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FAQ/Walkthrough by Roguesquad6

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/28/09


By Roguesquad6
E-mail: kevinstu93[at]yahoo[dot]com
Use @ and . for the appropriate areas in my e-mail address.

What's New
1/28/09: v1.0 complete

Table of Contents
1. Strategy Guide
2. Cheats
3. Copyright
4. End of Guide

1. Strategy Guide



Your choice of weapons can make all the difference between completing the 
level with ease and scraping through with less lives than you'd really like.
Front up and down lasers are the first on the agenda and are probably the most
useful, and combined long-range bullets they come in very handy. Backwards
lasers are not recommended however, although they will take out any enemies
that surprise you from behind, you should be ready for them and be prepared to
blow them away: also, backwards lasers limit your firepower. If you are firing
at aliens coming from the right- hand side of the screen and have closed in to
dispose of them, after firing about five bullets you then have a gap where you
then have a gap where you have to wait for your rear bullets to leave the
screen. Do not equip your craft with bombs. These are very awkward on level
one because of the number of rotating barriers you have to shoot into the
right position. You often have to come in close to do so, but if you get too
close the bombs accidentally hit the barriers, putting them in the wrong
position again. Speed is helpful but you need to be more careful with the


Robot walkers are one of the first to make an entrance; shoot these
adversaries in the head a few times and then scoop up the reward - they are
worth quite a bit. Gun turrets are the most common nuisance and are dotted all
around the planet terrain. Although they are easy to kill, these weapons are
probably the most deadly. Control towers are often the cause of death if not
expected, because they reverse your joystick movements, but only a couple of
shots are needed to destroy them. Alien pirates sometimes appear on the scene
and can be quite annoying. Although they don't kill you they steal your money
all the time they make contact. Remember 250 credits is equivalent to a life,
but don't get yourself into a bad position over them, it's better to loose
your money than a life, and weapons. barriers are spread widely through level
one and require two tasks. One is basically just shoot them out of the way,
and two is to shoot them until they rotate into the right position; some are
unaffected by anything and just hamper your progress. Also contained within
the landscape are opening and closing gates; just dive through these to pass -
good timing is needed to survive. Many other aliens appear on this level, but
all just take a couple of shots to kill. Remember to collect as much money as
possible but don't take chances. 


At the end of level one you will encounter the enemy's mothership and to leave 
the planet with your plunder this opposition will have to be killed. The 
mothership's weak spot is the centre of the ship and requires you to shoot it 
from the front, between the guns. Stay level with the mothership and when she 
fires at you, just simply fly between the two bullets blasting away non-stop, 
it's just a matter of time before she goes down. 


The water level. Guide your submarine through this underground domain,
avoiding the selection of marine life that assails you. As far as weapons go
in this level, everything is recommended, except for backwards fire for the
reason mentioned in level one. However, bombs are most necessary and at least
one is needed if you are to complete the level without losing a life.


Eels hide out in the various crevices within the rocky surroundings, and
perform the same task as the gun turrets of level one; giant claws lurch
forward from the passing scenery from time to time but can easily be dodged,
although they can't be killed; bumping into fleets of armoured submarines are
a touch annoying, and if you're not careful some problems could arise, but if
all goes well a fortune can be collected for your bank account; floating mines
have been left bobbing within your path and they will need to be detonated to
make the going easier, but your trouble is not in vain, each mine is worth 10
credits; rock walls mar your journey here and there and just need to be blown
to bits or pushed out of the way by an array of bullets to continue: as before
, pirates and other sundry aliens appear in this level but require the same
task as previous levels to dispose of them. 


Once again you must vanquish an end-of-level guardian before you can continue 
any further into the game. However, there is not just one but three monsters
to overcome, each one is in the form of a fire breathing conger eel. The first
to come forth from it's lair is the blue eel; to defeat this evil foe you must 
repeatedly shoot him in the head. Once destroyed, it is not long before his 
green brother emerges from his hole. The red eel is the final obstruction and
he is killed in the same manner as the previous two. 


The ice planet. Leaving your hi-tech space craft behind, you venture into the 
unknown arctic tundra in your spacesuit, hopefully equipped with some of the 
weapons you escaped with from the last level. More accuracy will be needed in 
this level that it's predecessors, with icicles adorning most of the ceilings 
and floors giving you less space to move about in. Active volcanoes spit out 
red-hot volcanic lava into your path making life less than easy in the later 
stages of the level. 


Once again attached to most walls in regular intervals are the gun turrets,
and they act in the same way as before;protruding spikes move vertically up
and down the screen in some places and on some occasions, and if not expected
you will find yourself in a very bad position; arctic seas will be encountered
in the latter stages of the planet, but although they look peaceful enough
they harbour a host of various enemies. Missiles will be the first deterrent
to be launched at you and once you think the worst of it is over, gigantic sea
serpents will raise their ugly heads and try to snatch you from the very skies
that you fly in. Unfortunately these serpents seem impervious to any firepower
launched at them. 


Just when you thought the worst of it was over, a huge head will enter from
the right of the screen to attack you. Straight away you will notice ten lumps
on the back of the alien; these will need to be shot until they explode. As
soon as this has been achieved you can then concentrate all of your firepower
on the alien's mouth. But beware! During your struggle with the alien he will
shower you with bullets that come from an antenna that is projected from his


The last and most deadly planet. Here all your surroundings are made of fire
and any contact with the flames will deplete your shields. The main problems
this planet presents are fireballs which fly through the air in horizontal and 
vertical movements requiring your best flying to avoid them. All enemies on
this level are just basically incarnations of adversaries from the previous
levels and need no description of how to kill them, the only significant
difference being the formation that one particular alien comes in; a whole row
coming from both left and right of the screen and then from above and below.
Also be careful of the eyes in the scenery as they're not all harmless. As
before, the more equipment you can get for your ship the better.


At last you have stumbled your way to this final point in the game and, as 
expected there is an end-of-level-guardian waiting to trip you up, but this
time his firepower almost equals that of yours (if you have any extras, that
is). Six holes in the creature pump out bullets in a steady stream and each
hole must be destroyed before the final assault is made. Hopefully, you will
have little problems killing this final obstruction and you will soon be
savouring seeing the ending sequence - but was it worth it?

2. Cheats

Load or reset the game, then execute the following BASIC command before
running or restarting the program.

POKE 12734,189

3. Copyright

This guide is Copyright 2009 Roguesquad6.

Allowed sites to host this guide:

E-mail me at kevinstu93[at]yahoo[dot]com for
permission and I will most likely let you. Credit
me as Roguesquad6 (my GameFAQs Contributor name).

Notify me if this guide is found anywhere else, or
if credit has not been given to me.

To view other guides I have written, visit my
GameFAQs Contributor page.

4. End of Guide

-End of Guide-

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