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FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/03/13

Version 1.2 6/3/2013

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The Blackwell Legacy
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
Copyright 2013

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
  003a.  Day One
  003b.  Day Two
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called "The Blackwell 
Legacy". This is the first game in the Blackwell series, 
made by Wadjet Eye Games. The game was first released in 

To contact me about this guide, use my email address, 
ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com. Currently, I check that 
email address about once a month. Make sure the subject is 
something like "Blackwell Legacy", so I don't accidentally 
mistake it for spam.


Rosangela "Rosa" Blackwell: The main character, whose aunt 
just died recently. Rosangela has no idea about the 
Blackwell family legacy that she is about to inherit.

Lauren Blackwell: Rosangela's deceased aunt. She suffered 
from dementia and spent the last twenty-five years of her 
life in Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital.

Patricia Blackwell: Rosangela's deceased grandmother, who 
also suffered from dementia.

Jim Burdo: A teenager. At the start of the game, he 
prevents Rosangela from entering her apartment building.

Nishanthi Sharma: Rosangela's next-door neighbor, a kind 
older woman. She likes to play the flute in Washington 
Square Park.

Moti: Nishanti's dog, who loves to eat food.

Security Guard: A security guard works at Bellevue, and he 
makes sure that no one is admitted to see a patient, unless 
he or she is on the list of approved visitors.

Dr. Donald Quentin: The doctor who treated Rosangela's 
aunt. He wants to talk to Rosangela, following the aunt's 

Jack and Maria Blackwell: Rosangela's parents. At one 
point, Rosangela gets some letters written by Jack.

John Durkin: A lawyer. At one point, Rosangela gets a 
letter from him, discussing the fact that Rosangela was 
adopted by her aunt, following the death of her parents.

Bob: Rosangela's boss at The Village Eye. He is an 
unlikeable fellow.

Jared: One of Rosangela's co-workers at The Village Eye. 
Bob mentions that he is on assignment at City Hall.

JoAnn Sherman: A college student who committed suicide 
recently. Rosangela investigates her death.

Adrian Tucker: The RA at Brittany Hall Dorm. He got a job 
in a female dorm, because the administration thought he was 
a woman, based on his name.

Kelly Hawthorne: JoAnn's roommate, who is a Goth girl with 
purple hair. She disliked it when JoAnn and her loud 
friends came over.

Joey Malone: Joey is the Blackwell legacy. He is the ghost 
of a man who died in the 1930's.

Alli Montego: One of JoAnn's best friends. She loved dogs, 
and her ghost is haunting a dog park.

Susan Lee: One of JoAnn's best friends. She is in Bellevue, 
following a suicide attempt.

Alexander Davenport: Susan's boyfriend, who has avoided her 
ever since the suicide attempt.

The Deacon: A ghost who started haunting JoAnn and her 
friends. He is desperately seeking a way to avoid going to 

Demon: A demon appears at the end of the game, ready to 
take the Deacon to Hell. Can Rosangela help the Deacon 
avoid this fate?


003a-Day One

Getting Into Rosangela's Apartment

The game starts with Rosangela Blackwell, scattering her 
aunt's ashes in the harbor. She talks for a bit, then she 
leaves. The title sequence plays, and the game skips to 
when Rosangela is returning to her apartment building.

You can control Rosangela by clicking the left mouse 
button. Click somewhere, and Rosangela will walk to that 

Sometimes, when you move the mouse over an item, a text box 
appears. This means you can right-click to examine that 
item, or left-click to interact with it. On this screen, 
the two items you can interact with are the front door and 
the teenager.

Click on either the front door or the teenager, and 
Rosangela talks to the teen. He asks her who she's 
visiting. A few conversation responses pop up. Select 
whichever one you want, and the teenager makes it clear 
that he won't let Rosangela inside the building.

Question his presence, and he explains that the regular 
doorman is on strike. He's guarding the door in the 
meantime. Give him your address, then ask for help. He 
suggests that you get Nishanti, another resident, to vouch 
for you.

Ask about Nishanti. She lives in the apartment next to 
Rosangela's. She usually spends time in Washington Square 

Talk to Jim about any of the other topics, if you want, 
then end the conversation. You can exit this area by 
clicking on the left side of the screen, where "exit" 

Go to Washington Square Park. It looks nice, but it's 
rather empty. If you read the sign here, you'll see that 
the dog park is closed until further notice.

You can click on the area left of the dog park to reach the 
fountain area. Go right, and you see a dog on an extendible 
leash, connected to a trashcan. Go right some more to see 
Nishanti performing for a crowd.

