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Reviewed: 08/20/08

"Although grinding may a big flaw, other features make up for it"

"Although grinding may a big flaw, other features make up for it"

Sword of the New World: Granado Espada, is originally a korean MMORPG that was brought to North America by K2. There are 3 servers, 2 of which are PK servers. The setting it takes place in is an interesting one because it includes the beginning of the pistol and rifle era, however, magic still exists. Players create a unique "Family," which is the name that all their characters will go by and proceed in the "New World." Sword of the New World is most recognized by its unique MCC (Multi-Character-Control) system, which allows up to 3 characters to be used at once.

Features of the Game

When a player creates their family, they can only create 5 characters, the fighter, musketeer, elementalist, wizard, and the scout. However, as players continue throughout the World and they complete quests of certain characters, they are allowed to create the special UPC (Unique Playable Character). There are more than 40 UPC's waiting to be collected!

Jobs are replaced by stances, which more than one type of character may have. For example, the fighter has the stance "Back Guard", and there are several other UPCs that have the stance too, but, the fighter also has the stance Hack N Slash, which the other UPCs may not have. This means that the other UPCs may also have their unique stance which is available to them exclusively, therefore making a certain character more desirable.

Items are very important in Sword of the New World. Damage is determined by the ATK power, but more importantly the Attack Rating and likewise for defense. These ratings make defeating high level monsters near impossible even if you have a strong ATK. Items can be traded with another person, or it can be placed in the market for 24 hours. The market is divided into sections such as Weapons -> Swords Lvl 84-100 to make it simpler to use.

At level 100, players can no longer gain experience unless they promote to a veteran status via cash shop item. However, it can also be bought on the market for a price. At veteran status, more of the world is open, as well, exclusive stances can also be obtained. Clans and friends become more important as it is near impossible to solo. After the veteran status, comes the expert status, which is a promoted veteran.

The big setback about Sword of the New World is that grind is BIG. You are allowed actually AFK level thanks to the MCC system, but doing so will not actually help gain a lot of exp. To get from level 1-100 can take forever to you, but getting from veteran to status is probably worse. A lot of quests involve killing X amount of monsters unforunately, but there are several unique quests. Many people find that the community is quite quiet because many people AFK level, which is why clan involvement and friends help motivate you to play actively.

Music is just WOW. Many of the songs are Techno, Trance, but the producers can keep it suitable and appealing. The music also helps to set the atmosphere of the map or dungeon you are currently in. Graphics aren't Aion for sure, but the graphics of the game is detailed enough to hopefully keep your attention. Lastly, sound effects are nice. There are the classic groans of pain and sword attacks, but the voice actors for certain characters can be interesting. Some are bad, but some are pretty nice and manly. ;)

Conclusion/ TL;DR VERSION

Play the game with friends to enjoy it to its fullest.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Sword of the New World: Granado Espada (US, 07/12/07)

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