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Reviewed: 08/20/08

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This game is built around being like a classic RPG that is online. I know what you're thinking, Isn't that what we call an MMORPG? Well yes, but this game stays true to RPG elements that are often lost in MMORPGs. In Sword of the New World (SNW), players can control up to three characters at a time. This means that you can try various combinations of characters, level up three characters at once instead of one, and healer/buffer fans (like myself) aren't completely dependent upon other players in order to level up. Also, you will find that there is a progressing storyline in this MMORPG that is quite interesting. Normally in MMORPGs I skip all conversations so I can just jump into the gameplay but in SNW, I actually become quite interesting in the storyline. It is partially what keeps me motivated to level. Another great RPG element that was lost in all other MMORPGs that I have played is the ability to unlock new characters as you progress through storylines. In SNW, you will recieve various questlines from NPCs in towns. This leads to interesting backstories on the characters, boss fights (much like in classic RPGs, it isn't all fetch and carry, kill x amount of this, etc), and in the end you unlock that character. This also makes the quest much more worthwhile than they are in many other games because these UPCs (Unique player characters, characters that you unlock through quests) have unique skills that are quite powerful. In case you are wondering, there are literally dozens of UPCs in this game.


For the most part, you will be fighting what appears to be armies of enemies. This is one of the things that keeps me from getting horribly bored of grinding. You are usually ripping through lots of monsters instead of the standered 1 on 1 fights that take around 30 seconds to a minute to complete which is followed by a two to three minute rest. This game is nonstop killing.

There are also boss monsters in most zones. These are monsters that usually appear every 20 minutes inn one of many different spawn points within an area. They definitely add an interesting aspect of gameplay and they also drop great items.

Then of course there are the raid bosses. Raid bosses are boss monsters that require many players to defeat. There are a few lower level ones such as the Chimera that you can try to take on after playing the game for a week or so, and then there are also the raid bosses which are nearly impossible to defeat.

There are PVP based servers as well as non-PVP so players that want to play peacefully for the msot part and players who want to slaughter others will both be satisfied. Of course, in the non-pvp servers (as well as PVP ones) there is a duel option that allows two players to fight and there is also a dueling NPC that allows anywhere from 2 people to duel to a very large group (which is often used in clan events to have one massive pvp battle). There are also PVP events which are held by the AMs (AMs are much like Game Masters). In these events, the winning player will recieve special prizes! Another fun form of PVP is Colony Wars. A colony is basically a tower which can be found in many zones. During the Colony War, clans fight to take control of one or more of the towers in the game.


I have never been one to care about graphics very much but I can say that the graphics in this game are pretty good. It is what you would expect from a standard P2P game (Pay to Play) but it's free. The environments range from your standard skeleton dungeon, to dinosaur filled jungles, snowy mountains, and castles. All of which are very well done. There are also nice effects such as metal armor being reflective. Although, my favorite part of the graphics is definitely the spells and skills. The lightning, ice, and fire spells are very cool looking and tend to send 8 or so enemies flying through the air which is always pleasing.


The game would have received a 10/10 if it wasn't for one small audio flaw. The soundtracks are good and there are many of them so you won't be banging your head against the wall from listening to the same looping song for hours and hours. The problem that I have with the audio is that some character's voiceovers are not very good. There are a few characters in particular that seem to have very rushed voiceovers (low quality audio, bad accents, etc). Although, since this is only a problem with a few of the characters, I can't complain much.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Sword of the New World: Granado Espada (US, 07/12/07)

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