: Press Circle at the exact moment of enemy attack
-Requires precise timing and will charge the gauge more
Release: Hold R1 and press Forward on the Left Analog Stick + Circle
-This move will release the power you've stored in the gauge
Air Release: (in mid-air) Hold R1 and press Forward on the Left Analog Stick +
Royal Release: Perform a Release at the exact moment of enemy attack
Dreadnaught: Hold R1 and press Back on the Left Analog Stick + Circle

Whew, I'm kind of glad to be done with that. If you wish to know more about any
moves, consult the game's Library which will show you short video of each move.
Or you can contact me and I'll try to help you out. 

*D. Items*

If you're a veteran, you probably are very familiar with the various items of
Devil May Cry 4, as they have not changed since the series' inception. Still,
I am obligated to list them for new players and for organization purposes.

Red Orbs: These are your currency for other items. Collect as many as you can.
They are located in breakable items in just about every room of every level. 
Enemies will also give you some when you slay them. Some Red Orbs can also be
found in secret spots, indicated by Nero's arm glowing when near.

Green Orbs: Health orbs. These will be useful, especially on higher
difficulties. They will restore portions of your health depending on the size
and also on what difficulty you're on. Like Red Orbs, they can be found in
breakable items although less commonly, and from enemies.

White Orbs: These are not quite as common as the first two. White orbs will
restore your Devil Trigger gauge. 

Gold Orbs: Gold orbs will be useful for new players and for those brave enough
to tackle Dante Must Die mode. They will revive you where you die should you
choose to use them. You can only hold 3 at a time, but you'll find a couple
throughout the game. Beware though. Using one penalizes your score at the end
of the mission.

Blue Orbs: These are the very important orbs. A whole Blue Orb will add
another portion to your life meter. 

Blue Orb Fragment: This is what you need to make a Blue Orb. Find four pieces
to construct one. They can be found in various places in the levels, and also
as the reward for beating a Secret Mission (details below). 

Vital Star S: Restores a small portion of your health. The portion that will
be restored is determined by the difficulty you're playing on.

Vital Star M: Restores a large portion of your health.

Vital Star L: Restores all of your health.

Devil Star S: Restores a small portion of your Devil Trigger gauge.

Devil Star L: Restores your entire DT gauge.

Holy Water: Will damage surrounding enemies

*E. Enemies*

Devil May Cry 4 shares a few enemies with DMC1, but they do not behave quite
the same, nor do the same strategies apply all the time. There are also many
more enemies and I will detail them and some tips to help you conquer them.

Scarecrow: These are the basic enemies. They'll attack you with blades. They're
not really aggressive and will only attack when you're near. Some will try
to flip and somersault at you however. The best strategy is to limit yourself
to one, or if you can, use Nero's Combo 2 and try to take on more. Buster will
work wonders on them. Trying not to get surrounded by them is paramount. Other
than that, they're relatively simple to defeat.

Mega Scarecrow: These guys are very big, and you will first encounter them as
Dante. The key to these guys is targeting. In most cases, they will not attack
you if you're not facing them and/or targeting them. This will not apply all
the time, but you'll find if you don't mess with the Mega Scarecrows, you might
have time to deal with other enemies. They take a lot of punishment but if you
keep them on the ground, you can beat them easily.

Frost: These guys are probably my most hated enemy. Simply because I can always
count on a Frost to break my Stylish combo. Frosts always attack in pairs. Many
times you will find a new Frost replacing a fallen one. Their attacks consist
of ice projectiles that are very annoying and best avoided by jumping, a 
forward swipe attack, and a jump attack that ends with them coming crashing
down with an ice attack. If you're a little far from them they might send a
blast of ice that snakes across the ground toward you. If you're really far
they will sort of vanish and reappear near you. Use Buster often to hurl one 
Frost away, so you can focus on one at a time. They may shield themselves in 
ice sometimes. Just Buster them continually, or if you're Dante, blast them 
with Pandora or continuous Stingers. 

Assault: Assaults are similar to their DMC1 brethren. They will burrow and fire
projectiles at you. Most of the time however, they leave you significant
windows with which to attack them. If you stay aggressive and don't let up on
your barrage, you can beat them without getting hit, and also get a good
Stylish rating. Vary your attacks with some Busters, as the grab for them can
hurt nearby Assaults. Watch out for their air attack, when the Assault jumps up
and starts spinning. It's easy to avoid though, but they may do it twice. 

Blitz: This enemy is the notorious newcomer to DMC4. Blitz will be first
encountered as Dante, unless you're playing on Son of Sparda or higher, in
which case Nero will have the "pleasure" of dealing with one first. Blitz can't
be hurt by melee weapons while its electric shield is up. To lower it, you've
got to pelt them with bullets. Obviously, Dante has an advantage, being able
to use Pandora. If you keep jumping, you can use Jealousy and other forms to
lower its shield quickly. Nero will have a tougher time, being limited to Blue
Rose. Once its shield is down, as Dante, attack it quickly, even use your Devil
Trigger if you have it. As Nero, use Buster with some attacks if you want, but
just use Buster again and again to weather it down. Blitz is hard to keep track
of since it moves instantly across the area. It attacks by lunging at you, or
firing a concentrated beam of electricity at your position. The latter is easy
to avoid, but sometimes it will use a sweeping attack so be careful. Also, it
may disappear, leaving you confused. That's your cue to start moving, as Blitz
will appear below you and come sailing up. When you've weakened it, it will
regain its shield and glow red. This is where Blitz truly becomes annoying. At
any time, it may try to lunge and grab you. If it succeeds, you're in big
trouble. It will basically overload with energy, killing itself but taking you
with it. Your best bet is to stay airborne and keep firing at it until it dies.
If you are caught by this attack though, you can escape if you have your Devil
Trigger. Activate it and run away as the Blitz explodes. If you play on Dante
Must Die Mode, avoiding this kamikaze attack or using Devil Trigger to escape
is paramount. I've been caught by the attack on DMD with pretty much a maxed
out and nearly full health bar and the attack still killed me. 

Gladius: These swords were created by Agnus. They fly around and will start to
glow. They will spin in one of two ways, horizontally or vertically. This will
tell you which attack is coming, a thrust or an uppercutting slash, the latter
is harder to dodge. The Gladius are pretty weak though and can be destroyed
with just a few slashes. Or better yet, you can Buster them and throw them at
Agnus or at each other or other enemies. 

Cutlass: I hated these guys at first, but they weren't tricky enough to quell 
my hatred for Frosts. These fish enemies you'll only encounter in Missions 06
and 16 so you won't have much in terms of practice for them. Still, they're not
too hard. They will swim around in the floor around you, basically avoiding you
for the most part. At certain points they will try to pop out from below you
and slash you with their fins. This is easy to avoid but not if you're trying
to fight one of them. Pay attention to the sound they make when attacking. As
Nero, try to use Snatch to grab one. It may be tough but you can slow them down
by shooting them. This will allow you to grab them or slash them if you're
close enough. 

Basilisk: I disliked these guys too, but maybe it's just because I thought they
were annoyingly stupid. These enemies are like dogs, and will shoot fire at you
from distances. They attack in large groups generally. Dante will be the first
one to deal with them (on Devil Hunter), so you'll really never get the chance
to Buster them as Nero, that is until later when you might encounter some when
fighting Agnus again in Mission 19. As Dante, Stinger and Helm Breaker help, as
well as Combo 2. Trying to avoid them all is tough but not impossible. Taking 
to the air will not help you sometimes. You may see a Basilisk charging its 
attack and therefore try to take to the air to avoid it. They will often jump 
up after you and still hit you. If you get to fight some during the Agnus fight
later or if you're on Bloody Palace, you can Buster them to use one as a cannon
and fire a shot at another enemy. It's difficult to get the aiming right 

Chimera Seed: You'll learn to hate these guys, especially on high difficulties.
They're black and appear from Echidna's seed pods. On their own, they're very
weak and can be killed instantly by Nero's Buster. Their goal however is to
take over Scarecrows or Assaults and combine to form more powerful (and
annoying) enemies. So whenever you see them, Buster or Stinger them immediately
to avoid some frustration. 

Chimera: This is the result of the Chimera Seed combining with a Scarecrow.
They're very annoying to say the least. Not only are they stronger defensively,
their blades now flail at you at random times. This can prove very difficult to
deal with when you're slashing at them at close quarters or trying to Buster
them. Beware of their blades at all times and only attack after the blades have
done their thing. As Dante, weaken them with Pandora first.

Chimera-Assault: When the Chimera Seed combines with an Assault, you're really
going to start hating the little ****ers. Unlike normal Assaults which usually
give you plenty of time to whoop them, the Chimera versions are much more
aggressive. Add the presence of the Chimera blades, and you're looking at a lot
of frustration, especially on higher difficulties. They seem to deploy their
blades more often than the Scarecrow Chimera, so sometimes Nero won't be able
to Buster them, as the Buster animation for Assaults is long and the blades
will usually start flailing before you're done. Stick to Blue Rose and sword
attacks. As Dante, use Pandora and sword attacks. 

Mephisto: These guys are pretty easy, but can be annoying in large groups or
with other enemies, especially on higher difficulties as they tend to not just
sit back and watch you beat up on their friends and instead try to have at you.
The first thing you'll probably notice is your normal attacks have very little
effect on them. Use Nero's Devil Bringer and use Snatch on them continually,
which will weaken their cloaks. If you're playing as Dante, you can use
Coyote-A, or later, Pandora to drop its cloak. Once the cloak is gone, you're 
free to pelt them with sword attacks and Busters. The Mehpisto will fly around 
you quickly, then a gold glow will appear on its finger (E.T. phone home? o_O).
That means it’s about to attack with a finger laser... thing. Easily avoidable 
by rolling. Sometimes it will spin and place and flail at you with its cloak. 
Also easy to avoid by jumping. One of its more annoying attacks is when it 
flies back quickly and suddenly, then comes charging at you. This is easy to 
avoid if you see it coming. Just jump out of the way. The other attack has the
Mephisto spinning its cloak very fast like it’s a saw. This attack will require
you to jump too, but unlike the previous attack, it won't come at you right 
away. When it begins spinning its cloak like that, wait a second or two then 
jump to avoid being hit. Memorizing their attack patterns will become crucial
for one Secret Mission.

Faust: Fausts are the more advanced Mephistos. You'll only encounter one at a
time though, but they'll usually be paired with two Mephistos. Like Mega
Scarecrows, a Faust will generally not attack you unless you target it. This
will not always work and on higher difficulties especially, the Faust will not
be ignored and try to attack you even if you're dealing with other enemies. On
Devil Hunter though, you should be able to take out the Mephistos first. The
Faust has some similar attacks. It will attack with deployable lasers then you
can avoid by rolling. It will also move back like the Mephisto, and then come
sailing at you with its claws. If you don't have Air Hike, this attack may be
too tough to avoid by jumping, so you may want to roll away instead. Fausts
are tougher to uncloak, as they will take many more Snatches to weaken, as well
as more Coyote-A/Pandora blasts if you're Dante. Eventually, though, they will
go down. Unlike Mephistos, which are beatable in only one uncloaking if you
attack them hard enough, bringing down a Faust will most likely require two or
more trials. 

Blanco Angelo: These guys are pretty easy. They tend to attack in groups later
but are still not very hard as they are not aggressive and when they do attack,
they are very slow. Their front flank is fortified (hm, consonance) by a shield
which makes direct attack tough unless you strike them after they have tried to
hit you. Slashing them from behind makes it easy to defeat them, but if you
really want to hurt them, try Bustering them. Nero will impale them with their
own lances and send them flying. This is very helpful if you manage to aim them
at each other. You can also Buster them while they're flying around. 

Alto Angelo: Probably my most hated enemy after Frosts. These guys command
Blanco Angelos and send them through different attack patterns and stuff.
Despite that, it's generally better to go after the Blancos first, since they
are much weaker and easier to kill. Alto Angelos will charge up a sort of
Streak attack. This is easy to avoid by jumping. They will also slash at you
three times when they're close. The slashes are slow and lazy but if you're hit
by one, it's hard to avoid the other two. Altos have much better shields and
you can't Buster them from behind like the Blancos. Instead, weaken their
shields by using Split/Helm Breaker and Buster again and again. Eventually, the
shield will break, and that's when you say (to quote Billy Madison), "Now
you're all in big, BIG trouble!" That's your cue to Buster them. Nero will
suplex them followed by a dropkick (really cool). Or you can Buster them while
in DT state for a cooler attack. One other thing to note is that one of the
formations that the Alto can set up with the Blancos, is an attack where they
charge a giant energy ball that will fire at you. If you time it right, you can
use Buster to send it right back at them. Not only will this kill all of them
in most cases, it will also get you a nice Stylish rating. 

Fault: These guys you will only encounter generally in one mission (Mission 14)
and in a Secret Mission. You might find some during the latter stages of the
Mission 18 boss though. They appear wherever you're standing and try to come up
and grab you. If they succeed, you'll be pulled into another dimension where 
you'll be forced to fight off some enemies, including Chimera type enemies. 
Obviously you are then advised to avoid these things. However, the best thing 
to do is wait for them to pop up (listen for the slither sound they make) and 
avoid the attack, then quickly strike back with some slashes to kill them. 
There are only a few in each area of Mission 14, and once you kill them they're
gone for good. One other advantage in killing them is they always drop small 
green orbs that you can use to restore some health. 

*F. General Tips*

1. Don't let yourself get surrounded. If you see enemies creeping toward your
back, take to the air to avoid them and escape or counterattack. A Split/Helm
Breaker will help shake off some enemies that have gathered below you. Air Hike
will also help. 

2. Use your Buster often. The Devil Arm is very useful when you use it to throw
your enemies around. About 2 Busters will also fill your Stylish meter a bit,
then you can do some combos and return to Buster to keep the Stylish going. 

3. Pay close attention to the bosses and their posture as you weaken them. When
a boss enters a weakened state (the boss looks like they're slouching), that's
your cue to attack them with a Buster. This will unleash a supercombo attack.

4. You might very well die a few times against bosses. Don't fret. It can take
some time to learn their moves and better prepare yourself for fights.

5. Don't be afraid to replay previously cleared missions to get more orbs and
Proud Souls, as well as search for Secret Missions and Blue Orbs. Sure, you'll
be going back instead of proceeding to the next levels, but you can acquire
orbs and other things to better prepare you for the battles ahead. 

6. This guide is set for Devil Hunter but if you're playing on Son of Sparda or
especially Dante Must Die, do all you can to acquire all the Blue Orb pieces. I
cannot stress this enough, as you will need as much health as you can get.

7. Manage your skills well. I give suggestions throughout the guide but in the
end, it's all up to you. Buy what you need or what you simply think is cool. Be
sure that you know you can refund Proud Souls at any time to buy other skills.

8. If you want, start your game on Human Mode. It's easier for totally new
players, and also, it's a good way to start Devil Hunter, since you'll carry
over your Proud Souls accumulated (thanks to tec305 for this)

9. When you need a Charge Shot in a jam, consider holding the square button,
even while you're flailing away on your sword, that way you have one ready
(thanks to tec305 for this). 

*G. Frequently Asked Questions*

Here I'll briefly address what might be common questions received. One note on
this. Don't let this discourage you from e-mailing me if you need help. I like
helping folks out so if you are still a little stuck on something, don't
hesitate to contact me. Also, the tone of this is overall comedic, because as 
with many authors, the questions are fabricated and have never actually been 
submitted with the exception of a few. Don't take the comedic formation of the
questions as a debasing of the intelligence of my readers. I wouldn't do that!
I wub you guys! :D .....No but seriously, this is just for craps and giggles. 

1. I can't find (insert Blue Orb)! Zomg! Halp!
A. I have detailed most of the Blue Orbs you can typically acquire in the first
playthrough. If you can't find one, use Ctrl + F to find the Blue Orb Section
(BluO) to find a full list of locations.

A. I hear ya. Some of them are almost to the point of being unmerciful. All I
can say is practice makes perfect. It's a trite saying but it does apply here.
The more you try it over and over, the better the chance you'll eventually

3. Your guide is missing something! Aha!
A. Well please tell me what's missing or incorrect. I'll be glad to fix it. I
personally believe a guide is a semi-permeable object that thrives not only on
the matter created by the author but also on the submissions of others. 

4. How do I beat (insert enemy/boss)? 
A. I give some general strategies for enemies and detailed well the attacks of
the bosses and how to take them down. Refer to the Enemies section, and the
actual boss fights within the course of the walkthrough. Other than that, if
you have problems, I will say that it's all about practice. Also, if you got
through the game with no hindrances and beat everything on the first try, where
would the fun be? It's very gratifying to finally beat something after several

5. Bloody Palace is driving me nuts! How do they expect me to beat this thing?!
A. I can't blame you, it's pretty tough. I'm a firm believer that no one gamer
has a set limit of skill when it comes to games, but it's very tough to go
beyond your capabilities sometimes. The truth is there are times when things
are just way too hard that even trying it a thousand times in a row won't help
you win. Despite that, Bloody Palace, although it definitely requires a full
mastery of the game, is within human capabilities. I unfortunately haven't been
able to do it without a Super character. I can't help you much as a lot of it
will come from how you yourself play. There are a couple guides up now in the
FAQ Section for Bloody Palace. Please check them out. 

|            Walkthrough               | 

   __     __)                           __     
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   )   /  
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /   /   Birds of a Feather
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /   /   o-------------------o 
(_/   '                                                 (M01)

Ok, let's roll. After the cutscenes (which are 100%, pure, unadulterated
badassery by the way), you're faced with your first boss. Wait, what? That was
quick, wasn't it?

|	Yes, Dante is your first boss of Devil May Cry 4. Surprising? Not     |
|really. Actually, you'll find the first half of this fight is a Tutorial.    |
|You'll be taught pretty much the basics from gunplay, to dodging, and sword  |
|slashing. If you're new to the series, play close attention.                 |
|	After you finish the tutorials, you'll actually get to the real fight |
|health bar and all. For the first boss, Dante is pretty simple as you might  |
|expect. Well, if you want a good grade for this mission, all I can say is to |
|go right after him. However, take some time to break the seats below stage to|
|get red orbs. This will get you an S Rank for Orbs on Mission 01 which is    |
|a good start. Dante's attacks consist of the Stinger, Helm Breaker, and      |
|Honeycomb Fire. Stinger you'll see a lot if you try to attack and he rolls   |
|out of the way. He'll usually counter with Stinger or sometimes jump up and  |
|use Helm Breaker. Both are pretty difficult to avoid sometimes, so if you    |
|attack and miss, prepare for hurt. Still, it's not as bad as it sounds. You  |
|will have plenty of opportunities to slash him with your sword. Blue Rose is |
|rendered useless in this fight as Dante will cancel all your bullets with    |
|Ebony & Ivory. You're gonna need to find openings and slash him. With no     |
|moves you're obviously limited to your regular combo and Buster but it's ok. |
|Dante may also taunt you. If he does, don't miss the opportunity to attack   |
|with your sword, or better yet, grab him with a Buster to possibly begin a   |
|combo attack. With a little bit of effort, Dante should eventually go down   |
|without a problem. Once you've won, guess what? You've completed Mission 01! | 

   __     __)                           __    _   
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   )  '  ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /  ,--'  
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /  /___    La Porte De L'Enfer
(_/   '                                           o-------------------o
If you did well enough, you might have just enough Proud Souls to purchase an
upgrade. Do so if you wish. If you can afford it, buy Combo B for Red Queen.
If not, buy both Streak and Split. These are just my suggestions though and you
are by no means obligated to go with them. Also keep in mind that if you're not
happy with any purchase you make, you can refund them and buy other skills with
your Proud Souls. Buy what you think is necessary or helpful. You won't have 
enough Red Orbs to buy any items yet most likely so when you're all done, let's
get started. 

Opera house Plaza
You'll be faced with some scarecrows. Vary your sword slashes with some busters
to raise your Stylish a bit. You can also shoot them with Blue Rose from a
distance if you wish. Note that you're now using Red Queen, so you can start
using Exceed now by revving with L2. See Nero's Abilities section for more info
as well as check on Ninja99's guide on Exceed. Mastering it will help you
tremendously over the course of the game. Once all the enemies are dead, head
to the top right and press Circle near the blue door near the Red Orb. 

Break the two barrels in the corners for Red Orbs. On the north side of the
room is a small set of stairs that just leads into a wall. If you jump up and
wall kick (press X after jumping while facing the wall), you can leap into a
small opening with a Gold Orb. This item will help you if things get really
hectic. After that, climb the other stairs and jump the gaps to go down the
hall. Break the boxes and barrel for orbs, then proceed into the next room.
You'll be faced with three more scarecrows. Take them out and don't let them
surround you. Once they're dead, destroy all the shelves, boxes, barrels, etc.
for more orbs. Head through the next door. 

