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Reviewed: 08/25/08

SotNW: The Great & Not So Great

Wazup review readers? This is McJerido from SotNW in Bristia giving you my opinion of GE. To start, SotNW (Sword of the New World aka Grenada Espada) is a amazing f2p(Free to Play) MMORPG. It falls under the 3d-fantasy genre or MMORPG's. With just over a year since it's release Sword of the New World has developed greatly to say the least.

Gameplay- (8/10)- The gameplay is awsome. Unlike most MMORPG's I have played, it has MCC(Multi-Character Control). With MCC you can play with up to 3 characters at a time. Like almost all other 3d-rpg's you use your mouse to move around the enviroment.

Story- (8/10)- This story of this game is pretty basic but has some unique twists that I wont reveal to spoil the surprises this game has for you.. When you first start the game (& log-in), you have to create your family name and your family. Your family will be you "Screen-Name", which people use to contact you in game. In this family you can create up to 15 family members. (Fighter, Scout, Elementalist, Wizard, & Musketeer) Although there are 5 players you can start out with, there are many more you will discover soon in the game.

Graphics/Sound-(10/10)- This game's Graphics and Sound is outstanding, astonishing, magnificent, and any other word that means greatness. :D The visuals art in this game is unbelievable, although you cant customize your characters face or skin color, the many different characters, costumes, & hairstyles you find later in-game can make up for that. The sound is equally great, they stand out just as much as the visuals do. This game has music that anyone wouldn't mind listening to. Sound Effects that are very distinct to every character so you'll know whats going on even if you are not looking at the game.

Playtime/Re-playability-(9/10)- I really can't give you a time it should take to complete this game because of various reasons, this game does have replay-ability. Because with every patch & update K2/IMC adds many different things to this game & many things change to keep you looking forward to the next patch. The only reason this section has a 9/10 instead of a 10/10 is because of the constant grinding to the next level.

Final Recommendation- I strongly recommend you to download this game. It is F2P & download. Has a very broad cash shop where you can buy(with real life money) other items that you can't find in game. Cash Shop items, can range from things like temporary defense boosts to items like Quarters Slot Permits (So u can increase the amount of characters you can hold in your family);

By: McJerido ot the Bristia server

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Sword of the New World: Granado Espada (US, 07/12/07)

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