AI/Gameplay LeadEd Beach
AI/Gameplay ProgrammerScott Lewis
Art LeadDorian Newcomb
Associate ProducerLisa Miller
Audio Department ManagerMichael Curran
Audio ProgrammerDominic Cerquetti
Audio ProgrammerKen Grey
Audio ProgrammerDon Wuenschell
Character LeadBrian Busatti
Concept ArtistTaylor Fischer
Concept ArtistMarc Hudgins
Designed byJon Shafer
Effects LeadTodd Bilger
Graphics LeadDan Baker
Graphics ProgrammerJoshua Barczak
Graphics ProgrammerJohn Kloetzli
Graphics ProgrammerMarc Olano
Graphics ProgrammerKiran Sudhakara
Graphics ProgrammerMarek Vojtko
Interface LeadRussell Vaccaro III
Interface LeadMarc Meyer
Lead AnimatorChris Hickman
Lyric SettingsMichelle Menard
Modding ProgrammerShaun Seckman
Multiplayer LeadJustin Randall
Multiplayer LeadJonathan Tanner
Multiplayer ProgrammerTodd Smith
MusicMichael Curran
MusicGeoff Knorr
Opening Cinematic ScriptPaul Murphy
Original Creator of CivilizationSid Meier
Principal Terrain ArtistSteve Egrie
ProducerDennis Shirk
Programming LeadBrian Wade
Sound DesignerMichael Curran
Sound DesignerPaul Heitsch
Sound DesignerGeoff Knorr
Sound DesignerRoland Rizzo
Sound DesignerIan Smith
Structure LeadArne Schmidt
Systems LeadTim Kipp
Systems ProgrammerDominic Cerquetti
Systems ProgrammerKen Grey
Systems ProgrammerGreg Osefo
Systems ProgrammerDon Wuenschell
Tools LeadBart Muzzin
Tools ProgrammerEric Jordan
Tools ProgrammerScott Ramsey
Tools ProgrammerSergey Tiraspolsky
Unit LeadTom Symonds
WriterMichelle Menard
WriterPaul Murphy


Data and credits for this game contributed by MarcHudgins, Shimagoma, oliist, BartSmith, chaoyun2k, and ironyisntdead.

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