Terrace/Business District
Scarecrows are running amok on the city streets below, but you won't be able to
deal with them. Just go down the hall a short way and turn to enter the next

Proceed down the stairs and keep going toward the bottom of the room. Destroy
all the chairs here for orbs, then examine the glowing pedestal with Circle. A
cutscene will take over and you'll now be in possession of the Evil Legacy.
This nifty device is the first of many items that will enhance the powers of
Nero's Devil Bringer arm. With this, you can now use Snatch and Hell Bound by
holding R1 and pressing Circle. Head back up a ways and you'll notice the
thing in the ground is now glowing. Stand on it to make a Grim Grip appear.
Lock onto it with R1 and then press Circle to use Hell Bound to grab it and
vault yourself up to the 2nd floor. Head down to another one and do the same
thing to reach the other side of the room. Break the seats lined against the
wall for orbs and then head toward the exit. Before you leave though, look to
your left and you should see a floating Red Orb. Your first inclination may be
to jump to it. Instead, save yourself the trouble of having to climb all the
way back up and use Snatch on it instead to bring the orb to you. Neat huh?
Head through the red door. 

Terrace/Business District
Back here again, you can now use the Grim Grips to fly across the area to a new
terrace. Head down the hall and if you have Tutorial on, you'll be advised
about Secret Missions. Rightfully so, as there is one right before you. If you
look closely at the sort of lamp fixture, you can see a sort of scroll on it
with red markings. That's the Secret Mission. Examine it with Circle to try
Secret Mission 01: Annihilation. For strategy on this, check the Secret Mission
section (SecM). Otherwise, proceed to the next Grim Grip to be launched to
a platform where you'll be trapped by two Scarecrows. Take them out to reach
the next Grim Grip. On this platform you'll be attacked again. The tutorial
will tell you about Snatch. Use it to bring distant enemies closer. It's very
useful so use it often. Take out all the scarecrows, being careful not to get
surrounded. Once they're gone, proceed through the next door.

Residential District
Head down the corridor and around the corner. Take out the Scarecrow and head
down. All the objects here are breakable so bust them for orbs. The fruit
baskets in particular will award you with green orbs if you need health. Head
down a bit to fight two more Scarecrows, then go back to the pedestal on the
left. You should see a large red crystal. Hop up and start wailing on this
thing to free some red orbs. Once it's destroyed, head down the street again
but don't go too far. There's an alley to the left; head in. On the ledge to
Nero's right is a small Red Orb. Hop up there and then on to the roof. Head
along the roof till you see another Red Orb. Grab it and then enter the small
alcove in the wall there. Inside you'll find a Blue Orb Fragment. Nice! Hop
down and break open the garbage container for orbs. Then toward the right there
is a tall tower like object. This is the location of the first of many secret 
Red Orb stashes. Getting on top is really tough though. You can wall kick but
you sort of have to move in a certain way to actually get on top. If you 
managed to purchase Air Hike already, you might have an easier time. Otherwise
come back later. Proceed down the area to the next door and head on through. 

Port Caerula
Head along the dock. Ignore the open space to your right; you can't do anything
there yet. Keep going along the dock until you find a Grim Grip. Hit it and
keep going until you find a door. Head through. 

Customs House
Inside here, you'll be ambushed by more Scarecrows (these guys are getting
pesky, aren't they?). In this area, the tutorial tells you about Stylish, which
I already mentioned, but I'll mention it again. Vary your attacks as much as
you can to increase it so you'll get a better ranking. Obviously, if you have
not purchased any new moves, you're limited to only a few attacks which makes
mixing things up a little hard. As you get more moves, go to them instead of
using the same attacks so you can boost your Stylish. Once the Scarecrows are
history, move to the east part of the area where you'll find a blue pedestal.
Strike this thing again and again to activate it and release the lock on the
door above you. Jump up there and head through.

Port Caerula
Move forward and press Circle to investigate the controls for the drawbridge.
After a cutscene, the bridge will be lowered. Exit the way you came in. 

Customs House
No surprises waiting for you. Just drop down and head back through the door.

Port Caerula
Back outside the Customs House, some Scarecrows are waiting for you, including
one on your right that you might not see due to the camera so be careful. Take
them out and then a third one will appear at the end of the dock. Snatch him
to bring him closer and then deliver his punishment. After that's done, Grim
Grip over to the other dock and then head to that wide open area you passed
before. Here, as the tutorial does, I will tell you about Taunts. By pressing
select you can deliver a taunt which will slightly raise your Stylish. This is
another way you can vary your moves. It's also pretty cool and fun to do, but
the obvious risk is that it leaves you vulnerable to enemy attack. Do it when
your enemies are away from you or on the ground. Performing part of a taunt and
then jumping away to avoid getting hurt is better than just standing there and
getting hit and thus ruining your Stylish rating. Take out all the Scarecrows
here and then proceed across the bridge. Destroy the garbage containers here
for Red Orbs then go through the door. 

First Mining Area
Head through the hall and then into the next room. Keep going forward (north)
to reach a little sewer with a bunch of Red Orbs. Grab them, then jump back up.
Hit the Grim Grips to reach the next area. On the left is a green orb; grab it
if you need it. You'll also see a really strange glowing device. This is the
Combat Adjudicator. It has lanterns that, when diminished, destroy the statue
and relinquish a Blue Orb Fragment to you. To extinguish the lanterns, you
have to reach a certain level of Stylish by attacking the statue. Obviously,
the key is, again, varying your attacks. If you bought Split and Streak you
will have a little bit of advantage here. Just use all your attacks, including
Buster to raise your Stylish. You only need to hit a Brutal rank on this one
so it's not too tough. Once that's done, head to the right. You'll pass a
Divinity Statue. Use it if you want to. You won't have any more Proud Souls
than you did before, so you can't buy anything new yet, unless you got killed.
You can take this opportunity to buy some items. If you followed my directions,
you should have enough for a Blue Orb, so buy that. You can also buy a Vital
Star S if you feel you might not be ready for the coming boss fight. Note how
things get more expensive the more you purchase of them. Once you're ready, go
through the door.

Ferrum Hills
Rev your Red Queen to fill the three lamps. Again, this is not going to give
you even a "great" advantage, but it's good to be prepared, especially if you
purchased Split/Streak. Head up the stairs and move forward to activate a
cutscene. Boss time. 

|	Trust me, Berial's bark is worse than his bite. If you played the     |
|demo, you should know him well. You may also know he's not exactly a walk in |
|the park. Don't fret though, there's some tricks you can learn to help send  |
|him back home with a spanking.                                               |
|	First I'll outline his attacks. Berial will try slashing you with his |
|sword when you're near his front. This attack sweeps across so the only way  |
|to avoid it is by rolling. You may have trouble with this at first but it's  |
|easy to learn eventually. The other slash you can avoid by jumping around him|
|sort of. Secondly, if there's some distance between you and him, he will rear|
|his sword back and then come charging at you. I find that the farther away   |
|you are when he does this, the harder it is to dodge. Even if you roll at the|
|right time before he strikes, you may still get hurt, which is annoying. So  |
|on that note, try not to be too far away from him at any time. One other     |
|attack he will use when his health has been lowered, is easily recognizable  |
|by the call he makes. He will usually say, "DIE!" and strike toward the      |
|ground with his fist. Start running, now. Fire will spiral up below you, but |
|you can avoid it if you keep running. This is reminiscent to Phantom in DMC1.|
|Berial's is harder because after he does this attack, he will then slash at  |
|you with his sword, which you'll have to jump to avoid. Doing so may make you|
|an easier target for the chasing fire so be careful. He will also sometimes  |
|make an explosion around his body which will engulf everything (including    |
|you). This attack comes without warning and if you're attacking him, it's    |
|to get out of the way in time. His last attack (at least on Devil Hunter) is |
|where he charges his whole body with a stronger aura of fire. This means he's|
|charging at you and you have to get moving, ASAP.                            |
|	Alright, now to hurt Berial, you've got to slash him again and again  |
|with Red Queen. Be wary of his sword and keep wailing on him as best you can.|
|One thing you can do to avoid his sword slashes is to use Snatch on him. This| 
|may be hard though if you haven't upgraded it. It will however let you avoid |
|his attacks. When you've weakened him enough, Berial will lose his flames.   |
|This is your cue. Quickly jump up and use Buster on his face before he has   |
|the chance to attack. This will activate a very awesome combo where Nero will|
|pick him up and slam him with his Devil Bringer. And believe it or not, it's |
|not over after that. While Berial is face first in the dirt, grab him again  |
|with Buster to follow up with another attack. Be careful here now though, as |
|Berial will reactivate his flame in a big explosion. It will hurt you if     |
|you're too close, so instead, stay away and shoot at him with Blue Rose. Once| 
|it's safe, move back in and keep slashing away. You might get the chance to  |
|do the combo again, so don't miss it. If you're getting hurt, the surrounding|
|houses will drop green orbs when destroyed so grab them. They often get      |
|broken in the chaos of the battle's outset so if you don't grab them, they   |
|will disappear. Remember that.                                               | 
|	If you keep it up and avoid his attacks, Berial will eventually go    |  
|down.                                                                        | 

Once he's down, collect the Red Orbs and then proceed through the door, up the
stairs and through the ruins to the next area. Mission complete. 

   __     __)                           __    _   
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   )  '  ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /    -(  
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /  (__ )  The White Wing
(_/   '                                          o--------------o
Power up again. You might have just enough for another Blue Orb (5000), so buy
it if you can. Otherwise, just save your Red Orbs for later. Buy Streak and
Split if you didn't already do so. If you did, buy Combo B or C or buy Snatch
for the Devil Bringer. It's up to you. Also consider getting Charge Shot for
the Blue Rose. It's not a huge difference maker in battle, but it helps. 

Second Mining Area
You should hear the Scarecrows ahead. There's a Divinity Statue on your left
but you shouldn't need to use it unless you forgot something. Though, if you
get some more Red Orbs up ahead and get enough for that Blue Orb, you can go
back to the statue and buy it. Regardless, keep going down the hall and turn
right. Three Scarecrows will be waiting. Take them out but be careful that the
camera doesn't mess you up. When they're dead, go back through the hall you 
came down and go all the way west. Break the wooden planks open and you'll find
a red crystal. Smash it for Red Orbs and then go back the way you were going. 
Here you'll find a waterfall area with a bunch of Grim Grips. Hit them all to
go up. Once you reach the platform, don't go through the opening. On your left
are two more platforms. Jump to the second one and you'll see more Grim Grips.
Hit these to fly into a wall. Wall kick this wall and at the height of your
jump, lock on again and hit another Grim Grip. You might not be able to see it,
but try to hit it anyway. Keep hitting them to go up to a platform where a Blue
Orb Fragment waits. It may take many tries because it's difficult to land on
the platform. You can get it eventually though. There's another Blue Orb here,
but you probably won't be able to get it now. Check the Blue Orb section for it
when you have the Red Queen ability, Roulette Spin (BluO). Proceed through the
opening on the platform. More Scarecrows will attack. Defeat them, then go
north and hop up the steps to the opening. Go forward a short ways but turn
left right away to find an opening with a Vital Star S in it. Take it and keep
going. Proceed out of the cave to the next area.

Fortuna Castle Gate
Brrr, it's cold! Anyways, head forward but on the left, climb up some platforms
to reach a large Red Orb. Then proceed along the mountainside for a while until
you reach a small outcropping. A cutscene will take over and now you'll be
faced with a pair of Frosts (Ahh! So we meet again you bastards!). Try your
best to pelt them with continuous attacks. Use your Buster often to keep one
of them away from you so you can focus on the other. Once they're both dead,
check the bottom left and bottom right pillars. Jump on top of both of them to
find some secret orbs. Nice. Keep going. As you approach the castle gate, a 
cutscene will take over. Hm, that was... interesting o_O. Anyway, head up to
the gates and enter.

Grand Hall
Get used to this room because you'll be seeing it a lot. Every time you come
through here, make it a routine to smash all the chairs and stuff on the left
and right. They're hard to see in the poorly lit room so make sure you smash
them all to get all the Red Orbs. Once that's done, proceed through the door
on the west side. 

Large Hall
Turn right and some Scarecrows will greet you. Take them out. Bust the candle
things for Orbs. Proceed down the hall and fight more Scarecrows and bust more
objects for Orbs if you wish. Otherwise, head through that little hallway on
the western end where you started and enter the door. 

Torture Chamber
This room is aptly named. You'll find it a torture if you happen to fall into
it in a few minutes. For now, destroy all the Scarecrows and then proceed to
the next door. Head up the stairs. Ignore the glowing pillar; you can't do
anything with it just yet. Head through the door. Step on the marking to bring
up the Grim Grip. Hit it to launch yourself across the room. Another will
appear, hit it. The next one will be stationary, but the one after it will move
from right to left slowly. Time it so that by the time you hit the first one,
the second Grim Grip is near the middle, so that you'll wind up on the opposite
platform. Three more will appear. The key here is to hit them as fast as you
can. The longer you stay airborne after hitting them, the more likely you are
to hit the spike ceiling above, which will send you falling to the ground. If 
this happens, you'll have to fight the Scarecrows again. So, hit the Grim Grips
rapidly by tapping the Circle button quickly. For the next two, the first one
will occasionally disappear. Make sure you wait til it's appeared again before
you hit it. For the last one, you'll have three more. The middle grip moves
from left to the center where it stops for a moment. Make sure you hit the
middle one when it's aligned with the third one so you can enter that little
alcove. Head down the hall and through the door.

Grand Hall
Now you're on the 2nd floor. Head north around the area (there's a magical
barrier in place preventing you from dropping down). Wall kick to get a Red Orb
then use Snatch to get the other. If you managed to somehow get Exceed 3 by 
this time, charge up 3 lamps on Red Queen. Use High Roller while hugging and 
facing this wall. It will launch Nero upwards high. Follow it with a wall kick 
to get on top of this area. Move forward and to the left a little and wait for 
the stash of Red Orbs to come down. Since you probably won't have Exceed 3, 
keep it and this area in mind for later. Like I said, you'll see this room at 
lot in your adventure. Drop down or continue. Keep going to find a door. With 
the barrier in place, it's your only option so go through. 

Central Courtyard
Rev up if you want to. Head north and two Frosts will appear. Use Exceed Streak
and Buster on them. Also try Exceed Split. Keep attacking them and using Buster
until they're both down. When they're dead, head north to the door.

Foris Falls
Head down the stairs and go north. You can see a strange looking pillar with
a Vital Star on top of it. Getting it is not easy. You have to wall kick the
pillar so you land right on top of it, instead of going over it. When you do,
jump up to claim the Vital Star S. Head back south and then up the other
staircase. Here you will see another Combat Adjudicator. Striking it will yield
nothing but an ominous message telling you that it can only be broke by the
hand of another. Obviously that refers to Dante. This Adjudicator is red so you
know it belongs to Dante. Nero can only use ones that are blue. So ignore this
for now and keep going to the door. 

Central Courtyard
On the other side, you'll be greeted by two more Frosts. Use the same methods
to take them out, then proceed to the door on the south side.

Grand Hall
You'll be on the other side of the barrier. Head south a little to find a blue
pedestal. Hit it with your sword to lower the barrier. This will allow you to
reach the door just south of you. Before you go through there though, keep
going south until you see a large mirror on the wall to the right. Jump up and
strike it with your sword until it breaks open. Jump inside to claim a Blue Orb
Fragment. Now go through the door you passed.

You'll be attacked by a lot of Scarecrows. Take them out carefully and then
destroy all the objects for orbs. The suits of armor will yield Green Orbs.
Head through the next door.

Outside, look at the large pillars on your left. From your initial view after
entering this area you can see two, but there's another in front of those. If
you count that pillar, the one you're looking for is the third. If you have Air
Hike, climb up it as high as you can go for a stash of Red Orbs. Otherwise,
you'll have to get this later. Head south (use the Divinity Statue if you wish)
and through the door for a cutscene. Now you'll have to fight a Blanco Angelo.
These guys are easy. Avoid attacking it from the front and go for his back. Use
Buster on his back to really hurt him. Once he dies, another appears. Kill him,
and two more show up. Try to use Buster to throw one into the other for a lot
of damage. Once they're down, head through the new opening and examine the
pedestal for the Anima Mercury. That ends the mission.

   __     __)                           __        
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   )  /   / 
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /  /___/_ 
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /      /    Cold Blooded
(_/   '                                       /    o------------o
Ok, power up again. I bought Combo C and Speed. Again, buy what you want or
need, and especially get things that I advised earlier like Streak/Split if you
didn't already get them. If you don't see Speed as a priority, consider Air
Hike or Roulette Spin. I didn't have enough Red Orbs for another Blue Orb so I
didn't buy anything. If you want, buy some healing items but try not to spend
too much. Alright, let's go!

All is quiet after your showdown with the Angelos. With tutorial on, you'll be
told about the Anima Mercury and the Gyro Blades, those big statue like objects
you've undoubtedly seen around the castle. Using your Buster, you can bring
them to life and then move them to break things in the environment that you
couldn't normally destroy. If you've been paying attention to your surroundings
you might already have an idea of what some of these things are that can be
broken. The Gyro Blades are moved by your Buster attack and have three speeds.
If you just Buster it, that's the normal speed. If you slash the Gyro Blade
with your sword, it will deploy some blades and move farther when you Buster
it. If you slash it twice, it will unleash much more rapidly spinning blades
and move very far. You can use it to damage enemies too which will come into
play in a little while. So, use the Gyro Blade and direct it toward the door
that sealed behind you when you entered the library. When it's open, head out
and back to the door you came in from. 

You'll be attacked by a pair of Scarecrows and a Frost. Nothing to worry about
really. When the Frost goes down, another will take his place. Use the Gyro
Blade leaning up against the wall if you wish but I found that it's more 
efficient here to just kill them with your attacks. Proceed through the west

Grand Hall
Back on the 2nd floor of the big room, you'll be told that the coffin in the
middle of the room is apparently "summoning a Gyro Blade." What? o_O. Kinda
creepy actually. Anyways, jump down to the 1st floor, ignore the seats and
chairs that have the Red Orbs for now; there will be an easier way to break
them in just a second. Head to the north part of the room where the torches are
and hit the Gyro Blade with your Buster to bring it to life. Guide it down the
stairs and use a one slash boosted speed to break the chairs and stuff to get
your Red Orbs quickly and easily. Also break the coffin with the Gyro Blade
and it will reveal a strange circle that you can't do anything with right now.
Head through the east door.

Large Hall
You'll be told about another thing responding to the Gyro Blades. It's your
next target. You need to find one though. There are two Gyro Blades in the
center of the hall near the sealed door, but let's leave those there for now.
From where you are on the east side, head north just a little bit past the iron
gated room and enter the door on your right. 

Dining Room
The door will seal and you'll be faced with two Blanco Angelos. Just remember
to attack their backsides with slashes and Busters and you should prevail
easily. When they're dead, smash all the chairs along the table and all the
stuff on top of the table for Red and Green Orbs. Head out the door now and
then turn left. You'll find another Gyro Blade. Bring it to life and then move
it across from your current position, into the hallway that you will see, is
being filled with occasional fireballs. You'll be using it as your shield. 
Don't worry, as long as the Gyro Blade is in front of you, you won't get hurt.
So just use two slashes to boost the speed of it and propel it down the hall
toward the source of the fireballs. When it is destroyed it will reveal a
Secret Mission. This one is pretty easy, so check the Secret Mission area for
tips on how to beat it for a Blue Orb Fragment. Head right and go through the

Large Hall
You'll now be on the other side of that barred gate area. You'll also not be
alone. Several Scarecrows will appear to fight. Take them out. A lot more will
show up as you start thinning their numbers so make sure not to get surrounded.
Vary your attacks for a good Stylish. Use the Gyro Blade in the corner if you
wish to take them out without any hassle, but you won't get much Stylish for
it. When they're all dead, break the objects in the corners for Red Orbs then
activate the Gyro Blade and place it near the door. Then go to the blue
pedestal and open the door. Push the Gyro Blade out. You want to go north,
where some new Scarecrows will be coming at you from. Power up the Gyro Blade
with two slashes and send it down the hall. It should kill the Scarecrows and
also send it quite far. As you continue moving it along the hall, more will
show up, so just keep killing them with the powered up Gyro Blade. Eventually,
you will reach the top of the room where the two other Gyro Blades are, ignore
them for now and keep moving yours along to the west side. If yours got stuck
in one of the little tractor beams here, just Buster it again to free it. When
you get to the west side, propel the Gyro Blade into the gate to free a fourth
Gyro Blade. Once you do this though, several Scarecrows will appear. Use your
Gyro Blade or the freed one to send it back through the hall and kill them. 
Keep in mind you can only have one active Gyro Blade at a time. Send one back
through the hall to the top and place it with the others. Then go back for the
last one and do the same. Once all four are in place, the seal on the door is
broken and you can go through. Use the Divinity Statue now if you want to. I
used it to get another Blue Orb with my Red Orbs. Once you're ready, proceed
through the door.