If you try to talk to Nishanti, Rosangela gets nervous and 
backs down. You have to figure out another way to talk to 

This is a puzzle. What you want to do is go to the left 
side of the screen. Stand behind and to the left of the 
lamppost, and the dog follows Rosangela. Go forward, then 
to the right. The dog continues to follow Rosangela, and 
its leash gets wrapped around the lamppost.

The dog barks, which gets Nishanti's attention. She comes 
to get her dog, and she strikes up a conversation with 
Rosangela. Explain the situation to her, and she helps 
Rosangela get inside the apartment building.

You can enter Rosangela's apartment, or you can go to 
Nishanti's apartment. Talk to Nishanti about whatever you 
want. The important things to talk about are the dog park 
and Nishanti's dog. The dog park was shut down for unknown 
reasons, and when you offer to feed Nishanti's dog, a dog 
biscuit is added to Rosangela's inventory.

Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital

If you enter Rosangela's apartment without having been to 
the Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital, you get a phone call 
from Dr. Quentin. He wrote the letter which is in 
Rosangela's inventory (at the top of the screen). You can 
right-click on the letter to read it, then click to the 
left of the letter to put it away.

Leave the apartment area and go to Bellevue. Walk to the 
right and talk to the guard. You can ask him to see Dr. 

Dr. Quentin wants to talk about Lauren Blackwell, 
Rosangela's aunt. Lauren was treated here at Bellevue, for 
the past twenty-five years, and Rosangela visited her every 
week. Rosangela gets defensive when Dr. Quentin tries to 
talk to her about her aunt.

Dr. Quentin eventually gets down to business. He wants to 
talk about Auntie's condition and Rosangela's condition.

Auntie's condition was unstable, and they had to keep her 
heavily sedated for twenty years, otherwise she would have 
violent outbursts.

Rosangela's condition is dementia. Specifically, both 
Rosangela's aunt and grandmother suffered from dementia. 
Most likely, it is hereditary, and Rosangela will suffer 
from it as well. Ask about the aunt and grandmother to 
learn that their two cases were nearly identical. The 
strongest link between the two is the fact that both women 
would talk about someone named Joey.

End the conversation when you want to, and Dr. Quentin 
mentions sending a package over to Rosangela's apartment. 
Leave the hospital and go to her apartment. The package is 
right by the door; it contains a series of letters from 
Lauren and her family members (mostly her brother Jack, who 
is Rosangela's father).

Right-click on the envelope in your inventory to open it 
and read the letters. There are two pictures attached to 
one of the letters. One is a picture of the wedding, of 
Rosangela's parents. The other is of Rosangela's 
grandmother (and two children) at Christmas.

Investigating JoAnn's Suicide

When you look at the letters in the envelope, Rosangela 
gets a phone call. Pick it up. This is Rosangela's boss, 
Bob. He says that a girl at NYU's Brittany Dorm recently 
committed suicide, and he wants Rosangela to write about 

Rosangela goes to pick up her notebook. You can now access 
the notes, on the inventory bar at the top of the screen. 
These notes function as clues and conversation topics. 
Rosangela currently doesn't have many clues, as she doesn't 
know much about the suicide.

Leave Rosangela's apartment, and go to Brittany Hall Dorm. 
All of the rooms here are empty at the moment, except for 
the RA's room on the right, and JoAnn and Kelly's room on 
the left.

Start by clicking on the RA's door. Talk to him, and 
Rosangela's notebook comes up. You can talk about all four 
things listed in Rosangela's notebook. Get more details 
about JoAnn's suicide, then talk to Adrian about himself. 
He says that he was put in a girl's dorm by accident; 
someone thought he was a girl, based on his name.

When you're done talking to Adrian, go to the left. On the 
far left side of the dorm, you can find JoAnn and Kelly's 
room. Click on it to meet Kelly, who was JoAnn's roommate.

Kelly is an unpleasant person, who is busy with midterms at 
the moment. She claims that JoAnn studied all day and slept 
all night, as quiet as a mouse.

You can talk to Kelly about everything in the notebook, but 
that's unnecessary. Kelly isn't very forthcoming with 
information, even if you decide to talk to her.

Go to Adrian, the RA. Ask him about JoAnn sleeping at 
night. He will mention that Kelly usually does not sleep in 
the dorm.

Leave Adrian, then open your notes (in the inventory). 
Click on "JoAnn slept all night" and "Kelly sleeps 
elsewhere?". Rosangela will put these two pieces of 
information together to determine that Kelly lied to her.