Central Courtyard
This is the area below the outer areas by the same name that you were traveling
through and fighting Frosts in. Ahead of you is a Hell Gate. Proceed forward
for a cutscene. Here we go.

|	You'll be presented with two female demons. They will act sort of     |
|docile but make no mistake, they will attack you. Some of the attacks can    |
|really hurt too. Focus on one and just slash the hell out of it. You'll get  |
|Red Orbs and eventually weaken it enough. Without warning, they will vanish, |
|and then the camera will focus on another area. This is your cue to run or   |
|side roll out of the way fast. Two red eyes will appear and then a giant     |
|beast will leap out at you. This is Bael. A cutscene will take over, so if   |
|he caught you in his mouth the first time, you won't take damage. He will try|
|to do this more often though so you'll have to avoid it.                     |
|	Yeah, this guy is big and ugly. Despite his size, he is quite agile,  |
|which you will find is much to your chagrin as you're trying to hit him. He  |
|will just hop away, making you chase him. He doesn't have a whole lot of     |
|attacks. He will fire icicles off his backside that will land on you. They   |
|can be hard to dodge by running, so use roll if you have to. He will also try|
|to lunge forward and catch you in his mouth, like I said. This is the attack |
|you have to avoid at all costs, especially if you have low health. It's easy |
|to see coming once you've memorized how Bael moves. He will sort of back up  |
|on his hind legs a bit, then a second after, spring forward at you. If you   |
|can time that right, you can easily side roll out of the way before he       |
|lunges. Another attack (if you can call it that) is when he jumps out of the |
|way to avoid you. If he lands on you, it will hurt, so watch his shadow on   |
|the ground carefully. Go to the outside, or between his legs to avoid some   |
|pain. Lastly, he will suck in a lot of air and his throat will become        |
|engorged. Run to the left or right quickly and also try to time the release  |
|of this attack so you can jump right before he unleashes it. Bael will let   |
|loose a breath attack that turns into ice along the ground. If it hits you,  |
|you will get frozen.                                                         |
|	You will also subsequently be forced to watch Bael veil himself in the|
|dark and he will deploy his Rusalkas, the female demons you fought before.   |
|These things have a nasty attack where they glide across the ground and try  |
|to grab and freeze you. Once they do so, you're pretty much screwed as Bael  |
|will pop out again and eat you. You do have an advantage though. Focus on    |
|one Rusalka and just beat the hell out of it with Red Queen. Exceed attacks  |
|and Streak help tremendously. Use Streak to decrease the gap between you     |
|and your target and just keep hitting it again and again. You should notice  |
|the pigmentation of the Rusalka's skin darkening. If you keep it up, it will |
|eventually collapse to the ground. You can now use Buster to pull Bael out   |
|from the shroud and continue attacking him.                                  |
|	If you manage to hurt him enough, Bael will lose his strength and fall|
|to his stomach and stick out his tongue. Grab him from the mouth with Buster |
|if you're near his front. This will initiate a nice combo and really hurt    |
|him. Alternatively, if you're near his backside, you can grab his tail when  |
|he enters this weakened state. I rarely find myself near the back so I always|
|go for the front. The Buster also has to be placed quite precisely on the tip|
|of his tail so it can be tough. The resulting attack is cool though. Don't   |
|waste time trying to get the tail one if you can get the other though,       |
|especially if you have little health.                                        |
|	When you get him down to about 1/5th of his remaining health, he will |
|roar and turn kind of red in color. His attack pattern will change only      |
|slightly. He will jump more often and try to land on you so be careful here  |
|if you have low health. Just keep slashing him and eventually you'll win.    |

For winning, you'll gain the Rusalka Corpse and the Red Orbs for beating his
ugly ass. The power of the Rusalka Corpse is explained in tutorial in the next
mission, but I'll just tell you now. Now that you have it, you'll be alerted
to the presence of nearby secrets with a glow on Nero's arm and a ringing sound
that will get louder and more repetitive the closer you are. These secrets
include secret orb stashes and Secret Missions. Very helpful. Head through the
door on your left (west) to end the mission.

   __     __)                           __    ___ 
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   )  /    
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /  /__   
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /  ____)  Trisagion
(_/   '                                          o---------o
Same deal. Buy what you want. I went with Roulette Spin and Snatch 2 this time
with the Proud Souls I had. If you haven't been able to, buy that Blue Orb with
the 10,000 Red Orb tag. If not, replenish some healing items if you wish. Time
to get started.

Soldier's Graveyard
Here you will be introduced to a very easy, yet annoying (on higher
difficulties) enemy. The Mephistos always attack in pairs but rarely (on Devil
Hunter especially) attack simultaneously. You will usually be able to focus on
one without having to worry too much about the other, but don't become too lax
just in case the other does attack. Use Snatch a few times to bring down the 
Mephisto's cloak, then attack it with Red Queen and some busters. If you attack
hard and quickly enough, you can kill it in one go, without it putting its
cloak back up. Otherwise, repeat the same method until the first one is dead,
then do it again for the second one. Before going too far, hug the eastern wall
and move south. There are some blocks sticking out from each wall. Starting
from the entrance door and going south, you want the second block. Your newly
acquired Rusalka corpse ability will clue you in. Stand on top of this block to
get a stash of Red Orbs. The iron bars in this area are breakable, but won't 
yield any red orbs. All the statues and headstones will though, so break every 
one you see. Line up the headstones in their rows or columns and use snatch to 
break more in one go. If nothing else, it will save you a little time. Once 
everything is done, head up the stairs. You'll be alerted to the presence of a 
nearby Secret Mission. It's under the stairs, but don't bother trying, as you 
can't beat it right now. Check the Secret Mission section after you have 
complete Mission 08 and then go back to this one. Head through the door. 

Master's Chamber
Some Blanco Angelo's will appear. A third will appear once one of them is
killed. Once they're all down, break the table and chair near the bed for a few
orbs. Thanks go out to Viudez for reminding me of the Secret Mission in this
room. I had put it in the Secret Mission section with all the others, but
forgot to refer to it in the walkthrough. Above the fireplace in this room is
a mirror, similar to the one in the Grand Hall you busted for the Blue Orb
Fragment. Open this one up to reveal a Secret Mission, a very easy one at that.
When you're done, go through the door. 

Torture Chamber
Go to the right (Nero's left) and activate the pedestal. This will open the
gate in front of the Gyro Blade. Knock it across the platform (don't worry,
neither you nor the Gyro Blade can fall off). Send the Gyro Blade through the
door and it will destroy that strange pillar you saw earlier in Mission 03. 
You will then fall down into a large pit and into a new room.

Spiral Well
You will fall a ways until you land before a red glowing pedestal. It will
soon become sealed off though and two Mephistos will appear. Use the same
tactics as before to take them both out. When they're dead, examine the
pedestal for the Wing Talisman. This will activate the circles, like the one
you uncovered in the coffin in the Grand Hall and turn them into platforms
that will send you into the air (similar to platforms in DMC3). So use these
platforms to propel yourself back up through the well. After you hit the 2nd
platform, move to the west and try to land on the ledge there. In the open cell
your Devil Bringer will glow so step in for some Red Orbs. Keep heading up. 
After the third one, you can land on the north ledge for a red crystal. Destroy
it for more Red Orbs. Also try to examine the part of the ledge protruding out
toward the center with the glow on it. You can get a Holy Water. Go up to the
next ledge and again on the north side you can land. Use Snatch to reach a
Vital Star S behind the cell. Keep going up until you exit.

Torture Chamber
You'll be back on the lower floor this time. You'll have to fight the Scarecrow
party again. Before they're all dead, two Mephistos will pop up as well. Kill
them too and then proceed through the next door.

Large Hall
You'll be faced with two Frosts. I will admit that during this particular bout,
they went back to doing what they do best: annoying the hell out of me. When
you kill them, head through the nearby door into the Grand Hall.

Grand Hall
The Wing Talisman will respond to the uncovered platform circle. First break
all the chairs and stuff again for Red Orbs. Once you're finished, jump onto
the platform to be propelled upward. Your target is the chandelier so get on
top. Once you're on, slash it with your sword for a cutscene. A new room will
be revealed. Go inside and down the stairs. You'll see a faint green glow on
the left. Use Snatch to rescue a Vital Star S. Hopefully with these you will be
able to save Red Orbs for other things. Go through the door.

Underground Laboratory
Go down the hall. Eventually a cutscene will be triggered. A pretty freaky one
at that. The mission will then end.

   __     __)                           __     __ 
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   )  /    
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /  /__    Resurrection
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /  (__ )  o------------o
(_/   '                                                (M06)   

This time around, I decided to get Exceed 2. That was all I could afford. Buy
that or whatever else tickles your fancy. Just keep in mind some moves you can
easily get by without so don't feel obligated to get them right away. Time to
move out.

Underground Laboratory
Don't jump down right away. Instead, go along the outer path of the top floor.
You should be able to find a way to go around and locate a Blue Orb Fragment.
Nice! Jump down. There's a Combat Adjudicator here, but it's for Dante so we'll
leave it alone. Head through the east door.

R&D Access
Proceed forward. A cutscene occurs. It seems there's no way to go, but then
three Cutlasses open the way and attack you. These guys can be pretty tricky.
They will swim around you at a good speed and occasionally try to jump up and
land on you, or spring up from beneath you. The best way to hurt them is to use
Blue Rose and shoot one. It will eventually slow down and allow you to Snatch
it. Once you've done that, use Buster to draw it out and then begin to pummel
it with your sword. An alternate (but more dangerous way) is to wait til they
are about to appear below you. Side Roll out of the way and then quickly use
Snatch to nab one in the air and bring it down to you. Just be careful and you
should beat them. The pieces of the door they broke open can be further broken
for some orbs, including green for health. Head down the hall and enter the
next door.

Game Room
This room is interesting to say the least. You'll be presented with a board
of colored circles. A statue representing Nero will be your game piece. You're
given a large die to hit to move the statue across the circles toward your
goal. Certain effects are brought about by landing on certain colored circles.

Red - Generates enemies for you to fight
Blue - Drops a lot of orbs including green
White - Free roll
Yellow - Will move you across the board to the nearby yellow circle

Obviously you want to avoid the red ones as much as possible. Luckily, there is
a trick to the die game, as has been discovered by several sources. The key is
to memorize the pattern in which the die spins. Starting at one, it goes four,
two, six, three, five, then back to one again. Whatever side is facing up when
you hit the die, is the one that it will land on. This has been thoroughly
tested with Buster so use that when you hit the die. Therefore, if you are able
to do this correctly, you can move about the board without landing on any red
circles. Attempt to land a two to get the yellow circle so you can skip some
spaces. Next try to get a six so you can get some orbs, including green if you
need health. Go for a two again to get another yellow circle. Roll a one to get
another yellow circle. You'll now be within five spaces of the exit. So roll a
five or six to clear this game. Head through the door.

Containment Room
Oh yeah, this does not look good, does it? Well, let's get started. Proceed
forward for a scene.

[]=====CONTAINMENT ROOM======================================================[]
|	After the scene (which was funny, right?), you'll be trapped in the   |
|room and Agnus will send his creations, the Gladius swords after you. These  |
|swords will attack in one of two ways. It's easy to tell which one is coming |
|by the way they spin. If they spin horizontally, they will come thrusting at |
|you which is easy to avoid by moving out of the way. If they spin vertically,|
|they will come at you with a sweeping attack. This is trickier to dodge but  |
|can be done. It becomes annoying when several swords do this move, where     |
|dodging one is easy but the next ones will usually catch you.                |
|	The key to this fight is the glass screen separating you from Agnus.  |
|You've got to destroy it. Slashing your way through will not suffice though. |
|Instead, you can use Agnus' Gladius creatures to do the work for you. Use    |
|Snatch when they're about to attack to grab one and then use Buster to send  |
|it at the screen to damage it. You can also jump up and strike them with Red |
|Queen to plunge them into the ground, allowing you to easily Buster one and  |
|throw it. Keep up this pattern and do your best to avoid the other Gladius.  |
|You can sometimes get health by destroying some. Also be aware that Agnus    |
|will attempt to electrify the floor during certain intervals in the fight.   |
|To avoid this, jump on the platform in the center. Just be careful here      |
|though as you have little space to move in, so the Gladius can target you    |
|easily here.                                                                 |
|	Agnus will electrify the floor more often when you get his room down  |
|to about 1/3 health. Just keep up your attacks. When several Gladius are     |
|preparing to attack, refrain from grabbing one until they attack. Then use   |
|one to throw at the screen again. Keep this up until it breaks.              |

A cutscene occurs, one that is full of awesome and win. Nero acquires Yamato
and earns his Devil Trigger. The resulting explosion of power blows Agnus away
and reveals his true form. He escapes unfortunately. After the scene is over,
you now have Yamato, and with it, the ability to use Nero's Devil Trigger. The
gauge can only be used when you have at least three slots full. You only have
three at the moment so you'll be unable to get a lot of mileage out of it for
the time being. Step on the platform with the blue light where Yamato was
previously sealed to get a large Red Orb. Head through the door.

Foris Falls
Attack the pedestal ahead of you. It will cause the falls to part and a bridge
to extend from the castle to a new area. That's where you're headed to now.
Break the nearby barrels and head up the stairs. Break two more barrels at the
top. You should be able to see a Blue Orb Fragment floating out in the air. The
easiest way to get this one involves Air Hike. If you have it, use Streak from
the platform. This will give Nero a nice leap toward the fragment. Then just
use Air Hike to get closer. If you don't have Air Hike, you can still get this
one, but it will be a little tougher. Use Streak again to propel yourself off
the platform, and then use Roulette Spin (if you have it) to keep yourself up
in the air and moving slightly closer to the fragment. If you don't have
Roulette Spin, use Snatch at the right time to get it. Head through the door at
the top of the stairs.

Angel Creation
A Blanco Angelo will attack. Kill him to fight two more. When they're dead, go
to the northeast corner of the room. Some freaky experiment is going on there
but behind the leftmost cage there is a Secret Mission. Do it to get another
Blue Orb Fragment. Then head to the northwest corner and go up the stairs. In
this room, more Angelos will attack. Take them out then drop down to the next
room. Here, yet even more Angelos will attack you. Fight and kill them then
check for a secret near the southeast corner for Red Orbs. Head through the
next door.

Underground Laboratory
Examine the computer panel on the right with the green glow. This will seal off
Agnus' lab and activate some Talisman platforms for you. Go back up and then
down the hall to the door.

Grand Hall
Head back up and out the opening you made. From right where you exit the wall,
go right or left to one of the doors.

Central Courtyard
You know what's coming. Two Frosts will attack you. Make them suffer, for my
sake. A third will show up once one of his buddies goes down. When you're done,
head through the next door.

Foris Falls
Head down the stairs then go north. With the bridge now extended, you can get
over. A cutscene will take over, and the bridge will then detract and the falls
will come back down. Perhaps it's a mechanism of the bridge to do so once a
person has crossed. I like to think of it as someone who deliberately activated
the switch Nero pressed, which subsequently creeped me out o_O. Regardless,
move forward.

Forest Entrance
Just head toward the light (lawl) and a scene will begin. Mission over.

   __     __)                           __   ___   
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   ) /   /  
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /     /   
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /     /    The She-Viper
(_/   '                                      /    o-------------o
After the scene is over, power up again. Now that you have Yamato, you have a
new category of skills to buy from. I recommend Trigger Heart ASAP from the
Yamato group, but you probably won't be even close to affording it now, or any
of the other ones for that matter. For that reason, I decided to save my Proud
Souls this time. Don't feel obligated to do the same though. Buy whatever you
want or refund old skills and maybe you can afford something else. Now, as for
items, we can now buy Purple Orbs which will boost your Devil Trigger gauge. At
this point, I had just enough Red Orbs for the 15000 Blue Orb. Lengthening the
DT gauge should be more of a priority though, and the Purple Orbs will start
off cheap like the other items. I purchased two, and saved the rest of my Red
Orbs. Definitely try to buy at least one and we'll get started.

Forest Entrance
Just before you, slightly to your left you should be able to see a big pod like
thing. These are seeds belonging to a boss you'll be meeting very soon. These
ones are breakable for orbs so smash it. Head forward to find a gazebo in front
of a red crystal. Before you go wailing away on it, turn left before the gazebo
to find a hollowed out log with a bunch of pods in it. Destroy them all for
orbs, then assault the crystal for more. You'll notice Nero's arm is reacting,
and sure enough, within the gazebo is a Secret Mission, but don't even bother,
you can't beat it. I'm not saying that to indicate it's very tough. I mean you
really can't beat it... yet. Dante's skills are required to complete that one,
so we'll have to do it later. Move on.

Windswept Valley
There is a Holy Water to the left (thanks to Ignotus for this). Drop down to 
meet the Chimera Seeds. You'll learn to hate these guys soon, much more so if 
you play the game again on Son of Sparda or higher. These guys are docile now
so just slash them or better yet, Buster them for an instant kill. There are 
pods (which the Chimera come out of when "ripe" I guess) around so smash them
for more Red Orbs. Head up the stairs to the big mansion in the southwest 
corner. Enter.

Ruined Church
A scene will take over, showing you how the Chimera Seeds assimilate into the
Scarecrows. Now you've got the much more annoying Chimera. The key to beating
these guys is to keep your distance. They will deploy their blades at certain
intervals. Time it so you attack right after the blades are done flailing. Use
charge shots and quick Buster and sword attacks. It might get dicey, but you
should be able to take them out. Break the pod near the pillar and then start
slashing the glass near the west side. You can break in to find a whole grove
of these pods. Smash 'em all for their orbs. Ignore the Adjudicator since it's
for Dante. Head to the southwest corner, smash the pod, and go up the stairs.
You'll find a pedestal that activates some platforms that pop up in sequence
and then disappear shortly after. Walk across to the other door and enter. 

Ruined Valley
Head across the catwalk to a marker that will make a Grim Grip appear. Hit it
and launch across the chasm to the other side to hit another grip. Head down
to find a pedestal. Hit it to start up some more appearing platforms. As you
start walking across though, two Mephistos will pop up. They'll work hard to
try and attack you while you're crossing the appearing platforms. Dodging their
attacks while waiting for the platforms and also dealing with the camera can be
very frustrating. If they knock you down and you fall into the chasm, into an
area called the Ruined Lowlands and you'll be forced to fit a group of enemies,
which may include Chimera. So try not to fall if you can avoid it. However, 
there is one advantage to falling down. There are areas in the Ruined Lowlands 
that snake out into ledges. The one in the northwest holds secret Red Orbs.
Anyway, back to the Ruined Valley. An easy trick is to start the platforms but 
don't begin crossing. The Mephistos will come out and start coming toward you 
on the base platform. Here you can just kill them easily and then activate the 
platforms again and cross without any worry. Be sure to try and nab the Blue 
Orb that will be hovering over the chasm. You can reach it with the fifth set 
of platforms. Air Hike will make it extremely easy, but if you don't have it, 
it's still doable, it will just be trickier and will require speed since you
obviously have a limited time before the platforms go. Try jumping, doing a
Roulette Spin, and then using Snatch and you should be able to get it. Head
across the other platforms to finally reach the exit. 

Lapis River
Search for some pods near trees and under the bridge to get orbs. Cross the
bridge and go left. Behind a tree, you'll find a Secret Mission. This one can
be a little challenging but is very doable. Complete it for another Blue Orb
Fragment. When you're done, head the opposite way (right from the bridge) and
into the next area.               

Ancient Plaza
Bust any pods you find and move toward the pit. Some Scarecrows and Chimera
Seeds will spawn. If you want to save yourself some frustration and pain, go
after the seeds and rip them apart. Then you can focus on the weak Scarecrows.
When everything is clear, make tracks for the exit.

Windswept Valley
You'll find a familiar object here. Strike the Gyro Blade with your Buster and
then set it loose, breaking down the gates before you. When you break through,
Chimera Seeds and Scarecrows will appear. The seeds will try to infest the
Scarecrows immediately. Use the Gyro Blade to decimate them easily. Next, use
your trusty device to break the gate right around the corner to the south. It
will open a path to a new door. Sweet! Go through.

Ruined Valley
Proceed up the catwalk. You won't get far before a cutscene starts. Now you're
being chased. Proceed through the catwalk quickly, breaking or jumping over the
pods that obstruct you. Breaking them will yield orbs but will obviously slow
you down. Once you're safe, proceed to the door.

Forgotten Ruins
Ah finally, a blue Adjudicator. You need to get your Stylish up to Atomic on
this one. Not too hard if you have a good assortment of moves. Use every sword
combo or attack in your disposal, mixed in with some Busters and you should get
the Blue Orb Fragment. Nice. Let's move on. More Chimera Seeds and Scarecrows
here. You know the drill. Take them all out and then head east to find a Green
Orb and a Divinity Statue. Use the statue and buy another Purple Orb. Buy a
healing item if you think you'll need it. When you're ready, head up the path.

Den of the She-Viper
Another Hell Gate. You should know what's coming by now. Head forward just a
short ways to start the scene. Another cool one in my opinion.

|	First I just want to point one thing out for the simple fact that it  |
|is something I forget every time I fight this boss, and not that it led to me|
|me getting killed, it usually just made the fight tougher. There are seed    |
|pods all around the edges of the battlefield. If you get in a jam, go for    |
|them and smash them for health.                                              |
|	Ok, you're fighting a big dragon, snake, plant, woman... thing. Yeah, |
|kinda strange but this fight should prove fun if you know what to do. The    |
|boss will hover above the ground at first. You're gonna need to jump up and  |
|slash her. Make sure you perform regular aerial combos and not Splits. She   |
|will whip her tail at you. She advertises this well so it's easy to avoid.   |
|When you get close to her, she may also whip her head extension thing at you.|
|This will be tougher to avoid if you're in the air slashing her, but it      |
|doesn't hurt too much luckily. She will also close her flower and start      |
|zooming around the battlefield in her dragon form. She will attempt to run   |
|into you in this manner. Easy to avoid by side rolling. Later, Echidna will  |
|use her roots to either stand high above you with her flower sac thing       |
|below which will sprout Chimera Seeds, or drill into the ground with it and  |
|summon roots to whip you. That covers her attacks for the most part.         |
|	There's not a whole lot to the fight, it's actually pretty simple.    |
|Keep wearing her down with your slashes. Near the battle's outset, she will  |
|go into her dragon form and fly around. Just avoid it and shoot her. Make    |
|sure you don't get hit, it hurts. As for combos, from just slashing her and  |
|wearing her down, you can get her to sort of slump over. This can occur when |
|she's hovering or when she's drilled into the ground. Buster her for an      |
|awesome combo. You can rev Red Queen while doing this combo, so be sure to do|
|so. While drilled into the ground, she is easy prey for your sword attacks   |
|but watch the roots and also her hair thing that she keeps whipping at you.  |
|When she uses her roots to spring up above you, use Buster on the pink flower|
|sac to bash it.                                                              |
|	Obviously your Buster and the combos are a key to victory. There is   |
|one very, very important thing to keep in mind however. This is your first   |
|boss fight with Devil Trigger. Be sure to use it. If you have DT activated   |
|when performing a Buster, you'll do a special version of it which will hurt  |
|Echidna (and other bosses) much more. Aside from that, using it will just    |
|assist you in wearing her down quicker and also slowly restore your own      |
|health.                                                                      |
|	When she's down to about 1/5 of her health, she will activate some    |
|new power and begin glowing in a golden light. In this state, she will go    |
|into flying mode more often and fire off a lot of seeds. You need to be      |
|cautious here. You can Buster her as she comes flying at you if timed right  |
|so if you think you can do it, try it. It's a high risk though, because if   |
|you fail to time it right, she will hurt you badly.                          |
|	Keep up your attacks, grab health around the area if you need it, and |
|finish her off. Echidna should go down with little more trouble.             |

Doctor Rockster has submitted an extra tip for this fight. I'll list it this
once, but keep it in mind for later:

"Just something I think might be worth adding. During the Echidna fight when 
she executes her swoop attack thing if you fire a charged shot into her mouth, 
she raises her path of flight (thus avoiding you) and kind of coils back into 
the middle, resuming her other attacks."

You'll earn the Sephirotic Fruit for victory. Yay? This item has only immediate
use and then quickly becomes worthless afterwards. Oh well, it will help you
escape from the forest, which is good enough for me. Grab all the Red Orb
spoils from the fight and then head to the southwest corner and examine the big
tower of tangled roots there. The Sephirotic Fruit will respond and petrify and
dissolve the roots, allowing you passage. Move forward to end the mission.

   __     __)                           __   ___  
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   ) (   ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /  .--'  
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /  (___)  Profession of Faith
(_/   '                                          o-------------------o
If you did what I did, and saved your Proud Souls from before, you should have
a nice amount now to buy something new. I went for Trigger Heart at 2700, so
buy that or whatever. If you don't want it, seriously consider Air Hike now if
you haven't gotten it already. It will come in handy during this mission. You 
probably can't afford a new orb at this point, so hold on to your Red Orbs for
now. Let's just get started. This mission will be fun too. 

Ancient Training Ground
Head along the path to the ruin. Inside, your spidey sense, er... Devil Bringer
will begin to respond. Above Nero you should see a pod hanging on the ceiling.
Jump up and bust it open for another Blue Orb Fragment. Head out the other side
to encounter a pair of Scarecrows and a pair of Chimera Seeds. Go for the seeds
first and then the Scarecrows. Move on.

Lapis River
Examine the roots. Nothing here. Just go across the bridge and toward the north
exit again. 

Ancient Plaza
As you enter, this place seems quiet too. Take a few steps forward though and a
scene takes over. The Assaults return from DMC1 to make Nero's life a misery.
Actually, not quite. These guys are surprisingly simple. The key is to just
keep attacking quickly. If you can keep them all on their toes they won't be
able to attack you. Use Busters and sword attacks to wipe the floor with these
overgrown geckos. Head for the exit.

Windswept Valley
Nothing here to surprise you. Bust open the pods and then head southeast again
to the church.

Ruined Church
Some Scarecrows and an assault will attack you. Take them out and another
Assault will show up. Decimate all the enemies, then claim the orbs from the
pods. In the southeast corner, under the stairs is an alcove. Inside are more
roots. Examine them and then head out the next door.

Lost Woods
Head out and toward the center. There's a tablet here you can read if you want
but it's not going to really help you all that much. Here you have three paths,
not counting the one you came from. One path leads to the next area, while the
others will send you to an area with enemies that you'll have to fight. After
which you'll be put in the same area again (Hm, Zelda ish anyone?) You want to
avoid this. However, you should go the wrong way at least once to get another 
Blue Orb Fragment. Defeat all the enemies then check the corner of this 
mysterious room. Up high, in the trees should be the orb. You'll pretty much
need Air Hike for this one. The only alternative is to have Exceed 3 and rev
three lamps and perform Exceed High Roller. It will launch you high enough so 
that you can reach it or Snatch it. Otherwise you'll have to come back for it 
later. To solve the Lost Woods Puzzle, examine the shadow cast by the center
statue. Whichever direction the shadow points to, go the opposite way. Do this
three times to surpass the Lost Woods

Forgotten Ruins
Proceed along the path to the door. Break the pods first for orbs, then enter
the next area.

Ancient Training Ground
Go south and some Scarecrows and two Assaults will appear. Take them to 
Suffering Town, then continue on your way. Break the pods and examine the
Divinity Statue. I had enough orbs for either the Purple at 13000 or the Blue
at 15000. I decided to go with the Blue Orb since I hadn't bought one in a
while. You may only have enough for the Purple though, or neither. Buy what you
can or want then move forward.

Gran Album Bridge
You'll be running a long ways toward the platform at the end. If you bought
Speed it will be a little less unbearable for you impatient folks. Anyway, once
you get there, I think you know what's in store. Watch the cutscene, then get
ready to rumble!

[]=====ANGELO CREDO==========================================================[]
|	One of my favorite boss fights. Credo will really challenge your sword|
|skills. When in close proximity to you, Credo will unleash a short combo that|
|can be avoided by rolling. Actually, if you know when to expect it, you can  |
|just run to his backside and avoid it. The combo will end with Credo crashing|
|his sword down, much like a Split. He will also sometimes leap into the air  |
|and make a slash of energy that hits the ground. This can be tough to avoid  |
|but jumping may help. When you are far away from him, he will come charging  |
|at you with a slash. Try to avoid that. At certain times in the fight, he    |
|will teleport away from you and summon a big lance. You know this is coming  |
|by the line he always says: "Behold the power of an angel!" He will then hurl|
|the spear at you, but you can side roll it. Be careful though, sometimes he  |
|will hurl as many as three in a row. That covers his attacks for now.        |
|	When Credo uses the Split of his combo, you have the chance to attack |
|his exposed backside, like you would any other Blanco Angelo. Slashing him   |
|here doesn't do much though unfortunately. The key is his shield. When his   |
|attack misses, Buster him. Nero will throw him back which will weaken his    |
|shield. Do this a few more times until his shield loses its orange glow. Now |
|just Buster him again and you will begin the combo. Remember to use Devil    |
|Trigger for added damage.                                                    |
|	Keeping pace with him and avoiding his attacks is a must. He's a fast |
|boss so be careful. Reaction is key to this fight and if you have good       |
|timing, you can turn the battle in your favor when he throws his spears. If  |
|you Buster at the precise moment, you can catch the spear and hurl it right  |
|back at him. This will hurt him, stun him, and allow you to get a Buster in. |
|The difficulty in this maneuver is not just in the timing, but in aiming as  |
|well. You have to aim it right so the returned spear will hit him. Just      |
|continue attacking and Bustering until he loses his health.                  |
|	As you would expect, Angelo Credo will get more serious when near     |
|death. He will attack more swiftly and use the aerial slash wave attack very,|
|very often. It will come quickly so it becomes harder to avoid. A new attack |
|is a thrust but it's not too hard to avoid. Just stay on your toes and look  |
|for chances to Buster him. Keep it up and you should overcome the odds here. |

Once you win, a rather dramatic cutscene will ensue. Agnus kidnaps Kyrie and
Credo flies off. It seems Sanctus wants Kyrie for something. For winning, you
get the Aegis Shield. This will allow you to use enemies as shields by holding
Circle. I found this ability to be very useless overall, given that the game
often calls you to be aggressive and not defensive. If you recall however,
there is a Secret Mission in Mission 05. You can now beat it with the Aegis
Shield. Check the Secret Mission section for details. Anyways, time to go 
rescue the damsel in distress! Go toward the door to complete the mission. 
Bang bang.

   __     __)                           __     __  
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            /   )  /   ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____     /   /  (__,/  
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  (__ /      /   For You
(_/   '                                       /   o-------o 
I went with Charge Shot 2 this time, as I didn't have enough Proud Souls for
Snatch 3. Buy what you can or want and we'll get rolling.

Gran Album Bridge
Right where you left off, go forward into the little sanctuary. On your left
and right are some little tables. Smash them for orbs then continue forward. A
scene will take over. Interesting place eh? Just keep moving and another scene
will begin. Now you're introduced to the Alto Angelo. My second most hated
enemy in the game. He's not that bad on this difficulty, but he really becomes
annoying on higher difficulties. He will be paired with two Blanco Angelos.
They will enter certain patterns and formations under his command, usually
charging at you simultaneously or other things. To make things easier on
you, go for the Blancos first since they are easy to kill. Slash and
Buster, but be mindful of the Alto who is much more aggressive. When they're
dead you can focus on the Alto. Alternatively, they may gather at one end of
the area and begin charging a giant black ball of energy that will fire at you.
If you can time it right, you can Buster this back at them, killing them all
instantly (there is a chance the Alto may make it out) and getting you a nice
Stylish. Otherwise, just keep assaulting the Alto with Splits and Exceed
slashes and Busters. Eventually his shield will pop and you can Buster his ass.
Try the DT Buster for a cool move. When they're all dead, you can proceed.

Grand Hall
Hm, weren't we already in a place called the Grand Hall? Oh well. Break all the
seats lined on the walls for orbs. Left of where you entered is an Adjudicator
for Nero. Get your Stylish rating up to Smokin' and you'll get the Blue Orb
Fragment. On the right from where you entered is a Devil Star S. You might not
be able to see it because of the camera but go up against the wall there and
you should find it. Head up the stairs at the south end and break the pots. In
the southwest corner (right of the door) there is a hidden stash of Red Orbs.
Stand near the wall to recieve them. Go through the door and examine the small 
pedestal there. It activates the drawbridge which tries to lower for you, but 
unfortunately it is caught in some giant roots. You'll have to find another way
to get it down. In the previous room, some moving lasers are activated and a 
door also appears. Head down the stairs again, avoid the lasers, and jump up 
there to the door. Go inside and up the stairs. 

Key Chamber
A group of Blancos and an Alto will appear. Use the same tactics or wait for
the energy ball and send it back at them. It might be harder since this room
is smaller and you have to press Circle fast to get the timing right. Defeat
them and two more Blancos will show. Piece of cake. When they fall, the seal
on the pedestal will lower. Examine it for the Key of Cronus. A device will
appear in the center of the room. With the Key of Cronus, you can Buster these
devices to slow down time. Do so and you will be able to avoid the lasers on
the west end easily and pass through to the stairs. 

The Gauntlet
Oh, what a nice name. Move forward and drop down into the center of the little
ditch to get a nice stash of Red Orbs. In the southeast corner is a sword
pedestal. Activate it to bring an elevator down. When you enter, four
Scarecrows will attack. Defeat them and the elevator will rise. You may see a
Blue Orb Fragment on your left. We'll get it in a minute. For now proceed 
through the open gate. Another Cronus device on your left and more lasers. Hit
it to slow time and navigate through the lasers to the other end. You'll enter
another elevator and the door will close behind you. Two Frosts show up. Oh,
great. Slay one and another will show up. Take out the last two to make the
elevator go up. Two gates will open though. One to the next Cronus device, and
another that will drop you down. Take this one to fall down to a platform. Go
around and you can nab the Blue Orb Fragment. Good. You'll have to drop down
and climb the Gauntlet again unfortunately. Go up the two elevators again to
proceed from where we left off. Go through the Cronus laser maze and to the
last elevator. Some Assaults will be your opponents here. They shouldn't pose
much of a problem. Use Buster to try and slam one into another. Or, if you
want, before you enter this room, activate the nearby Cronus device to slow
time down, then run into the elevator room. The Assaults will fall victim to
the time slowing, giving you a great advantage for a few seconds. Three more
will show up. Just be aggressive and you can easily win with a good Stylish.
The elevator will respond when they're put in their place and you'll be brought
to the last hall before the boss (three bosses in a row?!). Grab the Green Orb
and use the Divinity Statue if you wish. Move forward.

Agnus' Room
Continue forward for a scene. Finally we get to take on the dastardly scientist
with the speech impediment.

|	Move immediately as Agnus will already be attacking you once the      |
|battle begins. This is just one of his many attacks. He will try slashing you|
|with his Gladius once, a pause, then another slash. You should be able to    |
|avoid at least one if not both of them. Agnus is actually an easy fight      |
|because he advertises a lot of his attacks with sayings and phrases as he    |
|charges them up. This not only tells you what's coming, it also gives you    |
|ample time to attack. With enough damage, you can stop these types of        |
|attacks.                                                                     |
|	As for the rest of his attacks, he will also summon more Gladius that |
|will attack you like they did in the Containment Room, then fly around and   |
|periodically try again. Buster them to throw them at Agnus. They will also   |
|drop White Orbs which will keep your DT going. Sometimes he will say, "Your  |
|strength will be mine!" This means he's going to try and grab you. If he     |
|succeeds, he will drain a significant amount of your health to restore his   |
|own. Don't let this happen. It's easy to prevent and easy to avoid. Just jump|
|up and assault him when he's charging this. You should be able to stop him.  |
|If not, jump when he lunges at you and you can dodge it. If you do get caught|
|however, it's not the end of the world. Activate your Devil Trigger and you  |
|can break free. When he says, "Time to die!", he will attack with a powerful |
|energy attack that reminds me of one of Lady's attacks from DMC3. It hurts so|
|prevent it by attacking him over and over. Agnus will also call forth some   |
|Cutlasses which will dive into the ground. A second later they will pop out  |
|from under you. React quickly enough and you can dodge this. Sometimes he    |
|will summon fireballs to shoot at you. He begins the attack with a long      |
|saying which gives you a decent window to just wail on him. After that       |
|though, start moving to avoid the fireballs. His last attack is when he says,|
|"I will crush you until you die!". He will grab three Cutlasses and start    |
|spinning around the room. Their blades will hurt you if he hits you with     |
|them. Move far away and don't let him get close. Agnus will eventually throw |
|them at you. This can be tough to time, but if you start counting when he    |
|begins to spin them, you have about 3 seconds before he throws them. Jump    |
|before that and you should hopefully avoid this one.                         |
|	Hurting Agnus is straightforward. Just keep wailing on him with your  |
|sword, making use of Exceed slashes. He gives you many opportunities to hit  |
|him so stay aggressive. When you hurt him enough, he will enter the typical  |
|weakened state like other bosses. For Agnus it's a little tougher to tell    |
|since he flies, but you should notice his posture change if you look close.  |
|Another sign is that when you hit him in his weakened state, his body rocks  |
|violently and he grunts every time you slash him. This is your chance to     |
|Buster him. Do so in DT state if you can for a very damaging combo and one   |
|of my favorites. Keep up your assault and you should be able to defeat this  |
|guy with ease.                                                               |

A cutscene ensues. Nero is just about to finish off Agnus when the Angelos show
up. Nero fends them off as Sanctus appears in his Angelo form and takes Kyrie.
Nero tries to stop him but can't reach her. Sanctus escapes and Nero has
failed... for now. Mission over.

   __     __)                                 __  
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /   /   ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /   /   /  
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /   /   /   Wrapped In Glory
(_/   '                              /   (___/   o----------------o    

The scene picks up right where the last one left off. Nero smashes the floor in
anger. In doing so, his arm touches the roots and the Sephirotic Fruit ability
responds. The roots are destroyed, including those holding the drawbridge. Your
path is opened. Now it's time to go save the girl! Buy a skill or items if you
want. I decided to save my Proud Souls for now and didn't have enough Red Orbs
for a new Purple or Blue Orb. Alright, time to roll.

Agnus' Room
Nothing to do here except go back out the way you came in. 

The Gauntlet
Move into the elevator. A scene will start up. You'll be introduced to the
Faust enemy, a more improved Mephisto. Not only that, but he comes with two as
his bodyguards. You might find though that if you ignore him and go after the
Mephistos, the Faust won't even bother you. This won't work for long obviously,
but you should have a nice amount of time to attack the Mephistos without any
interference. When they're dead, focus on him. It will take a lot more Snatches
to take his cloak away. Be wary of his sudden attacks and laser attacks. He is
harder to take down in one go so you will most likely need to uncloak him again
and maybe even a third time. Once he's dead, go back to the Cronus room. You
can see there's a seal on the open space there. Use the Cronus device and go
through the room, avoiding the lasers, to find a sword pedestal. Light it up
to lower the seal. Slow down time again and drop down through it. You're back
on the ground floor. Grab the secret Red Orbs again and exit the way you
originally came in.

Key Chamber
A group of three Blancos and an Alto will appear. Great. Take the Blancos out
when you can or just wait for the energy attack. Either way, when they're dead,
go through the east door.

Grand Hall
Head through the south door again. The bridge is now lowered so you can cross.
Grab some orbs first if you want, including the hidden stash in the southwest 
corner again. Cross the bridge and enter the door on the other side.

Security Corridor
This is the room you saw on the mission screen. Use the Cronus device to slow
the lasers, then proceed carefully through. Jump when you have to and you can
easily traverse this obstacle. On the other end is a Secret Mission on the wall
that is tough, but doable. Try it for another Blue Orb Fragment. If you have
3/4 pieces now, it's definitely worth it because a difficult boss fight is
coming up. When you're finished, enter the next room. There's a lot of spinning
fans here. They'll obviously hurt if you get too close. Just drop down and you
will see a pedestal being sealed off. Two Mephistos will crawl out of the wood
work to fight you. Take them out and a Faust will appear. Destroy him too and
the seal will fall. Head clockwise around the room, breaking the crates along
the way for orbs. When you reach the pedestal, examine it. You must leave your
Key of Cronus here to slow time. It's ok because you won't be needing it. Use
it and the fan blades will be slowed by time's wrath. In the limited time you
have, scale the blades to the second highest and try to reach the platform
with the door. If you fall you might still have time to try it again before the
time slowing effect wears off. When you make it, enter the door.

Experiment Disposal
Proceed forward. Some Blanco Angelos will appear. Make them suffer and then
greet the other two that appear. When they all die, take some orbs from the
red crystal. Go south, across the Gauntlet esque elevator to the other side.
Bust the statues for orbs then move to the next room. There's a Blue Orb
Fragment here, but you need Air Hike for it. If you've followed my instructions
EXACTLY, you don't have it like me. If you decided to buy it, then you're in
luck, sort of. I will cover it's attainment in Mission 12, so you'll have to
wait. Heh. Anyways. Examine the pedestal here. You will now have to sacrifice
the Wing Talisman to activate this lift. Proceed to the next room, bust the
stuff for orbs, then enter the door.

Meeting Room
Oh, great. Two Altos. Double the vexation. Do your best to attack them and
weaken their shields. Obviously you should try to focus on one at a time. Just
be careful of the other when it tries to do it's Streak like attack. It's tough
to avoid getting hit here so just try your best and don't be afraid to use your
Devil Trigger here if you must, just try to avoid using any healing items. Once
you seize victory, head south to the opposite corridor. Break the candlesticks
for orbs, including green for health. You definitely want to be at full health
before you enter that next door. There's a Secret Mission here. I wouldn't even
bother attempting it as Nero if you don't have Air Hike. It's still doable but
it will cost you a lot of time and frustration most likely. You can do it with
a little more ease later with Air Hike, or if you want to make it REALLY easy,
do it much later with Dante. Use the Divinity Statue here. Buy some healing
items or even consider a Gold Orb. If you're not the best at combat it will
give you a possibly needed life line in the coming fight. Your score will be
penalized for it, but it's good for those frustrating times when fortune just
turns it back on you. The moments when you bring the boss down to near death
just to have him/her/it unleash some super cheap move that kills you. This
could be one of those moments so consider the Gold Orb if you're not too sure.
When you're ready, enter the door.