Go back to Kelly's room and talk to her. Confront Kelly 
with the information that proves she is lying. Kelly will 
be more forthcoming with information after this, and you 
can ask her for a photograph. Kelly gives you a photo of 
JoAnn and her two best friends.

Meeting Joey

Your investigation is complete now, so leave the dorm and 
return to Rosangela's apartment. Her headaches are getting 
worse, so she wants to finish work as soon as possible. Go 
to the computer and write the article.

If you haven't done everything you need to do at this 
point, Rosangela will claim that she needs fresh air. That 
means you missed something in the game. Most likely, you 
missed out on a conversation in Bellevue, or a conversation 
in Nishanti's apartment. Go to those locations if 

When you're done, or if you've already had the necessary 
conversations, return to Rosangela's apartment. Rosangela 
will have more bad headaches, until they disappear entirely 
and a ghost appears.

This ghost is Joey, and he is the Blackwell legacy. 
Rosangela has now inherited him, due to the fact that she 
is now the only living member of the Blackwell family. Joey 
is unable to travel far away from the person he is 
connected to.

Joey asks Rosangela where she first started feeling bad. 
The answer is "Washington Square Park". Specifically, the 
empty dog park. Joey will lead Rosangela to the dog park. 
It turns out that a ghost is haunting the dog park.

Joey will talk to the girl ghost, but it's hard to get any 
information out of her. Eventually, the conversation ends, 
and Joey goes back to Rosangela. She decides that she needs 

003b-Day Two

Investigation in the Dorm

Rosangela wakes up the next day, and Joey is still there. 
Talk to him for a while, and he will eventually hand you 
his tie. The tie leads to a strange place. A ghost can 
travel from this place to the next life.

We know that there is a girl ghost, who is haunting the dog 
park. Rosangela and Joey need to figure out a way to get 
this girl to come to grips with her death, so she can move 
on to the next life.

You can talk to Joey about several things. The important 
thing to talk about is researching the ghost girl. It turns 
out that she is one of the girls in JoAnn's photograph. Two 
of the girls in the photo are now dead? That can't be a 

When you finish talking to Joey, you regain control of 
Rosangela. Before leaving the apartment, you should talk to 
Joey again. Many new conversation topics appear. It is 
necessary to talk to Joey about himself, then ask about his 
ghostly powers. He reveals that he can stir up a small 
breeze, in addition to floating through walls.

Leave Rosangela's apartment, then go to the Brittany Hall 
Dorm. Head to JoAnn and Kelly's room. Today, you can go 
inside the room. Talk to Kelly and ask her about the girls 
in the photograph. She identifies the ghost as Alli and the 
other girl as Susan.

The three girls are in pictures on the bulletin board. 
Right-click on the bulletin board to examine it. JoAnn 
wanted to be a mayor, Susan wanted to marry a Mr. 
Davenport, and Alli wanted to be Miss America.

There is more information about the girls in the notebook, 
but if you try to pick it up, Kelly refuses to let you have 
it. Instead, click on the phone.
Click on Joey, while Rosangela is holding the phone. She 
will pretend to be calling someone named Joey. Ask him to 
perform his "breeze creation" trick again. Needless to say, 
you can't ask him to do this, if you haven't asked Joey 
about his ghost powers, in Rosangela's apartment.

Joey will create a small breeze, blowing aside Kelly's 
papers. She will go to pick up the papers. While Kelly is 
thus distracted, left-click on the notebook to take it.

That's it for Kelly's dorm room, so leave. Right-click on 
the notebook in your inventory to get two pieces of paper. 
One is of JoAnn, sounding terrified. The other is a doodle 
of the three friends. 

Susan Lee

Go to Washington Square Park. Click on the entrance to the 
dog park, in order to talk to Alli's ghost. Talk to her 
about any of the topics, in your notes. It is important to 
talk to her about herself. She will reveal that her full 
name is Alli Montego. It is also important to ask about 
Susan; Alli will reveal that Susan's full name is Susan 
Lee. In many of her responses, Alli will mention someone 
known as "The Deacon".

Go to Rosangela's apartment and use the computer. Now that 
you know the full names of Alli and Susan, you can look 
them up online. Alli was asking questions about Ouija 
boards, while Susan was admitted to Bellevue, after a 
failed suicide attempt.

This is your cue to go to Bellevue. When you go there, 
however, the guard refuses to grant you entrance, because 
you are not on Susan's approved list of visitors. You can 
go to see Dr. Quentin again if you want to, but this is 

Go to Rosangela's notes, in the inventory. It's time to 
make some deductions. Connect "Deacon" and "Ouija boards". 
All three girls used the Ouija board, and all three were 
haunted by someone called The Deacon. Perhaps Deacon caused 
their deaths.

In Rosangela's notes, connect "Alexander" and "Davenport". 
The doodle in the inventory indicates that Susan liked 
Alexander, and the picture on the board in JoAnn and 
Kelly's room indicates that Susan liked Mr. Davenport. 
Rosangela correctly deduces that Alexander Davenport is 
Susan's boyfriend.

Seeing as Alexander is Susan's boyfriend, he is on the list 
of people who can meet with her. Unfortunately, Rosangela 
can't pose as Alexander, because he has a boy's name.

Or can she? In the notes, connect "Alexander Davenport" 
with "Adrian". The name Adrian can refer to a boy or a 
girl, just like how Alex, the nickname for Alexander, can 
refer to a boy or a girl.

Talk to the security guard again, and say your real name is 
Alex Davenport. He will let you in to see Susan. Talk to 
her about various things, but she doesn't say much until 
you mention the Deacon and Ouija boards. You must have 
merged those two topics, in Rosangela's notes.

Susan is relieved to know she's not crazy, and she will now 
be more forthcoming with information about what happened.

Helping Alli

After you get Susan talking, ask her about Alli. You learn 
that Alli loved dogs. This would explain why Alli is 
haunting a dog park.

We now have a puzzle. Rosangela needs to figure out a way 
to get a dog to Alli's ghost.

Leave the hospital room, and Rosangela notes that it's 
dark. Immediately return to Susan to get some diuretic 
pills. Those would be pills which cause a person to pee.

Now, go to Rosangela's apartment complex. Go next door to 
Nishanti's apartment. If you don't have a dog biscuit 
already (probably because you fed yours to Moti already), 
talk to Nishanti to get one.

In the inventory, use the diuretic pill on the dog biscuit. 
Click on the dog, then feed him the biscuit. The pill makes 
the dog need to pee. Rosangela agrees to take him outside, 
and she goes to the dog park in Washington Square. Alli's 
ghost will examine the dog, and she suddenly realizes that 
she's dead.

Using Joey's tie, Rosangela will take Alli to the next 

The Deacon

Susan said that the Deacon haunts her at night, which means 
Rosangela should visit Susan at night. Sadly, as soon as 
you arrive at Bellevue, you learn that visiting hours are 

Go to the security guard. He won't let you in. Wait until 
Joey floats near the radio. When he does this, the radio 
stops working for some reason.

Go left and talk to Joey, when you're out of the guard's 
earshot. Ask him about the radio, and he says that he 
interferes with radio and TV reception.

Return to the guard. On the side of his desk are some keys. 
Wait for Joey to float near the radio again. While the 
guard is distracted, fiddling with the radio, click on the 
keys to take the fuse box key.

Go to the left. Click on the fuse box. Rosangela opens it 
with her key. Click on the fuse box again to turn off the 
lights. Quickly, click on the phone area, right of the 
elevator. Rosangela will walk there and hide.

The security guard comes out to fix the fuse box. If you're 
hiding in the phone area, he doesn't see you. If you are 
somewhere else, he sees you and asks you to leave. Some 
people have problems with a glitch in this puzzle, so you 
should probably save before attempting it.

Wait for the guard to pass by you, then go right and around 
the corner to Susan's room. The Deacon will appear, and 
Joey will try to work him over. You can choose to let 
Rosangela handle the situation if you want to.

No matter how you choose to go about it, the Deacon will 
eventually grab onto Joey's tie. When Rosangela and the 
Deacon arrive at the gateway location, the Deacon's worst 
fears are realized. A demon appears, ready to take the 
Deacon's soul to Hell.

Talk to the demon about why he wants to take the Deacon. 
The demon will mention that the Deacon still carries his 
sins with him. This is added to Rosangela's notes.

Talk to the Deacon about his flask, and he says he used to 
keep whiskey in it. This is added to Rosangela's notes.

Open up the notes, on the inventory bar. Combine both notes 
to learn that the Deacon's sin involves drinking. Talk to 
the Deacon and ask him to drop his flask. He does so.

Pick up a cobblestone here. Click on the flask, and choose 
to smash the flask with the cobblestone. The demon is 
satisfied, and it leaves. The Deacon, after talking with 
Rosangela for a bit, leaves as well.

And that's it! That is the end of the game. Enjoy the 
ending sequence, with Rosangela and Joey.


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).

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