Ascension Chamber
Watch the scene. Oh shiznit. Here we go. 

|	You had to figure this fight was coming sooner or later. Now that it  |
|has come you might wish it could have waited a little longer. Dante is not   |
|anything like he was in Mission 01. He will abuse you, counter you, and make |
|your life a living nightmare. You really have to have a grip on the combat   |
|system as well as have as many Blue Orbs as you could get. If you find this  |
|fight way too hard now, consider replaying some old levels for Red Orbs,     |
|Proud Souls, and missed Blue Orb Fragments. The more prepared you are for    |
|this fight, the less painful it's going to be.                               |
|	Dante will use many of his attacks from DMC3. He will use his combos, |
|as well as Million Stab, Helm Breaker, and Stinger. Stinger in particular you|
|will probably find to be very frustrating as it is a common move from him    |
|when he counters you. He will also freely switch his styles on the fly. In   |
|Trickster, he'll use the dashes. In Sword Master, he'll use Prop and Drive.  |
|In Royal Guard you'd best avoid him as he'll block your attacks perfectly    |
|every time and then use the energy to make you suffer. In Gunslinger he will |
|try shooting you with Honeycomb Fire. He will also sweep his gunfire across  |
|the room but eventually lock on to you. It's difficult to avoid this         |
|unfortunately.                                                               |
|	Taking Dante head to head is nothing short of suicide if you're not   |
|prepared. If you've been practicing a lot and have a lot of health, or are   |
|just one of those folks who has not found Devil Hunter to be the least bit   |
|challenging, go ahead and fight him straight on. To be honest, it's very hard|
|to go toe to to with him at first, but if you know how he fights and are     |
|prepared, you can actually take him on eventually. Landing attacks on Dante  |
|is extremely difficult because he is capable of dodging just about anything. |
|Not only that, he will often counter. If you use Streak, he'll counter with  |
|Stinger. He might take to the air and use Helm Breaker. If you leave yourself|
|open, he'll use his combos and basically if he lands one hit you're staying  |
|for the whole ride as he'll just land the whole thing on you and it will     |
|hurt. For the attacks you can avoid, you'll need some quick reactions.       |
|	Mostly you'll be looking for your chances to strike while trying not  |
|to leave yourself open. One easy way to get some hits in is to use Blue Rose |
|and fire continuous shot at him. Dante will cancel out your bullets with     |
|Ebony & Ivory. Just keep shooting while getting closer. Once you're in       |
|sword's reach of him, try slashing him. You might just be able to land a     |
|combo on him, so make it happen. Be careful though, if you get too close or  |
|wait too long, he'll do the same thing. Another tip is to try and pin him    |
|in a corner and activate your Devil Trigger. If you can stun him with this   |
|(do this to make sure he won't side roll your first attack--you need him to  |
|stay in that corner), then just unload on him with some attacks, followed    |
|by a Buster. Do this a few times until your DT gauge runs out and you should |
|have knocked off a nice chunk of his health.                                 |
|	If that's not good enough or you really just have your back against   |
|the wall in this fight, there's a simple way to hurt him. Just on top of the |
|platform over the bed in the center. Stand here and wait for Dante to jump up|
|to you. Right before he actually gets on, Buster him for a little damage. You|
|have to Buster him while he's still actually in the air. If his feet get on  |
|the platform you probably won't land it. You can do this again and again and |
|will probably be able to avoid damage unless he shoots at you or actually    |
|gets up there. This method is a little cheap but if you really can't beat    |
|him, it will help. Also keep in mind there's breakable stuff in the room for |
|orbs, including green and white. Either way, once you've got Dante to no     |
|health, pat yourself on the back and take a breather.                        | 

Watch the scene. Mission over. Whew.

   __     __)                                
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /    /  
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /    /   
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /    /  The Ninth Circle  
(_/   '                              /    /  o----------------o  

Powah up! *ahem* Yeah so buy what you want. If you got a decent rank on the
previous mission, you might have scored a nice amount of Proud Souls. I went
ahead and finally bought Air Hike and saved the remainder for later. Just be
sure if you can buy something now, definitely consider it. When you're ready
to go, we'll get started. 

Advent Chamber
Head counter-clockwise from the entrance. You should find another Combat
Adjudicator for Nero. You have to raise your Stylish all the way to Smokin'
Sick Style for you to get the fragment. Tough, but not very tough. Just stick
to a pattern of varied attacks and keep repeating them in that pattern and
you can raise your Stylish slowly but surely. Proceed once you have it to a 
pedestal. Light it up to activate some grip grips. Hit them to reach the next
floor. Two Mephistos will show up. Start fighting them and a Faust will also
join them. Destroy all three to free the seal. Examine the object to bring the
lift down and ride it up to the next floor. Head to the right. The door ahead
is locked. It can only be opened if the switches on both sides are depressed.
Step on your switch and then Snatch the Scarecrow to bring him onto the other.
The door will open. Slay him and his friend and continue on your way. Up the
stairs you'll find your ultimate destination, the lift near the Divinity
Statue. It's activated elsewhere though so there's only one thing you can do
for now. Stand in the middle of the shaft and you will get a nice orb reward. 
Move toward the gap to see the Grim Grips. Hit them quickly so you can hit the 
wall, wall kick, and jump over. Move to the next set. You want to hit these 
when they're almost but not exactly aligned. Again, hit them fast so you can 
make it over the wall. If you manage to land on top of the wall though, stand
on it and move toward the room's wall (away from the camera) while staying on
top of the ledge. A stash of orbs will appear for you, you Red Orb bandit, you.
On the other side, an Alto Angelo will appear. You could ignore him if you wish
but I prefer to fight. Either way, activate the pedestal for more Grim Grips. 
Hit them to launch yourself up again to a new area. Examine the object here to 
activate the lift you passed just earlier. Now you're sealed in though with 
three Blancos. Buster them into each other and such until they're dead. An Alto
will also appear. Destroy him too to raise the seal. Drop down to the left. 
Move left (counter-clockwise on your mini map) to the wall. Jump up and go 
across using the grips again. When you reach the platform, some Scarecrows will
show up. Take them out if you wish but two Alto Angelos will appear after. You 
can easily just ignore them all and take the lift. This will take you to your 
final destination, and the showdown you've been waiting for. 

|	This geezer isn't too hard. It's just that halfway through, he will   |
|call on a little "help". I'm sure you can guess what that is. Sanctus will   |
|fly around in his shield and basically try to avoid you the whole time like  |
|a pussy. He will rain down on you with energy bolts, or shoot fire across the|
|ground or through the air. A lot of these attacks are fairly simple to avoid.|
|He will also use the orbs he has floating with him and send them flying at   |
|you. You can halt them with gunfire or just Snatch them before they hit you. |
|	The key here is to get close to him and destroy his shield. His shield|
|has two layers. Once the first layer goes, he will try to stay as far away   |
|from you as he can. Snatch the orbs he has to get closer. He will hopefully  |
|try to launch an attack at you. When you can, assault him again to break the |
|shield. It can be tough depending on what attack he uses. The easiest is the |
|fire that goes across the ground. Just take to the air and slash his shield  |
|again. Using his orbs is necessary sometimes but it can make things difficult|
|for you. Because Nero comes off the Snatch jump differently each time, it is |
|difficult sometimes to be in the right position to slash him. Often times you|
|will be just a little too high to hit him. It's a bit frustrating so be aware|
|of it.                                                                       |
|	Once you pop his bubble, it's time to let him have it. Show no mercy  |
|and assault him a few combos. Use Snatch to bring him close again and keep   | 
|the punishment going. Land 2-3 combos and no more as he will eventually raise|
|his shield again. After you land a few slashes, use Buster on him to start a |
|combo that is really cool. The Buster is the most important part so whenever |
|you break his shield don't waste too much time with slashes, make sure you   |
|get a Buster in.                                                             |
|	Eventually, at about 1/5 of his health, Sanctus will bring the Savior |
|to life. After the scene, immediately dodge to the right. The fight now      |
|becomes 3x more frustrating. If you fail to break his shield, Sanctus will   |
|have the Savior rain on your parade (literally) with its fist. It's very easy|
|to avoid by staying close to the camera and then dodging at the last moment. |
|It's just frustrating because you will probably see him do it a lot as you   |
|fail continually to break his shield. Just keep trying and make sure you     |
|attack when you see the chance. One much simpler option is to wait for the   |
|Savior's fist. Buster it at the right time right before the fist lands on you|
| and you will instantly draw Sanctus out in his vulnerable state. Just slash |
|and Buster him again. The timing to hit the Savior's fist with the Buster can|
|be tough, but it's worth it. Break Sanctus' shield and feed him your wrath to|
|win the day. Or so you think....                                             | 

Watch the scenes. A lot of dramatic stuff eh? I'm sure you can guess what's

   __     __)                                _   
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /   '  ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /   ,--'  A New Beginning
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /   /___  o---------------o
(_/   '                                               (M12)

Agnus uses Yamato to open the gate to the Demon world. The demons pile out of
the Hell Gate in droves. Sanctus then shows up with his Savior to destroy them
and create the illusion that people are safe as long as they confide in him and
the Savior. The bastard! Well you-know-who isn't going to just stand by and let
that happen. 

You're now going to be using Dante. With this switch, Dante will inherit all
the health, Red Orbs, and Proud Souls Nero has collected. That means you'll
have a slew of Proud Souls to use for Dante. Good. Power up and use them. Here
is a list of recommended buys.

Stinger 2
Charge Shot (Ebony & Ivory)
Charge Shot (Coyote-A)
Trickster Level 2
Sword Master Level 2
Sword Master Level 3
Gunslinger Level 2
Gunslinger Level 3
Trigger Heart
Air Hike
Get More Orbs

Get any combination of those (or others) that you want or can afford. I
strongly urge you to go with Sword Master Style level ups. Sword Master will
probably be the most useful style to you as you play as Dante. Anyways, once
you're ready, let's rock!

Ascension Chamber
This room will be filled with Scarecrows. Basically this be your little
tutorial room for Dante. After having played Nero for 11 Missions, you will
probably find the change a little awkward at first. You might, as you're
swinging Dante's Rebellion, find yourself tapping L2 as you would for Nero to
get his instant Exceed revs. Obviously Dante can't do that so it's a habit you
will have to learn to break. Dante can switch styles on the fly. Despite that,
I recommend you stick with Sword Master a majority of the time. Gunslinger will
become more useful soon. Trickster I personally don't use too much but if you
are a fan, then by all means. If you like a challenge or just are a fan of it
as well, use Royal Guard. I'll be giving instructions based on Sword Master so
keep it in mind. Anyways, start using your various techniques and slay all the
Scarecrows. Stinger, Combo B, and Aerial Rave (with Sword Master) are great
moves. When the coast is clear, proceed through the north door.

Meeting Room
As we enter this room, I'll just let you know now: you're going to be pretty
much backtracking all the progress Nero made. I know it sounds kinda lame and
it definitely is one of the game's very minor points, but you're not going to
have the same experiences when you revisit these areas. Not only that, the
battles and the ensuing cutscenes will be more than rewarding. Oh, and there
are also nice "gifts" to be had. So don't feel bummed about the backtracking.

Anyways, move forward for a cutscene. Or first examine the Secret Mission on
your right if you want to attempt it now. Dante obviously can't be alerted to
the presence of secrets so you have to know where they are. I stated earlier
that this Secret Mission would be easier for Dante, but he is not yet equipped
to do it. Still, if you want to try it, it is certainly doable, it will just be
really hard for now until he gets something later on. Check the Secret Mission
section for tips, it's a tough one, yep. for this one to get some help. Anyway, 
head forward into the room. Three Mega Scarecrows will show up. These guys are
much bigger and more durable than their small cousins. You should find however,
that like the Faust enemy, Mega Scarecrows will normally not bother you if you
don't target or face them. I think this phenomenon is truer for the Mega 
Scarecrows than it is for the Faust, but still despite that, do not take it for
granted. But if you focus on one Mega Scarecrow without looking at the others,
you should find you have a bit of freedom to wail on it without any hindrance.
Take these guys out using Sword Master moves like Aerial Rave and a charged 
Drive. Be wary of the giant blades of the Mega Scarecrow for when you slay 
them, one of the blades will come falling on that location so move to avoid it.
When they're disposed of, head north through the door.

Actually, a submission by 3xemplar suggests there is a way to do that Secret
Mission now with Dante. It sounds a bit tricky, but much credit to 3xemplar,
it sounds very ingenious! Please check out the Secret Mission section to see!

Experiment Disposal
Break the stuff, then get on the lift and examine the pedestal. Dante will find
the Wing Talisman Nero left behind. Now that you're on this floor again, I'll
tell you how to get that Blue Orb Fragment I neglected earlier. Assuming you
have Air Hike, from the lift, jump up and try to land on the outer ring of this
little overhang. From there, double jump up again and attempt to reach the Blue
Orb Fragment. It shouldn't be too hard. If you need to, use Devil Trigger for
an extra jump. Once you got it, head north. You'll be notified that due to the
Savior's abrupt departure, the powers that control this place are gone and the
area will soon come crashing down. You've got ten minutes which should be more
than enough time. Go forward and drop down. In the northeast corner, lying
among a pile of rubble is a Gold Orb. Nab it. Then go to the southwest corner
and get the pedestal going. It will lower a Gauntlet esque lift. Inside, two
Frosts will appear. The ************* ended up pissing me off so I flipped my
DT on and owned them. Kill them and the extra that shows up to get the lift to
move. Bust the red crystal for orbs then proceed north.

Security Corridor
Back in the fan room, Dante falls down and the seal on the Cronus device 
appears. Three Mephistos will engage you here. Dante obviously can't use Snatch
on them so you'll have to use guns. Coyote-A will be a little more effective
than Ebony & Ivory so use that. Kill them and then go to the pedestal to claim 
the Key of Cronus. This will cause all the fan blades to stop, so you won't
even have to worry about slowing time. Climb up and go out the door to the
laser hallway. Ignore the Secret Mission here since Nero might have already 
done it, and if not, Dante can't do it. Hit the Cronus device and then navigate
through the lasers to the other end. 

Grand Hall
This is the last room. Head north into the big room and three Blanco Angelos
will ambush you. Dante is at a slight disadvantage without Buster but he can
still give these iron knuckleheads a run for their money. Kill them and then
another Blanco and eventually an Alto will show up. Do your best to kill them
all quickly. Use Devil Trigger to make things easier. Now, instead of going 
north to the exit, we're gonna go right (east). You should have a little under
five minutes remaining, if not more. We're gonna take a little detour for a 
Blue Orb Fragment. Go through the door back into...      

Key Chamber
You'll be ambushed here unfortunately. They're only Gladius though so if you
want, kill them. If you want to save time (which you should consider especially
if you have less than three minutes remaining), just hit the Cronus device,
ignoring the Gladius and go through the west door.

The Gauntlet
This is where we want to be. Grab the secret stash of orbs in the ditch, then
go around toward the north side to find a Combat Adjudicator. It's red, for
Dante so start smashing it. You only have to get your combo up to Brutal which
could not be any simpler. Do it to get the Blue Orb Fragment, then let's
amscray. Leave the way you came.

Key Chamber
Ignore the Gladius again, or if you have the luxury of time, activate the
Cronus device and slay them easily. Then go through the door. 

Grand Hall
Unless you have like, 30 seconds left or something, take the time to smash the
seats again for Red Orbs. Also go to the southwest corner for that secret stash
from earlier. Then, head through the north door.

Gran Album Bridge
Watch the scene. Now go forward into the sanctuary and break the stuff for some
orbs. Keep moving north to the platform where Nero and Credo once shared their
climatic battle, down the stairs and toward the forest. A scene will begin,
explaining how Dante came to be involved in this whole affair. Ohh, Trish, you
troublemaker. Mission complete.

   __     __)                                _   
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /   '  ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /     -(  The Devil Returns
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /   (__ ) o-----------------o
(_/   '                                               (M13)

Power up. Upgrade some styles or buy Charge Shot upgrades. Whatever you want.
Time to make heads roll. 

Ancient Training Ground
There is a storm brewing and eerie magic portals surround the area's exits. It
seems Echidna's presence has tainted this place for the worst. Running into
these portals will lead you to areas different than the original exits would
have brought you to. This being the case, it is easy to get lost. From where
you start, go north and then when you see an opening on the wall to Dante's
right, leap over the side. Bust the pods here for Red Orbs, then go east to
run into the portal.

Forgotten Ruins
This is where you'll be whisked away to. Immediately turn left and jump over
the side. When you do, a pair of Chimera Seeds and Scarecrows will show up.
Kill them if you wish or just go across the walkway to the portal. Enter.

Windswept Valley
Drop down and you'll be greeted by some Chimera Assaults. These guys are a bit
aggravating because they're very aggressive. Just be glad you're not playing it
on Dante Must Die where you're pretty much toast if they hit you like three
times. Anyways, do your best to avoid them and land hits when their blades are
not deployed. Use Ebony & Ivory or Coyote-A to spray a little more damage on.
Don't be afraid to use DT if you must, especially if you get hurt. When they
fall, go up the stairs into the next portal.

Ancient Plaza
A whole bunch of regular Assaults to fight here. Just butcher them and continue
on your merry way to the exit at the northeast corner.

Lapis River
This will start you in the sequence of areas leading to the exit. Go south and
get on the south side of the bridge and drop down. Some Mephistos will appear
but ignore them. Run in to the portal under the bridge.

Windswept Valley
You're in front of the Ruined Church. Go inside. Is Echidna's laugh annoying
you? It sure is for me. We'll be sure to let all that anger out soon.

Ruined Church
Break all the pods on the west side near the Adjudicator. Then take that on and
get your ranking up to Atomic for a Blue Orb Fragment. Go under the stairs in
the southeast corner, where Nero once destroyed the roots. Enter the door here.

Lost Woods
I hate how this area starts out. Two Chimera Assaults will come bounding toward
you. Take them out or ignore them if you want. For the sake of having no
vexations, just kill them. Go toward the center of the area. As Nero did, take
the path opposite of the one the shadow points to. Do this four times to wind
up at...

Forgotten Ruins
Aha. Here we are. Break the pod for health and use the Divinity Statue if you
want something. When you're all set, move forward.

Den of the She-Viper
Déjà-vu eh? Go forward for a cutscene that definitely rivals that of Nero's.
Time to silence this annoying veggie head. 

|	Nothing has changed in this fight. Echidna has the same moves as      |
|before. The only difference is you're using Dante, obviously. As such        |
|however, you can't use Nero's effective Buster moves. Damn... Oh well, I     |
|think you'll find that Dante is a force to be reckoned with still. He is more|
|than capable of bringing Echidna down very quickly.                          |
|	Echidna's attacks are the same, so I won't bother detailing them a    |
|second time. Just keep in mind you'll have to dodge her when she's flying    |
|around near the end since you obviously can't Buster her. There's not much   |
|else to it besides that.                                                     |
|	Your best friend is this fight is Aerial Rave. Put Sword Master on    |
|leap up to her face when she's hovering around and unleash Aerial Rave       |
|several times. Avoid her tail and other attacks and just keep attacking in   |
|this manner. If you upgraded Trickster to max you can use Air Trick to       |
|quickly close a distance gap between you and Echidna or just get back to     |
|attacking faster. Still, Sword Master's Aerial Rave will be the most         |
|efficient way of dealing damage here. Use Devil Trigger to expedite the      |
|process. She might even taunt you (wow). Big mistake. Put on DT when she does| 
|this and just make her eat your steel. She should lose health rapidly under  |
|Dante's oppressive force.  When she drills into the ground, assault her with |
|Combo B and Prop.                                                            |
|	She will enter her hyper mode like she did with Nero. Shoot her with  |
|Ebony & Ivory just to tag a few more hits in and dodge her charges. When you |
|see the opportunity, go back and keep attacking her. Eventually, you'll have |
|won the fight.                                                               |

The scene that follows is pure, unadulterared badassery. Dante slays Echidna
and obtains the power situated at the Hell Gate, the melee weapon Gilgamesh.
He then uses his new toy to destroy the Hell Gate in a very stylish manner.
Congratulations, Gilgamesh is now yours. It operates similar to Beowulf in DMC3
but is more powerful. Gilgamesh is a big reason to have Sword Master fully
upgraded. While using Sword Master with Gilgamesh equipped, you gain access to
great moves like Divine Dragon and Real Impact. The power of these moves is
unprecedented. To switch to Gilgamesh, tap R2. Alright, let's get going. Grab
the spoils of your battle and then go to the southwest corner. That ends the

   __     __)                                  
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /   /   / 
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /   /___/_ 
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /       /    Forest of Ruin
(_/   '                              /       /    o--------------o          

Power up again. You can now buy some skills for Gilgamesh. There's only two,
Kick 13 and Flush. The latter is not really as helpful. Kick 13 on the other
hand is definitely a worthy skill so buy it or something else like a Style
upgrade. When you're done shopping, it's time to scramble.

A scene begins showing the bridge from Castle Fortuna opening up again. Again,
that infers that someone at the castle activated it. Hm, maybe it was Trish?
Regardless, that's where you're headed. You can now get through the forest
easily with Echidna's spell gone. Let's move.

Ancient Training Ground
Proceed forward (west). You'll go a short ways before being interrupted by a
short scene introducing you to some new enemies: Faults. These guys are
extremely annoying. They'll appear below Dante suddenly, particularly in areas
where you'll inevitably be fighting other enemies, and attempt to grab you. If
one succeeds, you'll be pulled into another area like the area below the Ruined
Valley if you ever fell into the chasm. You'll have to fight enemies to return.
Obviously you want to avoid being caught. There's a limited number of Faults in
each area though. If you slay them, you won't have to worry about them. Just
move until one appears (you can tell they're coming by the slithering sound
they make), turn around and slash it fast three times. That should be enough to
kill it. They will also yield a Green Orb when they die, which is another
incentive to killing them. Anyways, continue west, avoiding or killing the
Faults. Bust the pods in the sanctuary for orbs, then go out the other way.
You'll be trapped with some Scarecrows, Chimera Seeds and two Faults. Be wary
of the Faults as you deal with the Chimera Seeds, then take out the Scarecrows.
When it's safe, continue to the next area.

Lapis River
Head north and you'll be sealed in again. This time your opponents will be a
pair of Mephistos. Use Coyote-A to uncloak them and kill them, but again be
aware of the Faults in the area. They are not limited to grass areas, they
can also appear on the bridge. When they're dead, head to the bridge. A Faust
will appear. Crap. Be wary, he usually appears at the other end of the bridge
and often likes to close the gap by lunging quickly at you with his claws. Once
he's down, bust any nearby pods for Red Orbs, then cross the bridge and go

Ancient Plaza
Some Assaults will come at you here. There are also Faults, again. One thing
you can do to make things easier is just stay in one general area. The Faults
each govern one particular part of the area map. If you kill one, the others
won't come after you unless you go into their area. So if you stay in one spot
and kill that Fault, you can take out the Assaults without worrying. Also, 
don't forget you have Gilgamesh now. Get accustomed to using it and its skills
to deal more damage and also to increase the variation of your attacks that
raise your Stylish. When the Assaults are history, proceed southwest to the

Windswept Valley
Almost done. We're exiting the forest this time so keep that in mind. Head
around the Gyro Blade and into the open area where, big surprise, you're
trapped again. This will be the toughest yet though as you have to fight
Chimera and Chimera Assaults, on top of the vexing Faults that keep popping up.
Definitely slay the Faults so you can focus on the enemies here. You might also
need the health since these are Chimera enemies. Pop on Devil Trigger to make
things easier. When it's over, go west and climb up the cliffs you once jumped
down from as Nero. Move on.

Forest Entrance
Go forward and tear up the red crystal for orbs. Inside the little gazebo is
that Secret Mission I mentioned that Nero couldn't do. Dante can do it though,
so give it a shot. I'll warn you though, it's probably one of the harder Secret
Missions in the game. Don't waste too much time and health on it. If you die,
you'll have to redo the last few areas which isn't exactly fun. If you feel
confident, give it a shot and refer to the Secret Mission section. Otherwise,
keep note of it and come back later. There's a Vital Star S nearby if you want
to grab it (thanks to Ignotus for this). Head northwest toward the exit, 
busting any seed pods you find for orbs. Head down the long tunnel to reach...

Foris Falls
Ah, back at Fortuna Castle. Head across the bridge and it will recede again.
Hm... The scene ends and so does the mission.

   __     __)                                ___ 
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /   /    
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /   /__   Fortuna Castle
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /   ____) o--------------o
(_/   '                                              (M15)

Ah, this will be fun. Power up and buy something if you wish. I decided to hold
my Proud Souls this time again. You've probably noticed this by now but I'll
mention it anyway. As you buy skills, all the other ones become more expensive.
This is a good reason not to leave a really good skill for last or near last.
It will end up costing a lot and you'll have to sacrifice others to get it. So,
when you're ready start 'er up.

Foris Falls
Head up the left-hand stars because the right-hand door is frozen. Strange. On
the way, check out the Combat Adjudicator. For this one, you've got to get your
Stylish up to Smokin' Style. Not difficult considering Nero had to get to SSS.
Dante also has the advantage with Gilgamesh to vary his attacks more. Mix it up
a lot and you'll get the Blue Orb Fragment. Climb the remaining stairs and go
through the door.

Central Courtyard
Don't worry, no Frosts this time. Instead, you've got something else in store.
The cutscene introduces Blitz, quite an infamous enemy. Blitz is fast and also
shielded by electricity. Neither Rebellion nor Gilgamesh will do him any harm
until you lower that barrier. Shoot him with Ebony & Ivory over and over and
stay on the defensive. Blitz will move around erratically and then spring out
suddenly, making it tough to avoid him. Side Roll when he lunges but be careful
as he will sometimes fake you out and make you roll into his path. When he
appears near the back end of the platform he will charge up an electric beam
that will fire at you. Just move away and keep pulling those triggers. A good
thing to try when he's doing this move or is just in one place for an extended
period of time is to switch to Gunslinger and use Honeycomb Fire. It may be 
tough to fight this guy but try to endure. Eventually you'll get the shield 
down. That's your cue to smash his face in. Throw on DT to expedite the process
but don't use the entire gauge because you may need it. Just wail away as fast
as you can. You want to enter the next phase of the fight right here, and not 
let him throw his shield back on still in the first phase. If you succeed, 
he'll throw his shield on but it will be red now. This is basically a berserker
mode. He'll keep lunging at you and using his beam attack. Just continue 
shooting but be very careful not to let him lunge and catch you. If he does, he
will kamikaze, killing himself and taking you with him. This attack hurts, A 
LOT. Break free using DT if you're caught. Once Blitz is dealt with, continue 
on your way to the next door. 

Grand Hall
Hm, everything is frozen. I'm sure you have an idea of who the culprit is. You
won't be able to access the first floor for now so just proceed clockwise along
the second floor balcony and enter the east door.

Just break everything in here for orbs, including the suits of armor for Green
Orbs to replenish any health you may have lost in the Blitz fight. Go through
the east door.

Climb up the third pillar on the left (remember there's one behind you that
the camera can't see as you enter this area) and get as high as you can for
a secret stash of Red Orbs. Enter the actual library and you'll be trapped in
with some Blanco Angelos and an Alto. Take the Blancos out first, then deal
with the Alto. More Blancos will show up but it shouldn't be too much of a
problem. When they're all dead, enter the room where the Anima Mercury used to
rest. The pedestal is gone and now there's only a staircase and a red crystal.
Assault the crystal for orbs and then jump down the pit to the bottom. There's
a Secret Mission here under the staircase. This one is arguably the most
difficult in the game. You can attempt it now but it may very well take many
tries. You might have a better chance later. Regardless, enter the door there.

Large Hall
You'll come out of a mirror and into the hall. Sections are sealed off by ice
but we want to go through the iron gate area. There are no enemies so just 
break everything for orbs and head through the next door.

Dining Room
Go out and move north down the long hallway that Nero once traversed with the
Gyro Blade. Turn right twice to enter the dining room. A whole mess of
Scarecrows will show up to crash the dinner party. Tsk, tsk. Don't they know
when they do that, the only thing they get to eat is Dante's blade? Make them
taste it and slay them all. You'll have a few Mega Scarecrows to deal with too.
Remember the tip I gave earlier to help you out. One other thing you can do is
to knock them down with a Stinger or other move. Then switch to Gilgamesh and
charge up a Beast Uppercut to two levels while they're on the ground. Unleash
the attack for Divine Dragon to really hurt them. When the door is unsealed,
head on through, but not before breaking the chairs and table stuff for orbs.

Large Hall
Move north. The path to the Central Courtyard is blocked by ice so keep moving.
At your first opportunity, turn right to enter...

Torture Chamber
You'll have to fight here again, obviously. You'll have to fight two Frosts.
Use Gilgamesh to make them suffer more than before. When they're down, you'll
have to fight another pair, and then a third one will join them. Agh! Three at
once! Bleh. Kill them and then proceed south. Jump into the pit.

Spiral Well
Drop down and you'll be shown a sword pedestal. It was always there, Nero just
couldn't access it because it was sealed by the bars which are now strangely
open. Activate it to make a new blue wing talisman platform appear. Jump on
to be propelled all the way up.

Torture Chamber
You'll be thrown onto the second floor. Cross the little bridge here and enter
the door.

Master's Chamber
Take out the Scarecrows. Most likely, you'll see a familiar sign before you can
kill the last one. Oh ****, not another Blitz. Use the same tactics as before,
but be careful in this confined space. Use Devil Trigger to make your bullets
more powerful. It should be ok, since Blitz will probably damage you enough
to raise your gauge again (unless you're really good at dodging). Just be 
careful and keep shooting then slashing and shooting again to win. If you
didn't kill the last Scarecrow like I said you might not have, this can
actually work to your advantage. The Blitz is a blind enemy so he uses his
other sense to locate his prey. This basically means he's liable to attack
anything, not just you. You can sit back as he'll attack the Scarecrow 
sometimes. This will distract him and allow you to weaken his shield more. 
Once he's old news, go through the door.

Soldier's Graveyard
Nothing to worry about here. This will be your last rest before the boss, so
tear everything up for Orbs and visit the Divinity Statue. Buy any items if you
may need them. I had the option to buy another Purple Orb, but I wanted another
Blue Orb so I saved my Red Orbs for now. When you're ready, go through
the door.

Central Courtyard
A scene will take over immediately. One of my favorite cutscenes. After that,
you know what's next. 

|	This isn't Bael since he was apparently killed by Nero. Obviously he  |
|looks a little different from Bael anyway. This fight will start off with    |
|him visible already, instead of the Rusalkas. Go right after him and pummel  |
|the living tar out of his fat arse. The attacks he has are identical to Bael |
|so you should know what to expect.                                           |
|	He'll of course retreat into the shroud and let his Rusalkas do the   |
|fighting every once in a while. You can still weaken them but since you can't| 
|Buster them to drag Dagon out, there's not much incentive to go through all  |
|the effort. Just attack and avoid the Rusalkas until Dagon comes back out. Be|
|careful not to let them freeze you, or else, like Bael, Dagon will attempt to|
|grab you in his mouth. If he does though, you can slap on Devil Trigger to   |
|break free, something Nero wasn't able to do.                                |
|	If you manage to weaken Dagon and you're close to him, consider       |
|switching to Gilgamesh and pulling off a Divine Dragon/Real Impact while he  |
|is stunned. Otherwise just go to DT and unleash hell. Continue attacking and |
|avoiding his attacks and you should win without any problems.                |

The cutscene that preceded this fight was funny. The one following it is cool.
Very cool. Dante grabs the power from the Hell Gate just as several of Dagon's
friends show up. He uses the power of Pandora to eliminate them all in a very
awesome and explosive show. However, during all the action, the ground which
was apparently just ice to begin with, breaks and Dante falls down.

Underground Laboratory
You've now got Pandora which is a gun. It has 666 forms supposedly but you only
have access to a handful of them. Don't despair though, this is one of the
coolest weapons in DMC history. Just as your melee weapons are better with
Sword Master, Pandora has more to offer in Gunslinger. Basically everything you
saw Dante do with it in the cutscene, you can do. Sounds pretty appetizing eh?
Upgrade it when you can. Anyways, drop down the pit to end the mission.

   __     __)                                __ 
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /   /    
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /   /__   Inferno
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /   (__ ) o-------o
(_/   '                                           (M16)

Ok, this time you can get one or both skills for Pandora. Since I had saved my
Proud Souls before, I bought both of them. When you've got what you want, we'll
get this show on the road.

Underground Laboratory
There's a poisonous gas in this room and several of the next few areas. It will
slowly drain your health so don't waste too much time in each area. Ironically,
you're going to burn a little time in this first room as there is a Combat
Adjudicator behind you. You have to get up to Smokin' to get this one to yield 
a Blue Orb Fragment which will take a little time obviously. Dante can do it
easily though with more varied attacks. If it really does take you a while
though, there's Green Orbs nearby so grab them. When you're done, go through
the door.

R&D Access
Three more Cutlasses will appear here, just as they did for Nero. Dante will be
at a clear disadvantage without the Devil Bringer though. You'll have to rely
on shooting them with Ebony & Ivory to slow them down then slashing them. Do
so to kill them and then proceed through the hall to the next room.

Game Room
You're back in this room but Dante doesn't have time for games so he destroys
the die. Instead, you'll be pitted against a bunch of Gladius. Simple. Take
them all out and enter the door to a room filled with memories.

Containment Room
You'll be sealed in here with a bunch of Gladius and some Angelos. Destroy them
and then hop up to the site where Yamato was once held. Grab the secret Red Orb
here and then enter the door.

Foris Falls
Break the barrels, head up the stairs, break more barrels, and enter the door.

Angel Creation
You'll have to fight some Angelos here. Big surprise. Take out three Blancos
to unseal the stairs. Go up to the next area and drop down. You'll have two
more Blancos and an Alto to fight, along with more Blancos after that. Kill
them all and exit through the door. Make sure to grab the secret stash of Red
Orbs in the southeast corner though.

Underground Laboratory
The poison gas doesn't reach this area so you don't have to rush anymore. Use
the Wing Talisman platforms to fly up to the ledge. Go down the long passage
and enter the door. 

Grand Hall
Climb up the stairs to return to the large hall. The ice is gone since Dagon
has been slain. Now you can drop down to the first floor and break all the
chairs and stuff for Red Orbs again. Before we do that, go to that big grey
wall in the corner with the Red Orbs. You had to use Exceed 3 High Roller to
get on top of this as Nero. Dante will obviously have to try a different
approach. Enter Devil Trigger and this will let you perform a wall kick and an
Air Hike to get enough height. Get that secret Red Orb Stash and drop down.
Nothing left to do but vamoose. Do so and then exit the castle completely.

Fortuna Castle Gate
Head south away from the castle, toward the open icy plain where Nero was
introduced to the Frosts. Here, Dante will also share an introduction with a
new enemy, the Basilisks. These things are annoying but not nearly as much as
Frosts in my opinion. Basilisks will shoot fire from a distance and will also
try to lunge at you. The fire is simple enough to dodge but the lunge is a bit
trickier. You often see them charging this attack, but when you jump up to
avoid it, they often jump up and chase you and still manage to hit you. Sound
annoying? It is. Just Stinger and slash them until they fall. Now is a great
time to use Pandora. Use its regular form and the PF124: Hatred if you can to
hurt them. Consider using it this whole fight and the next to charge the
Disaster Gauge for the upcoming boss fight. Once they're all dead, the seal
will lift. Don't forget to climb the bottom two pillars for some Red Orbs. Head
up the pile of debris and start climbing up the platforms and stairs. There's a
Secret Mission here and you can reach it if you charged up Pandora's Disaster
Gauge enough, but you should save it for the boss fight. There's a trickier,
albeit easier way to get to this Secret Mission to do right after this mission
is over. Anyways, move on to the top. Another pack of Basilisks will intercept
you here. Take them out or ignore them and keep moving south. Eventually, you
will come to the more open area. Climb up the platforms on the left to reach
the big Red Orb. Then keep moving south into the cave.

Second Mining Area
Just go back through this area. There's that Blue Orb Fragment here that you
had to ignore as Nero. If you didn't go back to get it, it's still there and
easily accessible for Dante if he uses Pandora's Disaster Gauge, but again, I
urge you to save it for the boss. Instead, just ignore it again for now and let
Nero get it later. Retrace Nero's steps through the mine and exit at the

Ferrum Hills
Cutscene. Another goodie. Berial recognizes Dante. Ah, fame. Anyways, time to
throw down.

|	Dante will have an easy time with Berial despite not having the Buster|
|advantage Nero had. The strategy for attack is similar to Echidna. Jump up   |
|and use Aerial Rave a lot. His attacks have not changed since last time so   |
|don't worry. You shouldn't have to worry too much anyway. You should be able |
|to kill him before he has a chance to seriously hurt you. Good thing too     |
|since there's no houses this time for health.                                |
|	If you did what I suggested and filled some of the Disaster Gauge, you|
|can now unleash some of the special abilities of Pandora. You need to have   |
|some Gunslinger upgrades for some of these though. Whether you're limited or |
|not, just use PF594: Argument since it's the simplest. If your Disaster Gauge|
|is full, you should be able to do it twice. Just throw on Gunslinger and use |
|it and press Circle to activate its special attack that you saw in the scene |
|earlier. Then press Square to fire off little volleys until the gauge is     |
|depleted. This should really hurt Berial a bit. Not that you really need to  |
|make things much easier anyway.                                              |
|	Just keep on attacking and use Devil Trigger to make things go faster |
|and to heal any damage you take. Eventually Berial will go down. No sweat.   |

Watch the scene. Berial goes down but not without a last ditch effort that of
course fails miserably. Dante then obtains the power of Lucifer, and in one of
the game's most "interesting" scenes, he uses its abilities while reciting some
rather suggestive dialogue to destroy the Hell Gate. Now only one more remains.
When it's done, collect the Red Orbs and head south to the door. Mission 

   __     __)                               ___   
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /  /   /  
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /      /   Adagio For Strings
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /      /   o------------------o
(_/   '                                                 (M17)

I held off on upgrading but power up and buy something if you want. You can
obviously get some skills for Lucifer if you so desire. I finally had enough 
Red Orbs to get that 30,000 Blue Orb so I got that. When you're done, time to 
step out of the door, guns blazing.

First Mining Area
Move south. You'll see the Combat Adjudicator here and wonder why it's there
when you got it as Nero. They just reappear for you to smash them again for
Red Orbs. You can't do anything with it obviously, so just drop down. Go into
the little sewer area there near the northwest corner for all the Red Orbs
there. Jump out and go down the east corridor.

Port Caerula
Wow, been a while since we've been here huh? Move down, break the garbage
containers, then cross the bridge and enter the open deck area. You'll be
intercepted by a bunch of Scarecrows, then some Blanco Angelos, and finally, an
Alto. Deal with them all stylishly to drop the seal. Head out, east across the
pier, then into the tunnel and toward the door.

Residential District
I'll just say this area was probably the most difficult one in the whole game
on DMD mode for me. On Devil Hunter it's not so bad though. Move north and in
the alley some Assaults and a Mephisto will appear. Deal with the Assaults
first, then use Pandora on the Mephisto. Pandora's explosive rounds will lower
the cloak of the Mephisto very quickly. More Assaults and a second Mephisto
will appear. Take them out too. When they're all dead, break any stuff that
wasn't already busted during the fight for orbs, and also check out the crystal
for even more. Continue through the alley toward the door.

Business District/Terrace
Go out onto the street. Bust the garbage cans for orbs. Soon you'll be trapped
and many Scarecrows will appear. Try not to get surrounded here and take them
out using varied attacks. Try charging some of your Disaster Gauge for Pandora
too. Pandora's attacks will also raise your Stylish and PF398: Revenge is very
powerful if you bought it. Some Mega Scarecrows will also show up. Try your
best to not get hit and keep that Stylish going. Before long, some Basilisks
will appear too. Great... Avoiding their attacks will be trickier but do your
best. Try not to rely too much on Pandora here and instead on quick Melee
attacks. If you're a fan of Trickster, now is a good time for it. When all the
enemies are slain, we're gonna hunt for a little Blue Orb Fragment. Right
before the overpass bridge, there's a building on your left, named Restaurant
Cafe. Above the door is a little spot you can jump on with a Red Orb. Get on
there and now your goal is to jump onto the roof. This may prove difficult as
any attempts don't seem to work. Throw on your Devil Trigger. This will let you
follow a wall kick with an Air Hike. This should be more than enough to get you
on the roof to rescue the Blue Orb Fragment. Nice. Hop down and continue south,
busting any benches or garbage cans you see for orbs. Past all the wreckage is
the door, leading to...

Opera House Plaza
Well, we've finally done it. Retraced all the steps that Nero had taken to the
first area of the game, not counting the boss fight area from Mission 01 of
course. Before you pass through the archway, there is a Secret Mission on the
right (west) part of the street. Near the gate is a garbage can. Smash it to
reveal the Secret Mission. This Secret Mission is tough and will probably
require you to use Pandora. If you have your Disaster Gauge full, go ahead and
use it to do this mission. I won't tell you to save it like last mission as I
feel it's not necessary for the next boss fight. Check the Secret Mission
section for more details. Anyway, when you're done, go south through the
archway and into the square. You'll be locked in with a pair of Mephistos. Take
them out with Pandora and sword attacks. Two Blanco Altos will replace them.
Use Pandora to weaken their shields along with Helm Breakers and Stingers. Try
not to use Devil Trigger if you can avoid it. Just wail on them and stay
aggressive and you should come out with no trouble. Before the last Alto falls,
a Faust will probably show up. Bleh. Use Pandora to make mincemeat out of his
cloak and then follow up with some powerful sword/Gilgamesh attacks. When it's
all over, continue south toward the opera house. Visit the Divinity Statue for
anything you need, then enter the door.

Opera House
A cutscene will take over. One of the more silly yet funny ones. Well, let's
get this show on the road, we can't piss off the audience now can we?

|	Agnus is again, like other bosses, a carbon copy of his former self.  |
|All his attacks are the same except for one new one. He can now summon a     |
|group of Basilisks. Not a big deal. I would urge you to stay on top of Agnus |
|but the Basilisks can get annoying if you ignore them. Go about it as you see|
|fit.                                                                         |
|	Like Echidna and Berial, Aerial Rave is a simple way to hurt Agnus.   |
|Just jump up and flail away at him and you'll shave off his health in no     |
|time. Be sure to do so to prevent his various attacks that he begins with the|
|catchphrases. Use Pandora too if you want, and if you have some Disaster     |
|Gauge, don't let it go to waste since it will be depleted after this mission |
|or if you die. There's not much more to this fight than that. Avoid and stop |
|Agnus' attacks and rain on him with your sword or Gilgamesh. Again, be wary  |
|of his spinning attack with the Cutlasses. Time it right so you can jump over|
|them when he throws them. Devil Trigger won't even be necessary as far as    |
|damage goes in this fight. You'll need it though if he catches you with his  |
|life sucking attack. Use it to break free.                                   |
|	Pepper him with enough attacks and Agnus will fall just like the rest |
|of them.                                                                     |

Dante slays Agnus once and for all and retrieves Yamato from beneath the Opera
House. In doing so he seals the gate to the Demon World once again. With that,
the mission ends.

   __     __)                               ___  
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /  (   ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /   .--'  The Destroyer
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /   (___) o-------------o
(_/   '                                              (M18)

Dante uses Yamato to destroy the final Hell Gate, ensuring no more baddies will
be popping up any time soon. Now all that's left is Sanctus and the Savior. 
Power up now. This will be your last chance to buy anything as Dante. Buy any
skills or items you might need for the upcoming chaos. Ok, let the games begin!

Finally, Dante confronts Sanctus. In a very impressive display, Dante tramples
the Angelos and slays Sanctus. Ah, not quite, Sanctus' Angelo form was just a
trick. He's really inside the Savior. Time for a fight on a galactic scale!

You are now confronted with the Savior, who is larger than life. Dante has
Yamato now, and the ability to use the Dark Slayer Style. Having never played
DMC3 Special Edition, I don't know exactly how badass it is with Vergil, though
I've heard the many complaints that Dark Slayer in this game doesn't compare to
DMC3:SE. Rightfully so since it was Vergil who used it. Oh well, whatever, I'm
not judging. Dark Slayer, although extremely limited, still is pretty cool.
We're gonna use it in this pre-fight fight.

Here's the run down. Before you can actually get this fight to truly begin, you
are going to have to destroy all of the Savior's blue jewels on his body. Well,
all but one. You need to destroy one of each of its forearms, one of each of
its shoulders, one on each of its ankles, one on its back, and one on its head.
Sound difficult? Not exactly. 

The Savior has various attacks. He will continually karate chop and kick the
platforms you're on. Movement is the big thing here. If you want to avoid being
swatted like a mosquito, keep moving and jump on the hopper platforms to get
out of there quickly. The Savior will fire dark energy balls at you, some that
come swarming in groups or large masses of energy that fire one at a time. Once
again, avoiding its attacks are all about moving. Just keep moving and you
should be ok. You'll also be dealing with a lot of Angelos as you pass through
the various platforms. Just ignore them completely, it's not worth it to waste
time on these guys with a gigantic statue in the background trying to turn you
into a Dante pancake. The Savior may also advertise a large kick move. This
will destroy the current platform you're on and take it out of commission for a

Now, for the jewels. Breaking the arm ones is easy enough. Wait for the Savior
to smash down on you with one of its hands. Avoid it and then quickly jump on
the hand to walk up its arm. You'll quickly have access to the first jewel. Use
Dark Slayer by holding Back and pressing Circle. If you're at the right
distance (just a little bit in front of the jewel) you should destroy it
instantly with this attack. If you prefer not to use Dark Slayer, then just use
Rebellion. Dark Slayer's attack will make it easy though. Keep in mind that the
jewels have two levels of breakage: half broken and fully broken. Make sure you
completely destroy each one. While on its arm, he Savior will try sweeping at 
you with its other hand or shooting the dark energy at you. Avoid these attacks
and continue up toward the shoulder. Slash or shoot this jewel too to destroy 
it. If you have time, try aiming for the one on its head. Pepper it with 
bullets from Ebony & Ivory. Repeat the same process for the jewels on the other
arm. If you have trouble with it, move across all the platforms until you find
one with a sword pedestal connected to a big cannon that is on the left and the
barrel faces right. That's important. There's two cannons and you want the one
that faces right. Activate it and it will hold the Savior's other hand in place
allowing you to climb up. Destroy those jewels and also shoot again at the one
on the head. Destroy it for a short scene that really doesn't seem to serve any
purpose. Three more to go. 

We're gonna go for the ones on his ankles and back all in one fell swoop.
Locate the other cannon, the one that faces sort of left, by hopping across all
the platforms. Activate it quickly and you'll bring the Savior down and stunned
long enough. New platforms will be available to you. From where you start after
the brief scene, take the right-hand one. Hop across to reach the Savior's left
ankle. Use Yamato and Dark Slayer to get this one, then hop to the next 
platform. You should be near his back. Get this crystal while avoiding all the 
Angelos, then move on. Traverse a few more platforms to get to his right ankle.
Destroy this crystal and you should be done. If not, you didn't fully destroy 
one of the crystals. This becomes a pain so try every one again until you 
figure out which one it is.   

The Savior will charge up a super powerful beam that sounds like AOL Dial Up
trying to establish a connection o_O. Hop across a bunch of platforms ASAP to
avoid this 'cause it will hurt lots. Your goal is to get across to a specific
platform so keep moving. The true fight begins!

|	You've got one jewel left and it's on his chest. You can automatically|
|target it now to shoot it with Ebony & Ivory or Jealousy on Pandora if you so|
|choose. It sounds kinda weak and it really is. Unfortunately that's how you  |
|will be doing a lot of the damage in this fight.                             |
|	The Savior will use the same tactics to fight you. He'll swat at you, |
|kick you, throw energy balls at you, and use that giant beam attack too. Just|
|stay on the move to avoid it all. My preferred tactic is that as soon as you |
|land on a platform, go straight for the next blue hopper. Get next to it and |
|just fire away on Ebony & Ivory. Keep doing this until he's about to attack  |
|and that's when you move onto or jump onto the platform to escape. Use this  |
|tactic to deal damage slowly and escape danger.                              |
|	As much as you shoot this guy, the damage you deal is very minute so  |
|it becomes extremely tedious. Luckily there's a way to slightly expedite the |
|process. Find one of two platforms that is sort of thin and rectangular. They|
|are the only platforms that are perfect, no damage or debris on them. Get on |
|one of these and wait. Hopefully, the Savior will disappear below, and then  |
|slowly rise up next to you. This is your chance. Assault him with Yamato or  |
|Rebellion or whatever. He will eventually expose the jewel. Assault that as  |
|much as you can before he flies away. When he does, he will assault the      |
|platform with slams and kicks so consider fleeing. Chances are he will take  |
|that platform out temporarily. You have another one though so don't worry. Go|
|to it and attempt to start that whole process over again. Along the way, keep|
|firing to whittle his health down.                                           |
|	Eventually, when you've hurt him enough, the Savior will be stunned.  |
|You'll have a direct path now to his chest jewel. Take the hopper to get to  |
|it and start wailing away. Now is the time to use Devil Trigger if you have  |
|not already. Slash it as many times as you can until he gets up. You should  |
|have the chance to do this twice during the course of this fight.            |
|	That's about all there is to this fight. Keep shooting and moving, and|
|wait on those perfect rectangular platforms for him to rise slowly in front  |
|of you and slash his body and then the jewel. Repeat all these processes and |
|the jewel will eventually break partially. Continue to shoot, slash, and     |
|dodge and you will be able to break it fully. This will end the fight.       |

KinoSta41 adds this nice bit of info for the fight. Read it!

"When fighting the Savior, you can use the Pandora's laser cannon to knock it 
down in one shoot. I discovered it while just being an ass and found it worked.
The trick is getting a good position, because you can't move the cannon 
after aiming. hope it helps in a crunch."

Watch the scene. Dante plunges Yamato into the chest crystal, then fires
several bullets from Ebony & Ivory directly onto the hilt to get it inside the
Savior's core. He then calls to Nero who reawakens and takes Yamato. Now it's
up to Nero to take the Savior out from the inside and finish this fight! On
to the next mission.

   __     __)                                 __  
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,              /   /   ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____       /   (__,/  
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_    /       /   The Successor
(_/   '                              /       /   o-------------o

Now back at the reins with Nero, it's time to complete your journey. Having
played as Dante for the past seven missions, you might have to get accustomed
to Nero again. Unfortunately you won't find much time to "practice" because
you're going to be "tested" (eh, bad joke) right away. Still, you should find
getting back into the swing of things with Nero to not be too hard. Nero will
also be stronger than before too since he now has more health thanks to the
Blue Orbs and Purple Orbs Dante got, as well as all the Proud Souls. Yes! Time
to cash in big time. Use your new wealth of Proud Souls to buy some stuff you
didn't get before. I leave the choice to you. Once you're ready, it's time to
cut the path to the finale!

Machina Ex Deus
Move up the stairs and enter the next area.

Stairway to Heaven
This is the last area before the final boss. In typical Capcom fashion you
will be facing off against almost every boss again. First though you'll have to
traverse a board game like in the Game Room on every individual step of this
stairway. Just wailing on it won't do you any good since there are a lot of 
steps and you want to conserve your health because of all the bosses. Instead,
use the same tactic listed before and watch the die carefully and hit it when 
it's on the number you want. To start, roll a four to get to the first boss.

Heaven: Arma
You'll face a group of four Blanco Angelos and an Alto. Simply run around and
avoid their attacks until they use the energy attack and send it back at them
with a Buster to win instantly. Next.

On the next step, collect the Green and White Orb if you need them. Go to the
die and roll a five or six to get to the next boss.

Heaven: Ignis
Ahaha. I don't know about you but I've been waiting for this rematch for a long
time. Berial is your opponent here and Nero is now armed with Devil Trigger,
something he did not have the first time. Make good use of it, especially in
performing the Buster moves on Berial. Other than that this fight is not too
difficult. Berial actually does seem to be a little tougher than before but he
shouldn't be more than an annoyance. Keep slashing and do your best to avoid
his attacks and you should come out on top easily.

Next step. Grab the orbs to recharge. You want to roll a four here to move on.
Or if you really need health, try to land on a blue circle. Anyway, proceed to
the next fight.

Heaven: Nix
Dagon now. Once again you now have Devil Trigger for this fight so be sure to
use it as you weren't able to before. This includes being able to use it if you
get caught in his mouth. Other than that he isn't really harder than before. 
Just continually assault him and use Buster when you can on him and on the
Rusalkas and victory should be yours.

Same deal. Recharge then go to the die. Roll a four again to get to the next
room. You should know what's coming now.

Heaven: Draco
Echidna rematch. You had Devil Trigger for this fight the first time so no
surprises this time. Just use the same tactics and this fight will end easily.
Again, if you need it, there's health around the area. All in all, this is
another fight that shouldn't be too troublesome by now.

The last step is heart shaped. Oh, how sweet. Roll a five or six to move on to
the final repeat boss.

Heaven: Vermis
Agnus again. He employs the same tactics as before. You just fought him with
Dante so you should know him pretty well by now. Avoid his attacks and prevent
the others by wailing away on him over and over. Use DT, use Buster and you
should win in time. Nothing has changed except now Agnus can summon a pack of
Basilisks, which he didn't do the first time with Nero.

When it's all over, climb up the stairs and open the door. Enter. Watch the
scene. Dante continues his external battle, but you get the feeling if you
don't hurry and end this thing, he'll be in trouble (eh, maybe not). Anyways,
that ends the Mission.

   __     __)                          _      __  
  (, /|  /|   ,          ,            '  )  /   ) 
    / | / |     _   _      _____     ,--'  /   /  La Vita Nuova 
 ) /  |/  |__(_/_)_/_)__(_(_) / (_  /___  (__ /  o-------------o 
(_/   '                                               (M20)

This is it. Final showdown. Time to put up or shut up. Power up to get any
last minute skills or items. Once you're ready, it's time to wrap things up.

Sacred Heart
Watch the scene. Time to settle the score old man!

[]=====SANCTUS DIABOLICA=====================================================[]
|	This guy is basically the same as before except now he has the demonic|
|power imbued by Sparda's Sword (gee, thanks Trish!). This gives him a few new|
|attacks, but he's not much different than before. The same tactics will apply|
|for the most part. He will still whip fire at you across the ground or in the|
|air, use the energy bolts and cast his orbs at you. He will now also vanish  |
|sometimes and reappear somewhere near you and whip Sparda's Sword around his |
|body. Avoiding this is pretty simple. Additionally, he may on occasion make a|
|a whole bunch of orbs appear around you that will close in on you quickly.   |
|Just jump when you see this coming to avoid it.                              |
|	Hurting this guy is the same as before. Assault his shield until the  |
|first layer breaks. He will avoid you like before but often opt to attack too|
|giving you the chance to jump up and try to smash the second layer. He might |
|disappear as mentioned earlier and try attacking with Sparda's Sword. Avoid  |
|this and try to counter immediately. If you do, you can get that second layer|
|down. Keep going until you've got it. The shield is down! Commence attack on |
|the Death Star's main reactor! Err, o_O never mind. Anyways, once his shield |
|is history, assault him with a few slashes like before, and then Buster his  |
|old ass. Once you've done that, it will begin the process anew.              |
|	Continue these tactics and avoid his attacks and counter to break his |
|shield. Attack, then Buster. It's pretty simple once you are able to dodge   |
|with ease. Sometimes he will use Sparda's Sword to block damage. When this   |
|occurs, immediately jump up and Buster him. It will break his guard. Follow  |
|this with a slash or two to bust the shield and send him right back into his |
|pathetic, Buster vulnerable state. Don't forget to use Devil Trigger and     |
|Buster him that way.                                                         |
|	When he's down to 1/5 of his health, he'll employ some new tactics    |
|whenever you break the first layer of his shield. Sanctus will call upon the |
|powers of Sparda's Sword and thrust at you several times in a row. Avoiding  |
|this attack is difficult but integral to winning as the resulting hits can   |
|really hurt you. As was the case when he fought with the Savior, your window |
|to attack him after this is very short. When he finishes his last thrust you |
|have to literally bash his face in quickly or his shield will be restored.   |
|This gets extremely frustrating so luckily, there's a much easier option,    |
|just like there was before. When he's about to thrust at you, brace yourself.|
|Time it right and Buster him right before impact. If successful, you'll end  |
|his attack instantly and shatter his shield right there and Nero will        |
|automatically Buster him. Simply attack him a few times after this and repeat|
|the same tactic when his health is low enough that a final Buster will finish|
|him. Be sure to throw on DT and then make it happen. Jackpot.                |

Watch the scene. Sanctus bows out and Nero saves the day and the girl! Hurrah!
Seems like it's all over.

Oops, spoke too soon. As Nero and Kyrie break free, Sanctus merges with the
Savior completely. Time to send this guy back to hell. He'll pound his fist at
you. Side Roll it and quickly Buster it. He'll come at you with his left hand
now. Timing this can be hard, but try jumping when he raises his arm to the
highest point. Then when he starts moving again Buster in mid-air to catch his
fist. He'll falter, lowering his head before you. Buster it and that will end
things for good. The scene following is pretty good. After that, the credits
will begin to roll. Let's rock!

As the credits are rolling, you have a little bonus minigame. Protect Kyrie
from the swarm of Scarecrows for a minute and a half to unlock an extra ending
after the credits. The key here is Charge Shots and Streak. Start off by firing
a bunch of Charge Shots to blow the Scarecrows away. As they draw closer, go to
Streak to keep them at bay. If you get the chance, Buster them to hurt and even
kill them, which will at least buy you some time. Don't do so if other
Scarecrows are getting close though. Use your best judgment based on the
situation, just keep them away from Kyrie. You only have to do it for a minute
and a half, so it shouldn't be too hard. When it's over, you're totally done!
Congratulations! Sit back and watch the scene. 

|                Beyond                | 

*A. Blue Orb Locations* (BluO)

I'll explain each Blue Orb Fragment location with the following items:

Mission: What mission it's in
Area: What area on the map you can find it in
Notes: Specific details in pin-pointing its exact location and acquiring it

Mission: 02
Area: Residential District
Notes: Go down the alley and find the Red Orb Crystal. There's an alley past
it on the left. Go inside and hop on the roof with the small Red Orb there.
Jump on it and onto the roof. Go across the roof to an opening. Inside is the
Blue Orb Fragment.

Mission: 02
Area: First Mining Area
Notes: After hitting the Grim Grips you should see a Combat Adjudicator. Get
your Stylish up to Brutal to get it.

Mission: 03
Area: Second Mining Area
Notes: Hit the Grim Grips to land on the platform leading to the next room with
the Scarecrows. Instead of going inside, jump to a platform on the left. Jump
up to hit another set of Grim Grips that will throw you into an adjacent wall.
Wall kick up and then hit a final set of Grim Grips to propel you onto the 
ledge with the Blue Orb Fragment. This may take a few tries. 

Mission: 03/16
Area: Second Mining Area
Notes: Again, start on the platform that is in front of the Scarecrow room.
This time you're going the opposite direction. For this you'll need Streak,
Roulette Spin, and Air Hike if you're playing as Nero. If you want to do this
later as Dante, you can just use Argument on Pandora to float over. As Nero
though, you're gonna start off in the center of the platform, aiming south, and
use Streak. This will give you a nice leap off the platform in the right
direction. Before Nero begins to descend, quickly do Roulette Spin, followed by
Air Hike. This may take a lot of tries but you should eventually get close to
the platform, and then with even more practice, finally land on it. Smash the
planks and go inside for the Blue Orb Fragment. 

Mission: 03
Area: Grand Hall
Notes: When you get on to the second floor, before entering the east door, go
around the balcony to the mirror on the southwest side. Break it with some
slashes and jump in to get the Blue Orb Fragment.

Mission: 06
Area: Underground Laboratory
Notes: Right when the mission starts, don't jump down the pit. Instead, go
around the outside to get this one.

Mission: 06
Area: Foris Falls
Notes: Right after the Agnus fight. After you have opened the path with the 
bridge, go up the unsealed stairs and to the next door. Like the second 
fragment in Mission 03, you're not looking to go inside the door, but instead 
in the opposite direction. Use Streak off the platform to leap far, then 
follow it with an Air Hike and you should be able to reach it with no problem. 
If you must, use Snatch at the right height to grab it. 

Mission: 07
Area: Ruined Valley
Notes: The appearing platforms with the Mephistos guarding the area is where
this one is. It can be reached from the fifth set of platforms. It's easier if
you can take out the Mephistos beforehand. Just rest under it and Air Hike to
get it. If you don't have Air Hike, jump as high as you can (Roulette Spin if
you have to) then use Snatch. 

Mission: 07
Area: Forgotten ruins
Notes: As you approach the sanctuary in this area, you'll see a Combat
Adjudicator on the right. Attack it and get your Stylish up to Atomic for the
Blue Orb Fragment.

Mission: 08
Area: Ancient Training Ground
Notes: This one is right in front of you at the mission's start. Go inside the
sanctuary and on the ceiling is a seed pod. Jump up and bust it open for the
Blue Orb Fragment.

Mission: 08
Area: Lost Woods
Notes: You want to turn down any of the incorrect paths. You can do this by
taking the left path in the very first Lost Woods area. Defeat all the enemies
here. Then, in one of the corners of this room should be an area where you can
find the fragment. It's hidden up high among the tree leaves. Air Hike is the
only way to get this one. 

Mission: 09
Area: Grand Hall
Notes: Immediately when you enter this area, turn left. In the corner here will
be a Combat Adjudicator. Get your Stylish up to Smokin' for the fragment.

Mission: 09
Area: The Gauntlet
Notes: When you've ridden the elevator with the Frosts, don't enter the door to
the next Cronus device. Instead go through another door to drop down. Now swing
around to find the Blue Orb Fragment. You could Snatch it from a distance and
not jump off the ledge if you wanted, but you have to start the elevators again
from the beginning anyway so you might as well jump off. Just make sure you get
the fragment while doing so.

Mission: 10/12
Area: Experiment Disposal
Notes: This is obtained the same way with either Nero or Dante, you just need
to have Air Hike. When you reach the platform where you must place the Wing
Talisman in, instead jump up the ledges above. It may take a few tries but you
can get up there. Then, keep jumping up and reach or Snatch the fragment if you
are Nero. As Dante you have to ride the elevator first, then start jumping up.

Mission: 11
Area: Advent Chamber
Notes: Go around the area to find the Combat Adjudicator. It's just to the
right of the sword pedestal. Get your ranking all the way up to Smokin' Sick
Style. Vary all your attacks and follow a precise pattern to get your rating
all the way up to SSS and you should get the fragment.

Mission: 12
Area: The Gauntlet
Notes: You have to go out of your way for this one so make sure you have at
least two minutes left on the clock by the time you kill the Angelos in the
Grand Hall. When they're dead go through the door on the west side to the Key
Chamber, then kill/ignore the enemies to go to the Gauntlet. Just walk around
this area to find the Combat Adjudicator. Simply get your Stylish up to Brutal
for the Blue Orb Fragment.

Mission: 13
Area: Ruined Church
Notes: On the right is another Combat Adjudicator. Get your Stylish up to
Atomic to nab it.

Mission: 15
Area: Foris Falls
Notes: Go up the left-hand stairs and you'll find the Combat Adjudicator. Get
the Stylish meter to Smokin' Style (SS) for the fragment.

Mission: 16
Area: Underground Laboratory
Notes: Right behind you when you start this mission is the Combat Adjudicator.
Try to get your Stylish to Smokin' to get it to relinquish your Blue Orb

Mission: 17
Area: Business District/Terrace
Notes: After all the enemies are slain, look for the building on the left,
Restaurant Cafe. Jump on the ledge above the door. Flip DT on and wall kick and
then Air Hike to get over the edge and onto the roof. The Blue Orb Fragment
waits there.

*B. Secret Red Orb Stashes* (Sros)

Throughout your adventure, you will undoubtedly gather many Red Orbs to help
you obtain more items. More Red Orbs means more Blue Orbs and more Purple Orbs
which means more health and DT gauge. Not all Red Orbs are visible to the naked
eye however. If you are thorough enough, you can find hidden areas that will
yield Red Orbs. You could do that, or you could just read this section to find
the locations. Big credit goes to my personal friend Sean. I found some of
these on my own, but he pointed out all the others. 

Mission: 02, 17
Area: Residential District
Notes: Near the tunnel exit, on the right side, there is a tower. Getting on it
is tough but can be done with Wall kick but preferably with Air Hike. Stand on 
top and wait for the stash to drop on you.

Mission: 03, 16
Area: Fortuna Castle Gate
Notes: After you've disposed of the Frosts or Basilisks in the open field, look
toward the four pillars. The bottom right and bottom left ones will yield Red 
Orbs if you stand on top of them. 

Mission: 03, 04, 05, 15, 16
Area: Grand Hall
Notes: On the second floor, there is a big grey wall in the corner. You need
Exceed 3 with three lamps lit as Nero. Use High Roller and then a wall kick to
get on top. Move to the left and forward to get a stash. As Dante, you need to
enter DT state. Wall kick and then Air Hike up.

Mission: 03, 04, 15
Area: Library
Notes: On your way to the library, look to the left. You want the third pillar
(there is one hidden by the camera). There are two ledges you can jump onto.
Jump onto the first one, then jump up and slightly away from the pillar then
quickly back toward it to get to the second one. Stay here for the orbs.

Mission: 05, 15
Area: Soldier's Graveyard
Notes: Hug the east wall. There are blocks against the wall. Starting from
where the northeast door is, go to the second block to the south. Stand on this
one and you'll find your orbs.

Mission: 05, 15
Area: Spiral Well
Notes: Once you've obtained the Wing Talisman, you can head back up using the
red platforms. Once you hit the second one, move toward the left of the well,
and land on the platform. Enter the open cell here and stand there to get the
hidden orbs.

Mission: 06, 16
Area: Containment Room
Notes: There is a platform above the containment cell where a blue beam is.
This is where Yamato once rested. Stand in the middle of the beam to get the
big Red Orb.

Mission: 06, 16
Area: Angel Creation
Notes: When all the enemies have been dispatched, check the southeast corner.
There is an alcove here. Enter it and stand there to get the Red Orbs to appear
for your taking.

Mission: 07, 13
Area: Ruined Lowlands (below Ruined Valley)
Notes: If you fall into the chasm you will be pitted up against a bunch of
enemies. Kill them then search the northwest corner with the ledge sticking out
to find the stash of orbs.

Mission: 09, 10, 12
Area: Grand Hall
Notes: In the southwest corner of this room, there is a hidden orb stash. Jump
onto the higher ledge and search that corner. Stand near the wall to find them.

Mission: 09, 10, 12
Area: The Gauntlet
Notes: There's a ditch where the elevator comes down. Stand in the center of it
and you'll get some orbs.

Mission: 11
Area: Advent Chamber
Notes: This stash is within the shaft where the final elevator is. It's to the
left of the Divinity Statue. Before you pass it the first time, stand in the
shaft and you'll get your Red Orbs.

Mission: 11
Area: Advent Chamber
Notes: After passing the Divinity Statue, you will go through two sets of Grim
Grips. After hitting the second set, you can try to land on top of the wall. If
successful, walk along it toward the chamber wall (away from the camera). Stand
here and the orbs will drop down.

*C. Secret Missions* (SecM)

There are 12 Secret Missions. If you beat all of them, you'll get three more
complete Blue Orbs. It's definitely in your best interest to attempt all of
them at least once. The criteria will be similar to the Blue Orb locations.

Secret Mission 01: Annihilation
Mission: 02
Area: Business District/Terrace. After you hit the Grim Grip to launch to the
other balcony, go forward to a sort of lamp. Examine it for the mission.
Notes: This one is pretty easy but can take more than one try. The goal is to
kill the Scarecrows within the time limit. Obviously you want to hurt them as
much as possible. Buster helps a lot as will Snatch to bring enemies closer.
Slash them fast and use Buster a lot to deplete their health quickly, then move
fast to the next enemy or use Snatch. Don't waste time finding enemies and be
aggressive and you should beat it.

Secret Mission 02: Alley-Oop
Mission: 04
Area: Dining Room. Destroy the fire spewing device with the Gyro Blade. It will
reveal a Secret Mission. Examine it to start.
Notes: Another pretty easy one. What you want to do is jump into the air and
use Snatch to bring an enemy to you. Immediately use Buster. While still in the
air, use Snatch again to bring the enemy back to you again, and use Buster a
second time. Keep repeating this process as fast as you can to stay airborne.
If you can perform five Busters without touching the ground, you'll win.

Secret Mission 03: Nonviolent Resistance
Mission: 05
Area: Soldier's Graveyard. Under the stairs leading to the next area. Drop down
and look underneath for the Secret Mission.
Notes: You've got to raise your Stylish without using attacks. What? Sounds
impossible right? It is until you beat Mission 08. When you get the Aegis
Shield you can use Hold. One of its only uses comes in this Secret Mission.
Use Hold to grab an enemy and hold it to protect you from attacks. While you're
doing this, perform some taunts to slowly raise your Stylish. If you manage to
keep this up without getting hit, you'll succeed.

Here's a tip by Anonymous on this Secret Mission:

"For nonviolent resistance / secret mission 3, I used an "attack" and it got me 
my blue orb.  I took out Dante and sat in a corner with royal guard until I was
bored, which, with several royal blocks in there, filled my gauge.  When the 
frost wrapped himself in an ice barrier, I used a regular royal guard release 
on the ice, and my style went up to C and somehow I didn't fail, so that's an 
easy way to get a win."

Secret Mission 04: Tracking Treasure Down
Mission: 06
Area: Angel Creation. In the northeast corner where the yellow light is
emanating from, search behind the leftmost cage. The Secret Mission is there so
just examine in that area.
Notes: This mission can be frustrating. The goal is to find 99 Red Orbs in a
few spots. The idea is similar to other secret stashes but getting them to
appear is difficult. Pay close attention to Nero's Devil Bringer and how it
resonates with the nearby orbs. Use that to guide you to their locations. When
you're in the general area, move slowly, still paying close attention to the
ringing and glow from Nero's arm. Try standing in one location and see if the
orbs fall. If not, move around a bit and keep searching, using Nero's arm as
your guide. The alternative way is to find the area, and start flailing away
with numerous attacks like a maniac. It won't always work though. At the end
of the day, this is one that is not difficult, but it will just take a few
tries most likely.

Secret Mission 05: Sky Scraper
Mission: 07
Area: Lapis River. After crossing the bridge, turn left. On the other side of
the tree trunk is the Secret Mission.
Notes: Your goal here is to use the Talisman platforms to scale up to the top
for the fragment. You have to hit Grim Grips to bring you to the next platform.
The first two platforms are easy, but for the third, you have to get inside a
floating cage. It's hard because you have to move inside it just enough so that
you'll be propelled up into it, but not enough that the Talisman platform
blocks you. If you want to spend a few seconds, you can actually destroy the
cage with Red Queen or the Devil Arm (really nice find by Urgas!) When you get
that one, you have to hit a final Grim Grip to get to the last Talisman 
platform. The key is to move far to the left so that your angle when hitting 
the Grim Grip will send you onto the Talisman platform. This will be a case of
trial and error. While you're up there, use the camera to see better and just 
get in the right position to land on the platform after hitting the Grim Grip.
When you get the last platform, you'll be propelled up to the platform with the
Blue Orb Fragment.

Secret Mission 06: Vermifuge
Mission: 10
Area: Security Corridor. After you've traversed the laser trap, this Secret
Mission will be on your right.
Notes: This mission is kind of annoying unless you have the right skills. Air
Hike and the Aegis Shield are the requirements. Your goal here is to protect a
Scarecrow from being assimilated by the Chimera Seeds (of which there are many)
until the seeds are dead. Sounds tough but there's an easy solution. At the
start, immediately grab the Scarecrow and start moving southeast. The Chimera
Seeds will begin aggressively stalking you so move fast and Air Hike to get
more distance and avoid their lunges. Keep jumping until you get to the ledge.
Jump up here and go a ways inside to plant the Scarecrow down safely. Now jump
down to the crowd of Chimera Seeds. Start Bustering them to kill them instantly
or use Devil Trigger to slash them to pieces quickly. Watch the Scarecrow
though as he will try to get off the ledge. Hold him again and bring him away
and put him down again. Finish slaying all of the Chimera Seeds to win.

Secret Mission 07: Free Running
Mission: 10/12
Area: Meeting Room. This will be on your left as Nero, right across from the
Divinity Statue at the door before the fight with Dante. If you do this as
Dante, it will be on your right. 
Notes: This one is annoying as Nero so it's recommended for Dante. Regardless,
as Nero you will want to activate the platforms and go across to the other side
while avoiding the Mephistos. Killing them will not help much as another will
replace any that are felled. The best thing you can do is avoid their attacks
as best you can and try to uncloak them on the platform. This will at least
keep some of them out of your hair for a little while. Keep riding the
platforms and try not to fall off to reach the Blue Orb Fragment. If you want a
much easier method, do this as Dante and have a good portion of the Disaster
Gauge filled. Activate Argument and use it to float across the chasm to the
ledge with the fragment.

3xemplar has submitted a very interesting and ingenious idea for this Secret
Mission. With this method, it is doable early with Dante, assuming you have
Air Hike and Sky Star. 

"Activate the switch to get the platforms going, but don't get on them just 
yet. As before, the Mephistos won't come out until you get off the ground 
you're standing on. Simply wait there, watching the platforms do their thing. 
After a while, they'll get into a checked formation, this is when you'll need 
to pay attention. After a few more changes, they'll extend out to where the 
Blue Orb Fragment is hiding. Walk right up to the edge so that the camera angle
changes, then Stinger straight out parallel to the wall (towards the camera), 
follow up with Sky Star and finally an Air Hike should land you safely on the 
platforms. Grab the fragment as the Mephistos start to come out and you're 

I haven't tried this method out myself yet, but it's a very cool idea. Try it
out if you haven't gotten this Blue Orb Fragment yet. Remember that to do this,
you'll need Sky Star which requires a Trickster Style level of 3.

On top of that, FenderReplica has submitted another strategy of his own. FR has
taken the liberty to break it down in steps:

1. activate the switch as usual
2. approach the break of of the platform, run on the first vanishing tile sets,
retreat back to the solid platform close to the switch
3. quickly arrange Nero facing approximately towards 10 o'clock direction, can 
confirm with this with firing your guns and see if the sparks appear just a 
little bit left of the pillar on nero's left.
4. Wait for the 3rd set of tiles to come up, quicly do a streak off the where 
you stand, double jump in mid air and then do an "air streak"
5. Now Nero should land on the top right corner of the 3 set of tiles, quickly
jump/streak from there towards the blue orb fragment then either jump and air 
streak or air streak then jump again to land at the over hang with ease.

Note: Key to success is get to step 5 and commence your air streak as soon as 
possible to avoid auto-locking on those Mephistos."

Nice find!

Secret Mission 08: Royal Blocker
Mission: 14
Area: Forest Entrance. It's in the gazebo near the red crystal. Go inside and
examine for the mission to start.
Notes: This is one of if not the hardest Secret Missions in the game. It will
depend on if you have any experience with Royal Guard. If you do, then this
shouldn't be too hard for you. Your goal here is to execute five Royal Blocks
in a row without messing up and without getting hit. Very difficult. As not
having had much experience myself it was difficult but again, if you're a pro
at Royal Guard then you should find it simple. You'll be faced with two
Mephistos. Destroy one while trying very hard not to get hit by the other.
Health conservation is important because if you die here you have to do the
last few areas of Mission 14 over again just to do this Secret Mission again.
Once the first one is dead, focus on the other with Royal Guard on. The key to
beating this is to have good reactions and also knowing what the Mephisto's
attacks are. I find the easiest attack is the one where it turns and wails on
you with its cloak. I actually ended up having the Mephisto do this attack five
times in a row (rare) and I blocked it perfectly four times only to mess up the
fifth time T_T. If you are new to Royal Guard, memorizing its attacks and
learning the timing for blocking them is going to take some time. Keep trying
and eventually you should be able to beat it with some luck.

Secret Mission 09: Unbreakable
Mission: 15
Area: Library. When you enter the room that once held the Anima Mercury, drop
down the pit. Under the stairs you'll find the Secret Mission. 
Notes: If you didn't find the last one to be too difficult, this one is then
the hardest with little doubt. You have to fight off two waves of enemies and
defeat them all without being hit once or you fail. Unfortunately for you, the
enemies include three Chimera Seeds and three Assaults, then three Chimera
Assaults. There are two ways to go about this, but note a huge part of this
will be luck. The truth is you'll probably be doing this one over several times
before you finally get lucky and win. The first way is to just be really
aggressive and slay the enemies while avoiding their attacks. Stinger the hell
out of the Chimera Seeds immediately to prevent them from joining with the
Assaults. Stinger the Assaults and then slash them when they're on the ground
to slay them. When the Chimera Assaults show up, then you're really in trouble.
They are much more aggressive so you've got to be more cautious, especially
in regard to their flailing blades. Avoid their attacks and strike back
viciously to win. An easier (but still not foolproof) way to win is to spend
several attempts attacking only with Pandora. Use Jealousy, Epidemic, Hatred,
and even Revenge to not only hurt your enemies but raise the Disaster Gauge.
Fight seriously though, because just maybe you'll be able to win if you keep
jumping around and using Jealously, then landing to use Epidemic/Hatred/etc
when the coast is clear. If you manage to win this way somehow, great. Chances
are you'll get hit so just keep doing it until you fill the Disaster Gauge all
the way. Once that's done, pray for success and begin the mission anew. Take
out all the Chimera Seeds and Assaults with Stingers and other attacks. Once
the Chimera Assaults show up, use PF666: Omen to kill all of them instantly. If
any are still left alive, carefully Stinger them to win. Phew.

Anonymous adds this:

"I tried the traditional method until I wanted to throw the controller into my
TV then tried a really cheap method that worked smoothly... After busting up 
the chimera seeds and opening the pandora omen box of death light on the crowd,
I didn't feel like taking on the newly spawned f***ers, so I just jumped, air 
hiked, and sent off a few missiles out of Argument over and over.  The homing 
missiles took out everything, and I guess since the monsters weren't on-screen
they weren't as active in attacking me."

Secret Mission 10: Puppet Master
Mission: 05
Area: Master's Chamber. There's a mirror above the fireplace. Jump up there
and smash it to gain entry to the Secret Mission. 
Notes: You can access this one early despite its number. If you actually
attempt this one after the last two, you'll be relieved to know it's very easy.
Your goal is to use a Gyro Blade and guide it down the Large Hall area to smash
several pillars. You have a time limit but it's very fair and even leaves you
a decent window for error. Guide the Gyro Blade down, there will be a pillar
on the right. Get it, then guide it down the hall to the north part of the
hall. The second one is there. Smash it then head for the southeast corner. The
last three are all in this general area. One at the end of the hall, one near
the door, and the last one inside the barred area. Again, you should have more
than enough time for this. Be sure to charge up the Gyro Blade with two slashes
to make it travel farther. Once you got all of them, the Blue Orb Fragment will

Secret Mission 11: Point of Impact
Mission: 16
Area: Fortuna Castle Gate. To find this one, you'll need to try some tricky 
maneuvers. It's easy to do with Pandora but there's another method that will 
require Lucifer which you can't get until after completing Mission 16. After
your fight with the Basilisks, start climbing back up. There will be two sets
of stairs, one leading right, then another going up to the left. Climb up the
second set partially, then face right. Jump up and Air Hike, then activate
Pandora's Argument form to glide over to a secret ledge. Alternatively, from
that same spot, move right, jump, Air Hike, and press Triangle, Triangle with
Lucifer to get you over. It might take a few tries but you'll get it. Examine
the area for the mission.
Notes: This one is kinda tricky but not nearly as hard as 09 or 08. You need
to have Pandora's Revenge form. You have to destroy two statues in 30 seconds
to complete this one. To save time you'll use the Revenge form of Pandora to
blast them from a distance. One is behind you and the other before you. Right
from the start, head for the stairs and at the very top activate Pandora and
get it into Revenge quickly. You can aim it up and down but not left or right
so the key to this is to have Dante standing in the right position to hit the
statue. The second hard part is aiming it down at the right angle. Use the
camera to get a better view and then aim downward a little to hit the statue.
Watch the mission counter to go from 0/2 to 1/2, then make tracks backwards
for the second statue. Hopefully, if you have around 15 or more seconds, you
can get very close to this last statue. Unleash Revenge again and blast this
one, being sure you're aligned properly with the statue. This one will take a
few tries as you attempt to get the alignment and aiming right. Like any other
Secret Mission it just takes time and practice. Get both for the Blue Orb

RaverAstrid submitted this tip for this Secret Mission. 

"I found it very hard to align with the target even though it almost always 
looks aligned until I see the laser pointer. I then noticed that using R3 will
set the camera straight with your line of sight which greatly helps for the 
alignment of the target."

Some people might have known this, but I sure didn't. Nice find. 

Secret Mission 12: Steeplechase
Mission: 17
Area: Opera House Plaza. Before entering the archway leading to the fountain
square, turn right. Near a gate is a garbage can. Bust it for the Secret
Notes: This one is ridiculously hard doing it the normal way and I can't
imagine attempting it that way. You're back in the Security Corridor with the
laser trap. Only this time, you can't slow down time. The Blue Orb Fragment is
on the other side so you have to traverse the laser puzzle. Obviously this is
extremely hard and will probably kill you before you even make it halfway
across. Instead of going through all that anguish, have some of the Disaster
Gauge filled before going in. Jump up above the lasers and activate Argument.
Glide over safely (watch the shadow to help you move) and reach the other side
to claim the last Blue Orb Fragment from Secret Missions. Yay!

*D. Bloody Palace* (BlP) 

You earn Bloody Palace for beating the game on Devil Hunter. It's a survival
mode through 101 floors fighting groups of enemies and then bosses while facing
a strict time limit that you can extend by being Stylish. 

Being that I apparently have no skill (despite being able to beat DMD mode) at
Bloody Palace (I've only gotten to floor 56 without a super, and to 101 with
one), I'm not going to add much here in this section. Please refer to other
guides and info for Bloody Palace. For now, I'll just give you a list of all
the bosses you'll meet in this mode.

Floor 20: Berial
Floor 40: Bael
Floor 60: Echidna
Floor 80: Credo
Floor 100: Agnus
Floor 101: Dante

*E. Unlockables* (Unlck)

Devil Hunter:
-Son of Sparda Mode
-Bloody Palace
-Bonus Art
-Character Images
-History of DMC
Son of Sparda
-Bonus Art
-Dante Must Die Mode
Dante Must Die
-More artwork
-Heaven or Hell Mode
-Hell and Hell Mode
-Super Nero & Super Dante

|             Miscellaneous            |

*A. Contact Info*

You can contact me via e-mail. I encourage readers to contact me for numerous 
reasons. I'm more than happy to give you tips if you want them but we also have
the Message Boards for that. Regardless, if you need more help or more 
elaboration, I'll be glad to help. The second reason is to add to this guide. 
Feel free to submit your own strategies or tips or make corrections that I 
might have missed. I'm not perfect so if you see something that doesn't look 
right, let me know. I'll credit you when I can. Also, please submit to me your 
GFAQs screenname when you make potential submissions, so I can credit you if I 
decide to plug it in. Thanks.

E-Mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com

I also have AIM and MSN but I don't intend to keep those here now. If you have
already seen them feel free. Otherwise, if for some reason it's really
imperative, you can e-mail me to request my AIM or MSN. I'm almost always
online but I'm not always at the comptuer or not even home at all. If i have an
away message up, chances are I'm not there or simply don't want to be bothered.

When it comes to E-Mail, I only ask that you include a subject that will 
quickly help me identify what it's about. Something like "GFAQS" or 
"DMC4 guide" etc. 

In the past, I listed my PSN ID, because I figured it'd be nice to have more
people to play online games with. I have Rock Band, Resistance, MLB 08: The
Show, Call of Duty 4, and GTA IV. I made a new account in COD4, since my old
one got boring, but I don't play it as much nowadays. I had my PSN up, but now
I have more PSN friends that I could have ever wanted. So, if you really want
to add me, drop me an e-mail first. 

*B. Credits*

I'd like to thank the entire GameFAQs community, especially those on the DMC4
PS3 board.

I'd also like to thank Capcom for an amazing game. I have tried writing three
guides before this one but never had enough motivation to do one until now.

Also thanks go to Sephirosuy for his Blue Orb guide that helped me while I
played the game in finding a few of them. There are also various random people
on youtube with videos that have assisted me in learning some tricks. 

Rootsecure.net for helping with ASCII art since I absolutely suck at it -_-. 

To the folks who have e-mailed me with thanks, saying my guide helped them. The
feeling of having this finished piece of work before me, and the subsequent
thanks I get for it I believe, is urging me to do another guide in the future.
The question is what will it be for? We'll just have to see. 

*C. Legal Garbage*

This is the last part. Just basically some stuff you probably know already.
This guide was made by me, Ryne Gardner, aka Axel7174. It is my own work and
the following places have the right to host it: 


I will no longer approve of any future requests to host this guide on sites
other than the ones listed above so do not ask. I give anyone the right to 
print this guide (as if I could stop you anyway) but please do not alter it in 
any way.

That being said. Thank you and good night!

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